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The 10 Best Foods To Boost Brain Power and Improve Memory

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Kwik Brain Episode 88: Eating for Your Brain with Dr. Lisa Mosconi | Jim Kwik

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This Is The Best Diet For Your Brain

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Eating to Remember: Memory-Boosting Brain Food

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Power Foods for the Brain | Neal Barnard | TEDxBismarck

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Brain Foods for Brain Health Boost Brain Health with Good Eats

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11 Best Foods to Boost Your Brain and Memory 1. Fatty Fish. When people talk about brain foods, fatty fish is often at the top of the list. This type of fish 2. Coffee. If coffee is the highlight of your morning, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s good for you. Two main 3. Blueberries.

To give your brain a boost, eat 1/2 cup of blueberries daily. 8. Consume Spinach to Prevent Neuronal Damage. Spinach is a storehouse of essential nutrients such as proteins, minerals, and vitamins.

Being high in potassium, spinach is exceptionally good for the brain. Avocados offer a lot more than creamy, delicious flavor. They may also provide your brain with a boost: Research shows, for example, that their high. Cocoa made with nonfat milk or a milk alternative (such as almond or rice milks) gives your brain a boost without adding extra fat.

And letting a small piece of dark chocolate melt slowly in your mouth prolongs your enjoyment while keeping your daily intake healthful (one ounce or less). Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for brain performance. Research finds that omega-3 deficiency can lead to fatigue, poor memory, and mood swings. This means keeping your brain fit and well by eating vitamin B rich foods such as chicken, fish, eggs and leafy greens. Give your brain a boost with wheat berries—whole-wheat kernels—and lean chicken.

And if you’ve never tried it, blueberries and red wine vinegar make a surprisingly delicious flavor combo. “Eating a small carb snack before a test a whole-wheat English muffin with a little peanut butter and a glass of orange juice, will help boost concentration and brainpower, and is better than. If you don’t eat fish, consider taking a daily fish-oil supplement that provides a total of 250 milligrams of EPA and DHA, the two types of omega-3s that have been shown to protect brain health. Research suggests getting more probiotics in your diet may increase tryptophan in your blood, helping more of it to reach your brain.

You can take probiotic supplements, available online, or eat.

List of related literature:

The key brain nutrients are omega­3 and omega­6 fatty acids (so­called essential fats, which can’t be derived from any source other than food), as well as B­vitamins, choline and vitamin C, the three of which together help the body to produce the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.

“You Can Have an Amazing Memory: Learn Life-Changing Techniques and Tips from the Memory Maestro” by Dominic O'Brien
from You Can Have an Amazing Memory: Learn Life-Changing Techniques and Tips from the Memory Maestro
by Dominic O’Brien
Watkins Media, 2012

We now have solid proof that the foods and beverages that are consumed by humans, in particular those derived from tea leaves, coffee and cocoa beans, celery, grapes, mangos, berries, hops, and other grains, have clearly defined beneficial actions on brain function.

“Your Brain on Food: How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts and Feelings” by Professor Gary L. Wenk
from Your Brain on Food: How Chemicals Control Your Thoughts and Feelings
by Professor Gary L. Wenk
Oxford University Press, 2014

As a bonus, because the diet is based on eating an abundance of great brain foods—such as fruits and vegetables, whole grains, lean protein, and healthy fats—it can result in weight loss and enhanced brain function.

“Change Your Brain, Change Your Body: Use Your Brain to Get and Keep the Body You Have Always Wanted” by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.
from Change Your Brain, Change Your Body: Use Your Brain to Get and Keep the Body You Have Always Wanted
by Daniel G. Amen, M.D.
Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale, 2010

In fact, research shows that your brain actually increases the reward value of foods in two ways: by making your taste buds take longer to reach the point of signaling satiety, and by reducing the release of fullness hormones while increasing the release of hunger hormones.

“Binge Eating Disorder: The Journey to Recovery and Beyond” by Amy Pershing, Chevese Turner
from Binge Eating Disorder: The Journey to Recovery and Beyond
by Amy Pershing, Chevese Turner
Taylor & Francis, 2018

GÓmez-Pinilla, who has spent years studying the effects of food on the brain, shares that while foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids and folic acids can help increase brain function, the reverse is also true.

“The Bathroom Key: Put an End to Incontinence” by Kathryn Kassai, PT, CES, Kim Perelli
from The Bathroom Key: Put an End to Incontinence
by Kathryn Kassai, PT, CES, Kim Perelli
Springer Publishing Company, 2011

The brain has a large appetite for blood sugars, oxygen, minerals, amino acids, vitamins and fatty acids.

“How to be Your Own Herbal Pharmacist: Herbal Traditions Expert Formulations” by Linda Page
from How to be Your Own Herbal Pharmacist: Herbal Traditions Expert Formulations
by Linda Page
BNI, 1998

Other foods great for the brain are grass fed butter (high in butyrate and raises BDNF) and other healthy fats, probiotic and prebiotic foods like garlic, leeks, onions, and acacia gum.

“The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease” by Madiha M. Saeed MD
from The Holistic Rx: Your Guide to Healing Chronic Inflammation and Disease
by Madiha M. Saeed MD
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2017

Eating a diet high in nutrient-dense foods can help provide our brain the fuel it needs to keep our bodies running efficiently and smoothly.

