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If she tests positive and I test negative, it indicates a probability that my sister’s cancer was sporadic, not hereditary. She encouraged testing for my sister because if she tests positive for the BRAC2 gene, it could qualify her later for a chemotherapy drug that is only available to people with ovarian cancer who’ve tested positive for that. Benefits: Genetic testing may be helpful whether the test identifies a mutation or not.

For some people, test results remove some of the uncertainty surrounding their health. These results may also help doctors and give people more information to make decisions about their health, as well as their family’s health, allowing them to take steps to lower the chance of developing a disease. To Know or Not To Know Genetic screening can answer life or death questions once known only to the gods.

Such knowledge can be transformative. It can also be toxic. Genetic Testing 5 Signs and Symptoms of von Willebrand Disease.

Breast Cancer Gene May Lower Women’s Fertility. share. Genetic Testing Genetic Testing: Is It Scarier Knowing or Not Knowing? share. Genetic Testing Researchers Report Progress With Growing Hair. share.

Limitations of testing: Genetic testing cannot tell you everything about inherited diseases. For example, a positive result does not always mean you will develop a disease, and it is hard to predict how severe symptoms may be. DNA testing is a booming global business enabled by the internet.

Millions of people have sent samples of their saliva to commercial labs in hopes of learning something new about their personal health or heritage, primarily in the United States and Europe. In some places, commercial tests are banned. In France, you could face a fine of around $4,000 USD for taking one.

Genetic testing provides a person with a complete map of their genetic information and can highlight the risk for potential medical issues. But many people in the medical community argue that this. Genetic testing has potential benefits whether the results are positive or negative for a gene mutation. Test results can provide a sense of relief from uncertainty and help people make informed decisions about managing their health care.

“The genetic testing part has been actually the hardest part of my breast cancer journey as I have three kids, two of them girls, and each of them have a chance of inheriting this gene mutation. But, knowing that I have this gene mutation has changed my cancer treatment.” Read omt’s story. Also, knowing that you have a predisposition to a genetic disease can trigger anxiety and stress—especially in light of the fact that the.

List of related literature:

On the other hand, some patients may resist participating in testing because they prefer not to have information about their genetic risk.

“Comprehensive Pediatric Nephrology E-Book” by Denis F. Geary, Franz Schaefer
from Comprehensive Pediatric Nephrology E-Book
by Denis F. Geary, Franz Schaefer
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The major risk associated with genetic testing concerns what happens with the information gained through testing: it may result in increased anxiety and altered family relationships; it may be difficult to keep confidential; and it may result in discrimination and stigmatization.

“Maternity and Women's Health Care E-Book” by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry, Mary Catherine Cashion, Kathryn Rhodes Alden
from Maternity and Women’s Health Care E-Book
by Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Shannon E. Perry, et. al.
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This reinforces the importance of those undertaking genetic testing to be educated about the implications of findings for relatives and why voluntary disclosure would, in many circumstances, be encouraged especially given the possibility that relatives might prefer not to know the results (ACOG, 2008).

“Ethical and Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing E-Book” by Margaret Keatings, Pamela Adams
from Ethical and Legal Issues in Canadian Nursing E-Book
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Nonetheless, anyone considering genetic testing would be wise to learn as much about the test as possible— including who will have access to the results—and should discuss available state and local legal protections regarding

“The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health” by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, M.D., Terra Diane Ziporyn, Alvin & Nancy Baird Library Fund, Harvard University. Press
from The New Harvard Guide to Women’s Health
by Karen J. Carlson, Stephanie A. Eisenstat, et. al.
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Since most patients seek genetic testing because of a family history of breast cancer, it is likely that the risk for cancer in these individuals more closely mirrors clinic-based risk estimates than population-based risk estimates.

“Management of Breast Diseases” by Ismail Jatoi, Manfred Kaufmann
from Management of Breast Diseases
by Ismail Jatoi, Manfred Kaufmann
Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2010

I say this knowing full well that DNA does hold certain keys to your health; if it didn’t, then I wouldn’t have cofounded a company that performs genetic testing so you can take preventive measures based on your genomic risk profile.

“The End of Illness” by David B. Agus
from The End of Illness
by David B. Agus
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Genetic testing without adequate genetic counseling can lead to fear and anxiety.

“Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People” by Harry Ostrer MD
from Legacy: A Genetic History of the Jewish People
by Harry Ostrer MD
Oxford University Press, 2012

On the other hand, genetic testing may provide unexpected and unwanted family information.

“Genomic Applications in Pathology” by George Jabboure Netto, Karen L. Kaul
from Genomic Applications in Pathology
by George Jabboure Netto, Karen L. Kaul
Springer International Publishing, 2018

Genetic information, like any medical information, can be unsettling to patients and families.

