Doctors Use Bacteria as Weapon Against Cancer


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Scientists Are Using Your Body’s Bacteria To Battle Cancer, Is It Working?

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Jimmy Carter’s ‘Cancer Cure’

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Human Germs and Bacteria Seen As Weapons In War Against Cancer

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Immunotherapy: A new weapon against cancer

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The bacteria, Clostridium novyi-NT, can cause gas gangrene and sepsis if infection is allowed to run amok in a wound. But when injected into a tumor, Clostridium novyi-NT appears to both attack. The bacteria, Clostridium novyi-NT, can cause gas gangrene and sepsis if infection is allowed to run amok in a wound. But when injected into a tumor, Clostridium novyi-NT appears to both attack the cancer directly and encourage the body’s immune response against the cancer cells, said lead researcher Dr. Filip Janku.

The bacteria, Clostridium novyi-NT, can cause gas gangrene and sepsis if infection is allowed to run amok in a wound. But when injected into a tumor, Clostridium novyi-NT appears to both attack the cancer directly and encourage the body’s immune response against the cancer cells, said lead researcher Dr. Filip Janku. He is an associate professor at the department of investigational cancer therapeutics at.

The bacteria, Clostridium novyi-NT, can cause gas gangrene and sepsis if infection is allowed to run amok in a wound. But when injected into a tumor, Clostridium novyi-NT appears to both attack the cancer directly and encourage the body’s immune response against the cancer cells, said lead researcher Dr. Filip Janku. The bacteria, Clostridium novyi-NT, can cause gas gangrene and sepsis if infection is allowed to run amok in a wound. But when injected into a tumor, Clostridium novyi-NT appears to both attack the cancer directly and encourage the body’s immune response against the cancer cells, said lead researcher Dr.

Filip Janku. He is an associate professor at the department of investigational cancer therapeutics at. The bacteria, Clostridium novyi-NT, can cause gas gangrene and sepsis if infection is allowed to run amok in a wound. But when injected into a tumor, Clostridium novyi-NT appears to both attack the cancer directly and encourage the body’s immune response against the cancer cells, said lead researcher Dr. Filip Janku.

He is an associate professor at the department of investigational cancer therapeutics at. A potentially dangerous bacteria appears to target malignant cells and could provide a new means of fighting cancer, a small, preliminary study reports. The bacteria, Clostridium novyi-NT, can cause gas gangrene and sepsis if infection is allowed to run amok in a wound.

Clostridium novyi flourishes in low-oxygen environments. Researchers thought this might make the bacteria a prime candidate for cancer fighting. The idea of weaponising bacteria has been around for some time, says Bert Vogelstein at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, who led one of the first experiments to try to harness. Most immunotherapies which include bacteria or viruses have also failed except for one. Namely, Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) therapy is an accepted bacterial immunotherapy against non-invasive bladder cancer and it significantly decreases tumor recurrence and metastases.

Biological anti-cancer therapies still conceal its potential. Doctors Use Bacteria as Weapon Against Cancer. SUNDAY, Sept.

30, 2018 (HealthDay News) It’s a perfect case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. A potentially dangerous bacteria appears to target malignant cells and could provide a new means of fighting cancer, a small, preliminary study reports.

List of related literature:

(Viruses and bacteria are potential agents for treating cancer if they can be made to act selectively against cancer cells, that is, if they can work as pathogens for cancer cells only.

“Cancer and the Search for Selective Biochemical Inhibitors” by E.J. Hoffman
from Cancer and the Search for Selective Biochemical Inhibitors
by E.J. Hoffman
CRC Press, 2007

But some microbes protect us from cancer, and some have even been used as part of cancer treatment.

“The Cheating Cell: How Evolution Helps Us Understand and Treat Cancer” by Athena Aktipis
from The Cheating Cell: How Evolution Helps Us Understand and Treat Cancer
by Athena Aktipis
Princeton University Press, 2020

Three classes of environmental agents—ionizing radiation, infectious microorganisms (viruses and bacteria), and cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens)—have been shown to increase the risk of cancer in both laboratory animals and people.

