Did the 2020 Election Release Obsessive-compulsive disorder in the united states


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There’s little doubt that the last presidential election sparked a host of emotions among Americans. But new research suggests it might also have triggered obsessive-compulsive behaviors in Democrats and Republicans alike. The Democrat public-sector US Postal Union will not deliver mail-in votes for Trump from known Red areas. If this doesn’t suffice, charges will be made that Trump had the US Postal Service not deliver millions of votes for Biden/Kamala–charges absurd on their face as the postal union is a Democrat bastion–and searches will be sent for the.

Did 2016 Election Unleash OCD in the USA? WEDNESDAY, April 11, 2018 – There’s little doubt that the last presidential election sparked a host of emotions among Americans. But new research suggests it might also have triggered. Did 2016 Election Unleash OCD in the USA?

Please note: This article was published more than one year ago. The facts and conclusions presented may have since changed and may no longer be accurate. And “More information” links may no longer work.

Questions about personal health should always be referred to a physician or other health care. Did 2016 Election Unleash OCD in the USA? 2018 (HealthDay News) There’s little doubt that the last presidential election sparked a host of emotions among Americans. But new research.

Did 2016 Election Unleash OCD in the USA? WEDNESDAY, April 11, 2018 There’s little doubt that the last presidential election sparked a host of emotions among Americans. But new research suggests it might also have triggered obsessive-compulsive behaviors in Democrats and Republicans alike. The Civil War Election 9 September 2020 The US presidential election is now eight weeks away. The campaign between Trump and Biden is pitting an.

WEDNESDAY, April 11, 2018 (HealthDay News) — There’s little doubt that the last presidential election sparked a host of emotions among Americans. But new research suggests it might also have triggered obsessive-compulsive behaviors in Democrats and Republicans alike. “The idea for our study came about while I was taking a break from a group project. The 2020 United States presidential election is scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. It will be the 59th quadrennial presidential election.Voters will select presidential electors who in turn will vote on December 14, 2020, to either elect a new president and vice president or reelect the incumbents Donald Trump and Mike Pence respectively.

The series of presidential primary elections and. Find the latest news, photos and videos from the 2020 United States presidential election. Read headlines covering the presidential debates, results, and more.

List of related literature:

The most extreme example of this anxiety was produced by the leading electronic voting company, Diebold.

“Code: And Other Laws of Cyberspace” by Lawrence Lessig
from Code: And Other Laws of Cyberspace
by Lawrence Lessig
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There were serious irregularities, including ballot box stuffing, discrepancies in vote counts, partisan election commissions, and wide use of government resources to support the incumbent President.

“Country Reports on Human Rights Practices For 2006, Vol. 1, April 2008, 110-2 Joint Committee Print, S. Prt. 110-40, *” by United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations
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The psychological field was assessed as it existed just prior to the election itself; in many cases the objects evaluated had not been known as much as a year in advance of the presidential campaign.

“The American Voter” by Angus Campbell, University of Michigan. Survey Research Center, Philip E. Converse, Warren E. Miller, Donald E. Stokes
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It also disguised the personal anxiety felt by millions of candidates during the late empire as they entered the biennial and triennial stream of candidates at local, provincial, and capital testing sites.

“A Cultural History of Civil Examinations in Late Imperial China” by Benjamin A. Elman
from A Cultural History of Civil Examinations in Late Imperial China
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Some think that it is not likely that a president would be elected now if there was a known history of significant psychiatric disorder.

“Shrink Rap: Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work” by Dinah Miller, Annette Hanson, Steven Roy Daviss
from Shrink Rap: Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work
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This led to considerable anxiety in election years.

“Tallulah: My Autobiography” by Tallulah Bankhead
from Tallulah: My Autobiography
by Tallulah Bankhead
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Neuroticism was a significant (negative) predictor of the percentage of votes cast for Bush in 2004 but not in 2000.

“Social and Psychological Bases of Ideology and System Justification” by John T. Jost, Aaron C. Kay, Hulda Thorisdottir
from Social and Psychological Bases of Ideology and System Justification
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We observe a similarly transparent pattern in 1988: the July survey, taken directly after the Democratic National Convention, shows a high level of anxiety about Bush.

“Political Psychology: Key Readings” by John T. Jost, Jim Sidanius
from Political Psychology: Key Readings
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Presidential elections were more likely to see deviating behaviour.

“Research Handbook on Political Partisanship” by Henrik Oscarsson, Sören Holmberg
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But election politics were only the surface manifestation of a deeper anxiety.

“Years of Upheaval” by Henry Kissinger
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  • Theory 4 is almost identical to what we’ve already seen in the UK over the last 4 years (UKIP and then Boris destroying the Labour ‘red wall’ in the North by swinging working class Labour voters.) I reckon that gives a lot of weight to the theory due to the similarities between Trump and Farage/Boris and their campaigns

  • That’s what I’ve been saying for years. The DemonRats Use and Abuse people to get what they want. They Use the cops for protection or when they need them to enforce the laws only when it suits their political needs. But if they think that policing, arresting, and sometimes necessarily killing criminals, while in the act of committing a crime, will affect their chances of reelection they will throw cops under the bus as fast as a bus can go. Destroy others, to use and abuse others, to get what they want. Using, Abusing, and Destroying people is what they do best. They used the black community to cry racism and police brutality over the Floyd incident, pander to their needs just for votes. They used the Mexicans and Puerto Ricans for votes by pushing the open border policy, and proclaiming building a wall is unscrupulous, unamerican, and unnecessary along with arresting illegal border jumpers. locking up children in cages, treating them as common criminals while separating them from mom and dad, all bad ideas made by Trump. All this for more people to vote democrat. Again, Using, Abusing, and even Destroying people is what they do to get what they want. All for them none for you.

  • Yeah I don’t think you took into account how important China is going to be in the election in this is also before any debate can happen.

  • “spoilers.” leaving chat The only “spoiler” is voting for a far right fascist or a neoliberal warhawk playing into the “lesser of two evils” narrative allllll over again. The only wasted vote is a vote against your conscious and if you dont see that you have no concept of democracy.

  • Democrats didn’t care when Madonna said she had thought an awful lot about blowing up the White House. Democrats didn’t care when Kathy Griffin posed with a mock severed head of President Trump. Democrats didn’t care when a Broadway Play depicted the assassination of President Trump. Democrats didn’t care when Johnny Depp said, “how long has been since an actor assassinated a President”. Democrats didn’t care when Snoop Dog and Eminem made music videos about assassinating President Trump. Democrats didn’t care when dozens of people were shot to death at a Jason Aldean concert. Democrats didn’t care when Congressman Steve Scalise was shot at a baseball game. Democrats didn’t care when Robert De Niro said “somebody needs to take out Trump”. Democrats didn’t care when Carole Cook said “Where’s John Wilkes Booth when you need him?” Democrats didn’t care when Republican candidate Rudy Peters was attacked by a man with a switchblade. Democrats didn’t care when a Republican Party Office was set on fire. Democrats didn’t care when Eric Holder said “When they go low, we kick ‘em”. Democrats didn’t care when Trump family members received suspicious packages in the mail. Democrats didn’t care when Secretary of Defense James Mattis received death threats. Democrats didn’t care when Maxine Waters said “you get up in their face at the mall, in restaurants, at gas stations and you tell them Republicans they’re not welcomed anywhere”. Democrats didn’t care when Sarah Sanders and her family were harassed at a restaurant, instructed to leave and chased down the street. Democrats didn’t care when Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was harassed and chased out of a Mexican restaurant. Democrats didn’t care when Trump adviser Stephen Miller’s life was threatened and he was chased out of a restaurant. Democrats didn’t care when Attorney General Pam Bondi was harassed and chased out of a theatre. Democrats didn’t care when Rand Paul was attacked and beaten up in his own yard. Democrats didn’t care when two Republican senators: Rob Portman of Ohio and John Boozman of Arkansas were harassed in their own yards and on their own doorsteps. Democrats didn’t care when a 71-year-old female staffer for California Rep. Dana Rohrbacher was knocked unconscious by an angry group of liberal protesters. Democrats didn’t care when a North Carolina GOP office was firebombed by an angry mob of liberals. Democrats didn’t care when Hillary Clinton said “we can’t be civil to Republicans until Democrats return to power”.

    Maxine Waters “push back..push back” when you see these people….

    For over two years Democrats have encouraged hate, harassment, vandalism, acts of violence and even threats of assassination

    Now you tell me, Do you see a pattern?

  • Once we get these corrupt politicians out of office we need a national Constitutional discussion. There is far too much control by small sections of the population over the rest of us.
    Voting is an inherent right under the Constitution and cannot be taken away by anyone, no should it be infringed upon.
    Equality for every individual under the law equally enforced, no more favoritism for one gender or race over another in any area.
    Sane gun control keeping weapons out of the hands of criminals, the mentally ill, and the incompetent. Sweden has had 1 mass shooting since 2012, America has had over 1900 mass shootings. We can have responsible gun control without violating the 2nd Amendment.
    As well some standards put into place about who we let into office, if they can’t pass a drug test, show a resume with past work experience related specifically to the position and a competency test, with their full background up for view they are not allowed in any government office.
    Public servants, including police and politicians, held to account for illegal actions. Redefine roles, and proper funding for government agencies so no one department is made responsible for everything. Police should not be dealing with the mentally ill, that is the Health Department’s job.

