Dealing With the Dying of the Parent


The Grieving Process: Coping with Death

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When Someone You Love Dies,There Is No Such Thing as Moving On | Kelley Lynn | TEDxAdelphiUniversity

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what no one tells you about losing a parent…

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Life after losing a parent 4 months vs 4 years later

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Losing A Parent: Understood

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Requiem Coping With the Loss of a Parent | Adeline Woltkamp | TEDxValenciaHighSchool

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The Grieving Process: Coping with Death

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How to Cope with the Death of a Parent Take time for yourself. It is so important to take a break from the everyday stressors to allow yourself time to process Lean on your friends and family. Remember all those times you’ve been there for your friends during hard times?

Now it Learn more. Key points to remember about helping a child cope with the death of a parent after a death, many children want to share their story telling their story is a healing experience one of the best ways adults can help young grievers is to listen to their stories children also need continuity (normal. Losing a parent is always a major loss.

It is always a major loss and difficult to cope with whether the relationship was good or bad. The parent-child relationship is strong. When you have had a loving, friendly, happy relationship with your parent, their passing will create feelings of emotional turmoil and despair.

When a Parent Dies Dealing with the Death of a Parent. It’s always a shock. But grieving grown-up children may be surprised to find that despite the sorrow, the life changes following loss are often positive. Le Anne Schreiber offers a fresh look at a rite of passage.

It’s always a shock. Give yourself time to heal, and then reassess those ideas — the death of parent, as painful as it may be, can also provide you with the impetus to live your own life more fully. Other changes that may occur include becoming closer to your siblings or a surviving parent. You may emerge from the experience with more maturity and self-reliance.

Typical Reactions to a Parent’s Death While it is true that from the time you were a child you imagined, and perhaps feared, that your parent would die someday, you may not feel prepared for the overwhelming impact their death is having on you. A myriad of thoughts and feelings swirl around in your head. The death of a parent can revive past hurts or resentments or alter family relationships and dynamics. A family therapist can help address old and new conflicts, and teach constructive ways to heal. The death of a parent or sibling, then, can be a particularly devastating experience during this already difficult period.

At the same time the bereaved teen is confronted by the death of someone loved, he or she also faces psychological, physiological and academic pressures. While teens may begin to look like “men” or “women,” they. Coping with the Death of a Parent When my parent died, I felt a floodgate of emotions wash over me. I felt emptiness and loneliness inside.

I felt that not only had I lost someone dear to me, but I also lost a friend. The death of a parent with whom a child has a strained relationship can be doubly painful — even if the bereaved shuts down and pretends not to feel the loss. “Coping is less stressful when adult children have time to anticipate parental death,” says Jumoke Omojola, a therapist and clinical social worker.

List of related literature:

It is normal for intense sadness to recur for the child during special events, which would have been shared with a sibling, such as graduation or marriage.

“Oxford Textbook of Primary Medical Care” by Roger Jones (Prof.)
from Oxford Textbook of Primary Medical Care
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Remember that the key to helping your children recover and move forward from the death of their father is to always and forever continue to create an environment where your children know that not only is it OK to miss him, but it’s also OK to talk about him, laugh about him, and cry about him.

“Happily Even After: A Guide to Getting Through (and Beyond) the Grief of Widowhood” by Carole Fleet
from Happily Even After: A Guide to Getting Through (and Beyond) the Grief of Widowhood
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By remembering the children through stories and pictures, she can let them know it’s okay to feel loss but also remind them that one day they will all be together again.

“Memories of the Afterlife: Life Between Lives Stories of Personal Transformation” by Michael Newton
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It is normal and natural to grieve.

“Encyclopedia of Trauma: An Interdisciplinary Guide” by Charles R. Figley
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As you, the bereaved parent, work through these feelings, you may feel a growing realization that the baby is gone and what might have been cannot be recovered.

“Empty Cradle, Broken Heart: Surviving the Death of Your Baby” by Deborah L. Davis
from Empty Cradle, Broken Heart: Surviving the Death of Your Baby
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It is normal to feel sadness and depression following the death of a child; however, unlike the death of an older person, these feelings are often more profound.

“Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured” by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
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Keeping a journal of therapy and/or writing a diary of all the events surrounding the loss helps parents find a place to put feelings, so that memories of this special child will never be forgotten.

“Infertility Counseling: A Comprehensive Handbook for Clinicians” by Sharon N. Covington, Linda Hammer Burns
from Infertility Counseling: A Comprehensive Handbook for Clinicians
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Just know that it is very natural, at a time like this, to remember family and friends who are no longer with you.

“Elsevier's Veterinary Assisting Textbook E-Book” by Margi Sirois
from Elsevier’s Veterinary Assisting Textbook E-Book
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Read books about feelings of grief and the process of recovery.

“Abeloff's Clinical Oncology E-Book” by Martin D. Abeloff, James O. Armitage, John E. Niederhuber, Michael B. Kastan, W. Gillies McKenna
from Abeloff’s Clinical Oncology E-Book
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Adjust to the shock and trauma of the death/loss and learn to cope effectively with the grief and the absence of the deceased parent.

“The Family Therapy Treatment Planner” by Frank M. Dattilio, Arthur E. Jongsma, Jr., Sean D. Davis
from The Family Therapy Treatment Planner
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  • I lost my kitty today. I lost her to cancer. I had no way to save her which is the worst part. I wish there was at least one thing i could do to save her. Even selling my house, I could do anything. R. I. P., Puma, 2007-2020. Thank you for making 13 years of my life so joyful and happy. You will always be remembered and I hope you’re getting all the snacks you want up there in heaven.

  • i don’t even know what to say at the moment. my online friend erik is likely dead from suicide. i barely knew him, but my god it’s punching me in the gut, over and over. i love you erik. you were so kind to me, the one time i spoke to you, when i was feeling suicidal. you were the kindest.

    rest in peace.

  • I lost the love of my life… my husband of 10 years… it’s been a little over a year and i still can’t believe it… i feel like it’s all just a bad dream and i’m still trying to wake up from it!! The sad part is that no one understands your pain. As much as time passes it’s all still in my head… i just wished he was still here with us… we miss him so much… life is just not the same without him ����

  • lost my boyfriend last thursday night, on suicide awareness day. He’s only 16, nearly 17. It’s excruciating to go to school and look at his empty seat beside me in every class. I hope that anyone who sees this can find some peace and healing, whether by ranting to strangers online, friends, or just spending some time alone.

  • dealing with the loss of my pet is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through. I’m feeling everything and nothing at the same time, and seeing my family so broken with her death breaks me even more. This comes just a few months after a loss of a family member. this year has been so riddled with loss and pain and I’m struggling.

  • My mom just passed she got covid and she was only 49, I’m 17 and she was my everything, I just don’t know what to do I love her so much

  • I lost my mum when I was 13 (I’m now 23) She had battled a brain tumour for 11 years. I grew up with her going in and out of hospital (my grandma helped bring us up). It caused seperation anxiety when I was growing up and has left me with severe anxiety and depression. I hope people who have a stable childhood with parents who are there for them realise how lucky they are because it really sucks not having a parent to go to when you’re growing up.

  • My great uncle passed and I never even got to say goodbye because I couldn’t visit the hospital because I’m under the age of 16 I miss him so much I just wish I could see him one last time at least he’s with my great aunt up in heaven Rip love you ��

  • My uncle is currently in the emergency room…
    They don’t know if he’ll survive. We were never extremely close, but I’m devastated. I’m a few states away from him, so I saw him on FaceTime. It broke my heart…
    I saw him, the strong, fearless man I looked up to, hooked up to a hospital bed…
    I don’t want him to die. I’m praying (a very rare occurrence) for him to live. I feel so sad and angry at god and the world.

  • My granddad passed this morning.. he said he felt sleepy and died in his sleep.. he didn’t even get to see his favorite granddaughter turn 10.. Rest In Peace papa.. 9-13-2020

  • My dog died and I cant imagine going on like this he was a family member am I will never be able to see him again again on my bed or eating and its suckimg my soul dry i cant take its too much

  • I’ve lost 9 of the closest people in my life. I’m only 18. I can’t even get over one person without another ond dying. I have so much built up grief, and I have no idea how to even begin to get through it all.��

  • My mum just died 4 days ago. It was from Alcohol and prescription drug abuse. She was 58.

    My younger brother was the only one home, he put her to bed and checked on her 30 minutes later by coincidence. She was face down on the bed, she had suffocated and was too drunk to bring herself out of it whilst she was suffocating.

    He tried CPR before the ambulance came but she was already gone. My mum had a good life but it still feels like a nightmare.

    I love you mum and hope you know that. I am just glad I got to tell you that you will soon be a grandmother. Rest in peace mum, I miss you xxx

  • Hey at least she’s not in pain and in now were she was suppose to be in, she is something she always was. I hope she was happy while on this world.

  • My 21 year old younger brother passed away in a drowning accident on 11 Aug 2020. We were going through a very rough time some years back and he was always there to support me. He left me too soon. He was 5 years younger than i am but he always stood by me in all the rough patches of life. He was wise beyond his years. He was the one person who loved me beyond boundaries and barriers. He was my support in life and i hope he felt the same about me. I can never refill the hole that his loss has created in me but i wish and hope that he is in a better place.

  • My cat died while i wasn’t at home.. I came home and i found him laying on the ground.. I’ve had him since i was a little kid so it really hurts… I’ll never forget him.

