E-Cigarettes Aren t Always Better, New Study Finds


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The number of Americans using electronic cigarettes is soaring, especially among youth, a new study finds. Nearly 14 million U.S. adults vaped. The study calls into question earlier research that has linked electronic cigarettes to traditional smoking, but experts disputed the importance of the new findings.

Many praised the study’s. May 23, 2018 E-cigarettes don’t help smokers quit more than other interventions, though financial incentives do, a new study in the New England Journal of Medicine finds. The electronic vaporizers have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. A new study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology is the first to provide evidence to suggest that smoking e-cigarettes is not a safe alternative to cigarette smoking.

WASHINGTON (AP) E-cigarettes aren’t considered as risky as regular cigarettes, but new research finds a clue that their flavorings may be bad for the heart. Longtime smokers sometimes switch to. A new study hopes to help answer one of these questions, namely what sort of effect does vaping have on vocal chords and overall vocal quality.

Published in the Journal of Voice, the study ultimately concluded the impact of e-cigarettes on the voice is much milder than traditional cigarettes. As for why e-cigarettes were found to be more effective than other nicotine-replacement products, the researchers suggested vaping allowed people to better tailor their nicotine dose, and provided some of the familiar behaviours of smoking cigarettes. Not necessarily. E-cigarettes contain nicotine, a very addictive substance, as well as many other chemicals.

The difference is that e-cigarettes don’t produce smoke like cigarettes, rather a vapor that often contains better-smelling flavors. E-cigarettes could be “no better” for health than smoking tobacco, scientists have warned. A new study has shown that vapour from the devices can damage or even destroy human cells, PA has reported. Last month, the U.S.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warned that “vaping,” or inhaling the nicotine vapors from e-cigarettes, might be a dangerous new fad.

List of related literature:

Studies with newer e-cigarettes might produce larger effects, although this remains to be demonstrated.

“Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes” by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, Board on Population Health and Public Health Practice, Committee on the Review of the Health Effects of Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems, David L. Eaton, Leslie Y. Kwan, Kathleen Stratton
from Public Health Consequences of E-Cigarettes
by National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, Health and Medicine Division, et. al.
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Whereas general smoking rates are declining, younger adults are more likely than older adults to try or use e-cigarettes; the use of e-cigarettes was highest in current and recent former smokers (Schoenborn & Gindi, 2015).

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
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The study concluded that e-cigarettes do not discourage, and may even encourage, cigarette smoking (Dutra & Glantz, 2014).

“Child Development From Infancy to Adolescence: An Active Learning Approach” by Laura E. Levine, Joyce Munsch
from Child Development From Infancy to Adolescence: An Active Learning Approach
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However, the longterm effects of e-cigarettes are not known, and these need monitoring.

“Applying the Roper-Logan-Tierney Model in Practice E-Book” by Karen Holland, Jane Jenkins
from Applying the Roper-Logan-Tierney Model in Practice E-Book
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Even the American Cancer Society has grudgingly admitted that e-cigarettes could prove useful for smokers who wish to quit and have rejected Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved methods (Boyles 2018).

“Escaping Paternalism: Rationality, Behavioral Economics, and Public Policy” by Mario J. Rizzo, Glen Whitman
from Escaping Paternalism: Rationality, Behavioral Economics, and Public Policy
by Mario J. Rizzo, Glen Whitman
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Results Reported in the Study Young adults who have used e-cigarettes have a fourfold increase in the risk of initiating tobacco smoking within 18 months; that is, 37.5% of young adults who have used e-cigarettes compared with 9% of young adults who have not used e-cigarettes.

“Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing” by Jean V. Craig, Dawn Dowding
from Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing
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Cessation outcomes were comparable with those observed in trials of nicotine replacement therapies.79,80 Until more is known about the risks and benefits of e-cigarettes for patients with cancer, oncologists are likely to struggle with these complexities and face challenges in how to respond to patient inquiries.

