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Research published in 2015 found that women who gave birth to their last child after age 33 were twice as likely to live to at least age 95 as women doing so by age 29. “Also, a likely explanation is that women who have a child at an older age are usually of higher social and economic status,” Shadyab added. “We know from [prior] research that these people are also likely to live longer.”. THURSDAY, Nov.

17, 2016 (HealthDay News) In what’s believed to be the first study of its kind, research suggests that women who give birth for the first time at age 25 or older are more likely to live to 90. That women who have children later tend to live longer might not seem especially surprising, but the researchers note theirs is the first large. Women giving birth for the first time at age 25 or older were 21 percent more likely to live to age 90 than those giving birth at earlier ages, the study found.

White women with between two and four full-term pregnancies also had higher odds of longevity compared to those with one full-term pregnancy, the findings showed. Do Women Who Have Kids Later Live Longer? THURSDAY, Nov. 17, 2016 (HealthDay News) In what’s believed to be the first study of its kind, research suggests that women who give birth for the first time at age 25 or older are more likely to live to 90.

Do Women Who Have Kids Later Live Longer? Last Updated: November 17, 2016. Those who give birth at age 25 or older more likely to live to 90, study. The following navigation utilizes arrow, enter, escape, and space bar key commands.

Left and right arrows move through main tier links and expand / close menus in sub tiers. “Of course this does not mean women should wait to have children at older ages in order to improve their own chances of living longer,” Perls said in. According to a new study from Boston University that’s published in the journal Menopause, women who conceive their last child naturally after the age of 33 live longer.

List of related literature:

It has been observed that women who are successful in having babies in their 40s (i.e. have strong Kidney Jing) often live longer than average.

“Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine E-Book” by Jane Lyttleton
from Treatment of Infertility with Chinese Medicine E-Book
by Jane Lyttleton
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

There is also evidence that women who have children late in life live longer than other women (Doblhammer 2004).

“The Demography and Epidemiology of Human Health and Aging” by Jacob S. Siegel, S. Jay Olshansky
from The Demography and Epidemiology of Human Health and Aging
by Jacob S. Siegel, S. Jay Olshansky
Springer Netherlands, 2011

Women tend to live longer if they had fewer children and had them at a later point in the ‘right’ age range.

“Psychology: Australia and New Zealand” by Douglas A. Bernstein, Julie Ann Pooley, Lynne Cohen, Bethanie Gouldthorp, Stephen C. Provost, Jacquelyn Cranney, Louis A. Penner, Alison Clarke-Stewart, Edward J. Roy
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If a woman managed to survive her childbearing years, however, she might live to 40 or more.

“Did God Have a Wife?: Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel” by William G. Dever
from Did God Have a Wife?: Archaeology and Folk Religion in Ancient Israel
by William G. Dever
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Indeed, even in a replication study on 90 of the now 75–79-year-old women in the Terman Study (Sears, 1984), ancestral longevity was only weakly correlated with vigorous late-life adaptation (unpublished data).

“Successful Aging: Perspectives from the Behavioral Sciences” by Paul B. Baltes, Margret M. Baltes
from Successful Aging: Perspectives from the Behavioral Sciences
by Paul B. Baltes, Margret M. Baltes
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Looking more closely, however, Blurton Jones found that almost all women who gave birth after age 40 had a living mother or mother-in-law, as well as a childless teenage daughter, and these women were in marriages of longer duration than those of women who did not give birth after 40.

“The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, History, and Meaning of Menopause” by Susan Mattern
from The Slow Moon Climbs: The Science, History, and Meaning of Menopause
by Susan Mattern
Princeton University Press, 2019

Many women remain healthy into their eighties and beyond.

“New Dimensions in Women's Health” by Linda Lewis Alexander, Judith H. LaRosa, Helaine Bader, Susan Garfield
from New Dimensions in Women’s Health
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In the same study, these authors confirmed that childbirth on the whole decreases life expectancy since married childless women tended to live longer than married mothers.

“Evolution and Human Behavior: Darwinian Perspectives on Human Nature” by John Cartwright
from Evolution and Human Behavior: Darwinian Perspectives on Human Nature
by John Cartwright
MIT Press, 2000

This result, taken together with the other that the number of children of long-lived individuals, whether male or female, is greater than the average per marriage for the general population, suggests that abundance of offspring does not in general have an unfavourable influence on longevity of the parents.

“An Essay on the Principle of Population (First International Student Edition) (Norton Critical Editions)” by Thomas Robert Malthus, Joyce E. Chaplin
from An Essay on the Principle of Population (First International Student Edition) (Norton Critical Editions)
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Most women who survive to the age of 50 can expect to live 20, 30, or even 40 more years in reasonably good health.

“Human Reproductive Biology” by Richard E. Jones, Kristin H Lopez
from Human Reproductive Biology
by Richard E. Jones, Kristin H Lopez
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  • The primary reason behind the motivation of these women is they want what someone else has. They feel like if a woman likes and has married and has children with this man, then he must be something special, so they gravitate towards him whether it’s someone’s boyfriend, husband or fiance. This article promotes, amorality recklessness and selfishness

  • Being physically there as a parent is not the same as being emotionally and mentally present. A lot of people are parents by default because it was their sperm and egg. That’s why society is in decline it all starts from the home and a lot of people are not fit to be parents.

  • Don’t be scared things are different now, yes. It’s been that way forever. Daughters will learn from their Mum so how you treat her is important. Men are crucial be wise. Anthony, preach!

  • Women want what others have I tested this women pass me by all the time I get nothing but I put a wedding ring on and went out I got a lot women talking to me and trying to get with me because if he is married he must have some thing I want

  • Interesting youtube doesn’t like me saying that PUA’s aren’t as good at it as the think they are. I basically said that the good being sold was being bought by someone already shopping. I also said that the women were in control of the situation not the PUA’s. I am not sure why Youtube didn’t like that but the comment was pulled three times so far and I have been trying to figure out how to get it to post.

  • women who want to sleep with married men just accelerate the decline of marriage and damage our society-no one wins long or short term

  • So basically if you want to give the child the health benefits birth earlier, if you want them for yourself birth later. Add a tbsp of feminism and blend conjecture-over-facts ( 2:24) to taste. Enjoy!

  • i understand where you coming from i”m 24 with no kids and every time a female ask me if i have kids i say no and most of them give me that mean look. Tbh i dont understand why i have to follow what everyone else is doing. im not just here to just have kids with a random low life bum and just be the main one taking care of them and even worse sacrificing my dreams down the drain. I refuse to just settle easily without making plans first it’s just not in my DNA. especially these days it seems like relationships don’t even last long and most of these young females are not even married and always bitter.

  • I don’t understand why you shifted over to locals instead of Bitchute. If these topics are important to men, why do they have to be sealed behind monetization? Doesn’t seem proactive to reaching out to men to help them understand. Seems more like doing it for the money. This is why I haven’t and won’t bother going to locals. And one of the major reasons I don’t fund and support no content creators. This pushes me to want to unsub.

  • Donovan just put out a video saying he has happily been the other man because they are going to cheat anyway so it might as well be with him. He also said anyone who doesn’t like it can go fuck themselves.

    It kinda pissed me off and honesIy turns me away from the manosphere because it is such a pervasive thing.

    Then of couse Joker comes through as a voice of reason and morality like always and gives me a little gIimmer of hope that even though most of them are Donovan’s there are still good manosphere/red pill men out there.

  • Bias. Be honest. What about the number on misscarriage and genetic birth defects????? They are 5 times more than in your 20s. Yes, I agree it is better for the moms to have them after 30, 100% but not for the kids.

  • They didn’t really explain how it’s healthier to have a kid in their 30’s more fitnesses? More energy? I live in NYC I’ve seen business women in there 30’s on the train. They do not look healthy. This is why guys with $$$ are marrying younger women.

  • The question is: Why would anyone voluntarily do this to themselves??? It’s seriously retarded to create another living creature just so that it can make you miserable and stressed out.

  • Meaning of life to me is to be virtuous and pursuit of happiness. For me, these two co exists. If I have cancer or my parents have one, accept it. Death is invetable. Didn’t you say life is suffering and make it bearable by not adding more suffering? That doesn’t remove happiness, ofc, is isn’t all about happiness. Tragedy and joy co exist, everything does. That’s not having children to me. This choices makes me prefer stoic philosophy.

  • I had my first child at 20 and my last(4th) at 30. And boyyyyy the pain I could endure when I was in my 20’s I couldn’t at 30. It hurt a bunch at 30

  • WTF… Who are these f…ing idiots that gave this song & this video a thumbs down ��? It takes a super special type of loser to give this song & video a thumbs down!

  • ¡ had a best friend, for toons of years, we share secrets, we chat every night till we fall slept, we sometimes had sex for fun, ¡ knew her other friends, she knew my other friends.., one day she porpose to go longer: formal relationship to marriage,.. in less than one month we mad and broken up relationship.., (stay in the friendzone)

  • I’m 39 and a virgin. I just wish women I’m attracted to were kinder when single. Not all would be interested in me. The ones that were expected the wrong thing. I’m come way wayyy wayyyyy.

  • females want what they cant have……. it makes them whet…… another female has vetted him already so he is ripe for the picking…… THIS is why they chase chadrone……. they can never have him.

  • It is sad that YouTube censors so much of material that related important realities for normal people and also for the society as a whole. Those topics will end up elsewhere just like we can hear in this video (18 min 20 s ->). When the contents here become filtered, it simply means that I cannot trust the site in full. Most topics will remain interesting or entertaining on YouTube but it is crazy that we must go to these alternative sites for certain aspects about family law, social relations between people, religion (I am not referring to racist propaganda etc) international politics and other issues where big brother may block you in some way.

  • Hey Joker check out the article “Red pills and dog whistles: It is more than ‘just the internet'” by Darlena Cunha in Al Jazeera English.

  • Brother so many redpills!
    It’s like a redpill machine gun!

    So many people are brainwashed by society and social conventions but Guess what the Estate and government loves to have slaves

  • this guy id not quite correct. i might get cancer and i wont like dying young but i’ll still be happy and peaceful all the way to my death. there’s a principle of acceptance which brings instant peace but this guy isnt aware of. if i get cancer i will accept.. i will do my best to beat it but if i cant i’ll die peacefully.. i’ll still be a happy peaceful person with cancer

  • Not all of course but with some, I have figured this out a long time ago. These ones will play victim like there ain’t no tomorrow. Like they’re special gems or something ascended down from the heavens itself.