“Clinical Immunology E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Robert R. Rich, Thomas A. Fleisher, William T. Shearer, Harry W. Schroeder Jr., Anthony J. Frew, Cornelia M. Weyand
from Clinical Immunology E-Book: Principles and Practice
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Nonetheless, there is concern that the presentation of genetic risk information without the context of environmental or family history may provide an inaccurate measure of overall risk and may lead to unnecessary anxiety or false reassurance (Frueh et al., 2011).

“Genomic and Personalized Medicine: V1-2” by Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Huntington F Willard
from Genomic and Personalized Medicine: V1-2
by Geoffrey S. Ginsburg, Huntington F Willard
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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
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  • They really look south italians. People are saying they look half black!������ people think there are just 2 ethnicities in world: super white and blacks

  • My grandpa took a DNA test through National Geographic and he was bragging about how his ancestors were traced all the way back to East Africa, not realizing that ALL humans are from East Africa

  • In this cold cold world we black men live in, my heart goes out for little James. I’m so happy he made a complete recovery ������������‍♀️

  • Please eat hot clean food and protect yourself everyone stay strong Law of Nature is cruel we are most evolved creature of this planet and those parasite are no match for us if we use our high intelligence the right way and avoid risk. (I’m still lied to myself from overwhelming fear)

  • Didi Matheschitz, the founder of Red Bull, will be pleased by this product placement.
    Another question that arises, is, apart from physics, chemistry and biology, why do we have a consciousness?
    I also started my journey from a scientific point of view, but what if the simulation hypothesis is true and all those physics findings is just the screen where the game of live, with it´s yet unknown rules, is displayed on. So religion is the question of why and physics is the how….

  • One of the fastest way life could propagate in the universe is through smart spieces that moves planet to planet.Maybe Evolution is the process that leads to inevitable arise of cousciusness, that can help biological life propagate way faster

  • Will a normal parasite cleanse (Cloves, Woodworm, Black Walnut) along with the other remedies to assist get rid of parasites outside of the GI tract like the muscles, neck, and head?

    Also is there a special test to see parasites within the brain or can an MRI 100% detect any parasites within the head/brain?

  • Nice yesterday I got bitten by 3 mosquitoes and it was itchy af.. and now YouTube recommends me this video lmao I’m scared I might have worm larvas inside me now

  • Love this guy, the prayer he gave in the first podcast that he said he does with his children was so simple and beautiful. I feel lucky to be the same species as this guy.

  • “the parasite has taken my dreams ” your meat boy it took your meat, you are all made of meat material not dreams no spirits, that is information like text, image, sounds, lies, fantasies, dreams, fiction. the “soul” is just persistet information the more persistent fictional/stupid it is, the more stupid/sick you are, the more parasites you atract. Parasites like people with lots of stupid artificial soul(from screens) or no soul at all, whatever makes your meat tender. IT creates a culture that worships the artificial ”soul” like religion, school, video games etc.Society has spread the “artificial/soul/dream” culture into every aspect of activity, you get no job with no ”soul” you cannot reproduce. IT created an inevrse eugenics program toward degradation, aided by acepted social crimes.

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  • Symptoms: Headache, vomiting, screaming from headache, talking gibberish, altered mental state, seizures, not improving.
    Doctor: Go home.

  • 5:01 that’s why I hate fucking doctors from the United States, “oh he’s fine he can go home, that’ll be 50 thousand dollars please” for what! You didn’t do shit! That’s why I go to Mexico, Tijuana. Right then and there you get treated. USA Docs are a fucking joke

  • My friend learned that her father is not actually her father through 23 and me. And that’s how she learned she was a product of a sperm donor and she found about 8 half siblings lol.

  • Its a misleading video. They are talking about Heritage not DNA match which is 100% accurate. DNA match and Heritage, like what country and percentage you are from, are two different things. The twins even said they are 100% matched DNA but they have different heritage. CBS news should loose the C, because its BS news

  • How does he 2 meters in length for a cells DNA sequence? Yeah of course if you stretch it out 30 meters its then 30 meters long we can do this forever. Like how

  • That being said 23 and me does a pretty decent job of matching ancestries since they do mass cross-referencing. Not perfect but pretty good.

  • Neanderthals are us we carry genetic markers that come from them.. Sharks are not dumb they have a way of living for hundreds of millions of years, as killer whales that are pack animals and are brain smart can kill a shark a lone hunter and has no pack to hunt with. Lions and laughing hyenas do not like each other they will fight and a lion will kill a hyena if it can because it is not liked.. Monkeys also murder other monkeys we are not that different from other animals our knowing smart minds are also our curse we destroy each other despite our evolved minds every so often as now we seem to be in a pandemic of mental sickness all bets are off and without Wisdom totally on smart we detonate a atom bomb thinking it may start a chain reaction and destroy the world, we did what knowing that it might be the end of us,the smart talking monkey set off the bomb any way, a very un wise act. Wisdom is what we lack when we ate from the tree of knowledge that was our curse God warned us not to do it because it was not going to help us, but we always want what we do not have and now we know and because we know we suffer we are torn and undecisive about everything.. without wisdom the knowing of what to do with the knowledge and what not to do how to use knowledge is beyond us and it is instead of a higher level of human growth its a loaded gun in the hands of a two year old who is very full of energy and does not know what to do with either the energy or the gun, however the outcome will not be good. Human history is full of those bad outcomes…we should be looking for Wisdom not smart Wisdom will give us the keys to the kingdom.!