“IASLC Thoracic Oncology E-Book” by Harvey Pass, David Ball, Giorgio Scagliotti
from IASLC Thoracic Oncology E-Book
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Proponents also feel e-cigarettes can help some smokers quit; however, no research has provided evidence to support these claims.

“Physical Examination and Health Assessment Canadian E-Book” by Carolyn Jarvis, Annette J. Browne, June MacDonald-Jenkins, Marian Luctkar-Flude
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Harm reduction and e-cigarettes: not evidence-based.

“Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
from Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
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Results from one longitudinal study found that only 10 percent of people using e-cigarettes had quit smoking 1 year later (Grana, Popova, & Ling, 2014).

“Abnormal Psychology: The Science and Treatment of Psychological Disorders” by Ann M. Kring, Sheri L. Johnson
from Abnormal Psychology: The Science and Treatment of Psychological Disorders
by Ann M. Kring, Sheri L. Johnson
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  • Once again lots of talk about vaping being bad but how? Even A doctor, but not one how? So vaping is bad? But how???
    Why have an incomplete story?
    EXACTLY WHAT DOES THE STUDY SAY about why increased risk of heart attack? WELL??????

  • oh wow this is crazy I quit smoking cause of these e cigs and I love vaping and its not as worst then breathing the air outside with all the palustion around us and its a lot better then smoking a ciggerett that’s for sure.  vape on

  • inhaling ANY kind of smoke, tobacco, weed, candy, burning house, car exhaust, is BAD. there’s no rationale or rationalizing e-cigs and vaping, it’s inhaling SMOKE into your lungs. dangerous to Anyone. teens or adults.

  • My mother bought a snake oil ( electronic cigarette) pack. She tried using it as cessation. She ended up using both in tandem. I wish they would pull this garbage off the market until thorough testing can be completed.

  • The wheels of bureaucracy (regulation in this case) move so slowly that if I had waited however many years it will take for regulation of ecigarettes, I would probably have developed one of the diseases that smoking causes. 35 years as a smoker, and it took me 6 days from first exposure to an ecigarette to be free of smoking completely. The medical profession need to get behind this it has the potential to save billions of lives on our planet.

  • Yup. Now there is a study out that shows if you vape you will lose your house, cars, bike, boat, goldfish and end up at the grocery store beating off in the frozen food section right next to the nepolian ice cream.

  • More than likely those 35 people have medical conditions, or are predisposed to having seizures. This is just a case of 2+2=5 from people who are quickly running out of ideas on how to further attack vaping.

  • Hilariously obvious propaganda that only the most stupid of stupid people would believe. Try harder, tobacco industry. Didn’t like losing trillions to vaping, did you.

  • Hahahahahhahaha… its clear who theyre targetting, women and children? Yeah, i hear cotton candy and immediately think of women and children. What a fucking joke. Cotton candy is delicious. But wait, im a 35 year old man. I know this is an old video but i still hear who its “targeting” daily. We should stop selling cotton candy because its targetting women and children for diabetes. Does that sound legit? Of course not. These idiots should be shot in the head. By a woman or child. Btw, i started vaping a year ago this month, i have not had a single cigarrete in an entire year. Vaping is saving my life. Where are the idiots now? Are they still credible practitioners or have they ruined theyre careers with this filth? I sincerely hope the latter.

  • One of my students who vapes some powerful mixture has been hospitalized for seizures three times in the last 4 months. She has other serious medical issues, so nobody has considered the vape. I enjoy a cigar now and then; I asked her once if I could try her vape? One inhale, and I actually felt the nicotine hit my body, far more powerful than any cigar I ever smoked. Is she smoking some spiked blend? I have to show her this article.

