Don’t Neglect Your Personal Well-Being When Taking care of an Elder


Don’t Neglect Your Health

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Healthy Aging: Promoting Well-being in Older Adults

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Confusion over the elder’s illness is also normal, as is denial or ill-preparedness for how the sickness will progress. Moreover, you may experience financial or legal issues as a result of caring for a terminally ill individual. Considering all of this, you should remember to take time for yourself. Don’t Neglect Your Own Well-Being When Caring for an Elder HealthyWomen When a beloved member of the family loses his or her independence or becomes ill, there is usually an outpouring of sympathy for the elder. Elder neglect occurs when someone fails to properly care for an elderly person.

A carer may be a family member or someone who is responsible for caring for the person. The carer may not bathe, dress, or feed the person regularly. The carer may leave the person alone in unsafe places. While professional caregivers and aides are trained in safe, healthy ways of caring for seniors, studies have repeatedly confirmed the physical toll of caring on family caregivers can be steep. So, don’t neglect your own preventive health care appointments while caring for aging parents.

Elder neglect occurs when a carer fails to properly care for you. A carer may be a family member or someone else who is responsible for caring for you. Your carer may not bathe, dress, or feed you regularly.

He or she may leave you alone in unsafe places. Don’t neglect your own needs either, and those needs are bound to include time away from your caregiving role, time for yourself, as well as physical rest. Rather than this making you a bad caregiver, it makes you a caregiver who can continue offering care. Elder neglect occurs when the person responsible for providing care to an elder fails to give the proper care.

Victims of elder neglect are most often senior citizens who live in care home facilities, and are unable to care for themselves on a daily basis. In most states, elder persons are those who are over sixty years old. As a caregiver, the following steps can help you prevent elder abuse or neglect: Take immediate steps to relieve stress and burnout.

Stress is a major contributor to elder abuse and neglect. You can help reduce your stress levels by regularly practicing stress-relieving techniques such as yoga, meditation, or deep breathing exercises. Caring for an aging parent can be stressful beyond belief. In fact, full-time caregivers are at increased risk for depression, health problems and substance abuse. It only makes sense that the strain can also take a serious toll on caregivers’ relationships with their significant others.

The fees for all of this come from the elder’s own assets, unless they do not have them. In that case most counties use a public guardian to do the job of overseeing a self-neglecting elder’s life.

List of related literature:

Moreover, caring for a dependent elder takes an enormous physical toll on the caregiver.

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This elder can assist the younger ones who are encountering loss or suffering for the first time.

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By abdicating my responsibility as an elder, by forsaking my duty as a daughter, I have allowed Neha to usurp my place.

“The Accidental Apprentice” by Vikas Swarup
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as I treat my own elder as elder.

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Many elders continue to be independent as long as they are in familiar surroundings.

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Such a person does not make a good elder because the elders must work together as a team, seeking the best for others and not for themselves.

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But taking care of an elder like this one is better than a mobile one.

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Your elder is wise and scholarly, brilliant and compassionate, but you don’t have to depend on him or her.

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An elder may exercise great influence on his fellow elders without undermining their authority.

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Or the elder is failing to take care of basic personal needs such as food, clothing, shelter, and medical care and managing bill paying.

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  • This is pitiful! If I was able to work in a home, I sure would. I have been in nursing home b4. They’re terrible places and the care is poor. God bless the souls of those people. We all will answer to God Almighty in the end…

