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WEDNESDAY, April 13, 2016 (HealthDay News) Eating fast food may expose a person to potentially harmful chemicals known as phthalates, a new study suggests. From the calories to the additives, there are many reasons fast food is unhealthy, but a new study of a toxic chemical called PFAS reveals the packaging that contains it may also be doing harm to. That includes pizza, burgers, tacos, club sandwiches and anything categorized as takeout or delivery. The study found those who reported consuming more fast food in a national survey were exposed.

People who eat a lot of fast food are found to have more of a potentially harmful chemical in their systems. Fast Food May Expose Consumers to Harmful Chemicals Called Phthalates People who reported consuming more fast food in a national survey were exposed to higher levels of potentially harmful chemicals known as phthalates. studied fast food consumption in the United States and found that as millions of people are eating fast food outside their homes, they’re also ingesting harmful chemicals.

Called phthalates, this class of chemicals is linked to infertility, pregnancy complications, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Regardless, until more research is done, you can lower your exposure to phthalates and other fast food-related chemicals by increasing your intake of fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s impossible to completely eliminate phthalate exposure because they’re so “ubiquitous,” Zota said.

According to a recently released report on packaged food goods put together by Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families in partnership with advocacy groups Toxic-Free Future and Mind the Store, it would seem that the food packaging used by a number of fast food and fast casual chains tested positive for traces of toxic PFAS, which are often used in packaging for their grease, stain, and. Dangerous Chemicals in Fast Food Other Than MSG. Monosodium glutamate, or MSG, is far from the only chemical additive used in fast food.

Limiting your intake of fast food reduces your exposure to. “It’s concerning that people could be exposed to these toxic chemicals through the food they eat,” said lead study author Dr. Laurel Schaider, an environmental chemist at Silent Spring Institute.

List of related literature:

Informing consumers openly and honestly about what is known and not-known about health risks is not liability laden—it is evidence that your industry is being responsible, and doing all it can to assure safe use of its products.

“The Psychology of Silicon Valley: Ethical Threats and Emotional Unintelligence in the Tech Industry” by Katy Cook
from The Psychology of Silicon Valley: Ethical Threats and Emotional Unintelligence in the Tech Industry
by Katy Cook
Springer International Publishing, 2019

Food Quality News Industry Services has indicated that food safety fears are often exacerbated by globalization.3 Microbiologist and professor Michael Doyle of the University of Georgia has warned that “sanitation practices for food production are not universally equivalent throughout the world.

“International Food Law and Policy” by Gabriela Steier, Kiran K. Patel
from International Food Law and Policy
by Gabriela Steier, Kiran K. Patel
Springer International Publishing, 2017

Since the regulations for indirect additives constitute, for the most part, a positive list of substances which have been judged to be safe for direct contact with food, regulating materials for uses that do not involve direct food contact would introduce considerable complexity into the regulations.

“Food Packaging: Principles and Practice” by Gordon L. Robertson
from Food Packaging: Principles and Practice
by Gordon L. Robertson
Taylor & Francis, 1998

I think, first of all, the attitude that low-level exposures of chemical contamination or chemical additives in our food supply does not involve any problem of acute toxicity or health hazard but is only a long-range problem, is a denial of what science now knows about these contaminations.

“FDA Oversight-food Inspection, Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Public Health and Enviornment..., 92-1, on Oversight of Food Inspection Activities of the Federal Government, August 3, 4; September 10, 13, and 14, 1971” by United States. Congress. House. Interstate and Foreign Commerce
from FDA Oversight-food Inspection, Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Public Health and Enviornment…, 92-1, on Oversight of Food Inspection Activities of the Federal Government, August 3, 4; September 10, 13, and 14, 1971
by United States. Congress. House. Interstate and Foreign Commerce
, 1972

Once this information was made available online, it had immediate reputational consequences for restaurants found to have questionable food hygiene practices.4 Similarly, for years the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency required polluters to self-report storage and emission of toxins and pollutants.

“Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age” by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
from Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age
by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger
Princeton University Press, 2011

FDA has primary authority for the safety of most of the food supply.

“Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice” by Neal D. Fortin
from Food Regulation: Law, Science, Policy, and Practice
by Neal D. Fortin
Wiley, 2016

For instance, in some cases regulatory norms may be exceeded, but the short-term exposure of consumers to a contaminant or an ingredient may not present a significant risk for their health; nevertheless, the food safety standard has been breached and the food business has to recall its products.

“Food Safety Management: A Practical Guide for the Food Industry” by Yasmine Motarjemi, Huub Lelieveld
from Food Safety Management: A Practical Guide for the Food Industry
by Yasmine Motarjemi, Huub Lelieveld
Elsevier Science, 2013

Food service establishments are potential risk settings where widespread public exposure to contaminated foods may occur.

