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Don’t hide your beautiful growing belly behind frumpy, unflattering pregnancy clothes. Many stylists and designers recognize that pregnancy does not mean giving up on fashion. As such, many have created maternity clothing and guidelines so that pregnant women can embrace this special time in their lives with style. You don’t have to skip trends or sacrifice personal style while you’re pregnant — there are plenty of maternity options for every fashion fan.

Brands are creating cute, comfortable pieces to match any style, situation and budget. Pregnancy doesn’t mean sacrificing style. Our favorite retailers, from Old Navy to ASOS, sell chic, stylish and non-frumpy maternity clothing.

On top of all of that, you’re supposed to somehow find time to figure out which maternity clothes look good on your ever changing body and where you should get them from! That’s where Dressing Your Bump can help!Yes, your wardrobe may shift as your body goes through the changes that come with carrying another human inside of you, but we’re here to tell you. How to Dress Your Baby Bump. The 5 Haircut Trends That Will Dominate 2020 The beginning of the new year comes with the irresistible urge to start over fresh, which means it’s a great time to get a.

Second Trimester On a budget. The challenge: You feel like every few weeks you’re a new size and don’t want to blow your budget on new clothes every month. What to do: Invest in a few items that will grow with you. Look for pieces that have details like ruching, tie-backs, buttons or gathering at the sides, and wraps, which will all let you adjust your clothing as your.

Feel confident and cute without sacrificing your style by shopping our handpicked collection of baby bump-friendly dresses. You’ll find flowy frocks and roomy jumpsuits perfect for those early stages of pregnancy. If you’re in the market for a maternity dress (or two or three), you probably want something that doesn’t sacrifice style for comfort and checks all your boxes: made of stretchy or breezy fabrics, provides room for growth as your pregnancy. If you don’t already own a few longer tees and tanks that could stretch over your bump (don’t forget to shop your own closet!), consider buying a minimum of three to five maternity T-shirts or tank tops in colors that pair well with your existing wardrobe.

They’re great to throw on under your.

List of related literature:

I do my best to hide the evidence of my pregnancy under my day wear: plain leggings and a tunic designed

“The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane” by Lisa See
from The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane
by Lisa See
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I don’t want to dress in maternity clothes and I can’t fit into most of my pre-pregnancy dresses, apart from one clingy woolen number that makes me look lumpy.

“The Secrets She Keeps: A Novel” by Michael Robotham
from The Secrets She Keeps: A Novel
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fter four pregnancies, there is one thing I know for certain: NO ONE GETS PREGNANT JUST SO THAT SHE CAN WEAR ALL THOSE NEAT MATERNITY CLOTHES.

“The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy” by Vicki Iovine
from The Girlfriends’ Guide to Pregnancy
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On the other hand, you don’t want to blow your entire clothing budget in the fourth month of pregnancy, only to realize you’ve outgrown everything by 32 weeks.

“The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth” by Genevieve Howland
from The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth
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My dress was very boxy and hid my figure—I looked pregnant in it.

“Drive-in Dream Girls: A Galaxy of B-Movie Starlets of the Sixties” by Tom Lisanti
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Your partner may not even be wearing maternity clothes at this point, letting large shirts (probably yours) and pants a size or two larger than normal cover her cute little belly.

“Dad's Guide To Pregnancy For Dummies” by Mathew Miller, Sharon Perkins
from Dad’s Guide To Pregnancy For Dummies
by Mathew Miller, Sharon Perkins
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I went to wardrobe for fitting, hoping they could hide some of the pregnancy weight I was still carrying, only to discover that they wanted me to squeeze into a catsuit.

“Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex, and Addiction” by Claudia Christian, Morgan Grant Buchanan
from Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex, and Addiction
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Many maternity fashions celebrate the pregnant belly, with clingy fabrics and styles.

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What to Expect When You’re Expecting 4th Edition
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I still didn’t look pregnant, fitting into most of my jeans even though I preferred loose dresses.

“A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After” by Brittani Louise Taylor
from A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After
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You can probably get away with wearing most of your regular clothes until at least the start of the second trimester, although you may have to bid a fond farewell to your dress pants and fitted skirts a little sooner than that.

