Dos and Don ts to handle Your Tot’s Screen Time


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How to use Apple iOS 12 ‘Screen Time’ for parents

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Six Time Management Dos and Don’ts

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(HealthDay)—As any parent of a preschooler knows, media management can be a minefield of do’s, don’ts—and tantrums. What works—and doesn’t—to manage your tot’s screen time. FRIDAY, May 13, 2016 (HealthDay News) As any parent of a preschooler knows, media management can be a minefield of do’s, don’ts and tantrums.

Tablets and other electronic gizmos can provide a child with learning and entertainment, but what works when it’s time to. What Works And Doesn’t to Manage Your Tot’s Screen Time. Key points: setting regular schedules for media use, and stopping when it feels ‘natural,’ researchers say. Please note: This article was published more than one year ago.

The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. 6 Responses to 6 Tips on Managing Screen Time for Tots. Bridget.

February 8, 2013 at 9:46 pm. I’m definitely not anti-screen time, nor do I think my own computer use and TV viewing has affected me negatively, with a few exceptions. (For instance, I’m sure I’d be more efficient with no screen time — but also probably sad to miss out. Setting Limits On Screen Time: Dos And Don’ts. Thor Jensen.

July 24, 2018 3:56 PM. Your relationship with your kid is going to determine whether automated times are appropriate for your family. Managing screen time can be a challenge, but it’s not insurmountable with a little planning and work. 1. complete homework 2. screen time 3. other free time (no screens) 4. dinner 5. complete chores 6. screen time 7. other free time 8. bedtime. DO practice what you preach You’re an adult, and if you want to use your phone for four hours straight while only allowing your kids to have one hour, that’s your prerogative.

Recently this week, the American Academy of Pediatrics made some new recommendations for parents wondering about the dos and don’ts of “screen time.” Vowels on. Manage your time effectively with these six dos and don’ts. Time can have a funny way of running away from us. But these quick and easy dos and don’ts will help you make the most of your time.

DO: minimize interruptions and distractions. So, you. Here’s how you can manage your time more effectively. Everybody wants to increase their productivity and work more efficiently.

While there is no one-size-fits-all method to time management – everybody needs to find out for themselves which method(s) work best for them – there are certain do’s and don’ts that you can use as a guide to. Time to Remove the Paper from Your Desk and Become More Efficient. Too much paper is wasted. Attempts to locate documents in endless filing cabinets.And distributing documents is expensive and takes up far too much time.

These are just three common reasons why it might be time for your company to implement a paperless document management system.

List of related literature:

The screen may go blank before its time if you have a screen saver timeout set up that’s less than the Turn Off Display timeout.

“Laptops For Dummies” by Dan Gookin
from Laptops For Dummies
by Dan Gookin
Wiley, 2009

The About screen is available while the program runs and can provide quick information on the program at almost any time.

“Programming in Visual Basic 2010: The Very Beginner's Guide” by Jim McKeown
from Programming in Visual Basic 2010: The Very Beginner’s Guide
by Jim McKeown
Cambridge University Press, 2010

✓ Start After: Specify the period of inactivity that triggers the screen saver.

“MacBook For Dummies” by Mark L. Chambers
from MacBook For Dummies
by Mark L. Chambers
Wiley, 2012

In this option you can also set the duration of not using the computer after which the screen saver should appear.

PHI Learning, 2008

C. S Creen G) Screen time is moking GED + G) a clock on the screen kids sod.

“180 Days of Reading for Second Grade: Practice, Assess, Diagnose” by Dugan, Christine
from 180 Days of Reading for Second Grade: Practice, Assess, Diagnose
by Dugan, Christine
eBooks2go Incorporated, 2017

However, if the screen clogs in 12h and a normal production run is <12 h with cleanup between runs, then a discontinuous screen changer will meet the process requirements.

“Extrusion: The Definitive Processing Guide and Handbook” by Harold F. Giles Jr, John R. Wagner, Jr., Eldridge M. Mount
from Extrusion: The Definitive Processing Guide and Handbook
by Harold F. Giles Jr, John R. Wagner, Jr., Eldridge M. Mount
Elsevier Science, 2013

To have the screensaver appear after a predefined amount of time, put a check in the Start Automatically box, and then set a time period.

“Beginning SUSE Linux: From Novice to Professional” by Keir Thomas
from Beginning SUSE Linux: From Novice to Professional
by Keir Thomas
Apress, 2007

Most programs offer sensible guidelines for this purpose when the screens are opened.

“Planning and Installing Solar Thermal Systems: A Guide for Installers, Architects, and Engineers” by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie
from Planning and Installing Solar Thermal Systems: A Guide for Installers, Architects, and Engineers
by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sonnenenergie
Earthscan, 2005

Set limits in terms of screen time.

“Six Ways to Keep the
from Six Ways to Keep the “Little” in Your Girl: Guiding Your Daughter from Her Tweens to Her Teens
by Dannah Gresh, Fern Nichols
Harvest House Publishers, 2010

(ii) Set the waiting time of the screen saver to 2 (two) minutes.

“Rudiments of Computer Science” by J.Bhattacharya
from Rudiments of Computer Science
by J.Bhattacharya
Academic Publishers,

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  • Out of all astrology site I have gone through, he is the best. He speak so sense and with facts. Keep posting ��
    I want to know astrologyguy name, I am impressed the way he deliver ��

  • if you connect it to a mac and reset the gadget the screen time gets reset and you can add your own passcode:D
    but then again you need to reset ypur phone

  • In terms of damage to kids and society Apple is enemy #1. Android vendors are not far behind them. Like cigarettes of yesteryear, and todays vape and cannabis companies, they pump their addictive products into the youth market knowing full well what is happening.

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  • My sister is Gemini with a Cancer Cusps. I wish you would go father into each signs Cusps. She is born June 21 1987. I am an Aquarius Sun with a Scorpio Moon and a Scorpio Rising. I was born February 1 1986. My Husband is a Scorpio Sun with a Scorpio Moon and a Scorpio Rising. He was born November 17 1990.

  • Mask does not prevent from Corv. It goes through. every virus
    Face masks also do not help against diarrheal diseases such as rota,
    norovirus, summer flu without any lung involvement. Sometimes fast food
    is also the reason or bacilli in icecream like every year in summer.
    Sometimes for example old pizzas cause diarrheal diseases
    In special fast food, there is very often another
    different amount of special intestinal viruses

  • i want to use this for myself, but all you have to do is hit “ignore’ when your time is up,,,, any way to remove that option and actually have it lock you out for the time scheduled?

  • My kid figured out in no time that you can circumvent Screen Time restrictions by changing the phone’s date and time. Will the powers that be address that? It seems that they need to add a parent passcode to the Date & Time feature.

  • Im an Aries Sun and Sagittarius moon �� My rising sign is Cancer. Im in the middle of being an introvert and extrovert �� that’s so difficult.

  • Hey Astrology Guy love this channel cant wait for you to get to Pisces and capricorn any chance once you get done with the Do’s and Don’ts you will start a list for the Venus signs?