“Hack Your Anxiety: How to Make Anxiety Work for You in Life, Love, and All That You Do” by Alicia H. Clark, Jon Sternfeld
from Hack Your Anxiety: How to Make Anxiety Work for You in Life, Love, and All That You Do
by Alicia H. Clark, Jon Sternfeld
Sourcebooks, 2018

Eating meals rich in carbohydrates and proteins increases serum tryptophan levels, which in turn increases brain tryptophan levels and may underlie a post prandial serotonin surge within the brain following a large meal of both carbohydrates and fish or meat.

“Medical Neurobiology” by Peggy Mason, PhD
from Medical Neurobiology
by Peggy Mason, PhD
OUP USA, 2011

More specifically, animal studies have shown that EPA and DHA may reduce brain endocannabinoids involved in overeating, and effect dopaminergic neurotransmission implicated in the regulation of mood, motivation, and reward (e.g., in response to food intake) (Golub et al., 2011).

“Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Brain and Neurological Health” by Ronald Ross Watson
from Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Brain and Neurological Health
by Ronald Ross Watson
Elsevier Science, 2014

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  • Dr. Barnard, just so that you know, you missed the fact that the biggest source of iron is in red meat, and lots of it. How could you miss that? This is a very important issue, because research shows, that when iron goes up, arteriosclerosis increases. But enjoyed your presentation, thank you.

  • I guess i will forever being braindead for being forget everything in a split second because every food that mentioned here is impossible to get in 3rd world country. I lost 3 of my precious items in one go today thanks to my potato brain that forget where to put it even i hold it before for a second.

  • Really great ���� YouTube channel dear
    To lots many Knowledge shared publicly….
    This video’s are awesome because to lot of food Unknown for me
    Thank you ��❤️

  • Does anyone know if she’s written a vegetarian and/or vegan brain food book? I wish there was an app that allows to measure brain food ratios out to divide into macros for vegetarian diets.

  • Hey TED editors, the note you put up under the video is utter nonsense. If you are gonna make claims you gotta back them up. Pathetic!

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  • Just FYI: All you are doing when you over drink water is causing your body to do More work constantly trying to maintain your body’s homeostasis. This insane water drinking started when Evian first started selling the public water. Your body has its own signal -THIRST. We need to stop over-riding our body’s natural instincts.

  • Ok so macros can be important but let’s talk about when he said vitamin E. He said those getting high doses of vitamin E the alzheimers rate decreased BY 50% despite there macros. So I was thinking how about the other antioxidants Selenium is an EXTREMELY powerful antioxidant and I truly believe if people get high does of vitamin e and selenium alzheimers rates could go from 50% decrease with just vitamin e to 60 or 70% with vitamin e and selenium.

  • You Hate the old woman who took the last seat on the train… you would have taken the seat and made that old woman stand??
    You lost me at your attempt at funny. It just sounds mean.

  • Excellent talk Dr, I will implement same right away. My mom has it, so now it’s to give her the best care possible which is diet and exercise. I will also follow suit. Thanks a mil.
    God bless.

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  • okay I’ve tried several devices and even earphones, what is up with muting Dr. LIsa?
    Sorry Jim, but the conversation we were going to love didn’t even get started.

  • This is a good list except for one major flaw: Reishi and lions mane mushrooms should have been #1 on the list!!!! It’s amazing how many people are not aware of these mushrooms’ affect on brain health. Reishi and lions mane both help the nervous system to create new neurons!!

  • Eggs with bacon or sausage. As well as biscuits and gravy, or oatmeal with fruits. Have them all or combine to your liking. I usually go eggs, bacon, oatmeal with fruits, and a glass of orange juice.

  • I appreciate this video, meditation helps with stress hence forgiveness further helps your heart from a spiritual enegry stand point, the intangible forces are just as important as the tangible.

  • Fats are essential for the brain we just need healthy fats. Once she said GMO’s were good she lost ALL credibility. Organic ALWAYS. Of course she would push them since she works for a gmo research institute she has too but if you will sell out by lying like that… no respect.

  • Chewing gum also prohibits the fight or flight respond so stops you panicking. This is because when you start to salivate the brain realises there mustn’t be danger because you’re eating and so you relax.

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  • Don’t agree with the information here the person lost memory, rezoning and comprehension between 45 to 49 age, don’t think is true

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  • I am a person who is very concerned about physical and mental health. I am on a healthy diet recommended by my dietitian who works for National Health Service UK. I am also doing aerobic exercises and brisk walking regularly. But I never knew that brisk walking makes my hippocampus bigger, which improves my memory. I am so grateful to Dr Neal Barnard. This is one of the best presentations I have ever come across.

  • Good: black berries, blueberries, caviar, salmon, flax seeds, almonds, red wine (small amount and never on an empty stomach), prunes, cherries, red grapes, dark fruits, avocado, dark chocolate, broccoli, spinach, dark leafy vegetables, coconut oil, overnight fasting (caloric restrictions and not eating after dinner until 7 am the next morning), 7-9 hours of quality sleep, >20 minutes of moderate/high intensity exercise 3+ times a week

    Bad: processed foods, high in trans/saturated/hydrogenated/partially hydrogenated fats, too much copper/iron/zinc, trigger inflammation in the body
    Examples: cold cuts, cheese, Standard American Diet

  • When it comes to eating healthy, you have to try not to fall victim to modern fad diets. Extreme diet plans undoubtedly are a risk for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your everyday nutritional intake. Many of these fad diets work for a short period and then the benefits decrease after a while. You should check out Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine since it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • All the facts he shared in the entire speech was turned into a punching call for action in the closing few lines! A compelling presentation!