“Health & Wellness”
from Health & Wellness
, 2008

The same issue also contains a report on a workshop recently held at Rockefeller University on pathogenic bacteria that are resistant to multiple antibiotics, with recommendations for preventing the emergence of such bacteria.

“I Wish I'd Made You Angry Earlier: Essays on Science, Scientists, and Humanity” by Max F. Perutz
from I Wish I’d Made You Angry Earlier: Essays on Science, Scientists, and Humanity
by Max F. Perutz
Oxford University Press, 2002

This led to a many-decades-long research program that undertook to use live or killed bacteria as agents for inciting an immune response, against both themselves and any tumor cells that happened to reside in the body.

“The Biology of Cancer” by Robert A. Weinberg
from The Biology of Cancer
by Robert A. Weinberg
W.W. Norton, 2013

Although such observations prompted pioneering scientists to treat some cancer patients by injection with live bacteria, the approach was soon abandoned, as many patients died due to the resulting uncontrolled bacterial infections—before they could be ‘cured’ of the cancer.

“Biopharmaceuticals: Biochemistry and Biotechnology” by Gary Walsh
from Biopharmaceuticals: Biochemistry and Biotechnology
by Gary Walsh
Wiley, 2013

Although such observations prompted pioneering scientists to treat some cancer patients by injection with live bacteria, the approach was soon abandoned because many patients died due to the resulting uncontrolled bacterial infections, before they could be ‘cured’ of the cancer.

“Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Concepts and Applications” by Gary Walsh
from Pharmaceutical Biotechnology: Concepts and Applications
by Gary Walsh
Wiley, 2007

In other words, just as resistant strains of bacteria can result from antibiotic use, anticancer drugs can produce resistant cancer cells.

“The End of Illness” by David B. Agus
from The End of Illness
by David B. Agus
Free Press, 2012

But if our immune systems weaken, they become less able to fend off viral and bacterial infections, or they may be unable to distinguish between normal and abnormal cells and some forms of cancer may result.

“The Melatonin Miracle: Nature's Age-Reversing, Disease-Fighting, Sex-Enhancing Hormone” by Walter Pierpaoli, William Regelson, Carol Colman
from The Melatonin Miracle: Nature’s Age-Reversing, Disease-Fighting, Sex-Enhancing Hormone
by Walter Pierpaoli, William Regelson, Carol Colman
Pocket Books, 1996

It seemed logical that if medicines could be used to kill disease cells like germs and viruses, similar chemicals might be found that would attack only cancer cells.

“Distinguished African American Scientists of the 20th Century” by James H. Kessler, Katherine A. Morin, J. S. Kidd, Renee A. Kidd
from Distinguished African American Scientists of the 20th Century
by James H. Kessler, Katherine A. Morin, et. al.
Oryx Press, 1996

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  • What a great news. The only thing we humans blame God and God is not responsible or the one that gives someone cancer. We live in a falling world because of our sin and our sin of our father.

  • Finally someone talks about immunotherapy, although I think it would have added to mention the other cancers it can be used for. Or the treatments which use modified viruses to target the specific types of cancer cells. And treatments like that do work for 95 percent of patients.

  • if ever i get cancer, i:d just wait for my end. My grandma died of cancer, spent loads of money and effort and time for treatments, still died fo cancer.

  • Bacteria killing cancer but then becoming a potential infection problem reminded me of the Simpsons Bird-eating lizards “we’ll release lizard-eating snakes, and when the snakes overrun us well release snake-loving gorillas, and when the gorillas pose a threat we’ll just wait for Winter and they’ll die out”.

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  • Burzynski Cancer Institute in Houston Texas had the cure for many types of cancer since the 1970’s. Too bad the NCI, and FDA have been trying to take him down for years.����

  • I will be starting Keytruda next week…I expect positive results, because I have choosen to put my faith into this immunotherapy drug. Wish me luck, thanks in advance:)

  • I always wondered if you could give a parasite a flesh eating virus you could probably give the parasite to vegans because parasites effect the way you think it could cure their illness.