  • Im just a very shy an i guess I can be labeled a loner. My two best friends where the first people to help me open up. They meant everything to me. If it weren’t for them I’d be lonely an scared of the world. I know im different but they made me feel like I was the same like everyone else. Years have past an im still hurting inside over it. I cried earlier about it but today was worse than others. I feel disconnected an i just wish they were with me still. I feel stuck. I need friends also need to communicate better an not shut down

  • My dad died yesterday, just a day after his birthday. I woke up to my mom screaming his name. I checked his pulse and there was nothing. I already knew he was dead but I still called 911 for help. I just fear I’m going to forgot about him. I miss him, I miss him a lot.

  • I lost my dog today. He was always there for me and i wasnt there for him in the end. I just want to hold him one last time like i did when i was upset in the past. I feel lost without him to help me grieve him. It hurts and I hate it. I couldnt bring myself to help bury him and i feel terrible for it. I didnt deserve him but I was greatful to have him.

  • I lost my mom almost a year ago and this was crazy accurate. I never realized that others felt the same about this topic. I am so proud of how brave you were to open up and talk about this, because it made me feel so much less alone. I hope you’re doing well. hugs girl ��

  • I just want each person on this thread going through loss to know that it’s ok to be sad and broken. You are human and if you grieve, it’s a part of your healing. Don’t worry about needing to feel strong. You are allowed to be broken. Your healing will come with time. ����

  • My aunt died from suicide August 30th. And I’ve been having so much trouble getting over it and I’ve been crying every night and all day sometimes. Some of my friends were getting concerned about me thinking I might head down the path she did. and my friend recommended this video to me so here I am to watch.

  • My grandmother passed away that I lived with my whole life, she was my best friend, and my problem is I feel If I reach out to someone they would think I just want attention or they just wouldn’t care so I just find myself alone crying every night

  • I lost my grandpa this morning. It hurts me a lot since my family is in Japan and I am in Germany, alone. In this pandemic, even if I flew to Japan right now, I wouldn’t be able to attend the funeral. The last time I talked to him was right before I was moving to Germany and was expecting to see him again and talk about the experiences that I went through here. I know my mom (his daughter) is secretly in a sorrow and pretending as if she’s okay. I know that because she’s very strong but sometimes very fragile. It’s so sad that I can’t be with her when she needs a huge hug.

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  • WARNING: I am talking about something rather depressing.

    I was watching this and realized that my mom might not be able to Handle her own oncoming death and that’s the part that really makes me cry. She’s almost fifty now and she’s young at heart, she had a nice enough time growing up, got to experience a lot of things but she still didn’t “grow up” so I really hope in the next 10 years she understands that everyone dies.
    But the fact that makes me cry the most is the time that she’ll realize that she won’t ever see me again and she loves me to death, we are like best friends, she once said she would probably kill her self if I died, and that WILL destroy her heart as will mine that she won’t ever see me again and me either to her. I hope she never realizes it and if she does, I hope she accepts that fact and we can last spend are last moments together in peace. (Thanks for listening, I needed that off my chest.)

  • I just lost my cat
    And oh god I fell apart
    I haven’t had able to do anything, just cry. She’s been in my life since I was really young, so it’s hard.

  • My 13 year old cousin drowned in a river yesterday. I still can’t process anything. We were pretty close and I still can’t believe he’s gone. I never thought this would happen ever. Like, it’s a bad dream or a sick movie or something. I would always see headlines about stuff like this happen but I never thought it would happen to us

  • Thanks for this advice. My mommy died of stage 4 cancer this year (3/27/2020) which really have taken a toll on my mental health. I’m naturally thin and have lost tons of weight due to depression. I’ve had many of hospitalizations due to my stress& gastritis. I’m praying for everyone who has lost someone dear to them��. It’s not easy, but we’ll get through ����

  • The 8th of this month will be exactly three months ago that a really good friend of mine suddenly passed away. I got the message of her passing while I was at work and I can genuinely say it’s the worst thing I’ve ever had to deal with. I’ve been staying home from work for about two weeks now because my health has been declining and I’ve nearly passed out at work due to poor diet and lack of sleep.
    I’ve never had to deal with grief before in such a way, I’ve never had to experience such pain before in my life and I just don’t know how to be okay. Food has lost appeal, sleep brings on nightmares, I can’t be around people for an extended period of time without feeling like I’m wanting to just sob my lungs out. I have people around me that tell me ‘it will get better’ and ‘it will be okay’ but how could it ever be okay without her here? Grief is difficult, grief is so very painful. I just don’t know how to deal with her being gone.

  • I lost my grandpa 8 years ago. Not a single day goes by, I don’t think of him. I was so so so attached to him. I was so close to him. He was my bestest friend, confidant and what not. Some days it’s hard to gulp that he is no more and other days I am ok, living the life but that void is always there and I know it can never be filled. The biggest regret of my life will be, I couldn’t say goodbye to him, it was so sudden. I am still angry at him that he didn’t say me goodbye. It’s been 8 long years, many things have happened but still I cannot move on about the fact that he is no more. Probably, I don’t want to move on, I don’t understand why there’s a hurry to move on as soon as someone leaves the world, I would like to hold onto it and carry that with myself and go on in my life…that’s what I have been doing. I wish I could rewind the best moments with him, when he used to tell me his life stories and so many things. I miss them, I miss you grandpa..I miss you so much, you had no idea what major part you had in my life as a guide, friend, confidant. I wish to go back in time and hug him and never let him go. I still remember that day when I got the news of his demise, I was devastated, I don’t want that kind of day to come again in my life. I went to his place seeing his lifeless body lying in front of me and I couldn’t help but break down holding his feet. He was the coolest person I know, he still is for me. Lot of things have changed since then…I was in 10th grade when I lost him, then after 2 years I went to college out of state, then now I am doing my postgraduation, it’s my final year…he hasn’t seen me doing all these..I am about to get a job next year…Your granddaughter is not small anymore. I wish you were here.
    Love you always…and miss you.

  • i wanted to tell my mom that i am gonna miss her and goodbye ma
    when she passed away i thought of jumping off the house
    then i realised that what would happen to my family then
    which my mom unfotunately did not
    sorry for every body who lost their mom

  • This video might not be copied well maybe but this channel has the original uploader in the channels tab of this account same for the original uploader I’m not saying it’s not stolen and she just stole this video behind her back I’m just saying it’s possible it’s not stolen and it was just re uploaded on this channel

  • Thank you this helped my little cousin died at 6 years old from brain cancer when I was 6 as well it’s been 4 years and I’m 10 now and this helped me a lot and I only was with him for a bit I wish he stayed longer and it was hard since my mom didn’t feel safe with me going to the funeral or memorial but he was a good cousin even if I only saw him for two Christmases and a birthday but those days were the best and anyone else with a dead family member rembember they miss you to so it’s not just you and I hope whoever you are reading this stay strong and it’s ok to cry and be sad from it

  • I lost my father when I was 16. I lost the remainder of my mother in 2017 and my only sibling in 2018. I still hadn’t finished mourning the loss of my mom when my sister died of cancer. I was overwhelmed by grief. Part of my feeling so lost was when something significant happened in my life, I wanted to run and tell them but realized I couldn’t. I started a journal -basically writing letters to my mother and sister. I’ve been writing every day for three years. I often tell them things I’d never tell even my closest friends; sometimes I just tell them what I did that day no matter how boring and mundane it is. I know neither of them will ever read these letters but I can express my grief or my pain or my joy. It’s been very cathartic.

  • I haven’t had anyone die quite yet, but I have a sister who hade her tonsils removed, but won’t take her medicine. She keeps complaining about the pain, and she won’t even eat anything and her throat is already infected. I don’t know what I’ll do if she dies, especially my other sister about the same age as her.

  • To my dear wife; God has taken home.

    Ripped from me, taken, no chance to say goodbye, or say I love you, no kiss, no cuddle. My heart burns for you, it is broken. But you are at peace with our Farther in heaven, I am happy for you. But, I feel so, so lonely and broken without you by my side, you kept me, guided me every single day, With your unshakeable loyalty and support, even with all my faults, you still loved me, truly Jesus is within you. You are the only person on earth that truly ever loved me, you gave everything for me, put me before yourself. You truly are my personal angle, my love. May our Great farther in heaven cover you in riches beyond measure, and his endless love and joy be with you forever. I would die 1000 deaths just to be with you in your arms for just another 5 minute. You have my heart for eternity, God bless you my dear loving wife. My love still burns like an eternal flame for you until the end of all things known and unknown.

  • lost my favorite cousin on my birthday. July 17, 2020. I was with him at the mall. My other cousin died too, they were together. Worst day of my life. I’ll never be ok again

  • My dad just passed away this morning, my mom, me, and my sister still doesn’t know how he actually died. I’ve been trying to deal with his death but I can’t. It’s currently 11:56pm, I hope whoever’s seeing this now understands that there not alone, no matter what��

  • I know peaple lost peaple and stuff but i just lost my rabbit at 4 yrs old and i hate how my other rabbit just doesnt have his freind anymore and that he died so young

  • Thank you so much for this this touched me so much you don’t even understand ironically my mom died on July 13th 2020 and her name was Don too…. this is very synchronistic I actually feel your husband’s energy also

  • Worthless,pointless pun of death. Nothing of value nor bothered to watch. Stick to her proudest accomplishment Trump blocking her. Trying gain fame. Failing.

  • My Mother passed away suddenly 2 weeks ago. I am really struggling with grief. She lived.with me but I wasn’t home when event.

  • My friend might be dead. He had been talking about how worthless he felt for weeks. Tonight, he told my other friend not to be surprised if he didn’t wake up tomorrow. I don’t want to believe him. I don’t want him to be dead. He’s one of my best friends.