  • I think the best way is, what i call the ( highlander method). Research a really clever person who knows about the subject your facing. Catch em, skin em, eat the brain.
    Be warned, it’s not yummy.

  • We must be aware too One of the cause of Alzheimer’s is flu shot because it contains mercury. Cholesterol and blood thinner medicine too it cause brain bleed!

  • Thank you guys for all the good advice! Would it be ok to eat crap just once in a month? Some doctors are even recommending to eat crap just for one time in between

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  • Chew on raw herbs like ginger root, garlic, Turmeric root, Beet root. Absorption of phytochemicals will take place via the PAROTID Gland directly into the bloodstream and directly cross the blood brain Barrier, fortifying nourishing and cleaning nerve cells and neurons in the brain. You’re welcome!

  • This is good…i need to listen again… One little comment…i feel she worries too much about fats/dairy. Man is different to sea animals. Our body temperature is higher. Butter is good for you. So is beef dripping and so is cheese. Raw milk is a gift from God. Like all of the plants and the animals.

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  • I love yalls channel but yall failled to go into important details. Heavy metals in most fish we eat, pesticides in industry sold foods (dirty dozen), ketones = brainfuel, Medium chain triglycerides, fiber, meditation increase hippocampus, fluoride is the biggest reason in pineal gland calcification leading to lower activation, our bodies absorb a lot in the shower and we absorb the flouride in our toothpaste too through your mouths membrane

  • Great speech, the power of plants! There is no need to be eating animals, that’s killing us, killing animals and destroying our environment

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    if the atomic physicist and the psychologist work together, humans will be able to develop as artificial intelligence

  • Well I don’t think most people eat fish for breakfast…I have oatmeal with almond milk a banana and chia seeds. I guess I eat a good breakfast for my brain. Who knew?

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  • How about looking at all the macros? Were these people eating high carbs? Science is actually finding carbohydrates (sugar) actually has more effects on dementia than saturated fats or protein.

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  • This is kinda “old school”. Not aligned to keto at all. What about the sugars you are pumping into your body with all the grapes and other fruit? Sugar is enemy no 1, and some proponents of the keto diet recommend only 3 fruits: Avocado’s, olives and tomatoes.

  • I noticed about “fizy unique plan” (Google it) from a group of my close friends. Since I’m using it, it has totally changed my way of living. I’m extremely pleased with its incredible results. I have dropped 11.3 lbs.

  • Funny, I use that olive oil (by accident). I was looking for first-cold-pressed from Italy and found it but didn’t realize it wasn’t organic. It’s pretty good but expensive. ALWAYS keep ALL oils and nuts in the fridge! “Cool, dark place”?….fuhget-about-it! Always in the fridge, take what you need with a knife or warm the bottom of the bottle with hot water and then put it right back in the fridge.

  • While at the local nutrition store, I noticed a bottle of smart pills, which I promptly purchased. After trying them out for a week, I went back and complained to the clerk, that these pills don’t work. He replied: “See, you’re getting smarter already.”

  • You really want to lose weight and keep it off. Stop eating out. Eat organic. Stop buying processed food. Stop drinking milk, yogart and butter. Buy grass fed and finished butter. Grass fed and finished beef. Buy organic veggies they are not sprayed with Monsanto Weed Killer. Organic fruit. But cold pressed extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil. No other processed oils that clog arteries. Buy einkorn flour no processed flour. All my craving stopped no more depression no more breakouts. No more hard bowel movements. I never felt better in my life. I was not trying to lose weight but slowly started losing excess body fat as a by product of eating right now i do not miss eating out at all. And the food has so much flavor. Hamburger tasts like hamburger. Veg have flavor. Fruit is sweet. Stop buying food that is made to kill you off early. Diets do not work. This is a life style that works. No tying of stomach. Eat walnuts. Beans, lentils.

  • Memorization? Well at least you remembered that the brain is 2 thirds fat. You seemed to forget the other third however is cholesterol. Never mind, we can make that somehow. I guess we’ll get our B12 and a few other vitamins and minerals from a chemist.

  • I am surprise she did not mention how DHA is found naturally in breast milk and studies have shown the benefits of cognitive development in breast fed children.

  • I don’t eat cakes at all or add it sugar all natural sugar’s from fruits vegetables I eat low fat yogurts low sugar probiotics I don’t drink smoke or take drugs according to my doctor my cholesterol is excellent my blood pressure good sugar level good I eat Mediterranean diet

  • Hello there, I want to know if Rotogenflux Methods, will really work for me? I notice many people keep on talking about this iq boost secrets.

  • Her voice is annoying and she’s rambling. Trace speaks just as fast but her pitch, tone, pace, intonation pattern, and voice inflection equals disaster. I missed half of what she said because my brain insists on focusing on the way she speaks instead of what she’s saying.:/

  • Your brain is 80% fat…animal fat….animal fats & especially getting a 1:1 ratio of omega3 to omega6…this woman would fed you mostly foods that will not easily convert to brain chemicals & sugars..I say for someone so highly educated, her education is rather superficial… can do better

  • Yes, eat carbs for breakfast and go back to sleep. If you want mental clarity and optimal body composition consume a breakfast high in fats and moderate proteins. Consume your carbs around dinner time because it will put you to sleep. Thank me later!

  • I always speed every video up to 1.5x and up and when I turn it back to normal it’s exxxtremely slow. Why is slow talking normal, is it the brain firing off more slowly? Just a curious question.

  • no dairy, limit alcohol, coffee, a little bit of fish and chicken, no meat, leafy green vegs, beans, lentils, peanuts, flax seeds, fruit, no junk or fast food.