  • I am a deep thinker and widely read, not a blinkered Trump follower who doesn’t recognize the underlying reasons for the demonstrations or being ignorant means there is no way to solving them. I rather think you’re being a bit paranoid. Even if Biden does become President, there are many checks and balances in US Constitution to ensure a sense of proportion. I assume you’ve checked by now that Trump did indeed suggest using disinfectant as a COVID-19 cure. With deliberation like that how can you or anybody else take him seriously?

  • I do have to admit…the RNC made this Independent PROUD to be American! Fauci has already said it’s safe for us to vote in person, yet Nancy Pelosi is STILL propagandizing her base and telling them to vote by mail. It’s ridiculous. These universal mail-in ballots have NO chain of custody! How can they be trusted? They can’t and Pelosi knows it…the problem is, she doesn’t care. Democrat Motto “Win by any means necessary.”

  • I actually think Jesse is more of a threat to Trump. The trump base loves a tough man and jesse has that and is honest. his headline grabbing views will sway those that favor populists. and He can debate Trump one on one better than any politician out there.

  • Hahaha,that fat guy in red was delusional “tired of what dems have done?” Trumps government caused this outrage all accross America,not the democrats.lol

  • I was going to vote for Trump in 2020 (coming up) but unfortunately my fiancé is in Algeria,his immigration policies has made it nearly impossible for people to come here. Even legally people just want to come here and start making good life’s for themselves. I supported Trump to the fullest but I gotta go Biden 2020!

  • Wow. I feel so sorry for the three of you. You are so embedded in your filth. You actually cant see you have been groomed for so long your truths are your own creation. I simply smile and shake my head. Realise this.. Your education didn’t actually educate you. The worse part is you all will spend the rest of your lives living in this bekief

  • The thing I’ve noticed is that media has always been super critical of Trump since 2016 which probably contributes to Trump’s negative perception. I’ve also heard from many of his supporters that his personality is his biggest weakness, but his policy is great.

  • Which country is this? Over 180,000 deaths, 30 million unemployed, protests, police brutality. Government paying bounties to have its own soilders killed.

  • Scotland �������������� loves our native son ����Trump2020 I wish the UK had balls and followed suit plus sky news Oz should be on our terrestrial TV instead of the BBC propaganda show

  • It was put on the ballot and THE PEOPLE voted for want they wanted. Another example of the JUST-US SYSTEM (also shows, you don’t have rights unless you can pay for them). Sad, it just justifies “why should I vote if it’s not going to count”. I’m voting regardless if that may be true. We all need to vote. Too big too rig.

  • Spot on! Anyone experience a little bit of what communism is, will flee from them as far as possible. That is why we Victorians must not let Dan Andrews sell our state to CCP!!

  • U means Failure Trump Republican President, who Destroy are Country in 4 Years, who Gave Americans only Death,Lies,Racism,Poverty,and Lot/s of Pain. or Failure Moscow Mitch the Lider of Republican Senate Majority, who sold out are Country to Russia for 4 Million Dollars,so in Nov 3 Vote them all out, and vote Joe Biden for President

  • 2 gigantic holes in theories about how dems will or sure win 1. Biden has dementia and people are not dumb to vote for that 2. Kamala Harris

  • Please do consider making more videos of this kind, love it, thanks for sharing. And i really love the way you speak and your accent!

  • How was she allowed to get away with claiming Trump had a 52% approval ratings, is at 35% with black Americans? Both demonstrably untrue.


  • Trump must first sort out the problems of Americans people,why he is going to Israel and dubai now?to clean his face.this is no a solution to believe in him again,he funked us and funked America no more trump GO AWAY

  • Your system for a democracy is crazy. All people of voting age should be able to vote as a right. Why to ye have other stuff attached to it. Lost for words, from Ireland.

  • I could care less but Trump will win and the guy who wrote this video is not a smart person. All 4 of his theorys are nonsense. People should get their information from anywhere but here.

  • If Biden win this Nov., China will rise as superpower of the world; communism rule _USAthen, China dictator Xi-jinping will sit at the Oval office……..

  • How much big money is offering to this people’s to say somethings againts to Democrats PARTY because too much LIES to use this tools against to Democrats party and I was shocked and I was not surprising because cheater is always cheater that’s why he get the Obama’s legacy and Democrats party legacy hahaha I was it’s a big laughing and laughable because the legacy of Obama’s and Democrats party is same legacy bwahahaha make your own legacy POLICIES do not copy the legacy of Obama’s and Democrats Party because it’s really obviously u a cheater’s and LIAR’S too hahaha..

  • The far right is ruining America with half truths and spinning the truth. The Jones is crazed filled argument designed to only distract. He blames BLM for the troubles and not the kids running around on the streets killing people with assault rifles. smh

  • It hurts to listen to this woman ideology speaking not reality. The US is sinking into the dangers of ideology. People seem to have the blinders on, on both sides.

  • Fighting is a socialist puppet. A trojan horse. He is weak in every way. At this point in time Trump is our only hope. Trump 20/20

  • No influence but facts! Trump the biggest coward of the 21st century! Trump keeps lying & holding super spreading events, Americans keep dying! Disgusting

  • trump is a moron who lacks common sense, who believes any conspiracy theory that FOX can cook up, who is afraid of the truth and can’t help lying every time he opens his mouth. He’s truly a depraved human being who is so insecure that he needs constant adulation in an useless effort to satisfy his deep insecurities. This man is clearly not a man to lead any nation.

  • Bidens VP and campain staff are both advocating for and making donations to bail rioters. Makes it hard not to think the Dems want more rioting.

  • How cannot people see, with understanding why, Jo Biden is not out campaigning. Obama and his administration, who are with waiting in the wings, will not allow him, why is, he Biden is to ill.

  • Eduardo Bolsonaro’s project to criminalize an apology for communism and Nazism, two deeply progressive ideologies: https://youtu.be/uyxYXsbPpOI

    Bolsonaro is very courageous and democratic, they are part of those few politicians who have balls the size of the planet Jupiter.������������������
    Trump is the right guy to rule for another 4 years, very brave and always rules for all American people, far from the interest of progressive and anti-American ideologies.������

    Biden is very progressive and pro-communist China! A totalitarian dictatorship in the middle of the 21st century, the main responsible for all these deaths around the globe because of this pandemic.

  • Ich befürchte, Trump könnte gewinnen. Das amerikanische Wahlsystem wirkt nicht funktional und scheint wenig mit Demokratie zu tun zu haben. Eine Wiederwahl von Trump wird Amerikas Ansehen weiter massiv schaden. Von außen wirkt kurios, dass seine Wähler die katastrophale Aussenwirkung nicht erfassen

  • Ti condivido pienamente caro Beppe Grillo sei stato il mio salvagente economico “grazie”…………!
    I SOLDI DELLE BANCHE AL POPOLO & non solo ai parlamentari o senatori………..! 13.09.2020 mauro stocovaz

  • USA land of freedom??? Really? If this is THE SO CALLED DEMOCRACY you wanted to put in each and every corner of the earth, please don’t. Just keep it with yourself and keep on dreaming.

  • A few of your arguments around the four hypotheses depend on the assertion that Trump is unpopular. Note though that your popularity metrics may be based on biased sampling, and that the media from whom we learn about these metrics may be cherry-picking the ones that fit their chosen narrative.

  • This the most biased and anti-left obsessed journalism since 1930s Germany. Where is the balance? Can’t believe it’s so different to Uk sky news which is at least attempting some balance.

    , since

  • Also worthy of mention is the fact that the party whose president was impeached or about to be, as in 1974 NEVER managed to hold on to the office in the next election, a la 1868, 1976, and 2000 (though said party did lead in the nonbinding nationwide popular vote in the last instance).

  • 5:28 When one’s a year politics coming out of there air-conditioned safe zones to meet people in real life. He looks like Zoidberg from futurama.

  • In India, 3% of the population is immigrant Ariya Brahmins (Hindu priests), followers of Rick Vedic Hinduism. Currently, the ruling BJP party is fully supported by Ariyans, who are extermists in discriminating non-Brahmin people based on Religion, Cast, mother tongue. Kamala’s mother is also from Ariyan Brahmin community. Wondering if Kamala also inherits the same Ariyan’s attitudes.

  • Polls ahahahahahahahahaha, the left wing BBC have learned nothing from 2016. Scrap the licence fee and let them continue in their silly little lefty bubble.

  • The New Yorker really should do something about that elitist, snobby, white privilege icon of theirs. Very racist and not very inclusive of them.

    Gee, Lefties. Not so fun when the criticism is pointed YOUR way, is it????

  • Biden & Hillary have never inspired any one who cares about social justice or truth, justice, and the American way. Though, like prof. Hill, I would hold my nose and vote for either, before failing to vote or voting for Trump.