“Emerging Infectious Diseases” by National Center for Infectious Diseases (U.S.)
from Emerging Infectious Diseases
by National Center for Infectious Diseases (U.S.)
National Center for Infectious Diseases, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 2013

When comparing these figures with studies on consumer food hygiene practices (e.g., Redmond et al., 2004), it can be seen that the consumer perception of food hygiene at home is somewhat different from practice, i.e., actual practices show a higher crosscontamination risk.

“HACCP: A Practical Approach” by Sara Mortimore, Carol Wallace
from HACCP: A Practical Approach
by Sara Mortimore, Carol Wallace
Springer US, 2013

Close monitoring of foods by Government agencies helps to prevent chemical toxins reaching levels at which harmful effects occur, and pathogenic bacteria are much more common causes of human disease than chemical toxins.

“Fundamentals of Human Nutrition E-Book: for Students and Practitioners in the Health Sciences” by Catherine Geissler, Hilary Powers
from Fundamentals of Human Nutrition E-Book: for Students and Practitioners in the Health Sciences
by Catherine Geissler, Hilary Powers
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2009

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  • Make your own yogurt with organic milk heat the milk on top of the stove into a hundred degrees then add yogurt starter swish it around with a whisk put it in a big ceramic Bowl cover it up with plastic or with a towel put it in the oven and overnight you have yogurt put it in the fridge it’s that easy don’t eat chemical yogurt the stuff that you buy in the store is garbage unless it’s organic or natural you don’t want chemicals you don’t need them learn how to be self-sufficient what is all of a sudden think about this all the grocery store stop making it available for us to just go in there and they shut the doors on us do we have canned foods that we produce their self did we have a garden think about it a government can do whatever they want when they want. Go back to the Garden of Eden there’s a book out there it’s called back to Eden I would suggest if you’re a person who wants to be self-sufficient read that book

  • Excellent Video clip! Forgive me for butting in, I am interested in your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried Millawdon Enemy Foods Trick (should be on google have a look)? It is a great one of a kind product for learning how to detox the body from toxins without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my best friend Jordan after a lifetime of fighting got cool results with it.

  • My question always is why all these hard pronouncing chemicals are put in foods that are foreign to our bodies? At the same time my ignorant self allows myself to buy it����‍♂️

  • Pharma Industry: How do we do business?
    Food Industry: Hold my beer! ��
    Pharma Industry: How may I help?
    Food Industry: Appoint Doctors to scare people! They don’t know that their own immune system is their doctor!
    Pharma Industry: Roger that!✌��

  • It turns out that many foods are full of traps, a lot of foods have a surprisingly high calorie count. Do you usually eat smart? Can you choose the lowest calorie daily menu? Come and test it! >>

  • You disapprove of animal studies huh? Well, why don’t you stop using everything that has been tested on animals then. Like uhh, oh, I dunno.. Medicine? “Detox tips”. Any rational human would run from a person making statements like that. Here’s my detox tip: YOUR LIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • If you live in a cold area, you can’t avoid eating junk, unless you have your own land and grow your own food…. even then, you need your own water supply, because flouride in the water kills pants… literally… they don’t grow.

  • Putting junk food and soda into the body reminds me of a brand new vending machine. People keep pouring soda down the coin slot, also cramming Hostess cakes up where the cans come out. Soon the machine becomes sluggish and doesn’t work as well. Eventually it doesn’t work at all.

  • Soda has so much sugar and acids that my face started from clear to acne, but I dont drink soda like everyday I drink it one in a while but it also come from all of the sugars that are within the junk foods that everyone is eating.

  • I’m Australian, and an American friend of mine (Republican ��) sometimes says to me: “why do you stick your nose in our business??” Well as the largest Western power, the US often sets standards others follow. When your lack of regulation directly threatens the health of global citizens, then yeah, I’m gonna stick my fuckin nose in!!

  • Yeah, I feel bad for the animal testing as well.. but let’s think about this. They are Purposefully adding these chemicals that Purposefully cause cancer, diabetes, weight gain, heart disease, death and too many others to name.. into OUR food. That part really bothers me. Why are they adding these to OUR food knowing what it’s true purpose is? Poisoning our food supply and approving it to be sold and consumed to millions. It’s sick really.

  • Honestly, if it comes in a can or a box don’t eat it. I don’t even purchase frozen fruit or vegetables because of all the stuff they add when packaging to extend the shelf life. Even vegetarian options like the frozen vege-burgers or frozen meat substitutes are loaded with chemicals for flavor and texture. And even something like store made breads are filled with chemicals to keep them from getting moldy, to improve texture, taste and help the dough rise higher. At first, it was a daunting task to scratch make everything but once you get the hang of it, you can do it in your sleep. I even make my own coconut milk because the commercial brands add thickeners and things to make it “creamier” along with other artificial preservatives and additives. Back in the 70’s the FDA ran public service announcements asking Americans to “read the label-set a better table”, so I did. I didn’t like what I was reading.

