Don’t Rely on Well Balanced Meals to Blunt Salt’s Harm


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Commercially made breads and rolls, cold cuts, cheese, and savory snacks like chips, crackers, and pretzels are other high-sodium foods. This new study finds that salt’s adverse effects on blood. Commercially made breads and rolls, cold cuts, cheese, and savory snacks like chips, crackers, and pretzels are other high-sodium foods.

This new study finds that salt’s adverse effects on blood pressure cannot be blunted by augmenting the diet with fruits, vegetables and other nutrients, Chan said. Water won’t help either, one nutritionist said. Don’t Count on Healthy Foods to Blunt Salt’s Harm MONDAY, March 5, 2018 An otherwise healthy diet isn’t going to offset damage to your heart from too much salt, a new study suggests. “Our latest findings show that the adverse relation of salt intake to blood pressure is not counteracted or reduced by other nutrients consumed, including about 80 that we assessed,”. MONDAY, March 5, 2018 (HealthDay News) — An otherwise healthy diet isn’t going to offset damage to your heart from too much salt, a new study suggests. “Our latest findings show that the adverse relation of salt intake to blood pressure is not counteracted or reduced by other nutrients consumed, including about 80 that we assessed,” said researcher Queenie Chan. MONDAY, March 5, 2018 (HealthDay News)—An otherwise healthy diet isn’t going to offset damage to your heart from too much salt, a new study suggests. “Our latest findings show that the adverse relation of salt intake to blood pressure is not counteracted or reduced by other nutrients consumed, including about 80 that we assessed,” said researcher Queenie Chan.

MONDAY, March 5, 2018 (HealthDay News) — An otherwise healthy diet isn’t going to offset damage to your heart from too much salt, a new study suggests. “Our latest findings show that the adverse relation of salt intake to blood pressure is not counteracted or reduced by other nutrients consumed, including about 80 that we assessed,” said researcher. Commercially made breads and rolls, cold cuts, cheese, and savory snacks like chips, crackers, and pretzels are other high-sodium foods. This new study finds that salt’s adverse effects on blood pressure cannot be blunted by augmenting the diet with fruits, vegetables and other nutrients, Chan said.

Water won’t help either, one nutritionist said. Low sodium diets have been associated with increased insulin resistance, a condition that causes higher blood sugar and insulin levels. This may lead to type 2. Many Americans have acquired a taste for a high salt diet.

One way to cut back is to skip the table salt. However, most of the sodium in our diets comes from packaged, processed foods. Eating these foods less often can help reduce your sodium intake, lower your blood pressure and/or prevent high blood pressure (HBP or hypertension) from developing in the first place.

Learn about the role sodium plays in a healthy diet and how it can affect your health. Find out how to take back control over the amount of sodium in the food supply and in your diet. The American Heart Association explains how excess sodium in the diet can lead to high blood pressure and how the average American diet gets almost twice as much sodium daily as.

List of related literature:

While it’s true that consuming too much salt can be bad for you, the majority of the salt we eat today is hidden in processed foods; unless you have hypertension, high blood pressure, or water retention, salting foods properly is not a health issue in a diet composed of natural and nonprocessed food.

“The Elements of Cooking: Translating the Chef's Craft for Every Kitchen” by Michael Ruhlman, Anthony Bourdain
from The Elements of Cooking: Translating the Chef’s Craft for Every Kitchen
by Michael Ruhlman, Anthony Bourdain
Scribner, 2007

• Salt from all animal products, which are a natural source of sodium The following recommended food tips are designed to reduce salt and sodium intake: • Sodium occurs naturally in many foods and is also added to most processed foods; therefore add salt only sparingly in home cooking and at the table.

“Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book” by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
from Health Promotion Throughout the Life Span E-Book
by Carole Lium Edelman, Carol Lynn Mandle, Elizabeth C. Kudzma
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

Measures that help with salt restriction include avoiding the addition of salt to food, cooking with herbs, using fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned, choosing fresh meats instead of deli or processed meats (e.g., bacon, sausage), and avoiding obviously salty foods (e.g., potato chips, pretzels, salted nuts).

“Primary Care E-Book: A Collaborative Practice” by Terry Mahan Buttaro, Patricia Polgar-Bailey, Joanne Sandberg-Cook, JoAnn Trybulski
from Primary Care E-Book: A Collaborative Practice
by Terry Mahan Buttaro, Patricia Polgar-Bailey, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

If you are not salt-sensitive and don’t have a family history of hypertension (high blood pressure), I think you can continue to use salt in cooking and buy foods that have sodium in them as long as you do so in moderation.

