Does Antibacterial Soap Actually Work


Hand Sanitizers and Soaps Put to the Test

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How Does Soap Work?

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Dr. Pritish Tosh discusses antibacterial soap

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Is Antibacterial Soap Better Than Regular Soap?

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Should You Use Antibacterial Soap? Are Antibacterial Soaps and Cleaners Good or Bad?

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Why Antibacterial Soap Is Dangerous

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Why Did The FDA Ban Antibacterial Soap?

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Antibacterial soap offers the same protection against colds as regular soap. Experts say you should wash up, but it doesn’t matter what kind of soap you use. Soaps with added “antibacterial” chemicals are not better at protecting people against infection and illness. The added chemicals may be harmful. The problem: People wash their hands for a matter of seconds, not hours.

And in real-world tests, the research team found no evidence to suggest that normal hand-washing with antibacterial soap does any more to clean the hands than plain soap. In fact, the AMA argues that you shouldn’t: Antibacterial soaps could do more harm than good—by making bacteria stronger and more resistant to existing germ killers, they say. Even when not just dealing with the coronavirus, antibacterial soap isn’t any more beneficial than regular soap. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to find any evidence that.

Does antibacterial soap kill coronavirus? Some people think antibacterial soap is better, but using it all the time can backfire. McGee warns against relying too heavily on it. The FDA and EPA are examining antibacterial soap’s impacts on human and environmental health.

A 2005 FDA advisory committee found no benefit to antibacterial over regular soap, but potential. Figure 1: The amphipathic nature of soap molecules help lift dirt and bacteria off skin and into water so that they can be washed away. Antibacterial soaps have all the same properties as regular soap, but with an extra ingredient added that is intended to stop the bacteria remaining on your skin from replicating. Colloidal silver supplements are often promoted as cure-alls, but evidence of effectiveness is lacking.

Side effects range from skin discoloration to organ damage. The short answer is that it often does. Antibacterial soaps are even designed to help fight and protect against bacteria.

Regular soaps without antibacterial properties, however, don’t necessarily offer protection against bacteria for long after you’ve washed your hands.

List of related literature:

Taken together, these studies indicate that antibacterial soaps are more effective at reducing infections by some organisms especially the ones that cause staph and strep infections.

“I've Made Up My Mind...Don't Confuse Me with the Facts!” by Chris Axon
from I’ve Made Up My Mind…Don’t Confuse Me with the Facts!
by Chris Axon
Xulon Press, Incorporated, 2007

For the consumer, the problem for skin is that antibacterial soaps and cleansers contain triclosan or triclocarban (the most typical antibacterial agents used), and there is little to no independent scientific data published to suggest that using these products prevents infection.

“The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Beauty” by Paula Begoun
from The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Beauty
by Paula Begoun
Rodale, 2004

Research done in my lab at William Paterson University has shown that antimicrobial soaps with triclosan do kill some bacteria, but do not completely sanitize.

“The Hand Book: Surviving in a Germ-Filled World” by Miryam Z. Wahrman
from The Hand Book: Surviving in a Germ-Filled World
by Miryam Z. Wahrman
University Press of New England, 2016

A 3% solution of hexachlorophene soap is effective in reducing infection by gram-positive bacteria, and various iodinated preparations, including iodinated chlorhexidine (0.5%), are effective against gram-negative organisms.

“Fanaroff and Martin's Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine: Diseases of the Fetus and Infant” by Richard J. Martin, Avroy A. Fanaroff, Michele C. Walsh
from Fanaroff and Martin’s Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine: Diseases of the Fetus and Infant
by Richard J. Martin, Avroy A. Fanaroff, Michele C. Walsh
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Washing with any soap is effective for removing and killing the bacteria on skin and the value and contribution of added antibacterial agents is controversial.

“Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures” by Zoe Diana Draelos
from Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures
by Zoe Diana Draelos
Wiley, 2011

Plain soaps do, at best, a middling job of disinfecting.

“Better” by Gawande
from Better
by Gawande
Penguin Group,

Antibacterial soaps are no more effective than plain soap and water for killing disease-causing germs outside of health-care settings.

“Betty Crocker Cookbook 11th edition” by Betty Crocker
from Betty Crocker Cookbook 11th edition
by Betty Crocker
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,

No dose-time response has been developed to compare the product with other disinfectants.

“Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Paul S. Auerbach
from Wilderness Medicine E-Book: Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features
by Paul S. Auerbach
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Numerous studies have shown these antibacterial soaps do little against foodborne pathogens such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli.

“Fundamentals of Microbiology: Body Systems Edition” by Jeffrey C. Pommerville
from Fundamentals of Microbiology: Body Systems Edition
by Jeffrey C. Pommerville
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2014

Also, antibacterial soap is no more effective at killing germs than is regular soap.

“Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists E-Book” by Susan G. Salvo
from Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists E-Book
by Susan G. Salvo
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

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  • Antibiotics:
    A lot of people start to feel better and then stop taking them, which is a COMPLETE mistake.
    ABs kill tons of weak germs, making one feel well, but the few super-resilient germs survive unnoticed, and are then free to take the place of all the weak germs if the ABs are stopped early.
    Those germs are adapted to survive ABs, making them MUCH harder to kill when they reinfect the body.
    Only taking the ABs until the prescription runs out ensures that even the resilient germs are dead.

