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“There may be an increase in vasectomies due to the recession, but this study doesn’t prove that,” Lindberg said. “He can’t show that the guys who came in [for a vasectomy. “There may be an increase in vasectomies due to the recession, but this study doesn’t prove that,” Lindberg said. “He can’t show that the guys who came in [for a vasectomy] had lower incomes,” she pointed out. “Vasectomy remains a method chosen by higher-income, more highly educated men, so you have a real divide. “There may be an increase in vasectomies due to the recession, but this study doesn’t prove that,” Lindberg said. “He can’t show that the guys who came in [for a vasectomy] had lower incomes,” she pointed out. “Vasectomy remains a method chosen by higher-income, more highly educated men, so you have a real divide.

“There may be an increase in vasectomies due to the recession, but this study doesn’t prove that,” Lindberg said. “He can’t show that the guys who came in [for a vasectomy] had lower incomes,” she pointed out. “Vasectomy remains a method chosen by higher-income, more highly educated men, so you have a real divide. “There may be an increase in vasectomies due to the recession, but this study doesn’t prove that,” Lindberg said. “He can’t show that the guys who came in [for a vasectomy. Did Recession Lead to Increase in Vasectomies? Wisconsin researchers found link between economy and procedure rates, but another expert says it’s not proof TUESDAY, Oct.

15 (HealthDay News) The financial crisis of 2008 and lingering economic woes are having an impact on men’s reproductive decisions, new research suggests. While employment levels dropped during the Great Recession, the number of men choosing to have vasectomies increased. Researchers from Weill Cornell Medical College found 3.9 percent of American men reported having a vasectomy in the years before the 2007-2009 recession.

But right after that period, 4.4 percent of men said they’d had the birth-control procedure. An increase in the number of American men who underwent vasectomies may have been brought on by the recession, according to new research Up to an additional 150,000 to 180,000 per. Recession May Have Sparked Increase in Vasectomies By David Zimmerle The 2008 financial crisis left many people with questions they’d probably never fully considered.

The researchers also checked to see if their recession-era results changed when they factored in age, race, and income. They still found a 35% increase in.

List of related literature:

Overall, the increase in the rate of birth defects was about 40% for women who worked at VDUs for more than 5 hrſweek, but this increase was not statistically significant.

“Handbook of Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, Third Edition 2 Volume Set” by Charles Polk, Elliot Postow
from Handbook of Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, Third Edition 2 Volume Set
by Charles Polk, Elliot Postow
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Not surprisingly, the rate of unintended pregnancy was extremely high among sex workers.

“American Soldiers Overseas: The Global Military Presence” by Anni P. Baker
from American Soldiers Overseas: The Global Military Presence
by Anni P. Baker
Praeger, 2004

Rising fertility may also have been a factor in accelerating population growth.There is some evidence for a decline in the average age at marriage in the nineteenth century, presumably as a result of an expanding cash economy, since weddings and the establishment of new households cost money, now easier to earn.

“The Emergence Of Modern Southeast Asia: A New History” by Norman G. Owen
from The Emergence Of Modern Southeast Asia: A New History
by Norman G. Owen
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A study by Nieschlag and colleagues showed no improvement in pregnancy rates when couples received counseling versus varicocele correction.

“Clinical Reproductive Medicine and Surgery” by Tommaso Falcone, William W. Hurd
from Clinical Reproductive Medicine and Surgery
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The result of the greatly increased numbers of new entrants and resulting adverse pressures on wages and employment was a mild decline in the rate of marriage and childbearing through 1967.

“A Population History of North America” by Michael Robert Haines, Michael R. Haines, Richard H. Steckel
from A Population History of North America
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Analyses of these data indicated that there was an increased risk of spontaneous abortion and congenital abnormalities in children of women who worked in the operating room and an increased risk of congenital abnormalities in offspring of unexposed wives of male operating room personnel.

“Clinical Anesthesia” by Paul G. Barash
from Clinical Anesthesia
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The absence of men may have reduced the frequency of intercourse, while the heavy labor undertaken by women may have encouraged miscarriages, but whether there were deliberate attempts to control fertility for economic reasons is less clear.