  • He was “cured” because he’s the president and has a lot of money. In society today, it’s all about the money. I believe there is a cure for cancer somewhere in the world but it won’t be released. Why? Because then oncologists would be out of work, the death rate to birth rate would decrease and the world would become overpopulated. Immunotherapy is a great form of therapy for some cancers but sometimes it isn’t covered by insurance and can be very expensive. There is a clinic in Texas that has been said to have the “cure” for cancer but insurance does not cover it. Its beyond expensive and only someone who has millions of dollars could afford it without breaking the bank. I’m sure Jimmy Carter used his wealth to be “cured”. You rarely hear that someone with brain cancer comes out of the situation alive let alone brain and liver cancer. There are thousands of people that die due to brain cancer yet one person who happens to be the president of the united states, within a few months is fine. Makes me wonder what else there is a cure for, if you just had the money.

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  • exciting new times in cancer treatment…. except that you have to be extra-ordinarily wealthy or have some form of super insurance in order to be able to hope to afford them.  #BernieOrBust #DumpDemsDay  #Stein2016  #TeamRevolution

  • Interesting! So, to know me first get to know my bacterium! ����.

    BTW, I curiously notice that, while gesticulating you generally keep your right hand fingers close together & those of your left more open ��. Maybe your right & left bacterias think and act differently!!! ��

  • I am not a doctor and this is not advice; just my opinions after critical observations.
    I follow a company called Sellas Life Science (SLS). Lets stand together and support these emerging companies.
    Everyone/not just some/can benefit from these therapies. Not to try this before CHEMO is criminal. And for anyone who can receive this… eating 4 Apricot seeds chewed well every morning will give everyone near 100% immunity from cancer cells as the compound in these seeds removes the cloak cancer cells hide under. Watch the video A World Without Cancer, it will empower you. buy the seeds at vitacost, organic sunland is the brand I eat. And remember, what God put in us is BIGGER than anything the world can throw at us!

  • That’s why we need to use colloidal silver bacteria hasn’t grown a resistance to it. You can even nebulize it for pneumonia for curing it. Silver doesn’t effect your gut microbiome at all either. Awesome stuff it works great.

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  • If you get cancer that mean you are susceptible because of your genes and life-style. Genes maybe hard to change but, changing the life-style can significantly decrease the chance of getting the cancer.

  • Hello everyone. I recently found out through genetic testing that I have a mutated gene called CHD1 that could cause Hereditary Diffuse Gastric Cancer (70-80% chance in my 30s and I’m 30 now). We believe my grandmother died of this in her late 20s.

    The national recommendation is to remove the stomach, Total Gastrectomy. The diffuse cancer is very difficult to detect in the liner of the stomach so biannual biopsies via endoscopy are recommended if opting pass on the gastrectomy.

    I do not want to live without a stomach, therefore I’ve decided on routine biopsies. At the first sign of cancerous cells (still a very difficult discover with biopsies) I will obviously have to give in to the Gastrectomy.

    My hopes are that I might find an alternative solution, which is why I’m asking all around for advice and guidance.

    Your opinion and guidance means a lot. Any thoughts? Thanks

  • Hey I think I have a good idea, so snakes make venom which we use to make antivenin to fight it could it be possible to make skates that instead of venom they produce antivenin? just a thought spawned out of boredom and this video

  • I’m in a study (12/30/18) to see Keytruda effects on my active prostate cancer. Hopefully, it works and will be approved for this cancer. Stage 3-4 of this cancer is difficult to treat.

  • I’ve always believed Cancer cures are being kept secret! All this research for years and nothing! Vitamin b17 was banned because it’s so toxic to Cancer! Somebody was cured from cancer when he went on a Vitamin C infusion. It’s become the most profitable business in the world and peaple die all because of MONEY!!!

  • My first wife died of Melanoma just like Carter had in 2009.. Glad at least they are figuring this out but I wish it had been 7 years earlier..

  • tumors are a response by the body to surround, isolate and starve bacteria that the immune system cannot kill directly. So anything that helps kill bacteria will directly counteract cancer,.Improving the immune system is one way. Antibiotics such as penicillin or laetrile are another way.

  • The cure for cancer has existed for nearly 40 years now. Kept away falsely by the FDA. It’s real and I’m glad I found this site spread the word. All you have to do is search up Dr.Burzynski and the cancer cure cover up story on real stories youtube. He went to court 6 times with the FDA with no evidence and have not given him a single indictment. The FDA might even kill ppl just for typing like me.

