Dealing with Adult Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


How I Manage My ADHD Without Medication

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ADHD Coping Skills | 8 Top Tips For Coping With ADHD In Adulthood | ADHD Awareness Month

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Introduction: Adult ADHD & Relationships (Part I)

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ADHD as an Adult: How is it Different?

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Management of the complex adult patient with ADHD (nc)

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Adult ADHD: Mayo Clinic Radio

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Drug-Free Adult ADHD Tips for Coping

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Living with ADHD means finding clever solutions to everyday tasks and challenges. These 80 reader-submitted coping strategies are idiosyncratic and they work. Here are some proven tips to gain control from an expert Adult ADD/ADHD, New York City Psychiatrist. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: 7 Effective Tips Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has been shown.

Although the effects of isolated instances of procrastination, poor time management, disorganization, or any other of the “usual suspects” of ADHD are, in most cases, unremarkable, it is the. Adults whose symptoms early in the morning or late in the evening are an issue, or whom have a history or propensity to a drug use disorder, stimulants may not be the optimal medication treatment and, therefore, they may respond better to a nonstimulant medication for treatment of ADHD. The core symptoms of ADHD in adults may include restlessness, impulsivity and difficulty paying attention. Adults with ADHD may have a hard time concentrating, remembering directions and. Danville Virginia Psychiatrist Doctors physician directory About 2%-6% of adults have ADHD, a behavioral problem more common in children.

Symptoms include impulsivity, hyperactivity, and inattention. Treatment may involve ADHD education, attending a support group, skills training, and medication. ADD / ADHD isn’t just about difficulty at work or school—it also contributes to reduced self-esteem, troubled relationships, and even the likelihood of automobile accidents.

Thankfully, a little bit can go a long way in the treatment of ADHD. For some, becoming aware of weaknesses, and developing strategies to counter them, can result in big improvements. The strategies below can help adults with ADHD develop coping skills: 1. Make time for exercise every day.

Exercise helps increase focus and attention, decrease excess energy, and helps combat. Adult ADHD is often treated with a combo of medications, skills coaching, and psychotherapy, including couples counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy. If you have a spouse or partner, it’s. Understanding the role of ADHD in adult relationships Transforming your relationship starts with understanding the role that ADHD plays.

Once you are able to identify how the symptoms are ADHD are influencing your interactions as a couple, you can learn better ways of responding.

List of related literature:

Psychiatrist and ADHD specialist Marc Schwartz offers an article called “For Your Therapist” from his Web site ( that highlights ADHD’s special considerations.

“Is it You, Me, Or Adult A.D.D.?: Stopping the Roller Coaster when Someone You Love Has Attention Deficit Disorder” by Gina Pera
from Is it You, Me, Or Adult A.D.D.?: Stopping the Roller Coaster when Someone You Love Has Attention Deficit Disorder
by Gina Pera
1201 Alarm Press, 2008 from the national support group for children and adults with ADHD. from the ADD Association, a national ADHD adult support group.

“Conn's Current Therapy 2019” by Rick D. Kellerman, David Rakel
from Conn’s Current Therapy 2019
by Rick D. Kellerman, David Rakel
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Therapists and life coaches can be of huge assistance to many adults with ADHD once they have begun a course of effective medication.

“Taking Charge of Adult ADHD” by Russell A. Barkley, Christine M. Benton
from Taking Charge of Adult ADHD
by Russell A. Barkley, Christine M. Benton
Guilford Publications, 2011

Treatment may include stimulants such as methylphenidate (Ritalin) and psychological counseling.

“Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
from Alters and Schiff Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Jeff Housman, Mary Odum
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Adjustment to a first diagnosis of ADHD in adulthood may require therapeutic support.