“The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body” by Jeffry S. Life
from The Life Plan: How Any Man Can Achieve Lasting Health, Great Sex, and a Stronger, Leaner Body
by Jeffry S. Life
Atria Books, 2011

America’s tyrants have now turned their attention to salt, as reported in the Washington Post’s article “FDA plans to limit amount of salt allowed in processed foods for health reasons” (April 19, 2010).

“American Contempt for Liberty” by Walter E. Williams
from American Contempt for Liberty
by Walter E. Williams
Hoover Institution Press, 2015

Consequently, it has often been argued that it is more important to focus on reducing the levels of salt in commercially processed foods (Anderson et al., 2010).

“Present Knowledge in Nutrition” by John W. Erdman, Jr., Ian A. MacDonald, Steven H. Zeisel
from Present Knowledge in Nutrition
by John W. Erdman, Jr., Ian A. MacDonald, Steven H. Zeisel
Wiley, 2012

The JAMA article, however, concluded that low-salt diets had virtually no effect on people with normal blood pressure, making low-salt diets irrelevant to the majority of the population.

“Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals” by David Haber, PhD
from Health Promotion and Aging: Practical Applications for Health Professionals
by David Haber, PhD
Springer Publishing Company, 2013

To this day, there is still no definitive proof that restricting our salt intake will improve health, but there is strong evidence that consuming a normal salt intake will prolong life and reduce strokes and heart attacks.

“The Longevity Solution: Rediscovering Centuries-Old Secrets to a Healthy, Long Life” by Dr. James DiNicolantonio, Dr. Jason Fung
from The Longevity Solution: Rediscovering Centuries-Old Secrets to a Healthy, Long Life
by Dr. James DiNicolantonio, Dr. Jason Fung
Victory Belt Publishing, 2019

Salt and preservatives, like sodium nitrate, in these foods can increase blood pressure and may promote atherosclerosis.

“Eating Clean For Dummies” by Jonathan Wright, Linda Johnson Larsen
from Eating Clean For Dummies
by Jonathan Wright, Linda Johnson Larsen
Wiley, 2016

This is one more argument for not eating nutritionally deprived, toxic, processed foods—they contain too much salt.

“Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer” by Raymond Francis, Harvey Diamond
from Never Fear Cancer Again: How to Prevent and Reverse Cancer
by Raymond Francis, Harvey Diamond
Health Communications, Incorporated, 2011

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  • I’ve started smoking herbal cigarettes and I’m wondering whether or not I need to stop? I smoke dried raspberry leaves and marshmallow leaves and occasionally mint leaves. Should I stop or is it not affecting my health?

  • I LOVE gravity transformation, it’s great for information about the body and as a science major I can relate! This channel has inspired me create my own channel to address the mental aspect of fitness and give insight on that, I love the Creator/YouTube family!

  • This last 2 days when I stand up my kidney hurts really bad, does anybody know what I could have? The pain is in the right back corner of my back

  • My grandma smokes.. after my mom “convinces” her to “quit”.. i caught her smoking at my family’s back yard during a small hangout.. it really hurt me.. and it still does.. she tries to hide it but deep inside.. i know. I wish she would listen to me.. and stop smoking cigarettes and hookah (and vaping).. i wish there was away to make her stop.. but parents never listen.. people never listen.. i try and try to make people quit but all they see is a little kid.. a little kid who somewhat knows nothing what so ever.. so i give up.. ive tried and tried to make the world a better place.. but its just getting worse.. women are being abused and what-not.. but anyways.. im done trying.. im just done.. and yeah i know they are grown and stuff.. but, i feel like if they just listen to me… i could save their life.. Her life.. but that doesnt matter anymore… i just hope she deosnt die or else my life would be over.

    We wouldnt be able to have a proper funeral.. and other then my mother.. she means the world to me.. All i ask is that you pray for my grandma and support me.. and please like..

    I hope all is well for you guys, and that cov goes away soon, stay safe..

  • i think a lot of young people get themselves addicted to nicotine to feel in charge of something in their lives. i know because i feel the same way

  • I quit today. This is second time in my life, I decide to quit. The first was because of pregnancy, so I had motivation, which even for a passionate smoker as my self it was easy to quit. 2 years after pregnancy I started again. This time, I’ve decided in order to preserve my health, physical activity, spirit.