  • As the speaker points out, this is not a vegan diet she is promoting. However, to get the benefits of seafood without the drawbacks, a DHA supplement made from algae and a B12 supplement is an option. Other sources of Omega-3 include ground flax seeds, walnuts, chia and hemp seeds. The reason fish contain Omega-3 is that they eat algae, or other fish that do so. I go to the source, and skip the fish.

  • Why was it too late for your father? When is it too late for anybody? Alzheimer’s disease runs in my family and I’m trying to be proactive in preventing it.

  • I believe that if people read more educational books it’s will improve their memory, and it’ll build self confidence too. They will feel smarter and more happier. Try it you will thank me later. Try self motivation get up and get going try to think positive every day to improve your health.��

  • Every single morning I eat a bowl of oat bran with a half spoon of peanut butter and a sliced banana. Perfect breakfast. It never lets me down.

  • I see many people keep on speaking about Custokebon Secrets (search on google). But I’m not sure if it is good. Have you ever tried this popular weight loss system?

  • Forget this, exercise is the first step to a healthy brain and life. Its not just for getting stronger or looking fit, its a form of discipline that your brain needs. once you have stuck to your exercise start adding more things like cooking healthy meals and then reading. one step at a time but dont rush, add pressure if something becomes too easy and reward your self after.

  • Great video! It’s comforting to know that our genes can be silenced with the right food choices and lifestyle changes. Thank you for sharing!

  • My go to test food is an apple. I either eat it just before my test. Water throughout the test as well. I usually have good results. I have a good breakfast of eggs, either veggies or hashbrowns.

  • Guys,,easy is 123
    Keep,Les mix and eat less do more excerise,eat less oil.or no butter,olive oil a best..
    Medteritrian diet GD fr all,period

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  • CHEMTRAILS nano aluminum being sprayed world wide! Over retirement community in Arizona looks like a checkerboard in the sky! Alitimers Hmmm�� Sugar is in everything literally!!!

  • I’m 60 I’m into bodybuilding and getting stronger by the day. I try not eat carbs but I do eat good greasy meats, lots of eggs,bacon,cheese and I feel great and doinga lot better than most of my friend younger than me.

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  • I thought i was learning something until she said alcohol moderation is one drink a day. Now i realize everything she said was her opinion cause everything ive heard one drink a day is considered an alcoholic.

  • What exactly is Custokebon Secrets? How does this thing really work? I see a lot of people keep on speaking about this popular lose weight methods.

  • I have been using these Memory support capsules from Planet Ayurveda for around a month and it has helped me a lot in my memory and concentration power.

  • All the people screaming ‘GO VEGAN’ or ‘vegterianism is gay’ are seriously daft! All you need is a good balance of meat and vegetables and some carbs. Balance is all that is necessary. An excess of either one of those things is bad for you especially considering the lifestyle one lives. I for instance cannot go vegan or vegeterian because I regularly go to the gym and lift and I need the protein for muscle repair or else my performance at the gym will suffer. I also want my vegetables and nuts so that my brain stays sound and sharp because I want to keep up my grades. 

  • If anyone has had a decent look into ketosis they could contest this idea with me, i know very well that each individual is different and ketosis may not work for them.. but its worth a shot because i havnt seen it fail yet, combine the ketosis with intermittent fasting and its perfect for weight loss, weight gain (if you boost human growth hormone in the morning by doing a workout), mental acuity and just a better overall stamina. I recommend this over eating a healthy high carb brekky any day, plus a black coffee will help kick your body into gear before the morning workout.

  • This video has good information, but I’m confused about the best diet plan that I need to use, only because I have never used any. Anybody tried the Fenoboci Diet Plan? I’ve noticed several people mention amazing things about Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  • What is the best product or brand to lost a ton of weight? I read loads of superb reviews on the net about how exactly Custokebon Secrets can assist you lost a ton of weight. Has any one tested out this popular lose weight diet plan?

  • Fish, even wild caught Alaskan salmon, has some mercury.
    Everytime i eat fish. I experience memory problems. I stop eating fish, and i stop taking fish oil. I cannot trust that the companies completely purify the oil from mercury and other pollutants.
    Almonds, walnuts, seeds can help our brain also.

  • She mentions putting orange juice in a blender and throwing away the pulp. So then you lose the nutrients. But many people put an orange, a banana, kale, spinach etc in a blender and drink it. All of it. Pulp and all. Too bad she has misinformed her audience in this respect.

  • Annoying. People who are so “soft-spoken” you can’t hear them in normal conversation and s p e a k s o s l o w l y are often control freaks… the exact opposite of what you might imagine. An often-taught sales technique to make people “lean in” is to radically lower your voice to the point your audience has to strain to hear you. It’s actually very effective.

  • Nothing to do with JUST food… its MICROBIOME + FOOD, which makes you genius and brilliant.. all these videos are based on averaging the survey taken. look into the factors taken.. honestly. if Einstein is brilliant, all because of the microbiome he had and non-exposure to anti-biotics in his small age..

  • Celebrate the Motivation to Love…Are you motivated to love your neighbor?.. Re-set…renewed mind + cleansed heart = Lead with Love

  • That “NOTE FROM TED” above, saying “do not look to this talk for medical advice” is about as ridiculous a statement that can come from any thinking mind. YES! Go ahead and use it as medical advice, because these claims are not new with Dr. Barnard. In fact, over a hundred years ago, a health expert counseled, when asked what should make up a salad, “mix the colors” exactly what Dr. Barnard is saying.