  • ok, just looking at any person on this planet, well, most people, you can tell their ancestry with 100% accuracy race: HUMAN BEING.
    if we talk about phenotypes or places on the planet ancestors lived on, it’s not actually relevant. we’re all related in some way or another, even if very distantly by ancestors, we’re all of a single HUMAN RACE (so, everyone who is a human being, is 100% “racially pure” lol), this DNA testing thing is just sort of a toy. i think that they even claim somewhere in their website, that this is more for entertainment than anything else. and for possible division by “race” while we are all actually human race (lotr, mmorpg: did they divide the human race by their phenotypes? neither should we.)

    well, they have your DNA now, all mapped out. think about it you’re not a criminal so they don’t have your fingerprints on file. i mean, prior to biometric passports, now yes, they think that everyone’s a terr0-rist, i guess. so ok, now they’re building an extensive database of human DNA which people submit not only voluntarily (uhm, fingerprinting for biometric passport was forced imho if you don’t, you won’t get a passport, severely limiting your freedoms, unfortunately…), but also pay somewhat of a hundred bucks for to “get entertained” while viewing their possible trivia about their ancestry. your choice, of course, it seems fun to look at, but it costs way more than just a hundred bucks.

  • We did our first collaboration with our friends at Verge Science to explore how at-home DNA tests are putting everyone at risk. Check out their video here: https://youtu.be/7q8Oa97a04g

  • I really enjoyed this conversation with Manolis. Here’s the outline:
    0:00 Introduction
    6:20 Epigenome
    10:28 Evolution
    15:26 Neanderthals
    27:15 Origin of life on Earth
    43:44 Life is a fight against physics
    49:56 Life as a set of transformations
    51:35 Time scales
    1:00:31 Transformations of ideas in human civilization
    1:05:19 Life is more than a rat race
    1:13:18 Life sucks sometimes and that’s okay
    1:30:16 Getting older
    1:36:21 The best of MIT
    1:49:01 Poem 1: The Snow
    2:01:52 Love
    2:06:16 Poem 2: The Tide Waters

  • I now I’m black so I don’t need dna test I know for sure my ancestors came from Africa I’ll just pick one of the west African countries and visit.

  • It’s probably more meaningful, much more meaningful to figure out your geneaology to see who you ancestors were as many generations back as you can. It takes more work, but it means a heck of a lot more to your identity and where you come from.

  • This is just not true. Most companies like 23and me show you what the testing population amount is. Plus you obviously don’t know how to use the website.

  • If reality is in fact a simulation, then the lady who claimed to survive on sunlight alone was in fact surviving on sunlight alone, & then the simulation stopped responding to her will once ppl filmed her to ‘prove’ that she was doing it.
    That actually makes more sense than her trying to pull it off as a hoax, b/c if it was a hoax, she would have planned it better & made sure she snuck herself nutrients in order to not lose weight. In the footage I saw, she was genuinely confused that she was losing weight, as she hadn’t lost any weight before.

  • Most of us although would never claim it are mixed with something. Back then everyone hooked up with one another. Sometimes although a person skin color will show one way,something about their features such as their eye colors, body frame or hair texture will say another. It many not be 100% accurate but it does show some accuracy.

  • Babies Are Not Blank Slates
    All babies are born with inherited immunity in their DNA.
    All human immunity is passed on by mothers, via Vaginal Birth & Breast Milk.
    All babies Belong on earth and have at least 9 birthrights, the right to live for Free.
    Mother Nature provides for free, she doesn’t charge the plant kingdom or the animal kingdom, while they are alive, once dead we pay with our corpses, humanure is great feeding for fruit trees.

  • In a few years……… we will feel about DNA “science” the way we feel today about the accuracy of Lie Detector Tests, unreliable.

  • My grandma found out she has a half brother that her mom had before she got married and put up for adoption. He is 22 years older than her.

  • “im out in the town”

    Me: wait.. this video wasnt uploaded recently huh

    scrolls up to when it was uploaded

    Ahhhh.. good times before corona

  • This Manolis guy had already won me over, but then he mentioned “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. <3<3<3 Wonderful interview, truly. Thanks Lex and Manolis!

  • Poor little boy I’m crying ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� God pls heal him

  • I did the test to see if I was adopted, something I have suspected all my life. Found out my dad was not my dad. AncestryDNA also listed a half sister and a slew of half nieces and nephews. These tests can give you very accurate info. It just depends what you want from them.