  • OMG! The biggest difference between the male and the female capricorn is
    The Capricorn Woman finds it much harder to strike a balance between the desire to take lead in a relationship and being traditional in their romance. She might start resenting her partner for not being able to pull their own weight. –

    WHY IS THIS SOOOOOOOO FRIGGIN’ TRUE???!!!!!!! I FEEL NAKED! Like I’ve been revealed!!!! But seriously, thanks for making this video all this time, I’d been thinking there was something wrong with me.

  • im a aries and this video explains us good lol, we are the best sign ((: We are very loyal when we want somebody but we can also drop u very quickly if you make us feel like we are wasting our time & we hate liars.

  • So, my boyfriend is an Aries, and I’m a Libra, which is we have a different perspective. We always fighting, and arguing. Even for something simple like “I want to meet today” and I said “I can’t, I’m not in the mood” and he was like “if you wanna leave, just say!” and I was like “you, mthrfckr, I’m just not in the mood”

    But we ended up together again another hour.

    And there’s a time I hurt him, but I know that I’m hurting myself, too. I thought, what is happening with us, why we can’t just together, have a same deal? Are we dumb?

    And then I saw this video “the most challenging matches”

    No wonder we’re just so complicated. But most relate is when he says “do not challenge me!”

    And I’ll say “what about this?!” do something that is challenging him “haha! fun huh?!”

    Fyi, I’m a Libra, moon in Aries, venus in Leo, rising in Aquarius.

    He’s an Aries, moon in Aries, venus in Gemini, rising in Pisces.

    I know you don’t care, I’m just sharing my experience with this hot sign.

  • Aries is one of the best signs, ppl under this sign always make me feel special ♥️ I love their energy and innocence and how romantic they are ☺️

  • Am I Aries Sun Capricorn Moon Pisces Rising and it’s a slide my DM is a Scorpio all my compatibility are switched my people that’s most compatible on your chart give me other people that I can’t stand to be with and the people that he say are not compatible people have wonderful relationship with it including Scorpio which is kind of crazy but it’s all good I’m a new sub I love your page is amazing I love your channel Keep It Funky

  • My husband and I love your videos! I’m Sun Pisces ♓️ and he is a Sun Aries ♈️. He thinks you’re spot on! Also, we are challenging ourselves to guess your Sun sign ☀️. Thank you so much for your videos, they are the best part of our day/week. ��

  • I’ve been waiting for this one since my s.o. is a Capri and I’m a Virgo ♥ I love your channel and the advice you give! It has helped me understand others a lot better:)

  • Lol, i am aries female sun moon and raising. YOU so cool a %100 right. I like directed people and black or white. Dont like drama.

  • him: geminis have an issue w/speculation so if you’re not straightforward they’ll create an entire story about you, when they feel disconnected they loose the team player mentality, can be manipulative if things aren’t going how they want, if you’re too controlling they’ll want to rebel, cunning…
    geminis: omg NAILED IT on everything you said!
    also geminis: why do people hate us? give us a chance y’all we’re not evil

  • I’m dating a Capricorn. I’m a virgo and it’s interesting dating him but the love and some similarities are definitely there. We get along so well it’s weird. We just want to be together all the time. Constantly thinking about each other. Never bored or anything we just mesh well together.

  • CRIMINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIEARS!! stop spewing dangerous propaganda that masks are “safe”!!
    This was my response to someone who asked WHY is it not good to wear the facemask:

    A: a facemask does not protect against the viruses, it is as effective as chain link fence against the mosquitoes (micrometer sized pores in your mask vs nano-meter sized viruses). furthemore, you are allow to wear any kind of nask, even a regular cloth mask. The openings of cloth masks are huge, compardd to medical masks and you are breathing in the syntetic fibers. some of those fibers get to your lugs, other end up in nasal passages.

    B: a facemask lowers your oxygen intake and promotes diseases. Diseases love low oxygen levels. For example, cancer loves anaerobic conditions and under high oxigen levels cancer cannot proliferate. All living things needs oxygen, if you put the mask on your mouth you immediately get into red zone of what OSHA regulation allows for ofigen levels, with facemasks you are immediately BELOW the safe oxygen percentage of 19.5%. You are immediately in group of risky professions like firefigters, yet you do not carry the ofigen tank like firefighters do. Plus, you recycle your bacteria and viruses and your throat and nose can develop the staph infection, as it was already noticed with many of those that were using the masks for more than short period of time.

    C: You hear people arguing “Doctors wear masks all the time”. err. NO! they only wer them when they must, say during a surgery. But, the air quality in a hospital is regulated to push more oxygen into the air to counter the affects of the masks doctors miust wear during surgery.

    D: covid virus was never isolated/purified because it does not exist prove otherwise by providing electron microscope image of it.

    E: facemasks are the symbol of submission to the master, centuries ago, slaves were ordered to wear the masks and this carried over to today when many Arab women still wear the burkas. Those women are the slaves of their husbands, they even cannot go next to their husbands, they have to follow their husbands, just like slaves have done through out the hystory.

    F: today, you wear your slave muzzle (your western burka) and you keep asking why wearing mask is stupid? Can you please take off your mask, inhale and oxygenate your brain and you will be able to figure out the answer on your own question.

    G: if after all, of this you still do not get it as “why” masks should not be worn then your brain is already damaged. Sorry, but that is the truth.

    H: the fact is that healthy people should not wear the mask. period. end of story. honest doctors expose the scam:

    Do you think that God/Creator/Nature is stupid?
    Do you think animals are stupid?
    what is next, have wild and domestic animals will be made to wear the muzzles?
    great idea put the muzzles on all of those animals in Chinese wet market!

    does your dog or cat wears a muzzle? no, then, quick put a muzzle on on their snouts, it is proven that corona viruses are in all of the animals, even in papaya fruit!

    steal reading?
    Good. let me guess you are waiting for the vaccine so that you can go back to “normal”?

    Question is, should you take the covid vaccine?
    before you do, check out the video and comments below:
    Delay in AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine trial is a ‘wake up call

    see, they have some major issues with vaccine safety, and those who have researched the whole HOAX know why. Do you know why?
    Do you want to be a vaccine test subject, injected with untested DNA/RNA vaccines for “covid virus” that have never been isolated/purified??
    yes, covid virus was never seen under an electron microscope!! then, what will they be injecting you with, they are making the vaccine against a virus that they have no idea what it actually look like?
    should they know what virus looks like before they make the vaccine?
    See, that is the answer they are making a vaccine for a virus that has never been isolated/purified.
    WHY are the doing it? Is the vaccine what they want to use to modify every single human on planet?
    Why would they do that? What is really in that vaccine?
    what could go wrong? We know that they already have the vaccine indemnity against killing us, it was signed in March of 2020.

    To understand how bad a rushed vaccine can be you need to understand the following;
    Even WHO, an absolutely corrupt organization that is financed by Gates, Soros and the Chinese Communist Party is backpedaling on those rushed vaccines.

    Remember, Gates said that he expects that 10% of people that have taken the vaccine “could die” but that will be small price to pay for this eugenicist and the hidden controllers that are now holding the whole world hostage. Take a look what is happening now in Australia, whole continent is in lock-down and psychopathic tyrants are having fun with the people.