  • I quit smoking newports and started smoking black and milds. I want to quit all together and ima give it an honest go..after I finish this last black I have im not buying anymore

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  • Tomorrow is my last pack of cigarettes I won’t buy anymore so I’m guessing that After day two I’m starting this challenge (I only smoke for a year but I started to smoke even 40 cigarettes a day two packs so I wanna stop before something bad happens to me)

  • I love his content, but is anyone else kind of distracted by the way he says “water”. To me it doesn’t really fit with the rest of his accent.

  • I am trying to quit it from 4 years but couldn’t as it becomes very hard to quit because it’s strongly addictive…. but nothing is impossible I quit yesterday and I will not touch it again… I swear yesterday was 8 /9/2020…. I will see this date again… to see when I stoppped

  • I go to the bathroom alot. I remember a long time ago I went ALOT at night. But I’ve Always been like that so I thought it was natural.

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  • I smoked for 15 years and quit cold turkey 10 years ago. I had a wheezing sound when I inhaled that had been there a long time. Im not kidding but a few days after I quit it was gone. No, quitting wasnt easy. I cried on my kitchen floor in abstinence. The first day isnt the hardest (as I thought) but going on day 3 and up to 10 days.
    I used nicotine in other forms so that the body could slowly get used to getting it in lower and lower doses. Now I can not even understand why this shit is even legal!

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  • Today’s day 6 craving the nicotine bad. I was smokin cigs and disposable vapes goin out bad if you ask me but it’s so hard. Dont start if you haven’t truly. It’s a battle in my head constantly.

  • Ezekiel Bread is the best it’s named after a bible passage and is in the frozen section of the store. It has low sodium option but I get the regular type.ezekiel 4:9 bread. Sprouted grain bread. No flour. No gmo.the company makes 3 choices now. 2 are Ezekiel 4:9.

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  • 1High blood pressure
    2Bloating and Inflammation
    3Frequent Headaches
    4Constant feeling of thirst.
    5Frequent Urination
    6Kidney Pain
    7Brain Fog (confusion, anxiety)

  • Smoked for 28 years out out of my 42 years’ life. Last decade marked intense smoking with around 2 packs a day. It’s been 2 days now since i did not smoke. I wish i would never smoke again. Need prayers.

  • Are there thorough studies/scans done on schizophrenic brains and food? Where is all the data on food and mental health. If there isn’t any then someone get me a lab. Or tell me what the millions of people going to school every year are actually doing.

  • I use to swear I would never get addicted to cigs. And here I am 3-4 years deep and I am PAINFULLY ADDICTED. I smoke moles “weed and tobacco; American spirit blacks” and they’ve grabbed me by the balls harder than anything has before. I had no intention to even start but I did as soon as I smiled that first bowl with a sprinkle of tobacco. Me being the addicted stoner I already was, cigs made my situation so much worse… Oh and smoking the cigs without the filter is the worst thing I can do for tar build up and I can PROMISE you that I have irreversible lung damage. I’m only 21 years old:(

  • I needed this vid. Thank you! When I eat foods with high amounts of sodium, K get an absolutely wicked headache which I just can’t handle unhealthy processed foods anymore. My life will change.

  • I have been subscribed to this channel for about 4-6 weeks (just randomly on my own). I am not a part of the programs or anything… I just received information from my doctor and I needed to take better care of myself. Since March 12, I’ve lost 37 pounds, and I feel great! A lot (if not all) of these videos that I’ve watched have helped me, in so many ways. I just wanted to say thank you for putting out all of this information! I’m not sure how often you receive thanks from your followers, so I wanted to give you some appreciation!:-D

  • Damn, this Video is basically telling me i should just stop eating all the foods in the World that taste the MOST DELICIOUS!!!! SMH!!!:(

  • I eat a lot of salt and that doesn’t apply to me at all. Always remember to eat plenty of potassium which is found in literally all fruits and veggies to varying degrees. It’s more about the sodium/ potassium balance than just the sodium intake.

  • Oh God I just eat so much junk food everyday like biscuits and chocolates and other sugary stuff…but im so addicted and its so tasty…i don’t want to change,,I feel terrible


  • I told to my fiancee to quit smoke in October 2019… Quit on March 2020… Alhmadulaillah till now he not smoked… He quitted for my sake❤️❤️❤️thank u,,

  • Unfortunately I have a degenerative ear disease call Meniere’s Disease. One of the primary things I’ve been told is to reduce my sodium intake to help with this debilitating affliction. I am now trying to eat no more than 800mg of sodium a day but man its hard to do. Everything has sodium in it even 1 cup of celery has 88mg!!! Damn near everything has sodium in it. I had to stop eating soups altogether. Even rinsing chicken noodle soup in a colander in piping hot water you can still taste the sodium. Most soups have more than 1,000mg of sodium. Damn!