  • As someone with piercings I keep antibacterial soap for when I’m cleaning them. I was under the understanding that that’s what it was geared toward was open wounds and stuff. But hey. I guess I’ve stocked up relics of another time

  • I have spent months researching top remedy for boils and discovered an awesome resource at Delfords boil blog (check it out on google)

  • I would have liked the choice rather to use it or not than for triclosan to be banned altogether. There have also been some studies that triclosan can help with the skin condition hidradenitis, lessening the breakouts.

  • When i was a kid my armpit have a smell and i am using antibacterial soap for my armpit I wonder why it smells worse after bathing. I don’t like Safeguard antibacterial soap

  • Is diet the only resource you advise during flu outbreak?
    Last month
    stomach virus
    strep throat
    and mono were going around heavily.
    The first several months of school were ridiculous.

  • I always refused to use antibacterial kitchen cleaners and hand soaps. I always believed that using antibacterial cleaners and soaps wood make us more susceptible to illness than less.

  • … 1.06… the fact that bacterial cell walls are getting compromised and leading to the bactira’s death is a clear sign of its effectiveness… The problem isn’t that the anti-bacterial soap is ineffective, the problem is how it eventually becomes resistant and you then get anti-biotic resistant strains that are harder too kill, which can lead to patients in hospitals who need surgeries getting infected with a super bacteria that is resistant to all the standard per-surgical procedures, putting a patient endanger of something the doctors didn’t originally have to account for.

    2:15 Studies showing how effective the use of anti-bactirial soaps didnt take into account that the subjects are simply surrounded by surfaces and everyday life that is full of bactiria of all kinds every where. You would littirally have to steralize absolutely everything on every surface and threw ever cell in order to test something like that to see if it had any change.

    Wash you hands with Anti-B soap, next thing you do is touch a napkin to dry off your hands… Of course you have the same amount of bacteria on you hands. your Towel would have to be a special anti-bacterial towel.

  • I can understand bar soap but how does dispensed soap get so contaminated? I’m glad we now have body wash. It’s gross thinking about using bars that have been in other people’s ass crack.

  • The truth is, they want normal people to get sick and die while the rich people that made this rule/ban benefit from the not getting sick.

    Just like medication and food. Every normal person is stuck with fake food or food with chemicals while they eat real food with no chemicals. And the medication they take is real medication and not crap created in a lab that is made to BE LIKE the real stuff that isn’t actually the real stuff.

    If I stop making comments or videos, the FBI killed me so I would stop spreading the truth.

    I will say that it is over used even in situations where it need not be used, and that can be a bad thing, but to outright BAN it is stupid. Just like weed. It is just an attempt for the rich to horde all the goods for them selves.

    I am for not over using it, but I am against an outright BAN.

  • If this bothers you, then the fact that pig farms in China are using the antibiotic of last resort, colistin, should send chills down your spine.

  • Yet there is no proof that this chemical does any harm? Yet we have been using it for the last 50 years with no problems what so ever? I have been using this stuff for the past 5 years, at least. No side effects noted. FDA go home!

  • When you’re allergic to antibacterial and had to bring your own soap from kindergarten through 12th grade and the antibacterial soap ban in schools wasn’t put into place until the year after I graduated ��

  • A little too late. The bacteria has already built up resistance during those years that the antibacterial soaps were sold. FDA should have run extensive tests BEFORE they allow antibacterial soaps to be sold, NOT AFTER.

  • There is no ban. You can still buy antibacterial dish soap. I use that to was my dishes and hands or wipe down kitchen surfaces.

  • The major benefit of using Antibacterial soap is that it will eliminate body odor, most of body odor is caused by bacteria breaking down the sweat and using an Antibacterial soap will prevent body odor.

  • my father who is a very good doctor, told me once several years ago to “not use antibacterial soaps all the time, just use regular soap for daily bathing”

  • What are we supposed to use then? We have to keep our hands clean somehow. If nobody ever washed their hands, then people would be getting sick left and right. 

  • So let me get this straight when the doctor is going to do surgery on me next week I’m gonna tell him not to wash his hands because bacteria is very important. ��

  • you should do a video on how the flu dosnt exist even jack off comedian jimmy dore did a video about that and thats why CVS pays people to get the so called flu shot when they are just using you as a science experiment or as some conspiracy theorists even think they are putting a chip into your body every time you get the flu shot

  • thats ridiculous, i can get pimples if i dont use antibacterial soap, i could never go back to regular soaps, sorry fda kiss my ass

  • I never used antibacterial soaps. Only once when I got to my cousin’s house and I needed to wash my hands but she had antibacterial soap. It is the same thing.
    I just use regular soap ��

  • I’ve been concerned about antibacterial soaps engendering antibiotic resistant bacteria since I first saw them and I never use them

  • I have fish, cats and birds I clean up after daily. I will take my chances with the anti bacterial hand soap. Sorry, but I couldn’t function without washing my hands 2-3 times a day. Usually 2 times.