  • Graham Block “Racism in the police force”? Don’t buy into that premiss. In 2019, in the US, 7,500 blacks were shot dead by other blacks. In 2019, in the US, nine unarmed black men were shot dead by the police. The leftist media highlights those nine and ignores the 7,500. I guess those 7,500 black lives don’t matter because they don’t advance the leftist narrative… So, yeah…

  • i’m surprised newsnight dont discuss what trump eats for breakfast. watch Noam chomsky not this trash. the rich are worried about themselves. they have seen house prices serge, encouraging over population. all this has done is grow the poor middle class and iniquity. now they want to in prison everyone poor instead of sharing the weath. Capitalism if allowed to be continued will destroy the environment. As people need money(jobs). they cut the trees, over fish and let the population grow. People have had enough and we want real political choice. Captuism needs to adapt, the way money is distributed must change. Monopoly always ends in a fight. Newsnight can have another poll where 99% people love the bbc lol

  • Nope trump was the 1st and for months was the only one trying to stop the riots
    Now that the riots arnt working for them after bailing the rioters when they are arrested now there coming out and denonce the riots.
    Antifa are terrorists

  • We need to start a go fund me account to pay as many of these fines as possible. How can we start this. We need to show the Rebootlickans that we will all fight back

  • Please vote by seeing work done by leaders and not on the basis of caste,religion, favoritism,etc.India is suffering a lot because of pm modi and bjp, rss.
    Kindly requesting Americans that just see the work.

  • trump himself isnt as far right as he tries to make voters think. he caters to the right wing but HE dos’nt believe the right wing agenda that more radical, uneducated, angry and threatening

  • I remember seeing a study that stated if all felons in Florida were given their voting right back, it wouldn’t hurt the Republicans as much as everyone thinks it would.

  • Many people see Trump worthy of Mount Rushmore. Even Teddy Roosevelt would agree.
    Trump takes on China, ISIS, North Korea, Iran, because someone had to. So he did.

  • When the time comes and it will come to disgrace those judges then take the opportunity to do so they deserve whatever comes their way in the legal sense
    And hopefully the poorly ran state of Florida will finally get the change thats needed

  • When thinking of theories for this election (mainly ones based on voter behaviors), I came up with a Pro-Biden and Pro-Trump theory, but the 2 of them certainly clashed. I then decided to combine the theories into what I call the Bernie Bro Dilemma. This was designed to show the situation I see within the 2020 election, as well as the overwhelming amount of Biden winning polls on both national and state levels.

    First, the Pro-Trump theory: It’s basically where Bernie Bros support Biden in polls, but have no desire to vote for him, or any candidate, in the 2020 election. Bernie Bros and Progressives align well with young adults, which are making up a large percentage of America. However, the options they have been getting aren’t what they want. Let’s take their perspective from 2016: Their options included a moderate liberal who they see screwed over their favorite, a full-on conservative who they see as a racist idiot, and 3rd party candidates who may align better with their views, but don’t have much of a chance. So what many do is not vote. This is what I see is what ruined Hillary’s chances at the presidency, she couldn’t get progressives, a large chunk of left-wing support, to even go to the polls, which left a gap in her support, leading to Trump’s victory. And it seems like Biden is on the same track. For example, 2 similarly sized polls happened around the same time, one by HarrisX, the other by YouGov. The major difference was that HarrisX had Abstention (or not voting), and this led to 7% Undecided and 4% Abstention, dropping Biden’s lead by 4%, which means a lot of Americans (especially young progressives) just don’t wanna vote. Personally, I thought the solution would be to have a progressive running mate like Rashida Tlaib (Member of the Squad, Opposite of Biden, and from a major swing state), but that’s long gone. At this point, it may seem like Trump’s on his way to a 2nd term, but we have to look at my other theory.

    This is the Pro-Biden theory, It’s definitely more simple than the previous, and another way to explain massive Biden success in polls. It involves Trump’s impeachment, and how it may bring a curse for the Republican party. It seems that every time a president survives being removed from office via impeachment, that party would lose the next election. 1868, After Democrat Andrew Johnson’s impeachment, the party’s nominee Horatio Seymour would lose to Republican Ulysses Grant. 1974, After Republican Richard Nixon resigned, his VP Gerald Ford would lose to Democrat Jimmy Carter. And in 2000, Democrat Bill Clinton’s impeachment would lead to his VP Al Gore lose to Republican George W. Bush. So it seems that when a president survives impeachment, their enemy party’s supporters would be more enticed to vote against them. TBH, it would’ve been smarter for the Republicans to remove Trump but still allow him to hold office. That way, hypothetically, Trump’s supporters would blame it on Democrats (even though it was whatever Republicans were tasked with voting to impeach Trump) and vote him back into office. Sure, any Republican senator that votes to remove him would likely be voted out, but hey, they say you gotta throw some to the wolves, and those senators would most likely get replaced by another Republican.

    And this is where the dilemma kicks in, specifically for Bernie Bros. These people want to oust Trump for what they see as a wrongful acquittal, but they certainly don’t wanna vote for Biden or a candidate that doesn’t have much of a chance of winning. It pretty much puts them at a dilemma crossroads. Should they go out to support Biden in order to oust Trump for his acquittal, they’ll end up with someone they don’t like. Should they stay out of it like 2016, the impeachment curse would almost certainly be broken on someone they believe doesn’t deserve it. This is pretty much a 50/50 chance reliant on Bernie Bros.

  • Bbc thinks trump is capitalising on Biden. Must have some moves or something. Some of the old moves or something like that. Probably something going on.

  • Not all, but some of the leaders of BL M are Marxists who have been trained by other countries (Russia) to incite violence and try to overthrow the government. Do not dismiss this comment until you have researched it and come to your own conclusions, you all have google.

    The sad fact is these types of people will hijack any movement, they are opportunists with an agenda, and sadly it is not race equality.

  • For the sake of the American and the World, President Trump has to be re-elected but unfortunately when people are staunch Democrats and their party that they believe in delivers nothing and destroys so much they still keep voting them in. You see it over the decades and the same people are still in office. It’s hopeless until they are prepared to think for themselves about Right and Wrong, Haves and Have-nots. This is critical for all our future with this election worldwide.


  • Overall nice video! Great atmosphere, concise, you’re an interesting host, and awesome editing! Unfortunately there were a two points of contention with the content:

    @ 4:31, I hate to break it, but Biden is by no means uncontroversial. He is only portrayed as such because his flaws are mostly ignored as simple gaffes made by an elderly man. It’s actually pretty sad the way his statements are so easily brushed aside and ignored. Unfortunately for Biden, many of his “gaffes” were actually comments made when he was much younger and sharper. See the numerous outright racist comments he has made over the years ( https://thedonald.win/p/Gc2zlzuM/x/c/15HuoItSGw ). He also signed off on (even authored some parts) the 1994 crimes act which has resulted in numerous radical over sentencing issues in the past 26 years. Trump is controversial as well, I’m not saying he’s not perceived as such, but most of his controversy stems from over reporting of his flaws by traditional media and outright lies by the same sources (see the entirety of Russo-meddling lies).

    @ 9:12, That’s unfair. You don’t know that Trump is unlikable. You’ve never met him. I’m willing to bet you only formed that opinion based on the suggestions of his political enemies and a very small number of sound-bites that have been selectively edited. There are only a small number of times Trump has made statements that are solely offensive with full context (see his disdain for Rosie O’Donnell and some political/entertainment elites and when he re-buffs slander from his enemies). Many people that have met him say he’s actually an incredibly understanding and compassionate guy.

  • Stupidest title I’ve ever read.
    Trump only way to win is to divide the country. Any attempt to unite will mean his deplorables will desert him.

  • Holy crap that vapid blonde at the end “well you see he spits in peoples faces because he loves them and wants to share part of himself”
    She even said the simpsons AGREED with her. Unreal. What world is this?

  • It is refreshing to hear commentary from another country that sees both sides of the things going on in America. Our media is such a joke.

  • My god what a steaming sack of turds these three morons are. This is why (well, this is one reason why) I don’t normally watch Sky News.

    You know what? I hope the orange baboon-in-chief DOES win another 4 years. Because if he does, he’ll complete the destruction of the US as a world power. And THAT is something that’s long overdue. The sad part is, he’ll also complete Amerika’s descent into fascism. And that will really suck for my American friends.

  • The United States of America are turning into the United Slaves of America, many sleepy citizens don’t seem to notice however, after all it stays the USA.

  • Polls are shy.te…..how comfortable would anyone feel telling one of these woke companies who all root for Biden that you intend to vote Trump? Like we didn’t tell anyone we would vote LEAVE

  • Despite what some might claim those in the Great White North don’t understand US politics any more than we understand theirs. The Rats (you can’t say Democrat without the Rat) have brought this country’s economy to its knees…intentionally…because of hatred for Trump. And now we see that they’re employing bricks and Molotov Cocktails as well. Attention Canadians: despite what may,or may not,have been true once upon a time today’s Republican Party is the party of the nation’s middle class and working class and today’s Rat Party is the party of the elite,the welfare parasites,the government paycheck recipients,the “undocumented” and the pervs.And as for using The Atlantic as a credible source…although it hasn’t always been true you can’t even find The Atlantic in a dentist’s office today,let alone on a newsstand or in a mailbox.

    Any Canadian with free time should stand by for the debates. Even the Speaker of the House is advising him not to do it. And ILLary is advising him to never concede.Of course this means that eventually enough votes will be found here and there to steal it. And lastly…Trump carried 8 states that Obama carried at least once…and 6 that he carried twice.