“The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between” by Ann Douglas
from The Mother of All Pregnancy Books: An All-Canadian Guide to Conception, Birth and Everything in Between
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  • Now if only I was allowed to leave my house in these cute styles �� I’m 32 weeks right now and I’m guessing it will be sweat pants and my husbands T-shirts for the rest of this pregnancy lol

  • H&m has really cheap maternity clothes I mean it is same price as normal collection. Also most of it you can still use nonpregnant, specially if you are bigger size

  • “I did also just eat pizza”���� you are so cute!�� I am currently pregnant with my second baby and yes, you definitely start showing sooner.

  • 20 weeks and dresses are all I wear now. Just wear a pair of cute sneakers and a cardigan and you are all good to go! Cute but not to Dressy and way more comfortable than pants or wearing to small or a big top!

  • I went to GoodWill and bought $100 worth of maternity clothes. I really didn’t have any suitable clothes because my business pants closed with metal tabs and buttons and made it very uncomfortable. Now I have several pairs of comfortable elastic waist pants and long tunic tops. I found brand new brand name clothing for only a few dollars. My pre-pregnancy wardrobe was nipped waist vintage pieces and would not transition to pregnancy. I plan to sew skirts for the summer and nursing tops. Pinterest has a lot of great nursing top patterns for free.

  • On Facebook I found swap, buy, sell community groups and free stuff groups I added myself too. I can get anything maternal and for the baby off them and save lots of money. Win win.

  • Congratulations on your pregnancy!! Love every single one of your outfits! Can’t wait to see your baby if you decide to show him or her on camera. Lots of love!

  • Are you a model because you look good in everything!!! Literally you are so beautiful �� you help me to understand what true confidence is! ❤️ I LOVE IT!

  • I’m so glad I came across this video. I’m pregnant with my 5th and for the first time ever I’m going to be pregnant during hot weather the entire pregnancy. I live in Florida and I am due end of October. Most of my maternity clothes are meant for the cold or cooler weather. With this almost certainly being our last I hated the idea of going out and spending money on maternity clothes that I will likely never wear again. So many great tips

  • A lot of people have to buy new jeans and leggings because you can easily put on a lot of weight, not just a belly. I have never understood how someone stays skinny while being pregnant. I’ve put on three sizes so far. I’m usually a xs.

  • Hi Niki,
    I love so much this type of videos from you. ❤️ I like how you can combine perfect outfits even when you’re pregnant. Pregnancy suits you. You’ll be a great mom. ❤️❤️

  • Very helpful.. Thanks for sharing.. I am 9 weeks pregnant, and my first time so I don’t really have any idea what to buy as I am planning to buy maternity clothes.. Good thing I watched this video.. Thanks and God bless ����

  • Hello!!! It is my husbands birthday party and I spent more than my budget and feeling guilty and I want to enter the year without credit card debt and using my savings!!!need your suggestions

  • Ingrid and Isabel Bella bands work to keep your pants/shorts together and up. Definitely worth it to be able to continue to use all bottoms as well as achieve support for the bump ����

  • Omg this is so helpful thank you! For the rest of my pregnancy (5 months to go) it’s gonna be blazing hot where I live and now I feel like I have a lot of different and affordable options to look for. Thank you!!

  • You rock,Niki! You are such a big inspiration! Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am also pregnant in the 24 week and will be happy to see this kind of video in your 3th trimester!

  • omg girl this has reallyy helped me feel super confident in my outfits moving forward. First time mom and my bump just popped, and I’ve always been pretty skinny/fit, so I’ve been struggling with what to wear and didn’t want to really invest so much $$ in maternity clothes. I LOVE the idea of fitted dresses and high waist skirts since I wore a lot of these pre-pregnancy ��

  • Was not into the bike shorts thing as you were explaining it but dang then you cut to the clip with you wearing itI am totally sold! So cute!!!

  • Love this!! I swear by wearing regular women’s dresses while pregnant instead of spending a ton of $$ on maternity! It’s worked out great for me so far in my pregnancy journey. ❤️

  • I purchased my sister short-sleeved casual tunics from amazon!! She loves them cuz they fit over the bump and since she was a size medium before and during her pregnancy, she also wore them post-pregnancy ��

  • Hi! Thank you for your videos… I am now pregnant for 2.5 months �� can you make videos… what you ate while you’re pregnant? Like pregnancy healthy meals, snacks etc? ��

  • You are so clever and really do have this clothes things down!!! I love all the pieces you showed and can see how those pieces would work perfectly with the “babay bump!” ������

  • Thank you for this! I’m halfway through my pregnancy and I’ve been looking for ways to reinvent things I already have or buy things I can use after baby comes! So many maternity clothes are so expensive and unnecessary!