  • The sytem is full of narccistic abusers its in our families its in our child protective services its in our police services its in our mental health services its in our adult protection services clbc in canada its called its full of abusers they do it because they get away with it no accountability victims of sytematic abuse get no justice compansation nothing no consequences for their actions such as prison job losses shut downs the police rcmp its called in canada refuse to arrest deport abusers dont allow us to press charges refuse to do anything about it so child abusing group homes foster homes adult group homes nursing homes homshares nurses phyciatrists are allowed to do this abuse get away with it its a win win job for abusers they have perfect punching bags for their problems who will stop it the police the govornment nope thats why they beat starve sexually abuse finacially abuse kick us out on the street allow rape abuse exploitation to happen because they know we wont be believed called crazy they make us sicker for more funding and by the human rights violations and not a day in court for justice we are proven right its babies kids teens young adults full fleged adults and elder adults at this point no descrimation gay streight bi trans young and old religious view points political points the sytem is going down fast at this point of no return its officially going to collaps at this point hanging by a thread at this point thats the price society has pay for ignorance and not believing us victims of sytematic abuse not caring enough to help us now your families are suffering now you care you would not have cared about a foster kid a street person or mental illness now this is waffting in your lives now you care the sytem now we have none im happy this is no longer my problem but i do care about the victims still going through hell fight for change fight for justice fight for arrests shut downs compansation we need many voices here not just one than change will happen if not stop whining and compaining i dont feel sorry for the staff i never will its the victims i feel sorry for i was a former client and have suffered family violence and sytematic i hope these workers fry in hell they like being abusive it gives them power why quit when your union police govornment have your backs and pay you to abuse people the perfect job for people that dont care or give to shits truth it hurts but like i said i care about the victims of abuse i like to give voices to victims what is happening is just so wrong i feel no empathy for staff caregivers of adults or children none i hope they burn for what theyve done that has destroyed lives due to suicide murder poverty rape child abuse elder abuse starvation homelessnes theft i cant wait for them to get their karma when they die hell awaits and the people that stand there and do nothing as bi standers you people are just as guilty peace out

  • thank you agree with all that was said. I always say to any caregiver I know. You need to take them out of your mind, but always keep them strong in your heart. I am a 24/7 carer for mum, after caring for dad till his passed. In other words don’t let them knock you of your mind set, you always need to keep that clear. Caring is like you are driving your car in a fog, you know theres a wall coming but you just have to keep on going. You do this for love. A carer doesn’t live, a carer just survives and with Gods help they make it to the end. A stronger person for having the guts to have walk that path! God bless all the CARERS out there.


    When a nurse starts her or his job, she should go to each patient and pledge herself to the patient! Tell them that they are there for THEM, and just let them know, what ever they need they’ll take care of them!!! Start an actual love bond with each them, because that is what they need most, and it will also correct most of that negative behavior from the patients!!!
    I don’t know what all of these caretakers problems are but giving love will not kill you!!! YES THAT’S WHY YOU ALL AREN’T LOVING THEM… Because it’s too painful for you!!! YOU FEAR GETTING OLD AND YOU FEAR DEATH!!! WELL DO SOME RESEARCH AND LEARN ABOUT IT… ITS NOTHING LIKE YOU THINK… AND BUCK UP FOR HEAVENSAKES!!!!!


  • When nurses mistreat patients they need to be talked to and if they do it again blind them or beat their kneecaps until they can never walk again and give them a little customized payback.

  • And she felt all that with a care recipient in assisted living… I’m trying not to be bitter, but that seems like heaven to me. I know her story is supposed to help us connect to her talk… I’m on round 4 now, at 51, and I would like to experience some life without caregiving, but I’ve done the math, and it appears I will be quite old before I am free.

  • Unspeakable cruelty on seniors as if they are immune from old age. It’s heartbreaking. Not enough staff, supplies for more profit and no one can protect them. What disaster society we are? The facility should not be run by private because they’re focused only for higher profit. It has to be under public service.

  • This is disgraceful never put your Elder in nursing home try to take care of them at home where they’ll be large and cared for I don’t trust nursing homes

  • I am 50. I’ve taken care of my mother in her home since my dad passed in 2013. I had 3 older brothers, non of whom were any help.
    The youngest of my brothers had mental health issues and became physically/mentally abusive to both my mom and I to where my mom had to put an injunction against him from coming on her property. He passed away in 2016.
    The middle brother is a millionaire. He too became mentally/emotionally abusive towards me due to disagreements about my mother’s care. (Mind you, I was doing all of the care. He just wanted to be the boss without doing any of the work.) I finally got him completely out of my life right as the Corona virus hit.
    My oldest brother is 15 years older than me, and remained behind when my family moved out of state. I was 3. He was 18. I saw him a few days/year when we’d go back and see all of our family. Anyway, he’s on my middle brother’s side. He is also completely out of my life.
    So, yep, I’m in this alone, but it’s better than doing it while simultaneously being abused. I worry about burnout, but so far, so good.