    I would suggest that you do not support our common oppressors and petty tyrants, think for yourself, talk to other people and you will see that this COVID shite is the biggest hoax in whole history of the world!
    And, take off that muzzle!

    Humans are most definitely the stupidest species that walks the earth today! So many people lost the common sense and logic and reason is nowhere to be found, except for a few thinking people.
    Instead of turning of the idiot box (TV) and talking to each other, observing the nature, especially the animals, majority of the people keep themselves glued to TV and social media (controlled by same entities) in attempt to become “informed”. Yet, they are not informed but indoctrinated, to the detriment of whole humanity. If 95% of people think masks are good idea or vaccines are great idea then they drag the whole world down the drain, their acquiescence to new draconian rules then becomes legitimized.

    Do you understand that most off the animals have more life wisdom than the most of the people that are alive today?
    so many people have lost the connection with the nature, God, creation whatever you want to call it, they rather believe paid propagandists and crooks than think for themselves.

    When will people like you start thinking for yourself?

    Are you unwilling (afraid?) to think or you cannot think for yourself?

  • Is it possible to say that a cap broke up with me 2 weeks ago and he is the complete opposite of what you’re describing? He was cheating, lying �� and detached af…. And was making me feel guilty for every little detail gone wrong of the relationship. And after I traveled to see him 7 TIMES… He decided he wanted to be single… Can any Capricorn explain that behavior to me? I’m a Scorpio BTW… And I have been trying to understand this… I only asked him to communicate more and I got kicked to the curve. Any explanation is highly appreciated.

  • In the future, can you make a series on people who lack an element in their chart? Ex. Someone like Jay who lacks water in his chart, you touched on it in the Very Cavallari episode you were in. That would be such an interesting video series idea! ��

  • Welp, this episode had absolutely nothing to do with my sign.But, I could not miss my boo with all that positive energy and that gorgeous smile. 1��yass��

  • Capricorn woman here ♑️, I’ve tried dating Aries men, they’re just too stubborn and impulsive. We do not get a long. My last Aries guy was just full of mind games and manipulative, lied to me on our first date and said he was a widow, caught him in that lie by our 3rd date, she’s still alive. ����‍♀️ we only hung out in his car, it was very hard just to try and finally get him to take me out on a date, that was a horrible night, he’d just use me for sex and say I was a gold digger just because I wanted him to take me out on a nice date and do stuff together other than hang out in his car. ����‍♀️�� he’d always be the one to come back to me though because he said he likes the chase lol all he cared about himself and his needs and satisfaction. I finally blocked him. ����

  • I feel deceived, i always tought that the best match for Aries was Libra, even lots of other youtube videos say it so, even in other languages, so i started to watch lots of videos about Aries and now you´re telling me that it is the most challenging one? Than what´s the best match for Libra? I´ll be waiting

  • Met this lady that was ARIES sun, ARIES, moon, ARIES rising…..BIG OOF!! lady was unstoppable lmao, especially her mouth yapping all day long

  • Lol spot on with aries. My boyfriends a aries sun,cancer rising I’m a cancer sun, Leo rising. Our chart seems so similar we both have fire,earth & water signs in similar places ��

  • DON’T WEAR A MASK! Use this info if anyone tries to make you wear a
    mask/muzzle. It reduces oxygen intake AND exposes your mouth to a germ
    breeding spot AND will NOT stop virus exposure.

  • I’m speechless, because this makes total sense to me in hindsight. My Aries man started off so beautifully but he became moody and fussed at everything. Very bossy. Constantly accused me of complaining about everything. The scorpio Sun sign in the Virgo moon sign did not appreciate that. So this is the second Aries man that ended badly. Why do I keep choosing them???����

  • I’m a Gemini and my fiance is a Capricorn, our biggest disgruntlement in the relationships are for him, my constantly changing attitudes about things (taste in food, music and attitude towards people in our circles specifically) because when I change my mind he gets a little hurt that he took the time to remember how I felt about them last time and then I just went and decided to go a different direction.
    For me it’s his pessimism, for someone who’s so stubborn and capable it always drives me nuts when he throws in the towel or goes into a period of ‘everything is aweful’ its not like depression, its like a wall that just comes up between him and his goals and its really hard to shake. It happens with both big and small things, and as a problem solver myself I get really frustrated when he finds ways to undermine every solution we try to come up with.
    Anyway, we both have learned and are still learning not to take it personally from each other. Been living together for 5 years now though, and getting married on Holloween.
    Thankfully the rest of out chart is super compatible though.

  • Put your gloves and mask in the microwave for 30 secs would this not save on washing and more reliable to kill germs? i am just asking i an not an expert by any means
    Personally i wear crash helmet with a visor that way you cant possibly touch you face. Depending on the environment i am in, i can pull up and down the visor when the occasion is warranted. when i get home i can take the helmet off then wipe the helmet down with mild detergent. The other benefits are i wont get my face and hair wet in rainy weather lol

  • I am an Aries sun, Gemini moon and Capricorn rising. Thank you for that great information, very true to my personality. I love how the intention is to understand each other and work as a team for a happy, healthy relationship. This fire girl would love to find that!

  • I’m dating a Gemini so this is helpful. I’m a Leo. I need to understand how Gemini’s hold onto pain. He went through a hard childhood and his issues now are mostly because of that.

  • These videos are very well structured. Its always nice to not have to listen to ramble ��
    I’m excited when you get around to making a) Mercury sign and b) Saturn sign videos.
    Wishing you all well.

  • As a Gemini i find it easy to date another Gemini and a Capricorn I had a cap for 12years and only had 2 shouting matches lol but we had a smooth 12. I had a Aquarius for 7and a half years to we was gd.I played with a Aries,but never really dated one yet,I’ll keep u posted��

  • I don’t think you know what you’re talkin about you just base is something that you don’t read up on and analyze it in a way that make you feel good but that is not a true Capricorn that is not what Capricorn is about and your theory is not right

  • The purpose of ‘lockdowns’ across the globe, is to destroy economies, locally and globally and destabilize governments.

    First came the MASK. You need a mask just to enter into some businesses today, let alone buy what you want/need. In some states a person can be arrested and jailed for not wearing a MASK.

    Freedom is disappearing fast!!

    Next will be the MARK (Immunity Passport?). You will need the MARK to be able to buy, sell and be free. The Immunity Passport uses an oxidative enzyme called ‘Luciferase’ that produces bioluminescence when illuminated with red light, revealing one has been tagged as vaccinated. This will be stamped onto the right hand or forehead of the compliant individual. Without the MARK, you will be deemed ‘unsafe’ for the public and put under ‘quarantine’ until you die or take the MARK. Those who don’t take the MARK will be euthanized (beheaded) because they are possible/carriers of COVID-19.

    The federal and state governments are already dictating the vaccine will be mandatory and forced on citizens when it becomes available.

    COVID-19 will never go away, even after the MARK (vaccination) has been given out. To get the MARK you will have to kneel/bow down before the image of the BEAST (New World Order / One World Government).