  • I was just thinking how I was going to need to get maternity clothes soon (with a limited budget) and this video was just what I needed to see. Thank you. Btw you are adorable.

  • Hello:) I enjoyed watching your video! I’m a new blogger & just uploaded a video discussing my experience with Polyhydramnios during pregnancy! Check it out here: https://youtu.be/Y5_63hcHQxg gg

  • Olivia 1:45 “If there’s anything I’ve learned in pregnancy it’s that’s the baggy, FLOWY, loose style clothes are not super flattering”

    Also Olivia 12:07: “and again, that flowy style is just a must when you’re pregnant…. so anything that’s gonna be really flowy like that you’re gonna be so happy with”


  • I just rocked long dresses, larger and longer regular shirts, layers, one of those belly band things that buttoned to my regular jeans, and whenever someone gave me their old maternity stuff haha!

  • Thank you so much for this video! My bump appeared during this lockdown and I’ve been living in my husband’s clothes 24/7. Now there’s talk that we’ll be heading back to work right before I’m due and I have no maternity clothes that I can wear in the office! Your tips are a life saver!

  • wow……..��I enjoyed watching to ur video… i loved it����actually all ur clothes are super cool…��and ure looking so gorgeous…����Lots of love ��

  • I lived in yoga pants and extra large workout T-shirt that had slits in the sides and are long until it got cold out. Now I just traded the yoga pants for maternity pants I picked up cheap at Burlington coat factory. I’m due middle of March so I know I can use the yoga pants again after baby’s born and it starts to warm up. I definitely wasn’t about to spend money on maternity specific items. I’m definitely way to cheap for dropping money on something I’m only going to wear a short time. This is my first kid and I don’t plan on having anymore after so it would really be a waste of money for me.

  • Do you know where to find a white basic tee that isn’t see through? It’s so hard to! Most of the time you can see through it, and it shows the bra, or tank top that you wear under it

  • I found it to be a hassle for maternal clothes far as finding decent ones that werent tight and uncomfortable and like you said that also charge a lot more for simple looking clothes just labeled maternity. So I shopped plus sizes while I was prego and getting bigger for way less $$ and it was fun and easier to shop that way.

  • BURLINGTON coat factory if you have one, had the exact same things as target and motherhood maternity
    Def recommend! Found some maternity shirts that were very comfy and cute for $3-$6 dollars
    And the same maternity leggings I bought for $40 for like $16 or less

  • Thanks for the ideas! Love your style. Hope you start feeling better soon. In the beginning, I just looked very bloated for a while. I definitely did show faster in my second pregnancy too.

  • If im buying normal clothes for my pregnancy and not maternity clothes, do i need to size up a lot or do i still go for my same size?

  • Extra stretchy fabric has been a life saver this month for me
    I have only bought a few breastfeeding bras as wearing them now with 15 weeks to go

  • I’m 5 months and still fit into my old sizes of stuff but now I need maternity work clothing since I’m going to a interview and need to look professional too

  • I would loop a hair tie through the button hole of my pants and shorts and then hook both ends on the button and just made sure to wear a long shirt… My husband thought it was funny and then when he turned 30 and started gaining a little extra weight he started doing the same thing to his favorite pair of pants until he lost the weight lol

  • Omggg I love it,I love u and your freakin style and u soo skinny even when u pregnant how u doing that I want to look like u too������������

  • Ahh!! This was such a fun (and exhausting) video to film!! I was 23 weeks pregnant when I filmed this (2nd trimester)!! Which outfit was your favorite? Let me know if you want me to do another one when I’ll be in my 3rd trimester:)

  • Super helpful tips! I’m starting to get to the stage where my normal baggier attire isn’t cutting it anymore so when buying, knowing I can get things I can still wear later post pregnancy is awesome, just by trying a few more styles!

  • I like the video and the youtuber looks really young and innocent which is so sweet.
    Would these ideas apply to a woman with a job in the corporate world? These outfits look really great but I don’t think they’d fit into a corporate environment. Besides if I want to go out on a hot date with my hubby, which of these outfits would I rock? Doesn’t seem like anyone was intended for that. Just regular everyday casual wear would need these hacks. Weldone though. And thanks for the tips. Especially the maxi skirt one. Would be nice if I had one but I’d still have to go out and buy one.