  • My grandfather was a chain smoker and had started smoking when he was 16 and in the army. In his 50s he developed a brain haemorrhage. My father asked him to quit and he never touched cigarettes from that day on. He was very active and was able to reverse his asthma. Although he lived till 93, he required oxygen support and was lucky to not get any sort of cancer or diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Please if you are a smoker it’s never to late too quit. If you don’t smoke but are looking to stay away. Everyone has to die but the amount of pain is in your hands.

  • Just wonderful, I been tryin to find out about “boots quit smoking scheme” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Mackorny Smoking Escape Blueprint (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my partner got great results with it.

  • I just found out I need a severe back operation. Insurance won’t cover it unless I quit smoking. I quit cold turkey September 2nd, because they are doing a blood test September 15th to make sure I quit, after smoking for 30yrs. This is killing me to stop!
    Last night I lost my beloved animal! I wanted to smoke so bad. I cried myself to sleep. (I’m not the type to cry at the drop of a hat) My husband, kids, & mom were really trying to help. Thank God for them cuz w/o them I would have started again.
    May God truly bless all of you that are trying to quit! ❤️����❤️

  • What if your a person who drinks strictly water mostly and half gallon a day before eating foods? Does that mean my water has too much salt in it?

  • Nope. I went from less than 2300mg of sodium to 4000mg. BP stayed the same. AND I am more alert, and can think better. Overall, I just “feel” healthier. Try cutting sugar.

  • After smoking for 50+ years at least 30 a day I was sitting in the garden having a cig when all of a sudden i decided to quit that was 16 weeks ago fill very proud of myself

  • i am smoking while watching this………….. He forget to mention also while doing all this process you also better reduce or quite your bad habits with food and alcohol, do more sport activities and try to live in an environment with less pollution. Cheers for a better health for everyone.

  • You solidified my progress. I couldn’t stop watching. So much information and you paused to express that. Emphasis. Guilt to the viewer with an informative eye. I watched many on this sight tonight. Hands down >>> Subscribed.

  • Thanks for this EXCEPT.. fatty fish has PCB chemicals, are overfished and… walnuts, flax, and chia are perfect forms of omega 3 and 6. Perfect. We also need to keep 3 and 6 in balance. Fish is killing us and overfishing is killing the food chain. Beware of this science. Get educated: Enjoy!

  • I did enjoy these tips!! I went right away take a small spoon (1 teaspoon) fill it up, and I place it on my microwave, and this ALL THAT I WILL USE FOR TODAY. If I’m bowling water, eating veggies etc….I will only use that teaspoon until the next day. My HEALTH IS SO IMPORTANT, I will not compromise on it! Tks again handsome!

  • Very good presentation on reducing salt…Question….if you’re eating out or eating at a friend’s home and you realize the food has been cooked with more salt than you are used to eating, how do you dilute the salt intake? Drink more water? Other options?

  • I have 10,9,7,5,4sign but I have thyroid because of this I have swelling but after baby I am experiencing ankle swelling and pain. I am not sleeping well sometimes. I have lake of iron, vitamins D. I was suspecting about kidney. But I need to see doctor thanks for video. Great job.

  • I stopped smoking over 9months now. The secret is, you must get a chronic or strong reason to hate cigarette so that whenever you are tempted or craving for it, your body can forbid it immediately. My was the nightmare I used to have during the days i used to smoke. So whenever I feel little bit tempted I just remember the nightmare immediately and the cravings disappears immediately too.

  • Ah I’m watching now becos my left side under ribs hurts alot..I’m shock I have all these symptoms..please for tonight only how should I do to stop the paiñ

  • I know if you eat too much salt it can make you have a bad temper. Same with sugar too, but with sugar you get hyper first, the your mood drops, then you can be depressed.

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  • A good tip is also the amount of mg of sodium to be always 75% of the amount of calories. Since in general one consumes 2000cal per day, the amount of sodium ingested per day is 1500mg.

  • Excellent presentation on the video! With that said, I would recommend myself to eat more healthier every day. That’s exactly how I avoid junk foods.