  • Wish Democrats in Florida would have added “cannot buy a gun unless all fines are paid” to that crazy voting law by those asshole republicans. It would have never stood a chance

  • why would anyone vote for another party which enslaves people with every new president? the cops are just what the bullys do when they cant get a job in the army.
    pretending you like the hate parties like liberals and democrats or all the 3 main parties is political and cultural genocide. freedom was won for freedoms sake.not hate.
    the barbaric political attitude in action lights the fuse on america. the radical manipulation and mainly political manipulation of the people by ignorance is what caused all this.
    the trump lot are just in it to win it to gain for financial futures as they have already made the industry leaders richer. the race issue is just a tool to do it. to rip off the people.
    every generation since kennedy has had to put up with this hate and organised crime by a lot of these mad people. as sociopathic leaders need removed and jailed.
    even the common american saying another american is defined by black or white is racist. it is ingrained in the culture of hate as children are raised into this.
    this has to be the most violent and racist country i have ever seen. not the people but the whole thing is racist ignorance. seperating the people and dividing the thought process.
    the woman is right here. im white and i hate the racism point. it is breeding hatred and division in a powerful country who could do so much better.
    most americans dont want to be segregated on buses again. but the amount in prison is an ignorance of a kind which is inhumane. for a bit of marijuana lives are forever ruined.
    americans cant get jobs with a marijuana record or without proving they are clean and above board they just cant get jobs.
    the poverty is insane in america and america wont pay to help it’s citizens. it wants citizens dead by default and jailed by default. that is not law and it is not a remedy under law.
    that is criminal behavioral abuse by the leaders in america. the whole senate and govermant structure. it is designed to intentionally fail the people. thebanking system too!
    right at the heart of it. no lending to black males without colateral. non efficient loans to people in huge debt already and who pays for it? us all.
    america is playing the stock market to manipulate the dollar every minute of every day. and so blames china?
    china the country which fought its way out of abstract misery with hard work created by the west!
    who do these people think they are fooling with black lives matter and cops lives matter and all lives matter? not me and not the people.
    this divisive strategy to manipulate with subversive manipulation of an entire country for profit under any circumsances for the rich only is genocide.
    the rich are competing for wealth among the rich 1% and 5% clubs for dollar bets.
    black lives matter? everyone matters! but the boomer generation dont recognise it. the small minded thinking makes the leaders get away with everything thay have already for 100 years.
    vote for none of the above. thay are not worth enslving your children and grandchildren too! remove these manipulators power to make life acceptable again.
    kind regards.

  • As a UK Citizen; I would like to make a little ‘interjection’ about the ‘Joe Biden For President’ Campaign; although it is a wonderful quotation from an old (but hopefully not forgotten) President of the USA, which sums it all up:

    “You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time”.
    Abraham Lincoln, (ex-USA President).

    However, if dear old Abe can’t even convince you, perhaps a few sweet You-tube clips might help put a little bit of ‘Common Sense” back into U.S. Citizens brainboxes.. By the way, if you really don’t want to know the TRUTH, please look the other way now:

    (CREEPY Joe Biden).
    (Pretty much more of the same).
    (Me, Cognitive problem? What Cognitive problem??).

    Incidentally; from a Country with a population of over 325 million, is this the best possible Opposition Candidate that y’all could manage?! I know there is an old saying: “God Save The United States of America”, though maybe better in the future, to sing along to these two brilliant, very famous old American tunes instead:

    (Eve of Destruction Barry Macguire).
    (Devil Went Down To Georgia Original version)

    With the new ‘Age of Aqurius’ on the Horizon; the entire World is looking to the American people to do the right thing, in order not to delay that opportunity for FREEDOM. Maybe this November will be either ‘Wakey-wakey time’ or ‘Bye-bye time’.

    Stevo Neo Silver,
    (League of Light).

    p,s. This Comment may be Copied & Distributed freely!

  • 1) Of course the Republican candidate is gonna say people ar switching to Republican.
    2) Of course a Republican is gonna heckle a democrat.
    3) Finally no one knows who shot those kids, it could’ve been a so called militia group. So why is that lobbyist slime ball claiming it was BLM when it was Black child?

  • The Democrat party(stop calling them Democratic Party) should be disbanded in the USA. We aren’t a democracy so I’m not sure how we have a Democrat party. Why not have a communist and socialist party?

  • Their is NO provision in the US Constitution to transition into a Communist Dictatorship. To organize and prepare for this is an Insurgency and no different than WW2 German commandos coming ashore for sabotage and combat operations. These people are radicalized enemy terrorists acting as paid mercenaries and communist combat soldiers. Their goal is overthrow of the Constitutionality Limited Republic and foisting up a Communist Dictatorship.
    They must be destroyed permanently by any means necessary. The media is paid by Communist Party insurgents to use a Military Grade Psychological Warfare Operation against the US Civilian Population.
    They are the enemy just as much as 1940s Germany was our enemy. To not recognize this is incompetence and aiding and abetting.

  • Your wrong! Not this time! Democrats aren’t the same as the ones of old. Far from it. Trump, on the other hand, kept his promises. We KNOW what he’s all about. Not Biden. He has too many radical liberals hiding in the background.The Democrats want to defund the Police as we watch them let all these communities become destroyed by these thugs and let them! They want open borders, the people to pay for illegals healthcare, they wasted much of our tax money on their witch hunt, And I’M SURE they are letting their communities be taken over by these thugs hoping to be able to get millions in bailouts..of which they’ll pocket much of it. I hope he won’t let them have it. Let them get the money from Antifa. Trump talks about ALL Americans of ALL races unlike the Democrats that are trying to “pretend” they care about minorities. They don’t care about anyone..! Sorry hun..He’s going to win..and BIGGER than in 2016.

  • 17 year old armed teenager shot 2 convicted felons and a paedophile after they attacked him despite him carrying a rifle THERE BBC HOW HARD WAS THAT those are the facts. that is the news. Leave the narrative to your increasingly crap programming.
    Another biased “news” piece in contradiction of observable reality that we can all see on the video clips available on this same bloody website.

  • If I were a billionaire this would be a very, very different world. For example, I would pay off all the debt of these Florida formerly convicted felons, allowing them to vote. I wouldn’t tell them who to vote for, but I would remind them that it was the Republicans who were trying to stop them from voting in the first place (hint, hint). Like I said, very different world.

  • First 5 minutes can be explained as the Democrats are just better about fixing the elections. Polls are inherently wrong didn’t you learn that in 2016? As far as likability there are plenty of people who love Trump and his plain spoken ways.( Probably not fake hipsters like yourself but fake hipsters dont make up the majority of Americans. ) Americans are fed up with fake hipsters. Commies and Karen’s who are offended at everything. Democrats are not for working people it’s clear you cant support unions and illegal aliens at the same time. Obama gave up on manufacturing in the US.

  • Let me see… violent marxistAtifa sycophants rioting & murdering, vandalizing & literally causing terror.. condoned entirely by the majority of ‘democrats’. States & mayors refusing aid from federal (central) government. Literally telling people to cooperate with criminals to keep violent crime down, telling police not to get involved, releasing violent offenders.. The presidential opposition actually saying more-riots, paying bail for violent offenders from the riots..

    Hmm… when Trump restores order, because he had no choice.. because the states allowing anarchy did nothing & refused all help… Hell yes he’ll get a 2nd term.
    And it is the end of the ‘democrats’ as we knew them. As they’ve essentially condoned & openly sponsored terrorism in their own country here. We’ll see a lot of arrests after Trump Landslides the election.

  • Ventura will bring the Left and Right together.

    Yes of course many people will just vote for the lesser of two fascists. But I am not a big fan of fascism.

  • Is this real is Sky such a polarizing tv? That’s shame. No clear view i Hope your kids who by 5his point are way smarter than you will ever be can show you how fundamentally stupid you are.

  • I have been a fan of Trump since his 2016 campaign mainly because I thought he was funny. I loved the way he could get under the looney left skin and send then in a spin. Every tweet is designed to draw them out and repel them.

  • Sanders is a moderate. His uniquely “far left” policies are actually mainstream main street opinions when you look at American opinion polls, like in the Dem base. He’s only a terrible extremist to status quo rich people who don’t wanna solve the most important problems americans want solved. (Climate, Medical + Student debt, corruption, criminal justice, etc.)

  • My personal theory is that in America elections are mostly won by voter turnout and what’s happened in the 4 previous years. In Texas voter turnout is at like 60ish % and most of the non voters are democrats in the cities. If they all voted Biden could easily flip Texas.
    I think ultimately the election is determined by whether or not the current president can keep the nation good,
    After 2008 Obama led America through economic increase and better life’s for most Americans. Hilary lost because she marginalized voters she could have won. Trumps led America through a volatile political situation endless scandal and has seen the complete fail that is the coronavirus response. If coronavirus had at least been handled better I don’t think trump would be blamed nearly as much. The election doesn’t have to do it’s the incumbent but whether or not Americans lives have improved

  • BBC = just desliked without seen the video cause I don’t like socialists.

    The Americas (EUA+Brazil) don’t like socialists anymore at all. And this long-term from now (!)

  • The only poll reported from Arkansas (in June) shows a toss up (47-45 in favor of Trump) within the margin of the polls error. While unlikely, any “best case” for Biden should include Arkansas,

  • I’ve lived across the USA and I know the electoral system and congressional districts and the different cultures. I’ve watched the terrible effect that hollowing out industry has done to the USA and in particular the heartland. I’m from Santa Clara County, CA (Silicon Valley), but live in Omaha, NE. I predicted he would win in 2016 and which states he would win. I had him winning but without Michigan and Pennsylvania where I had him coming up just short. That was the surprise. Trump is on his way to winning a second term primarily due to the Dem Party going Jacobin Left Extremist, combined with Biden being a terribly weak and corrupt insider along with the unlikable Harris. People on the Left will be surprised that the finish won’t really be close.