  • Hilarious how science and FDA (backed by big tobacco) has been for years attempting to demonize vaping and hard up for any correlation between vaping and health. 35 cases out of tens of million users is called “statistically insignificant” aka adverse reaction. Adverse reactions to peanuts is more prevalent than nicotine and vaping

  • Ok so how come Im not having seizures? How come every single person i know who uses eciggs all the time not having seizures? This is false information seriously. Just because coincidentally there are people prone to seizures using these products doesnt mean “oh yeah its ecigg fault lets blame vaping” which is just poor research

  • 35 people had seizures vrs millions that didn’t. What percent is that? Fuck off fda and the fear mongering press. How many people that smoke cigarettes had seizures? I bet $10,000 it was way more then 35.

  • I have seizures and I wanna to try vapeing do to me not wanting to smoke weed and the stress in my work should I go for it or do weed instead

  • This is the worst kind of pseudoscience because that study did not link seizures to to e-cigarettes, it did not link seizures to nicotine. And that study heavily relied on Research that was done on Tobacco cigarettes, which contain cancer-causing carcinogens like formaldehyde and tar.

    There has yet to be a comprehensive study that links e-cigarettes with any kind of ailment let along cancer. If you ask a researcher, doctor, or scientists if e-cigarettes pose a danger they will tell you the results so far have been inconclusive.

  • So basically she said that adult didn’t like cotton candy to? And did shr look at package that say no under certain age allowed to buy??

  • Why would you as a Dr., an ophthalmologist why would you be open a conversation about E Cigarette by stating that you don’t even know what they are that’s absolutely ludicrous �� eye damage?????

  • I’m a mixer. A month ago I wanted to add menthol to my mix. I made the mistake of not getting the extract. I got their product. It was great. But my nose was running and my chest did start to hurt. I saw that as side effects. I’m thinking really. Been doing this for 6 years always the same. Then I stopped myself. I had added someone else’s product to my usual to get menthol. Got that out of my device put my mix only in. My chest is feeling a lot better. I can’t imagine other people. The stuff I get has a certified list of ingredients. So 1 month I felt it. Went back to my mix and all is almost back to normal. So yes there is something not right all of a sudden with what is being sold as a finished product. As I said only about a month got my chest hurting. Now it is starting to feel better. Not saying anything is safe. I’m saying in the industry of mixed juices their is something that shouldn’t be there in the juice. That is a scary thought. I was in big allergy mode plus my chest hurt. I can’t wait till that’s gone. But the pain is near gone. So something new in the juice is why. What happened? When did it start? That’s what needs to be found out. I almost quit to. That’s how close I was. Now it’s like. Well shit. What happened to end product amongst all the new requirements happened?

  • You ban vaping but make no attack on the tabacco industry, makes no sense unless they are losing millions because people are quiting smoking cigarettes using vaping. Messed up world we live in.

  • This video is old outdated information and a lot of it has been disproven. I’d like to know what evidence she has for e liquid manufacturers are targeting children. IMO they are targeting people who VAPE. We like good flavors. Some of us former smokers didn’t even like the taste of tobacco… Check out the channel Grimmgreen or suckmymod.

  • Just from hearing you I’m sure if I could see your finance documentation I would find some tobacco industry funding!

    A year after quitting smoking (I bought a cigarette pack and an e-cig. I still have 18 cigarettes of that pack in my drawer) I found that I do not like a nicotine taste. It is bitter. So from 2013 I’m vaping nicotine free juice!

  • Here’s some real science for you bone heads: “…nicotine—freed of its noxious host, tobacco, and delivered instead by chewing gum or transdermal patch—may prove to be a weirdly, improbably effective cognitive enhancer and treatment for relieving or preventing a variety of neurological disorders…”


  • 35 reports in 9 YEARS. That is astronomically low. Seriously, this is a fucking witch hunt, nothing more. It’s the FDA trying to protect their money-making darling “Big Tobacco”. That’s ALL this is.

  • “Political Regulation” Pray tell where has that gotten us with the pharmaceutical industry? How healthy is all that when much of it contains Propylene glycol.