  • what the fuck was the point of putting antibiotics in soap anyway when stuff like alcohol and other disinfectants completely destroys the cell not allowing for genetic mutation to survive it? seems unnecessarily risky

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  • Dangerous bacteria: exists
    Healthy microbiome creatures: He could be any one of us. He could be you. He could be me. He could even beX_X
    Hand sanitizer: What? It was obvious. He was the dangerous bacteria.

  • Ridiculous that it causes more antibiotic resistant bacteria. It’s worse spreading MRSA or VRE from patient to patient in healthcare if antibacterial soap is used. And there are soaps which are antibacterial that doesn’t contain triclosan.

  • I heard from somewhere that soap it self doesnt actually clean your hand but rather breaks the cohesive forces that keep water together (remember how filling a glass to the brim leaves a bulge above the edges instead of falling down?). So with that in mind, the dissolving and solvent forces of water are further enhanced breaking away other substances more efficiently. Essentially, soap makes water wetter.

  • Hi Dr. Berry, could you make a video suggesting some products To use as an alternative, I am totally on board and agree however I also don’t want to get E. coli or salmonella poisoning, any thoughts about that?

  • I’m confused, he said using regular soap kills just as many bacteria as triclosan does. So that is a poor argument saying super germs will come from using triclosan, but the other arguments are still good.

  • @ 2:00 Doesn’t sound like a ‘True Statement”. The 1% strong ones will still replicate it’s self at the same speed, regardless if the weak ones die or live from the antibacterial soap. The soap doesn’t make them stronger. It’s based on them already being resistant to the soap on first use and not by over time. Do this: Wash your hands with a regular bar of soap to get most of the weak and strong germs off your hands, then use a alcohol based hand gel sanitizer. You can’t go wrong there. Just know, no matter what you use, you can not sterilize your hands, unless you bake them at 250F for 45 minutes. @ 2:00…for that to be a ‘True Statement’ it would have to be, because the weak germs, kills the strong germs.

  • With bacteria: think of it as grease on your hands. Alcohol breaks up contaminate as it evaporates so they can’t grow. Soap and water unsticks them from your skin and then can be rinsed off and down the drain.

  • Doctors give people antibiotics that also kill good bacteria in the body but they won’t ban that! I think the ban of the soap is uncalled for and is only to support the pharmaceuticals that sale their chemical-filled acne products. My face/breakouts didn’t clear up until I used the anti-bacterial soap on it! And I’m fine. I bought so many expensive products that didn’t work and the cheap soap cured my issues!

  • Better than botulism, tetanus, or staph. I just got a tiny cut on my finger while gardening, and there’s soil stuck in it. I can’t get it out. Idk what to do.

  • I always use hand sanitizer, especially now. still have stock and 10% off. I’ll keep getting it online until I can’t find it anywhere than switch to soap

  • Wait wait… @ 1:17 the 60% alchol has almost nothing growing while @ 1:49 the antibacterial soap looks like theres still terribly lots of bacteria… so how exactly is it supposed to be better?

  • Here in New Zealand two studies have been released that show interesting results regarding anti-bacterial cleaning products and exposure to animals.
    The first study showed that children who are raised in homes treated with anti-bacterial cleaners are more likely to develop allergies and to get sick more often when they reach school age. The scientists concluded that moderate exposure to germs in the home causes the child’s immune system to develop and learn to recognize certain bacteria and viruses. Failure to do this in early childhood leaves children vulnerable to both bacterial and viral illness when they go to school.
    The other study regarding animals showed very similar results, with rural children suffering from allergies at less than half the rate of city dwellers. Urban kids who grow up with pets fall somewhere in the middle, having fewer allergies that those without.
    All this should be obvious. Kids born before the middle 80’s grew up with plain soap and water and had less than 20% the rate of allergy suffers. So ditch the anit-bacterial this and germ fighting that and teach your kids to wash their hands properly with soap and water. It’s cheaper, healthier and better for the environment.

  • Triclocarban is being replaced with a new ingredient called Benzalkonium Chloride. This is how Antibacterial soaps can still be used and sold in addition to the ban on the original ingredient.The stockpile of soaps will still be sold simultaneously alongside the soap with the new ingredient.

  • Wait.. so if regular soap kills just as many germs we think… then why is antibacterial soap worse again? (from the perspective of it creating super bugs), seems they would both do that if they are as effective as each other. Any help from anyone would be cool.

  • I am finding that I have to use Rubber Gloves when doing dishes because of Peeling of My skin due to chems in the dish detergents…time for Natural cleaners:)

  • I’ll keep to alcohol based and lysol to clean stuff, and bleach. Only use hand sanitizes
     (alcohol based) after working with reptiles

  • After all this time washing my hands when I come home after being outside and going to the toilet, thinking I am killing the germs on my hands, but no, it just turns out I’m making the bacteria and germs more resistant by cleaning my own hands, and one day the germs and bacteria may just kill me because of this.

    Is there anything in this world that isn’t fucking depressing?

  • thx for the videos DR, what do you think about drinking coconut water every day? (real water from a coconut not bought in a store box) is it fattening? thx

  • Your FDA ban everything, FDA wants to kill Americans, FDA not allow to use Chinese Herbs medicines soup to cure Conovirus 19 patients in your country which is already shown very effective in China. The herb medicine recipe is already widely published.