  • Dangerous to be messing with a married person, spouse can attack you, has an anger, always told my adult children this word of advice

  • This sounds like we’re heading towards Arab-style society, where rich guys can marry up to four women, and ordinary guys can easily get shut out entirely. And lots of frustrated, unmarried guys is a recipe for all sorts of violence and instability.

  • Jordan: speaks of the complexity pursuing happiness while facing suffering in life, and how suffering does not entirely equal unhappiness but instead growth in the face of a challenge

    Comment section: I doNT wANt KiDs beCAUSe…

  • It is funny, because this video title is supposed to be a joke, but Jordan Peterson is a joke.

    0:00 0:24 Jordan’s point seems to be that it is the obstacles we face in life that make us stronger. That is true. Therefore, we should be thankful that we face the problems that we do. There is no need, though, to force upon ourselves something that actually makes us miserable, if that thing is a major life decision.

    0:24 0:49 That is true. The reason, I think, that child free people are happier is because there exist some people who have kids even though they should not. I am always seeing these people online who say that people who choose not to have kids would typically make the best parents. Unnatural Vegan once said that she believes that vegans should have more kids, so that they can raise vegan babies and produce a world full of vegans who will use natural resources responsibly. To see her talk about that fact, click this link ( ) and watch from 14:01 14:19.

    0:49 1:13 This point that Peterson makes right here sounds like the perfect argument as to why never having kids is a totally fine decision. As a parent, you are responsible for another human life. You can’t do that and not get stressed. It is impossible. Weather or not this is a selfish motive really depends on how you define selfish. Selfishness, as I define it, is prioritizing your own desires over the needs/desires of other people, who have an equal to or greater stake in the situation than you do. If you could use that money to pay for kemo therapy for your terminally ill aunt but choose, instead, to buy a plasma screen T.V., that is selfish. If, however, your friend asks you to wear a hat to work and you refuse, because it makes you look stupid, that is NOT selfish. In this scenario, you, the person who is expected to wear the hat, have a greater stake in the situation, so your desires are the end all be all. In the case of choosing never to have children, you are denying life to a hypothetical child that doesn’t even exist. If you want someone to have kids for the sake of supporting your ideaological agenda, the agenda that believes permanently and voluntarily childless people are slefish, the person who you are expecting to have children is the one who gets more consideration, because it’s their life. I suppose you could argue that a person who chooses never to have kids is selfish, based on the premise that selfishness is defined as simply doing what you want. However, if you were to go off that definition, that would mean that everything you do is selfish, including having kids.

    1:30 1:56 Peterson says that, if you aren’t raising a kid, you are no good. First of all, the way that he phrases that sentiment would literally signify that sterile people are useless. Second of all, there are plenty of ways to contribute to society without ever having children. Sir Isaac Newton died childless and he contributed more to society than Peterson and all of his children combined ever will.

    1:56 2:20 Peterson actually believes that, if someone would be happier childless, that that person is harming society by being happy. Peterson obviously believes in the idea that life has an objective meaning. He believes that everyone who can have kids is morally obligated to, even if it would make them miserable, because your inadequate parenting skills don’t exempt you from fulfilling your sole purpose for existence.

    Personally, I believe that life has no objective meaning and it is up the individual to decide what meaning his or her life has. Those who believe that life has objective meaning usually believe that that meaning is determined by a God, not many atheists believe that life has objective meaning. If God wants us to have kids, then why would God create sterile people? Is that because he does not want those particular people to have kids? If so, what meaning would God give their life, since reproduction is allegedly the sole reason for existence?

    2:20 2:30 Peterson’s argument that a person who gets cancer is a great example of how happiness as a life meaning often does not work out is a nonsense argument, as the only way for such logic to stand up to scrutiny is by assuming that being miserable minimalizes your risk of cancer.

    2:30 3:10 How do you know that God is real? What proof do you have? Any personal decision that you make can be justified with your own theological beliefs. However, until and unless you can prove that God real, you cannot use theology to judge other people for their life decisions.

  • It’s honestly really irritating whenever any sort of informational report, will cite studies and the like as, “A study suggests…” “A new report finds…” and hundreds of variations, and go on to not cite a single thing later in the article. People need to stop doing this.

  • It’s a hard decision. I’m 42 and still without kids. Just the fact settling down with a woman is a gamble. Add kids and you will be under tremendous stress. I think with careful planning having kids after 40 works out better

  • You have to home school your children and make sure you’re providing socialization while you oversee it. It’s still no guarantee but in this day and age that’s the only way to ensure that they’ll at least get a running start while not being effected by this crazy society we live in. I had my first kid at 39.

  • Very dishonest video. Women having children in their thirties are healthier because they tend to have a higher social status thus a healthier lifestyle, and it has nothing to do with the age of pregnancy. Then having twins isn’t an advantage in terms of health, it puts you and your babies at higher risk for obstetrical complications.
    There can be some advantages in giving birth in your thirties, like financial stability and emotional stability, though not necessarily. Better health and having more children are not.

  • I think a lot of people missed what JP was saying. If you dont want to have kids, its fine. I think you have a problem when you live in your safe bubble pretending that reality wont get to you

  • 1:44 Tara’s smirking, yeah we’re the awesome sex to live so long!
    Then even says it.
    No editorializing what so ever? You must have problems distinguishing fact from opinion then.
    Unless you think it’s a fact but then I strongly urge you to fire yourself from DNews.

    Men might live not as long but men are closing in on the life expectancy on women while men have a longer time being independant and physically active despite women getting older than men.
    But you won’t hear me say now that men are so awesome and no editorializing what so ever!
    such a joke.

  • it is recommended that the average person not to have kids.  Only group who should consider it is upper middle class.  Lower class than that will struggle too much to make the children pay off. 

  • Hey. I get it. Kids are great. Make dam sure you can afford them. Then when you split up you can pay a great deal of support. Can you afford Child support? If not. Don’t have kids. I’m good with that. Just don’t have kids and want the government to feed them. A real man will pay support. Save yourself A lot of trouble. Get fixed. Nobody wants these kids. Wake up.

  • How the hell did this get in my feed? Dude if a person is willing to cheat, the relationship is already ruined.

    Not sure the women you date, 50/50 is the norm.

    Listening to you talk, I understand why you’ve had the experiences you had.

  • manny wise people dont have child, life is has enough dont need any more problem with child. dont mean not cope with hard thing in life but to be easier to cope with the hardship life want to throw at one’slife.

  • Interesting. Most men would listen to you & think “What a wise man”. Most women would listen to you and think “What a selfish man”.
    I’m a man and hear wisdom. Well said, broseph.

  • Were the fuck did the 90s go riding bikes outside no phones no social media. And of course cranberries jamming out at school and on the way to kings dominion back in the day. Fuck 2020 I’m 35 and miss those days so bad.

  • It makes some sense, as the body probably produces hormones to let you live longer so you can take care of your children until they are grown.  In fact, I suspect the secret to a long life is the right balance of hormone replacement.

  • Every woman I know has slept with a married guy at least once.
    For my generation it’s almost default.
    A few years ago I had a woman share all this info about screwing married men, her bosses, etc, on a Tuesday night while out with mutual friends. Then on Friday gives me the “You’re such a great guy, I’m so ready to settle down. We should go out sometime.”
    I said “I know how you roll, I’m not even slightly interested.”
    I know the look on my face gave it away because everyone at the table looked stunned before I said anything.
    It’s just crazy.
    Women are how they’ve always been, today they just broadcast it.

  • 7’000’000’000 (and counting) People on the planet. Yes happiness is the goal. And if you were the last person on the planet. What is the purpose of reproduce unhappiness. (Let happy people have children.)

  • atraction to older guys is: you are rich you get women. all this 20s want to suck off their boss to get “ahead” in their work. get that bag otherwise you are a “beta” “looser” is fucked up but this is old as the bible and fucked up.

  • When I was single… to Wahmen and girls, I was invisible.
    Once married… I had to fend them off.
    In the 90s It was a challenge to make him cheat, so it boosted her ego.
    Now… it’s far easier, so less of an ego boost… But it definitely won’t stop them.
    If you are single man… wear a ring and pretend (don’t look) and they will chase you!!

  • Gotta read the comments u der these articles, I think that would be a better barometer of how they really feel, just because one goofy writes doesn’t mean it’s endemic

  • I had my first child at 22.i wish I had children earlier..5 kids down the line am trying for one last child at 32..wish me luck because am hoping for twins����

  • Thank you for this video! I’m 26 & in my life situation, it seems like I’ll have my first kid when I’ll be 30-35 y.o. And everyone is keep telling me that this is bad for my health and baby’s, etc. so from now on, I’ll show them this video ��

  • Look, nobody can technically stop you, but if you’re a cheater or homewrecker, you need to accept you’re literally risking being beaten to a puddle on the floor by the spouse. Don’t be surprised if it happens.

  • I would really like to see a reason why when it comes to male/female it is gender but when it comes down to ethnicity it is race?  If we are racist if we don’t like illegals getting things we work for then just what race are they?  Romulin?  Vulcan?  point is if I am racist then they must not be of the human race.  If I don’t like a politician am I politically incorrect?  Face it there are a lot of people we don’t like but they are still human (or so I’m told) so how is it racist? 

  • Wow I really did want to hear Peterson’s opinion on being ChildFree or not and pretty much the reasoning I have for it is what he gave.
    I guess I’ll get an A on my next philosophy paper.

  • although such journalists are one of the closest people to science and they should recognize and admit biological differences between men and women they still dont 
    even if it made them look or sound dumb…..

  • I want kids and I’m going to be an awesome father showing to school dressed as a clown to embarrass them. Hehehe they will have a fun life.

  • What I find interesting is that this video only covered a little bit of genetic pros and cons for offspring that are born around late 30’s.

    There are some high risks that a lot of people would want to avoid for their child if they knew the cons of having children around the age of 35+

    the following is from “Risks of Pregnancy Over Age 30″(Stanford children’s health):

    “The risk for chromosome problems increases with the mother’s age. The chance of having a child with Down syndrome increases over time. The risk is about 1 in 1,250 for a woman who conceives at age 25. It increases to about 1 in 100 for a woman who conceives at age 40.”….

    note that 1 in 1000+ and 1 in 100 is a significant jump from 25 to 40(only 15 years), which means that within their 30’s there would be quite a “steep curved climb(risk vs age)” of this risk since the body rarely behaves in a linear manner(easy to predict).

