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Nutrition and Dental Health

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How to Treat Periodontitis with Diet

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Gum Health: how to keep your mouth in tip top condition

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Best Food for Periodontal Disease and Gingivitis

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Eating Right For Healthy Teeth

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5 vegan foods for healthy teeth & gums

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Diet and your dental health

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Super healthy, leafy greens are rich in calcium, folic acid and lots of important vitamins and minerals that your teeth and gums love. 5) Fish (fatty fishes, wild salmon, tuna) Rich in minerals and important vitamins like Vitamin D, fish are a crucial part of any teeth-friendly diet. 6) Meat.

Most meats are great for your oral health. The best food choices for the health of your mouth include cheeses, chicken or other meats, nuts, and milk. These foods are thought to protect tooth. This article shall explain the eventuality of foods for healthy teeth and gums.

Healthy teeth are determined by what foods and drinks you consume. To expedite this, a poor diet might create for your poor health. That is, it should be worthy of note that a good and balanced diet makes overall body health and fitness. A Healthy Diet for Gum Bleeding and Other Dental Issues. Time and time again, experts have told us that we need food from all the major food groups to have a healthy body.

The same also goes to having healthy teeth. Too much carbohydrates and starches can lead to tooth decay and, eventually, to tooth loss. The National Institutes of Health notes that all fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C, but some of the best sources include citrus fruits, berries, and leafy greens.

Vitamin B12 The Nutrients article also suggests that vitamin B12 may support gum health. The acid ‘erodes’ or dissolves the enamel, exposing the dentine underneath. This can make your teeth sensitive and unsightly. A diet that is rich in vitamins, minerals and fresh fruit and vegetables can help to prevent gum disease.

Gum disease can lead to tooth loss and cause bad breath. Eat a balanced diet. The ADA recommends eating a well-balanced diet that includes vegetables, fruit, whole grains, lean protein such as fish or beans, and dairy to help keep your teeth healthy. Chewing Gum Could Help Protect Your Teeth and Reduce Bad Breath Chewing sugar-free gum could help protect your teeth from cavities. It’s better for your teeth than regular, sugar-sweetened gum. Natural Solution For Tooth and Gum Health. Modern diet and refined foods, cereals, processed or synthetic foods result in a condition of spongy and receding gums.

A variety of gum illnesses for example pyorrhea and gum disease will also be. With the stress COVID-19 has placed on everyone’s lives, it is now more important than ever to look after your overall health and wellbeing. This September, Women’s Health Week (Sept 7-11th) is a great reminder to take time out to check in on your health and to keep making positive changes that can last a Continue reading “Eating Well for Optimal Oral Health and Overall Health”.

List of related literature:

The best way to avoid gum disease is to brush thoroughly at least twice a day, floss at least once a day, limit intake of sweets (especially those that leave a film on the teeth), avoid cigarette Smoking (which increases the risk of periodontal disease), and have a dental examination once or twice a year.

“The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health” by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, M.D., Terra Diane Ziporyn, Alvin & Nancy Baird Library Fund, Harvard University. Press
from The New Harvard Guide to Women’s Health
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Brushing teeth after eating reduces cavity risk no matter what food is consumed.

“Nutrition: Science and Applications” by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
from Nutrition: Science and Applications
by Lori A. Smolin, Mary B. Grosvenor
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The only benefit of chewing sugar-free gum that I can think of is that it neutralises the acid in the mouth after eating and therefore may help to avoid tooth decay.

“Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet” by Zoe Harcombe
from Stop Counting Calories and Start Losing Weight: The Harcombe Diet
by Zoe Harcombe
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Brushing teeth with a fluoride toothpaste, to prevent tooth decay, should preferably take place after eating, and flossing is recommended to access areas that a toothbrush might miss.

“Community Pharmacy E-Book: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment” by Paul Rutter, David Newby
from Community Pharmacy E-Book: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
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Clearly, it is best to brush immediately after eating these foods, but if that isn’t possible, rinse your mouth well with water and then chew sugarless gum.

“The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Beauty” by Paula Begoun
from The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Beauty
by Paula Begoun
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Dr. Nara says brushing and flossing are not sufficient to stop gum disease, that’s why so many people who followed their dentists’ standard advice still wound up with gum disease (infection).

“Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation” by Andreas Moritz
from Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation
by Andreas Moritz
Ener-Chi Wellness Press, 2007

In contrast, diet has no effect on the common forms of gum disease.

“Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition” by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
from Encyclopedia of Human Nutrition
by Benjamin Caballero, Lindsay Allen, Andrew Prentice
Elsevier Science, 2005

The more often you eat foods that contain sugars and starches, and the longer these foods are in your mouth before you brush your teeth, the greater the risk for tooth decay.

“Consumer Health USA” by Alan M. Rees
from Consumer Health USA
by Alan M. Rees
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Adapted from U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research: Snack smart for healthy teeth.

“Dental Hygiene E-Book: Theory and Practice” by Michele Leonardi Darby, Margaret Walsh
from Dental Hygiene E-Book: Theory and Practice
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The best predictor for future caries is present caries.22 As a result of food cravings, cariogenic foods consumed may increase caries risk.

“The ADA Practical Guide to Patients with Medical Conditions” by Lauren L. Patton, American Dental Association
from The ADA Practical Guide to Patients with Medical Conditions
by Lauren L. Patton, American Dental Association
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  • supposedly beans and nuts and seeds have phytic acid thats bad for teeth. theyre saying starches are bad for teeth too bc they turn into sugar. apparently i have to sacrifice my teeth to be vegan.

  • Dr. Carolyn Dean has a little bit of anecdotal info regarding dental health and Mg.

    May 23, 2012

    A blog reader said he had high hopes that he would read a blog from me that resisted any mention of my favorite supplement, magnesium. Then he wanted to know if he really needed a magnesium supplement if he eats lots of green veggies. Well, I’m very sorry but the magnesium blog keeps chugging along fueled by constant input from magnesium fans. And yes, I think that everyone needs more magnesium in spite of a good diet. I know I do.

    One reader wrote: “Another disease you can add to your list that’s caused by magnesium deficiency is pseudogout (CPPD). I had calcium crystals in both knees, both ankles and my left wrist. Within three days of starting magnesium the pain in my left wrist started going away.” He said he found an article in Medical Hypotheses that reported Vitamin B1 (thiamine) needs sufficient magnesium to create thiamine pyrophosphate, but when magnesium is deficient calcium pyrophosphate is produced instead. He asked me to add this information to my website so it can help others regain their quality of life as he has.

    I think the following report is even more amazing. “I want to tell you a wonderful thing about Magnesium. I had pyorrhea and gingivitis for years. When I started taking magnesium the pyorrhea and gingivitis cleared up. Then I noticed my right front cuspid was thinner than the left but there was also a diagonal chip in the left cuspid. I began a regimen of brushing my teeth with magnesium and within 3 months the tooth had remineralized. Both teeth are fine and the right cuspid that was thinner is now normal. It truly is a miracle mineral. I told my dentist about it but really, he didn’t pay attention. Professionals think it’s some kind of idiocy. When will they wake up?”

    The type of magnesium to use on your toothbrush is magnesium oil. This is a supersaturated magnesium chloride (from sea water) in distilled water.

    I use LL’s Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil because I know it’s safe without contaminants.

    Just put a few drops on a toothbrush and brush well.

    I use some of my regular, natural tooth paste; and spray some mag oil from a small spray bottle. One or two sprays will do.

    Some people use baking soda along with the mag oil.

    Some people floss first.

    Some dilute the oil if it’s too strong.

    Some also gargle with a few drops of magnesium oil in water for gingivitis.

    However, if you have mercury fillings, I would not use magnesium in the mouth. Magnesium pulls out toxic metals and could pull mercury into your mouth which you might then swallow.

    All in all, the results from using magnesium oil for dental hygiene are impressive.

    Another blog reader wrote that his mother is on a lot of medications but he got her taking magnesium. He said, “After her first dose she said that she later had a really good BM–and felt 10 years younger. WOW–that makes me feel it’s really worth it to remind her to take it—she’s almost 89 years old.

    Even multiple sclerosis can respond to magnesium. A blog reader wrote the following. “As an MS patient I was blown away to find that after only two days on magnesium citrate, several of my symptoms disappeared to the point that I am more of a functioning woman.”

    What about migraines? Here is a newly published article in the Journal of Neural Transmission. It’s called Why All Migraine Patients Should Be Treated With Magnesium. The lead author is Dr. A. Mauskop who runs the New York Headache Center and has written many papers on magnesium and migraines. I quoted him in my Magnesium Miracle book. You can read the abstract of his paper which he ends by saying “…the fact that magnesium deficiency may be present in up to half of migraine patients, and that routine blood tests are not indicative of magnesium status, empiric treatment with at least oral magnesium is warranted in all migraine sufferers.” That’s a pretty clear directive that you don’t often see in journal articles…usually they say, we need more funding to research this further!