  • Dang, this helped. I lost my grandpa and the night of his visitation, we got the call that my uncle passed away of a heart attack.

  • i lost my cat today. i never loved anyone as much as i love him. he was like my son, my everything… he was only 8, and he died because of thrombosis and weak heart. I feel like i killed him, because i didnt go to vet’s regular check ups, it stressed him out, and he was always looking so healthy.. i have no one but myself to blame. He was a pure love, true love… i cannot believe it… it was so sudden

  • I lost my 27 year old sweet beautiful daughter and only child on June 8. Her name is Alyssa Rose. I’m paralyzed with overwhelming grief, despair, depression, and anguish. I don’t know how to cope. I din’t understand how parents who have lost children get through it. I honestly want to die without her in my life. My heart and soul is gone. ������. I can barely function.

  • My uncle died of covid 19 he was one of the only people outside my close family and cousin who would come to my birthday and actually thought about me im in tears

  • My sister just got out of surgery and is having seziures, just in case I’m watching this because my mom is crying

  • i lost my grandma today. she lives in a third world country and we can’t see her because of covid. she was the kindest lady to anyone and would give you the shirt off her back even if she didn’t know you. the love in her heart was so comforting and it just hurts that i can never see her again. this is the first death i’ve ever experienced and i’ve never been so torn and heartbroken. we don’t even know the cause of death because the coroner would have to rule it as a covid death and they wouldn’t be able to have a funeral. i just miss her so much i talked to her a couple weeks ago and she told me she was so excited to come see us. i’m so thankful the last words i told her were i love you and i can’t wait to see you. i hope she’s doing well in heaven. she deserved the world and should’ve been around for much longer. i miss you so much grandma and all of the wonderful memories i’ve had with you. please watch over us and continue to pray. ❤️

  • The Scriptures hold out a wonderful hope for our deceased loved one. We read about the condition of the dead in Ecclesiastes 9:5,10, they are unconscious, as if sleeping. Jesus teaches us about death in the account about Lazarus his dear friend. Please read John 11:11-14, 43,44. Then, concerning our loved ones we read that the same will occur for those in the memory of God, John 5:28, 29. Most who are resurrected will be brought back to an earth under God’s Kingdom government. We pray for that, Matthew 5:10. These changes will soon take place on earth: Psalms 37:9-11,29; Revelation 21:4,5; Daniel 2:44; and then John 5:28,29. There is much to learn about the near future, our Creator has amazing things in store for those who worship Him with spirit and truth, John 4:22-24; Psalms 83:18; Isaiah 55:11.

  • my best friend died 4 hours ago, i can’t breath or think or move, i’m shaking and my heart is absolutely broken without him. he was so amazing and i loved him so much, i need him.

  • I lost my cat yesterday in a fight with a local dog. She was only 3 months old and realizing it now, 2 months with her was like a dream, she always made me smile. And since I’m usually a dog person having her was like an experiment, everything was new to me. She slept with me everyday and when I wake up she would nudge her nose to my calves.
    Her death was so unexpected it hits me tenfold.
    It was the first time I’m losing someone so special and seeing it right in front of me. Her last cry will stay as a scar in my heart forever.
    The way she slightly opened her mouth almost like she’s saying “I’m going” I had a break down right then. I didn’t know what to do..
    I kept on blowing in her nostrils but she began to go stiff it was killing me
    I’ve never cried like that in my life

    For the first time I realize losing your loved ones are never easy. You only know when you feel it

  • My nephew who was on the Marines passed away who was 21 years old. It’s so hard to believe someone with a beautiful soul has passed away in such a Young age unbelievable!

  • My grandmother has cancer and the doctors are saying she only has a couple weeks left. I’m quarantined because I was exposed to COVID-19. I love her so much and I don’t even know if I’ll be able to say goodbye in person.

  • I want you to know that your speech has truly touched my heart and helped me to understand what my perspective ought to be, losing my my mom to cancer changed the way I understand life or who I am as a son….. let me tell you, you have a bright future, and I hope the best for you….. thankyou for making this speech and sharing it with all of us. You are the Best!

  • My father passed away a week ago (18th August 2020) and I’m 18,a senior in high school…. He died suddenly of stroke, just minutes after laughing with us

  • I’m praying for all of you that have lost loved ones, pets, friends. I know it’s so painful and sad but keep going! Don’t give up, because they wouldnt want you to stop achieving great things. They are watching you whenever and wherever. Sending love to all of you that are going through this tough time

  • My father died at 1 am today and I couldn’t even say goodbye.The thing that hurts the most us that the last thing I said to him before he died was “I need $400”.I cant get over that.

  • My father passed away 12 days back. I don’t know what to do. He was a kidney patient too. I just want to die as well because I feel lost without him.

  • My mother died when I was 6 and my father died when I was 16. SO very hard. I had my grandmother for a while but I felt utterly alone and I still drift off to that place. Now I am a mom and i feel bad for my kids having no experience with their grandparents.

  • my family was small but now it’s tiny. both of my parents passed away in March. 18 days apart. i only now have my older sister and we’re not that close.. ive only seen her for a few years now. my 20th birthday just passed in June.. this birthday was so hard…. i feel completely alone. for the past serval days ive been feeling like being with my father.. but for your words.. i can relate. i hear you. thank you. you’re keeping me motivated.. thank you so much for your words.

  • my partner died last year, we were never officially married, but we lived together for almost 14 years, a few days after his death, my partners father sent me an email to say that now I have to do things on my own; and it hurt me as just because we weren’t married that I was somehow less than a family member, that I wasn’t considered anyone special to him {my husbands father}, I didn’t need to hear that at that time, and it made me feel worse; is that how people feel towards someone if they weren’t married? He wanted to marry me, but because I was receiving spousal support, he felt being married would jeopardize that, and it didn’t matter to me, but, really, it is a lot of hassle not being married when it comes to receiving the death benefit and other resources from the government. the government considers you married if you live together for 1 year or more, but other people seem to frown on you if you are not married! Dealing with grief and other peoples opinions is very hard at times:(

  • My mother passed away yesterday. It was quick and gentle, but the loss I feel is undescribable. I’m happy she’s free and my heart is at peace, but she was like my best friend and I feel like I’m missing half of myself. Nights are the worst because that was our time, as we were both night owls and that was our time to chit chat and bond. I was her caretaker during her illness, by her side day and night and was there as she passed. I feel so lost now.

  • Worst question you could ask a grieving child… how are you doing??? Are you ok??? SERIOUSLY??? Those questions don’t deserve any answer.

  • My father died in october 11 2019,
    I thought there was something deeply wrong with me with the lack of motivation and joy I have, I hope I can make things have sense again so I can enjoy and do things the same way I used to. My fathed died abruptly, got diagnosed with advanced gastric cancer with metastasis after one month of taking care of him at the hospital, traveling back to Mexico but trying to keep my job at the same time, it was so difficult, I had to travel back for work hoping he could make it a little bit longer, but he died when I was away. I know he was waiting for me because I could have a last videocall with him, still alive but unconscious, he passed away when the call finished.
    It just changed everything, I feel huge a disassociation and numbness, guilt and impotence.

  • My mom died from lequemia on 31st December 2010 and 25 yrs old
    I was 4at that time and its really hard to go through this its been 9yrs now and I’m still grieving more for reasons

  • My father died one week and two days after yours did, Adeline, and at the time of your talk you already had such precise words for the experience that I was nowhere near to having. You are such a talented speaker and writer, and your willingness to share your experience and your grief really is a gift to the world. I wish you the very best for your future and your life—I know your Dad is proud of you, as proud of you as I believe my father is of me.

  • My mom and I found out she had pancreatic cancer on September 12th, and she just passed away on Oct 10th. Literally not even a full month. We barely had time to process the word cancer, let alone hospice, and then death. Thank you so much for this video. <3

  • I lost my MOM way back in 1984:she died in a car crash,and it was 8 days before my 4th birthday.I lost my Grandma who raised my brother and I after we lost are Mother back in April of 2011:and just a short time later,I lost my brother in January of 2012.And in December of 2015,I lost my Grandpa to stage 4 lung cancer,Ironically enough he passed on December 14,and my mother passed on December 15.These 4 people met the world to me,and there hasn’t been a day that has gone by that I haven’t wished that I was with them.Grief is a bad thing,a very horrible thing,that can Latch itself on to you and never let you go,feeling like you were left behind by the most important people in your life,is a horrible feeling that I wish on no one.I’d give anything to be with my family again were I belong by their side…

  • I lost my grandpa 3 months ago and it was so painful. I can’t imagine what it is like to lose a parent and I’m really scared to lose everyone.

  • I lost my dad when I was 10 bc of a heart attack in his sleep, now that I have 17 my mom died for an infection on her liver, her body couldn’t anymore and suffered a heart attack, I miss them so much, she was my best friend, she was everything to me, my dad too, they left too early.
    I suffer depression since 12, sometimes I think about death, then I remember all the sacrifices my mommy did to give me everything I needed those years (since my father passed away) pls enjoy life.

  • I lost my dad 3 years ago and I lost my mom this year, 2/7, so about 2 months. I feel like I’m so small in the big world, and I just want to call my mom and talk to her. Sit down and drink coffee. We missed my dad’s passing by a few hours but I sat with mom when she drew her final breath. Told her “it’s ok, you can let go. We’ll be ok”, and literally as I said it, she got breathing pauses. The hospice staff had just been in there and hadn’t even left the floor. I larmed for them, they came back. Within 10-20 minutes from start of the pauses, she was gone. I was with the staff when they dressed her in the clothes she would be buried in. The first 24 hours just… hurt. I thought I would die from grief, it was so overwhelming. It’s gotten better but I still shed some tears every day, and some days I have a huge cry fest. Grieving is important and you can’t rush it.