  • My mother always used to remind me to wash my hands. I thought she was nagging but it’s become routine for me. Also, be careful with where you store your hand sanitizers. Since it contains up to 70 percent alcohol it should be free from any source of heat or flames.

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  • I only ever use antibacterial soaps if I visit my family. They are living in a country with poor tapwater regulations. My West-European stomach cannot handle that ish

  • I have been cleared now from cancer 7 years, and all my life I have been using nothing but Colgate. Nothing but the best or, so I thought. Guess where my cancer was? “On my gum at the front of my mouth for the world to see”. I thought that when I had brushed my teeth that I had bruised it.

    The doctor, said “Nothing to worry about, but go and see your dentist”. The dentist X Rayed and said “Nothing to worry about but here is a letter, in your own time visit Kings College Hospital”. I spent the whole day going from floor to floor and trainees and three months later examinations, until they decided to do a biopsy. I waited a further 10 days, when I got the dreaded phone call Monday 18th of December, asking me to come in, spoke to the consultant Wednesday 20th and started my chemotherapy treatment and something called the Chop, on the 22nd December 2006. 

    My mother watched me go through HELL!… She died a year later. To this day I still believe it was the trauma of my sickness she could not handle, that helped to kill her.

    Now to here that we are putting TRICLOSAN in our mouth every day and night.  I just spent a fortune swopping over the mercury fillings in my mouth costing over £800.00, because I take the care serious for my mouth and my body.

    The Bible say  in Psalms 118:8  ‘It is better to take refuge in the Lord than to trust in man’. And that is what we have been doing from the day we was born, I suppose its just a bad habit.

  • But there’s a danger on using handsanitizer that contains triclosana synthetic element  It has been noted that exposure to a high dose of triclosan can decrease some thyroid hormones making bacteria resistant to antibiotics. Try to avoid this kind of handsanitizer.

  • I dont understand why this video doesn’t mention that the hype behind this substance possibly becoming banned off the market is its link to cancer. Oh well.  

  • Triclosan was determined to cause adverse effects in 1978. but its not the only thing in our soap and toothpaste. Triclosan is found in the blood and urine of 75% of Americans over the age of 6. The FDA was handed over to Monsanto/Phizer’s vice president Michael Taylor when Obama appointed him as deputy commissioner.
    whether its colgate, palmolive, phizer, pharmacia, Monsanto… They benifit by having a corporate vice president controlling the FDA? and at this time the FDA is refusing to release information on this drug. They also approve aspartame, cancer causing ecoli secretions used in sweet and low and equal and many soft drinks…
    Our Government agencies are not ours, they are corporate owned. They are corporate staffed and they have an agenda that has nothing to do with protecting the public. This is how I define Washington “sold”, congress is nothing more than televised board meetings put on by actors, over the Networks owned by these corporations. Actions speak volumes, their words are always read from scripts.

  • It does not really make you stronger, but you immune system makes anti bodies for each set of the different viruses/bacteria that attacks you. That does not necessarily mean you will fight off a new virus better than others. Having good health and no malnutrition does however make your immune system better.

  • Bacteria are not viruses. Different viruses do not all have the same susceptibility. Chlorhexidine or iodine scrub are the known winners. Not isopropyl alcohol alone. Remember the evaporation and contact time very important.

  • I rarely wash my hands unless of course they are dirty. I wash with distilled vinegar. I stopped using soap on my body about 25 years ago. I do not catch colds or the flu. I did have the flu in 1982. My philosophy is that if you don’t exercise your immune system then you are setting yourself up for disease. I get duck poop on my hands every day. I wash my hands when I come back from the duck house. Then I dunk my hands in a bucket of fairly strong acetic acid rub them together thoroughly then rinse them in clean water and dry them. When I bathe I use vinegar to wash my body. My philosophy is that since the mantle on the skin is mildly acidic cleaning with a mild acid makes sense. My hair gets washed with vinegar. I ferment my own vinegars. Mostly from apples because this area is apple country and there are literally thousands of wild apple trees. They are everywhere. Abandoned apple farms are everywhere. I just harvest several hundred bushels and crush them into cider. Then add vinegar mother. About 200 gallons of really nice vinegar. In the winter I drain off the acetic acid after the water freezes. Very strong vinegar. Very useful cleaning agent. I even wash my clothes with apple cider vinegar. Disinfectant soaps? I am not performing surgery. I raise ducks, geese, and chickens. I do butcher some ducks and geese once each year. I do use very strong acetic acid to clean my butchering tools. My body never gets alkaline chemicals on it unless by accident.

  • They are not stating the obvious here. When you are out and about, using shopping trollies, handling items in stores, using credit cards, cash machines etc you cant just wash your hands. Hand sanitizing gels are what you use! When you get home, first thing you do is get your hands washed properly with hot water and soap for at least half a minute or more. Please use common sense people.

  • I hate antibacterial soaps!!! It doesn’t work or “kill” viruses!! I’m a RN and have been around many drug resistance bacteria. I had to bring my own soap because antibiotic soap broke down my skin and I would not have intact skin. Never got sick!!

  • 1:24 in HS biology class, a guy pressed his hand into four agar dishes. The first without washing his hands, and the others afte subsequent washings.