  • Soooo…. if we’re all basically the same, and lots of SNPs are shared with many different regions of the world, Why do we all look different from one another?! ��

  • Ok, so what if you could measure time with slightly greater precision than the period it takes light to cross a Planck length…and took a million pictures on a million different cameras that were sequenced slightly less than a Planck length apart; wouldn’t every other picture be either pixelated or non-existent in a simulated universe?

  • I’ve always wondered if I was the only one real and everyone else were fake, like robots or simulations. That was the cause of my dehumanization… because then I started wondering if I wasnt real and one other person was the real person.

  • Fascinating talk, wonderful mind on display here with profound ideas and concepts that are indeed mind-blowing. I would often get put off by academics as non-relatable sheltered snow flakes living in fairy life bubbles but have reconciled that as perhaps a necessity along the journey to achieving this type of level of thought and ideas. There is a price for everything.

  • I did my DNA test and it said I was 1% black, 1% mayan, 1% central american, 1% amazonian, and 7-13 % Native American, 1% North African. The rest is from Europe. Would it be dishonest to say I’m about 7% Native American and 93% European? I can’t help but prefering to identify with my Spanish ancestors, and I don’t feel like I admire my cannibal native american ancestors too much? after all there are so many trace ancestors in my results. I did a video on my results if you want to watch. Just click on the image of the chirping bird to watch.

  • There’s a disconnect between 1) all humans share 99.9% of DNA and 2) Eurasian humans can have up to 3% Neanderthal DNA whereas Africans generally have 0%. These appear mutually exclusive. How can both these statements be true?

  • I don’t think it’s a scam. I also think the general public knows its not 100% accurate. What does everyone want, for the companies to put in bold black letters at the top “For Entertainment Purposes Only”?

  • Well, I certainly hope our creators understand the concept of clustering/high availability so if someone accidentally pulls the power on one system we’ll just keep going in the “cloud” of computers.

  • Hol up. If someones controlling me… than what if someones controlling the person controlling me? And what of they are being controlled too? Is this just an endless cycle of controlling?

  • We’re all mixed if you go back far enough Europe is probably the most mixed area in the whole world if you know all the different peoples that have been through there and back, all the countries that have been conquered by others and vice versa. So their results don’t surprise me at all. No one is pure of race unless you think about the peoples in the heartland of Africa who’ve generally been in the same geographical area since the dawn of man.

  • these twins are super beautiful. if you ask me, they are more likely native americans, then this DNA result bullcrap and by presenting them with the results what happens next,will they be looking for a inheritance from the countries shown in the test. really what is the use of this lie.DNA shows that you are Italian but you don’t know a word of Italian language…

  • I know most are skeptical, but I found two lost cousins this way and we were real family because they had the pictures of great grandfathers to prove it. Also, if those cousins are from a different country, then you know that’s your background. I have great respect for what CBC Marketplace does, but they didn’t go deep enough researching what people found in their matches that come up in your account.

  • Why would a sociologist think she is an expert in genetics? She is a joke. I’m a sociologist and would not comment on genetics. Bye

  • Perhaps all time has ended multiple billions of times and we as a species lived just until the point of extinction but managed to build a quantum flux world computer that runs all of known history over and over and over, and we have been just repeating our lives in perpetuity. A self continuous repeating Akashic history that a dream machine can tap into could have been the only way mankind could survive. Hence we are simulation being based on what was actual reality. A last chance survival dream machine… save for maybe possible break downs like mandela effects and such spaghetti code that start to compound itself the closer we get to the last few years. Or some crazy alien kid like brainiac with an Akashic dream machine tunes into our history like netflix and we’ve all been dead for trillions of years.

  • Yeah I tried but the golden ratio and this theory makes me loose hope because it means non of this shit in this world could have not been an accident,if so it doesn’t matter we r still meat machines pls kill me.


  • Here is another student inspired by Manollis and your words to pursue a PhD just because the beauty in fulfilling curiosity and challenging myself to overcome difficult problems

  • The epigenome: Lamar was right. All that mockery from team Darwin was actually wrong: both were right. Let’s be humble whenever we mock anything as “anti-scientific;” don’t spit up for it may fall on your eye.

  • Also, ethnicity is not the same as a cultural affiliation. I am ethnically Thai, but born and raised in Belgium I am just Belgian.

  • there is a 3rd option rather than the bottom of an ocean or the top for the beginning of life: the radial debris field after the initial implosion of the previous Sun would have had a generous water gradient and a linear thermal profile for 100s of millions of years. That could have seeded the whole of the debris field with ready to go RNA. And Neanderthals…we dont have evidence of violent displacement so why do we have ideas? Thats two places where the guest speaker is sloppy.

  • Imagine someone controlling us, and they controlled us to make this video, so that we can have a possibility of knowing that someone is controlling us!!