    “Us men don’t get let of easy as well, we are mostly responsible for Autism if we are around the age of 35-40″( Genetic disease in the offspring of older fathers)… for all of you autism conspiracy people out there.

    Also I have found on YouTube(take it as you will) that children’s IQ is linked to the age of the man as well.

    overall it is best that people avoid having children over 35 to avoid permanently affecting their children.

  • I never want children because there is this scenario I see parents having kids working their entire life for their children sacrificing for them and then the children do the same. No one ever enjoys life to the fullest.

  • Having children is nothing but wanting to conform to societal norms… and also the narcissistic desire to live on in perpetuity by having a replica of yourself continue your genetic line of stupidity, conformity and non-thinking… simple as that

  • Como é que quase 40 mil pessoas dão deslike para uma música dessa?? Será que essas pessoas nunca amaram ou foram amadas por alguém??

  • See, I get the idea that your 20’s should be for fun and such before settling with kids but what about the people who aren’t much into going out or traveling all the time in their 20’s. I know that the stats reflect a generalized view of things and I’m not even a fraction of what makes up their studies, but my husband and I are comfortable enough right now that we do want kids at 23 and it’s because of who we are and certain privileges that we have right now. That being said this video did not make me feel comfortable with how they used stats and focused way too much on the benefits of 30’s without discussing women in their 20’s and I find it a little unfair.

  • So if I have real, difficult problems then I guess that reason for having children doesn’t work. I feel more meaning in my life, business, and fighting my struggle with not just coping in this world, as an autistic person, but thriving as an entrepreneur. Everyone is different. Having children is not always the right move.

  • Anybody who says theyd rather have no children good luck having someone continue your legacy,bring a person who can change or make a name for themself,somebody to continue your life (DNA wise)
    When you die nobody will know who we are but if there’s somebody who carries our name our memory wont fade.

  • I’m a 45 year old black male and I just had my first son… Best decision I ever made but that’s because I wanted my son and planned to make him, if you don’t want kids don’t have kids because if you do you’ll be miserable

  • This should be first time having a baby in your 20’s vs 30’s and also health play a big role it’s true 20’s higher chance of getting pregnant also a lot more higher in ur teens if you have a healthy body and good doctor hell you can have healthy babies even your 40’s!!!!!! 50!! Even it all depends on ur body And ur health

  • Great!  One Dnews says man should become a young father when their sperms are still fresh and this Dnews says woman should give birth at an older age to make make humanity live longer..


    We should let teenage boys hit on their 30 years old teachers to create the ideal mating couple for humanity… yes, for humanity, cheers

  • There are 7.7 billion people on this dying planet. Everything what you say sounds empty compared to that. There is absolutely no need to reproduce!

  • I don’t get what’s the fuss about in my language sex and gender have the same meaning, but for the act of sex we have an other word. We have men and women why complicate things for 1% of the population who thinks they are different the rest.

  • I’m 22 now, and my dad is 55. He re-married years ago but now is helping raise his wife’s great-nephew and man… in a 5 year timeskip seems like my dad aged about 10 years smh. On top of dealing with a nagging non-working wife. SYSBM and go your own way men ✌��✈️

  • I disagree with Peterson here, I find that a lot of the lifestyle choices he advocates for are far too conventional and we need to start thinking more outside of the box no Jordan not everyone should be a parent and there is nothing wrong with that parenthood should be a choice not a requirement

  • I will not speak for others. But my 4-years old twin daughters (one with autism and the other something but not diagnosed) Gave me purpose. But not just that. I’ve never felt love for someone like that until after they were born. It’s a give and take thing. For me it was personal freedom exchanged to responsibility, worry and hard work and less sleep but also no regrets. I don’t regret it because nothing of all that I lost is important to me compared to them. It is ofc, largely biological and psychological of normal human nature. That is just my story ofc. But I have a healthy relationship with my wife and we work as a team and we ARE happy. I know there are other scenarios out there and plenty of unfit parents. Just trying to give a view of how a parent sees it. For us dudes it’s a bit of a gamble ofc since we don’t have the same biological clock and instinct as females. All I can say is that I don’t know any fathers near me who wasn’t in their happiest and proudest moment when their child was born. I’d say wait until you are 25-30 to see how you feel about it. Not many dudes feel like makin’ babies early in life. Whatever the choice, It’s yours ofc. Have a good day now.

  • Depends how you look at this. If you approach this from the phyilosoiphy of Miyamoto Musashi then you are looking for a distraction from truely Mastering anything by taking Jordans path. Most people have familes from the notion that children will bring happiness but If you want to truly master something then you don’t have time to raise children vs someone who can dedicate there whole being to one pursuit.

  • So to the point brother. You share my sentiment same age possibly different dreams and aspirations but the vision is almost the same. It’s a sad world as it stand today but not many takes the time to filter what’s happening. It’s easier to simply go through the motions.

  • From the last medical and scientific but more sociological standpoint it stands to reason that having children in their thirties instead of their twenties would be a big advantage to the mother the children and all of society. This is because more and more the level of maturity an emotional stability in young people is rapidly declining relative to age, there are statistics on this and you can look that up for yourself. I believe this is because of the general decline in society which is intentionally being created by the global elitist and exacerbated through social media, and because of the intentional degradation and poisoning of the food supply and because of the intentional damage do all newborns brains via Force vaccination. Also the human brain does not really reach full maturity in structural development until the late twenties, and yes it does continue to change and neurons do get replaced contrary to the myth that no new neurons are ever created after puberty. Particularly the logic Center the frontal cortex. Also it is almost always true that the financial stability of the mother or the family you’ll be much more secure Inlet 30s as compared to even the mid or late twenties. Also oh, it is my belief, that women who are willing to start families in their 30s have matured and have also become much more informed and educated in reality then women even in their late twenties. It is my belief this is primarily the reason why women who begin their families in their 30s tend to be healthier and live longer then women who begin families in their twenties, this is because the 30-year plus group has better knowledge of Nutrition Fitness health and of the poisons in processed foods need for physical activity and the avoidance of unnecessary medical treatment and particularly vaccinations and antibiotics. Also, again my observations, women who begin families in their 30s are much more socially diverse, and are much more emotionally and intellectually capable of intermingling there parental activities and involvement of the children in all of their diverse social activities as compared to women who start families in their 20s intend to separate their child and parenting activities from their Limited variety of social activities and interactions. Again these are my views from a sociological standpoint with relevant references to actual medical realities

  • I would be a normal parent, but I choose not to.
    Don’t see why, just a hassle to me imo.
    Not ever gonna have any. Besides, overpopulation is a problem #Kidfree

  • This is kind of a load of crap. It has nothing to do with waiting to have kids and more that the fact is that healthy women are more likely to be able to have kids later in life.

  • The longer women wait to have children, the more likely the offspring will develop some kind of genetic defect or ailment. If I recall correctly, my 10th grade biology book stated that after the age of 35, 1/8 births will result in trisomy (down syndrome). That is without consideration to environmental pollutants, chemicals and toxins in food, and other factors that may also cause harm to organic tissues.

  • Very wise words! I doubt I’ll have kids, I have average genes so yeah, I might as well be a Marauder, and write some epic novels.
    Keep putting in the work!

  • Only way I would even consider having a child is if I was already very well off with plenty of free time to take care of the kid. Other than that, there’s more than enough “stuff” going on in the world, no need to drag another human being into it. And for what? Because I like playing with little kids? Because I want to leave my legacy to someone? Sorry but that’s not a good enough reason. I can volunteer at a daycare or leave all my belongings to charity, I promise this will do more good than having your own kid.

  • You cant make scientific explanation using not certain expressions like “might be”. Everything is possible in world. If we’ll use ’em, ım gonna say ur child can be handicapped for ex. Lmao talk certainly, with statistics

  • Bro, as a MGTOW red pill 37 year old man with no offspring I respect and applaud what you do but I have to say it. I swear that you talk the greazies shit about women who you say do the exact thing that you just described that you want to do. Now I agree with 99.99% of the shit that you say but that shit about wanting to have kids in your 40s shit sounds kind of hypocritical when it seems like you talk women into the dirt for putting kids off for goals and careers. IJS. But I still respect what you da and I’m going to keep watching but I’m going to always keep it real. Keep doing what you do.

  • Mr. Spade, you are a young man with so much wisdom. Wonderful content. I will definitely support your channel. Keep up the great work!!!!!

  • Well I’m not having children for a unique reason: I don’t want my kids to have speech impediment like I do. Even if its a 0.01% chance of passing it down genetically, I still wouldn’t take it. Speech impediment has caused so much immense emotional trauma in my life that it haunts me to this day.

  • Always enjoy ol’ Dr J Peterson’s lecturers…�� I must say once you find your purpose and have good hobbies �� make lots of money �� and enjoy life,you will be pretty much laughing everyday �� i do LMAO… That’s why I choose to be child free… each their own i guess…

  • Having children comes with many more financial needs, experiencing more suffering resulting from their suffering (suffering X N), contributing to species depletion, increased pollution, death of other consumed animals, encroaching on species natural habitat, they will probably not contribute more good than bad, they are guaranteed suffering and might be lucky enough to be happy sometimes. All this is if the parents are not drug addicts or HIV positive, but you’ll have to look out for their kids, hopefully teach them to be safe, and how to make good decisions. Good luck, we all make mistakes. I don’t see the benefits outweighing the bad and our species is on a trajectory for collapsing ecosystems. This all disregards human’s innate tendency to exploit everything around us. Some parents even exploit their children, so maybe you’ll be happier as one of those. Life could be better if people even considered the natural balance of life on this planet, but no. We have the self control of a bacteria overgrowing a petri dish. Your family tree is just the overgrowth of our population, like bacteria. You’re not just having one kid, it’s many more to come for future generations. I think Mr. Peterson is experiencing cognitive dissonance.

  • I think this is more correlation than causation. Women who are able to have children later in life may be aging more slowly and have better genetics than the ones who are not able to have children at that same age. I think they should focus on the ability to have children, not the choice, and if the couples tried and were not able to have more children past the key ages mentioned (33 and 40) show the shorter life span. Either way, <3 me some milfs:| yay science 

  • This sounds like poor correlation. If a woman has kids in her 30s then obviously she’d be in college and such.
    Why is there no variable for husbands or men who support households? This sounds a bit biased.