    “Get the Immunity Passport and live again!” will be the slogan to freedom.You will be allowed to rejoin society if you take the MARK.

    If you take the MARK (possibly the Immunity Passport), you will suffer in Hell for Eternity…You will be banished to Hell by GOD because your DNA will have been changed. Christ only died for pure strain humans…not hybrids.

    Many people will take the MARK, thinking they have done the right thing. In all TRUTH they have just damned themselves. The MARK (Luciferase) will cause a nasty reaction on the skin of the individual resulting in nasty boil/s.

    It will be the vaccine of the MARK that will kill people in the millions. Just wait and watch if you want.

    Or you can


    This plandemic isn’t going away, COVID-19 isn’t going away and it will only get worse…….

    Social unrest, violence, racism and hatred between people will only get worse around the world as the days go by, as sin rises the love of many will dissipate!

    While the whole world was watching George Floyd’s Funeral, GOD gave the world a warning the Day of the Lord and the Imminent Rapture of the Church is at hand.

  • TimeStamps
    Best Traits and the Dos of Dating an Aries: 1:32
    The Dark Side and the Don’ts of Dating an Aries: 4:35
    The difference between a Male and Female Aries: 8:30
    The Cusps of Aries: 9:38
    The Best Soulmate Matches for Aries: 11:28

  • This is incomplete!!!! She didn’t put the mask from the second demonstration under the black light!!!
    How do we know that it really works?!?!

  • Trueee. Im a gemini and my boyfriend (who is a sag) and I always fight because Im annoyed by his wishy washy communication and he gets annoyed because I always want to discuss things so they turn into arguing and him just leaving in the middle of it.

  • When you wear gloves you literally cross contaminate everything why are you telling people that it’s OK or you can wear gloves or should wear gloves. It’s stupid your saying you’re nurse you should know this.

  • Hey one little question…where do you see the biggest differences beetween Gemini and Saggitarius? Because I thought they may be a exception because I think even if they are opposites both are very open minded, curious, have a great Sense of humor and are adaptable so that they would have a great time together ^^ Greetings Sophie ^^

  • Ummmm, not only was the mask exposed to virus while out in public, so were all clothing, hair, etc. Why do we not care about these items? All she would need to do after being so careful with mask and gloves, is to touch her clothing or run her hands through her hair, and still pick up the virus. Am I missing something here?

  • The supermarket clerks wear the same gloves for hours while she hands you your change and receipt. Also touches all your items she scans.

  • People sleep on the combination Capricorn and Leo #Successful
    Obviously it’s fine. #PowerCouples ❣����❣����❣����
    Barack Obama and Michelle
    Maury Povich and his Asian wife.
    David Bowie and Iman
    Viola Davis and her husband
    Ray J.and princess Love
    Jackie Kennedy and Aristotle Onassis

  • I’m a capricorn sun gemini moon and my boy is a taurus sun Cancer moon… He’s such a sweetheart and knows my needs as well as my insecurities.

  • Thanks, heaps for the efforts, Please think positive! I hope people start wearing a mask, although it has been subsidized as well and a “ 50 PC BOX MASKS is easily available from $10, the reusable ones. Let us all play corporate social responsibility and fight together to reduce COVID 19 effects. Let’s be one big FAMILY! Lets safe the WORLD and start from our own Country,

  • I see you Astrology Guy! The way you talk about us Gems I know you low key crush on us ������ You dont have to say it but I know, we’re your favorite sign of all ����

  • Heh I found a way to break it and I am %100 sure they won’t patch it but if I told you maybe they would see it and patch it hahahha I am so happy!

  • Spot on. I’m a double ♊. For some reason lately I keep attracting Virgos and Sagittarius and it Does. Not. Work. I’ve known forever that Virgos never work for me, bit for some reason I’m so drawn to them��‍♀️ The sag connections have been more recent and I thought that wld be perfect because air and fire tends to work together, but nope. Proven wrong both times. It’s amazing how correct astrology is.

  • I’m a Gemini and get along well with Scorpios but I don’t like their secrecy. My partner is a Virgo and good God our match can be very challenging but when we work together it’s great. We both share the same moon sign though in Capricorn.

  • OMG! You are on point and awesome! I’m a Gemini woman and this is the perfect description of us. I loved your Libra video too! Awesome job!

  • Love the video! Can not wait for every sign to come up! Also love your shirt, it reminds me of some greek mythology movie. Have a good Sunday! x Eva

  • Does anyone think masks are reducing infection risks? Think again. Every time you exhale into a mask, those tiny moisture droplets leach right through the fabric/fibers. Nobody and I mean absolutely nobody are following proper medical procedural mask wearing protocol. The second anyone touches the mask for even the quickest of adjustment or pulls it down and up just once your hands are now contaminated with tens of thousands of potentially deadly infectious pathogenic viruses; it happens that quickly and easily. (exactly equivalent to coughing directly into your hand). Now your hand is literally a infectious disease spreading implement contaminating everything touched. The sad thing is everyone wearing a mask is quite literally wearing a badge of stupidity right over their face. Everyone puts on a mask thinking they are doing their part to save the world without giving it any critical thought to what is actually happening. What’s worse is nobody is questioning any supposed authorities on the absolute junk science of wearing masks in real life conditions with all the variables to be considered. The good thing is, the global population will reach herd immunity far faster now that there is a human population of perpetual morons unwittingly spreading virus like wildfire.

  • Do’s are on point. ❤️ Lmaooo on “thoughtless”. Oh yessss! You know Arieses! Its so nice to experience I don’t have to explain myself. Thank you. Ooh have a Libra bestie atm and been in a relationship with a Libra-Scorp cusper for 20 years.

  • Why do they make this whole process so freaking complicated? I understand that some people will say it’s easy, but WTF I’ve been sitting here for 1 hour trying to figure this crap out and this tutorial did ZERO good for me… oh well.

  • Hmmmm, read that Sag woman and Gemini male are the most compatible signs compared to any other. I’m a sag and have more Gemini people in my world than any other sign. My Gemini male and I are the best relationship I’ve ever had!

  • Posted 14 June it’s my birthday ��
    The example Gemini sun Aquarius rising Scorpio moon, theses placements are mine too ��
    Thank you

  • Mask do not protect anyone from any disease. Only stupid people wear them. Unfortunately, there are so many stupid people in the USA. Must be from the public school education they get.

  • I’m a pisces and my girlfriend is a gemini don’t get me wrong sometimes our emotions can be a little high depending on communication, but I needed to hear this to understand how loyal a gemini is when their in a committed relationship.

  • Because I am a firm believer in karma, both good and bad and see the outcomes from not only my doing but others as well, I am very responsible and believe in doing the right thing, among with keeping my promises, being honest, and giving back to everyone without expecting anything in return. I have no problem letting go of items and money when it is needed by someone and I can afford to give it away. If I cannot then I will be honest with myself and them as well. I believe what goes around comes around and I see positive manifestations/abundance that happen in my life by showing love, being fair and being true to myself. ❤️

    ❤️ being a Capricorn ♑️, even though not many other signs understand us. ��

    Also, I am grateful for astrology guy in all his help and guidance.