  • Since getting diagnosed with lupus i decided to quit eating all pre-packaged foods like biscuits, chocolate and chips. Before i used to eat tons of sugar after coming home from school because of fatigue. During the first few weeks it was a little rough but now i’ve found that my intense sugar cravings at around 4-5 pm have stopped, and i only eat dessert a couple of times a week now. For dessert when i do have it, i eat either unsalted popcorn, unsalted corn chips, a square or two of dark chocolate, a date or a home baked muffin or something (obviously not all at once though.) whereas before i’d just down squares of chocolate, biscuits, chips etc.
    I’ve also found that eating too much bread makes me feel yucky and a bit bloated for some reason, although oddly enough i am ok with other grains such as bulgur, wholemeal pasta and brown rice. Which is a bit odd, i wonder why that happens? It can’t be gluten intolerence since like i said, eating other grains seems to produce no problems for me.
    I hope the dietary changes ive made myself are actually helping and it’s not just the medications i’m taking which are making me feel better. Doctors always act like its all about the medication.

  • Live from our reporter, trying to interview the bees on the worriyng dying of bees: “Not the bees! Aaaahh! Not the bees!!” You heard him: Not the bees. Should we stop worrying? More later from the Sexy Action School News Team.

  • The real deal? Our bodies are as natural as plants. We are not science we are unprocessed and unaltered minerals, created from earth by God. Man created science (Medicine) to manage our health complications caused by processed and chemically developed foods. Medicines can’t and don’t cure it ONLY manages our physical failures, caused by man. Someone for a long… long time made it legal to trash our foods, that’s killing us and causing health complications. And that health complication? Allows them to make money selling us their scientific medicine, that can’t heal us but simply manage our concerns until we die.

  • There is a reason why to all your questions regarding food medicine and in general every aspect of our daily life. If you take 15 minutes out of your day and you leave behind the concept that out there there are people that care about your well-being and your livelihood and in general your life and start to ask questions about quite literally everything that you eat everything that you drink all the medicine that you take and just in general the entirety of society you will have a hard time sleeping for several days knowing what I know. By all means none of this is a secret and quite literally it is all in front of us it’s not a conspiracy theory or a conspiracy everything that you have a question 2 is out there for you to find an answer the truth is out there waiting to be found you just have to work very hard to find it. Now a bit of a warning once you go down this rabbit hole it is a very deep hole and if you proceed and try to reach the bottom you’ll be surprised what you find at the bottom and that is quite literally hope but on the way down you will never be the same again.

  • Awesome video. Scary too. Wow. I am looking into what the body does with all these chemicals when breaking them down. Thanks for the great work. Coloring… That is wild.

  • I’m pretty sure people behind these kind of channel meant good and tell people to eat more healthy. However, it’s important for people to do research by themselves, see whether things are true or not. Some things in this video are blatant lies, where some contains truth. This is why people need to do more research. It’s not that hard to open google and do research on multiple credible sources.

  • From
    More recently, studies have roundly debunked the idea that MSG is harmful. Multiple studies using placebos have shown no difference in effects on people eating food with or without MSG. In 1995, the Food and Drug Administration asked an independent scientific group, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, to study MSG’s safety. It found that only a small number of people experienced any side effects, and that was only after consuming six times the normal serving of MSG on an empty stomach.

  • From
    Today, most synthetic food dyes are derived from petroleum, or crude oil. Some critics will argue that eating oil is no better than eating coal. But the final products are rigorously tested to make sure they contain no traces of the original petroleum.

  • 4:25 you miss a sentence there. Let me complete it.

    “There is insufficient scientific evidence, however, to confirm or refute claims of aspartame’s involvement in any of the above.”

  • I believe it to be of major importance that we share this information and video with friends and family. Tnx for enlightening us about it. Scary, really scary…such lack of consciousness throughout the whole deal. We must somehow force the gov to make the cost be so high that it will be impossible for companies with these harmful business ideas and products to settle without coming out as BIG loosers. Now, how can we do that?

  • I still gonna eat thoes bc i don’t even know what she say’s and by the way am i the only one who is watching this for fun?
    and do you know the hello kitty mean’s hello saten? No i guss it’s just me

  • It’s a good thing I don’t eat fast food like I used to. Pizza and Asian food are my first choice if I decide to pig out on an easy meal.

  • Hospitals have cafeterias dedicated to this processed food stuff along with living facilities & the reason we’re having antibiotic resistence is because we have water laden with bleach & the food contains antibiotics & steroids.