“The Oxford Handbook of Adult Cognitive Disorders” by Michael L. Alosco, Robert A. Stern
from The Oxford Handbook of Adult Cognitive Disorders
by Michael L. Alosco, Robert A. Stern
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In addition to medications for ADHD, there may be “cognitive rehabilitation” programs in your area that you can enroll in to help you develop strategies for improving your attention and concentration.

“The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide, Second Edition: What You and Your Family Need to Know” by David J. Miklowitz
from The Bipolar Disorder Survival Guide, Second Edition: What You and Your Family Need to Know
by David J. Miklowitz
Guilford Publications, 2011

With medication (usually Ritalin, Concerta, or Strattera), physical maturation, and the use of coping strategies, children with AD/HD can improve their listening skills.

“Childhood Speech, Language, and Listening Problems” by Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi
from Childhood Speech, Language, and Listening Problems
by Patricia McAleer Hamaguchi
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See the Section III Patient Teaching Guides for this chapter, “Tips for Caregivers: Living (Enjoyably) With a Child Who Has ADHD” and “Coping Strategies for Teens and Adults With ADHD,” including “Resources for ADD.”

“Family Practice Guidelines: Second Edition” by Jill C. Cash, MSN, APN, FNP-BC, Cheryl A. Glass, MSN, WHNP, RN-BC
from Family Practice Guidelines: Second Edition
by Jill C. Cash, MSN, APN, FNP-BC, Cheryl A. Glass, MSN, WHNP, RN-BC
Springer Publishing Company, 2010

Research by Resnick (2000) suggests that an important component of the treatment plan for adults with ADHD will necessarily focus on a review of needed environmental changes and adjustments that can reduce the expression of symptoms and their impact on the individual.

“The Encyclopedia of Neuropsychological Disorders” by Arthur MacNeill Horton, Jr., EdD, ABPP, ABPN, Chad A. Noggle, PhD, ABN, Raymond S. Dean, PhD, ABPP, ABN, ABPdN
from The Encyclopedia of Neuropsychological Disorders
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Nevertheless, the message that should come through loud and clear is that with proper treatment—including education, counseling, medication, behavioral strategies, hard work, advocacy, and the support of family and friends—adults with ADHD can make significant and sometimes dramatic improvements in their lives.

“Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Third Edition: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment” by Russell A. Barkley
from Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Third Edition: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment
by Russell A. Barkley
Guilford Publications, 2005

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  • I’m 39 and for a few years have been reading people’s stories and descriptions on Twitter and thinking ‘really crosses over with anxiety, huh’ cos I’ve had that since 17, this week the penny has started to drop and I think I meet enough aside from remembering it all before age 12 that wasn’t just being a kid, especially cos I was quiet and studious at least until bigger projects and longer deadlines. Boy, have work, creativity and relationships suffered most starkly.

  • “cope with your ADHD by doing these things. Which you can’t do because you have ADHD”
    I believe there are drug free answers but these aren’t them.

  • Realize some time when your parent do uppers.such as meth and x etc.there kid can develop schizophrenia,adhd,personality disorders.

  • The problem with these currently available drugs is that they are half assed in research and development. All of them are just rehashed amphetamines ��

    Maybe one day I’ll develop a new drug that isn’t so half assed.

  • I literally got so many answers from this video and it made me not feel so alone. I grew up enough courage and pushed myself to meet with my primary to discuss everything… that I’m one hundred percent sure I’m struggling with this and I’m so mentally exhausted and just ready to get the help I need because I’m starting school in less then a month.
    They literally told me they don’t even discuss mental health at my clinic?
    And children and family services in my area won’t treat adults with adhd.
    I was SO discouraged I couldn’t even talk to the receptionist without bawling ������

  • Thanks, great to hear this. I always wondered why I battled with all sorts all my life until I sort help. After 62 summers I was diagnosed with ADH, now in therapy but feeling late in the day to handle all this. Too much for my brain.