  • Me:a Pisces looking for the Capricorn (aka Kim taehyung). Also me:sees video………………. me again:interesting

  • Capricorn is a Sea Goat. Doesnt that affect the traits of the sign? I’m Virgo,9/22, Capricorn moon,,and my Capricorn I’m feeling is 1/9., Virgo moon. I’m frustrated because I really feel we can be a great match, but he has closed off from me. I’m moving on because I don’t know why he has done this nor how to resolve it. But I absolutely can’t get him out of my heart nor my mind. And quite frankly, I dont want to, which makes me feel foolish for doing so. But I am extremely exhausted from waiting. I pray he comes around soon. Also, all Caps, just like other signs, aren’t as emotionally balanced or mature as others. I do believe that’s according to their particular life experiences as well. My humble opinion.

  • Ummm…. people NEVER do any if this. They touch their mask often, remove and replace it often. They then use it over and over without washing it.
    Better to NOT wear a mask, particularly since the main risk is from touching your face with contaminated hands.

  • Very true this video! Gemini here ♊️ and OMG I didn’t know I was born in the cusp. So I’m Gemini/cancer. No wonder I’m drawn to Scorpio’s so much. I have dated about 3 virgos and it felt like I died three times ��. No offense! There are things I love about virgos which is why I have been drawn but it doesn’t ever really work out for us. Sigh ��……..

  • I’m an Aries and wow so accurate! Lol we never read between the lines, in fact we hate it! and yes black or white indeed. You tell us what to do? You are out the door! Loooool

  • I’m a Libra sun and rising, Sag moon with Mercury and Venus in Virgo dealing with Capricorn sun and Mercury, Pisces moon and Aquarius in Virgo. Hopefully, we are compatible.

  • There are no do’s. Just don’t wear a mask. Only a full hazmat suit stops a virus, masks do nothing. Prolonged wearing of a mask will however cause oxygen deprivation which can lead to brain damage and people are already experiencing lung and breathing disorders. So why are the so called ‘experts’ peddling these masks? Think of them as a muzzle and you will being to understand what they really represent.

  • Wow! As a gemini woman I totally agree with just about everything he said XD lol. Especially the differences between men and woman. For me, mental stimulation is a MUST. I dated a guy once that was virtually perfect. Good looking, funny, hardworking, kind, and romantic. But his conversation would entirely consist of “your pretty” and “how are you.” Needless to say, I tried, but I was ready to dump him within the first week.

  • Wow this video is spot on. My sun sign is a Gemini-Cancer cusp with Aries moon. My bf is a Pisces and Aries moon as well. He’s so adaptable as well as very observant yet he’s a dreamer. I’ve dated a few Pisces b4 and it never worked as far as chemistry/intellect. But I think we just clicked bc we share the same moon sign and he’s so positive and light hearted as I am and we can talk about anything and everything. Hope for the best but no complaints yet. 5months in ��������

  • I am a female Pisces 16th of March and I am in a relationship with a male Gemini June 19th. I would love to know my Sun and Moon rising. And, my Gemini’s Sun and Moon rising as well. How can I obtain this information and what info do I need to have available? I just liked, subscribed and rang the bell to your channel. Can you please tell me how I can go about obtaining this information. I love your reading about Gemini and would love to hear about Pisces. I will be listening and watching. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care.

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    doctor page

  • I just wish everybody would put on fresh disposable gloves when they entered the grocery store (supermarket). Including staff. And put them in a rubbish bin when they left. We’d all be a lot safer.

  • I’m a 1/18 Capricorn. Hehe. Yes, I do have a hard time trusting people, especially dear friends. I don’t like to debate though (I don’t like conflicts.). I like to be punctual. It drives me crazy when people are late.

  • So many idiots wearing masks or gloves. I see some fool the other day with gloves on go buy sandwich and then take it out the pack and eat it with the gloves on. He also payed with cash lol.

  • 10:23 “The Capricorn woman is clocking every thing you do and sharing her opinion about it” I swear, I have to stop coming to these videos because you keep calling me out! ��

  • My Korean girlfriend Moana talji a Capricorn ♑ born January 1 1999, I’mma a fuckin Taurus ♉ born April 27 1999 and I fuckin love my Capricorn goddess to death and wanna get married to her forever and ever ���������� and all Deez personality traits about her is all �� Percent true u described her way too well

  • Can you do a video on having polar oppsotie sun & moon signs.

    Im an Aries sun, but a Libra moon. Complete opposite signs. It makes it REALLYYY HARD to make decisions. Can you do a video on how to best help/work through that.

  • People may feel like its a JOB to date us… it’s really just showing you are a decent human being, a high vibrational soul, & able to handle your business in this 3D world while we are still here… A LOT OF FUN, LAUGHS, ADVENTURE, & LOVE is in this as well!! (Depending on what else is in YOUR CAPRICORN’S nat/birth chart

  • I’m Sag sun but with strong cap in birth chart (cap rising and cap saturn conjunct nnode in 1st house). People most see me as a capricorn and I even looked like one of them (dark features: hair, eyes, skin). Funny, but most of my best friends are capricorns, I get along with them very well.

  • To be free from coronavirus, aside from washing your hands, if you have any symptoms, stay the F*** at home!

  • You are Very Right about this! I am A Gemini Sun and Pisces Moon and what i have saw on this video best Describes me, thank u for explaining how moon signs really are important. You have Explained it so well! Great Job!

  • Woooooooooooow. I’m a Gemini on the cancer cusp with Aries moon and this is legit the MOST accurate video I’ve ever watched. I’ll be forwarding it to all my suitors ��

  • Wow! Great Video ✨ very simple, sweet and straight to the point! I’ve seen the other video Dating an Aries but I Love �� how you included: being a female Aries, cusp and compatibility. I find it sooo funny that we aren’t all that compatible with libras, but it does makes a lot of sense.. we can be with all the signs, some more manageable than others lol so I’m an Aries Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Gemini Rising. A serious cusp �� April 19. Do you offer any services?? Ie. Birth chart readings

  • There’s a Gemini that I know and I met him a long time ago but I don’t think I feel anything I don’t know if I should tell him or not I don’t want to hurt him I really don’t because he’s the sweetest guy I’ve ever met even if I do make him mad he won’t he doesn’t get mad at me what should I do?

  • To all infected, sickness, or viruses there is always a herbal treatment for it, I’m still wondering why you think you can’t get rid of an illness you where not created with.
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  • Paid crises actress…Doctors and nurses have come out with the TRUTH about this HOAX..!

    Uh, masks do not stop a virus..!

    She is a QUACK for lying on this video..!


    Doctors are speaking out…

    Doctors pressured to add C19 to death certificates

    Hospitals Getting Paid to Mark Patients as COVID-19?


  • Really nice. But demo is pretty classic. does it work with http interceptors? error handlers? All spring specific aspects to say.