  • The EPA, funds are set aside to do testing, yes, all of this is being done by what kids? The big bad DEEP STATE. All those unelected bureaucrats the right wingers love to hate and fearmonger over are trying to help us not be poisoned. Fuck anyone who says “deep state” and seriously means it.

  • I’m sooooooooo thankful that the Lord Jesus Christ see s all thing’s, if this is what their doing with human remains the same thing will happen to them on the great day of judgement, evil wicked people will never ever go unpunished. In the meantime I will never ever again eat there. Just the thought makes me want to ��������

  • Well, the good news is that we’ve been phasing this stuff out of use in the past 3 years. Quietly, of course no need for lawsuits, right? Although, there was no end date for when it will be completely phased out. I suppose in roughly 10-15 years we’ll no longer be unknowingly poisoning ourselves and our blood levels will continue to drop over time.

    I suppose it’s a good thing that I’ve only ever rented in places where the carpet is clearly decades old and is definitely not stain resistant. They have definitely all had lead-based paint under the new layers as all of them were built long before lead-based paint was outlawed. I know the last place I was at had lead pipes (and yes, the water was brown in the morning when no one in the building had used the water late at night).

  • if corporations are people if they break the law put the corporation in jail and seize their assets like they do with drug dealers

  • Im drinking a mountain dew as i saw a mountain dew in the backround. I ❤ mtn dew. Theres nothing in it that won’t make me stop drinking it.

  • The People That Hyped Chick Fil As Food should lose citizenship seriously, sh1t was average asf I tasted frozen store fries that made me moan harder than those waffles Skins lol.

    P.S Chick Fil A Is Racist

  • And he telling the truth, I changed my diet and my health increased by millions ����, fresh food, I was taking the pills from doctors and not feeling well, then I ate right and all my aliments went away

  • ive seen comments on other videos with people who wonder why Sam goes to this event every year. This video is a great example as to why he does

  • The EPA has not only set a standard for PFAS, they blocked a report from being released to the public about it this year. Despicable.

  • A perfect example of how the path we are on of unfettered corporate capitalism has been and will lead to our end. It is a path of the insane. Unless we change how we organize society, human beings will absolutely be a doomed species.

  • That’s why Trump’s allies messing with EPA and other regulators is so critical; not only affects USA, but most of the world. And genuinely, this case and train of thought is appealing enough to be used in a Presidential campaign: nothing rallies the masses more, than unequivocally proving that siding with rich companies, like Trump has done, has been actively harmful. And, its a good link to Medicare to both.

  • 7::31 the sentimental should be tied to the profit.. if you desire to do this the the penitently should be the income you generated from it all of it.. as in they are proceeded of crime and yes last i checked mass poisoning with intent is a crime…

  • Those inkless receipts they have at every store that print from heat (thermal paper) are 1-3% bisphenol A, concentrated in the coating so the effect is like quite a lot more if it was uniform throughout

  • Humans choosing Socialism will have the ability to protect our environment. No company will be run by a single greedy person willing to inflict devastation on the rest for profit!

  • Apparently “thinking” will kill you sooner(google it)

    I don’t see this as a problem.

    Do progressives constantly live in fear? Jesus

  • Tell us something nasty about vegan food oh you won’t BC ur vegan and u want us to stop eating meat so we can turn into vegetarians Wich is not bad but like ����

  • With all these eather insulating comments or ones that make no sence like there made with dog meat or rotting meat…. childish….. Who will ask why dose McDonald blend most everything with soy knowing it produces estrogen in the human body and that affects growth of young boys

  • Carcinogenic Glyphosate (RoundUp) is a human made molecule, doesn’t exist in Natural World, doesn’t exist in Biology.
    Monsato-Bayer-Amazon need to be brought down.
    They patented it as an Industrial Descaler, a Desiccant, a pesticide, a herbicide, a fungicide and even as an Antibiotic ffs.
    Millions will get cancer, Big Aggra been raising Livestock on GMO (Glyphosate Modified Organism) for 30 Summers at least behind our backs.

  • We need resistant starch for example if you Jake potatoes and cool them down they no longer cause and spike in your insulin so if you want to lose weight and you love potatoes change to potato salad but don’t put a whole bunch of mayonnaise on that he’s right about the resistant starch and even with porridge goes into your system slowly and it doesn’t spike your insulin and you do not gain weight with pordge that’s another reason to eat resitant starch..
    Great for your gut bateria.

  • Does it ever occur to you that the reason why there is so much freedom of speech in the USA is because it gives people a pressure valve so that nothing they are upset about ever has to change like a devil’s compromise where crimes against humanity like poisoning an entire planet don’t result in any prison sentence to any of the involved… but you can nag about it all day long and you won’t see jail either, like you would for sure in some other dictatorships. Of course that also means that your freedom to whine is just another facet of your weakness.