    There were more germs after the first and second washings than with no washing. The hypothesis was that the first washings exposed bacteria that live under the skin that gets washed away during the first washings. That’s why surgeons wash their hands so thoroughly.

  • Problems in animals? In fish and shellfish not mammals. Lots of chemicals we have been using since Roman times kill 99% of bacteria.(ie. ammonia, lye, various acids, honey) Also, doesn’t Great Britain have higher rates of obesity and alcoholism than the U.S. and some the poorest emergency room care in the European Union.

  • you never go by “MIGHT” to ban something! if you ban something you need strong evidence. your FDA should be worried about lead in your water not banning antibacterial soap to protect you.

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  • I thought they just said “kills 99.9% of bacteria” because it sticks in the consumers brain more than “kills all bacteria” and also because of the potential that there are bacterias that it doesn’t affect that we haven’t discovered yet. And people never seem bothered by the fact that removing every germ from the environment that a child grows up in means that when they do encounter germs, their body is totally unprepared.

  • Some people live to be 110 and you wanna talk about this chemical.. Do you realize that we ingest thousands of chemicals everyday?? Air pollution, hairspray, fingernail polish, bleach, etc. Come on. You know how many types of cancer there is?? There is no way we will beable to stop every dangerous chemical. Everything is dangerous. Like driving a car..getting on a roller coaster. Etc. You can get cancer by eating burnt food.. Cancer is everywhere. Thousands if chemicals or bacteria is related to cancer!

  • I just went through the list of ingredients in my antibacterial soap but didn’t find any triclosan (looked for its scientific name as well) does it mean they don’t necessarily use this as an agent? or do they just not mention it?

  • Why not use a BETTER, STRONGER one that:
    ��100% Alcohol Free

    �� is Safe For Kids
    �� Lasts up to 4 hours
    �� has Wound Care
    �� Doesn’t Sting or Burn
    �� Doesn’t Dry out your hands
    �� Made in the USA

  • this is a conspiracy or plot by hostile nations ppl etc to american citizens et al to kill ppl. it is the work of satan they lobby the WHO UN govt. etc… its same thing with trans fat et al. they find anyway they can to hurt people. this is lunacy. fuck u idiots

  • Good instructions
    People of the poor countries are more resistant than developed countries. I don’t know the exact reason but….
    1/ Developed countries follow good health safety practice but poor countries follow less.
    2/ Developed countries’ consume more instant foods, processed foods, caned foods, and more cleaned foods. but poor countries consume raw foods, traditional foods and more spices…..
    3/ Most developed countries are low temperature in most time but most of poor countries are high temperature.
    4/ The people in the developed countries are in high stress but poor countries’ people are in less stress.
    5/ Developed countries consume more artificial drinks but poor countries consume more traditional drinks without process.
    6/ Developed countries consume more meat but poor countries consume more vegetables.

    Trusting God During Disease, Sickness, and Illness…

  • Had to do a presentation about something polemic in science for as ethics class while taking my master’s degree… chose this topic and stumbled upon this video… I have been a fan for very long and I’m very pleased to say that the references you guys put are on point… it had everything I needed for my presentation and I found a renewed admiration for the work you guys are doing with this channel… only if every news outlet would do such a great job checking their references like you guys… we can dream

  • I saw this some years ago and his explanation about how effective soap and water are got stuck in my mind. I am back here because today we have a pandemic caused by Covid-19

  • Its called natural selection, if you use more antibiotics than usual, then there is a outside force that pushes natural selection onto bacteria. So if there is a mutation in one of the bacteria that makes it immune to the antibiotics then there will be a new generation of super organisms where antibiotics are usless, which is undesirable.

  • This is a big lol moment for me.

    Throughout the ages I’ve been hearing I’ve been hearing that I shouldn’t wash my hand with kitchen detergent because it won’t clean my hands, even though I get a more cleaner feeling when using it because it removes more oil of my skin than the Palmolive soap in the bathroom.

  • It’s good. BC the WHO has already held for a while that antibacterial soap contributes to drug resistant superbugs and regular plain old soap IS already antibacterial. The MAIN antibacterial action is actually physicaljust the mere rubbing and rinsing washes away bacteria but of course soap dissolves all the natural oils that dirt and bacteria stick to. I use lavender hand wipes all the time and wash frequently with regular soap. Bless Whole Foods ������✌️

  • True Doc, correct so long as you have a good management of them in balance is part of our co existence for a vital health into this planet earth which is full of microorganisms.������

  • Nice video for hand sanititzer. One more video by one can make their own soap at home with ingredients and herbs which are easily available in our kitchen.

  • I’m in favor of the ban but it raises a serious question: Are doctors, scientists, professionals still going to be able to use triclosan for sterilization etc? I think it would be irresponsible to completely ban it for all uses so I hope that’s not what the ban is for.

    Edit: I did some research and it looks like it’s only over the counter liquid and bar soaps that are being affected with this ban. Hospitals and scientists will still have easy access to triclosan.

  • Good to know. I’d just like to add that I never use hand sanitizers. Why? Because whatever dirt and bacteria and other gnasty substances are on your hands just get spread around. Even if those substances and bacteria are dissolved, the broken down particles are still on your hands. Also, hand sanitizers make my skin feel disgusting. 