  • They aren’t validating anything. They have just become so entitled they admit to what they have done all along. The methods and reasons haven’t changed. The only thing that has is how society treats it. A woman who is loyal to one man used be a great woman. Now she’s been replaced with narrcistic victims who have been convinced if they have any ability to connect with a man in a meaningful way she’s a victim of whatever boogeyman is convenient for the agenda of the moment.

  • Women,the race that lets emotion go before thought and reason 99% of the time,are given the right to do whatever without accountabilety and responsebilty and can always pull the victim card are set loose out in the society. what could possibly go wrong?? xD well,everything it seems more day by day. us reasonable men can only sit on the sideline and watch this carcrash pile up:P

  • Umm…an OBGYN needs to go over this video and explain why all of this is completely backwards. Who ever wrote this does not know the difference between correlation and causation.

  • I just read an article which stated, that waiting until you’re around 30 before getting kids would actually hurt your child. The possibility of the fetus getting a chromosome defect is much higher when the parent are 30+ than when they’re in their 20’s.:o

  • 25 and 3 months pregnant. I literally found out 3 weeks after I turned 25 that I’m pregnant.

    Pregnancy so far is hard on my body. So I’m happy I’m doing it now in my 20s than my family wanted (my 30s) also, I’ve always wanted to be a really young fresh faced mom ��

  • This is such a great music
    I’m always thankful to my uncle for getting me into them, it all started with ode to my family… ������

  • A perfect example of the ‘argument from authority’ fallacy. Science insider neglects to mention that after 30 a woman loses 90% of her viable eggs, and the chances of getting pregnant decrease hugely; you’d think a site specializing in ‘science’ might deign to point that fact out?

  • The fertility decline at age 35 my grandma had my aunt at age 50 without assistant from doctor like ifv ��and the she was healthy

  • OMG. This is so refreshing. I do not have kids and waited because I wanted to be married. Now folks are telling me to give up on it because they had kids young and they feel that should be the standard. Yet they complain and tell others “dont have kids”. All bitter because their life didn’t turn out the way they imagined and the relationship with the father(s) is so dysfunctional they can’t even properly co-parent. Thank you for this!!!

  • I think 40 is a bit too old to start having kids. If anything, you ought to be done having them by then.
    Starting at 40 means you better be in good health, on your purpose and financially stable. By the time your kid(s) are graduating high school, you’ll be at retirement age. I think people should start having kids in their late 20s or early 30s (Especially women). Kids bring stress regardless of your age (but they are so worth it). At the end of the day, those kids will be a big part of your success.

  • I’m about to turn 38, i spent over a decade travelling, i have a great job, i’m responsible with personal finances etc, i recently split with my partner because i don’t want children. I don’t know how much more of an adult i have to be for people to stop saying ill change my mind about not wanting children. I have an internal battle in a sense, because i feel that its my duty in some way to have a family, and i believe it would be very rewarding, but the truth is that i couldn’t be less interested in children. It’s not even about over-population, or the state of the planet, the divorce stats, family courts or the future of humanity etc, because i believe that humans are resilient and adaptable. For me, i don’t see time for loneliness if i’m to make my life something of true worth; just as i’ve never experienced loneliness before, and the challenges of constant personal development we impose upon ourselves are fulfilling. As for age, being a first time parent as a man (or women) in their late 30s/ early 40s, even among my friends is becoming the norm particularly in cities but i’ll be fucked if i’m dealing with teenagers in my late 50s. Men in their 50s can be in their peak mental/physical health if they’re that way inclined.. the peak of their careers, a life long partner who you love and support if you’re lucky and you work at it. You’ve come a long way and you have a long way to go at that age, and when i think about my life without children i feel inspired, but i don’t feel like i have the support from many.

  • I’ve been thinking lately to wait and have kids later in life too. Did you feel any tension from your family for waiting so long to have a child? I know when I mentioned having kids in my 40s, my mama and family were thinking “why so late” since they’d basically have to wait until 70/80 for their first grandkid. What are your thoughts?

  • That data is flawed. We have only, very recently, begun to live longer thanks to modern medicine. In fact, human life expectancy is about 21 to 23 years without any medical intervention in the wild. It’s not the genetics that are the driving force, but our understanding of how the body works, and the incredible leaps in medicine we have made. If you doubt it, have a look at the changes in medicine in the last 20 years.

  • I have had a baby in my teens, my 20s, and my 30s.

    Honestly, it was easiest when I was a teenager. My body was at its best. I got to grow up with my kid and I learned a lot being a mom than I ever did in a classroom. Money comes and goes and is never the same or consistent no matter what age you decide to have a child.

  • I had my son when I was mid 30s best decision I ever made. Me and his Mam aren’t together now bit I’m finally in a circumstance where I can pour my life into him as I’ve lived enough for myself. I think the red pill life is more about patience,taking carer of yourself whilst you mature, women have all the aces in this day and age so make sure you are the one in charge. That only comes with wisdom and experience.
    Children are the greatest joy, and as a man you need to want them. If you don’t want kids, don’t bother. It’s too much work otherwise.

  • U can have 10 kids at 15-25 and still live the best life. You can have 1 kid at 40 and still live the most difficult. Difference is the partner; if she a real one then kudos. If she ain’t a genuine person then wooptidoo get ready 4 hell. It’s about the partner.

  • It’s more important to them to conform and live a cookie cutter lifestyle to be “accepted” by society. I’m 36 and at this point I’m not sure I want to bring kids in this crazy world that I don’t approve of. I’m not sure I want to sentence and or subject my kids to this world.

  • I have just hit a crossroads and it brought me here. My girl wants to have a kid, we are not getting any younger, and we just had a lonnnng tslk on the phone. I am starting to think I should let her go to find someone she can be happy with. I sometimes like the idea of a kid but I am not convinced, and sometimes it scares the shot out of me.

    I honestly have no idea what to do right now.

  • 0:18 to lay in bed with no obligations is not the same thing as being free of problems. Problems are an inherent part of life, and therefore to be free from problems is to be free of life. Having no problems is not laying in bed without a worry, its not existing at all.

  • Good pt & good video. But we must also consider that testosterone levels decreasing with age which can easily explain a inflated bodyfat level. By the way, i had my 1st child at 49. As a middle-aged male, my decision making is expanitionally better than a 25 yr old parent

  • It is my experience that women find a guy more attractive if he’s pursuing other women. Even if they hate the cheating they love the drama

  • “My life has no meaning, better reproduce.”

    -95% of people that I meet

    Anyways, thanks for the video Anthony, I always knew I was right, your video re-affirms it. One more thing Anthony, you need to touch on the subject that MANY PEOPLE use their kids as LEVERAGE to appear socially superior to others and emotionally manipulate people.

    p.s the music and fish are nice additions to the message as a whole

  • If you’re not beyond Honored and excited beyond words to become a parent than don’t have children.
    98-99% of parents I see are terrible parents. Even the ones that seem as if they are good parents, I’ll break down their ignorance and wrong doings. Not that you have to be perfect but these parents have intentions of changing or learning.
    Alot of people having kids are narcissistic, selfish and ignorant. They aren’t having kids for the right reasons. My Mother wanted kids so that she always had someone to love her. That is wrong and selfish and anyone with experience will know that your kids will not always love you.
    I am by no means against having kids I am a Man who is borderline desperate to have my own children.
    I have always fantasize about having kids of my own and having a strong woman beside me to endure the good and the bad. To embrace every moment of our lives together.
    To give our children every opportunity they need and deserve in this world.
    To be a family.
    Words can not describe how wonderfu kids are in my life.
    My day job is School Bus Driving and it is the closest thing I can be right now to being something of a parent.
    Every minute of every hour around these kids is an honor and a joy.
    Even when they are fighting and puking up on the seats or getting their hair caught in their backpacks.
    Giving me a hard time and distracting me from the road until I pull over just to see if there is anything I can do or so they can get some attention.
    If you dont feel this way about kids than dont have any.
    I was lucky enough that my Brother had a daughter.
    Every time I had a chance to be around her I didnt waste. I have learnt so much form her being an uncle.
    Most people would say ” You dont know what its like you only get the good parts being a uncle”
    They are half right about that statement. I don’t know what it’s like and would give up an arm and a leg just to be a father. They wouldn’t give up there 2nd favorite thing just so there kid will have a better tomorrow.
    I can only imagine how great it would be to hold my new born child in my arms.
    To come home from work and hear them call me “dad”
    Unfortunately someone like me is to unhealthy to have children.
    I would be selfish and irresponsible if I did.
    All the more reason that someone like me should have kids if my situation were different.
    If your heart isn’t as mine is than you should not have kids.
    If your not learning from them than you should not be a parent.
    If you call them spoiled and rotten because you spoiled them and bribe them with junk food to get them to do what you want. Than don’t have kids.
    My niece loves me but I wronged her one time by disrespecting her. (It happens). She told me at that immediately time that she hated me.
    My family members told her that it was wrong for her to say that.
    I corrected them all and told them “No she is allowed to express herself and what she is thinking and feeling”. If She is telling me she hates me than I am doing something wrong”. I soon learned how to behave properly and respect my niece. That’s called communication that most people (Parents) correct as bad behavior by the child.
    A child is only as good as you let them be.
    You need to wake up your ass in gear and realize that anything a child does is a reflection of their environment and the people surrounding it. They are impressionable and copy our behavior, adopting them as their own.
    In that exact moment my niece really did hate me.
    I knew that she loved me but what I was doing or was not doing was incorrect.
    People dont get it.
    It breaks my heart to see so many misguided and selfish people having children who have no respect for the amazing person standing before them. Instead they toss their kids needs and wants aside as ” they are just a kid”

  • Why the scary music -_just enjoy life if you want to have kids and you financially ready go ahead get married enjoy life tomorrow is not promised

  • Truly a man does not mature until he has a child to raise. Make ready. Don’t rush. So true. Not before a man is 30 you can’t be your best before then, and who doesn’t want to be the best Dad they can be? You just break your child.
    Thanks, Anthony. You’re right.

  • I’m not running behind any kids in my 30’s and I said what I said. Plus I’m black women we often times develop fibroids and it gives us even more complications. I say if you’re married or just happy in general go for it I’m 22 I make 65000 a year and my husband makes 85000 so I think we will do just fine.