    Carolyn Dean MD ND

  • I’ve been having tooth sensetivity issues! I eat two fruit meals a day, and then rinse my mouth with water after. my teeth are so painful! every time I eat:(

  • Choose “citrus fruits and unsweetened juices”? Isn’t the citric acid going to erode your enamel? Every dental resource I look at warns against citrus fruit and juices. Now here’s a dentist saying make sure to consume them for healthy teeth?

  • You can purchase Ubiquinol, at Wally World, which has the claim of 3x absorption over standard C0Q10, for around 30 cents per day. Tomatoes are a member of the nightshade group that is/are supposed to increase inflammation in the body. If a tomato costs 30 cents or more, and even if it doesn’t, I will stick with Ubiquinol for myself. Others may choose to do the nightshade thing, whatever. The benefits of supplemental Ubiquinol over a tomato as we age simply cannot be measured though some will say it can. Effectiveness of CoQ10 Oral Supplements as an Adjunct to Scaling and Root Planing in Improving Periodontal Health
    Sathish Manthena, Mulpuri Venkata Ramoji Rao, […], and Anumolu Venkata Naga Sri Harsha

    Deficiency of CoQ 10 was found in human inflamed gingiva and has been found to be responsible for periodontal destruction.


    To evaluate the effectiveness of CoQ 10 supplementation as an adjunct to scaling and rootplaning in reducing gingival inflammation and periodontal pocket depth.

    Materials and Methods

    The study was a randomized, double-blind, controlled, parallel group design clinical trial. Thirty subjects with plaque induced gingival inflammation and having atleast three nonadjacent interproximal sites with a probing pocket depth ≥ 5mm were included in the study. The subjects were randomly divided into two groups. The test group (n=15) in which patients were given oral CoQ10 supplements after scaling and root planing and the control group (n=15) in which patients were given an oral placebo after scaling and rootplaning. The plaque index, gingival index and probing depth were recorded at baseline, 1 month and 3 months. Statistical analysis done by using Student’s paired t-test for intragroup comparison and unpaired t-test for inter-group comparison.


    Both the groups showed marked reduction of afore mentioned periodontal parameters at one month and three months when compared to baseline. Though there was no significant difference in plaque index and probing pocket depth between the two groups at any given time period, test group showed significant difference in gingival inflammation at one month and three months when compared to control group.


    In the present study use of Coenzyme Q10 oral supplements as an adjunct to scaling and root planing showed significant reduction in gingival inflammation when compared to scaling and rootplaning alone.

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  • I’m experiencing gums/tooth sensitivity since last november… my guess is that I did too many green smoothes (kale, spinach etc.. plus apples) and didn’t rinse my mouth… I stopped now, can I heal back?:(

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  • And, what size “whole” tomato are we talking about here, the cherry tomato like you have in the photo or a 2 lb Garden tomato? I’m sure you’re probably thinking of something the size of your fist?
    But if you’re talking 2 Tbs tomato paste I’m assuming cherry tomato?

  • Huh, so tell me, did the dairy industry pay you to promote their products? Like it or not the WHO and many other dental surveys say that you need less than 3gm of sugar or even lower for good dental care, but because of the prevalence of sugar it was raised to 5gm max, milk has that amount of sugar in it, let alone many other foods

  • Thanks for the helpful tips…but im having lots of trouble with my teeth and gums even tho I brush and floss some times I get sis in my mouth how can I care this problem

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  • Why not mention liver? Great folic acid, vitamin b12, some k2 (if grass fed?), And other great nutrients. And why recommend grains in the “balanced” diet, you don’t need them (high fat diet instead).,

  • The thing about dairy is false, because it makes our bodies more acidic thus leading to using calcium from body to make it more alkaline.

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  • I didn’t know any of this be side the dairy now I have bad teeth there un even as in not the same size or height and when I was like 5 I didn’t brush my teeth and I only los when I had like corn or some thing stuck in my teeth and when I was young I like to grined my teeth that’s way there not the same size and I’m 12 now and I just strated brushing at like 10 years old and I did it once a day and now I hate my self for what I did when I was younger and I swear I didn’t know what I was doing when I was younger and I regret it every day

  • I constantly brush my teeth and have a very healthy diet but constantly feel as though my teeth are degrading which makes me brush my teeth even more. Do u have a solution to this?

  • Now, this is a very important point. We are often reminded how important hygiene is for our dental health, but leaving diet out, which is, at the very least, as important as hygiene (but I’d say that it is even MORE important). So, thanks for this video. You should have mention also nutrient dense foods, such as offal, which promote remineralization.