  • I’m 16 years old and I’ve thought for a while that I might have ADHD. If I do it’s definitely of the inattentive rather than hyperactive form. It’s all in my head and doesn’t translate in physical movement, but I’m still impulsive when it comes to things like speaking. When I was 8 years old I went to see a private and retired psychologist. He did an assessment of my cognitive performance in different areas. I came back with very high 90th percentile results in things like verbal memory and reasoning, but below average scores in working memory and processing speed. When my parents met with the psychologist they threw around terms like dyslexia, but never ADHD. I find it funny because one of his remarks in the report was that I was squirming in my seat, which is a classic ADHD trait. I then went into modified classes because of my learning disability, and have been in them until grade 10 where my marks were so high that I decided to move into the academic stream with everybody else. The course load is a lot more and I have found myself using my IEP (individual education plan) more for extra time on tests more. Sometimes this will lead to me not doing my best on a time sensitive test. I’ve tried to be more mindful of where my mind wanders in class and most of the time it isn’t on work, I’ve always told my teachers that I like doing work that I’m interested in, which they say is normal, but when you’re incapable of sitting down and doing the work you don’t want to do without ruining your whole night with focusing struggles and stress, I think there’s a problem. I’ve convinced my parents to get me re tested after coming to them three times with my problems, and it will happen soon, I hope it brings answers. I’m sorry for the wall of text.

  • Hey! If you’re struggling making a routine (starting is half the problem) then try and pair one thing you need to do with a habit you already have. Even if that habit is just waking up. So like, keep your meds by your bedside, and once you have that down, brush your teeth after you take your meds. You dont have to start the entire routine all at once

  • Thanks Dan, these 9 points are really useful. It made me realize again that routines and structure are essential to break through the unstructured and “on-demand” society we are living in.

  • Hi! Would you do a video for people like myself with adhd on how to finish things you start…tips mindset… stuff like that maybe dip into how to help unfog my brain or some memory exercises? Thanks for this vid btw!

  • I’m excited to meet my new psychiatrist soon because I cannot deal anymore. For so many years I had no idea this wasn’t just Me being irresponsible. A.D.D. causes chronic fatigue syndrome / depression for me as well.

  • My elderly neighbour barbara sent me this bc im adhd. I love her lmaoo mind you i stopped watching at 0:43 ��in my defense, theres nothing she wont say that i dont already know

  • I got diagnosed when I was 37 (but I knew as far back as I can remember that I was different), it changed my life. Now it’s back with vengeance. When you have ADD that’s truly severe like I have it’s devastating, when I try to explain ADD to my friends, family, co-workers I can see the look like “isn’t that for kids”. I’m 47 and still daydream, think about winning the super bowl and being a movie star. I’m a 47 child. Here’s the kicker, no one knows that because I’m somewhat successful, good marriage, good family, lots of friends. I’ve always felt like a square peg trying to fit into the round hole of society.

  • I was born with a dad took Srraterra my whole life until my high School freshman year I am now 24 and out of school. i feel as if I have a shirt intention span and it sucks and taking a toll on my relationship. I JUST WANNA BE ABLE TO LISTEN! HELP ME!

  • 8:20 “ADHD is a snowball. If you’ve been ineffective your whole life it tends to collect anxieties and depressive symptoms”
    Can I get the mightiest of oofs lads and ladies?

  • Recently my son was diagnosed with ADHD as I’ve watched him and then describe what he’s doing it doesn’t seem foreign at all it’s exactly what I go through everyday. I have felt like something was wrong with me my entire life. Who do we go to to get diagnosed with ADD or ADHD I’m struggling with that I got a therapist but I actually struggle to bring it up I forget to bring it up. I’m 90% sure I have ADD or ADHD I’m not sure if those are even different. My issue is finding treatment live in a small town and I don’t know who to go to. I’m considering now just talking with my general practitioner maybe they can refer me from there?