  • My mother passed away April 13, 2018. She had cancer for 3 years, she survived and lived happily. She moved on, and enjoyed the world. It was a few moths before Easter, she was always cold and sick. When Easter rolled around she was very weak. She went to the hospital to find out she has pneumonia. She passed away a few months after, I didn’t even get to say goodbye. I would do anything to just get to say I love you. My mother passed when I was 7 and I have never been the same.

  • My boyfriend died 2 days ago and I have lost myself. I don’t know how to cope back up.. a prayer for him, 17 May 200211 August 2020♥️

  • To all of you: May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you, bless you and keep love in your heart forever and ever ❤️ I am so sorry for all of your losses.

  • I’m experiencing a feeling I never thought I would ever experience so early losing my dad. Don’t wish it on anyone ever. I hope I can learn to make peace and be strong for the family. RIP Dad.

  • yesterday I lost my dad.. he didn’t die from anything but we don’t know yet.. I feel like he passed away from stress
    I am eleven and watching this made me feel a bit better.

  • It’s interesting how various it is for people getting into an acceptance phase in losing a loved one.
    Months, years, decades, whatever it is for you, there’s nothing wrong with taking longer than others, we all need to experience greif in out own ways I think.
    I wonder how long it’ll take me. I’ve lost my grandfather years ago, and my father will be dead in the next couple/few weeks… And i am so much closer to him, I’ve already been grieving, which I expect will only increase.
    And I think it will take me a long time to adjust, and that’s just part of life, and I need to accept it, and that will just take as long as it needs to…

    My heart goes out to all of you that have or are experienced/experiencing loss. It’s a heavy part of life to take on. ❤

  • My father just went into hospital after he fought cancer for 6 years, I’ve been his carer the whole time.

    Then I get told this is it, he can’t come home, he has weeks left and now I’m in his house alone, in shock, I have been told his time is going for years, but when it finally slaps us with “your time is up” it’s put me in complete shock… I’m snapping between rage, depression, guilt for not doing more for him, greif, suicidal thoughts, and losing my shit. And trying to be normal for the people around me, but inside I’m a wreck… And he hasn’t even died yet!

    I feel like such a weak dickhead.

  • My mom passed away July 27 I’m 17 she was my best friend we went too concerts together roadtripped everywhere we loved the same music I always came to her when someone upsetted me or I cried and I go in her room everyday to feel a connection to her I was around her 24/7 im getting better and I have my moments but I know she isn’t gone forever and ill see her again and it won’t be anymore tears or feeling of loneliness she helped me with so many of my projects even when it was last minute I could depend on her for everything i felt like nothing could hurt me when she was here

  • Lost my dad two weeks ago and listening to these stories, it’s clear losing a parent at any age is painfu. My dad was only in his late 50s. It felt like someone stabbed me in the chest and I’ll never get back the person who understood me more than anyone.

  • Horrible losing a parent to cancer. It’s seeing them fade away and let go. I remember seeing my dad before he passed. He had gone blind, couldn’t speak or anything. I knew when I left that was the last time I’d see him. I guess he lives through me, I have his calm temperament. It’s just a shame he never saw me become a man.

  • My dad passed away 2 years ago due to complications with dementia. My mom was considered incompetent to take care of herself after trying her hardest to take care of my dad so for a time they both lived in a nursing home. I was guardian and conservator for my mom, I took her to all of her doctors appointments and been with her through her darkest times. 2 days ago after speaking with social workers we came to the decision that due to decline in health that she should spend her remaining days in hospice. I am 26 and this has taken an emotional toll on me. I am happy that my mom will no longer be in pain but I am sadden by the fact that some of her wishes will not come to fruition, her being a grandma and visiting Indonesia one last time. At times I feel like I failed as a son but I have been told that I have done everything that I could, I just hope that in her final days I can make it the best for her so that she no longer has to live in fear or pain. I love you so much mom.

  • It never goes away
    Car accident killed my mom I was with her I was critical should have died but God spared my life. 18 broken bones both legs 3 breaks each rods pins screws couldn’t save right one lost below the knee Right arm plates pins screws arm reworked
    Back fractured 5 vertabre ribs both sides I just want you to no even though I lost my mom n almost died myself God still performs miricales everyday I left out that I lost 5 pints of blood God is good.

  • I lost my dad in 1999, I was by then younger. Its 20years now but I still feel the empty gap. The song which was being played after he died makes me cry up to date. We cant just let go of the beloved dead of ours.

  • I miss him everyday more and more. He was my grandad but he raised me, taught me my core memories, how to ride a bike, to walk. The house feels empty now. It’s just me and my Nan. Sometimes I think I hear him singing but then I remember. I love him so much. Please make memories with your parents. Take pictures.

  • I just want to start off by saying thank you for making this video. I know that it wasn’t easy to talk about it, but it’s helping people even when you don’t realize it. I lost my father 6 months ago and even though our relationship was not the best, I still miss him every single day. The biggest thing that I can say that helped me was my support people, specifically people who had also lost their father (it helped me to feel like I wasn’t the only one). My fiancé and his best friend both lost their father as well as some people I met through support groups, and it helped me realize that I shouldn’t suffer alone. Some days are definitely harder than others, and today is one of those days for me, but I know that everything will be alright.

  • I lost my mother about twelve hours ago to an allergic reaction to fire ant bites. I told her about the mound, asked her to be careful, but I didn’t show it to her. I know I shouldn’t think these thoughts, but I keep thinking that she’d still be here if I did this, if I did that…Life is cruel.

  • My mom died of cancer when I was 8.. and my dad took care of single parent…I think no one should do this…. every one needs a partner.. surviving us a single is not as easy as you think….with my mom’s memory…he lived for 10 yrs… and now he went to my mom…and there they are united… leaving me and my brother alone here��…. I am trying to overcome this..but their memories��… makes my eyes wet every night ����..but accepting everything is Life ✨

  • I felt numb how my dad died at my age of 10 if i did something wrong he’d always forgive me he’d spoil me it doesnt feel safe to sleep without a dad there to protect you i love you dad wherever you are

  • It’s been a week since my dad died.. he had turned 66 just a day before passing. He was totally fine that day, I talked to him just 20 minutes before he started feeling sick… he had a stroke and died three hours after at the hospital. When I arrived he was already gone. My dad was not only my father, he was my friend and my hero. I’m 23 years old and honestly I have never been this lost.. I miss him so, so much, it feels unreal, I go to his room all the time wishing to see him there but knowing he won’t anymore.
    I love you dad.

  • My dad passed almost 6 months ago. I had a shaky relationship with him and I felt like a monster for not crying when he passed.. it’s been difficult for me to process all of it even now. And I have a hard time getting upset. Obviously it hurts and I get aggravated at myself for the way I treated him and how I can’t even cry.. he passed away from a major heart attack at the age of 40 I was 15 at the time now I’m 16. Like I said he passed almost 6 months ago. February 15 2020

  • I lost my dad when i was 11. I still remember when someone knocked on the door while i was playing computer with a friend. I opened the door and saw two police officers asking for my mother. I never experienced uncontrolling grief as that moment. I remember the first night i went to bed. I was dreaming about him, waking up thinking “It was only a dream” Just to go out of my room to see my entire family just staring at me, of course it wasnt a dream. My mother did what the best mother would do, shielding me from everything leading up to the funeral services, trying her best to come to my male dominated sports, which my father normally did (Racing, Icehockey) But deep down, i still crave my dads happiness, i miss my dad saying he is proud of me. One last thing, i didnt have the chance to do this: For gods sake, keep EVERY SINGLE VIDEO of your parents. I dont know why, but having my dads memories going into a blur, and not remembering his voice is the worst thing imaginable.

  • My dad died because of pancreatic cancer he’s a public official in our city and he’s the most wise person I’ve ever known but i think I don’t have a proper person to rely on so that’s why it’s hard to move on

  • Yea cherish the memories…they live in our hearts forever…I know it’s easier said than done but that’s life…relive the moment when we accompanied them…sat with them..accompanied them for holidays or simply a hairdo down the street…holding their hands…hugging them…such wonder time we had…

  • I’ve been literally just looking around to see how to cope with a dying parent and then eventually for a dead parent because my dad doesn’t have much time left he’s passing away in some weeks and it feels horrible the feeling I have after opening up for him and telling him everything It still feels the same and sometimes worse. I don’t want to sound like a brat but I sometimes get angry at everything thinking why him/us/me what did we do to deserve this pain and struggle for 2 years now.

  • my dad took his own life 3 years ago when i was 17. i think that’s one of the hardest things to think about.. he died from his own hands. because of that life changing event, i completely altered myself as a person because i just couldn’t bare to hold on who i was when he died. death and grief absolutely CHANGE EVERYTHING in your life, even you.

  • What about if they passed away by old age natural causes? How would you feel?

    Personally I would be sad but I’d be at ease that they didn’t go by suffering at that It’s part of the life cycle.