  • It’s an ego trip for the soulless. Why are we inundated with this idea of “practicing”. Practicing for what? You can’t just be a slut and then wake up one day and go “ ok I’m not a slutty cheater any more! Ready to be good now!” It’s too late a nice person doesn’t want to be with you now. Just be with someone available that you like. Culture has no appreciation for sincerity. Why are we women being taught just about manipulating and power trips? It won’t make us happy. We just get dragged through the mud and that’s what they want. To degrade women and the family. I’m convinced there is an agenda in culture to make us totally vapid because then our children are unprotected and they can be brainwashed and abused and run through the meat grinder. I’m going to have to go back to church because normal people are not normal anymore.

  • Can someone please take all these articles, reverse the gender roles, publish them, make a YT channel about these gender role reversed articles, and watch the female outrage with “mysogynic pig” buzzword bingo unfold?

  • I meet people that tell me that their kids were their motivations that got them to where they are but,.. they are run down and all f*** up so there’s no other type of motivation you can get to be successful,… like I mentioned before my children were a bad investment sad to say. The only time they visit is when they want money or some materialistic thing

  • I slept with a married woman once. My thinking at the time went like this, “If she’s going to cheat it’s going to be with SOMEONE so it might as well be me.” I kept running into him at the gym too which I suppose was my karma. It was like a constant reminder of what I did wrong. To make matters worse I talked to him a few times just casually and he seemed like a really good man. He is tall and pretty handsome (no homo) and a construction manager. Just don’t do it boys. I felt like complete garbage for a long time. Don’t allow yourself to justify bad behavior like I did. That was really stupid and selfish.

    Also, I’ve had women take me out to eat before and pay. Never had it happen on a first date before but it DOES happen. Especially with successful women who are older than me after we’ve already hooked up. I’m casually sleeping with a woman right now who’s pretty cool and in her mid 30’s. She’s taken me out twice so far and I’ve taken her out three times.

  • To the people who can’t stand the idea of having kids
    AKA the weakest links
    AKA Betas
    Bottom of The Food Chain
    The ones who live life in fear
    The ones who are afraid of a little work
    The ones who usually amount to nothing
    The ones who are boring as fuck
    Chances are the ones who don’t have kids and never want kids are probably working under or for someone who has kids ���� to each their own, its always the mfs who have never experienced it that have the MOST to say about it. If youve never personally experienced it then shut the fuck up and just say you don’t want em instead of some Bull shit you see or what you think you know. Y’all ain’t strong enough mentally or physically to take care of another life anyway. You guys will have no one to pass your legacy down to and everyone will forget you because u weren’t shit in life…oh but I was “happy” yea right most of you are stressing about other things in life and can barely take care of yourselves let alone kids. Fucking weak links i STILL have fun in life WITH them and Without them �� I’m 26 and when I’m 40 they will be grown already. I don’t want anymore kids after 30 tho that’s forsure

  • What the hell good are you if you aren’t looking after this creature? What happens when I ruin this creature? I’d rather die than ruin some kid. And my condolences to anyone who wants to.

  • Gen X: sandwiched between Boomers and Millennials, we were too small a generational cohort to ever rule the world. But we had the best music, imo.

  • I recognize and respect that a lot of people derive great meaning and fulfillment from the effort and love that goes into raising a child, but if you prefer to dedicate that energy into your career or towards helping your society, I don’t see the problem. I don’t want kids, but I do think that the bitter “childfree” crowd is kind of annoying. With that said, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it like some people think.

  • Am very very impressed by the content of this video, it’s very educative. It is the kind of information you will rarely come by. Thanx.

  • Parents if you don’t support those who choose not to have children and keep badgering them to have kids then plz Google “what do (parents or childfree)old people regret most in their life?”

  • Im not having kids & i am 25. I have my reasons and they are based on science & environment. I am making the correct choice for myself. I am not upset by any judgement from anyone ��������

  • It should be common sense. Y now that women prefer men who already have a women…when I was single I got no choosing signals but when I had my ex women would always stare at me

  • I was 32 when my first daughter was born and 39 when my second one was born. I’m no longer with their mother after16 years of marriage. You’re right. It is best to have kids when you’re older.

  • I am happy that I don’t have that problem. I saw what dad went through. I prefer to live on my own. Never will I let a woman in my life. Or not too much.

  • my mom had me as an only child when she was 37, when she was 39 she had a 5th month miscarriage, does that data mean anything? probably not heh, although life would have been different with a little sister.

  • Saying your kids will be anything like safer, smarter etc is bad science bordering on fraud!

    Women with high socioeconomic status just happen to have all that good stuff, and also start having children later, because they spend more time in college. I can’t tell if this is outright antinatalism, or they are just pandering to women who have already waited longer than they should have. Either way, it’s not helping women to lie to them, even if it makes them feel better in the moment.

  • If this channel is really about science and not propagenda, then I suggest your next video to be about how polygamous men live 12% longer than other men, according to a study.

  • All these people here because somebody died a fair few years ago. Can you not get some decent taste yourselves and not whore out your dead loved ones to try and milk likes and attention? If you can’t understand that the world moves on and nobody cares after a short while…. You need more than this song, let me tell you.

  • I agree most people are better financially in their 40s than in there 20s but some people don’t want to be in their 60s rising little kids they want to be retired and free it’s call the Golden years for a reason

  • just so you stop butchering the joke… what do fat girls and mopeds have in common… they are fun to ride till your friends see you on them

  • IMO it’s gotta be about 27, that’s the best age to have kids if you don’t want to suffer, you’re starting to find your way in life at this point and unlike starting on your early 20’s you have SOME form of economic status while in your 30’s you have the money but your body isn’t as ready as it once was, alot of health problems can occur

  • “You don’t have to spend money on him”
    Everything you said about women expecting men to pay is true.
    That’s what makes TV shows like “Two and a Half Men” such a
    joke. Allan displays all these characteristics of a typical female.

  • sure was clever not to mention the increased chance of women (as well as men) being parents later in life increases the chance of a mutation in their dna.

  • I was trying to have a conversation with a girl who don’t want to have children, she got pretty angry because I said that this will have consequences, now is wanting some cientific research, papers or something to prove that there is a negative side, do you guys have any?
    Obs: I agree that some people shouldn’t have children, and even that some will be fine without it

  • Man. Anthony. God bless me with and 11 year old daughter I never been married. My baby momma did turn on me when I was going through. God allowed I came out of it. She decided she want me back I did a no go. But I’ve paid child support since my daughter was born til now and on and on Giving Gods grace hallelujah. So I stop eating meat close month ago. I feel alive again. Nothing like a good vegee. Samivch..:) hostalavista. I can think clearly now the rain is gone……..

  • Blaze Starr in film 02:58 I was (and still am) in love with this song and video. They used to show it at the same time every morning on VH1 and I made several videotapes of it.


  • Does anyone know who the girl with the cigarette is in this film clip???I’m pretty sure she is my soulmate….ahhh maybe in the next life.

  • This video should of been titled, “Having kids in your 30’s is better thank 20’s, and we will use mostly opinions to tell you why.”

  • Me hizo creer por 8 años que me amaba, y un día pase por una iglesia y él tomaba con tanto amor la mano de otra chica… Precisamente escuchaba está canción, se convirtió en una de mis favoritas, una canción que escucho todos los días para sentirme viva y tener un recuerdo de felicidad.

  • from what I can find about this study, they didn’t take into account how many children each mother had, and I would imagine having 1 or two (as is often the case in women who wait) would make a big difference than if you had 4.

  • Personal opinion Life is meant to be enjoyed. Hard can be enjoyable when it’s something you believe in. Hard is also inevitable. The worst kind of hard is the kind you don’t choose, and don’t believe in. Kid’s or no kids, you’re going to encounter hardships you didn’t choose, and don’t want. There’s nothing weak about perusing happiness.

  • I don’t want kids.I would rather have other problems and engage in other challenges. A kid would impede my doing the things that make me feel fulfilled and excited about life.

  • Hi again. The reason why I commented on your channel is because you argue your position on issues from a philosophical point of view, rather than an entitled
    Male chauvinist pig like I see on some of the other bachelor channels, even if our viewpoints are different sometimes. I’ve created my own channel, and one of the ways I’m hoping to use it is to advocate for traditional femininity, but with a Native American cultural twistnamely just because a woman is feminine, doesn’t mean she is inferior or subservient to men.

    I am looking for some people to collaborate with and maybe have some live discussions down the road. Let me know if you would be interested in participating.

  • 1 in 4 people during plague have considered suicide ��‍♂️�� depression has tripled �� so most definitely fabulous things are happening absolutely so why would anyone want to resolve anything? Just let the country suffer and everybody lose everything keep up the amazing work the communication strategy is working out perfectly looks like America really has its act together perhaps going in the right direction would be considered an understatement dang the suicide hotline is on the tv �������� just breathtaking I wouldn’t change anything no chance look at all the fabulous things happening just go to the hospital and catch the plague on top
    Of the depression maybe advertise that Ronny will answer the hotline calls hearing gibberish would help anyone sure is a fun fun fun game do you think we could continue this game for another five years straight? It’s been so amazing for everybody and beneficial look at all the benefits their breathtaking from A to Z everybody is making out perfectly face marks everywhere and rioting and poverty and homelessness and sickness and pandemics and endless gun violence and addiction and mental health issues and suicide and just fabulous things happening would be an understatement we even got Kanye running for president that’s astonishing so I happen to agree things are going rather swimmingly and don’t change Nathan just keep saying and doing nothing working out amazingly dang everybody has face masks on the news that’s amazing too sounding muffled who wouldn’t want to turn their volume up to one hundred I mean wake the neighbor ����‍♂️ my god doing a bang up job here who ever is running this nightmare of a situation needs to live in mars and get far away from America ASAP talk about ruining the country instantly holy mackerel just gonna keep sitting there doing Nathan? Well that’s a terrific answer to the problems keep playing pretend unfortunately it’s not working out so good putting profits ahead of lives and bounties on their foreheads that’s breathtaking hey if Kanye reds to borrow ten bucks we can figure Sutton out I’ll go return soda and give him the ten bucks we can call it a grant so he doesn’t need to pay it back ����‍♂️ so pathetic belongs in jail those qualities forget about that that ain’t happening no chance y’all can’t even speak English never mind gave integrity better chance if the wild fires going away and that certainly isn’t happening maybe William Barr is going to take care of everything and resolve the plague and the rioting and protesting and the unemployment and the poverty and sickness and the homelessness it seems he’s got it all figured out with logic �� from my vantage point he’s got Nathan figured out looks like an imbecile it’s embarrassing been opinion pieces axing him to resign twice a month already his English isn’t too good either kids are going hungry but don’t worrry it’s no biggie just pretend and ignore it and play fantasyland Ron isn’t getting the embrace of you want to get re-elected then you had better give Ronald the embrace or forget everything �� is like Ronny to ax me for the embrace that would be hysterical ����‍♂️ Ron your buddy Louis isn’t looking to good nowadays investigations and people saying he is a crook there’s a big surprise ����‍♂️ shocked young hear that never would of expected that from Ronny nope he flies straight as an arrow �� what a disgrace should be ashamed is start paying attention raging wild fires that’s all I’m hearing �� didn’t have to be this way it’s only English fucking pathetic so pathetic it’s unspeakable sitting there doing and saying Nathan waiting for what Ronny lord have mercy that’s ridiculous grow up waiting for Ronny he can’t speak English

  • Yeah, I’m in no rush to have a baby. Early baby means poor living for college grads. That is if you can afford to graduate haha…You want people to have babies early? Then pay them $10,000 chop chop.