  • Wow, sitting here at 2:30AM with my wife and kids asleep, I’m almost crying. I think I have Adult ADHD. And it all makes sense, my emotional irregularity, my job hopping, my unfinished projects. Also, the fact that I don’t think I’m good enough for things or the fact that I’m stressed all the time because I can’t seem to do regular things. I need to go see a doctor. Thank you for this video. I finally feel like there is hope

  • Fair warning, and please spread the word, folks! If there is any bipolar in your family, and you have ADHD, DO NOT take Strattera. It can send you into highly rapid wild mood swings between suicidality and mania even within a single day several ups and downs. The fine print for Strattera (in the package) says it is not for people with bipolar disorder, but it can be a family disorder you haven’t had diagnosed right yet, or something just waiting to ignite. Some doctors either don’t know it (having not read the fine print), or just get tired and forget, so they mistakenly prescribe this stuff. Be very, very sure you don’t have a bipolar grandparent or parent or sibling before trying Strattera it can wreck your life majorly in short order and take a very long time to straighten out.

  • I can’t even sit through this video without getting distracted by the suggested videos how do you expect me to be able to keep my interest through an entire book? omg send help.

  • thank you for the clear simple advice. i am going to try to reorganize again and go to an adhd meet up. coaching would be great but i cant afford it. do you know of a forum or some place i could find an accountability partner. oddly enough, i am better at helping other people stay on track so it could be a two ways street.

  • I have three killers, PROCRASTINATION, FAILURE TO START and specially and specifically FAILURE TO FINISH. These are killing me softly. I’m a writer and people really do love my works whenever I do some articles. Yet, so many people who really do love me and look me up including my mom, siblings, friends and admirers, are still waiting for my first book to be published. Thanks to my ADHD I both do love and really hate, I’m still struggling to finish writing a book that has been began some 12 years ago, August 2006. Painfully, I’m still half way. Nobody knows the pain of ADHD except those of us in it, those who have it and those who struggle to help us overcome it. Can you pleae give me some advises being specific to my three killers? Thank you in advance.

  • This explains why its so hard for me to sleep at night. I was diagnosed with adhd as a child and i had a bunch of issues, but from what I’ve been told that to really know for sure if I have adhd i should ask a doctor now that I’m older. Is this accurate?

  • I definitely have ADD. I am a teacher. I have 30 kids in each of my six classes. Different grades, different textbooks, but they are all too hard for me to handle. I can’t even remember all of their names and I am supposed to track their development and stuff. ADD people should never become teachers. It is mental and physical torture.

  • Working out helps because of the sleep pattern and muscle/mind connection but I do both and still have trouble and it’s so messed up I zoned out watching this as well!

  • I am one of those people that sleeps better on stimulants!! My psych was shocked when I told her that… lol. Now I’m on a good dose, but when I first got diagnosed with ADHD she put me on a very low dose of Adderall and the first 3 days that I took it, it felt like I took a sleeping pill and was trying to stay awake, it was awful! I called the office and told her “there’s no way I can function, I’m damn near falling asleep standing up” �� so she upped my dose and it got better for sure. she was so shocked that I felt sleepy on Adderall though…. LOL

  • I just wanted to say thank you for the ADHD in adults video. I wasn’t diagnosed until I was in my mid-thirties and this year 2020 has been very extremely rough on all of us and I haven’t been able to control myself so I sought medical help for it. a lot of the things that you say about creating our own coping mechanisms is very. For instance at the age of fourteen I used to sleep with headphones inlistening to a song on repeat and this has continued up until the current of my life.I definitely understand how people have thought I was bipolar or extremely depressed and how it can actually relate to this now. I really appreciate you doing this video so I can better understand myself.

    Bruce Sanderson

  • So basically create a routine, which I do want but can’t seem to form. I can’t even brush my teeth daily or take medicine daily to save my life. ��Having a routine feels like it goes against every fiber of my being.

  • Im really struggling with my ADHD lately especially at work, I know mist of these tips but hard to stick with them. Its great having this reminder with such great positive energy. Thanks!