    I would miss them very much though and would find it very weird to not have my parents during decades of living…

  • My dad died july 31 2020… my family and i did not expect it, it was all of a sudden when we got the call. we had not seen each other in 2 years and finally in 1 month we were going to reunite, i feel awful that we did not get the chance to hug each other one last time. I miss him so much, im 21 he was 50… i wanted us to be best friends, i cry all the time imagining all the amazing moments we had and also thinking about the moments that we would have created. I love you dad

  • I lost my dad 3 months ago May 6th and man it’s been one of the toughest up and down rides ever it’s ok to be sad man frustrated confused every emotion is ok it’s gonna b hard u won’t want to get up u will see images of him everywhere just know he loves u I have struggled so much with regret and frustration and that’s ok we all go through hard things and it is a huge block missing love your parents forever you never know ur last day with them ❤️

  • this made me cry so much. I lost my mom 3 months ago, she was only 65. I’m 23 and I’m probably gonna live most of my life without her. It’s so painful

  • I losed a dad bc he left US like not the world like but he still loves US and we love him but every time he comes back hes drunk and trys to hurt US now he cut his left arm

  • When people say ‘time will heal everything’, it is bullshit spoken by those who has never experineced a real loss. I lost my Mum to cancer, she was 53. It has been over two years, yet it still hurts every single day. In fact, I still cannot believe the fact that she is no longer living, which is crazy. I feel like I am living in a world that is not real, I feel dissociated if that make sense. She was the kindest person I have seen in my life, and she is the love of my life. My relationship with my Dad and brother have always been terrible. So during the first year after her passing, things have been extremely difficult, I was on my own. My friends were kinda useless (sorry if this sound rude), they just did not seem to care what has happened to me except for the first week. I was very suicidal. Thankfully, things have gotten better…but yer, I still miss my Mum EVERY single day, and the pain is not any less. It aches my heart so much whenever I imagine how she won‘t be there for my future wedding, it aches my heart whenever I think of how we have never travelled together or created some beautiful memories together. However, I know that she is enjoying eternal happiness with Jesus in heaven now. Thank you so much If you are reading this, because it shows that you care. God bless you and I am praying that you will be strengthen for whatever you are going through! ��������

  • My father passed away on the second of July, it’s now the 21st and I’m struggling. Me and my dad weren’t very close but we had a bond that I had with no one else. He was only 32 and left me behind. I still need him. May all the beautiful souls rest in peace ❤️

  • i had not seen him in 4 years because of foster care. i had hoped to see him when i was 18 but he died before i could even see him for the last time. not even a ****ing funural

  • i lost my dad when is was 8 years old. (drug overdose) i have spent 2 years trying to pretend he is still here. Does anyone have any suggestions. I am 12 years old now. it is still incredibly difficult.

  • The worst thing I’ve ever heard during a normal day is “grandpa died someone call an ambulance” the confusion. I was so scared. He was a great man. I miss him so fucking much

  • My Dad Just Passed away.. Im Having Millions And Millions Of Panic Attacks..
    My Mom Was Crying So Loud In Tge Other Room
    I Couldnt Visit Him Cause He was Very Very Very Far Away..
    He was Alone When He Died.. No Family..
    Please Help..

  • My dad died 7 years ago and my heart still aches and people talk about it like it doesn’t matter and i have to pretend I’m fine like please don’t ask someone about it it hurts them

  • My dad has earn his wing june 26 2020. He fought cancer for 2 year. He took his final breath 7:03am in the morning. I can share the pain that anyone has gone thru. It feel like im losing myself and part of me just die off.

  • I encouraged those who have lost a parent at a young age not to suppress grief, even if you feel you are burdening those around you or causing more pain. When I lost my father suddenly at 9 years old I cried every day for about 3 weeks and then told myself I would forget it ever happened. This was a bad coping mechanism that lead to intense PTSD and waves of grief 10 years later. Children cannot wrap their heads around this kind of loss so help from a stable adult is necessary. Childhood is shattered during an experience like this and It will change you. But don’t let that change be bad. You will grow into such a strong and resilient soul. Never let anything shake you from continuing to live your best life for your parent.

  • My dad past away when I was I think 6 or 7 of a car accident he died with two of my other cousins both of my cousins were in the car with him it sucks that I had to grow up without him������

  • my dads mother died of cancer when my dad was only 3. his new mother was horrible and he showed us slide shows of his mother who past. now his dad aka my grandfather died a few months ago of cancer and it was further for him and us too watch. i cry every night and can’t even imagine how it is for my dad

  • I’ve lost my farther and mother who were both shot when I was 3 in Syria. And I didn’t know what parents were till I was 12 and till this day I feel like killing myself.

  • Yes it’s painful to loose your parent even I lost my mom today n wish everyone’s soul rest in peace n be in heaven… Sometimes I feel that just need a stranger to talk to abt this who has undergone the same thing so that we understand our pain
    May everyone’s soul rest in peace ���� n be in heaven

  • My dad past away about two months ago from cancer. He was 52 and I was 11. A months before my dad died my sisters boyfriend died from an overdose and left his 4 month old daughter and my sister behind. My 27 year old brother keeps running away and he isn’t getting the proper help he needs. He tried committing suicide on my birthday two weeks after our dad died. It feels like I’m the main character in a movie with no happy ending.


  • I lost my dad 1 month ago…. I feel so bad and every night i cry for him….. He did everything to make me happy
    Rest in paradise daddy❤️

  • My Father passed away last month may 14th but I didn’t find our until the 25th….I’ve received a letter from the medical examiners in Miami stating that i need to call them immediately. After I was told about his death, i asked how it happened…they said natural causes. That’s a lie. He’s health was better then mine…last time I spoke with him was on the 2nd of may…we argued as always then I told him that I loved him and hung up…I still have his voice mails on my phone

  • I buried my father 5 days ago. He died due to cancer, thankfully without pain. That’s the only thing that “comforts” me. Still, there is a void in my heart that will never be filled.

  • I lost my father to cancer one month ago and this is literally as you’d be reading my mind. I can relate to every word you said. Thank you.

  • Thank you so much for posting this. I’m glad I found it. I feel much less alone in the world. I hope you and your family are doing well. <3

  • I’m 25 and lost my parents from car accident when I was 7 in 2002 later my brother died in 2012.. it is impossible to forget parents specially caring once when they left I had feeling that I love my brother I can not afford to loose him and literally had that feeling that he is best person in universe when he died same shit happend no close friends called or stick around insted I started getting calls from his ex girlfriends and girlfriend but no calls from his friends…no one could understand me better than 4-5 years older girls which i thought could be character building which made no sense in long term they fade away one by one.. NO ONE UNDERSTANDS UNTIL IT HAPPEND WITH LOVED ONCE…..LIVE CAN BE AMAZING TOMORROW BUT LATER AT THE SAME NIGHT INCASE YOU WILL GOING TO DREAM ABOUT THEM IN WHICH YOUR PARENTS ARE SAYING EVERYTHING IS OKAY NOW AND YOU HAVE GOT VIBES BACK DURING SLEEP……. DREAMS ARE FUCKED UP

  • I have never heard someone explain grief sl good i lost my dad to a 4 month battle of cancer in februari and this is exactly how it is

  • lost my dad in a tragic accident only 9 days ago. Like you said, your life is now in a different dimension, nothing will ever be “normal”. It is comforting to see that someone of your age is able to find some balance in everyday life after losing a loved one. I’m only hoping I can do the same eventually. Thank you for taking about it, you are very smart and wise. And yes, our loved ones are waiting on us, and in the meantime, your dad is watching over you. Whenever you’re thinking of him, he’s there.

  • I’m scared my mom is suffering from colon cancer stage 3. I’m turning 22 a dropout suffering from bipolar2 disorder, I’ve been mentally alone for so many yrs, I’ve been cutting off friends. Now I’m alone. Idk what I’ll do if I lose her. I saw yesterday the actor of black panther died of stage 3 colon cancer. So I’m really scared, my mom is so skinny now and she had twice the surgery already. Right now she’s going to have her check up because her stomach is aching again. There’s a community lockdown and what if she gets Corona virus instead. This is so MENTALLY and emotionally damaging for me. I have no one, every part of my family.. is just I don’t like them except for my mom. I’m very close to her. I really hate cancer.

  • I’m glad I’m not alone in these feelings. I try to explain to my friends of how I thought I was ready. I grieved when my father got the diagnosis of late end stage liver failure. I knew it was soon, and I braced my self I knew life ends with death it’s part of life. I lost it, when the nurse confirmed he had passed even though for some reason I put my hand on his chest and held his hand with my other hand and it seemed so fast like after I put my hand on his chance if felt slow beats then I felt beats 5-10 seconds apart then nothing all I could say is it stop I can’t feel it. Then when confirmed I lost it, my bestie said I just fell over on my dad and did the most painful cry I remember the crying I don’t remember laying my head on him. Another thing that people may not understand is how once they have passed, you may find comfort in holding their hand or running your fingers through their hair. When my grandparents passed who I was closed to I couldn’t get my self to get to close to the casket, and as a child seeing my grandma in her room peacefully after she passed I couldn’t get passed the door way. But my dad passed and I didn’t think of his body as different in anyway. I held his hand, I put a note in his shirt pocket before funeral. But one thing I have seen which catholic funerals is they close the casket with family in the room after the priest says a prayer, I seen them do this with my grandparents but when they told me it was getting close to funeral time I said my goodbyes lost it all over again and tried my hardest not to because my son was behind me but I walked away to go sit in the church and funeral director tells me priest will do a prayer and family walks in behind casket I Freaked out,” I can’t, I can’t watch them” and he knew. It hurt more then I thought at that moment to see the casket come up to me on the side of aisle that it was closed and my son and step kids then realized I how permanent it was and lost it which then while grieving for my own lost I grieved for their pain, they hurt too which is hard to see. He has been gone 2 years on sept 9th, and I have had another child after my father passed and I didn’t know how much my heart hurts for her. She only will know him from story’s and pictures, she won’t have any of her own memories with him.