  • They also need to include nutritional education. They show her making food that is fueling the cancer again.

  • 1:59. How do you record tiny bits of a video? Please. So many memes, I can only dream… Please don’t just let me memes be dreams

  • Doctor: You are going to die since you have cancer and disease in you
    Patient: Oh ok…
    7 years Later
    Doctor: So hows the patient
    Other Doctor: He is alive
    Doctor: Wait

  • Get off my biological stuff lady I only made 25 bucks on that plasma speaking I should donate again but I have infection currently so sadly no free money for me….lol I would eat 20 dollars worth of arby’s just to donate hahahaha

  • Hey! I’m going to talk about a particular situation.

    Can this living organisms behave in a way that they build this films to regulate respiration. I mean, can they grow inside our “caverns” to block air flow with the intention to balance someones health?

    I can explain in further detail if needed.

    Please reply.

  • Cure for cancer?? First you need millions. Second it’s not in the U.S and the cure for cancer didn’t happen in the richest county in the world as everyone says, Government is all involved with this. Again, to make money

  • Bacteria will build a net of obstruction closing or cutting access of blood into cancer tissue. Without blood the cancer cells are unable to survive. Bacteria engineering will also fabricate the tools to eliminate damaged tissue out of the body. These are the principal guidelines which will leed to incredible developments related to fight cancer desease.

  • How did I just find this?! I’m outraged. P.s in a future video someone said Unsubbed to a slime mold, it was cool af. Lol, trolling or stupid?

  • Chemo and RT (C/.RT) will literally make pts suffer in most cases. In cases of melanoma, usually C/RT doesnt work, this kind of cancer is widely known to spread easily/stealthily.. relapse is very common and then you see the docs start digging here and there trying to take away the metastasized cancer, literally!. followed by more suffering ie C/RT. In lung cancers, many pts died despite C/RT. The Pharma are joining their hands for profits for sure. Immunotheraphy (IT) may come with side effects, but it is likely to be less severe than C/RT. IT does work in many advance cases, although not in all cases, but it is just that IT is currently quite costly, government tend to put it as a second choice (Pharma again exploiting suffering). Docs should inform pts about ITs before putting them into suffering through C/RT. Most of the time C/RT likely only give a few more added months.. of life in suffering for aggressive/metastasized cancers

  • Our bodies are like a universe unto themselves… wars continually waged between colonies to small for the eye to see. How amazing is that.

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  • What if cancer is a alien version of small pox they visit earth and spread a disease much like we as people have done just a thought I’m stoned but that’s no reason not to believe this theory lol ��

  • How to cure it? not sure, but i know that scientists know how to drop the huge high rates!! if we took our selfs to 1960 the rates were lowwww as hell

  • Dr William F Koch gave the Cause & Cure of Cancer as early as 1918. Dr Royal R Rife cured every known & Unknown Diseases by 1935. Dr. Hulda Clark gave the Cure For All Diseases by 2008.The Truth About Human Health is Suppressed to sell drugs & vaccines.

  • Bacteria: Those healthy cells are delicious but too many polices.
    Me whispering at my bodies: there eats there, that cells is keeps growings and no polices.

  • Is optimal but this new class of medications / treatments and new era of medicines should alleviate that. Next question is how does ppl that need this pay for that?

  • i heard that some of the therapies success in cancer like:

    alkaline water and Foods (baking soda etc)
    Sweet warm wood
    Soursop (Graviola)
    Coffee Enema
    Gearson DIET

  • Theres a cure for it but sadly America citizens are ether uncaring our a bunch of cowards to force the government to hand it out same with aids

  • Fun fact: A large chunk of your mass is just the bacteria that inhabit you. For all intents and purposes, they are part of us, just as important as our eukaryotic tissues.

  • Couldn’t you use a virus with some of cancer-causing genes to signal the immune system to kill cells with this genes? I know there are many many different mutations causing it but wouldn’t such a treatment be possible for some patients?