  • While I am married and have a daughter, I have genuinely concluded that if I were to pass away suddenly, say from a freak embolism or aneurism, both my wife and daughter might be saddened for a couple weeks, a month at the maximum. After that, I would be all but forgotten: an occasional, fleeting memory extant for one generation maybe. That’s it. I’m just being honest about my “feelings” or instincts. I tried to talk about it with my wife and while I thought she was listening and responding to me, she wasnt. She was talking to my daughter the whole time. Case in point.

    Even so, I’ve experienced enough life to realize that love is 0% about the receiving and 100% about the giving.

  • Well, IF we are simulated, then I will personally apologize to every creationist I ever met, for not believing them. Aside from that, does it really matter? If I become aware, that I and everything and everyone around are simulated, will I stop aging? Will I not die? Will I become smarter, more beautiful, more educated, more skilled, more yadda yadda? Or will everything stay the same, and the awareness of being simulated doesn’t change anything for me at all?

  • Someone tells these kids they need to DO THEIR FAMILY TREE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How can they have NO idea if they’re Italian, or Scandinavian, or Eastern European.

  • Love is not what you embrace in your yourself for yourself alone, but what you embrace inside and about yourself for others, like those stepping stones. <3

    Fantastic episode.

  • 6:10 Thanks for telling that EVEN as seemingly clear a difference as “white” and “black” are just social constructs. That’s why all this “Ancient Egyptians were white/black/brown” things are completely bogus, as the races, by definition, ARE social constructs! Mexicans, Muslims or Slavs didn’t exist in Antiquity!

    Great example, Latinos. Nowadays, the word is used to refer mostly to American people from Mexico, central and South America. But originally, Latin meant, well, Italians. Or Arab, which is a multi-ethical identity for many nations now. Well, guess what, Jewish people in Israel have more DNA in common with Arabs in Arabian peninsula than Egyptians, who are living in Egyptian Arab Republic, where the HQ of Arab league is located.))) North African countries are Arabian by identity, a social construct. They are mostly genetically distinct from Middle East.

    And genetics are extremely complex, and any racial division is based more on social factors (i.e. African Americans are a distinct community formed as result of centuries of migration and segregation) then on genes, in fact you can find more genetic diversity between two separate tribes in Africa than between completely different-looking people in New York.

  • The thing is, they don’t have to simulate every consciousness. They just need to simulate YOU, which is the only thing that matter. Other people and lifeforms are irrelevant, and could be simulated just to interact with you, with no real thoughts or consciousness of their own. That means what you’re currently reading isn’t actually from a person with conscious thought, but artificial interaction to make you feel like it’s real.

  • I too am of Sicilian origin and my ancestry results are so mixed. Northern European, southern Europan, Iberian, middle eastern, Northern African etc. Sicily was the melting pot of the entire Mediterranean.

  • is he mad?now is defo not the best time…longest life expecatancy >?..lowest disease?..nonsense…enjoyed a very good talk though, thankyou gentlemen.

  • Hey don’t know if you’ve heard about this, there is a theory which explains life as a consequence of 2nd Law, you can look up the work of Jeremy England. Here’s the link

  • When they do these analysis how far back in time do they go? 200 yrs? 500? 1,000? I had a 23 and Me analysis and it was very accurate with what I know of my family history since the mid 1800’s. I’m 100 % Eastern European just like I knew I was. My ancestors were Polish, German and Austrian ( Croatian) so there were no surprises.

  • Kind of crazy that this podcast talking about different forms of life, was released a day before we may have discovered life in the atmosphere on venus.

  • So range of emotions is a way we understand that things are not as bad as another we observe, yet we are trying to eliminate human suffering from the earth. And it’s something we will do. But then what is the point of emotion? Is it a sense like sight? Is it a reflex? What is it? Will it be something that we keep in our history? Is it a good thing to navigate us on our path?

  • As a parent, I’m so happy for the family of the teenage boy who had that scary brain parasite. My heart is so happy he pulled thru.

  • From (1) the expected inevitability of life on other planets, to (2) yes, sure, let’s search for some unusual chemical signatures in our neighbors, to (3) oh, we can use Venus as a benchmark, but surely nothing would be alive there, to (4) oopsy, there might actually be life on Venus generating all this phosphine we have no way of explaining: https://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/venus-alien-life-signs-phosphine-nasa-today-b436565.html

  • 30:00 why do people forget about insects, and the diversity of insects. I am really amazed by people who study the fundamental nature of genome and have a very human centric view of evolution and existence.

  • A brilliant man and a mind-blowing interview Lex. I’m still laughing at how blown away you got while trying to keep it together and Manolis snapping you back to reality.

  • Probably the most fascinating interview that I’ve ever seen and heard in my life. Manolis is a treasure to us all. All these politicians and congressmen and supposedly community leaders who’re incompetent and creating havoc in our lives, should spend 5 min with Manolis, shut up their mouths and listen to every word out of Manolis’ mouth, say yes sir and try to implement it in our lives. Thank you Lex and Thank you Manolis for enriching my life today.