  • Folks, in order to keep out respiratory viruses you must wear a face shield. Masks will not keep them out! We’ve known for decades that respiratory viruses, especially SARS-CoV-2 that causes the disease COVID-19, can easily get into humans through their eyes. Thus, masks are useless to protect us from respiratory viruses. See below:
    Conclusion to the Following Study Regarding SARS-CoV-2’s Ability to Infect Us Through Our Eyes
    “… these results indicate that ocular surface cells including conjunctiva are susceptible to infection by SARS-CoV-2, and could therefore serve as a portal of entry as well as a reservoir for person-to-person transmission of this virus.”
    Receptors Produced on the Human Ocular Surface Suggest SARS-CoV-2 Is Able to Infect Us Through the Eyes
    See also:
    Face Masks Don’t Keep Viruses Out, According to Science ( 12:00)

  • I’m so glad you included Jan. 15th on the cusp of Aquarius because I’m not that typical Capricorn and nobody EVER includes our birthday when talking about cusps!!

  • I know a lot of Capricorns who literally forgive and forget dishonesty and cheating in relationships. Like literally all the Capricorns I know are like this. Per my view, they are the most forgiving signs and would literally forget what you did to them

  • I’m an Aries and don’t get along with most air signs. All my friends and husband are either earth or fire.. only air sign in my life is my father who’s an Aquarius.

  • Another thing: do people in North America still have to sign receipts? �� I’m from the UK and we have chip and pin so no signature required. I thought you lot across the pond were usually ahead of us and we followed. Not keen on the idea of a cashless society, mind, just an observation!

  • “Masks Cause H y p o x e m i a “
    Masks cause H y p o x e m i a which is low blood oxygen, which lowers our immune system. Our 25 trillion red blood cells in each person, are in constant need for fresh oxygen, so when we deprive our 25 trillion RBC from getting much needed oxygen, sickness and even death is a very possible outcome. By breathing back in ones own toxic lung waists, dust particles, viruses, toxic Co2, plus no oxygen… people are truly getting sick. God did not intend for us to wear masks… that is why our nose has two openings and stuck out there on our face… to capture enough good oxygen.

  • Here’s a novel idea:

    If you are afraid of the virus:
    #1) Don’t wear gloves (I mean, unless you’re afraid of contracting bloodborne pathogens, of which coronavirus is not, and BBPs don’t survive outside of blood, so you won’t get them at the grocery store unless you’re handling, well, blood)
    #2) Don’t take off your mask until your’e back in your car or at home
    #3) Use hand sanitizer if in your car, or wash your hands at home
    #4) If you’re in your car, sanitize any surface you will touch, like steering wheel, shifter, door handle, seatbelt, etc.
    #4) Take off your mask as per video’s procedure
    #5) Wash/sanitize your water bottle and hands
    #6) Enjoy your water
    #7) Don’t re-use that mask until it has been washed in hot water

  • THIS IS SO SPOT ON.������������ Especially about the loyalty…I really do try to look past disloyalty..but I end up cutting off the human as if we never met before.

  • I‘m a Libra with Libra moon and my bf is an Aries with Leo moon�� He def got endless energy and he is so passionate, I love that about him. It‘s always so much fun! It def is a challenge, but well, my Bf he loves challenges so it‘s fine. ��


  • I’ve literally never worn a mask at all and never will. And since when are we promoting mask wearing for germs in general and not simply for covid 19 (which supposedly has a 6 foot range, 6.5 foot in Europe)?

  • Mean while we all know the cleaning supplies company’s are maken a killin ( money ) when it comes to selling there supplies. This would be the best time to be in the cleaning business,cleaning supplies, or cleaning suppliers business.

    And if you are In the surgical mask, gloves and sanitizers business forget it about it there maken money up the wazoo.

    With all there money combined there should be some sort of fund that could be grouped into a fund for ( front line and essential workers)

  • i am capricorn sun, gemini moon, aquarius rising, mercury aquarius, venus saGittarius, mars virgo, jupiter in sagittarius, saturn in pisces, cusp sagittarius capricorn, i born in 13th january 1995. can anyone translate for me. because when i feel i more like a aquarius even i have sagittarius-capricorn cusp. i feel i’m complicated. sometimes i can be friendly and outgoing sometime and i always become detach in love.

  • South Korea
    74th S. Korea 14,366 cases/301 deaths/13,259 recovered
    Area: 38,691 mi²
    Population: 51.64 million
    ***Cultural climate, people not distrusting of government…no cultural clashes amongst the citizenry, no State vs. Federal, people immediately adopt government mandates.
    OUTCOME: 301 deaths, and only 806 active cases.

    United States-Indiana
    20th Indiana 67,122 cases/2,971 deaths
    Area: 36,418 mi²
    Population: 6.732 million
    ***Cultural climate, people distrust government…cultural clashes of religious, political, race, and class origins. State vs. Federal clashes in policy, and guidance. Large demographic fighting masks, social distancing protocols….and protesting for reopenings, and racial divide issues.
    OUTCOME: 2,971 deaths, 17,196 active cases.

    Please take note of two VERY important details, the area of the two places is similar in square mileage…however the density of the populations, are VERY different.
    Population: 51.64 million
    Population: 6.732 million

    So why are they controlled?

    …why do they not face the challenges we do in the US, or even in the UK, South America, etc?

    It seems to be the people.

    If Wuhan contained their totals to 84,385…what is our biggest dilemma in the US?

    Area: 3.705 million mi²
    Population: 1.393 billion
    Cases: 84,385/4,634 deaths/79,003 recovered.

    United States
    Area: 3.797 million mi²
    Population: 328.2 million
    Cases: 47,765,155/157,921 deaths/2,363,165 recovered.

    ***Take note that the square mileage of the United States, is very similar to that of China…yet again the density of the populous is MUCH smaller…yet China has controlled their outbreak as well.

    …so why?

    The country is primarily Communist…and the control of the people’s actions is very tight, and strict.
    …so compliance was also controlled and strict.

    OUTCOME: 1.648 BILLION more people in China, YET 47,680,770 LESS cases.

    …so the only common denominator, to the two success stories in terms of containment, is the PEOPLE.

    PPE and masks were NOT subsidized, people just made them a priority…they didn’t fight the government, start conspiracy theories, they did what was necessary to gain control.

    …if we don’t come together, we are going to have the most catastrophic losses worldwide, by a landslide in the United States.

  • My girlfrnd is an Aries and everything is true about it…thank for the Do’s and Don’ts…eagerly waiting for u bro…love from India

  • Scorpio male here, same sex situation with an Aries male. I dont submit to his wreckkess ways at my expense. Nothing innocent about him. He gets no pass with me, and he gets checked or he can go, wont be missed. Who wants a wreckingball type person.