  • I have been wondering if I should see a psychiatrist to see if this is a proper diagnosis for me. When having a conversation with someone I often check out suddenly and don’t remember anything the other person said. This happens to me a lot at work and has caused me a great deal of struggle during training periods at a new job.

  • I’ve had it since i was a kid but never got it treated cus i was able to function and do well in school. Now with so many things in my life, social COLLEGE and work, i cant even sit down and study for more then 2 hours ( never could). I run cross country so exercise isnt a problem. I was offered adderal but i don’t want it before trying non medication techniques. I have no idea what to do:(

  • I find I sleep alot more without my medication.. I’m so lazy I gain weight and I eat way to much. I don’t know what to do about this I’m also in a situation where I can’t go seek help. it’s so frustrating! I don’t know how I went a few years without taking anything, but I also remember during that time I fought alot with my parents, I got angry easy and it was much harder for me to concentrate on tasks. but with my meds it’s much better for me to cope, I’ve lived on my own for a few years now. and it’s just getting harder! anyone know of anything that could help me? please reply to this I’m so lost.. and I don’t want to Go ask on Yahoo or anything because people are way to negative. thanks for this video! hopefully someone has a bit of an answer �� I don’t want to be on medication forever..

  • I have to drop my meds, but it’s not by choice amphetamine is giving me crazy heart palpitations. I really wish I could stay on it, but no. Anyone been through that?

  • I think I’m inattentive, not sure I don’t work or go to school so it’s hard to know if I’m inattentive or not. I don’t work do to I believe overstimulation too many people telling me how to do just ONE thing telling me to do this and that my brain can’t process all of that. What get’s me is that I was referred by the mental health and the school I was attending to try part time work at this supported employment that was too much for me. Now I need some help with organizing everything from books to craft things to my bedroom. I’m asking you for answers.

       Kim T

  • Hi Jenni, do you know about infp? I’m 62 and just been prescribed meds for adhd, tho feel sure my ‘symptoms’ are normal infp. Many thanks for you vids, hazel.

  • Thank you Jennie. I have been fighting with adhd my whole life. A constant battle with my own mind from the moment I wake up to the moment i go to bed. Trying to do something like find work and wanting to go, but having an invisible wall in my mind stopping me for a reason i cant even understand myself has been. I have tried Ritalin, but in the end i found myself abusing it. I do not want to be abusing drugs. so i decided to stop taking it. Ever since it has been almost impossible to do anything with my life. i find my self in a complete mess in my own mind. I have begun sleeping on a scheduled and started going to the gym once every 2 days on a routine basis. I am starting to find that other routines, like work are starting to get easier, I have even started doing things like waking up at 9, shower, eat good, work out, go to work, and staying in that routine has made my life a fair bit easier. Thanks for giving me these options, I will continue to try to keep everything in routine. as it seems to help allot. Thanks from another poor soul fighting with there own mind:)

  • Ive just recently been diagnosed with ADHD and I feel significantly worse after doing research and watching videos. I feel incredibly hopeless, that i’ll never have a long lasting committed marriage, that ill always be a burden to those around me. im hyper-analyzing almost everything I do now. Being diagnosed has been the worst thing for my mental health, just makes me want to isolate so no one has to deal with me.

  • I have 4 young children aged 7 to 12.
    I cannot sit still with them and engage at their level, I am restless. Do you have any tips please

  • We dont out grow a.d.h.d we get life expierence and grow up a bit. And just learn to cope with it to a point. We learn what society will and will not except from people so we just try harder to hide it. No one likes being the elephant in the room.