  • I agree with the part about not using anti bacterial soaps on your body and in your house. I clean almost my entire house with simple green and it works great. Nothing beats the original, ammonia based, scrubbing bubbles for cleaning bathrooms though. Scrubbing bubbles seems to use the ammonia as more of a grime cutting ingredient, with the anti bacterial aspect being a side benefit.

  • What about soaps like defense soap? It is coconut oil tea tree oil and eucalyptus oil and all natural. Is that ok to use. I had mrsa before and was close to death about 8 or 9 years ago. Defense soap is a soap made for sports mainly wrestling and jujitsu type sports

  • we have and are raising two generations of children with vastly reduced immune systems than we had growing up before antibacterial soap.

  • This videos absolute nonsense. It comes from a report by the CDC which says it’s possible that antibacterial soaps may cause resistant bacteria. There is no evidence of that. Plus it would have been evident years ago if not decades ago as people used antibacterial Dial soap for decades. And the 1970s it was the number one soap in America. Bacteria if it were resistant to the soap would have been resistant decades ago. It’s just the FDA bullying the American public as usual by Banning this product

  • Negative.
    Incorrect usage of antibiotics and over usage of antibacterials create more powerful bacteria.

    As explained, over-usage of antibacts leads to the survival/thriving of only the most resistant mutant strains of bacteria, those strains then reproduce and create a new generation of bacteria that are all that resistant. The cycle repeats over and over as the most effective bacteria of each generation are the one that thrive the best in adverse conditions.

  • This has me wondering if ive been unwillingly been exposed to this for years simply by working in the foodservice industry which, at least where i work uses antibacterial soap and requires washing ones hands alot, i average a minimum of 3 times an hour at work, going to have to look more closely at soap ingredients now, WTF

  • So I understand why they removed it from Cetaphil and cuticura soaps that I’ve been using and effective for so many years, but since they took it out of all soaps we need an alternative or something even better that can be called a antibacterial cleanser something that’s 100% safe, effective, and safe to use all day long and weeks and years if you have to use the soap or cleanser. So they need to come up with something and do clinical research or whatever it take to come up to replace antibacterial soaps and FDA approved since FDA’s trying to protect us in our favor. It’s very sad they had to remove it because it was good but if it’s causing harm to health which is understandable then it’s good that FDA removed it. At first I did not I understand why they’ve done it I thought they were just being naive and just want to take good things away from people but I thought wrong FDA is trying to protect us for sure.

  • The US is the worst developed nation for this. The FDA is cheap to buy. You have hundreds of chemicals in your consumer products that are banned here in the UK. We have a national health service so they actually want to keep us relatively healthy here.

  • Hi, Doctor Berry. I use hydrogen peroxide for oral debriding after brushing my teeth due to it’s antiseptic properties. I do it for general oral health and to prevent pericoronitis (I have an erupting wisdom tooth). Should I stop doing it? If I should, what would be a great substitute for hydrogen peroxide as a mouthwash? Thank you very much, really appreciate the help.

  • It is China’s authoritarian reaction that created this global pandemic and its actions to deny, keep quiet, misinform, punish whistleblowers, and take a security crackdown approach caused thousands of deaths.

  • Can you link to the study?  I would like to validate the findings, If you can link to the medical results for said year I would be happy since I am doing a paper on this video and I can’t find the source materials.

  • can we not make bacterial vaccines to strengthen the immune system….say take a strand of the same bacteria.  that is not drug resistant.   inject it into the body. allow antibodies to build up. that way when a super bug enters the immune system.  our system has already built a resistance to the bacteria.

  • Doc. I agree with what you say. I will keep eating honey:-) but again I agree. Rush Limbaugh said its healthy to pick your nose and eat it.
    It forces your body to get used to bacteria. I do not do that but I feel there is way too much antibiotics being used.
    In the old days we ate dirt when we were kids.
    The only soap that I use in my ANTI containers is dawn.
    I dont know why your subscribers are not more.
    You make sense. Alas I do not use facefuck or any of those other evil governmental ways of being spied upon.
    I wish you luck in your message. Keep up the good work!

  • Can vigorous rubbing of your hands, hard enough to raise the temperature of your hands, kill pathogens (Vs & Bs) on your hands?

    I believe it can

  • I use anti bacterial dial soap for my acute acne on my face. I have tried everything else under the sun and I mean nothing!!! Works!!..Guess what no new breakouts and my face is finally starting to look and feel so much better. I have oily skin so the soap doesn’t dry out my skin

  • Buy santizer and secure urself and secure ur family from covid19. Click below link and buy the best quality products of santizer

  • The most important ingrediant in soap is glycerin which attracts moisture. Glycerin is made natually in the process of soap making (saponification). Dove extract their glycerin and sell it to other companies, but by law they can’t name their product soap. So they rename it ironically moisturizing bars even though the glycerin which helps with moisture is removed.

  • I’m not used to seeing such irrational sensationalism on DNews.  OMG something you’re using WASN’T SHOWN TO BE SAFE BY THE GOVERNMENT.  (Although it has been in widespread use for half a century, and there is no solid evidence that it’s unsafe.)  BUT THE GOVERNMENT HASN’T EVEN TESTED IT. 