  • I totally agree!!! It’s a hard thing to deal with!!! My mom died of stage 4 cancer and was not there on my birthday it was very hard to deal with!!! And she has been gone since end of April 2020. I understand what you mean it’s a very very hard thing to deal with!!!

  • I miss my grandma so much. I don’t think I can make it. It’s so hard to get out. I really wish I still had someone to talk to still.

  • This vid is frigin golden, but one thing I must confess is that after losing my mom at 11 to breast cancer, I think it broke me down to the point where I don’t give a fuck about anyone else’s problems, I wanna say it’s made me cold blooded, I don’t care of what other people say or do, if I don’t know them I don’t talk to them, I’m not much for small talk, and like I said I don’t feel any sympathy for people who have problems, for example meth and alcoholic addicts, just an example, but in my opinion, if you want to fuck your own life up, that’s on YOU and only you, but idk maybe it’s something else!?����‍♂️✌��

  • My darkest secret, my biggest regret is i didn’t go to visit my dad that often in hospital cuz i was too busy playing xbox. I was 12 & i hate myself for it

  • I lost my dad to cancer for a month and I agree with verything u said first people thought I’m brave while I just was in shock that I didn’t accept the fact he is gone,untill now I realized that it’s not a nightmare I’m gonna wake up frm, It’s real..

  • My mom is on her last days of her cancer battle. I have been checking out YouTube to see how everyone has dealt with losing a parent. I really appreciate your words. I really had no idea that it would be this painful even to cry it physically hurts. Thank you again.

  • My mom is sick and idk if everything is gonna be okay but I’m up at 3 watching to help and it does but I know I’m not going to be ready i hope that i have more time with her I’m only 13 so I can’t really imagine my life without because just thinking about it now I’m crying but I just really want to thank you for this video and being straight up

  • I lost my dad today, he was taken suddenly in an accidental fall. He was way too young to dye from something like that, so the tragedy of it was amplified. I never got to say good bye, I wish I could have one last good conversation with him. I don’t think I’ll ever get over this one.

  • I just lost my mom. It was absolutely unexpected, she was healthy and fine the day before. She went to bed, and never woke up. How do I get passed the guilt of things I wish we could have done together, or just not spending more time together? I don’t know how to move forward, I can’t imagine her not being there for everything

  • I lost my dad in a motorcycle accident almost a month ago now and everything you have said is basically what I am going through. I’m still in a state of shock so I’ve almost been okay but as time is going on it’s setting in that he’s never coming back and it’s one of the worst feelings you could ever experience. I’m 17 and I just graduated high school.. my dad passed a week before I graduated. I was supposed to see him the day after he died because he was gonna come pick up his tickets to come to my graduation but I never got to see him. I can’t help but think about all of things he’s going to miss out on in my life and it’s gut wrenching.

  • I lost my mom March 5th from cancer of this year. A hour after she passed away I was at peace with it. I knew she wasn’t suffering anymore and in a better place. She was always in so much pain and I know God helped me through it, because I attempted suicide in 2017. My friends and family thought I was going to try to do something stupid again, but I didn’t. I miss my mom like freaking crazy and I can’t stop thinking about her. I’ve had a few meltdowns but I know that I’m going to be ok.
    Whoever is going through this it’s going to be ok.

  • Not a dark video, but real. Just lost a parent and came across this. Life gave you these insights earlier than you would have wanted them, but look how it’s matured you. For me, waking to a new day where I don’t have to check on them was hard. An illness can be, oddly, a “norm” for us. And, now a new “norm”. Helpful insights. God bless.

  • When my dad died it was so sudden I didn’t expect it and I never could imagine my life without him and then he was just gone and I was a daddy’s girl and never expected him to be gone so soon and this is so true I have those days and I do also cope with a dark humor and I get stared at but I miss him so much and I hope everyone has a great day

  • I’m watching this video right now I lost my mom a year and a couple months ago I was 12 it was right before I turned 13 but I’m 14 now so I hope this video helps cause I’m really down bad rn

  • My dad passed 3 months ago and everything you’ve said is exactly how it’s been for me down to the last minute is so true. thank you for making this video and I think I’d watch this video everyday because it made me feel that much less alone

  • Watching this about 6-7 months later. But I totally agree. I lost my dad when I was 15. It’s been 5 years since he died and I still miss him everyday. No one cab be prepared, whatever age you are����

  • Thanks for sharing, it helps a lot as I lose my mom a month ago, and yes everything you said it’s true. Hopefully you’ll find comfort everytime the memory reminds you about how good and lovely your dad is.

  • I lost my mom 5 year’s ago when I was 12. One of my biggest struggles I have now is forgetting what it’s like to have a mom. I have my stepdad still but I still lack the nurturing and care my mom gave me. It hurts when I go to a friends house or visit my cousins and kind of get reminded what it’s like to have that and then get sad all over again realizing I lost the one person who would do absolutely anything for me.

  • i’m so glad you made this video and that i found out. i have never related to something more in my life. thank you for this. i lost my mom 2 years ago (when i was 14) to cancer. i needed this video so much because i don’t know anyone else who has lost a parent to cancer at a young age. i thought i was alone in all of this but i have literally thought/felt every single thing you mentioned. i’m so sorry for your loss.

  • I lost my dad on 23rd of July, 2013 when i was only 9 years old to metastatic cancer and now at the age of 16 my family found out that my mom has that type of cancer too… unfortunately, in both cases we weren’t able to catch it in an early stage so now i am deadly afraid that i would lose her too… it hurts so much and i am so mad i can’t do anything to help.

  • Thank you for this, it’s nice connecting and knowing other people out there at going through the same things, if any of you are seeing his just know you’re not alone and loved. I lost my mom when I was 2 and dad 6, the pain will never go away but it will get easier as time goes by, my advice is to always keep yourself occupied doing things like riding a bike, painting, finding a job u love etc.

  • It’s rough. We haven’t really touched anything of his in the house. When we eat dinner, his spot at the kitchen table is left open.

  • I’m 37, lost dad at 13 to cancer. I can tell you from experience that he won’t become a vague memory. The only thing vague will become his presence, you’ll forget what it’s like to have a father sadly. But you won’t forget him ever. I talk about my dad with anyone who listens, I feel as if I keep him alive this way. You gonna miss him alot especially when you have problems in your life and you’ll feel jealousy towards others who have a father. Key life moments will hurt because he’s not there marriage, babies, life dillemas that no one can help you with. The hurt never goes away and yes I wish he was here so I can tell him all about my life. But whenever you find it hard, remember that love is the only thing that helps a broken heart, not material things, not money, not keeping busy all the time. I mean love for people, animals, nature etc. Life is beautiful and we should never let sorrow win

  • When you lose a parent or parents nothing is never the same. Really depressing moments happen, you never get over it. Losing a parent makes you realize life is not a joke and your thankful your alive thanks to your parents.

  • I found this a really touching and true reflection on how it feels to lose a parent young. My mum died of cancer on my 14th birthday. I was the only one with her and the memory of her last seconds haunted me for many years as I dwelled on how she had gone from being present to the finality of leaving me in those moments. I’m 50 this year and I can promise you it gets easier to live in this new state of being..that is, without your mum/dad.
    Best wishes to you, you sound like you have a wonderful family. You’ll be okay. xx

  • Thank you for this video. I’m expecting the death of a parent soon (cancer) and I’m gathering as much information as possible since I am very emotionally sensitive. I’m 40 years old but I understand that there’s a part of you that has matured faster than me even at half my age.

  • I lost my dad a year ago. It was just me and him since I was 3. My mom left me when I was two. My dad was my rock, and one day my world was turned up side down. February 15, 2019 will always be my least favorite day. I was at work when he passed and came home found him. Everything you said in this video was true. It is truly hard with out him.

  • I can count on one hand people that have been true friends to me in this life and one of my true friends I met when I was 12 passed away recently I know nobody here knows me or him but just typing this is helping me and seeing all the comments knowing us humans have each other and share this same pain cause sometimes we do feel like nobody else really cares or is feeling what we are feeling.His death was such a surprise and shock as he was very young.We cared for each other deeply and would have laid our lives down for each other he was my lifetime friend and always will be I feel a piece gone I wish I had more time with him and could say more I know he knew how much I cared for him.He left behind a son and I will tell his son as he grows up about the nice caring person his father was to me and always respectful.To those that are feeling what I’m feeling just know you’re not going through this horrible emotion alone.��

  • i’ve also became very fearful of another family members death and like it’s kind of annoying for myself because if my mom or grandma or sibling doesn’t answer a call or takes to long to get home my mind automatically goes to that negative idea of death.

  • this is exactly how it was for me basically. it first happened and i was sad and in shock but i instantly tried to move on and live for him and just be happy and heal but then months after the grief came and there were very few good days but i tried to not fall into it for a long time.

  • this video so beautifully describes what it’s like!! I relate to you so much! i lost my dad too and it’s the weirdest thing. you described EVERYTHING so so well! thank you for being vulnerable and sharing��

  • Thank you, it’s been 5 weeks and I am just hitting that part you talked about where other people are kind of almost forgetting that this has happened and I’m feeling so bad. It helps to know other people have experienced this too. ����

  • This video helped me feel so much less alone. Strangely enough, I lost my Dad the same day exactly that you posted this video. It has almost been 5 months now and I can’t imagine living the rest of my life without him. The 16 years I spent with him feel so much shorter now. The only thing that makes me feel ok is the thought of seeing him again in heaven one day! I pray for you and your family and hope that one day you all we see your father again as well.❤ Thank you so much for this video!