  • I wonder if generationally this will get better. I understand that it is genetic, but my mother also smoked during all of her pregnancies which can also cause/exacerbate the issue. Far fewer women smoke during their pregnancies now. None of us were 5+ lb babies and one of my sisters was premature not weighing even 4 lbs. Another question I have now is if it is a re-uptake issue. I have read one study that of the neurotransmitters produced, they are re-absorbed faster than they can be utilized. Flooding the body with more neurotransmitters might work for a while but the body can adapt. When you have a bunch of receptors for dopamine, which were created to handle the influx from meds, and those are not filled it can lead to neuropathy like Parkinson’s. Wouldn’t it be better in the long run to address the re-uptake issue as a priority?

  • Im 24 n my adhd is killing me.. I been saying im gonna get treatment which i want to start takin medication but i always put it off too the side n been doin that for like 2 years now. Help?

    Ps. This isnt my account i just dont kno how to log off it lol im a 24 year old male

  • Thanks I am an aspie. Obviously I have been my entire life. But i did not finally get diagnosed until a few years ago. I also got diagnosed with ADHD. As am aspie it manifested in a completely different way than some people I know with ADHD. Its very difficult to figure out what is autism or what is ADHD.

  • Having ADHD is like trying to run at full speed while tied to a chair, while somebody is telling you to run, while trying to memorize a dictionary in a language you can’t read or pronounce.

  • I had to laugh at your “the keys should always go there and should never go anywhere else”. That’s something I do for my keys but it reminded me of the strategy and I’ll have to try it with a few other key components.

    I was wondering if maybe you had some tips for getting up in the morning and getting myself off the bed at night. I find those are the times I get the most distracted/least amount of rational decision making (likely congruent with most people, in general, but I know it’s a factor that ADHD deal with). I have a hard time getting up in the morning.

  • Hi,
    Sorry to hear you are struggling. I would recommend that you schedule an appointment with a therapist or psychiatrist to evaluate your symptoms and help you with a treatment plan.

  • I can stay up 24 hours straight no problem thankfully the propranolol I take for my anxiety attacks keeps me relatively calm but I just cannot concentrate for my work as a software developer I have half a dozen projects I just CANNOT finish no matter what I’ve been try to for a year. Its like I lose the buzz when I get to 60% and have cracked the hard part and then no matter how hard I try I cant concentrate to finish literally it has now driven me to genuine despair. I am in my 3rd year of recovery from alcoholism and worrying that I will never function normally again booze somehow gave me focus and sleep time. I wrote this with 20 browsers and a dozen apps open while working and watching TV. For years my way of doing stuff was “my genius” but now it’s rapidly becoming my own private hell.

  • I work in the addiction field.  I’ve notice that many people who seek substance abuse treatment were diagnosed with ADHD as kids (many of them are meth users).  I will pass on these tips to them.  Is there a connection between stimulate treatments in children and future substance abuse as adults?  Or is it simply due to the fact that people with ADHD are more prone to risky behavior?  I would very interested in your opinion on longterm stimulate medication effects.

  • It is murder, the success I dreamed of and never achieved and now in my autumn years, I face depression everyday when I look back at my life.

  • I was diagnosed with ADD. I had many symptoms as a kid and teenager, but I truly believe I’ve grown out of it. I never lose my things, my house is always tidy and organized, and I can focus on my work for long periods of time. I do have social anxiety and a severe math learning disability, but for the most part, I am successful in any endeavours I embark on:)

  • Currently going to the assessment process for ADHD…I started remodelling my bathroom and finally finished after year after I told myself I would finish it my way. Which means painting one wall then, installing the vanity, then hanging the shower curtain rod the. Painting another wall.

  • I was diagnosed with adhd as a child. I remember they put me back one grade level. Then I got some testing done well I was adhd, then I was put on Ritalin. After being on it for about 2 weeks I was put back up to my 2nd grade. So it helped me alot. But then they took me off of Ritalin. From that point on my life in school was awful. Failed everything well not everything but school was difficult for me. So many years have gone by and have struggle all my life trying to accomplish something in my life. I was a very top notch athlete. But could not make the grades. I am 60 now and even today it’s still tough. Now I am on wellbutrin and they say it helps with adhd in adults. Yes and no. I still struggle to really bare down to get it done. So I really believe this wellbutrin is mild compare to what I need. People will not listen to me at all. Like I do not know what’s going on. And plus on top of that I am legally deaf. I wear hearing aids which help but it’s just sucks when you are hit with a double whammy.