  • DNews: “Saturated Fats only help memory in men”
    Tumblr Feminist: “Wow, that’s so unfair and I feel so violated. We need to be equal so I vote that we completely remove all fats from our diets.”

  • Very soft spoken need to increase volume.
    Question can you take a brain scan then change your diet would the gray matter change to the better?

  • My go to test breakfast is an Omega-3 peanut butter banana sandwich. The Omega-3 peanut butter tastes a little weird, but I got used to it.

  • It is good to hear different opinions. But it is tough when the experts say the exact opposite things. I doubt Dr Mattson formerly with NIH would recommend toast and honey in the morning instead skipping real fats completely and allowing ketones to increase. Especially given the downside of glucose that she mentions.

  • Mayo clinic education for all walks of life.

    No Captions… well mayo clinic, education for all walks of life unless you have a hearing loss and require captions to understand content.:(

  • In Ayurveda, memory can be boosted with herbs and herbal remedies. Planet Ayurveda offers Brahmi Chyawanprash which sharpens the memory naturally.

  • In Ayurvedic system of medicine, memory can be increased naturally with herbs and herbal remedies. Planet Ayurveda offers Medhya Churna which is quite effective for increasing memory.

  • Where do fish get Omega 3 from? From algae. So get yours from algae or plant sources as flax, chia or hemp seeds, walnuts. Fish have mercury etc… the whole commercial hype of animal & diary trip is bad news and an unhealthy ride.

  • Anybody tried the Custokebon Secrets (do a search on google)? I’ve heard many awesome things about this popular weight loss secrets.

  • Only Dr. Neal Bernard can present a colorful and entretainig video about a healthy diet to make us healthier and disease free, and in the process live longer…Dr. Bernard is one of the Giants in Integrative medicine in our country and the world…….Listen to him, he is sharing his knowledge FREE of charge, don’t we wish to find a regular doctor that give us medical advise for free??…

  • All veggies you mentioned are more than vitamins! Gut bacterial likes them and makes complex chemicals that boost brain ��
    (For vitamins you may just take vitamins gummies)

  • Love her! Thanks for educating us. She made everything easier to do! Love the clarity. I am glad I already do most of these times…. but, this really help me try more healthy preventive ways and foods. Big thanks again!

  • Hello there, have you considered Rotogenflux Methods yet? Just simply do a google search. On there you’ll discover a great suggestions about how you can increase your IQ score over 15 points. Why not give it a shot? maybe it’s going to work for you too.

  • Firstly the person who wrote this video does clearly not know anything about brain food or dieting.
    Advicing people to consume Carbs in the morning to Boost there memory is as stupid as it can get,eating carbs generally in the morning will give you a high insulin spike which will lead to a fall of it around noon,and will lead you feel hungry and iritated…
    secoundy consuimg HIGH FAT food in the morning will keep low insulin and high energy,and skipping breakast at all maybe the most optimal option aka Intermitted fasting…Next time do more research before you publish a topic.:)

  • I think she’s missing the point here. According to the book The Mindspan Diet by Preston Estep, a distinguished gerontologist at Harvard Medical School, we already know that at least 70% of dementia and other CNS diseases is caused by an excess of heme iron in the diet as we age. Heme iron is found in meat, fish, supplements and fortified foods, and Dr Estep writes that there is a strong consensus in the research community that we are ingesting far too much. In communities such as the Blue Zones where dementia is much rarer, people eat a low iron diet and are borderline anaemic by standard measures. I’m a very cynical and critical reader, but the evidence Estep presents is overwhelming and I’ve made major changes to my lifestyle based on his advice.

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  • It’s funny. But all of the things he explained. IS things we have in the back of our heads in Denmark. We are taught this from very young, and it has a significant effect on our society.
    For example sleep, it is by far the best medicin you can get. And we know this, we have known this for years. Even if we didn’t have the scientific evidence for it. (now we do).

    Culture can really improve your health. A culture change, can safe your life.

  • I’ve been keto and one meal a day for a year. No breakfast and I’m sure a very low blood glucose level, yet I’m top of all of my classes at college

  • “NOTE FROM TED: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice. The speaker makes assertions about a specific diet that lack sufficient scientific evidence for general prescription.” Are you kidding?! This data has been known, verified and instituted for decades with magnificent results. It works.


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  • we cant absorb the nutrients from plants, its coated in fiber. not to mention the oxalates, Goitrogen that come along with green leafy greens. lol

  • My sister laughed when I told them I was planning to lose weight with just implementing Custokebon Secrets, but after I showed them extraordinary results right after I used it they’re begging me to share with them about it. Of course I won’t tell them the details about this diet plan, lol

  • I found this information very interesting and helpful, I’ve never thought about your brain and diet, I do healthy though, I don’t eat anything processed or from a can and I eat a lot of flax seeds and chia in my smoothie I never realized how much that was doing for me, as someone who used to do everything wrong and I weighed over 300 pounds changing the way I ate changed everything. Thank you I subscribed and will be watching more of your videos.
    My grandfather died of alheimerz so this really was an eye opener. Thank you

  • Cheers for the Video! Sorry for the intrusion, I would appreciate your initial thoughts. Have you thought about Roanayla Aries Apocarpous (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a good one of a kind product for discovering natural health remedies minus the hard work. Ive heard some amazing things about it and my buddy after a lifetime of fighting got excellent results with it.

  • Our brain is one of the most important organ of our body and it needs to
    function well so it is extremely important to eat healthy foods and
    keep it in top shape.