  • but the article is promoting the brave new world scenario where women are shared in common among the elite and most males dont have access; but the author of this article would be horrified if the same advice was given to men

  • This video kinda proves having kids in your 20s is healthier. But you will be better able to manage kids at your 30s. It kinda just lies to people about why waiting until you get older to have kids is better. Because it’s not.

  • Just think, if one of these women gets married, has a child and she grows up and she finds out that her mother did these things, how is that going to set a good example. I believe her daughter probably will not trust your mother anymore.

  • i understand waiting til you are a good age to have kids but i really don’t recommend having kids at 40. i know a good few women who did and they all have children with disorders such as autism and down’s syndrome. choosing between a longer life for you or a harder life for your child.. yeah i’ll make sure to stick to the before 35 suggestion.

  • 100% True… Female friends have cheated w/married men, then years later have gone ballistic when their boyfriends cheat on them repeatedly.

    I would consider it hypocrisy, but a hypocrite has to be aware of what they’re doing. Women just do what they feel, in most cases I had to point out to them that they had done the same thing.

    Never seen such blank expressions before in my life. It only matters if it’s happening to them. I had no idea women were so insensitive to other women. ����‍♂️

  • Below replacement reproduction-levels, an undoubted benefit. Just out of curiosity, Science Insider, how many women out of the grand sweep of human history have lived into their thirties to have children?

  • The way it’s going in the western world
    It just doesn’t seem logical to attach yourself to these modern entitled Americanized blue pill indoctrinated women (Especially the big city girls).. I’m in my early 30’s with no kids (NYC style) and I have no regrets about all the women I’ve avoided impregnating because I’ve always put myself first as a man ya digg.. I also practice what I preach about this lifestyle and push aside any shaming tactics.. Like the channel brotha facts all over the place.. They don’t like when men are awake from this Matrix and can bend the Matrix to their own will.. Facts

  • … although it sounds/reads clichèd, after the realisations of being virtually worthless to most women and that most men have little to no chance of experiencing long term ‘love’/friendship/partnership/honesty/loyalty with a woman… comes the anger/resentment/bitterness/disgust/embarrassment/etc etc… and then, by some gift of TIME… new clarity arrives… in little moments here and there… which becomes more consistent… little sparks of joy… optimism… indifference… creativity… acceptance… peace… humour… and truthfully, with TIME out of the matrix/woman game(s)… a much better state of living. Remember being a young boy and being asked by an adult ‘so do you want to get married when you grow up’… and replying with honesty in saying things like ‘No way. Girls are so dumb and annoying’ or ‘Gross!’ ������

  • Month 1: I Love You! You’re my soulmate!!���� ❤️
    Month 2: So, where is this going? Are we moving together? ����‍♀️ ��
    Month 3-6: You’ll never find anyone like me!����

  • That information at 01:00 is wrong.
    “The percentage infertility was estimated at 8% for women aged 19-26 years, 13-14% for women aged 27-34 years and 18% for women aged 35-39 years.”

    So it’s 86% at age 27 and 82% at age 37.

    And according to this
    you have 50% fertility at age 41.

    “The cumulative curve for the end of fertility slowly increases from 4.5% at age 25 years, 7% at age 30 years, 12% at age 35 years and 20% at age 38 years. Thereafter, it rises rapidly to about 50% at age 41, almost 90% at age 45 years and approaching 100% at age 50 years.”

  • I had a friend named Aubrey in second grade who had a heart attack at age 8 and died a couple weeks later from not being able to fix her.

    I will never have kids. Ever. People who bring kids into this world are either knowingly or unknowingly both sadists and masochists. The amount of harm done by creating a new stream of consciousness is unfathomable, and to suggest that there is any good to be found in it is stupid at best, and is pure evil at worst.

  • I remember couple of threads I have read on a forum. All of the threads were from women and these were the titles. How to seduce a priest? I fell in love with a married guy. And the last one was absolutely amazing. I think I am in love with a dead man. They are attracted to what they can’t have gentleman.

  • Ridiculous that someone can impose their perspective on others as if it’s truth. I read about Mr. Peterson’s terrible experience with anxiety meds, and really wanted to like him because I’m empathetic to the cause (overprescribing and the dangers of psych meds for some people). I was hoping he could be a voice for the people around the difficulties these meds are causing so many.
    But now I’m feeling like his voice can’t be trusted to represent the masses because he can only see things from his own perspective.
    I wanted to understand why there was so much public hate towards him, so I googled. He speaks as an authority spewing his opinions that invalidate half of the population. It’s damaging because people look to therapist figures as an authority and acquire negative beliefs about themselves after hearing him speak.
    So now I get why there’s a lack of love towards him. I wish him a speedy recover none-the-less, and hopefully a “dark night of the soul” transformative experience that involves some new found humility and awareness.

  • Anytime I read an article that says something reprehensible is “perfectly normal” then I recognize that it’s just more attempts to justify bad behavior and change the narrative to support things that aren’t perfectly normal. 10 years ago you couldn’t have found any respectable “journalist” that would have written that being 20 years old and having affairs with older married men was “perfectly normal.”

  • As much as I appreciate Peterson, I think he got it wrong on this one. Life with kids is beautiful when you are young, have a loving partner,have the support of your family, your kid is bright and healthy, got the money,somehow your career is blooming. Take few of these criterias away and you are stuck. I have watched some of Peterson`s family home made videos. He was lucky to marry his wonderful wife. She seems to have taken a big chunk of the family burden dealing with the kids, family emotions, household,etc That`s a hell of a job and not sure if Peterson would have been able to cope with all the family responsibilities without his wonderful lady. You see,this is the key, if you have a great partner and some other adds-on, the struggle is different, when raising kids.

  • I’m thinking it could be the women are chasing around children longer, thus staying active. I didn’t have my daughter until I was 36. There was, and still is, a lot of chasing involved.

  • His understanding on why having children is a good idea is probably already different than the majority of the population. I need to watch the entire lecture.

  • I’m so glad your not a fool. Your smart. None of that family court stuff for you. That’s for fools. That’s why we watch you. The fools watch you and wish they were you. I chould never imagine having my wages garnished. Being broke all the time.

  • 0:55 Giving birth after 40, but not for the first time is different than waiting till for 40 then giving birth for the first time.  Obviously if you feel you have the energy to give birth at 40 after having other kids than you are likely to have genes to enable you to live longer…

  • The problem is…

    How can you find a man ready to assume a responsibility (as a parent and as a mature couple)? I’m in my 30’s, and that’s a HUGE problem for me. ����

  • Manzoni’s wife (Enrichetta Blondel) wouldn’t say so. She had 10 kids with him and died pretty fast. Having kids itself is tiring for women’s body. She give a lot of vital ingredients to her child.

  • there is a benifet haveing kids early that’s you have no assets to loose…only pay child support..I wish I had them big payout. but i am enjoying time with my 10 year old son at 51.

  • can we please stop making sex based episodes. regardless if its pro feminine pro male pro whatever. just please stop. this is meant to be a science channel not a womens rights v mens rights channel. these topics don’t cause discussion they cause ANGER and arguments because you guys keep saying things that just flat out aren’t relevant or correct. and when you say these things it only causes anger and outrage. 

    like that fucking stupid shit with hurricanes. you idiots totally reversed cause and effect throughout that whole fucking episode and the way you worded EVERYTHING made EVERYTHING you said that had to do with opinion or trying to convey the point WRONG.

    just please. stop talking about 

  • you dont need to make a 24 minute video to say FEMALE SOLIPSISM. thats the answer to everything. why women are ammoral. why they will excuse everything that benefits or pleases them etc.

  • My experience is to have children has young as possible. At 40 year’s old declined, I’m 58 And I actually started living my best life at 50 year’s old Onece my xwife left me, I’m dating younger women. All of my Children are doing well 2 military and 4 College graduates and they thank me. At 40 year’s having children will put you under brother you need energy

  • I’m pretty sure this is just because they are ABLE to have more kids later…not because they actually did. Some people have kids earlier and then stop on purpose. My great grandma who is almost 99 years old had two kids…one at 19 and one at 20. She never tried to have more in her 30s or later.

  • he suggests that happiness has more than one meaning of ‘true’ happiness without actually going through all of them, and he bases his argument that suffering is necessary bsed on this one suggestion of what ‘true happiness’ is.
    I don’t like the argument. it is incomplete.
    not convinced to have kids.

  • Has anyone noticed that these videos are either speculation, or summaries of the articles already posted on the IFL Science Facebook page?

  • Yeah, but doesn’t having kids at an older age increase your risk of having a miscarriages or conceiving children with birth defects? 

  • This just means that if you have a child later in life it may impact your life expectancy. All you talked about refer to “last child at age…”. It mentioned nothing about the first child, or child-bearing age-range. Soooooo… the information given wasnt very relative, realistically.. since there are many other factors that could cause a woman to have their last child later, or earlier, and other factors that would have been the cause of those in return. 