  • It’s blatantly obvious we need strict legislation and stiff penalties to dissuade these sociopaths from harming us, animals and the environment.

  • Ok I’m not saying she’s lying or wrong but where are your SOURCES ???? I mean, I’m supposed to believe just because you say so? If you put in evidence to back up your claims. Or at least anecdotal weblinks to help support your claim. But no all I get is…you’re…pretty? So I guess you’re right?

  • I’ve been noticing for a while that some fast food restaurant cups seem to contaminate the liquid beverage. I frequently just drink water, but sometimes take my time to drink it, and as the water sits in some of these paper cups lined with some chemical, the water starts to taste funny. Most people probably wouldn’t notice this, because they probably are drinking soda pop which is strong enough flavor to cover up the unsavory toxic taste. Well, I can rest assured (sort of) that my suspicion that some chemical is leaking into my water was correct. From my limited local experience, McDonald’s cups seems to leak this unsavory toxic flavor into the beverage the worst/most.


  • You’d think a professional broadcaster would understand why streaming from a noisy, crowded room might not be that pleasant to listen to for his audience. I gotta day, the loud chatter paired with shitty audio quality really did not make this the most compelling interview.

  • I use to really like McDonalds but I recently got sick from the breakfast sausage my son did to ever since I haven’t gone or want to.

  • It’s all bullshit it’s all about making Americans sick so they can go to the hospital and the pharmacy to be put on medication it’s all lies

  • I still WOULDNT TELL ANYONE EAT MCDONALDS. U have mixed meats…horse and whatever. Yeah itveas a show….human meat was found in one of their refrigerators where do 800,000 bodies go each year…children, women SORRY U ARE FUCKIN BUSTED. YEAH MSM IS PEDO RUN.

  • I don’t think I will ever see McDonald’s the same way… I’ll still eat it bc when I’m feelin lazy I get fast food and idk I just don’t wanna stop eating it… just not as often

  • I have all beef burger patties from my local butcher (Double DD Meats), and they do not wreck me. If those McDonald’s patties are all beef, then they should not wreck me, yet they do. I am allergic to soy, and that experience (for me) is like really bad food poisoning, except there is no 24-hour delay between eating and the onset of symptoms.

  • Let mcdonalds use high end product, organic veggies..and people will start complaining that a mcdouble is 6$….like what do you expect, its fast food its suppose to be cheap ingredients that taste good.

  • Y’all talking about McDonalds. You don’t know what you eating or buying at grocery stores. And other restaurants. I’m quite sure it’s not just McDonalds. Facts!��

  • Has not come near me for 30 Years!!
    Do not get what the Pictures show.
    Tastes like cardboard with artificial flavor on top. U N H E A L T H Y.

  • God almighty, please forgive me, and those who are reading this comment, for we may have accidentally cannibalized another human being.

  • Burger King,Wendy’s, McDonald’s, IHOP, Sonic, Firehouse, Carl hardys they all need shutting down, selling nothing but junk food, wake up peeps these fast food chains are getting rich by killing you, yep you heard it killing you, keep on eating this shit if you think it’s not the case, and you will get a belly and pack on them pounds like crazy, before long you will become over weight obesity lazy and not be able to do what you once could, you will struggle with your breathing. Your blood pressure will go up you can get diabetes, you will get aches and pains all over, ulcers and lots more will come into play, oh and leave the pizzas alone also, dam these chains are killing you good, but your addiction is getting out of control, give up these fast food chains before it’s too late, you will become healthy and be able to play sports and gym and run and walk further, playing with your kids and grandkids is priceless

  • When I truly saw they serve human flesh and fluids and disgusting unclean hygiene practices yuck I stopped fast food. It’s been nearly 8 years.

  • This is total bs. If Sam knew anything about libertarianism he would know that people have iphones and we could easily write yelp reviews. Problem solved genius!

  • The FDA allows so many parts of rodent hair in just about everything ��, when’s the last time you saw one of these in the barbers chair??

  • I’ve hated McDonald’s food for a long time it does not even taste rights and what they advertised does not look like what they serve and they don’t even know how to make a real Burger

  • The problem with fast food is that its cooked frozen. If the food stuff thaws before cooking it spoils. Plus if refrigerated after it cooked it becomes tasteless and messy after reheating. Fast food Fried chicken products are better eaten cold after refrigeration. Cook you own food and take a lunch or snack from home cooked food whenever possible.