  • I go with, whatever doesn’t grow from the ground or trees, don’t eat. However, enjoy your food too, even if you are going to eat chocolate or donut. All in moderation.

  • I began watching this…wanting to know about brain food…but I have to strain my ears to hear her…so didn’t watch the whole video

  • Grapeseed extract with vitamin c and egg yolks are amazing at healing inflammation in the brain. It has given me crystal clarity of thought whereas before I was foggy and forgetful.

  • Don’t eat any processed food. Its as simple as that. No bread, pasta, cereal, pancakes, processed meat, processed dairy, crackers, candy, cake, ice cream, etc.

  • Imagine seeing dad loosing memory at 10. Then getting worse at 14, and finally see him die at 18. I has not been easy but thanks to all of you reserchers for this. Is not late for me and my brothers.

  • Hello, it’s now 2 weeks that I’m using this guide and I have really good results….If you want to know what I’m using visit

  • Butter bad? but its ok to have a doughnut? We are talking brain health here right? Sooooo….Wine is ok even though alcohol kills billions of brain cells? I could go on…
    but Doesn’t really get to the cause of the insulin resistance..This is A.M.A certified nonsense.

  • Hello there! Thank you for this useful video. By the way, I notice many people keep on talking about Custokebon Secrets (search on google), but I’m not sure if it’s good. Have you tried Custokebon Secrets? I have heard some unbelivable things about it and my cousin lost a lot of weight with it, but she refuses to tell me:(

  • I bet the person who told you to eat a banana before you take a test was a fellow male enrolled at the same school/college/university who had a habit of always looking at what ever was behind you, in great detail ever time you would notice them.

  • Neuroleptic s shrink brain i want them banned.calcium too much calcium not enough vitsmin d3 and potassium.thereslthy chesterol.vitsmin b1.nit enough fasting.

  • Excess fat causes Alzheimer’s. Excess chronic insulin driven by fruit can also cause brain damage. Coconut oil is very high in saturated fat, very dangerous.

  • Question: I have high-blood-pressure bananas, as my Doctor told me, are a “No… No…” because they contain potassium. Is there a brain-diet which is also blood-pressure friendly?  =^_^=

  • This is how subliminal messaging is toxic. Dr speaks about the importance of vegetables. Mayo clinic shows pictures of fish and chicken. Speaks about the Mediterranean diet not about consuming vegetables. Fish and chicken are not Mediterranean diet foods. Italians rarely if ever eat chicken and they only eat fish if they are near the sea. Even then it is not every day. Vegetables, grains, legumes this is the Mediterranean diet. Mayo clinic promoting sickness with their images and mixed messages. This is common criminal behavior in hospitals

  • every time I look at mainstream science. its always the complete opposite to what we really now know. Breakfast is the worse thing you can do. I once once a day. 1700calories at 9pm. oily fish based diet. typically zero carb. 80% fat dinner. I sleep better, learn quicker and remember more and recall faster. my it has increased by 16 points at mensa. I no longer experience brain fog or afternoon energy loss. discovery Channel is bs

  • This would have to be the besy talk ive ever seen by a brainy person. He was able to use language the average person could understand without dumbing it down too much. I loved it.

  • Eat HALAL,legitimate food earned by legitimate means, do not cheat on people on goods, quote correct price, balance correctly while selling goods, do not give wrong information on labels, do not charge for something you are not providing, that way you will not earn that extra which is not yours and enough to fill your tummy just enough, that is halal earning which provides you to have just enough correct food because luxury comfort giving foods are costlier, and if you have good sense of earning with Halal means, that is enough sign you’ll make right food choices. That’s why I think ALLAH the Great has prescribed us to have HALAL food by mentioning in Qur’an and as demonstrated by Prophet Muhammad( peace and mercy be upon him) as he used to have very small piece of meat, (necessary for the production of some of the amino acids), he suggested vinegar to be a great stew to have, he picked bottle gourds from stew to have and used to fast three days, (less or more days) in a month. By ALLAH’s grace and will it has been proved by a Japanese doctor how starving (Fasting for us-from sunrise till sunset) has tremendous health benefits. Whoever accepts truth is sure to be benefited.

  • man if only companies did not mass praduce meat and insted make a sky scraper that mass prauce food that way insted of making a huge land farm 1 story high they could make skyscrapers that farm food using ither artaficial or natural light. (like in mine craft but with more relistic physics)

  • The global love for avocados led to water emergency in certain countries where excessive avocado plantation rip off the local community its natural water supply. Local ecosystem collapses as river water is channeled to growing avocados for export! Not to forget the export of such fruits is causing fossil fuels!

  • This is utter trash. How do you think our ancestors survived: getting to eat breakfast every morning? Come on! They’d be lucky to get a meal a day..this is why modern food and medicine science is completely backwards and fucked up. We need to think about how we can feed more people effectively and not how to effectively overfeed already well fed people. Have a conscious people!

  • Ps I chewed gum in a classroom in high school & the teacher made me stick it to my earlobe like an earring. School teachers don’t like chewing-gum  =^_^=  I think I’m going to approach my daughters school principal & request that kids get a free pack of gum to chew to improve their educational performance.