  • You can’t regulate something you don’t know the negative effects of…leave people alone and let us do what we want

    Most people go to vaping to quit smoking cigarettes, they start with nic juice and wean themself down to no nic, people don’t usually go up in nic

    I used to smoke over a pack per day, 4 weeks into vaping I’m now down to 5 cigarettes per day, I’d say that’s better… but leave it to the government to offer step their boundaries

  • Is this a joke that ladie doesnt know crap I smoked for 22 years and had no chance at quitting iv tried all nicorete products even prescription which I bet are paying for this crap and my first time going to a vape shop stayed an hour and learned about vapes I quit that day and 2 years later I have not smoked not even once and have no chance at going back and my health has improved so much its unreal vaping is a steam vapor not a smoke that alone is huge these people should loose there medical license for doing shit like this let me guess phizer payed for this crap lol

  • university of california… HAHAHAHA what a joke! this is an april’s fools joke, isn’t it? dr. woman escroty takes candy and fruit heroin because that flavour is appealing to women… come on!

  • Thank you for this more scientific objective angle on vaping. I do actually vape myself (started about a month ago) and have had a positive experience so far. I don’t use flavours because I beleive the pyrolysis of these oftentimes quite elaborate molecules, will definately lead to both free radicals and short-chained aldehydes; why include it if it can be avoided? When I smoked cigarettes I didn’t lace them with strange aromas or anything!

    (Hint: Take a look at glycerin and compare it to formaldehyde)

    I think vaping has become a quite ridiculous market by now, with an abundance of self-coined fraises to make it sound cool: sub-ohm, “mod”, vape and what have you. Absolutely ridiculous IMO!

  • You need to leave you need to leave people alone I don’t smoke I don’t Vape I’m not a tobacco freak and I’m really concerned about my relatives that do have tobacco problems but I think you need to leave people alone if you don’t know what’s a hazard don’t try to find a sword the government should not be involved in our lives

  • I really hate videos where an authority Court in Port Authority gets on until we listen to this whole thing and they know nothing but she’s telling us that she knows nothing and you know nothing

  • B.s. Tests HAVE proven that second hand vapors do not pass any nicotine or chemicals to others. You are outright lying about these things.

  • I make my own. I use alcohol extracts only to flavor my veggie glycerine, because alcohol is safer for the lungs. I don’t use sweeteners. There are no “chemicals” in what I am using.

  • Oh dear such a shame, I expected this to come from a scientific bias, it would appear that was thrown out of the window. WE didn’t turn round and not launch a blood pressure tablet because we didnt know what it would do in 40 years time, the benefit outweighed any perceived future risk. that is called science.

    So far all scientific studies have shown that any risk from the use of electronic cigarettes is magnitudes less than conventional tobaccoo. That is the science that should be used when trying to weigh up the pros and cons of vaping.

    Addiction affects people differently, it is a horrible thing and anythign that can help reduce harm from a addiction many people cannot simply overcome should be seen as a great move in a positive direction.

    The burden placed on society by tobacco use and its associated illness dictates that any one of a scientific mind can see the huge benefits to be made by the eradication of smoking and replacing with electronic cigarettes. 

    It would appear the taking of the Hippocratic oath cannot help people look at the science when discussing an emotive subject like smoking, his is a great shame and could lead to millions of needless deaths.

  • knock this off. I am personally big evidence that due to vaping I quit smoking myself and also turned 15 smokers quit smoking.
    Mind this pls!!!!!

  • I think if there was something obviously dangerous about e-cigs, then she would know about it very quickly.

    Also, I was hopelessly addicted to smoking. The day I started vaping was the day I quit cigarettes. Now I hardly ever vape.

    At 24:35 she says: “she hopes she will get grants to help with her research”. Kind of nails it in my opinion.

    So if vaping makes you quit cigarettes, then keep vaping. I promise you it is WAY easier to stop vaping.