  • I was eating their fish �� sandwiches…Notice back then Their Fish�� sandwichs At McDonalds was not on sale like the Hamburgers��…Now they Are 2 for 5…

  • LIRESTERLINE VRAU CHES DATA 13.SEPT.2020.TRIMITETI 0752621579.NAME.varga SANDOR ADRES GLORIA NR 92.LOC.giroc.jud.timisoara.romania VRAU FAPTE nu mincuna Plus.BMW i8

  • This guy is just way too old and slow to be on a chat show… it’s ridiculous. He is hunched over can barely open his eyes can barely speak or think of how to construct his sentences… what is the point of having someone clearly so close to the end of their lives on a chatshow for the public? I’ll never understand the US.

  • Macdonalds is actually a pretty class act when compared with a few other eateries I’ve been to. They’re clean and food is quite edible. I believe the whole hate campaign directed at them is by the same groups that are tearing up the country right now. Similar to the bubble yum, snapple and KFC hate campaigns a few years back. Dangerous allegations that could and have ruined other companies in the past. All lies and BS.

  • To those that dont like McDonald’s food stop buying McDonald’s food be quiet and stop griping and go buy ur food some place else, no one is forcing you to buy McDonald’s food GOT IT

  • Gums from a plant and the reason we don’t always swallow it s because like corn it doesn’t digest properly + the fact that it takes 3 days to come out means you can effectively clog you entire intestine

  • I read this years ago at least three or four years maybe it was five years ago Subway Burger King Taco Bell and practically any other restaurant that doesn’t want the hamburger or sandwiches juices or grease to leak out. The poisonous toxic coating on the papers prevent it leaking Apparently it better for business. I guess returning customers still living or well well enough to eat isn’t good for

  • I worked at a meat factory for McDonald’s patties and they didn’t play at all about being clean. You wash your hands at least 6 times per shift, change uniforms 2 times per shift. You’re not allowed on the floor without uniforms or hairnets and gloves. The machines and walls are cleaned every day. Burger King patties are under the same roof as McDonald’s, so they get the same treatment. Now the only thing the public should be worried about is how clean is the employees and restaurant they ate from.

  • We are all in trouble no matter who we get for president because they’re all a bunch of sellouts!!! My phone is getting hacked behind my message. All My post get wrong type O’s just to make me look bad and so you’ll get tired of reading it because it won’t make sense you guys, I give you my word that this is happening to me. We are all in BIG TROUBLE behind big Government and their control. You have no idea. I reach out to China, Berlin America and the world with my post and they don’t like it. If I don’t, who will because you are mostly a bunch of sleeping Giants. Sorry but it’s true. I DONT WANT TO LEAVE MY CHILDREN SND GRANDCHILDREN YO THESE CROOKS SND THEIR VENOMOUS, TOXIC VACCINES.
    GOOGLE THE EFFECTS OF ALUMINUM IN OUR BODY. This is just one of the toxic chemicals in our vaccines. It’s also causes CANCER. I know.. I was diagnosed with leukemia in 2005.
    Prior to me getting cancer I used to ride my bike outside for 3.5 years and went I started stressing out behind my mom having a heart attack and my grandpa getting cancer. I soon there after was diagnosed with Leukemia. (I did a ton of herbs and marijuana oil, super greens powder, (Pau d Arco capsulsnatures way brand) Important: Cat craw capsules, but you can not take cat claw of you have leukemia) baking soda tea 1/4 tea spoon, and black seed oil, Altos tequila with minced garlic in it 1-2 or 3 shots a day, depending on how bad the cancer is. this is all not FDA approved, you must check with your doctor before taking anything. This is not intended to cure anything. (This is just what I did)

    Not true, COVID-19 IS AN ELITE money move.
    I’m a taxi driver and I used to pick up a lot of people from the airports that were coming from Wuhan China, Spain and France when this whole thing started. Some of them were even sick, coughing in my car. At first I didn’t know what I was dealing with so I didn’t mind too much but as soon as I found out how sick the people were getting I did jump all over a guy that came from France and was coughing without wearing a mask in my cab and he would NOT COVER his mouth while coughing and I asked him to please cover his mouth and if he kept on coughing without covering his mouth I was going to have to drop him off at the corner lol.
    If covid was what they’re trying to make it out to be I would have gotten COVID a long time ago, before Trump shut the borders. DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE!!

    MAKE SURE YOU boost my immune system with super green powders from ($14.97) and I take zinc, vitamin C and D3, along with with turmeric and sometimes cat claw or pau d Arco.



    LOOK UP DR RICHARD BARTLETT MD FROM TEXAS ON YOUTUBE. IN REFERENCE TO COCONUT 19 AND HOW HE TREATS HIS PATIENTS. ALSO DR. JENSEN, DR BUTTAR, THE AMERICAN FRONTLINE DOCTORS.COM. ON COVID-19 it’s and eye opener. Look up Liliana Robinson’s English videos in reference to covid-19 and the presidential election.