    The truth is that the great majority of things we consume were never tested by the government, and government safety regulations have actually been shown in many cases to do more harm than good (see “FDA drug lag”, the requirement to use Tris, or Peltzman’s studies on automobile safety regulations, OSHA, and the CPSC.)

    If you want to argue that Triclosan deserves closer attention, fine.  But not only have you not actually established that this is true, you have actually made your position less plausible by surrounding it with a bunch of unfounded alarmism.

  • Castille soap and essential oils is enough. Just know what is moderation. Washing helps in removing heavy chemicals and removing acumulated(excessive) germs.

  • I wonder how long it’s going to be until we see probiotic “soap”; a goo to rub on your hands that creates an ecosystem on your skin that will naturally suppress harmful bacteria and viruses. I’m sure some lab is already on it.

  • So Dr. Berry. I go to work and the guy I’m taking over for has a runny nose and is sniffling like an old sick tom cat. So I shouldn’t wipe down the phone and the computer keyboard with disinfectant to kill the germs because they are good for me? Who wants to get sick?

  • If anyone wants to shake my hand, I tell them that I have tuberculosis. I don’t know where that assholes hand has been! It might of just been on his asshole. Or somebody else’s.

  • Nurses use alcohol pads to sterilize skin before injections why not use it half and half with liquid soap dispensers? I haven’t had the flu or a head cold in many years since I started using this mixture, and hand scratches never get infected. Good idea, or not?

  • there is a gazillion trillions of bacteria in the air once u wash Ur hands and walk 20 ft ops your hands is now full of bacteria again:P

  • I wanna know does soap kill germs can germs reproduce in soap if not yes soap kills germs!! if soap killed all germs on your hands even the one your skin produces to protect you from bad bacteria you would get a lot of infections on your hands and rest of the body.. like your stomach is full of bacteria I am not sure but i thing that bacteria is about 80% of your stomachs immune system.. try and eat or drink some soap and see if you stomach’s bacteria flora will be effected.. lol eat enough soap and it will kill even you as a person then bacteria will decompose your body.. but soap kills bacteria but it is not possible to kill all bacteria.. they do die but they do also multiply..

  • So use non-anti-bacterial soap for 20 seconds? I like understanding why we are wrong, but it helps if you also inform your consumers of this information about what we can actually do.

  • “Might as well stick with the basics.”
    AH, I GET IT. Basic, like the opposite of acid.. soaps are bases…

    …i watch too many science shows…

  • Which is why most dispensers now are not ‘refillable’ by way of a canister that gets new liquid, but by whole inserts with integrated nozzles, which are replaced, thus reducing the chances of contamination.

  • If you think the bit about people’s hands being dirtier after washing is bad, you probbably dont want to think about what happens when you wave your hands around underneath those perfect bacterial incubators, the humble hot-air drier.
    Thats a perfect place for them to breed, then get blown onto your ‘clean’ hands.
    And then of course, you have to pull on the door handle to get out too, and who knows what is living on that.

    But at the end of the day, thats why you have an immune system!

  • Soap works by making water wetter via breaking its surface tension.

    Now you don’t have to watch the unnecessarily long video! You’re welcome. (o:Þ

  • My high-school biology teacher said that “anti-bacterial soap” was a silly concept, and some student’s parent who worked for a soap company got upset.

  • why should hand sanitizers be dried off instead of wiping it off or rinsing it with water? i know it’s a stupid question but i need it for an assignment:D

  • Wait so you’re saying that soap is only useful against germs via removing (crudely speaking) your skin oil? So it’s useless against gasoline, any kind of dirt, if I accidentally touch my poo while whiping my ass? As well as when I’m washing my assall it does is cover the stink? It does not help speficially ‘clean’ myself in those and similar scenarios

  • Only SOME antibacterial soap has been banned:

  • So how does soap work? No idea, but its good for washing your hands apparently (never mind any of the countless other applications). Would have been interesting to have a little more exposition on the “chemically breaking down oils” part rather than just reciting common knowledge on personal hygiene.

  • So I have no clue how soap works but I could bring out a theory.
    Since oils are hydrophobic and insoluble in water they are hard to rinse off. But there is a way to make oils soluble in water. By saponification. Sodium hydroxide is added to an aquatic-oil mixture.
    Saponificating the oil and combining it with water. So soap is actually oil which is dissolved in water. Rubbing soap against your skin dissolves the oils in the water and flushes them off.

  • Great information I think some people will go out of control washing everything and still get sick because like you said we still need some germ or bacteria around

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  • I used antibacterial soap for a short time. It dried my skin so raw that my knuckles were on the verge of bleeding. It hurt so much. Of course I stopped and swore to never use it again.

  • At the time of my comment. The like to dislike ratio is 560 to 1, and I bet that one person who disliked this video, what’s a germaphobe.

  • Killing bacteria with antibacterial soap might not be a bad thing so much as a good. Through breeding stronger germs we build stronger immune systems in humans. Just a guess.

  • Now that you know how soap works check out this video and find out Why Do Men Have Nipples?:

  • If your bacterial population isn’t making you sick, leave it alone. The more often you wipe out harmless bacterial populations, the more often you open an opportunity for harmful bacteria to take over and colonize your environment.