    The real important fight will be for the Senate and the House as we don’t have as much good data coming in yet in the key battleground Congressional Districts. The Dems still have a good chance at holding the House, especially districts in mail-in voting states like California where they can use what is called ‘ballot harvesting’ to illegally complete ballots for old registration records. This is the big wildcard coming up in November.

    Regardless, the Left will still continue rioting in Dem cities such as Portland after Trump is re-elected. Their TDS is really bad, and they simply can’t fathom why people vote for him because they just don’t do the due diligence to actually TALK to Trump voters and ask them why. When they do, they usually get a little bit of information on conditions in that area the voter lives in, etc.

    In any field, you need to have some humility if you want to learn something that may counter preconceived notions.

  • The 2 main questions to ask are 1. Is Biden as disliked as Hillary? If so, he will lose because people won’t bother voting for him. The only wild card is the fact that much voting will be by mail. 2. How will die hard Berners, like myself, vote? We want change, but Biden isn’t that. We hate Trump, but also Biden. Keep in mind that Med 4 All is extremely popular with a vast majority of Americans. It was never about Bernie himself but rather his policies. Things are a mess down here. You may as well flip a coin for this election. I wish I were in Canada!

  • The anarcho-communist rioters must be arrested and given lengthy sentences. We need to stamp out the far left everywhere in the West.

  • Here’s what’s really going on in the US (and this is a simplification but it’s true):

    Hegelian dialectic (right vs left)…and it’s not good. In fact, it’s quite bad. And the fact is, regardless of what the internet showcases, we Americans aren’t as radically divided as it seems. We’re mostly kind of in the middle with left and right leanings.

    The worst trap we’ve (US) fallen into is believing that the Presidential Election is the most important. It’s not the MOST important. It’s only a product of popularity and sensationalism. That is to say that the President is a product of immediate national attention and desire. What’s more important are elections of the Legislative branch members. These have long-term, long-lasting effects on policy, law and outcome.

    The rest of the world tends to focus on the US Presidential election because US Presidents can seriously affect trade and policy within their own countries. However, within the US, Legislative elections and nominees deserve more attention. These Sentors and members of Congress can also affect international policy because they are cumulatively a product of US voting base; more so than a President. They directly represent the product and beliefs of their respective States. They “are” America except no one really cares. Most Americans are more worried about the Presidential election, but by then, real change is too late. I mean to say, lasting impactful change.

    We just keep getting sucked into hype. I could go on….but I don’t know if it’ll make any difference.

  • As a person who’s grown up in a Chinese family, I’d like to point out from my personal understanding that more East Asian Americans would vote for Trump than Joe Biden. Because many if not most Asian American families(especially older Asian immigrants) are actually aligned with the conservatives. Despite some conspiracy theories saying that Chinese Americans are manipulated by the ccp to vote for anything that favours China XD the reality is that most Chinese immigrants coming from Southern China, as well as any Taiwanese or Hong Kong immigrants back in the older days like the 80s and 90s are very anti-ccp, and politically they would align more with the West (just think about why they would leave if they liked the CCP). So they would definitely vote for American presidents that are harsher to China and for them, Trump has done a good job when it comes to treating China harshly. However, there tend to be more pro-CCP sentiments among the newer Chinese immigrants(but of course there’ll be exceptions) since this newer generation of Chinese people is usually the ones who have benefitted the most from the economic boom of China under CCP rule.
    Another thing about democrat/liberal voters is that they tend to be socially progressive voters, but when it comes to Asian Americans, especially the older generation, they tend to be more socially conservative, which also makes them more likely to vote for the Republicans and Trump.

  • The president Trump election campaign states that money wins election he is currently privilege to access funds from the Federal Bank and is in the driver’s seat he is virtually unstoppable Let’s make America great again…….

  • Wow! I didn’t think I’d ever see such corrupted commentary outside of the US. Clearly Rupert Murdoch is pulling his own strings as much as he can in his own news company in his homeland. No doubt wanting to promote the sentiments of Trump down under. I thought Australia was a rational forward thinking company but obviously not. I’ll bear this in mind. In future when I listen to news reporting from here.

  • Let me tell you this: If you vote for Joe Biden in this presidential election 2020 then you deserve to be cursed to go to hell because this asshole is the stupidest person in this beautiful country. Do you understand yet, brainless bastard?

  • ●Everything is one
    ●One is the collective
    ●Everyone is in the collective energy included
    ●So anyone who is hurting something in the collective is hurting themselfes
    ●Due to everything being one, the damage one does, is exactly affecting that one also, who is doing the damage
    ●Due to the reality that everything is one consciencesness

    ●Our current sun is a demonic being called Azaziel.
    ●Whenever you look at our sun.
    ●You look at this particular demonic being called Azaziel
    ○earths (gaias) burning core is our true sun

    Explanation of duality
    ●3D State is seperation (reality)
    (The experience of consciencesnes in seperate bodies (duality)
    ●”Duality” because its a dual vision on one an the same consciencesness
    ●Thats why its called “duality”
    ●In higher perspective ” everything is one
    and the same consciencesness (“god”)
    ●but here in 3D we have seperated bodies as to be able to experience consciencesness serperately (duality)
    ●duality because its a dual vision on one and the same consciencesness from higher perspective

    ○parasitic (demonic) infestation is more common for humanity regarding the current state than not (most people are infested by (demonic/parasitic being)

  • That’s because they know no one in their right mind would vote Republican. They force you to pay taxes without having to tell you what you owe. What an absolute joke; Republicans never stop.

  • Trump is irregular and wasn’t my choice in the primaries, however the more I have seen, the more I like. Trump has kept most of his promises, which is unusual for a politician. The economy has also boomed under Trump. If it were not for the Coronavirus from China, the economy would have carried Trump through easily. Trump has also lowered taxes, changed the country’s trade agreements to better favor America and generally stands up for traditional American values. Trump has my vote. As for the theories in the video; I think the first and last one are true. For a time since Bill Clinton, the country has had political coalitions which lean towards the democrats, however as the Democrats have become more left-wing, more globalist, more pro-immigration, more pro-multinationals with their trade policies, white, working class voters have begun to evaluate their political leanings and are more and more becoming Republicans. Trump, unlike Republicans before him, has flipped the party platform on trade, making him and Republicans even more attractive to these wavering, white voters. Trump has also took the fight to the establishment forces in this country, furthering his image as a man who is on the side of ordinary Americans.

  • The Americas were established on violence, and violence will be the end of this dysfunctional western industrial civilization!

    Western industrial civilization is the cause of planetary degradation.


  • Every thing was going good till election year and the dems saw they wasn’t going to be able to win and they stirred all this shit up

  • If you lost your Job this year, put a Trump Sign in front of the Unemployment Office.. If you someone you know died because of Trump Covid Virus, put a Trump sign near their Grave.

  • Personally, I find it sickening that Americans’ support for Trump would go up after he’s handled the coronavirus so horribly and politicized it so greatly. It’s probably this country’s biggest shame in a presidency that has brought us innumerable shames.

  • Take the kid to the zoo. I could tell someone or something had walked up behind me. I turn around and there’s an old guy wearing a MAGA cap. He says, “I’m legally blind.” I replied, “Nice to meet you. I’m Bob.” The old guy asked, “What’s the other guy’s name?” I asked, “What other guy?” The old bastard takes his cane and starts feeling around for the kid who moved each time. He finally stopped tapping that cane and believing he was turning back in my direction ended-up face to face with two women and says, “Take me to the nearest restroom. I need to shit.” These two holier than thou females quoted Jesus in unison, took three steps back from the old guy, and ended-up on their ass in a large wishing fountain full of change. The kid and I lead the old bastard across the walkway to a wire gate that had a sign on it that read, “STAFF ONLY – WASTE AREA”. After he was inside the area I shut the gate and we walked away as the sound of garbage cans being banged on and turned over filled the area and an old guy’s voice yelling out, “You liberal son-of-a-bitch.” I yelled back, “If you had 20/20 vision you old bastard, you’d still be a blind piece of dog shit.”

  • Wow so true America is the only safe place until the election if the Democrats win I absolutely agree defund the police and the Democrat politicians can lead the way by giving up there close security starting with the mayor of Portland who totally agreed with the looting and murders but had the whole street where she lived sealed off by the racist bigoted police so the blm and antifa don’t come knocking on her door.
    WAKE UP WAKE UP AMERICA BEFORE ITS TO LATE wake up to the hypocrisy of the Democrats who will agree to anything to get elected and once in power it will all change rapid style because they totally agree with socialism Marxism but that’s for the masses or the people whilst they live the millionaire lifestyle

  • 3 more things the video should mention: 1. 1932Depression AND working class struggle before the New Deal, 2. 1992 Mild recession AND post-cold war economic shift…and 3. 2020 race relations along with COVID-19 and it’s economic damage. The 1930s was also known for anti-communism scares and 1990s when the US crime/drug/gang activity rate was in its highest ever. +

  • No matter what anybody says President Trump is a true American he is your everyday man he wants nothing more than a chance anybody in the world will give up their leg to go and have a chance in America!

  • There is no way in hell that Trump know how to unite America. He is so divisive. Hostile, racist, and so negative about everything.

  • I would love to see Jesse run for President plus he could put Trump and Biden under the table with the way he talks and his Military record.

  • Your basic “AMERICAN'” knows Nothing about any of this stuff. That includes me.I didn’t vote last election.Trump Clinton?? No WAY. VENTURE I’ll definitely “VOTE for him.