  • the workers have been stealing things from them ever since the beginning of nursing homes home health and etc.. even have it sometimes on video and they still let the thieves work their its like they have a hold over them wth something like bribery drugs starting a fire on a business so they could get money from insurance or someone just disapears one day and gone forever.people that run in and out of the nursing homes round here are nothing but T R O U B L E and thats being N I C E

  • no not the first thing you do is call your line manger boss the first thing you do is call her family or call her an ombudsman get her a liar you get her someone working with the Civil liberties group

  • Some people will be crying for looking for job but when they get it they do it anyhow,,,, but this girls will see this in they old age

  • This type of care is everywere, in every country where nursing homes are customary.
    The main reason is short stuffing ( CNA) and low wages.
    One person just cannot take care of 10-12-14 ets. patients.
    Physical demand is so high that there is no time for emotional support and mental stimulation.
    Hire more staff, asign 3 or 4 patients per CNA, increase wages, provide full medical coverage, give payed 4 week vacation and your Nursing homes condition will improve.

  • I worked at a old age home when I was 19 and ever since I have been terrified of getting old. Nasty, mean, horrible, physical abuse. People praise nurses but honestly they are some of the most horrible humans I have ever come across

  • When you work in this environment and you do your best and care so very much for your residence but you constantly have to answer to other workers who have been at the facility longer than you have you become the black sheep and your view and concern of things not right fall on deaf ears.It makes me sick. Empathy common sense and genuine care are overridden by people who just do the job for the money.

  • I want to work in a nursing home and treat these poor people like they should be treated and if someone treated them bad they likely would never treat them badly again, Ever!

  • I said I want to be put down like a well loved horse or dog that is suffering rather than be put in a home. I have home health aids in my home as I’m a paraplegic and need assistance and they are generally really bad, so I know what it is going to be like when I’m in a nursing home.

  • Why are the nursing staff so awful to our elderly, why are they working in these places if they don’t like taking care of the elderly

  • it wont be so funny when they get old and its a computer taking care of them and they havegretfule all the records theres to have about the abusive nurse aid or nurse or cleaning lady or medicine cart person, the computer nurse the robot nurse will be the nurse taking care of them when in 20 yrs or less

  • Here in our country, we dont have nursing homes for aged. We just take care of our sick and aged parents til their lastbreath. I think we should take care of them, they took good care of us, raised us, and most especially loved us.❤

  • They have a KARMA NEXT because they be old too not younger wait n see how God punishment they’re more pain n harmfully just wait you all already get pay because you take care the older people your all is ��

  • some of the nurses are just I mean nurses aids whatever are just evill one day my first day at this one home and I was feeding this resident at the table and this nurse came up she was Spanish and she gave me a few packets of sugar and told me to put this on her food she really liked it so I put one on it and fed her and then I was yelled at by a supervisor or a nurse or someone I dont know who they were but Im pretty sure they worked there they yelled at me and said shes diabetic and my heart sake into myfoot I ran to the admin I hate those people that do that there are evil people working in nursing homes

  • The QUALITY of care has nothing to with income and or revenue. It is strictly based upon the actions and attitude of the individual. Most people care about there job but Some people just aren’t good people and only care about money