  • Concerning James why don’t parents demand a second opinion? This request saved my sons life! I was not leaving until something was done, also the second Dr will be in competition with the first and will do everything to outshine the other. My son ended up spending ten days in an oxygen tent and if I went home, he would of died.

  • Manolis, massive fan please start writing a book for the masses. You are so good at explaining, humanity will miss out on your truly amazing enthusiasm and knowledge.

  • Yeah but that’s assuming the beings who run the simulation live in a world following the same laws of science as we do; who knows how they’d be able to run this thing and what kind of methods they have.

  • 25:00 respectfully Manolis, a serious question, if it was that easy then why have we failed thus far to deliver a dolphin to human translator (even though lots of people are working on it)? Asking for my kids who are always asking me about dolphin translators, I’m curious too.

  • Why do we need to know that.. Why ppl are undergoing through this test?? Is it worth paying? If it is free, what is that company gaining from it?? I feel that they are building DNA database, which may fetch money in future…

  • Scientist’s are clueless about the origins of life! I like Manolis, but I believe he is really just handing out more blue pills than red! Here is a lecture from a world renowned scientist speaking the truth about the scope of the real observable and tested science! https://youtu.be/OYHHIBIZF8o

  • It remembers me the movie Europa Report, free on youtube. The movie beautifully depicts the meaning of extra terrestrial life searching:

  • Hey Lex

    Don’t know if you read these comments but just wanted to send a short note. I live and work in Japan and have been here for 25 years. But, I lived in Boston for five years in the early 80’s studying business at Harvard on the opposite side of the Charles from where you are at. I miss the Boston/Cambridge intellectual community. I’m also just three generations removed from Russia (Jewish lineage)
    Your podcasts are a daily source of intellectual stimulus…
    Thank you for what you are doing.

  • Lex, can you convince Mr. Kellis to be a monthly podcast guest, at least? It would push human evolution in the right direction. Even if only 1 stupid ape understood half a sentence every month, we’d be doing humanity a favour. ����

  • identical twins dont have the exact same dna. They get different copies from each parent, it’ll be very similar but not the EXACT same

  • I don’t understand why they’re so stunned. All the variations were different types of Caucasian. That the system got all kinds of white mixed up is not that surprising. I’m sure it happens with different types of African and Asian all the time. People don’t really believe they 47% Irish right? I mean surely people understand that means they’re about half a kind of white that hails from Ireland or someplace near Ireland? Right? People can’t be this gullible or this clueless about how science works. Approximations anybody? I mean I know the whole point is that people don’t understand that, but how? Just how?

  • trees and their slowness in timescale as related to their intelligence reminded me of similar remarks made by Joscha Bach again in another convo with Lex

  • Thank god he is okay. I really couldn’t stomach watching the end of that video without any resolution.

    So young and has his whole life ahead of him

  • Lex your podcast Is exactly what I want more out of joe Rogans, personally I like the interesting scientific guests he has on the most, with Jiu Jitsu and martial art guests a close second. You’re podcast fills that first gap perfectly. Thank you

  • Please lex, when next u interview Elon please ask him about his daily schedule when he started PayPal to where he is today, working at SpaceX and Tesla

  • I’ve always thought of people as worms with extra stuff like legs and arms. A worm is just a special cell that eats other cells. I think we are like that.

  • I think the more accurate test is going back to your grandparents and their parents and grandparents. Go to the archives of that country where they were born and back track from their

  • ….the way Manollis leaves Lex in the dust like a stoned hippie…

    Also: Thank you Lex for your ongoing contribution. You are an incredible and brilliant human-located intelligence.

  • Congratulations!
    Now that we have your DNA, we can give it to the government, the police, your fiance(e), your boss, your insurance, researchers, anyone who asks for it!
    And you thought you were just finding out your ancestry.

  • So, basically they know where you’re from because of other LIVING people they have in their database…so it’s not accurate at all…

  • we are 15% stupids, 15% gullible, 15% poorer, 15% unhappy/discontented, and 50% humans, and that is a fact ( and a good start, i thought we were 90% monkeys, and from experience 5% clam)

  • It’s really a guide that needs to be backed up with a good family tree and is brilliant for finding family tree matches to swap and find new info, I’ve found it invaluable for tree research on my heritage and its backed up that I’m mostly irish as I’ve gone back 200 years for all ancesters for 8 generations and were all from same county in Ireland.

  • There must be a glitch in the matrix my brain stopped working. I seem to be very forgetful lately.

    There must be a glitch in the matrix my brain stopped working. I seem to be very forgetful lately.

  • Does Yale actually except amerikkkan citizens?
    They all have accents. I always wondered how Yale could be such a good school, if it was full of amerikkkan students. Now I get it, most of the student body is made up of foreign kids, ok not most, but it is 20%, and i find that incredible. I, assuming they are the ones that bring up the average GPA. A smart amerikkkan is an oxymoron.