  • Cheers for this, been searching for “good home workout routines for men” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Zanabriel Workout Weevilled (do a google search )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my colleague got great results with it.

  • Nighttime snacking, Mindless Eating,Skipping Breakfast, emotional eating,Eating too Quickly, junk-food binges — sound familiar? Break these common bad eating habits for quick weight loss results and to stay fit. Read the article for more Info ��

  • For a while, I have had a strange taste in mouth, and the same scent in my nose too. Am diabetic, but everything I smell has tha same scent.

  • woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

  • This is totally out dated, and should be deleted. Nuts are not as healthy as you may think, and are not all equal. Saturated fats are not bad for you, and fruits are not always good especially, if you have a compromised immune system. Everybody is different, and it is essential that this is the most important consideration, in choosing your food.

  • Salt intake has dropped considerably since we used it as a preservative. Yet the problems got worse. It’s almost like salt was a scapegoat. Plenty of science has dismissed this idea. Salt is not bad for you. And with a proper diet it’s hard to believe any of those people get too much. Saying cut the salt is pointless, cut out the McDonald’s. The excess carbs with the sugar is more than enough.

  • My friend + husband smoked 2.5 packs a day total. Bought my friend a $15 vape kit. 4 mos later $500 a month smoke habit is $10 a month for a pod kit. 90% drop in vaping. My friend does neither. Hubby vapes occasionally.

  • I went from less than 2300mg of sodium to 4000mg. BP stayed the
    same. AND I am more alert, and can think better. Overall, I just “feel”
    healthier. Try cutting out sugar.

  • Awesome video my friend indeed but what can do or used for my kidneys to keep them healthy?

  • Been smoking for almost 3 years everday i feel like i want to quit but that cancer of a stick just gets me, it’s really hard to quitting smoking, those who ever quit smoking you deserve a gold medal

  • I’ve watched this several times, this stuff is fascinating. Someone i know struggles with depression and mood disorders and doesn’t eat any fish at all. I’m convinced it’s a lack of omega 3s that’s a big contributing factor

  • Had technical all this and doctor said I’m fine, and that was 4 years ago and I’m still getting the problems now and all the can say is I’m fine unfortunately

  • My hip and a little bit above it hurts. It could be just hip or joint/muscle pain. Idk where my kidneys are or where the pain would be. Idk I’m not too worried about it.

  • Thank you for this. It helps explain some things for all of your viewers, especially those battling high blood pressure but never having anywhere near a high salt intake. There’s got to be something else causing this, maybe even genetics, that is the culprit. However, in the meantime, reducing sodium to a healthy level is probably the safest bet in the short term.

  • I have this particular cholesterol guide “Hοzantο Axy” (Google it) for my own Father and he has far better cholesterol level readings and lower blood pressure readings. The item is undoubtedly recommended. When compared with several other treatment options, this provided him much better readings on his cholesterol and also have no plans of replacing this therapy manual..

  • Since I suffered a life changing brain injury four years ago, I have become noticeably more sensitive to how my brain reacts to different foods. I also have to eat a little every couple of hours due to my brain using up glucose at an increased rate because of my injury. A very interesting subject, but I could have done without learning about it through becoming disabled.

  • Hey Max, how does this tie in with Keto? On one of your videos you mentioned it’s best to salt your foods more since you have less minerals. Thanks in advance!

  • Dr. James DiNicolantonio is absolutely correct. The problem with a lot of dietary epidemiological studies, which study populations, and then draw correlations from the observations of those populations, is that they fail to control for refined carbohydrate and sugar intake, which subvert the body’s ability to excrete excess salt. Overtime, the high refined carbohydrate and sugar intake causes a state of insulin resistance or hyperinsulinemia, which raises serum insulin levels. This hyperinsulinemia causes excess salt and fluid retention, which leads to the high blood pressure and cardiovascular risks. Salt, simply for being at the scene of the crime, is being implicated for a crime (i.e heart disease and cardiovascular risk factors) which it did not commit. Its like watching a person being burned to death, and firefighters putting out the blaze with water, then noticing that the deceased person is now wet, and then assuming that since water is present at the site of that burned victims death, that it must be the water that killed that person. The vilification of salt, much like the demonization of fats, is based on faulty logic where correlations are immediately assumed to be causal.

  • Fun fact: Cocoa powder has lots of antioxidants and antidepressants. So, go drink hot chocolate just don’t add too much sugar.
    The suggested amount for women is 6 teaspoons and men 8-9 teaspoons per day.
    Cocoa also improves mood:)

  • Vaccination will still leave the world vulnerable, Trust God Jesus 100% cured all ur sins by His death n ressurrection. C ‘ Jesus forgives’ in Google.!.