  • I’m 22:26 minutes into this & i already see contradictions proving she’s following the standard American death sentence. It seems as though she understands the goal but her med school programming is so engrained that she will go on to mislead everyone. You can not lower blood sugar or insulin with lots of healthy fruit & veg. A video like this should distinguish those strictly for individuals with healthy blood sugar. @ 22:26 she’s about to try to convince us that some special form of whole grain can do something good for blood sugar & brain health. This is where i give thumbs down & switch off. This is categorically WRONG. This is the backbone of the standard American death sentence & the recipe for your mulit billion dollar medical sickness industry. I’m sorry but, i’m offering constructive criticism.
    If you have a health issueYouTube “that issue” & “Dr Ken Barry”. That’s where you’ll find unbiased dietary truth.

  • I had a lady tell me that they think there is a link between your sense of smell and Alzheimer’s. I’ve looked it up and verified that. The lady who told me this could not smell her bananas. I have to have an excellent sense of smell.

  • When considering eating healthy, you must try not to fall victim to modern day fad diet plans. Extreme diet plans are a danger for your health, especially ones that seriously restrict your everyday nutritional intake. Many of these fad diet plans work for a short period and then the benefits decrease after a while. It is best to search Custokebon Secrets on the google search engine as it isn’t just another fad diet where you starve yourself.

  • I love Jim, but I’m not sure about this guest, she might be extremely intelligent but she doesn’t project her voice to the listeners…’s a bit of disappointment!

  • More bullship from Ted talks. The Indians in Greenland and Alaska who ate nothing but seals and whale blubber didn’t have heart disease and Alzheimer’s

  • Flaxseed meal for baking!? As far as I am aware you should never heat up milled flaxseed…. all ALA in it will get oxidised by heat and will not only damage those delicate fatty acids but also once they become oxidised they can do more harm than good to your health.

  • Hello

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  • Why do so many people not have a fucking clue how to take care of their own bodies Jesus people are worthless to themselves No Brainer you are what you eat & drink OMG

  • How incredible, amazing that all the proof is moving towards an ancestral, meta or paleo diet… Real food, Really Natural, Really good for you

  • My brother, please know that Jesus loves you. He came, died on the cross to save us from our sins, and rose again. We deserve to die and go to hell forever to pay for our own sins but Jesus died for us.
    “How can I be saved?”
    Admit that you’re a sinner and repent.
    Receive Jesus Christ’s gift of forgiveness.
    Accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
    Believe that you are now saved by grace and have eternal life in heaven. ❤

  • I’ve been chopping 2-3 cloves of RAW garlic everyday for the last 2 years. My Blood Pressure prior, was around 138 or 92. After a couple of months my blood pressure went down to 111 or 70. Also since taking it I haven’t gotten any sicknesses such as the flu or a cold. I give a spoon full of RAW chopped garlic to my wife and two children atleast 4 times a week. They went for a visit to the Philippines with a bunch of family members. Once they arrived in the Philippines everybody in the group got food poisoning except my family; I read that Raw Garlic kills the bacteria from the degraded food in the stomach, stopping you from getting sick. After that incident all of my extended family members have started eating Raw Garlic weekly. If you rub a sliced piece of garlic onto acne, in a few days it will dry up and disappear. I had a tooth cavity and rubbed garlic on it and the pain went away. If you rub sliced garlic onto your mouth gums it will eliminate gingivitis without medication. One other major benefit of eating RAW Uncooked Garlic is mosquitoes won’t bite you. The mosquitoes smell the garlic in on your skin and are repulsed by the smell and taste, I’m speaking from experience. The list of benefits from garlic goes on and on. WHAT TO DO: Chop up 2-3 cloves of RAW Garlic on a plate, let it sit for 15 minutes so the chemicals in the garlic mix ( the chemical mixing is the secret ). Then take a spoon and swallow the RAW Garlic with a spoon and a glass of water ( don’t chew it or you’ll have horrendous breath ). Do this 4-5 days a week and you’ll immediately start seeing the Health benefits. Remember for acne elimination you have to apply it externally. God Bless.

  • Eat herbs,garlic,ginger,fruits to kill virus,as God Jesus healed all illness n forgave all sins by His death n ressurrection. C ‘healings of Jesus’ in Google

  • As expert, I’m sure Fenoboci Diet Plan is great way to lost a ton of weight. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it can work for you too.

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  • 1.drink warm water, 20 min before to hydrate the brain
    2. fish eggs/ caviar
    3.flax seeds, ground
    4.algae oil
    to get DHA/ EPA/ALA,which is only 25% converted
    7. prunes
    9.dark grapes
    11.olive oil
    12. small volumes of red wine with food

  • I just followed this for 2 days. I’m sooo hungry! Bowls of broccoli, sweet potatoes, berries & some fish don’t fill me up. This is crazy.
    And I’m not trying to lose any weight. Butter isn’t as bad as she claims. We need fat, even if a little is saturated. Fish oil isn’t the only answer & not all of it is so pure. Wish she recommended a good brand.

  • You also need to increase your fiber to 150 grams a day and ncrease your good gut bacteria because without this fiber to feed on our bacteria will eat your intestinal wall and allow leaky gut letting sugar and bacteria into your bloodstream causing insulin resistance in your brain which leads to Alzheimer’s

  • Has anyone used the Custokebon Secrets to lost tons of weight? Just do a search engine search. On there you’ll find a great guidelines about how you can lost lots of fat. Why don’t you give it a shot? maybe it is going to work for you too.

  • Because of the 2 pictures from the brain, I don’t believe what here said. Healthy foods are here just presented as “brain-food”. If it would be true, then the majority of the Greek, Italian and Spanish people, should be much fitter and cleverer as for example the Norwegian or the Luxembourg people! This is not the case!