  • Idk what ads theyve been seeing. At least with ancestry, from start to finish, if you take the time to read the “instructions” all these complications are fully transparent both before, during, and after.
    Its probably just consumers not listening, because here i thought these considerations were common sense, but now see they arent. It was hard for me to ignore the simplification that goes into these estimates, with how well they get it out there. So again, idk how others miss it.

  • This sort of coverage makes me sick.
    As does the various companies advertising that encourages people to take the test just for their ethnicity ‘estimates’.

    Why don’t any of these ‘twin’ videos let us see their DNA matches?
    Now THEY would be identical.
    And it would take away from the premise of these videos that are trying to rubbish the whole thing.

    The DNA test is not for you if all you want is to see your ethnicity estimate!
    It is for you if you are building a family tree and you want your results to find you news connections and verify those you already have.

  • There was no such thing as “Italy” before the mid 1800’s. Just like many nations that we know today didn’t exist or were part of some other nation in the past.

  • Funny how now we have a virus that adapt and change so well to each dna around the world! Thanks everyone who donated your dna! ��

  • I took my DNA test at Ancestry DNA and the result was not 90% baloney but at least 60% malarkey. What I would like to confirm was not even mentioned.

  • The person controlling me:
    “Hmm, let’s make her lay on her bed all day and watch youtube. Yes that’s Interesting!”

  • I’m currently going through unimaginably tough times. Manolis talk on how life sucks sometimes really hit home and was very meanful to me. I really appreciate it.

  • So, they thought they were identical, but they’re not. That doctor 20-something years ago was wrong about them being identical. There’s a set of identical, blonde triplets who say they’re identical (from Dr. Phil) and they sure look like it, but it turns out they’re not.

  • I’m a new fan of your podcast (Thank you, Joe Rogan) and am fascinated with the content in the conversations you have with these brilliant guests. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I stayed up until 5am this morning to finish this one. Truly eye opening and I wish I had found you sooner but thankful to have made this discovery and look forward to observing and contemplating more of your discussions.

  • The thing were these tests are useful and basically no one utilises it is that it helps you DNA match with other people. By putting a family tree with your DNA results you can compare your DNA results with other people and actually find people who you are related to. People are too busy obsessing over percentages instead of putting the effort in to find their actual relatives. These people could be related to you from generations back and know more about your common ancestors than your family does. To put into perspective: my father knows very little about his family. Through genealogy and DNA testing I’ve been able to find lost relatives, photos of family members long gone and stories about their lives. Been able to find family members who left my country and emigrated around the world. You are doing yourself a great disservice by not looking into these things.

  • DISCOVER and Understand the DIFFERENCE, between “LIFE The Real Self”, and the human PRIMATE, which sadly Contains DOUBLE LOGIC in its GENOME, adversely affecting ALL human functions, including ‘THOUGHT’ and ‘REASON’, a FACT the human species can Neither DENY or escape.

  • By the way, the source data these labs have to differentiate different ethnicities are in of themselves inaccurate.

    Just because you were born in Italy doesn’t make you italian.
    And if your lineage has been living in Italy for ten generations, that too doesn’t make you italian if that lineage has been selective about its partners.
    Say a bunch of greeks moved to italy in the 15th century and formed a community in italy where they chose partners from within that community 8 times out of ten. They still means all the offspring are mostly greek with some italian or other ethnicities mixed in.

    If the lab takes one of these and say “they are italian” then clearly, all greeks that share that same DNA will be falsely matched as italian even though they clearly are not.
    You have to have a way to tell by a very large certainty that you’ve got the right nationality… Going back to when Italy first was colonized to be certain.
    And then you might even disagree because the “italians” that colonized Italy by a huge certainty no longer exists as an ethnicity. They have been mix bred so much that there’s nothing left of that original ethnic group.

  • Identical twins are NOT identical.
    There’s a tumble drier in your mom’s stomach that rearranges your traits just enough to where you can have completely different traits.
    Just like the mole on your sisters upper lip.

    Traits are latent in all of us humans. If the mother has brown eyes and the father has brown eyes… Don’t be surprised when they have a baby with blue eyes. Practically every human alive today has blue eyes latent traits that every once in a blue moon takes over and produces a blue eyes offspring.
    If one parent has blue eyes and one has brown eyes, there’s something like an 80% chance that the offspring will have brown eyes though because the brow eye trait is dominant.

    Even twins can be born with different eye color.

  • think we can go back to past. how? “it’s easy we need quantum computer millions of them or we need better than quantum computer so we need to simulate the universe from big bang and speed up the universe then download all of the file from the simulation and now we can go back to past”

  • I love how a perfectly legitimate argument on the vagueness of DNA test results gets spun into a story about how one’s natural interest in their heritage strengthens White supremacists…
    One day The Narrative is respecting each other’s differences and acknowledging that not all races are the same and then the next day it’s anything that potentially highlights differences between nationalities and ethnicities is dangerous and creates racism…

  • I did 23andMe. It was worthwhile for me because I reconnected with family who had lost contact with my grandmas (two different sides of my family). I even reconnected my grandma with her cousin before he passed away.