  • I always get the notion that perhaps cancer is not a disease, but instead a new step of human evolution to stop aging. Only problem is that, our bodies don’t have the ability to adopt yet.

  • Immunotherapy is very good, rebuilding your own immune system to fight cancer. But the downside of this therapy is that it can also not recognize healthy cells, in which they get attacked also. Making your immune system stronger with healthy eating and organic foods, adjusting your PH to be slightly higher can improve and strengthen your immune system. Pub Med did a lab test on human cancer cells, and the effects of Moringa Oliefera oil. The cancer cells started to diminish. Doctors are considering it as an alternative method to chemotherapy. There’s something about going back to basics, when it comes to our food consumption, free from all the pesticides and GMOs. The oath of Hipocrates, that doctors take is: ” Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”. God Bless You!!!!

  • i have the solution for this, we have the total population of 7.2 billion of humans, so we are on the verge of filling the planet with toxic, deficiency of resources, deadly viruses, etc. so we must use the people who are criminals and useless people for experimentation and by this we can reduce the population and save ourselves from disasters and thrive towards the development of technologies.

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  • Until nanobots that perform the works of immune cells are developed, I think genetically modified viruses designed to infect only cancerous cells would be very effective in combating cancer. Still, I find myself highly elated by this news. If cancer were to be curable, then we could adopt telomerase into our bodies and hopefully, live much, much longer.

  • we could round up all cancer patients and execute them?
    that way the human race would continue with those who don’t have cancer cleaning the bloodline

  • Does this fall on “tumor promoting immune activity” topic? Im a bit confuse.. Does tumor promoting immune activity is the same as tumor promoting inflammation?

  • Is this treatment something that’s referred by specialist that diagnosed the patient or does the patient needs to sign up by himself/herself at some particular website for treatment like this,only asking because this treatment Kinda looks more promising than a regular chemo therapy, correct me if I’m wrong, great video.

  • Is this still an experiment? Or is it already a widely accepted practice? I mean, would the doctors recommend this treatment to a cancer patient today? How much do you think would this cost? We know chemo costs a whole lot, how about this one?

  • Imagine if one guy accidentally coded a super bacteria that mutates once every day and eradicated humanity in a year. Looking at you, Plague. Inc.

  • 2:01 “code red we have cancer over here” thats my new favorite saying, im gonna say it every time i go get chemotherapy idk why but i laugh soo hard

  • Is there any treatment option for my mom..she was diagnosis with stage 4 Ca urinary bladder with bone metastasis last year then she received chemotherpy of 6 cycles of biogem 600mg and 27 radiotherpy out of 27…22 on right actibruim bone and remaining 5 on bladder..but this year she had a pain in her left sife of kidney then we go for USG then it shows reccurence of disease and pet shows now left side of her urinary bladder and right iliac bone.. last year was right side.and in january 2019 Dr recommended again 4 cycles of chemothrpy D1 D15..Nab paclitaxel 230mg and gemcitabine 1500mg..but no relief..and 3 Radiotherpy… but now recently we go for CECt Abdomen pelvis with urography..that reveals lytic lession on right iliac bone and liver metastasis..lung involment..uretus fundus..grade ¡¡ hydronephrosis of kidney..obstruction in kidney pipe….now please is there any immunothrpy treatment for her to recover

  • ive heard about t-cells killing the cancer because of a protein called m1 if im not mistaken, would love to see a video on that if that is actually real

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  • There has been cure to cancer for decades now. The government is hiding it from us so we can keep throwing our money to ‘cancer research’ kemo is the worst thing you can do to a cancer patient but they keep on doing it because it’s an industry (they want to make money) Dont buy their bs.

  • I am fond of the BBC Michio Kaku documentary where he talks about biotech, supercomputers that were acting autonomously to decipher the genetic engineering of cancer cells, I would love to see you see Maren talking about those supercumpers in Barcelona that are inside a church, and it would be much more fascinating to see the simulations graphically in 3D with the WebGl directly in the browser, pay attention to the Biotech documents of Michio Kaku

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  • How about corona virus
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  • Cancer cells need glucose to survive as they cannot survive on fat, normal healthy cells can. When you stop eating carbohydrates your body goes into a state of ketosis, you use your body fat reserves, & any cancer cells starve. Fast regularly & you’ll never get cancer. Also the THC in cannabis makes cancer cells commit suicide while leaving normal healthy cells unaffected. There are several other virtually cost-free cures that work, but they keep them all top secret because there’s no money to be made in selling something that costs nothing, the real money is in prolonging the cancer with treatments that are ridiculously expensive & don’t even work. There is no cure for greed.