  • You should have the picture of Trump at the start in black and white,also he believes how to run your life,far to many shades,loved the old westerns me,ah you fell down not brains on the wall.

  • In my opinion, we need Jesse Ventura in this race. He’s a Ross Perot-like figure in that he can legitimize third parties in this country. Also, his positions are great

  • People should vote for who represents them best regardless of which party, this idea of a wasted vote if you do not pick one of the 2 main party candidates is nonsense, as this election cycle is proving, with neither candidate helping anybody but themselves and their donors

  • Now, as in every election cycle, Dems are telling us that it’s dangerous not to vote for their candidate because of the Republicans. They’re reminding us that Nader gave us Bush, and Jill Stein gave us Trump, as if Biden wasn’t one of the biggest cheerleaders for the Iraq war (HRC voted for it, too), as if they, together with their boss Barack, didn’t start five wars (and continued Bush’s wars), with the remarkable outcome of transforming a country that was once the wealthiest and highest HDI in Africa’s History (Libya) into an open air slave market, where you can get a chance of crossing the Mediterranean Sea on a rubber boat if you give all your money and subject yourself and your family members to torture and rape, that war happening for the sake of the US keep paying for Libyan oil in Dollar and with the falsely ludicrous pretenses that Qaddafi was using warplanes to bomb his own people.

  • Palestine is blockaded by Israel with the support of America, colonized before the eyes of all nations who claim to defend freedom, a small country until now not yet independent, genocide is real in sight, slaughtered directly and also slowly by letting them die of hunger and thirst, where are the eyes of your heart

  • This was nicely summarized.
    I am not an American. I usually vote for the third party whom I know will definitely NOT win. Why? sometimes the unpopular people have more quality even though they might not have the quantity. On the other hand The main options are selecting between evils. I have a hard time calculating who is the lesser evil.

    The money spent on these representatives, elections, security etc is almost equal to having a monarchy.

    It’s just that every five years we elect which evil will dictate us.

    Anyway, I would prefer Jesse Ventura over any of the current candidates.

  • I’m a Democrat, but I’m also Pro-Life. The Democrats have gotten extreme on abortion and I know what I’ll do. So I can send a message, and b/c I live in a swing state (North Carolina), I’ll vote for Biden-Harris for President/Vice President, vote for Tillis for Senator, vote for the Rep. for House, and vote for Cooper for Gov. Even though I’ll send him to the White House, I’ll also send him Republicans so they can stop his abortion agenda.

  • Go president Trump. God has chosen you to lead America to it’s destruction. Just like he chose Hitler for Germany. You go Mr president make America great again in 2020. President Trump is the best thing that ever happened to America, since it was over taken by George Washington. I pray to God that president Trump be elected in November. It’s always good to see a country crumbles from inside. Go president Trump make America great again in 2020 and 2024 and 2028.

  • Nice try, propaganda 101.
    Biden is a bumbling fool, with sexual assault allegations surrounding him, the Democrats are toast and you know it.
    Nice try though

  • Stop with the sensationalistic headlines and stick to the facts. Also, I don’t agree with that ruling or Florida’s law restricting voting for unpaid fines, but I also wouldn’t assume that Florida felons are necessarily Democrats. Pretty sure that there are plenty of MAGA felons down there, driving around in their big pickup trucks with Confederate flags flapping in the breeze.

  • I disagree, the majority of Americans did not vote and third party candidates didn’t make a difference in 2016, except maybe in Michigan, where many voters refused to choose a president but voted Democrat in the rest of the ballot.
    The difference this year could be that many will vote against Trump. But the general rule is that 3rd party candidates do not take votes away from the other, they only bring more people to the polls who otherwise would not vote.

  • I’m surprised that our President keeps referring to Democrat-run cities the way he does, when he lived in one for most of his life and even donated to Democratic campaigns till he decided to seek the Republican nomination. While he lived in Democrat-run cities, there seemed to be no issues till he became president. What’s the issue here as the only variable seems to be him.

  • You only need like 25% of the US population to vote for you to win the presidential election, so even with an abysmal 31% approval rating he could easily win if his opposition is weak enough.

  • I’m pro Biden, because I feel like the American landscape is so unstable currently, especially with stuff like the CHAZ becoming a thing, and listening to left wing political rhetoric get more and more radical as time has gone on, that I’m worried if Trump got re-elected these peaceful protesters would start buying guns.

  • Read the BBC spiel…”Is Trump trying to sew division”…..and you can guess which sly road this typical anti Trump BBC report is going to take……

  • Why are our elected representatives lying to their electorate?
    Why are our elected representatives wasting huge amounts of the taxes they stole (protection money) from their electorate, to fund countless futile corona virus social distancing measures to no effect? It’s a bloody good job you can’t catch a virus.
    Why are some of our elected representatives allegedly complicit in the torture, murder and consumption of their electorate’s minors?
    Germ theory was maliciously formulated, for personal financial gain, as a instrument of population control.
    Germ theory’s a lie. There is no ”virus”.
    RN Kate Shemirani & Dr. Andrew Kaufman
    EXPOSED!! Agenda 21 is a Plan to Depopulate 95% of The World Population By 2030.

    Welcome to the fabulous World of Radiation Pneumonitis.
    BIG PHARMA’s a con, feeding you snake oil pills, causing further cellular DIS-EASE, thus ensuring your return custom.

    https://www.bitchute.com/video/ksItdQlA0gYm/ (not available on Youtube)��


  • Thats a stupid question to ask! Trump is a divider instead of a uniter, He won’t change because, he only appeals to his base while leaving everyone else out. He’s a president to his base only instead of being a president to ALL the people.

  • My husband and I are fed up with trumps BS as a wife and mother of 2 combat veterans of iraqi was nearly lost both of them while there having them return not the same I will fight for them all of the soldiers Pows and our military men and women still fighting for our country trump you have no right to have your digraceful and disrespectful self leading our country your a liar and are only out for yourself knowone else the military and men and women who are serving and retired disabled veterans deserve respect and an apology by you for saying what you said about all of them!!!!

  • You do not make it to the top of the food chain by being nice, honest and fair; you get there by force, deception, and influence. You get there through violence, if necessary. You get there through blackmail and extortion. It takes planning and funding, patience and practice, and a mastery of how to use fear to control other people.

  • The current choices are crap and crappier. There’s never been a better opportunity for a sock to run and win. What about Kermit the Frog. He’s green and an amphibian? He’s technically a puppet, but so is Biden, and nobody seems to mind. I hope Ventura runs.

  • “Fed up with whats been going on, and their gonna switch republican ” ���������������� the republicans have been in power for the past 4 years �� is that not obvious to this guy????

  • I voted for Trump, but Trump failed to run the country. We have become the most unsuccessful country in the world in health. Tension on the streets is very high. When Trump is re-elected, there could be internal divisions and civil war in the country. the United States needs to recover and unite, but it is not Trump who will do so.

  • The thing is that Herbert Hoover didn’t have a complete cult like following

    It’s hilarious that Trump has a chance of re-election even under his overwhelming failure of running the Country

    He’s a failure

    end of story and he doesn’t have enough time to change that

  • Guys y’all need to level your audio to standard. I don’t want to get my ears blown away by an advertisement because the audio needs to be so high.

  • Ordinary Americans have woken up to the truth about the Left, and can see for themselves what violent psychopaths most of them are. Of course, the BBC defends the abusers, just like how it defended the abusers in places like Rotherham, Oldham, Rochdale, etc.

  • It is not that kind of mold this time, this Country Needs to Move into Positive Creative Productions Full Boar & Thoroughly Massively from the ground up, one of the Current Candidates is not able, trained or wanting to lead that way & one has shut off spigots to mass Productions & International Trade…

  • , there is an evil spirit in the Democratic party and it falls among the leaders, it is infecting young people with hatred, GOD will not allow.

  • Wow. This is the first and only video I’ve watched two times in a row besides a music video. I sent it to everyone I know. So refreshing.

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  • I voted for President Trump in 2016, but I certainly won’t this time. Because since Trump arrived, the problems in the country don’t end. Corona has taken 200 thousand of our people, there is high tension in the streets, and all the president does is play golf.

  • Both sides are just the plutocratic party. Trump or Biden, doesn’t matter. Trump will cause America to burn, Biden will cause it to suffocate. America only wins when both sides are gone.

  • Seems to me if that answer to criticism of Trump is “Police chiefs are the leaders and they have to request help from politicians”, then that same criticism counts when they’re trying to point the finger at democrat leaders.
    The bottom line is it’s the police chiefs who are responsible for the violence. In their condoning of illegal excessive force activity by cops, their lack of discipline over when to use force, using qualified immunity to protect wrong doers… all of it. That’s why they need to be micro managed more.

  • “Recent administrations with the MOST criminal indictments:
    Trump (Republican) — 215
    Nixon (Republican) — 76
    Reagan (Republican) — 26
    “Recent administrations with the LEAST criminal indictments:
    Obama (Democrat) — 0
    Carter (Democrat) — 1
    Clinton (Democrat) — 2
    “Notice a pattern?”