  • Yeah, the late-night booty call is common amongst players with tons of experience. Married men will likely have dad bods and have had sex with the same woman for years. These articles are so stupid. If you’re looking for a good fuck hit up the player, he most likely won’t talk either

  • I have said my whole life childless couples are far happier, and after 67 years of living, I’ve had it proven to me over and over. I don’t know one single family who have raised a pack of kids, and are truly happy because of it. Not one. One of my oldest friends from high school just buried his 34 year old son. Because he became self destructive with drugs, and finally killed himself with them.

    Others had girls who got married young, and right away started banging out kids, and ended up getting divorced. They ended up moving back in with the parents, wrecking their retirements. Even forcing one guy I know back into work at 69 years of age. No thanks. And spare me the stories of those who have success stories to tell about their families. Because for every family success you can claim, I’ll show you DOZENS of train wrecks, along with ruined retirements created by raising kids.

  • @panos3320  I enjoy that in your explanation of a woman’s role in childbirth, a man is basically useless, has no responsibility & no emotional attachment to their child/future. I also enjoy your fear around the concept of birth, not only have you implied that fathers have no role to play but you have also reaffirmed women’s role as a man in societybeing able to handle such terror, commitment and consistency, in addition to pain… Which while you shit blood, you cringe on a toilet not facing any pain or responsibility.
    I hope you don’t procreate… Love Peta <3

  • Tara Long, You remind me of BOTH, Laura Prepon, the lady from black is the new orange/that’s 70’s show. AND you remind me of Riki Lindhome, from Garfunkle and Oats. Incase you felt lonely in the time of ‘doppelgangers’.

  • To me, a a male’s point of view, 28 to 35 is a proper age. I don’t know much about this heath stuff explained in the video, but I feel that after high school, women and men should be working on security education-wise. It can be a 2 year Applied Science degree up to a Ph.D. The world is beginning to be a scary place and its coming to the point where a high school diploma just isn’t enough, but of course, the interest from student debt is part of the driving force of the economy, yet in the end, you wont have to work as hard compared to others. The second theory is maturity. 28 is the point of no return. If by this age, man or woman, you still like to party, I mean wildly party like you are 18-20, I’m not suggesting you don’t need to have kids. I’m suggesting you should stop and evaluate yourself, meaning if you are over 30 and you still act like you are 20 and can’t be reasoned with, you may need to think long and hard about having kids. Finally, don’t let others pressure you. They are not you. Your body is yours, not theirs. Don’t let someone tease you into having kids. If you aren’t ready and you know you aren’t you may feel some regret and maybe some resentment towards the ones who decided for you. So party while you are still young. When its all done, have a family. Then have fun like a family.

  • It makes sense, if people are living longer! It would be so weird if one day the average parent age would be 50! That would blow my mind

  • Imo I would have kids in my 20s
    I have other plans and by the time I reach 20 I’m ready right now I’m loving life. If you wanna have kids at 16, 20s, 30s that’s your decision ��☕

  • Women don’t have principles. They follow their crowd. Of course, nawalt but 99% Walt.
    Leftism is based on feminine thinking (emotional, no accountability, etc). No principles, just follow the crowd.
    People used to know this without getting butt hurt admitting it.

  • Dnews you are crazy! I have clients that waited until 30+ an can’t get pregnant, wrong massage to give. I seen girls fall into depression because off it.

  • Personally, I hate children. I’m so terrified about having children I even mostly eschew relationships just to further avoid the possibility of parenthood.

  • Had an affair with a high school girl friend, heavy chemistry from the past and the worst thing I ever did, wrecked her marriage and mine, she with another simp now and I’m still paying for the crime. Message to dudes, walk away, just walk away.

  • i wouldn’t even bring kids into this world today. i have 4 kids between 2 different women. i got a vasectomy 5 years ago. best decision i ever made.i coach football/basketball so i see more than enough of my share of kids. if worse comes to worse volunteer at the ymca or big brothers club. my teams that i coach we have fun

  • Ppl will always try to talk you into having kids but little do you know they won’t be there to help you raise them or deal with a bitter babymomma

  • I already cut women off at 24 I’m now 29 I don’t want to be 40 years old having kids not being able to keep up with them and be 60 showing up to my kids high school graduation with their classmates thinking I’m their grandpa instead of their dad not only that I always had it in my mind I’m not going to be young forever either. I really don’t wanna be doing things late in life because of maturity or because women that are washed up and lonely expect me to man up fuck that. If I’m not good enough for sex, marriage or being a dad at 29 or in my 30s I’m best off single and doing as I please I’m not going to let everyone around me tell me different.

  • Some people aren’t good with kids. I honestly think it’s okay for some of us to choose not to have kids. There are possible health risks apparently for women who choose not to have kids.

  • Its a no from me.
    Children are not some project to keep you busy.
    A lot of us today need to heal from our own childhoods before we even think of raising families.

  • You are missing the part it could be life threatening. I know of two different instances where people I personally knew who were involved in homicides, because of cheating. Two different shootings where people died; all because of a piece of ass. Not worth it.

  • This song just came into my head and I played it. Had no idea it would’ve been Dolores’ birthday yesterday or that it’ll be the 25th anniversary of this album. Wow ✨

  • Yeah, nope. You can’t really counter argue something that comes from a personal feeling. If you want to be a parent, if you want to raise a productive and positive member of society then more power to you. But let’s put it this way: I feel crushingly depressed about the idea of having my life permanently anchored to someone else. I don’t like children, never will. I don’t want a wife, never will. I’m 33, so I’m far past that age in which you let yourself be a victim of your hormones and neurotransmitters. I cannot be bullied or shamed into making life altering decisions that I don’t deliberately want to go through.

    How would it be a good idea for me to have children? Please, tell me. How would it be a positive experience for a small kid to be the son or daughter of someone that just wants to be left alone. I simply do not have that kind of love in my heart to pull it off and i think it’s fair for others to realize the same and prevent future kids from growing in loveless homes and having to withstand resentful parents. Being brought into this world is already taxing enough.

  • Sorry WHAT!?!?!?! I’m not even 2 mins in and am listening while cooking dinner and when you read out the title of the article. I just had to reply that bit twice to make sure my eyes and ears aren’t fooling me. I’m speechless.

    How disgusting and degrading is this?!?! I don’t even know what to say. What the fuck are people encouraging young women to do?!?!?! People should be ashamed of themselves for even thinking that, let alone writing a fucking article about it!!!

    I’m sorry. Just wow. What a disgrace our society is now days. I’m lost for words.

  • “Of course this does not mean women should wait to have children at older ages in order to improve their own chances of living longer,” explained corresponding author Thomas Perls, MD, MPH.

    First source, fourth line.

  • Oh lord. Who writes these articles? A drunk squirrel? Women get involved with a married man because: he is a strong provider. It reeks. A woman can smell. That’s all. If you are a slender, happy glowing eyes man with a good chemistry smell and a ring on, of course you will be chased by young women. She wants the same life your wife has and more. She will make you kind of excited in the beginning, stronger, younger but then the reality hits: you get tired of her childish behavior, frustrated, she will demand more and more and more. Then who is hurt? The man.

  • Maybe instead of having children, go volunteer at the boys and girls club, mentor a child in need? I feel like there are plenty of ways you can be fulfilled with out giving birth to your own children. Also as the saying goes “it takes a village to raise a child”

  • I hate seeing kids having kids, 20s is far to early. And it proven it will Definitely set you back in life. Don’t be selfish and have them early if you don’t have a home or a career your not giving the child the best life you could. Or yourself for that matter

  • I had my last child after 33, we shall see if I shall live until I am 95… I don’t know why that would be such an important thing if the rest of my family isn’t living but if I am healthy and still able to actually live why not…

  • This is a ridiculous assertion to push on people, this idea of socially enforced pressure to have children with no thought for their wishes. A very good friend of mine was a hardworking man, socially responsible, and an excellent husband, son, brother, and friend. So he ALREADY WAS a responsible citizen, which is Jordan’s main argument. The problem was that he married a woman, who he told from the very beginning of their relationship, over and over, that he did not want children. She agreed, over and over, that it was fine. She was lying. He started having to be suspicious all the time, count her birth control pills, etc. I, my wife (who was good friends with him too), my friends, we all saw what was happening and were helpless to stop it bc it felt wrong to interfere overly in his marriage.
    He ended up killing himself.
    You could for sure make the argument that he was mentally unstable to begin with, and obviously you would be correct, but I would say to that:
    a) perhaps he instinctively knew that and didn’t want to pass it on, and,
    b) he had, due to that instability, a perhaps correct assumption that he would not be a good father, and,
    c) how many more of the population instinctively is this way and should NOT be pushed and end up like my friend, and
    d) why would you want people who possibly know they would be bad parents to reproduce and make that a reality? Don’t we have enough bad parents out there already?
    Rogan pushed back quite a bit on this issue of sort of bullying men into fatherhood against their wishes too. I agreed.
    The one size fits all prescription that worked for him is simply not correct for everyone, and even more so, coming from a psychologist (of which I am one), is irresponsible. Jordan Peterson has a lot of decent ideas, but this is not one of them.

  • The question of when to have kids really depends on your breeding style. If you want to raise quality sophisticated children (K-selection), then its best you wait till your money and intellectual capacity reach an all high. If you choose to breed R-selection style (quantity over quality) then have as many kids as possible. Each will have low probability of surviving. If you have enough however, one of them will take off, but most will perish in this competitive technical world. By the way, you mentioned that you do day trading in one of your videos. I suggest you drop this sophisticated gambling habit called speculation and invest in a real skill like engineering.

  • Tbh, I feel every person should be allowed to have kids only above the age of 30,
    Because when ur 30 ur definitely more mature, and you’ll probably have a stable life eg. Family, finance etc
    This would result in-
    Less teen pregnancies, a little less over population and more educated women…

  • Having children later in life increases your chances of having a baby born with birth defects. Most children with Down Syndrome were born to older mothers.

  • There are quite a few variables to this though. And also, I wonder why 85% of people that are 100 years old are women….that’s interesting. 
    Lastly, Tara is really really pretty.:3

  • Using the average life expectancy for women (79)

    Having a kid at 20 will mean you will see your kid as 59 years old when you die

    Having a kid at 35 will mean you will see your kid as 41 years old when you die.