  • Trouble sleeping
    Headache, Fatigue, weakness
    Dry, itchy skin
    Bad breath, metal taste in mouth
    Shortness of breath
    Swelling in hands, feet, and/or ankles
    Back pain
    Puffy eyes
    Changes in urination

  • For those of you saying “eating a large McDonalds fry isn’t bad for me anymore” because of the guy in this video, you are wrong. The people who believe this only want to fuel their cravings for unhealthy fast food. If you would like to supply your body with a high amount of salt thats fine but the facts don’t lie. That fry you’re about to put in your mouth has been soaked in grease and salt and if eaten too much this WILL lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and heart attacks. Don’t think this video is a free ticket to eat whatever fast food you want!

  • If you buying anything that has sodium like noodles, frozen vegetables and all dry items
    Then you should rinse them well using water
    Then the sodium on your food will decrease at least by 50%

  • I agree with most posters here, Max’s videos are great! I enjoy watching and he delivers awesome content. There has been a lot of recent research done regarding sodium, which goes against what has been taught for a long time. Those wondering about salt should watch Dr. James DiNicolantonio on YouTube. He is a cardiovascular researcher who has written a book, “The Salt Fix”. I encourage anyone with questions about salt to watch both sides of this contested subject, experiment and see what works best for you. For me, it was adding more salt, not reducing it and I wasn’t salt deficient according to the current RDA. Max, keep up creating the amazing content!

  • Wow, so many people on here that needs prayers! I tried to like all that I saw. I promise to pray for you!

    I just finished my prayer! ���� May God truly bless you and help you on your journey.

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  • The RDA numbers for sodium are junk science from the last century, don’t promote it instead of asking how they came up with that recommendation in the first place.

  • When I had a kidney infection I had pain in my back & hip & felt like I was peeing fire ��
    It burned when I peed.
    I went to the doctor & feel much better now

  • Just quit a week or two back cold turkey after smoking for 12 years. I wish this vid went over the negative sides of quitting though. (There are a few!) such as constipation/diarrhea. Use it as motivation too never go back! Imagine having too quit twice when you get REAL withdraw symptoms. Look up smokers flu then remember why you quit.

  • 2:15 “A diet with a range of foods helps mantain a balanced combination of brain messengers”.
    Hot dogs and sausages should really not be part of any diet, if it’s to be healthy.

  • Stopped cold turkey after smoking really heavy for the past ten months. For some reason I have been having really scary almost so real dreams. One was really weird I was seeing myself in bed asleep (like 3rd person) and two human like figures fighting over my body but like hovering over my body. The “one” trying to get me won the fight and I saw him choke me, and that’s when I woke up really sweaty and scared shitless. My whole body had the chills and goose bumps like right after being sweaty. What’s crazy it seemed so REAL.

  • 11min you talked about salt and you didnt say nothing about WHAT TYPE OF SALT WE SHOULD USE!
    theres a huuuuuuge difference between white table salt and eg. Himalayan pink salt
    Do your research on this and stop confusing people that salt is bad. We need salt. But the proper one. The same with our teeth. We need fluoride but not that fluoride amount that is in the toothpaste. Its too much! Lets be sensible

  • my question is how do you get a mom to stop smoking when she started at 16 and is now 47 how do you get them to stop smoking when you basically get cussed tf out or told to stfu my mom does that and theres really no way to help her when she doesnt have any she just finds anything to complain about

  • “`\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}_/“““\_{*#*}

  • Winner of a video, been searching for “when should i go to the er for kidney pain?” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Pemotah Intellective Primacy (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now )? It is a great one of a kind guide for discovering how to get rid of your kidney disease without the normal expense. Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got excellent success with it.

  • Finally got myself in the mindset to make adjustments to my diet….My goodness the amount of Sodium I have been consuming is incredible!! Just switching to a less sodium options will lower weight before you do ANY physical exercise…yikes!

  • I agree on a good amount of videos. But I will disagree on this one. Because of Stan Efferding’s viewpoint. I believe in salting your foods well.

  • I love salty snacks. Chips, crackers, etc but I’v seen how bad my uncles health is, especially his BP, he puts salt on EVERYTHING. No matter how salty it already is. Seriously folks, keep that in check. Frozen foods have a TON of it.