  • GOOD HAND HYGEIN prevents the spread of most bacteria and viruses; NOT WEARING DAMN GLOVES. Gloves just massively add to our pollution problem and promote false security since minimal people know how to properly dispose of gloves.
    Great job showing how to NOT CROSS CONTAMINATE while they are on…
    and lets not count the amount of money spend on gloves when finances are tight…

  • Gemini here…. and the problem i had with my person was literally the ” do be straightforward with communication” that made us seperate…

  • I’m aries Sun, Aries moon and Sagittarius rising ���������� my best friends are Leos, Aquarius and Sagittarius ����
    My husband is cancer.. Lord help me ��

  • Some Capricorn women are FAR too uptight, controlling, rigid and selfish with zero flexibility. Was a nightmare for me as a pisces (with pisces moon too). It was like she made a joke out of every bit of my pain and a hobby out of lecturing me and being, essentially, selfish while telling me I was being self absorbed for bringing up how her words/actions made me feel. SMH. Bent over backwards (mutable/empathy) and this woman was just too machine like. I’m surprised to see Caps put in as good matches with Pisces (maybe if caps have other earth/water in their chart instead of fire/air) as I’ve honestly never been hurt as much in my life as by her (not even a turned Scorpio got as evil and cold as this cappie/sag cusper with aries rising and aqua moon/venus <<< really should have just stayed friends from the start once I got that chart info eh?). Not entirely blameless myself, my emotions can be very strong, but to not be understood, and under-valued is a killer to pisces man. Esp when you covertly put us in 'competition' with other men then get off on our reactions, knowing full well what you're doing while acting like a saint. "oh yes I drove to LA with my ex and we stayed in a hotel overnight and got drunk and partied till 4am... sorry I couldn't reply to your msg from 4 days ago... I LOVE YOU" < riiiiiight.Also as can be seen from this video, a ‘relationship’ with a cappy woman seems to be more like a business agreement with little magic and them being the boss or… basically they’ll dump you/ghost you… over ANYTHING that annoys them. Definitely not good for an open hearted/well intentioned/loyal pisces. Save that shit for the fire/air sign player men, not us.lastly, never lied to her once, about anything. Spilled all my info going back to birth basically, left feeling used/abused as she barely told me anything back and kept more secrets than the C.I.A, surrounded herself with ex’s/male friends and basically did wtf she liked with whoever she liked and expected me to not worry (long distance “relationship”). Meanwhile I shut out all my female friends (just friends!) and would truly feel weird even just saying a quick hi/thanks to those friends while I was in comms with this cappy who I saw as a long term possibility. She was chatting to many men, lying about it (pisces intuition), love bombed me at first, got me on a hook and then started to devalue/criticize me in many small and large ways. Then wondered why I wasn’t taking that shit and told her to leave me alone/maybe just be friends… to which she called me pathetic and ghosted me. That’s Capricorn, or maybe just narc ones (though caps in general are known as narcs it seems and many don’t even realise it). The joy they seem to exhibit in gloating about hurting others is also truly disgusting to witness, not content with rubbing people’s faces in their ‘wrong-doings’ the saint like never-wrong cap will hook up fast with the next/side man and post about their love for them to let you know how worthless you were to them all along. THAT is something no pisces man or woman could do, nor cancer… in fact, not many signs other than cap and maybe aqua seem capable of it. Sorry for the essay but this may help some soft hearted/headed pisces man out there avoid suicide by steering clear of a cold cappy woman (remember the moon/venus are important air = no go)


  • Part of the scam is the notion that “science” is some sort of unitary,monolithic,infallible god and is 100% supportive of all elements of the prevailing narrative & as proof to back its assessment.A very effective way to control people,if people buy it,which sadly millions do.

  • How to Make 7 Billion People Germophobes Mask and glove sales up 240%, hand sanitizer sales up 732%, uv light sales up 1273%
    People afraid to go anywhere or do anything? Priceless.

  • Some of best friends are caps and i noticed that they hold you to a code that they don’t reciprocate. They expect respect, consistency and to ride or die for them, but don’t return the energy if it doesn’t serve them. This is consistent among all my caps i know. Scorpios (����‍♀) hold their friends to a code and uphold that code higher for themselves than those in their lives. I noticed Astrology Guy says all these expectations of others but their own traits are self-serving. Thoughts?

  • We’re LDR with gemini man. He’s never boring! But there are times he remained offline 2-3 days or more than a week. But when he’s online he would stay full day talking to me everyday and very responsive. I give him the benefit of the doubt and not suspicious. He said he needs alone time and when he needs much time to finished project. He’s coming back on September to see me and he has many future plans for us. I’m a mature cancer ♋️, i think I’m done being possessive and needy as it gets me nowhere in relationship from my experiences. I let the guy breath and move in his own pace while i am very open, keeping myself busy.

  • The reason why I subscribed to this channel was because of how accurate it was. Most other Youtubers that talk about astrology say a lot of things that are just false.They’re very biased and make assumptions about Capricorns and other signs based on their own experiences, but don’t actually look at the bigger picture on how things are as a whole. Instead they clump all the bads and goods together as one. I just now found out that you’re a Capricorn, and that explains a lot about why I find your channel better than others because you make sure your information is more on the accurate side rather than the biased side. And honestly, like you said, Capricorns hate dishonesty and personally it’s a vice of mine to find people spreading false information about the Capricorn sign lol (I’m a Capricorn as well). I actually found one youtuber that said Capricorns were manipulative, untrustworthy, and basically just everything thats mostly polar opposites of a lot of Capricorns and just almost everything he said about Capricorns was very off. His video was clearly biased as he probably experienced one or maybe multiple Capricorns like that.


    If you are ANTI-MASK, you can also post your videos here:

    Get The REAL TRUTH from Dr’s, Nurses, & Law Enforcement bravely coming forward
    The common cold is stronger than COVID-19!

    READ THE LABEL ON THE MASK BOX (Most of the time, the label clearly states that the mask
    offers little, if any, protection. Some labels even state more specifically that the mask offers

    Do you know what will make THE NUMBERS GO DOWN? An “eraser on your pencil” or the “delete button”.

    Break your arm or get shot and I guarantee you, that too will be counted as COVID-19!

    Did you know that hospitals receive an additional $53,000 for each death classified
    as COVID-19 being the cause, whether it’s true or not? GOVT needs high death
    tolls for the COVID-19 HOAX to look legit so they don’t care if the numbers are true or not,
    they just want numbers.

    7/16/2020 A Roseburg, OR Family Physician’s COVID-19 Policy Suggestion to OR Gov Kate Brown
    (Brown does not accept suggestions!) Only 2 weeks after this letter, Gov Brown ordered immediate
    lockdowns of many OR counties!!! She has her own evil agenda…

    All Gov Brown (along with many other states) does is make threats: “Wear a MASK or I’ll shut you down!” or uses guilt trips like:
    “If you care about others, you’ll wear a mask”. That’s underhanded and cruel to use tactics like this. Especially
    towards people who do genuinely care about others, unlike Gov Brown. Brown needs to be removed from office now!!!
    I haven’t heard her say one thing to indicate she actually cares about our health. Not one thing.
    She’s just on a Power Trip! Gov Brown is basically saying “Wear a MASK because I said so”! That’s a DICTATORSHIP.