“Conquest and Pestilence in the Early Spanish Philippines” by Linda A. Newson
from Conquest and Pestilence in the Early Spanish Philippines
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The availability of contraceptives was also curtailed.Divorce was made more difficult,and absent fathers found it more difficult to evade alimony payments.While the divorce rate dropped by as much as 61.3 percent in a year and abortions rapidly declined, there was little change in the birth rate.

“Joseph Stalin: A Biographical Companion” by Helen Rappaport
from Joseph Stalin: A Biographical Companion
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In the light of future savings (avoiding dowry payments) more and more people were willing to investin sex-selective abortions.

“Gender-Biased Sex Selection in South Korea, India and Vietnam: Assessing the Influence of Public Policy” by Laura Rahm
from Gender-Biased Sex Selection in South Korea, India and Vietnam: Assessing the Influence of Public Policy
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Nevertheless, the increase in out-of-wedlock births as well as the high divorce rate have led to more children at an increased risk for economic disadvantage, a lack of father involvement, or both.

“Fighting for Your Marriage: A Deluxe Revised Edition of the Classic Best-seller for Enhancing Marriage and Preventing Divorce” by Howard J. Markman, Scott M. Stanley, Susan L. Blumberg
from Fighting for Your Marriage: A Deluxe Revised Edition of the Classic Best-seller for Enhancing Marriage and Preventing Divorce
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  • 0:43

    Do you love her? Now you cant take it to the next level with her….it looks stupid cuddling with her for romance yet you cant impregnate her….

  • I was about to say that making such a radical, inreversible decision is pretty unwise, but then i remembered child adoption is a thing.

  • “Hard to imagine years”, A very good doctor scientifically explain the celibacy of monks and priests…I strongly believe monks and priests do tell huge lies and manipulate stupid people.

  • “each recession provides new data to help anticipate and respond to future recessions more effectively”
    Covid-19 pandemic may cause a huge recessions but did we learn from past recessions that were caused by a pandemic???

  • All men I see should have one and do not want kids. Only!!!!!! Any other men are imposters and should have not have oxygen. In and activate my account immediately

  • Hi Dr Mills: what happens to sperm after the snip? You mentioned that it gets absorbed by the body. What is the mechanism? Are there any papers on information that you can share? There is a community formed on the internet that don’t believe your statements. You can visit the website here:


    I think anyone who decides to do the “snip” should definitely visit the above link and hear about the possibilities and complications that can arise from the “simple 15min procedure” as per Dr Mills.

    Disclaimer: I’m not a fanatic or anything, I’m highly educated and have been in both engineering and medical fields as well. I just wish I knew more about vasectomy before going through it as it was sold to me exactly the same way Dr Mills describes it here.

  • That’s awesome! Thanks, Doc! I’m turning 38 next month and still never ever want kids EVER! I have complex PTSD and simply couldn’t handle the stress. Plus, I like having all my time to myself and like my own company, so I don’t need to get married either.

  • Research has shown chance of dementia by age 50 and 60s. the sperm released into the body is foreign, brain attacks these sperm with antibodies making issues within the body and brain

  • I watch this im COVID-19 because i have my vassectomy last 2 years and i ejaculate and have sex with my girlfriend.. and have pain in my egg

  • Just got mine done today. A little sore and achy. Took one oxy and slept for 4 hours. Doing alright. At least I gotta ice cream sundae out of it lol

  • After my vasectomy I developed severe erectile dysfunction 4 months later. I’m been having severe ED for 8 years now, I regreted having the vasectomy everyday of my life

  • I’m 35 years old with a 2 y.o and 5 y.o daughter and just got mine done three days ago. For me, it hurt more than i expected. The last two days the pain hasn’t been bad; more like a dull ache like someone kicked me in the balls. I think i neec to take it more easy for the next couple of days.

  • I got mines done about two years ago, I been having sustain an erection after my vasectomy. I can’t stay hard no more. Before I got the vasectomy I could last longer. What’s the problem?