  • Aha!! There’s 8 types of vit E? Wow.
    Also I like her recommendations because she doesn’t dismiss carbs and wisely admits that everyone is different.
    I once gave in to the popular keto diet and lost my hair and periods which was truly awful; and that was with multivitamin pills. I will never follow one-sided, exclusive diets ever again. Variety is the key.

  • Will we ever know exactly what is wrong and what is right???
    I believe only one sweet treat a week if you must, and don’t worry too much about cheese if it is grass fed.

  • Thank you so much for the elaborated video. I now have a better understanding of diabetes and how glucose builds up in the body causing a spike in sugar. No one could have explained it better, especially using the children method. Thank you

  • The best wsy to enjoy vegs is to make green smoothies. Look at boutenko films. Then you’ll start to crave raw vegetables. I’m using fruit juice to blend the greens and oh so yummy they are.

  • This video is soo awsome, about the Brain food, where can i get the book and also the link of Dr. Lisa Mosconi. I need it for myself, i have problem remembering names things transfer info and understanding. I need help with inprove my brain. Any help i can get. Please and thank. Alos i have been listen to Jim kwik video but i have not watch all the episod i need to improve it how do i focus my brain.

  • It would be a waste for you not to get rid of fat when other typical people are capable to lose weight very easily with Fenoboci Diet Plan.

  • With all the pollution that is currently happening don’t think it will be anything organic to really eat fish with mercury veggies with fertilizers and other pollute to in our foods eish������

  • Always depressing a thin, smooth, plainly wealthy, academically-satisfied bloody Ectomorph telling an old, relatively poor isolated and plump endomorph how bloody wonderful my future could be if only I…………..had his opportunities and place in life. I hope he chokes on his bloody antioxidants and his bloody anthocyanins.

  • This list will seem stupid to any Indian like me because we eat all this and many more on a daily basis.
    Make a different video pls

  • Fruits vegetables and meat. Grains and legumes are full of gmos and pesticides. I wouldn’t listen to this guy. Also grains and legumes are major food allergens that destroy your gut biome. Do your self a favor and eat lots of meat veggies and fruit

  • There is no such thing as “best meal”. Scientists come with new researches every day and these diets change every day. One time it will say that meat is bad for you the second time it will be this food is good for you. Such non sense. We as humans are easy to manipulate with marketing, and yes i am also talking about myself. Accept it.

  • Lets face it, injecting some essential nutrition’s in the morning to the brain will improve its productivity, however let’s not forget all the other Factors (sleep, reading etc..)

  • I wish the government would spend more time and money on educating the public about the importance of diet and exercise instead of “healthcare “.

  • Omega 3 fatty fish such as salmon, various nuts and seeds such as Brazil nuts, walnuts, and other healthy fats are especially good for the brain

  • We cannot live a life where we measure every supplement or nutrients to the right amount before we eat…. Just eat healthy and exercise and you should be fine.

  • Do autophagy every day, and when you eat, eat Samon or tuna, or certain beans, black coffee, and egg and nuts, herbal teas, grapefruit or tangerine, mageniusum, and spinach and dry fruit will do the trick. Take it from a writing genuis with impressive blood work �� Lima beans are a better bean. I do at least ten things a day with my left hand. I m naturally right handed.

  • I am confused by the “science” out there. I have read that a tablespoon of coconut oil a day helps prevent Alzheimers. I also watched a video from another Doctor who recommends fatty cuts of meat and oils to help feed the brain. So much conflicting advice out there.

  • For the first time in my life, I feel hope that I have identified just what is wrong with me and have hope to recover. I’m a 53 year old woman who has had stomach issues my entire life. I am also 15 years post a car accident from which I have never recovered. I suffer constant UTIs, sinus infections, no immunity, chronic pain and “supposed” IBS. I have always felt that this has come from my gut but have not found the help that I have so badly needed. Having had food allergies and now anaphylactic reactions to antibiotics am tired of taking more and more drugs which don’t work. I eat clean but can’t seem to get ahead. I am currently throwing away my fluconozole and signing up For your products. Thank you so much.

  • I’m going to tell you straight up eating what Mother Nature gives us is all you need stop eating animals and you’ll avoid all deseases on top of that killing and eating animals is a sin the Bible says you shall not kill and if you don’t kill you won’t eat them animals are our friends neighbors and family Jesus payed the price for sins he was the last sacrifice so stop sacrificing animals we all need to be like Adam and Eve

  • This is good…i need to listen again… One little comment…i feel she worries too much about fats/dairy. Man is different to sea animals. Our body temperature is higher. Butter is good for you. So is beef dripping and so is cheese. Raw milk is a gift from God. Like all of the plants and the animals.

  • Follow up question about source of DHA seafood. Only sea water fish/shellfish? Does fresh water fish has comparable benefit? Thnx

  • I have to turn volume way up to hear the Doctor. Her mic is very low. His microphone is loud and clear. Very uncomfortable to listen as he is so loud and she is so low.

  • Fish is way more toxic. PCB’s, Mercury, etc. Not to mention Fat and Cholesterol. Get your O’3’s from Flax, Chia, Walnuts, Greens.

  • Luvin’ it. Thankd Dr G. Be nice to see more in depth Food as Medicine Research in Medicine. “Science of Medicine is the noblest science that human beings have ever been able to develop.” Some Aspects of Health and Healing, Baha’i Faith

  • The beans must be sprouted I use peppermint oil 3 times aday
    I send kids to school oversea and hv them Rub coconut oil on feet everyday, they never sic I’m 77 and 10 yrs now I drink a pint of coconut oil a week