    Covenant 19 is made up of MERS, SARS and AIDS. THIS IS WHY YOU DON’T WANT THE VACCINATION. IMAGINE THIS,: even if you took someone’s plasma because you want to prevent covid-19. If you’re not sick why don’t you just let your immune system do its work?

    Because covid-19 has AIDS in it and what were people dying in the 80s and 90s behind AIDS? They were dying of complications of pneumonia period what are the people dying of right now? Complications of pneumonia ��.. wake up America! Google if COVID was created in the lab and before you do that go even further and Google if AIDS was created in the LAB? You will be shocked!!! Fight this dirty government BACK.

    Look up Bill Gates eugenics project and look up anonymous on YouTube on geoengineered clouds Bill Gates is part of the geoengineered clouds. Last but not least look up on YouTube by “Anonymous” on the subject “the Georgia guidestones” it’s States literally on stones and six or eight different languages that they are trying to get rid of 90% of us.

  • Omg this is so lawfully true omg it is bad excess bad things in our bodies omg yeah it’s true i would rather make my own food or avacado

  • well this morning I woke up n heard the news on the radio they found baby body parts in their freezer n was also in the process of shipping off some to other stores….what a disgrace to the human race!!!!

  • They are disgusting but the yogurt one is wrong. We all know that good bacteria is in our yogurt. And thats why we eat it. Its good forupset stomach

  • We live near the Willow Grove Air Force base outside of Philadelphia. PFAs are an issue in our water and it’s terrifying to think of. “Sociopaths” is the right term. The way these corporations function is so disturbing. I remember, years ago, reading about the tragedy in Bopal where the damage was so much more immediate and I thought it would never happen here. Maybe it wouldn’t happen here in the same way but the idea is the same; profits before people. We are the only species that will kill itself.

  • “ew bacteria in yogurt is gross” EXCUSE ME? Your gut is literally an ecosystem of bacteria. Whoever made this video is extremely uneducated and (probably) vegan.

  • Vaccine & Stem Cell Industries are exactly the same, Profit over People.
    Totally unregulated. If you get injured you can’t sue anyone, you’re just left paying medical bills yourself.
    Magastan is a shithole country bullying and poisoning humanity.

  • Id really care about what they say, everyone eats it and it doesn’t harm us
    Also these people are American and half these recipes are American versions x

  • I already knew jello was made out of animal skins but i dont eat it much and stuff so-
    But the fries might’ve looked the same but did they taste the same?

  • Since the 50’s. Like big oil and tobacco knew about the dangers of their crap and buried it. Because it was cheaper to ‘settle’ than change and protect the public.Yay capitalism!

  • Y’know the founder of duPont didn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d stand for this bs when I learned about him. They should be ashamed.

  • Watch the effects of sugar on a rat’s brain you can find that on YouTube and also watch Dead Doctors Don’t Lie you’ll be amazed about dr. Joel Wallach and his knowledge dr. Joel Wallach was sued I forget how many times by the Food and Drug Administration in the states and he won every court case

  • Idk if she’s just straight up dumb or just acting? Might be script as well, idk.. Joghurt is made out of bacteria??? Don’t you like learn that in 7th grade when you learn about bacteria. No hate, just dumb.

  • I hate any product made of animals now because of my Minecraft pig that died. I might still have to eat them for food though:( I want to go vegetarian

    I ate pasta and tomato sauce in the morning holy-

  • Mc Donald’s is nasty! I don’t know how many times I threw food out for either tasting nasty, old fries, and sometimes had hair in my food! On top of that they are extremely slow Even though they have two order screens. Then they almost always mess up your order! Then recently I was asked if I wanted to round up to three dollars when my order was only 2.16. I said no I have the change. I told myself how about they round down to 2.00 instead of trying to take my money? Why should I lose my change because they don’t want to give change because of the coin shortage. They make a lot of money I’m sure so why can’t they take a loss instead of trying to get customers to take a loss? Hate McDonald’s Don’t know why anyone wants to eat there!

  • The ANU (Australian National University) is doing a Epidemiological study on PFAS (polyflouroalkyl substances) at the moment. It’s basically a blood serum and crosssectional survey.
    I’ve been tested as I’m in a risk category. Be happy if it’s only 200 parts per trillion….

  • I DEBUNK IT!!!! my 40 year old sister is a NURSE..
    & she EATS HEALTHY, &. once in a while she eats chocolate
    ..but she. died in JAN 2020..stage4 cancer,that was DIAGNOSED LATE
    By doctors..explain this to me..SMH

  • It’s the meat and animal products. Everyone needs to go vegan. Watch What The Health and The Game Changers.Those are vegan makers. You WILL become vegan after watching those. In Genesis God gave man fruit and veggies and herbs and beans to eat. He did not make man to eat meat. Before the fall, there was no death, no death equals no meat. Eating meat came after the fall. Meat and animal products are poison to the body.