  • can someone put a competent person in charge of hosting these segments? it feels like I’m listening to a sea otter with brain damage explain science stuff.

  • I study that..! Alcohol in wine that has antibiotics is a transfer agent two critical organs dormant probiotic that is balanced against that alcohol in the bottle but once you breath the alcohol off threw your lungs now the dormant bacteria becomes living bacteria in that critical organs and where it was carried to,! Why? To heal it.!
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  • Imagine eliminating the risks of bacteria-mediated any therapy by having specially designed phages to attack those bacteria after their job is done.

    Is it possible that one day to have medications based mostly on bacteria and phages and/or other microorganisms?

  • Science is greatly benefited by those acknowledging that there might be something else going on here, like gut bacteria, or some other insanely complicated factor we have yet to discover.

  • Too many different types of cancer! One type treatment might work for one person but not for another person. The main problem is the greedy wont stop making cancer causing products with different causes! Carter was just lucky in his treatment. Of course I’m glad it worked for him.

  • A boy from my school as diagnosed with alveolar robdomysarcoma cancer, his parents are funding money fro immunotherapy and the hospital said that they can cure it, but this treatment is REALLY expensive. Im sure that over time, scientists will develop more efficient and more effective ways to cure this monster of disease, I can see that we are starting to walk in the right way.

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    Nice video!

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  • FDA as stolen Dr. Burzynsky pattens and with the conjonction of the us gouvernement got it patented under their name. This medication was developed by Dr. Burzynski after years of research as early 1970 and had saved countless lives in the 1980 and 90’s. FDA has tried to demolish Dr, burzynski for near 2 decades without success
    FDA are only liars hypocrites dishonest organisation that never in a 100 years achieve what Dr. Burzynski has accomplished
    Shame on FDA

  • Use phage therapy instead of antibiotics for a more specifically targetted effect. Kill the bad bacteria without harming the useful bacteria.

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  • This video is only interesting if you either wealthy or have health insurance. For those unfortunate few who cant afford health insurance….cancer is terminal.

  • My brother has been receiving a treatment of 4 rounds of one of these immunal therapy’s. I am not sure which one it is. He is being treated for metastatic melanoma.

    These are $75,000 per treatment. He getting it for the 2nd time. The doctors are using this for a case study.. I believe he is either the first or one of the first to receive the 4 round therapy for the second time…

    We are praying and very hopefull. ��

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  • Bacteriophages can be used instead of antibiotics to target only specific bacteria right? They also remove possibility of creating more super bugs.

  • Bull crap! They have the cure! They meaning The wealthiest people on earth! Illuminate! They make more money on the big pharma by selling us the chemotherapy which has a 97% failure rate. But yet when we get a possible cure they arrest and confiscate all files! They want us to die by this terrible disease! But rest assured, our saviour is coming back and he is coming as a Lion not a lamb this time! And yes my friends he will make all things right! Praise to our Father, Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! Please Father come quickly!

  • I just noticed all the different hosts use the same exact makeup foundation, lipstick, glasses, even the males use the same lipstick lololol

  • I have cancer and have a deep understanding of how interconnected all living flora and fauna are, it is good to see the science community strengthening this conversation.

  • so how do we turn this miracle ‘CURE’ into a lifelong treatment so big-pharma bros can get a quarterly return? thats all that matters to the powers that be

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  • this is why natural remedies is such a better choice… my opinion is ppl have become not weak but LAZY and just want a QUICK fix rather then let the body do its thing and wait it out.. NOW i know sometime antibiotics are neccesary.. but we are takin antibiotics for COLDS!!!! antibiotics cant fight viruses…. WE need to change.. and that change starts with each one of us… When me and my kids get sick we go with natural remedies… its the best way to go