  • huge decubitus ulcers that develop ito flesh eating disease and blood poisoning they do not change them they dont even care its horrlbe and when people do care to change them there isnt enough time or people to get to them it is so sad but we did our best and the ladies new they called me little Porcelain Doll they were so sweet after we woke them up and they got to know me. they would scream for their daddy it was sad one man I loved him he was young he was in his 40s and I had to change him and I moved hims some and he shouted out and I was so off guard I said oh Im sorry im sorry and he said no hon its not you its me dont worry about me you’re doing fine then I asked later when we were all doing paper work and the Registered Nurses or whatever they were said he had cancer of the bone and it was terminal. It was a very rewarding job because I loved them and they loved me but it killed my back and they didnt have anybody helping me one day I almost died while straddling the floor one hand and arm wrappped around the Resident the other gripped to the side bar on the bed, He had a very attive bladder him and his wife both they were so sweet and later on after I got the thing done I was griped out for doing it all by myself whew well ya know it had to be done and no body wanted to do it infact they told me to do it…. I have dementia now because of bad head injuries I had it then I was tying to work through I did not want to just give up

  • Financial Elder Abuse Second Edition

    Michael Gavin RIP

    Available on Amazon

    FREE pdf here

  • All the care that is mentioned needs staff, I work in nursing homes sometimes there are so many demands I don’t know where to put my head. Please understand we want to sit with them hold there hand and give them them hugs, listen to them, I love older people and my job, I always thought that I would be able to sit and talk with them enjoy there companionships. But this job is very demanding and very low staff.

  • they should be ashamed about themself because the alderley could die and the nurses will just think that they are sleeping and personal hygine is always important to look out for always stay healthy and safe.

  • Everyone deserves excellent care unfortunately so many don’t get it. Family dosen’t check on them enough, or worse yet no family at all����

  • I feel don’t go into that profession. If your not a caring person, same with nursing or teaching, of babysitting. Don’t due a job for the money its criminal. I’m glad we got to care for my Mother in her home, 3 years bedridden one on hospice Alzheimers. My Grandmother, Mother Aunt, and cousin surcomed to this terrible disease. So they deserve, as well as everyone else that is in a nursing facility. This is a good video.

  • Old people do not have dignity people do not have respect for them but the people forget if they live long enough they are going to be old one day

  • OOOHHH MY F����ING GOD!!! This is NOT the way, come on, these people need our help, they bild up our country! Don’t treat them like that, PLEASE.

  • What really makes me so angry is basic care is not followed and let’s be honest..would the abuser treat their own elderly family like this? I’ve worked in care homes and I’ve never seen in all my professional life any abuse or disrespectful staff. Shame on you…if you’re one of any abusers working with our elderly…take will be caught and you will be prosecuted! God bless all our elderly communities. X

  • I feel so bad for the elderly that suffered abuse and died because of neglect I was lucky I didn’t have to put my loved ones in a nursing home my family and hospice cared for them and myself I’m a stay at home mom but I have friends that don’t want to be a burden and want to go I’m glad I saw this so I will know when the time comes for them to go if they are bieng cared for the right way and with kindness dignity and respect these ppl need to know that each one of them are important they need to train the care workers more and evaluate them to make sure they are right for the job

  • Just Plain Sickning To Me To See �� How These Older People are Treated In These Nursing homes Dirty Bastareds and Britches����They Should Fire ���� Them All

  • Sometimes the nurses/carers have the best of intentions but a lot is out of their control. The nurse in charge of the nursing home in my area is lovely but she can’t work miracles. She and around 80% of the carers are Tai and she was forever reprimanding them for speaking to each other in their language while caring for the residents. Alarmingly there were carers at that home who couldn’t understand English at all so they could not understand the care plans. My mother had terminal cancer and had to be given morphine before being moved because of her deep bedsores but a few times I nipped to the toilet and came back to them preparing to change her clothes without it because they couldn’t understand the notes. I would have cared for her at home but I was under 18 and social services had the final say. So me and my mum’s friend took shifts to be by her side 24/7 to make sure she was cared for properly. We weren’t allowed to move her ourselves or administer medication but we did everything else

  • Yaquina care at Newport Oregon, a male aide yelled at my mother, saying I have more than you to feed. They put her on toilet and she finally tried to walk, she fell. They left her in her bed with poop all over for 12 hours. Yes I talked to director of nursing, she told me how the aide had family problems. Mom got sick running 101 temperature, they wouldn’t call doctor. My brother called ambulance, the doctor who I was told though I am not sure was a part owner, Doctor then called me, said mom had pneumonia, she died at 6:00 the next morning. I had tried to take mom home, doctor put up blocks to prevent that happening.