  • 13:10 Trump isn’t conservative and liberal isn’t left wing, so vox used a pew poll that ASKED THE WRONG QUESTION. If they’d asked left vs right vs centre they would have possibly got a more accurate answer. Hillary is a moderate conservative liberal, while trump is a far radical right populist, Hillary is all three if those, trump is none of them, he’s barely even an “economic liberal” because he’s protectionist. Conservative vs liberal vs moderate is a nonsense question about those two. I don’t even know why americans talk like that, conservatuve vs liberal doesn’t even make sense for THEIR political system anymore.

  • Comedy, left wing nut jobs riot and burn democrat city’s and Trump get the blame! This is the ideology of the left. everything is Trumps fault, it’s the say way that a spoilt chid behaves when they don’t get their way, they scream and shout, we can expect a lot more of this after November! The BBC is incapable of being impartial, they don’t deserve to be a public broadcaster, Defund the BBC.

  • Biden is a millimeter to the right of Trump. That’s not RADICAL. Bernie with M4A, is radical. Nothing much changes if either wins.

  • No action by a US president in the last 35 years of my adult life has in any way affected my life. That’s why I stopped voting 15 years ago. It doesn’t matter who is president to the working class. I don’t care if Trump wins or loses. However, I would vote if George Bush (the 9/11 president) ran for president again. That was the most entertaining presidency in the history of the world!

  • BBC credibility hit rock bottom years ago. Just a bunch of London centric lefties robbing pensioners to fund their lavish lifestyles!!

  • In the future, historians will look back at Trump’s administration as the point that saved America. Europe, South America and the Middle East have become Marxist ruins.

  • I love how she keeps interupting the guy every time he starts talking sence but life the woman keep speeking when shes talking ball shit

  • Look at these pictures. This is Communist Terrorism, this is what you’ll have if you ever allow these people in the place of power. Terror, fear, bullying, public assaults and burning down the white neighborhoods.

  • Imagine the worlds population is on a ship heading towards a good life on land. But the captains of the ship like the position they hold, so do not want to reach land, so they keep sailing round in circles (the people do not Know they are sailing in circles, they are “AT SEA” a legal term) and telling the people that the harder they row the sooner they will reach land. I could go on about the colour of the boat needing changing, but that would not change anything so I have no option but to keep saying the only thing that will change anything is if we put the captains in a life boat and set them free, to suck each others life force! VOTE to end the EVIL on Newsflash 3 HipHopChrissie channel! It is our only hope!

  • I am going to laugh and laugh and laugh at how wrong you all are. President Trump is going to win reelection in a landslide and no matter how many times you click your heels, that’s not gonna change. Did it occur to you that Americans don’t like to change presidents in the middle of a war? You know like this war against the pandemic? Hope I’ve givien you something you to think about!

  • Conservative Canadian here! Trump is going to win. Trudeau is a schmuck and Scheer the fraud let us down. Bernier was the man but too unpopular

  • That pollster is talking rubbish. In the UK the right know that as soon as leftists start using violence then it guarantees an election victory for the right.

  • left vs right is just controlled opposition
    all media, all politicians, all journalists, all corporations work together against the common folk.
    write in david duke this coming election if you can, spread the word.

  • I mean, citing media and polls to argue how trump has a bad chance is the same as in 2016. “Hillary has a 147% chance of winning”, yeah we heard that before.

  • I thought they shot that scam down the republiKLANS was trying to pull. Keep in mind Florida is the state that was one of the worse defender in violating African Americans Civil Rights and human rights. Same Florida that fed African American children to alligators. This is one of the most racist and evilest place on earth just like most Red republiKLANS Confederate States. The more KKKonservative it is the more evil it is…

  • I don’t buy the US wants a Democrat argument. There have been more Republican presidents even though the Democrats have been around longer. Significantly more.

  • Just like what a lot of states in the early 20th century implemented to discourage Blacks from voting. Not to mention the literacy tests they subjected them to.

  • I come to this channel as the entire media in Britain, both left and right, including our skynews is afflicted with manic TDS. So nice to hear positivity towards this great President for a change. I wish we had someone even close to him here. Lord knows we need it

  • Doesn’t matter what happens in the election. Both sides are rocking the same neo-liberal plutocratic party.
    Trump will cause America to burn. Biden will cause it to suffocate. America won’t win until both sides are eradicated.

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  • With such a Useless, Incompetent, Self-Centered, Injudicious, Narcissist, and Disrespectful President….*with or without any National Crisis*….the Election Choice is evident, noticeably, and so obvious!.
    One doesn’t have to be a Democrat or even an American to be able to note how Sad and Pitiful is the current US President….for so many reasons!

    …” Men are seldom blessed with good fortune and good sense at the same time…” ( Livy ).

  • Roosevelt was hardly a good president. He outlawed private ownership of gold, lead us to war to get US out of depression, and he allowed Soviet spies in US gov.

  • Here’s what I couldn’t help but think. During each one of these other elections, everyone actually agreed that there was a crisis. That is an interesting variable we will be facing in this upcoming election. Not everyone is living in the same reality. Back then you had competing interpretations of the same reality. Now everybody has their “Truth” which is based on whatever it is they choose to believe is real. I’m not sure this election can be compared to previous ones. We have become a nation of 330,000,000 parallel universes.

  • The last two are correct we see some You tuber say “I am done with the insane far left” and all due to identity politics they are discriminated against for having an opinion and they are fed up with democrats and hopping on the trump train plus with all of the defunding the police is a major backfire for the democrats as crime rates rise in Seattle people are begging for the police back, and some people who were against guns are now buying guns and ammo cause they fear rioters and the free running crime because of the demonization of the police, plus many people who see Biden sniffing young girl in White House video while he getting his pic taken find it very creepy, trump is not by any means a “perfect president” but by far he doing a far better job then Hilary could ever do

  • The DC Criminals have already given their Orange Criminal boss a second term.  
    Make no mistake about it, the nonsense game the politicians are playing with each other ain’t nothing but a show to distract and deceive the American people, who foolishly think they are going to the polls to vote for Trump or Biden. The election outcome is already planned.  
    The propaganda press will proclaim TRUMP BY A LANDSLIDE the day after the election.  
    And NO, the Orange Criminal will not unite America unless he exterminates all the good people so the only ones left are the criminally insane like himself. 
    Then he will have fulfilled his goal of making America great again for criminals like himself.

  • Republicans are getting amped on carving off a hefty slice of black America. Trump is actually not racist, and larger numbers of black people are coming over. Kamala Harris seems a gift to us, given her prosecutorial maltreatment of black people, among others. Hispanic voters tend to follow other emigrant groups, leaving behind Democrats the longer they stay en los Estados Unidos.

  • just this video alone i think Trump will lose definitely, why? all the incumbent presidents before lost bcs the voters thought the president cant handle the crisis and they needed someone who can handle it. Carter and Bush only faced economy crisis, but Trump is facing economy problem with pandemic crisis and a lot of republican already blamed him for whats happening right now (trump doesnt even believe with global warming, and some american want to elect him again, really.)

  • Yeah, Trump’s mind is still stuck in the 1980’s. This is the real reason why the Republican party is supporting Trump so wholeheartedly. Trump and many other Republicans who have been in politics since the 80’s (Mitch McConnell included) are still under the impression that America still wants Reaganomics and unregulated Capitalism will keep the American dream alive when in reality we are living in a nightmare.

  • Trump wanting to disenfranchise citizens is no big deal eh? Trump wanting to intimidate voters at the polls is no big deal eh? Trump blaming Biden for the US now when Trump is the president is no big deal eh? Pfft..Trump is a stain..

  • I’m not a lawyer, but it seems un-American to make ex-felons pay and not tell them how much and to whom. That sounds like a chapter out of a Kafka novel. Appeal? Near as I can tell from reporting, the lawyers for the ex-felons have only the Supreme Court as the next level of appeal. Maybe one of the conservatives will have a pang of conscience actually agree just to take the case. That’s the most we can hope for as far as I can see.


  • Oh yeah, Trump is pro-life but yet a hundred and eighty thousand + are dead because of a pandemic, he does not want to take Serious unless it comes to politics and now it’s too late!

  • “I’m not gonna talk about polls too much because I don’t want this video to get dated…” -> “Coronavirus might be just the thing to get trump re-elected” OOOFfff

  • Yeah this is a freaking joke. What’s probably gonna happen is trump wins by a landslide, then due to “covid” thousands of mail in votes swing the state. Just like last governing election in California where 1000s of 130 year olds voted

  • One important person which everyone seems to be ignoring for 2016 election is James coby. It’s not far that he was politically involved raising that controversy days before the election. Hillary lost by a very nominal margin and had James not intervened, trump could have never defied the polls

  • Let me tell you this: If you vote for Joe Biden in this presidential election 2020 then you deserve to be cursed to go to hell because this asshole is the stupidest person in this beautiful country. Do you understand yet, brainless bastard?

  • Of course they did. Why wouldn’t they? Florida has a huge number of minorities and adding convicted felons would flip this cheating state to Democrat forever!

  • The Democrats and Republicans are the same thing the only solution to US’s problems is the establishment of a true socialist revolutionary party

  • wow this guy is clueless… he misses a basic fact and that is that if ventura joins the race as the green party or any other he likely will beat trump and biden who are both horribly unpopular

  • Let Bloomberg pay it out for them.
    That’s will crush tRump in Florida, btw the rule is unfair because they take away your freedom after you have done your time.
    Vote blue Florida

  • When the hell have former prisoners EVER had to repay court costs? I thought the whole idea of being incarcerated was to “pay your debt to society”. WTF?????