  • Work out every day eat healthy every eat less meat dont smoke drink alcohol you do all that you still going to die death is a must.

  • All these bad sound chemicals in our foods! If you can’t pronounce it don’t eat it. Things I’ve cut out are:
    4-hydroxy-3-methoxybenzaldehyde = Vanilla from the vanilla bean. (no more cookies, cake, ice cream and everything else with vanilla in it)
    Ethyl eicosapentaenoic acid = a mjor component of the oil found in almost all fish (I don’t eat fish)
    sodium hydrogencarbonate
    = Baking soda (basically all leavened baked goods)
    1-[(2E,4E)-5-(1,3-benzodioxol-5-yl)penta-2,4-dienoyl]piperidine = the chemical in black peppercorns that gives it its flavor (no ‘chemical’ flavor in any of my foods)
    (1→4)-α-D-glucopyranan = the primary starch in corn (no soups or stews or gravies please)
    = flavor that comes from the peppermint leaves for tea, candy, etc. (I don’t use toothpaste)
    = caffeine, you can forget that I’m ever drinking any caffeinated beverage again especially those small-batch fairtrade organic roasts

  • These people just add dead memes to their videos. And the 80% of people who liked this video are eather gullible or their 4 year olds that’s stole their moms phone

  • We need cholesterol for our brain I remember one year I had absolutely no butter no fat in my diet and I suffered severely from PMS and my doctor asked me “do you have fat in your diet”?
    I said there is absolutely no fat and he replies “Well put fat in your diet, especially butter, because your brain is made up of a high portion of fat”. So as soon as I did then my PMS literally disappeared!
    I mean I was a real witch with a capital B LOL. Always crying with mood swings, even when I had no P.M.S. All because I wanted to lose weight but that didn’t help because I was consuming too many of the wrong carbs.

  • The thing about having even cold pressed olive oil is that it does go rancid and when it becomes Rents It it creates free radicals and then that destroys the cells.
    There’s a company that bottles olive oil and its cold press but they put the date on it and they put the expiry date on it as well as the day it was cold pressed and when you do have an oil make sure you keep changing it into a smaller bottle because the space between the oil and the top of the lid is what makes the oil go rancid faster you don’t want any head space in there no air space so make sure you keep changing it so that it decreases in oxygen around the oil but best of all use butter grass-fed organic butter and if you can’t afford that at least switch to butter from oil dr. Joel Wallach explains why oil in the bottle is not good for you

  • For years and years I had heartburn and it was just in this last two years that I discovered that there was one thing that was really giving me heartburn and is calcium chloride it’s in flour and cheese and other products and as soon as I stop consuming anything with calcium chloride my heartburn has disappeared and that in itself is not needed in the flour what they do to the flour they strip it of all its nutrients..
    Go see how the Hutterites in the Mennonites live. It’s a different lifestyle it was a lifestyle I was brought up as a kid a my father would not allow me any junk food in fact in the sixties I remember him looking at a box of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes and I said to him why are we not having missing our house anymore and he says look what they put in it it chemical that has BHT and BHA he says we are not going to eat this it’s going to kill people and this was in the sixties he said that’s so we stopped having corn flakes in the house and then it was just once a month we would go to a fast food restaurant when I was a teenager so that he could say that I’ve been there done it because he didn’t want me to feel left out now it’s a natural thing for people to go 2 fast food three times a day no wonder we have cancer no wonder we have dementia no wonder we’re forgetful no wonder we have skin rashes and our teeth are falling out but that’s not the only thing that’s causing us health problems it’s stress Etc and I wonder why we have stress we want to live the fast life convenience consuming find Plastics ruining our Earth all for the sake of money and look at the future generation we’re destroying our Earth stop it stop buying plastic stop buying Saran Wrap stop buying plastic toys for kids like toys and us we are responsible

  • Even though y’all say bacon ain’t good for us to eat or chew gum or any of that stuff I still going to eat it I don’t care what you say hahaha

  • i haven’t eaten McDonalds for about 2 years, then one day I was in rush, was hungry so the closes to me was a McDonalds, order a qtr ponder with cheese, one bite I had to spit it out, worst thing I have ever tasted, Never again…..

  • People who call people drug addicts dumbfounds me when they are addicted to this too. I have done both and it’s addictions at the end of the day. We need to manage them or they will kill us.

  • who the hell is this interviewer hes about 150 years old?? What’s he doing on TV. This is just a waste of time for everyone watching, get a younger interviewer