  • When will the #Gardai investigate elder abusing Bully Boy Lawrence McManus 083 113 3608 #Pettigo Co #Donegal who was Expelled from the #SinnFéin?



    Michael Gavin Rip Will continue to Expose #Corrupt #Solicitors Financial #ElderAbuse in #Ireland

    Eileen has no intention of handing over any keys until what was ROBBED
    from her and her deceased brothers estate is returned with interest from
    the dates it was stolen.

    Listen to Bully #LawrenceMcManus LIE.

    He has NO agreement signed by Eileen.

    Bully Boy Lawrence McManus 083 113 3608 #Pettigo Co #Donegal who was
    Expelled from the #SinnFéin party is now demanding that Elderly Eileen
    Linney hand over the keys to the house in
    Dundonnell #Taughmaconnell Co #Roscommon where Michael Gavin RIP lived all his life.

    Lawrence McManus currently has cattle on the lands that Michael Gavin RIP farmed all his life with his brother Pat Gavin RIP.

    Lawrence McManus claims to be a mediator and told Eileen that he has a
    right by law to the keys and he proposes to sell the house in March

    We will continue our fight for Justice for Michael Gavin RIP by protesting outside corrupt #Solicitors offices in #Athlone and #Mullingar

    #RobertBMarren Castle Street #Mullingar
    #TonyHenry Tormeys Solicitors #Athlone
    #TonyMcLynn Athlone
    #PeterDJones Mullingar

    Please Call their offices for further information on the protests and let them known that you support Michael Gavin RIP.

    Robert Marren +353449343826

    Tony Henry Tormeys Solicitors 090649 3456

    Peter Jones +353449343697

    Tony McLynn +353906498264

    Lawrence McManus 083 113 3608

    Michael Gavin RIP Died on 21st December 2017

    Blessed Oscar Romero said The ones who have a voice must speak for those who are voiceless.

    Please take a moment to sign this petition For Michael Gavin RIP…

    The Law is as straight as a door jamb, its those that implements the law that are crooked.

  • Is to much cruel the family put you parent in the centers wy the family not daycare yo mom, Esther or grandma.
    This personal not is profesional
    Please more control and more cámara.

  • Cleveland nursing homes are horrible Braeview nursing home in Euclid Ohio abuse their patients and no one in Cleveland Ohio don’t care Cleveland probate court is corrupt some one needs to listen to these horrible stories

  • These young girls. If it was me 45 years ago. I would of judge them as hard core bitches. Say the year 1975 76.. But we dont know were they are commimg from. Burnt out, Excepcive stress, & force on a job they are not to met to do. But in most cases I feel men are worst. But there are good male cartakers.

  • Lord please continue to shield them thank you please get more good people that love old people elderly protect them send help more

  • Most of these people workingthere are just there for a job. They are horrible at memory care mansions in Peachtree corners. They almost killed my dad.

  • Reminds me of where my Uncle was, the Place smelled to high heaven as the workers did not change sheets or clothes that had been soiled.
    The workers in these places are over paid and under educated, just plain Slobs they hired to mistreat elders.
    I am glad you showed the elder pushing the help button, and the workers just setting there doing nothing but ignoring a request for help, it goes on all the time!

  • I have enjoyed caring the elderly before. They just wanted someone to listen to them. You will gain a lot of knowledge from them and you will become so much wiser eventually. But it’s such ashamed that I got cancer few years ago and got one of my lung removed. I won’t be able to work ☹️ in age care anymore.

  • This video makes me sad and angry! These people are humans with feelings, and should be treated with respect!!!! Respect is the key word here.