  • Since so many men do the procedure, then the data should be available to definitively compare the rate of cancer in that population to the rate of cancer in the general population. Why then was the answer to the question of cancer muddled with ‘we’ve not seen’ and ‘we don’t have the data’?

  • What?! 15-20% of men have it? I don’t get it… Why would any man do this to himself? Like really, why? Is it because you already have children? Otherwise how can you be sure you’ll never want a child? Beats me

  • Recovery can be longer than stated. Although he’s fine now, it took my husband a year until he felt completely normal again after vasectomy. No regrets, despite this.

    Although as he correctly pointed out if they told blokes that, they would never get it done ��

  • I’m freaking the fuck out dude I’m getting mine in like 8 hours. I have 8 kids, but I don’t want to lose my boys:(
    They love to create.

  • Shit, a week after my vasco I was knocking the bottom out of mine. I had the time of my life for 40 years, then I developed prostate cancer. The thing was that my pawpaw, my father, and my youngest brother all had it. It was considered congenital by three seperate doctors. Don’t sweat it because shooting blanks is the best way of avoiding paternity suits.

  • Can you just put a little tap in the nuts next to the pump? WIn Win no second guessing about what if��
    lol, or just where you snip it put a micro joint

  • The narrator’s last name is Coffin. Looking at what is going on in world with covid thing it’s beginning to feel like this might the end of the world

  • I had the scalpel vesectomy a month ago and I’m still in pain. Right now I am taking antibiotics for infection and it’s hard to pee. I should’ve never got this done.

  • I need to know in what ways it effects sex. Will there be ANY differences in performence, enjoyment, ejaculation, erection you know EVERYTHING. I need details.

  • Just had one. Was told I’d be able to return to work the next day, my experience has been nothing short of agonising. I’m still bleeding from the incisions a week later, I’ve had dull aching to sharp pains, I can barely walk. I can’t take any time off work due to certain circumstances but each day I work it feels like it’s getting worse. I wish I’d been warned.

  • I don’t understand why would any sane person want to mutilate themselves in such way, only a sick person would want that for their partner instead of improving their self control. Im glad i here in Poland its illegal and goes under the paragraph of sadomasochism.

  • I had it done a year ago and regret it. Constant pain in my scrotum and after ejaculation at least 24 hours. I wish I had been told this might happen. It was not truthful. I am afraid a reversal will do more damage.

  • Getting a vasectomy sounds like a no-brainer but my biggest worry is long-term, chronic post-vasectomy pain syndrome. I’ve read quite a few anecdotal personal stories that have scared the shit out of me.

  • This time in the 1st Q of 2020, it isn’t an earthquake or a war, that is gonna bring a Global recession… it’s just a mere Virus (COVID-19) that originated from Wuhan, China.

  • what parents dont get is if it’s a female, you can sell her on the blackmarket for quite a bit of money, if it’s a boy, just send em into the military or dump em off at a fire station to go get adopted.

  • Planning to have the snip so I don’t have to waste my time, money and life away having repulsive little shits that I don’t ever want

  • Time to “man up” and become infertile? What kind of shit is this. Just use a condom instead. What if the marriage doesn’t last? What if you want to have kids with a different girl down the road? Don’t tell a dude to man up implying he’s not a man if he doesn’t sacrifice his fertility for a woman. How about we get an unbiased doctor to tell us about this life altering procedure. Remember that’s what this is. Life altering. If you are thinking about getting one then take time off and go be by yourself for a while. Do not rush into this. Go on vacation away from the family and the wife. Get out by yourself or with some male friends and think hard and long about if you want to do this. Remember this is LIFE ALTERING. Take backs COST $10,000. Make sure it’s what YOU want not just what SOMEONE ELSE is TELLING YOU is the “RIGHT THING” They probably just realize it prevents the possibility of you looking for a different mate to have kids with. Just saying. Take my advice or don’t. I couldn’t care less. Have a nice life

  • i would 100% get a vasectomy if it wasn’t for my fear of side effects in the future.. i heard about a possibility of auto immune problems.. i am not really feeling the idea of taking that chance..

  • I am in my sixties now.

    Have no children by choice.