  • i hate getting colds so yes i use hand sanitizer soap everytime i go to the store but once i get home i always make sure to wash my hands again with soap so i gues i wash off the hand sanitizer so maybe does not even matter

  • I take a shower in it heal the skin cuts ect and wash my hair in it> make it soft shinny >> >> SO WHAT IT IN EVERY THING TOOTH PASTE, deodorant, perfume you name it> SO many bugs out there got to have some thing to kill em. SO DOES THAT MEAN I GOT A LAWSUIT lmao CYA IN COURT

  • nice i have 5 liters hand sanitizer with 70% alcohol. i thought 70 % is not enough to kill viruses. thanks now i know it works. ��

  • There off on there time by ten seconds any surgeon or chef knows it takes 30 seconds of hand washing to kill bacteria and virus’s on your hands not 20 I don’t know why there telling people 20 seconds it’s not long enough

  • The stupidity of people saying they can’t get hand cleansers while I was sitting in Argos listening to mother and daughter saying we need em’ outside when no soap is available, FFS just use an small empty shampoo bottle filled with ordinary soap liquid, do the usual wash for 30 secs then dry with a paper towel

  • I use ‘Antibacterial dish soap for dishes, but not for cleaning my hands. I have used it for my hands, but only if I got engine car grease on my hands. That ‘Dawn’s’ dish soap works good for that. I use ‘Purell Hand Sanitizer’ to disinfect my hands it’s alcohol based.

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  • Ppl complain about alcohol. Crazy!!
    What’s meaning of hand sanitizers if without alcohol
    My medical hand sanitizers have 90% alcohol, 10% others ingredients as aloe vera, glycerin, extra oils…

  • I do have a question.

    We wash our hands by using soap for 20 seconds.

    what would happen to that soup since the germs stick on that soup?

  • I am from India���� and I am using Hydent -k toothpaste of ABBOTT brand… It has Triclosan in its ingredients… So if it is banned then why brand are using it…

  • Novel Corona Virus-Covid-19

    patients psychological and physical treatments -methods and

    1 Avilable Chemical Methods (medicines) for cure.

    Exactly no such medicines were  being discovered.On a fine day somebody might
    develop a medicine to cure it.Until that time we may try some physical and
    psychological methods to cure Covid-19’

    2.Physical Methods for cure

    Exactly no such methods have been identified.

    3.Methods to control the spread of covid virus.

    A).Social distancing.

    Keep a distance of about 1,5 meters from other persons.

    Avoid  palces of mass

    Avoid public transport systems.

    Avoid all public grouping places like
    curch,temple,court,schools,factories etc.

    B)Wear a mask when you cannot avoid the above situations.

    Wash hands and face with water  and bath soap.

    Do not use public clothes.

    C) Sterilize the clothes you wear with soap and water.

    Physical methods to cure  Covid-19 that may be tried.

    1).The steam bath method of old Finland.

    Exposure to steam with enough air for the patients for few
    minutes  or seconds at an  interval of 30 minutes or more during day

    2.Good sleep for about 8 – 10 hours

    Psychological  methods
    to cure  Covid-19 that may be tried.

    1.Talk with persons of your interest using your mobile using
    whatsapp or other app.

    2.Above physical treatments could be done in a garden where
    patients could see playing children or something similar. This would give
    positive energy.

    3.Reading stories or do some maths exercise or anything you like.

    Governments  of different
    countries would create such recreation facilities for their citizens at free of
    cost. That is governments must bear all expenses.

  • Warning don’t buy from Amazon. They are selling hand sanitizers that say 60mls but 60mls is only 2 ounces and they want 7-10 dollars for it. Some also want shipping costs. I complained to Amazon yesterday.

  • I don’t that there is a ban. I see the ads everywhere. FYI bacteria is good for us. We have over 20 pounds of bacteria that we need

  • Ah hah! We finally disagree lol! With all your solid honest advice, it took 30 videos!!! I’m not throwing away my defense soap doc lol ain’t happening lmao

  • And how is this video explaining HOW SOAP WORKS exactly? It does not, not really. What properties of soap allows soap to do what soap does? Not explained in this video at all:(

  • On the subject of things humans shouldn’t be using/doing splicing the genes of our food supply. Before anyone says “We’ve been doing this for thousands of years” or “everything you eat is genetically modified.”….. No. Just no. Selective breeding and hybridization is something humans have been practicing for millennia but is far from modern genetic modification.

    The FDA is an absolute joke and has no regard for the health of Americans.

  • Is hand sanitizer better or soap is a common question
    Here is the detailed explanation.

  • It’s worse. They put it in tooth paste, as well. News story from today in Danish public service outlet: Triclosan in Colgate tooth paste might be cause of cancer on the rise.

  • Antibacterial soap and overuse of antibiotics are leading causes of the rise of multi-drug resistant bacteria infections from which have no treatment. Over washing your hands can also remove beneficial bacteria on your hands. Wash your hands before you eat, after you shit or piss, and when they have been contacting lots of surfaces or people outside your home area.

  • you should revisit this video!!

  • Acidic based cleaners are the only things that kill bacteria on your skin. But all of these cleansers (alcohol, soap, are not acidic, but alkaline).