  • I think late 20s early 30s is ideal. Life has a different plan for everyone, but I feel like a child will most likely get a well rounded mother around those ages. A lot of my friends had kids early, and although they are good mothers, their individual growth seemed to stop a long time ago. I also know older moms who are also good mothers, but the energy affects their effort. Energy, maturity, finances, patience, and lifestyle seem to all balance within those ages. Just my personal opinion.

  • We need to make women have kids early on so they do not live longer than men.  Women living on average 3 years longer than men is not fair.  I am a feminist.

  • Hauntingly beautiful song, such vocal talent Dolores had that was perfectly accompanied by this band. Can’t believe that in January, she will have been gone for 3 years. Rest easy lovely Dolores, your message and legacy live on.

  • Women naturally don’t believe in God meaning they can’t be controlled by religious doctrine. That’s why for thousands of years women were basically kept on a leash. They have no fear of the outcome of their actions. For the record I’m an atheist but religion USED to have a good purpose because it it had a certain level of control over women and their moral compass.

  • I don’t want to be old as long or longer than I am young or middle aged. Yes, living a very long life is a nice thought, but really, what is being ancient in the grand scheme of things? Your body hurts, you lose faculties like sight and hearing, your bones become brittle and more likely to break if you fell, not to mention, healing very slowly, and needing to be taken care of by  someone else like a child when you’ve lived longer and experienced more things than those who take care of you. I would rather die before the later happens and live a full life while I could still have one. When I’m done, I want to be done. I don’t want to have to “hold on.”

  • My grandmother was over 40 when she had my mother. But she died in her 80s. She didn’t die of old age though. She died in a house fire. 

  • We just DON’T WANT the responsibilities that comes with having kids.

    Its THAT simple! My husband and I are happy with caring for our pooch ������

  • Deloris….I hope as you rest in peace somewhere above, millions and I mean millions will be enjoying your Irish/Celtic voice for decades to come… in peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I’m 40 years old with no kids and I live alone in peace. I don’t think I will ever have any kids because of the lack of Virtuous Women out there to choose from in the first place. No thanks.

  • Man, I think my girl just played a role for three years and got pregnant when she realized I was waking up to the BS… I told her I would rather co-parent then live with a combative woman. I might be a donor smh

  • So what about women who don’t have kids at all, lol? I don’t like being responsible for anyone but myself and most kids annoy me, so I don’t plan on having any.

  • I’m now 30, I was 15 when I was pregnant with my Son who is now 14, My husband and I are trying as we want 2 or 3 more children,I want them straight after each other!

  • I agree with you on this topic totally! I’m 38 years old with no kids, and people always be like “when are you gonna have kids?”, etc. Most people I know complain about their kids all the time, yet they try to make someone like me feel bad for not having any. I feel like a lot of people are jealous cause they don’t have the freedom to do what they want because of their kids. I believe kids are a blessing, and every man should have a desire to bring his seed line into this world. However, having kids just to appease to society is stupid. That’s a big problem in the black community. Too many kids being born, and the people having them can’t even take care of them, which ends up putting them on the system. This world is in shambles, and having kids may not be the smartest thing anyway. Good viewpoint bro!

  • “what the hell good are you if youre not doing that or something else equally difficult”

    I’ve watched and listened to this clip at least twice and i never heard him saying you should have children to be happy and have a meaningful life, which by the way, is the most common theme of the comments.

    How can he even say that to everyone when everyone is not capable of having children biologically? Wouldn’t he commit a very simple mistake?

    I hope everyone listens attentively first before saying “I believe, I disagree”. And everything then becomes a series of “I’s”


  • I once heard a study that said that women that have one child lives longer than one that doesn’t and the more children a women had the longer on average they would live compare to once that had less children. I just don’t remember where I’ve heard this thought.

  • Having kids is a noble thing. Not having kids is also good that those people who don’t want them know, cause then the kids will be miserable. Men need to start being responsible and women need to push men to become better men to have healthy relationships and families. We are acting like babies, hiding from responsibility filling your life with materialism which will never love you.

  • Listening to this is so said, because there are a lot of donors out there, but it’s better to have kids younger women mid 20s because of heathier children but it’s hard because women change and want to leave you, so it’s hard to have kids at young age because people are finding themselves, then plus the financial problems that come with kids, at younger age, back in the day the man could pay everything without college and just a regular job but now it’s not like that, so you have to wait, but I wish things were different, women would change be more feminine and supportive of men so raising a family would be less hard but yeah

  • ’20 reasons why robbing a bank can be amazing!
    If there weren’t any benefits, people wouldn’t do it’ -that’s the fucking article, that’s the logic. Oh my fucking god are they serious?
    Ok, ok, let me watch this, because im 90sec in and I’m already done, but I’ll listen at least.

  • I’ve yet to see a single “noble” reason for wanting a child.
    There’s no sane, rational or healthy reason to want to have children. The moment somebody decides having children, they are already committing a sin: by not only wishing another person into existence, but a person you can dominate, mold and influence, you are acting on a desire for power ostensibly power over another, but since this other is an extension of yourself, you are ultimately seeking power over yourself.
    The inevitable conflict that arises here is that a parent invariably has something to gain from a child’s success. Perhaps they see their children as versions of themselves they would have liked to have been. Perhaps they see their children as accessories who need to become successful so they can brag about them. Perhaps they see their children as slaves who are supposed to become rich so they can provide for their parents when they get old. Perhaps they see themselves in such an inflated, narcissistic esteem that they delude and blind themselves to their own suffering and think they will make a great parent. Perhaps they just want an unwitting victim they can unload all their rage onto and who is powerless to fight back. Perhaps they expect their children to unconditionally love them in return, the way they were never unconditionally loved in their own childhood, because their parents had the same issue.
    I’ve yet to see a single “noble” reason for wanting a child.

  • It’s so obvious for privileged elites like your high ass.
    There is nobility in that. it’s just that these people will run out of slaves in the neo-feudal hellhole of today.
    Why the heck should someone reduce their own standard of life for the sake of the system.

  • U have a good point about this cause the rich society depends on young adult falling into debt in order to make them richer. Young adults should invest their money first watch it grow and then have kids. That would be alot of less stressing and aging.

  • I’m 55 still can do 200 push-ups then go run a quick mile I have that salt and pepper hair with a sun roof but I don’t look 55 4 kids 5 grandkids but everything you saying is true!! Love you nephew Keep spittin knowledge!!

  • How about not having children because of concern of passing them an illness to be potentially hereditable from the parent Im sure is more responsable to not have one in this case as it is less of a burden to the health system and society, Jordan argument in this case should’ve been more nuanced.

  • My parents have only one baby, myself but oftentimes my mother is hounded by other ladies not the ones within the family as to why she doesn’t have another baby, to which she always calmly replies that she wants to raise what she had well

  • I have a buddy that used to tell his wife, “I’ll be back, I’m going dowmstairs to get a soda and snack.” he would walk outside, step in his side chicks car, they’do their thing and he would return back to his wife.�� His wife knew. she used to be the sidechick!��‍♂️

  • There are a lot of other things you can do than have children. Children are extremely expensive; yes it’s a miracle to have a kid, it’s only happened a few billion times in human history whoopdee doo. But look at our society it’s full of screwed up adults that were raised by screwed up parents. Don’t think it’s as important as society tells you it is.

  • I think the earlier the better, when your first child is 16 and you are over 50, you would not be able to communicate because of the bigger generation gap, let alone that when your last child becomes 18 you are almost 60, its father will get it worse cause husbands are mostly ilder than their wives so you will get a situation where a kid is 18 and his dad is 65, the will always fight and have stupid debates about everything.

  • Best to have kids at the age of 40. As you are financially settled at that age, you can have enough time to spend with them and teach them morals and values rather than spending material things on them.

  • I agree with Better Bachelor that this is an awful state of affairs. However, blaming feminism is absolutely wrong. For one thing, ‘feminism’ isn’t one thing. Some feminists push for radical political changes, while radical feminists dissociate themselves from men. Other feminists also advocate men’s rights (freeing men as well as women from sexual stereotypes).
    Secretly dating married men is NOT what feminism is about. For more info, Better Bachelor, read the Wikipedia page on feminism.

  • You are never ready.
    There is never enough money. You never have the perfect job.
    It’s always going to be stressful and tough.
    Find someone you love, marry them, and make babies. It’s a lot of work, but everything worth having is hard work.
    There are consequences to waiting too long, and they have the potential to make things so much tougher on a woman and her family.
    I waited until I was in my early 30s before I started thinking about having a family. Big mistake. Everyone was explaining which planets and stars needed to line up so I could start a family. I wish I was exposed to other opinions..

  • He fails absolutely to consider the very real consequences of fatherhood for men. I will lose 18% of my weekly wage every week for 18 years if I father a child and the mother decides she doesn’t want me around anymore. Not only that, she gets that 18% tax free. I have to pay the tax for that 18% out of what I have left. That child can then be raised to hate me, to absolutely hate me. Peterson, you do not take the position of men seriously enough. You have been buried in books way too much. This is a very real issue that you fail to genuinely get in to!

  • That is the opposite of what we want to do, we need more children and less old people all they do is slow down the process of change. 

  • 25 and single. All my friends are married with kids. i wonder whether I should or should not have kids with a future spouse. On one hand, im not ready”(no one is)”. I feel like an idiot who can barely take care of himself. And I also recognize that im not mature enough to raise a human who will look to me as their hero or father. but I do feel like i would be a damn good father and having a child would allow/force me to mature Also I don’t know if i should allow the emergence of a human who will eventually feel pain and suffering, although existing is a blessing. I know it’s not always a thing you choose but damn i may be over thinking it.

  • Look, I don’t ever want to have children, it’s not that I’m terrified of responsibility, I’m just terrified of not being able to bring up a child.
    There are too many children in the world that have grown up with shitty parents, then themselves, become shitty people.

    I also have a genetic eye disease, that’s stopped me from joining the emergency services (as was my ideal path toward personal meaning), and it will one day, blind me.

    I don’t want to pass those genes on.

    I doubt this makes me irresponsible, but I’m open to differing opinions.

  • Im a happy peaceful person but i dont like too much responsibility in life. it’s too much on my plate so i chose to have only 2 kids rather than 3+. one or no kid wouldve been perfect for me. adults always take on more than what they can handle cause theyre greedy. i have a lazy friend who has never exercised but yet he had 3 kids.. he was shooting for a boy and now he cant take care of them properly.. his wife is fat and lazy too