    Got my vasectomy when I was forty.

    My only regret?……. That I didn’t do it sooner. So much more peace of mind since then and enjoy sex so much more.

  • I had mine done 6 years ago.
    I had a clip and snip.
    Spent 2 weeks feeling like and looking like i was kicked in the dick by a donkey.
    Spent 18 months with phantom pains thatbwere excruciating at times. Ejaculation the 1st year was painful in my pubic region. Like a really bad cramp.
    It went away.
    Heres the pro s
    I have 5 kids.
    I cant make anymore
    I still sling pearls like a primo oyster
    No drop in testosterone levels
    The phantom pains i experienced
    The oversensitive testicles that i still have. I cant even lightly smack my nuts without it feeling like ive been kicked. My testicles have shrunk since. Not much, but they have. No change in penis size.
    I haven’t gotten my nuetered dog emblem tattoo yet.

  • As of writing this very comment the video only has 570k views. I’m predicting by the end of the year we will have at minimum a short recession or rather a large market correction due to corona in the USA. My guess is that this video will get about 1-3m additional views, as the alogirthm will boost this video, due to people searching up recession.

  • VasDeBlock might be an alternative in the future no surgery, no hormones and reversible:    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnOlAebOP7k

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  • In the future VasDeBlock might be an alternative to vasectomy. Contains no hormones, no surgery needed and reversible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnOlAebOP7k

  • Watching the world today is truly a humbling experience, our so called advanced civilization is only one pandemic away from a global crisis.

  • I had it done a year ago. I regret it. I have constant pain in my balls, especially after sex. At least 24 48 hours. I used to be able to come many times a day, not anymore. I feel damaged now.

  • I had mine done in January after our twin boys were born 9 weeks early and my wife was preeclamptic. I was sore for about a week. My wife and I had sex at about day 10 with no issues or pain ( I used a condom at that point). After I got my all clear at 3 months, we got rid of all of our condoms. This was well worth it and my doctor does his procedures under twilight sedation so you don’t even know the procedure is going on.

  • My brother had one and has zero complaints. Stop reading the comments, it’s just a bunch of fear mongering idiots, probably women.

  • Good analysis on what causes an economic recession.We’re not even technically in a recession yet and it’s the one topic that everyone is talking about so you know it’s going to be huge. https://trierinvestments.com/what-shape-will-economic-recession-2020-take/

  • There’s so many Excuses and so little action as to why Young adult males can’t look into this and get themselves fixed. It’s just as bad as figuring out that condoms were invented ������

  • The smart ones know to avoid the distractions and focus on investments now as the world economy will definitely need some re-adjustments and a lot more people will be in debts. Bitcoin, stocks, Forex, Bonds anything goes as far as you have the guide of an expert. Mr Alex Paton has really been a great influence.

  • Just got a vasectomy at 36! I have no kids and I never want to experience a baby momma..child support..struggles of being a single parent etc…every single parent I know is struggling and it’s just not a risk I’m willing to take…I’m free����

  • My uncle had vasectomy a few years back
    This lady is accusing him of being the baby daddy
    The baby doesn’t look a thing like him or anyone in the fam
    It’s pretty much jerry springer and Maury Steve Wilkos story

  • 4:06 Wait, what are you selling there again, Jesse? The liberation of vasectomy? Lifetime enjoyment? Are you suggesting that men are enslaved by their natural ability to conceive children? Are you suggesting that a man whose procreative instincts are incapacitated as a possible effect of buying the product you’re selling, is a healthy man?

  • Right after reading this PE treatment, there was an instant improvement in my performance. In the past, I can just last less than a minute on the first penetration but my partner now reaches climax when we have sεxual intercourse. It is great if you can handle your problem with this guidebook, research on Google. It calls Thomas Camonρez
    good day

  • After 4 kids together (had 2 of each) we never looked back after the vasectomysex life was well and truly rekindled without the worry of ever getting pregnant again.

  • Just got mine done 3 hours ago. The pain is temporary, but not dealing with the pregnancy scares or actually having more children will definitely be worth it.