    On another note, it also forced me to look into my family history. I, a white girl, was really confused by the DNA results that had me at 3ish% from the African continent. Even adjusting confidence to 90%, it was still 2ish. So my dad and I looked at his family. Our ancestors helped set up the mission in Santa Barbara (official documents). They had African ancestry. I don’t know if that account for all of it. And I certainly don’t identify as African American. But it was fun and served as a good lesson in curiosity and connection to a past. So yeah, it was worth it.

  • My wife and I are in the same boat we received our quad screen results ( her levels were low in the same area’s as yours)and they came back high risk saying there’s a 1 in 35 chance our baby has down syndrome. The dr. sent wife in for the nipt test and we are awaiting the results. I’ve never been so nervous and scared.

  • Excellent explanation! I was wondering if their tests were repeatable, or if it was some “psychic connection” farce where they ask you enough background information to give you a plausible result without actually testing anything.

  • It’s so enjoyable to listen to these conversations with Manolis. I hope he comes onto the podcast more. He’s brilliant, and has a beautiful understanding, perspective, approach to life and the world.

  • The “Life sometimes sucks and that’s okay” section is very reminiscent of Jordan Peterson’s message he’s been putting out for the last 3 years, or so.

  • What is the goal if we are simulated? To produce electric power like a battery? I don’t understand the benefit of this kind of big simulation. ok, that’s why I’m not a post human….

  • If i were to guess, just looking at the twins faces, i would say they are Moroccan->Spanish->Algerian (not French)->Libyan mostly.
    But the thing with the mediterranian is that throughout the centuries, people have mixed and intertwined so much that it’s really not even remotely certain. By DNA or by appearance, doesn’t matter. You simply can’t tell by a test. You would have to backtrack records of your ancestry via a paper trail.
    And even with a paper trail, you still have to trust that all that paperwork is accurate and that one of your ancestors haven’t been playing dirty in one way or another.
    So you might find their exact likeness living in Greece, Albania, Turkey or wherever basically.

    The only thing that is for certain is that all humans have origins in Africa, where the human race evolved from primates.
    The (mostly) white people that exist in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Australia and beyond are the result of albinos who fled Africa due to persecution by “normal” dark skinned people who thought them to be supernatural beasts just like witches and wizards and some who thought that consuming them (cannibalizing) would grant them superpowers.
    So the white people were on the forefront of human expansion into Europe and Asia, where they evolved their own specific traits through what essentially amounts to inbreeding.
    That is why Italians look italian, slavs look slavic, french look like frog leg lickers, germans and scandinavians look like vikings… and so on.
    Oh and brits have crooked teeth and look like they’ve been stomped on by a big boot because… Not only did humans inbreed while getting to Europe, brits have then been pretty much isolated on an island and bred amongst themselves ever since the water levels rose sinking the land previously known as ‘Doggerland’.

    In any case… The best these tests can do is tell you that your lineage started in Africa, migrated to Europe (because there’s a clear distinction there) and later went over to the Americas.
    And that they are likely to come from the mediterranean (including North Africa) but are no longer related to the original Africans, just like Libya, Algeria and Morocco aren’t really Africans, they are Europeans that have gone from Italy, France and Spain back to Africa and interbred with Egyptians and Middle Eastern peoples.

    Egyptians are by the way the earliest form of mulattos. Essentially albinos whose traits were “cemented” and later interbred with africans. Which then formed the population we now know as middle easteners.

  • @Lex Fridman I love your podcast, what app do you use for the black background in your videos and what is the model/brand of the mic you are using in this video. Thanks and kudos

  • Thank You Charlsie and CBC Marketplace always bringing us Truth. I remember when you did the chiken test and on fast foods and the results still shock me!

  • Guess what? Do to fact that through to my husbands’ job we have lived in a lot of other Countries. Do you know what they all think? If you are born in the United States Of America, you are an AMERICAN!!! Not a hyphenated American, just plain old American. Get used to it. When asked by different people from different countries why Americans are so crazy about belonging to other countries, I just explain that many Americans don’t know anything about their ancestry before their great-grandparents came over from another country. So many people don’t know if they and their ancestors from other countries or not. This answer seems to help them understand and they don’t think we are so crazy.

  • As a fellow compatriot (Greek) Mr. Manolis Kellis (Kamvisellis) is such an inspiration…! Thank for bringing him to your podcast Lex such a joyful listening experience! ����

  • I wonder if this technology had been available during Hitler’s regime, had it saved more people or killed more people because of their DNA results?

  • Not really plausible that they can be definitive when there have been people attacking countries and invading and different groups going back and forth across large parts of the world for thousands of years.

  • Kipton at the end is SO FUNNY! We need more raw footage of him! Cannot wait for baby girl to arrive, so glad everything turned out ok and that she is perfectly healthy.