  • It’s so difficult to get an adhd diagnosis, i’ve been trying for a while now, but most doctors i’ve talked to have dismissed my concerns and just said it was depression, which doesn’t make any sense, considering i’ve had adhd symptoms long before i’ve had depression symptoms.

  • Curious…….was told that under general anaesthetic the surgeon could tell how sensitive to pain I was, due to movement of body during op……..or just adhd even whilst under general?anybody else?

  • I didn’t get any closure on the statistic of losing eight years of your life-on average-due to adhd. Therefore, I missed the entire rest of the video because I had to open a new window and try to find out why!

  • This explains a lot of the questions my psychiatrist asked me before giving me my diagnosis. And I was surprised when she diagnosed me with ADHD and not ADD because the symptoms that impede my life the most are related to inattention but oh boy am I an interrupter and a fidgter

  • I don’t like adhd medicine and will only try natural medicine. Right now found a medicine (Buried Treasure Added Attention Liquid Vitamin)
    Its been about a week and today is the first day it did not seem to work:( feel lost still.
    how do you fix bad attitude from adhd without medicine? its like I somehow always manage to say stupid word and that people not want to be near me “not supried if I am doing that in my typing right now…amazing huh” Even the women I love does not want to be near me….some loser I am. I am in college and about to finish my AA and go for my BA and she told me just be happy and there are days when I not sure how to be happy and feel confused in life. I can take this medicine, exercise, eat healthy fruits and food to a certin point “money runs low” then thats another thing cant seem to manage. I think how much I hate life in my mind a lot and of killing my self even though I would never do that. Guess I am stuck on this earth till from 33yers old to however long it take for death to take me from this misery and maybe hell will be a heaven to me.

  • Does anyone else go so deep into things to learn about them. I mean we can put hours into studying something. Yet you forget majority of what you just learned?

  • I have ADHD and im a Gemini ♊ so ya you can imagine how much of a handful I was as a kid. I also think when you really have ADHD stimulates like adderal will knock you OUT!!! with other ppl it seems to speed them up. My mom use to make me take adderral as a kid and had to stop when my teachers called her and said I sleep all day and was walking around like a zombie loll, then I switched to a low dose Vyvanse and that has worked all the way up to my adult life now.

  • Ugh! I struggled focusing in school and grew up thinking I was a complete moron! Until I became an adult and self diagnosed “myself” and taught myself how to change and deal with ADD issues that were making my life difficult. It takes a lot of discipline and following through. I’m 40 now and have gained control of my tardiness, forgetfulness, messiness but still struggle in the focusing department. Such as, engaging in conversation and staying on topic, focusing on what ppl are saying and focusing on what I’m reading etc…����

  • I’ll be honest. I think you sound spammy. More a YouTuber than a straight out business type, unless YouTube is your busness. Saying you were a millionaire at 27 didn’t help

  • I have taken the tests online and I think I am a highly disciplined person who has suffered from ADHD all her life. Decided to do a brain scan soon to be sure. Ill update you guys on my Youtube Channel when I find out

  • I’m 23 and I recently got diagnosed with ADHD. Took me a while to go in and accept the diagnosis after years of abusing caffiene and nicotine to reach the levels of dopamine required to function normally. Go in and get checked….. Healthy habits are useless if you can’t even focus enough to get out of bed.

  • A few years ago, I counted how many jobs (paid and volunteer) I had by age 25. It was over 30. Not proud of it but I wonder how I had that much energy to apply, train, work, get restless, repeat.
    I have never had meds because I kept trying to reinvent myself. Now, I’m tired of trying.