  • Ive quit smoking cigarettes this 1 July 2020, it’s pretty hard for me the first 3 days,

    Had this wake up call when I realized that if I will not quit smoking then when? Tomorrow, Next week,,month, year?
    Hell nah, ive been smoking cigarettes for 8 years, 3 of those years are a pack or morethan a pack a day.

    Funny thing is I challenged myself that day on how strong my will is,
    I bought a pack of cigs and a lighter that day when I was about to quit.

    Everyday I carried that pack with me or within arms reach,
    Sometimes I put one in my mouth hitting it like it was lit up.
    But before I have the urge to light it up, I began to think about the hours that I have to endure just to quit,
    ill tell to myself that I have to endure another hour and it goes on and on untill I reached that 3 hell days, but my target was 7 days of hell but the withdrawal peaked for only 3 days for me.

    Its like I traded my cigs with foods? Sugary foods?
    I dont know what you call it, dopamine from sugar or something that triggers your brain to be happy or in content, anyways I devoured candies, lolipops, gums, foods and.
    But now after a month my intake on sweets have been controlled,

    oh and I started working out the same day I quitted smoking.

    I was dumb when I was young, and still I am, but lesser maybe.

  • i just found out i have high blood pressure. it’s crazy. i never looked at labels. I’ve been eating a lot of ramen in school. ramen has 1690 msg per bowl….arghhhhh. at least i found the culprit. bc sometimes id have two bowls…

  • I’ve had pain in that area (back under rib cage) which I suspect may be my kidneys and its constant, like they are bruised or something. But none of those other symptoms really. Any ideas what it could be?

  • I literally salt everything and I thought my blood pressure would be high,but maybe it’s the fact that I only eat whole foods that my bp came out perfect

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  • Contrary to yours and many others salt is absolutely essential in our diet…not enough in our stomach we wouldn’t have enough acid to digest our food which In-turn causes acid reflux and the un-digested food travels to our intestines not being able to be absorbed which turns into fat causing obesity in most people, and all sorts of intestinal problems that relate to malnutrition and allergic reactions. Our problem is with sugar. Everything practically has sugar and everything practically is low in sodium. Have you noticed that?

  • I can’t say that I disagree with higher salt intake. I run cross country and a significant part of preparing the day before/of a meet is to hydrate and drink plenty of water. That being said, you also have to be cautious that the excess water isn’t depleting the sodium in your body especially after sweating post-race. It is important to drink a sports drink (ie: gatorade or propel) to have a better balance. A few runners on my team have been so focused on drinking water that they disregard their body’s need for salt and end up passing out during the middle of a race.

  • Eating healthy is one of the most important components of a long and robust life. Because of my lupus I had to stop eating baking soda and cut down dairy, and let me tell you it was a blessing. Please eat healthy guys. Fats are killing us slowly.

  • I have to eat extra salt everyday because I’ve had to have all but 1 metre of my intestine removed over 20 years due to crohns. I actually crave salt and eat it on its own.

  • I have a ton of more ideas. 1 corn tortillas are extremely low in sodium. Many times about 10-20 mg per serving.
    2 different breads have differening amounts of sodium. There is a brand that is based on a Bible verse that makes a low (no) sodium option. It tastes like cardboard but grills up ok with the right toppings.
    3 Grind your own peanut butter. You can get no sodium peanuts at the store. It actually tastes great
    4 don’t have to totally skip the canned goods isle. Look for sodium free options like beans. Also easy to find no salt added tomato products.
    5 There is a sodium free chicken bullion that is quite good.
    6 Swiss cheeze is very low in sodium compared to others. Also fresh mozzarella is lower sodium as well. Also tastes good.
    7 Ice cream often is low sodium as well.
    8 Avacado mayo is really pretty good and is lower in everything than regular.
    9 there is a brand of regular chilli powder that has 0 sodium but only in the regular. It can also substitute for taco seasoning as well.
    10 many rice cakes are lower sodium.
    11 I have noticed that gluten free options seem to have reduced sodium content.
    12 buy fresh meat/ poultry/fish. Frozen adds saline of some sort. Fresh water fish usually is much better choice than sea food.
    13 sour cream is lower in sodium than most other dairy products.
    14 you can buy no sodium butter.
    15 oatmeal (not the packets) are heart healthy and low in sodium. Adding vanilla coffee creamer is a nice way to add flavor without a significant amount of sodium.
    16 there are no sodium tortilla chips out there. but not everywhere.