  • Jesse mills serious question. Without bringing in politics, What are possible negative side effects of giving children vasectomies at birth? Ecspesially during puberty. I am extremely curious since this is a current hot topic of debate and I cant find much about it

  • this is insanely interesting, and also incorporates humor, you might also do a video on world trade and how the strong economies have evolved. It looks very cool to me����

  • i wanted to get one but i was worried i wouldn’t have no fluid but thanks to this i know i still will so im getting one as soon as i can ��

  • I have been married since 14 years without any child. My Fallopian tubes was blocked I tried everything possible to get pregnant nothing was working. I visited so many hospital’s my problem never seems to end i lost hope and feel depress. One faithful day I start checking online on how to get pregnant in the comment section people were testify about how they get result with Dr marcus.. I was suprise about the testimony and decided to talk with him about my own issue… After explaining to him he said I have to purchase some medication from him after getting this medication i became pregnant and give birth. If you want to talk to Dr marcus contact him on whatsapp +2349035530865
    Email address:[email protected] gmail.com

  • Respect ✊

    I had the coil for 5 years and tried everything else after 3 kids my partner opted for this. He chatted to the doc all the way through.

    Paedos and rapists need to have this done, stop them from breeding.

  • Help what if the Vas Deferns was not sealed i think it slipped out of the hemostats before it was sewn up and i have pain after sex in my Abdomen..? Mayo please reply

  • Don’t do it!
    I had a vasectomy done 3yrs ago and my balls still hurt!!!! this is a possible side effect that the Doctor never mentioned….
    I would have never done it had I known there is a 1 in 10 chance you have pain for life…..

  • Wait…he said post having children.

    Isn’t that encouraging white people to have babies?

    UCLA may need to fire this guy for being a white supremacist conservative.

    That was humor

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  • Hey guys I’m 34 years old and I had my vasectomy five days ago! I’m still healing. Overall it was pretty great. You go into the operating room, you remove your pants and underwear and lay face up on a hospital bed. Then nurses prepare you for a few minutes and the doctor walks in. He checks your balls then pokes them with a needle. The needle hurts like hell for about 3 seconds, but then you’re completely numb and you don’t feel a thing. The doctor does his thing for about 15 minutes and then you’re good to go. I was awake the entire time and I didn’t feel anything. Five days after and my balls are doing fine. I have one small bruise on each side of my sack, but it’s totally healthy and normal. I can can see the incisions and they’re tiny, still healing. From the moment I checked in with the front desk until the moment I walked out the room the entire event lasted only 30 minutes or so. I’m glad I did it

  • I’m thinking about going with this procedure down the road. I have no desire for having children and I do not want to bring any into this world. That, and we are overpopulated.

  • It is quick. Mostly painless but there are a couple o seconds when they pull the vas deferens that hurts terribly (only a couple of seconds though). Super uncomfortable immediately after (feel like you have to pee really bad all the time). So it being painless and simple is another myth. It sucks, but seriously what did you expect. Make sure you have realistic expectations and cowboy up: it will be bad for a few days only but you’ll be ok.

  • Had mine done 36 years ago when I was 22, no kids. The worst part was the anticipation. The one side effect is  you save more money.

  • I’m thinking of going with this procedure down the road. I feel that we are overpopulated and I do not think I will be able to support kids or be a good father.

  • This is just superb, I’ve been looking for “recession proof finances” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of Teysaiah Recession Stopper (do a google search )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my brother in law got amazing success with it.

  • What is meant by the term ‘Recession’? What economic characteristics are commonly observed during recessionary period??????????????? Give me ans fast

  • Why is a recession due to low demand a problem? Due to the virus now, no one’s flying and the planes stay landed, that doesn’t mean there’s an issue with the economy,its just a rational response to a pandemic, maybe economists should allow the economy to vary its behavior and not worry about it that much

  • They told me it would not hurt well it hurt so bad i was begging him for more pain control but in other cases it does not hurt at all but when i say it hurt I am not kidding.

  • Lower demand comes first, with lower demand the supply goes down, which means you fire people, which means wages go down. You had the arrows the wrong way round