  • my go-tos for pregnancy are baby-bee bands(these are the exclusive to the jeans situation… even though you cannot button. They hold up your jeans for you and they are very expandable they’re 14$ at Target and come in black, white, nude colorsthey also take out my next to favors: Camis and tanks) and than camisoles…

  • You are awesome! I love every single look. In my two pregnancies I had like two outfits that I felt pretty and comfortable in. Well, I was huge… and didn’t have your legs either. ��

  • clothes are slowly starting to not fit and despite having 2 maternity jeans, I am itching for some dresses and skirts to play with!! If only stores were open:( I hate online shopping as sizes can vary so drastically, especially when you have more curve. Sigh. Some of these outfits look so awesome!

  • I’m 11 weeks pregnant this is the first time I watch your video,I like it & love your personalty you have a child’s heart ����
    ( excuse my english its not perfect ��)

  • The flowy peach skirt at 5.20 I fell in love with after watching your video. But how do you get it not to stick to your legs?! It is so static ��

  • What size in the Blanqi maternity shorts did you get!? I’m 140 lbs and pre pregnancy was 129 ish I read that they are made rather large though. Not sure if I should get a M or S! They looked so cute on you ��☺️

  • I’m 15 weeks tomorrow and showing quite a bit. My go to lounging outfit is maternity leggings and oversized hoodies. Going out I love leggings or jeans with tank tops and open sweaters.

  • I went thru my pregnancy with ONLY two maternity leggings and all I wear was dresses. Oh yeah and my husband clothes save a lot of money. He’d complain that he have nothing to wear since I’d wear them all. ������

  • Oh you look so beautiful and styled everything so well, enjoy every moment of this amazing miracle time of your life. Good to see you feeling good and happy ������

  • Great tips! I’ve done many of these myself with my first 2, but since it’s been 5 years now since my last pregnancy, this was a great refresher. So thank you.

  • Such great tips, not just for pregnancy, but for those women who have a little meat on their bones too ��
    Greetings from South Africa ����

  • You made me smile! I’m here sad I cant find an outfit to wear for my birthday in few days. I’m 10 weeks pregnant. I’m showing a little but it looks like I just ate to much lol, although my breast are my biggest problem, they’re huge!! But anyways reading through comments I’m no longer feel sad ( I’m not alone). I just have to get used to my body changing ( first pregnancy). ��

  • Thank you for this light hearted escape! I am living in tshirts and leggings like a whole lot of pregnant ladies now but hoping when this is over in a couple of months, I can try some of these out!

  • Love this video, I’m also due with my second but this time I’m determined to do better with my wardrobe. My first pregnancy was awful and I felt so ugly the whole time, I am trying very hard to have better self esteem this time around.

  • I found this real helpful…my first is due in December ❤ and i splurged on a bunch of maternity clothing i dont even wanna wear, so ive been wearing mostly my pre pregnancy shirts (but im growing out of them) and leggings all day…

  • Your bump is so cute! Did the girls not like Santa? My son hated Santa. I tried to take him so many times and it was a nightmare. He’s 14 now and I didn’t get a good Santa pic until he was about 10 or 11 ��

  • Thank you! Thank you! I’m so glad you linked in Heirloom. I used to get my layering tanks from Walmart but they changed brands and they are no longer modest at all!! I just went and ordered some layering pieces from Heirloom. They are currently having a special buy $35.00 and get a free boyfriend cardigan. I ordered so much that I qualified for 2 free cardigans.

  • I’m a small lady, my mum is a larger lady. I’ve been wearing her shirts and my super stretchy leggings and such the last like two weeks. Im only 17w but I get such bad bloat I look 7m minimum 99% of the time. My husband and I have made the choice not to tell anyone whose not family, close friends and need to know co workers. We both work for the school here.

  • So excited for this!! I have watched you have several of your babies over the years and have prayed for some of my own, and I am now 12 weeks pregnant with TWINS!! God is so good!!

  • All of my pre-pregnancy pants are relatively high waisted, leggings included, so they definitely did not last me even to the end of the first trimester with all the bloating (which was new to me). But no maternity pants will stay up on me, no matter if it’s got the stretch panels in place of pockets or the over-the-bump style. And then there’s the fact that it’s winter and too cold for dresses/skirts. There is no good solution here that I can find…