  • I have been smoking for 17 years. Yesterday, I decided to quit for good and it has been 18 hours 22 minutes and 49 seconds without a cigarette. I hope I can make it, I’m starting to cough like what you have mentioned in the video. Thanks for your motivation!

  • We need ORGANIC Sodium from Fruits and Vegetables. We need Organic Chlorine from Fruits and Vegetables. Which fruit or vegetable do we get INORGANIC SODIUM CHLORIDE from? Rocks?? Our body does not use Sodium Chloride in any shape or form. It is expelled out of the body in its entirety.

    During the times of the Samurai, when caught by the enemy they would ingest a mere 30g of salt, thus committing suicide??

    “Now sprinkle some more on your salad” says the Doctor.

    aquariusthewaterbearer (google -Sub section Salt Crime Files)

  • Data shows that we get “an increment of 2.11 mm Hg in systolic blood pressure per gram (of sodium increase)”. So, going from typical 3000 grams to 2000 grams sodium will get us an average BP gain of 2? Meaning my sistolic would lower, on average, from 125 to 123 if I cut sodium from 3000 to 2000? Seems like a really small gain but then that’s not the only thing that changes when

    They are finding cardiac event association with too little OR too much, with over 5000 mg of sodium being “too much” and that 3400 mg sodium that we get on average already might be well within the “sweet spot” and that the publicly recommended goals of reducing to 1500mg is actually associated with MORE cardiac events than with 2500-3500 mg sodium.

    Two of many good articles:

  • After taking in more salt I lowered my blood pressure to baseline normal BP, more energy during workouts, less urination! I am fasting 20hrs a day and working out 1hr/day. I believe I need the additional salt due to my daily routine and the amount of salt in my food intake, which isn’t high. ������

  • Cooking at home is my passion. Thought I was on check with the sodium till Dr. said a little high. Age 58. Traumatic spine injury on crutches for a year. Walking 5 miles and feeling stronger, working, getting slender again….Soup is my passion. I always used bouillon cubes. Make my own stock I understand. What is the best chicken or beef broth I can purchase in containers that is the lowest in salt with FLAVOR. I used one> to the dump<. Not a name brand but offered the lowest sodium. Nasty. HELPPPPPP.... Thank you. Patty

  • I smoked for almost 7 years. I stopped smoking 4 months ago and I have better lifestyle now. Due to 7 years of smoking I paused living my life to fullest but now I am more happy than ever. I am high on life nowadays. If you wanna quit smoking message me on my insta underscore notsoserious underscore twice
    I am just a regular guy. I just like making people’s life better. Message me and lets see if i can be useful.

  • Actually now they are saying that excess sugar is a larger contributor to hypertension then excess sodium and the DASH diet had been increased to 2-2.5 grams from supporting data. This is because sugar creates an osmotic pull in the blood vessels increasing pressure.

  • I told my mom to stop smoking but she doesn’t understand the consequences of what may happen. She plays it off as if nothing is going to happen to her, it was a real stupid Answer when she said that “Smoking is like my medicine” I’m like no it is not. There are other ways to make yourself feel better if your having a bad day or you just got into an argument like you don’t have to resort to smoking. I swear I’f something does happen to her and if it’s because of smoking a cigarette and weed than I’m sure I’m not gonna help even though she is my mother but I told her so many times and she didn’t want to listen to me because she thinks I don’t understand. Like Come on! I was taught about it in school so many times

  • Started smoking from 12 and now I’m 18 hehe….I regreat smoking a lot.But can’t help it..It’s just addictive..It helps me cool down when I’m angry,depressed etc..Dear readers..If ur reading this..Dont smoke..It’ll just be a part of ur life where ull keep on regreatting everytime ��

  • I am 26 and i start smoking when i was 15 its been 2 days i have quit smoking i can’t sleep this whole couple night i hope i will be fine wish me a luck.

  • Just wonderful, been searching for “free stuff to stop smoking” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Mackorny Smoking Escape Blueprint ( search on google )? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin got cool results with it.

  • As of currently I have five of these symptoms luckily I have a doctors appointment in a couple weeks I will have to bring up to my daughter then

  • Do better research the right sources of sodium are good and our bodies are better equipped to deal with an excess than deficiency we just piss out excess.

  • YES!!!!! This is what I have been waiting for!!!!!:DD
    I put salt on everythinggggg. You know what makes McDonalds fries so good? Theyre extra salty!! Well when I get home I pour MORE salt on em!!! This video made my day:D