  • I lost my dad 2 days ago. He was in an accident. I have no words to describe my feelings and pain. Even though I feel numb. I’m heart broken but staying strong for my sisters and mom until they go back home far away and I’m all alone in this empty house that me and him lived in after they leave. I’m scared for when it finally hits me. I’m so scared.

  • My Mimi passed away on August 13 and I’m devastated. She raised me since 2nd grade. She was the only one I trusted my feelings with. I can’t stop being sad. I got to say I love you an hour before her death. She died from a heart attack and didn’t want surgery and didn’t make it to therapy

  • I was crying and watching this video.I lost my husband 2 months ago qnd I am so broken and alone.
    I month prio to that i lost my Mum, it was heart wrenching to listen to so called friends telling me to stand up and move on.
    I too was told all those things such as, Gods plan, everything happens for a reason ect ect.
    I cannot explain the pain i am in. Just m8ss him so much, he waz my best friend.

  • Okay i wasn’t looking for how to battle people against me and my opinion of how to deal with judgment. I just want comfort not b.s

  • My dad died suddenly when I was 3 and now I’m 19 and my mom is slowly dying from a head injury. It’s the hardest thing knowing that one day I won’t have any parents. I never would’ve thought I’d lose my mom too. Always be thankful for those in your life, they can be gone any second.

  • I lost my brother 6 weeks ago. When his dead body was brought in a vehicle, knowing that he’s dead i was expecting him to come out from the car and walk into our home. But i saw him in a coffin…it was so painful….

  • Yeah. Still grieve and not moving forward to keep myself sustained. My husband died September 5, 2019. After years of torture trying to live for me. Angry that my family didn’t call or text on that day. Rather be forgotten on the day I die. Only one that mattered was my husband. Pray nonstop to just join him

  • It’s very true that love never dies. I lost my husband almost two months ago, and experiencing the stages of grief. I miss my best friend terribly. My best response to those conveying their condolences is to say, ” I celebrate his life every day, and will never forget him. That’s what he asked me to do.” And I will honor his wishes.

  • My dad passed in 2011 also. October 4th. My firstborn was due the day of his passing but I had a blood clot and needed to be induced two weeks early and was born at the minute of his passing anyway. Isn’t that strange

  • My two aunts and cousin died in a car crash this summer and I dont think ill ever be over the fear and devestation and heartbreak the whole ordeal has brought. I think of them every day, and I probably will every day the rest of my life

  • I lost my mum 18 days ago. My live hsa turn upside down and lm not coping it’s crazy loving mum and best friend it alot of pain, ❤️

  • Thank you and you are so right on about messages we give others when a loved one dies. Really love to support you in any capacity. Have lots of loves that miss every day. God bless you �� ❤

  • on the surface: I am

    a puddle
    of mud.
    just underneath,
    slightly below:

    I am
    an ocean

    of grief.

    to bear

    the agonizing, suffocating, debilitating, paralyzing lonely pain

    of this life

    no more.

    I am undone.




    rage engulfs
    every cell of me. I cannot bear

    to breathe.

    I am drowned

    in loneliness,
    and in suffering,

    and in defeat.


    my only familiar


  • I lost my dad Sam Armstrong 2/8/2020. Its been almost 6 months and it hurts. I hear you have to keep living but how do i keep living without him. When all i do is think about his smile and laughter and love. I miss you daddy ❤❤❤

  • Nothing will replace the presence of my father. None of this makes me feel any better. Nothing will compensate for losing him.

    It’s nice and honorable but doesn’t lessen the pain of losing a loved one.

  • My Dad died last year, a few days before Christmas. I was basically his only child and had only been able to know him for a little over a year… I am still grieving and its so hard, harder than anything I have ever dealt with.

  • Lost my wife in 2020����
    I was looking for a motivation video
    And I found a great lady to motivate a young man like me who lost his loved one and that great lady is you Kelley.
    Thank you very much shall always be grateful to you����

  • my grandparents died together some days ago. I really feel like in a swirl of memories right now. They teached me infinite things. I wish I would have appreciate them even more, cause I miss them so much already. It makes me feel better to think that they are everywhere, and that I love everything because I love them.
    Talk to the people you love, communicate, listen, remember, do your best.

  • My dad died 4 weeks ago then my mom few days ago… is very hard to make sense of and m stuck continents away cause of COVID19

  • Last night my 5 year old niece passed away in a car accident. We loved her dearly and we always will. Never take the people you love for granted, because for all you know they could leave in any minute. Fly high my little angel ��

  • This was excellent!
    Some one told me to stop talking about my husband 2 weeks after he died!
    No way!
    My husband is the reason why i became an advocate!

  • My dad has been diagnosed with cancer about 2.5 years ago. This past Wednesday he was rushed to hospital because he was in pain and that he was just sleeping all day. My family and I got the news that he want make it. My mom was given the choice to give him a ventilator which would just pro long his death and suffering or let him die death in 24 hours where his suffering will be ended sooner. He will unfortunately die within the next day. I will always remember him. He was selfless and a hero to not only me but hundreds in our community. I will never forget him or his life. I will honor him with my life and spread him mission of love, and education to the masses. Rest In Peace Dad. I love you. God loves you. Jesus loves you. I will never forget you.

  • I lost my husband 2002 of cancer. I took care of him at home. You never get over it ever. It comes upon you sometimes no warning. The grief!
    I miss you Mick!

  • I do think it’s important to keep talking about my son �� I am afraid to though sometimes because I think it hurts family members more

  • After 51 years of marriage I lost my husband 3 years ago. The pain never goes away and all I want to be is with him. Everyday I miss his smell, his touch, his smile. I knew him since I was 5 years old, he lived across the street and we played together as children. I’m just so lost.

  • About 3 months ago, I lost my brother and his pregnant wife in an accident! Only God knows when the pain will end. I miss them everyday

  • I lost my sister on August 7th 2020, it still doesn’t feel real to me, it’s been very difficult and everyday is another step for me to get through, but this video helped me a lot, and all of the comments from all of you beautiful people has helped me to believe and to hope that everything will be okay, and that we will never forget the people we love. We have to have patience and love for each other always, I love you all! And I will always love you forever my beautiful sister Nanyelid��

  • In John 11:11-14, 43,44 Jesus himself teaches us the truth about death and the hope we have of seeing our loved ones again. The same blessing bestowed upon Lazarus is promised in the future to all those in God’s memory, John 5:28,29. The Scriptures tell us the condition of the dead, Ecclesiastes 9:5,10, also that the soul is not immortal, but dies, Ezekiel 18:4,20. The dead have paid the price for their sins, Romans 6:23, and so they are acquitted from their sins, Romans 6:7. This is what God’s Word of truth teaches, isn’t it comforting? He cannot lie, Titus 1:2; Psalms 83:18!

  • I lost 8 friends this year well 10 months. I bury myself in school, work, side business, material things. I never let myself grieve the loss of them.

  • There is no moving on. There is no forgetting. There is always blaming yourself. There is always sadness. There is always trying to hold on. There is always a emptyness.

    I found all this out very recently. First it was my grandmother. She was always there to build me up, pull me out of the messes that my mother created. When it came down to it ultimately my grandmother would not always be there for me, or, my mom. She got diagnosed with stage four cancer.

    Sadly on Feburary 25TH, of 2020 she passed. She was my beacon of strength, and hope. She was my mom’s helper, supporter and, protector. But when we lost my grandmother we lost those things along with her.

    My mom had many different mental illnesses scitsophrinio, bipolar, and, depression. All of these mental Illnesses combined together made my mother create these extreme outbursts. Some would be physical while others would be mentally, and, verbally. I remember she would use her outbursts on me and my grandmother to destroy us in any way.

    Then there was my grandfather. The only real reason why he stuck around was because of me. He didn’t want anything bad to happen to me. I wish he would’ve taken care of himself first instead of me.

    After a couple of months of the vicious cycle that I had to go through day in and out I finally woke up. I realized I had to save myself I had to take action first if I wanted to save the person that I cared for and loved the most at the time. My mom.

    I left with my dad to go live with him. I took my cat my clothes the stuff that I cared for the most. As I was leaving my mom called me a trader. But all that I said was that I loved her, and, I would be back.

    I would return as I said but my mom would not be there. She passed away too. Me and my family lost her on April 20TH, 2020. I thought the knife that was in my shest could not be shoved in anymore than it already had been.

    It got shoved in furthermore and twisted. I lost my granddad my dad’s father this last week. It just seems as if life just wants to keep shoving the knife in deeper, and, deeper twisting it more, and, more until I finally fall to my knees. But you know what I’ll not fall to my knees very easily because I’ll not go down without a fight. I’m tough and strong.

  • I lost both of my parents, my dad when i was 8 and now my mom died (I am 17), I’m suffering so much, my mom was the sweetest person, she was kind and caring, she was only 50 �� I will always love her just like my father, I want to learn to live with this trauma and pain.

  • The pain of losing your mother can be so overwhelming I feel like I can breathe some days it truly feels like a nightmare. It’s only been 2 weeks I miss her every second of everyday but I know she would want me to get up everyday and live so I do it for her. I love you so much mommy I really miss you.