  • The mind boggles at how the BBC have tried to ignore and protect the unrelenting brutality, violence and looting of the Black Lives Matter “protesters” and smear this all onto Trump. DEFUND THE BBC!

  • What do expect of a cuntry that hero worships it’s legendary heroic crooks and murderers? Al Capone, Billy the Kid, Jessie James etc. Todays untouchables are however the criminal GOP party. The love of money rules, might is right and fuck the rest.

  • Thanks for the “back story” Farron! You’ve got a tRUMP Court problem too. I feel for you, cause my WISCONSIN situation is horribly messed up. Judicial malpractice! I’ve seen that myself.

  • Its funny i used to get annoyed by how mad youd get. But in the past 2 years ive realized im just like you in the sense of how passionate i am about the injustice i get angry about it.

  • They don’t have a decent bone in their body. This is ugly on so many levels. Please people get rid of these parasites once and for all. I can’t look at out American flag anymore; they’ve made it not worth the Stars and Stripes.

  • In Canada, people in prison, serving their sentence, have the right to vote from jail!! All citizens of age have the right to vote. Doesn’t the US Constitution give every person of age the right to vote?

  • REPUKLICONS FEAR THE PEOPLE �� They know they can’t win a fair election, so they rig everything they can, then shout elections are being rigged by their opponents…. I am disgusted by REPUKLICONS more each day,especially the criminal in charge����

  • Spoiler: he cannot unite the country. Whether he can win remains to be seen.

    People are, however, very motivated to throw him out, along with his Republican colleagues. There are all kinds of voting organizations targeting different demographics and different voting issues; mechanisms by which people in “safe” states like California (Democrat) and Oklahoma (Republican) can adopt “swing” states like North Carolina and Arizona; and information campaigns to urge people to vote early, given the pandemic and likely Trump shenanigans to cheat. Money is flooding into the Biden campaign, while Trump’s is facing a cash crunch. There’s also an extraordinary amount of money being given to Senate candidates by ordinary people, as Democrats can’t do much to repair the country without taking control of the Senate. Prominent people across the political spectrum are also assembling to take him down. His own niece has written a wildly successful book on his upbringing and the kind of person he is. As an American, I can kind of feel this tidal wave building to try to sweep the Republicans who have ruined our country out of power.

    But Democrats face a huge structural disadvantage in every branch of government, since our system tends to favor land over population and rural votes over urban ones. Biden essentially cannot win unless he wins the popular vote by at LEAST 5 points, and only if he wins by 8+ points is his win pretty much guaranteed. It is an enormous mountain to climb.

    If Trump loses this election, it will be due to the tireless four-year efforts of average Americans, and I believe it will prove America can still be great. But we shall see in November if the massive amount of organizing is enough for Democrats to win.

  • just stop forcing your opinion on some one is all that is to every one.
    like just because i don’t wear a sports jersey all the time doesn’t mean i don’t like sports  or if i do wear one doesn’t mean i like sports  i could just be wearing it for a friend to make them happy and i got lot’s of friends i try to make happy that have differn’t opinions but i like to make one friend happy first or you might get lot’s of hurricane Laura’s that’s Jesus.
    Trump Visits Louisiana Neighborhood Damaged By Hurricane Laura | NBC News I want you to see some are wearing  mask some are not because they may want to they may not want to. some of the news may be fake news on nbc some might be real news same on every network
    see because you wear a hood or a mask or some thing people might be like well your part of the kkk ku klux klan and that is not even the case what if i am part of black lives matter with  with a mask or i may be part of the kkk with a black lives matter mask on.  or i may just be doing it for Halloween.  who knows  or i may not wear one or i may wear one.  or the person may just want to rob the bank or not show there Id not sure. or they may say it’s for cov 19 cross contamination or for object cross contamination that they are against wearing a mask but they wearing to show that they are against that i not sure to protest against it   or they may be wearing it because they are for it.    same thing they change the meaning for physical exercise  walking is physical exercise then they say if you go in a grocery store it has to be a little more then walking  that is physical exercise.  then you have to define what is a little more then walking because every one has there pace and some even dance in the  store as well and move there arms.
    And yes the individuals in the denomination might of set up the redlights

    246 God, they wouldn’t take a chance on going down a one-way street, the wrong way. They wouldn’t take a chance on running a redlight, if they’re in their right mind, because they might get killed. Then how could a person take chance on their Eternal destination, just guessing, presuming, adventuring without really authority to adventure, because they belong to a church or a denomination? And really they can’t—they can’t understand how that the Word of God could be today as It was then, how these promises might be made manifest, the apostolic age to be gone. Help them, Father. I commit them to You in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.
        65-0120 Lean Not Unto Thy Own Understanding
        Rev. William Marrion Branham

  • As independent that voted for Trump in 2016,Trump going up against Bernie it was going to be an uphill battle,but now with Biden he rolled out the red carpet for Trump.

  • Yes BBC, yes it definitely could.. if you have to ask that question, are your reporters even intelligent enough to be reporting on politics?
    Biased Bullsh×t Corporation.

  • Leatherface tRump is an idiot… And this idiot constantly sends out “dog whistles” to fools who are incapable of making the distinction they’re been taken for fools by an idiot and that’s dangerous!.

  • LOL! Like Convicts are gonna ‘Pay’ to Vote for Trump!?!?! That’s some funny shit right there…
    It’s the Democrats that want to give them the ‘Vote’ even though the Lost it by Committing Crimes… Why would they Vote for Trump????????

  • This system is corrupt 100%. How can you say that the USA is a democracy and a free country when there is so much law breaking at the government level. Its so sad to finally see to what extent that the States is not what they claimed to be all along. I feel the sadness and the pain that most live with. It leaves most of us wondering just who is the evil ones. All the wars in the name of freedom and it just turns out to be complete Bulls#!++.

  • Donald Trump is a fraud and a clown. Vote him out. He knew the virus was deadly, scorned efforts to deal with it, lied to the American people, and 200,000 have died thus far. Tens of millions of people have lost their jobs because he’s as inept in the Oval Office as was in bankrupting his companies six times. Calls military vets suckers and losers. Clown. Fraud. International embarrassment.


  • Trump can unite the country provided Nancy and her merry women and men would like to secede their Elitism privileges, like her recent saloon

  • I have a feeling that Trump will win a close race, winning the electoral college and not the popular vote. Four years from now, you won’t be able to find anyone that voted for Trump in 2020. The country will be in shambles and bankrupt, unless we have a civil war which most of us won’t be here at all. This is the most important election in American history. We must stop Trump from re election.

  • I thought Lebron paid the penalties for quite a few of the ex-felons a few months ago, check it out!


  • A poll tax, really? What else does Donnie and his administration wanna apply taxes to? Running a bit short on cash aren’t ya, Donnie boy? Gonna tax the hell outta the entire country? Good luck getting the country on your side with that strategy!

  • It is the crooked corrupt Republicans that deserve to be in the Florida jails and in jails across America! I cannot believe that I live in a country that supposed to be a Democratic society is so corrupt and crooked! And I can’t believe that there is still so many Trump supporters out there I mean what’s going on here is there something in the water are they putting sublime messages in the advertisements we see on TV are they being brainwashed, or just plain brain dead?!

  • Geesh get trump out if hes underhanded no one should rig an election, let the people decide if hes worthy. which by the way seems like hes a narcissistic manipulator who has failed in his own businesses.

  • More of the Republican swamp scum at work end the DICTATORSHIP NOV3RD and the swamp scum Republicans 200,000 killed by the Republican party and DICTATOR devient don

  • People in Florida the majority of them can’t think on their own All of them get brainwashed and that’s what they believe in VOTE Biden and Harris get rid of the scummy Republican nightmare Bone spurs and his cronies need to go Put all of them behind bars for Bubba to get hold of

  • That’s not right, they’re taking away their right to vote!!!! That’s an American right. This is so corrupt!!! Everyone go out an vote!!! It’s your right!!!

  • Why the hell would we listen to a funny looking Canadian with a Reverend Al hair do for presidential predictions.����������Trump 2020: you’ll see.✨

  • “The state has no obligation to tell them how much they owe”…. thats when I lost it… I need a drink….and I don’t even drink….

  • TRUMPSLIDE We will NOT allow commies to rule us. These evil morons have awakened a sleeping giant AGAIN….you know the rest of the story. Don’t mess with the US Patriots. When/if the SHTF, the World will be amazed at what the US citizens actually hold for defense of our Country and the willingness to save it.

  • You are forgetting that, Americans don’t like voting for an obviously senile douch like Biden and whom only cares about the loonie lefty Antifa wing of his party and make China Great Again while I he makes his son rich, making Biden really hated here in Red Country, but we don’t tell the dumb dumb pollster because they are obviously tools of the left.

  • The BBC gets £4 billion a year for this garbage
    Guess what BBC millionaires, people dont like white rich people rioting because they have barristers.
    Trump is going to win because….the majority of people don’t believe the kak you report…fact
    The BBC will not report on China who has destroyed the western economies without dropping a bomb, because it gets to much revenue from that country…fact

  • Trump has an amazing group of friends….they are all felons and he wishes them all well. But then again, Trump is a felon himself so he fits in well.

  • If that’s not “exactly” what the courts said”.
    But let’s get this out there.
    There are a lot of Biden people working overtime on YT today!
    Oh, Brother!

  • I think convicted felons tend to be less educated & more ignorant than ordinary electorate, therefor more likely to support & vote Trump:)