    CREATE YOUR OWN MASK DESIGN (just another way of getting someone to wear a MASK, that still provides NO PROTECTION!):

    Just 2 weeks ago Vistaprint didn’t offer the option to customize a mask. I asked them personally. Now all of a sudden you can?
    Man, they’ll do ANYTHING to try and get us to wear a MASK! They’re a large company. I’m sure they have even larger outside influences…

    (Once you lose someone’s TRUST, it’s next to impossible to get it back!)

    Subtract the “motorcycle crash fatalities” counted as COVID-19 deaths, then I might listen…
    Subtract the “drowning fatalities” counted as COVID-19 deaths, then I might listen…
    Subtract the “gunshot fatalities” counted as COVID-19 deaths, then I might listen…
    Subtract the “shark attack fatalities” counted as COVID-19 deaths, then I might listen…
    Subtract the “car crash fatalities” counted as COVID-19 deaths, then I might listen…


    No one has ever inspired me enough to vote, until this election. I’m 59 now and from what I’ve personally witnessed over the last 4 years:
    !!! H E S A Y S I T H E D O E S I T | T R U M P 2 0 2 0!!!

  • Such bullshit and ridiculousness over something less lethal than the seasonal flu. Fear is a powerful control mechanism. Keep drinking the koolaid sheep!!!

  • I am a cancer and my husband is a Gemini and we are compatible because our moon signs are in the water element mine is scorpio his is pisces and our venus is in cancer! The only part we really bump heads is our rising signs he’s a sag rising and I’m a virgo rising

  • John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

    SUCCESS!!! Texas Doctor reverses Coronavirus Symptoms In 100% Of Cases With Inexpensive treatment. Dr. Richard Bartlett says people should no longer be afraid of COVID-19 because now there is an inexpensive, quick cure which is inhaling a steroid called budesonide using a nebulizer.

  • Can you imagine you have to put your life in hands of this “well trained nurse “ She will kill you in a minute!!! OMG what happened with us!!!

  • Lol and thay say wearing a face mask is safe so really everything is full of the virus ��shocking and people still don’t get it your wasteing your time wearing facecovering question it you are putting your self more at risk wearing a stupid masks

  • I feel a bit silly posting here, but my curiosity is overriding my concern. In your view what sign is most romantically compatible with Gemini-Cancer?

  • Thank you! Always enjoy your videos. I’m a Venus in Aries and this was very true: ”Do communicate with them directly. Do express your emotions willingly and with passion. Do take initiative. Don’t try and tell them what to do.”

  • I just ended a long, terrible situation with a “friend” who is a Cancer with Aquarius moon & I’m a Cap with Cancer moon. Ig we were doomed from the beginning.��

  • All the Capricorn’s I know keep up with their ex’s because it’s familiar they dont cut shit off.. & privacy and not wanting your reputation talked about are 2 different things and The last thing is the ones I’ve encountered are in to that pain is love shit that’s aggy af.. but imo ��

  • My favorite capricorn is Supernanny. She satisfies every aspect of doing her job perfectly. To all the lovely caps out there, you have so many respect worthy qualities that are unique to you. You’re place is very important among others and you are just irreplaceable. The solid rock, the respect worthy person. Allow me if I may, to address you with my observation and a little criticism (it’s for your own good). There is this tiny little thing that you should watch out for…. Don’t attach your love for someone or yourself to their status in society, or to their success… Try to discover “unconditional love”. No wait, don’t roll your eyes. You need that stuff too.. You’re human. It’s okay to love yourself without a proof of accomplishment. Love and success have nothing to do with one another. The more unconditional your love is to yourself and others the more successful you become because you don’t need that type of negative “motivation” to get things done, you’ll get things done regardless, because they have to be done, right? Love enhances your natural qualities of work ethics, diligence, perseverance, and factual logic, and endless more wonderful talents. So if you think about it, unconditional love is very PRACTICAL. So please an advice from me to you is to try and separate those two distant concepts: love and success. What you feel when you see success is admiration, respect are not love. I believe that this is going to bring the best out of you and to make you shine to your full potential. Much love and respect from me (Virgo).

  • I am dating a Capricorn and it has been so difficult because I am a Aries and sometimes me and him just don’t see eye to eye on certain things but we try to make it work but it has been so hard. I did not think that it would be this complicated to date one man.

  • This is accurate as hell! I dated a lying ass, sneaky ass, manipulative Aquarius and he did ALL the don’ts lol Caps have big ass hearts and we’d do any thing for those we love but the moment you break our trust, it’s basically a wrap! We aren’t really forgiving and can turn pretty ugly when pushed past our limit.

  • No one massages there mask after taken it off.she exaggerated that. I get she is doing a demonstration but seriously no one in there right state of mind does that.�� it made me cringe to see her do that. Like ugggg! Gross!��

  • I just love your videos, I wish you would do one for people that have both sun and moon sign on a cusp. Like me, I am Gemini Taurus cusp Sun. And a Sagittarius Scorpio cusp Moon. But love your work keep doing what you do!

  • Nailed it, although in my experience as an Aries I get along extremely well with my mom and sister-in-law who are Libras… I have to say though this has taken many years to get to this point in time, as it wasn’t always that way. I think time and wisdom helps me get along with others now.
    Thank you so much for your videos and information. I have learned so much about myself and those who I interact with, especially my love who is a Virgo.
    Blessings to you!

  • Why would anyone listen to Deep State and Big Pharma loudmouths?
    They never tell the truth!
    take a look at this, from a patient that saw a doctor, an honest doctor:

    *My doctor said that lots of mask-wearing people are developing the staph infections.
    He said that bacteria normally lives in the nasal passage and by wearing the mask people re-breathe the bacteria.
    Some people are already having their mouth, face and throat infected.*
    But, it could get lot worse long term damage is likely:

    From WIKI:
    staphylococcus infection or staph infection is an infection caused by members of the Staphylococcus genus of bacteria.
    Staphylococcal infection
    SEM micrograph of S. aureus colonies; note the grape-like clustering common to Staphylococcus species.
    Specialty Infectious disease

    bacteria commonly inhabit the skin and nose where they are innocuous,
    but may enter the body through cuts or abrasions which may be nearly
    invisible. Once inside the body, the bacterium may spread to a number of
    body systems and organs, including the heart, where the toxins produced
    by the bacterium may cause cardiac arrest. Once the bacterium has been
    identified as the cause of the illness, treatment is often in the form
    of antibiotics and, where possible, drainage of the infected area.
    However, many strains of this bacterium have become antibiotic
    resistant; for those suffering these kinds of infection, the body’s own
    immune system is the only defense against the disease. If that system is
    weakened or compromised, the disease may progress rapidly.[1] Anyone
    can contract Staph, but pregnant women, children, and people with
    chronic diseases or who are immuno-deficient are often more susceptible
    to contracting an infection.

    So, there will be lots of people developing all kinds of health issues due to wearing the facemasks.

  • People are nothing more than the expression from the program, so the term Sheeple suits us much better. It’s all psychological, we lost it all in this world, people without wearing masks are crazy and strange, people with mask are healthy. What a nonsense and people believe it all

  • There is no escaping germs, they are normal and natural in the environment, they help build the immune system. Long hours of mask wearing causes Hypoxia, that is more dangerous and any virus. No thanks to the mask!