  • My brother markhas been diagnosed with ALS for a little more than a year. He showed signs of it for close to three years and no Doctor was able to figure out what was wrong, until my sister whom he had been living with kept trying to bring him to each doctor —finally found a doctor who recognised almost immediately that he had ALS. He has been taking medication that was made available to him only through a medical grant funding from those who have donated to the continuing research for a possible cure. He has slowed down in the progression, but without side effects. My hopes and prayers are that, you can also contact the Doctor for possible cure if you have ALS or any relative suffering for same disease here his email:[email protected]

  • People need to be realistic with these comments.I lost my fiancee 5months ago and I haven’t lost an inch of what i feel for him.I love you Kilton

  • I lost my cat, more specifically my best friend. My friends think it’s stupid to grieve so much over a pet, but she really was my best friend. She was there for me when no one else was. During my darkest times, she was the only one by my side. It still feels like a nightmare that I’ll wake up from. I’m still expecting to wake up with her by my side. I miss you, baby girl, please wait for me up there.

  • It’s not hard to be okay I lost my brother almost a year ago and it’s been so hard for me 2 years ago he got shot but he was only in critical condition and he got shot an inch away from his heart and now that I think about God probably gave me and him a warning and God didn’t want me to lose him but then a year later I got a terrible call from my mom and she said he was missing and asked to talk to my grandma and I was watching my grandmas face and she just had that face like something was wrong so I just started crying bc I knew he was in trouble and my mom said she will be at my house in a few minutes she got there and allll my brothers friends and my other brother were with her but that one friend that he trusted so much was there too and he didn’t even look sad he looked guilty but I’ll get to him later so anyway my mom came up to me and said he’s gone matt is dead he’s gone too soon and I was so shocked I didn’t know what to do and the night he died he came over to my house and gave me a GIANT hug and said he loved me with all his heart but maybe a week later we found out he was shot by his best friend and got dumped at a park so we made a tree he was set by a grieving tree and too this day we visit there every day I miss my brother so much and the police aren’t dealing with his murder as they should my brother visits me in my dreams and tells me he misses me and he’s ok and gives me hugs I just really miss him ��

  • My son is now a little angel in heaven. He joined our Creator last month. This talk is so beautiful, I pray it makes others understand how and what we really feel. I agree, there is no such thing as moving on. It goes with you every single day.

  • When you lose a child you lose the future
    When you lose a parent you lose the past
    When you lose a sibling you lose both
    This helped me ty

  • The following quote from Brother Bear 2 is one of my all time favourites, “Once you love someone, they stay in your heart forever.”

  • My cousin died in Iraq war he was a soldier he filmed the battle with his Helmet camera and he got shot in his head while it stayed filming he died quick he till death the shot was directly into the brain it was close from the eye

  • My aunt just died yesterday night in the hospital during her sleep when she was getting better. I can’t believe that she died so suddenly. She practically raised me along side my other aunt when my mom was working out of the country. I can’t imagine how my 10 years old cousin would react when we tell him the news about his mom passing away.

  • I’m in a very difficult situation right now, a few months ago, my cat passed away, he’s been with me before I was born, then I started to feel better, but yesterday my dog passed away aswell, this video helped me so much

  • I just lost my fiancée who I adored, suddenly and shockingly. We were picking out wedding rings one day and she was gone the next. The message in this video is so heartfelt, honest and true. I can’t just “move on”. I have to live of course and be there for family and friends I love. But I’ll never move on from my love for her. Need to figure out a way to help others who go through soul-shattering loss. That’s the best I can do.

  • The worst part of losing a pet, is that people feel they are replaceable.”Just get another one,you will eventually get busy with the new puppy and will forget about him.” Absolutely not. There is no forgetting or getting over it. I cant move on from the love my dog had for me and I have for him. Maybe some day il smile looking at his pictures and videos or adopt another one,but today I grieve for my little baby. Beautiful message ��

  • My mother died last August 01, 2020. I will never move on. I’m just surviving my everyday life. All my efforts and plans are for her to have a happy life. I promised her that I will build a new house in her hometown so she can retire in the province. I love my mother more than my life. She has exceptional talent in cooking and is very hardworking. Now, and perhaps forever, I have no interest in pursuing any endeavor that leads to a successful or comfortable life. It is wrong to say this but I will say it anyway, “I feel like I’m just waiting for my own death.” I sometimes get mad when people message me with condolences that involves moving on. They often include statements like, “You have to accept the sad reality of life.”, “She’s with our Lord now, you have to look forward to other things.”, etc. At the back of my mind, I just want to tell them, “F*** you!”.

    To all who have lost their loved ones, I am with you, I care for you, I sympathize with you. We’re all in this together.

  • I just lost my step-father today and he loved and cared for me so much. I can’t stand being without him, knowing he’s gone makes me sad.

  • I’ve read through many comments & stories shared here of grief. As was mentioned in the video sympathetic intents can often end akwardly. So, how can the grieving be helped? I’ll share an experience of mine. One summer weekend in the early 1990s, I felt restless, a need to get out. Drove to beach..ocean..wasn’t doing it, back in car. To mall? naw, to friends house..nope, etc. To eat..not hungry yet. Passed a metaphysical book store…hmmm..turned around went in. Wandering around, browsing..saw table of books..absently picking up, putting back, aware that I was in a strange mood..sorta zoned out, searching..for what? Then a voice said “you need to buy that one.” Near me stood a blonde lady holding a female toddler. I looked absently at her, and she pointed to a book I was holding, but not really aware of it. I looked down, coming out of my strange fog to see a title: “The Seat of the Soul” I said really? She responded, ” really”. She walked away..I continued browsing…but went back picked up book & bought. In parking lot…going to my car…voice again..”did you buy it”?.a couple spaces over..there was the lady & baby at their car. I answered “yes”. She approached and invited me to have lunch with she & baby. Caught me off guard, I said “yes”, totally surprised that I did! Where? She told me the street. I said that’s on my way home. Followed in my car..keeping her car in sight, not really paying attention to surroundings. She signaled to turn, I then realized we were turning into a local cemetery! Got out of cars…she led me to a grave site. It was her son’s who had died in traffic accident. He had been in early twenties. The toddler was his daughter. She was born a month or two after his death. His mom, baby’s grandma was who I was with. A large tree was near the grave..shade.  She shared her meager lunch…I asked her about him. I listened as she shared her precious memories. The baby played..grandma spoke, I listened. At times, we were silent. The afternoon passed. We parted, sharing a hug, well wishes and no other info. I was profoundly affected. Over 20 years have passed, I still have the book.(1st printing I believe) Every so often I revisit it..highlight something I missed before..I used a quote from book for my sister’s funeral a few years after my strange encounter.
    I learned that day: •Go with your intuitive promptings •Someone, somewhere may need you. •Don’t be afraid or put off by someone else’s grief.  
    • Be available to listen, to engage.  •Be sad, it’s ok.  • Be interested-be human.

  • I just want to thank you��thank you so much I just lost my only sibling and my mother on 1 July and 11 July 2019, couldn’t hardest hit ever. I was just about Living not forgetting them, then COVID happened and I lost my Loving husband suddenly, on the 4 June 2020. I want to share his life, I never had the opportunity to attend his funeral for I was also diagnosed with the virus, can’t go to his grave due to lockdown rules, I so much want to do a tribute, a proper memorial in memory of him, again COVID restrictions. I miss him so much. Thank you, your story have so encouraged me.

  • I lost my grandfather on August 4th, 2020 due to health problems and Covid-19. He was such an amazing person and loved everyone around him. He loved playing Mariachi music and taking care of his farm in Mexico. ���� The sad thing is that my entire family and I weren’t able to say our last words to him before he passed because of this pandemic. He suffered alone in the hospital for 2 weeks without anybody next to him. ����

    �� R.I.P Marcelino Garcia ��
    November 7, 1947 August 4, 2020

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  • Or a pet bird that’s important to you.❤️ I put my birds first. And one died. Today.

    Nothing will be the same without him.

    Forest /green budgie/ super cute/likes to cuddle/gives kisses/but he ate his poop and that’s how he died. Please don’t make fun of my birds name because my family already is. ���� forest just died today.

    Date I got him

    Friday may 9th. 2020

    Day he died R.I.P

    Sunday June 7 2020

    I love you forest. ❤️

  • Thanks for the tips. Lost my brother unexpectedly recently. A traumatic experience. But how to grief in Corona situation when nobody can comfort you by their hugs and all the things that gave you joy are not possible anymore? I find it very hard to grief and cope with it when all what I need right now is not allowed.

  • When I buried my mum last month she took a piece of my heart with her. There is nothing that will ever make that pain go away. If you truly love the person that has died, you will never get over it and the pain will be with you every single day. I love you mamma and I will miss you every single day. I love you and you will be in my heart. Always and forever ❤️❤️������������

  • I just lost my father this morning at around 10am. He was in the garage outside my house cleaning, since we are moving house and we’re very excited, and my mum came out to get him some lunch and found him lying on the ground. Our outdoor fridge was open, so originally I thought he had been electrocuted, but the ambulance came a long and said he would’ve been dead for around 1-2 hours and he most likely had a heart attack. I am only 12 and I miss my father so much. I am not writing this for likes or comments, this is just my story and why I am here. I want to honour his life and the selflessness that was in his blood. ��

  • I’m in a difficult situation where a person I know but don’t know personally, but know him threw my rolemodels as a movie critic and I’ve talked to once on twitter had committed suicide a few weeks ago. I’m not allowed to grieve in my own home since my parents (who act like death is nothing) say he wasn’t real to me, but the fact is, he made me who I am. So I’m constantly having anxiety attacks becuase of such an event, I feel hurt, angry and overall confused.