  • Keep your vape clean, its a breeding ground for bacteria. I think thats the next evolution in vaping is cleaning, and maybe self cleaning coils

  • +UniversityofCaliforniaTelevision(UCTV)
    I am a vaper, started smoking cigarettes when I was 14, bought my first e-cig when I turned 18. Now I watched the whole program and I had to take issue with a few things Laura E. Crotty Alexander said in your interview:

    3:11 Propylene Glycol is not only found in frozen Summer treats like Popsicles, but it is also used in inhalers for asthma treatment. Not only are these thing you have put in your body, but they are also things you put in the bodies of children, sometimes even for medical reasons.

    3:24 I don’t know when or why VG came onto the vape scene, all I know for sure is it is less harsh on the throat, inherently renewable, and of course natural. These are Facts.

    4:58 Sugary cereals are targeted towards children in TV ads and at the grocery store when they go with their parents. Children cannot enter a vape shop, not in CA anyway, and rarely do I ever see flavors being advertised anywhere other than vape-related websites. The point of flavors is to add variety and pleasure, I have 8 in my position, some are fruit, some are candy, I am a male, I have no interest in vaping on tobacco flavored anything.

    5:26 Which celeberties? I have never seen this myself, then again I am a young male (perfect target for vape companies) and have not watch a TV program in 4 years so they are totally missing my demographic if this is true.

    7:45 Did you just try to insinuate that e-cigs are some how worse than regular cigarettes, which are known to ACTUALLY be radio active.

    9:00 Yes it is becoming clear you don’t have any real information, this is all speculation apparently.

    9:41 Yes, and you are also expected to cook or feed yourself and know not to eat too much salt, fats, etc. Personal irresponsibility is not proof of danger.

    10:44 This is actually true, my level of intake is 24mgs. Why do you ask? Because E-cigs run on batteries, batteries last longer with less frequent use, and 24mg allows me to match my desired intake in less hits, less “chemicals” if you will.

    12:07 I think you meant to say healthier alternative, unless what you really meant is to miss-lead the audience. And is vaping not cleaner and green? No fire, no tar, my clothes never smell, and my nails aren’t turning yellow.

    14:08 Second hand smoke is a danger in large part to the 7000 additional chemicals released in the air when a cigarette is smoked. Nicotine plays a small role in this hazard, plus the second hand vape dissipates into my 12×10 room fairly quickly, 15 seconds after last vape.

    14:40 Caffeine is an addictive drug with physical withdrawl side effects, available to minors, know to also take years off your life by effecting your heart. So where’s the fuss on that?

    15:22 Then again what substantial claims have you made so far?

    19:05 I don’t know why you of all people would tell someone to use bleach in something they intend to be inhaling from, but what you obviously do not know is that PG and VG are anti-bacterial in nature and are used in medical procedures(PG) because of this. Still I do clean my tanks with regular hand soap and hot water, just as I would before putting food in my mouth.

    24:21 If people can take in cannabis without having to burn the plant matter, I think that’s a huge step up for people who use, medicinally or recreationally. If a few people can prevent themselves from getting Crack Lung too, good on them.

    27:44 And yes, I agree with your backpedaling, we do need REAL information, not miss-leading claims and speculation.

    Well University of California Television, I came to your video thinking this would be a very good, comprehensive, factual look at e-cigs and their REAL effects on the human body. Instead you brought in Laura E. Crotty Alexander, called her an expert on the matter, and then proceeded to demonstrate that she actually knows very little about anything really. Now it looks like your the ones who are blowing smoke up my ass.

  • Oh my fucking god.

    What a load of bollocks. If they are doctors they should both be struck for lying and blatant scaremongering. Are these two idiots really medical doctors? I REALLY hope not.

  • As a lung doctor, I suspect that Dr. Crotty-Alexander has a vested interest in people continuing to smoke. Without smoking she might run out of patients to treat.

  • This is beyond crazy and misinformed. The host even has Dr before his name!? Presume he bought his doctorate online. Shameful for the woman tho. She’s actually a scientist and should know better.