  • I was diagnosed by four separate specialists because of the bipolar however my parents said I was a bad child and had behavior problems and bipolar does not present itself in such a way at a young age but bipolar and adhd have overlapping symptoms

  • I have a question I use my adderall mainly because it motivates me and I feel like I don’t perform the same during basketball without it plus I feel like I have a lot less motivation without it does any body have any tips cause I would love to know?

  • Did it bother anyone else when the supposed “doctor” said someone with ADHD should get with someone who’s “a little OCD”, as if OCD isn’t a serious and debilitating disorder in its own right?

  • Do yourself a favor with adhd: try to remember next time to go grocery shopping (make lists, carry a notepad and write down everything! Because you won’t remember. Write. It. Down!) to buy a B complex vitamin and flaxseed oil. Take it every single day. (Three each). This is huge and how I’ve completely transformed my brain and overcome ADHD. Nourish your brain with these vitamins, eat less processed food and cut out sugar, and for the love of God avoid Ridellan and Adderall.

    You have a creative mind, use it don’t abuse it. Channel the creative energy. Make a creative videos paint acrylic on canvas read books. Don’t ever blame or put shame on yourself for not finishing things, it’s not a competition. It’s about personal growth. Everything happens in the right time. You will overcome this.

  • Thank you for this. I was diagnosed about 8 years ago, at the age of 45. It never ceases to astound me that I am *not alone*. I particularly appreciated the discussion of emotional dysregulation, and also sleep difficulties. Wow! I think these, along with the anxiety that I’m going to miss something, or forget to do something important.

  • i would just like to mention, medication by no means fixes adhd. it lessens the symptoms, and with therapy, makes it easier to deal with, but don’t let people go around thinking medication will cure the condition. it lessens the symptoms.

  • summarize
    1) strict consistent sleep routine
    2) consistent exercise
    3) structure environment to function properly, have a place for everything, always put them back. eg. keys

  • Thank you so much for your advice. I found your video while researching coping skills, this is all new to me and I am in my mid-30’s. But it’s so relieving to finally have a REASON for why I’ve always been the way I am.

  • OMG MY MIND IS OFFICIALLY BLOWN! I was thinking about doing all these things but the only thing ive gotten around to is the environment part. I know that I can do these things but now its different because my girlfriend just moved in with me and she just lets things lay around and doesn’t always put them back and that tends to cause a lot of fights because it really irritates me for some reason and im always talking about “mise en place” I learned this in culinary arts which has helped me a lot over the years but now a days the people I live with just let everything lay around and it drives me crazy!

  • This really hit home with me! At 37 years old, it has been brought to my attention through the evaluation process of my son, that I might have ADHD as well. My hubby also has ADHD. I am looking forward to my evaluation next month! Hopefully, it will shed light on the many areas of my life that have been challenging over the years. I am so grateful for all the resources that I’ve come across to help me understand how ADHD can affect our family dynamic and hopefully help our neurodiverse family thrive! Thank you for your lecture!

  • i don’t have it
    i mean i’m not diagnosed because my parents won’t believe that it even exists and just think i’m making up excuses so i wanna wait to see if i still feel that i may have it when i grow older because i actually don’t trust myself enough.i’m only 15…

  • i literally am almost late to school everyday because i go and start drawing randomly on my drawing table and i stutter a lot and sometimes i stutter so much people think i have tourettes

  • That’s me, my entire life since I can remember, and I’m 58 now. I was diagnosed in my 40s. I never finished college b/c of it. I’m not stupid, but I’m very impatient and hyperactive.

  • I’m surprised I made it this far. I’d almost given up and just labeled myself lazy and unfocused. But then I realized that I have the big picture in my head, and I’m usually good at mapping out how to get there sometimes but I just couldn’t sit still long enough to do the work. It’s been very frustrating ����‍♀️

  • Tips for Managing Adult ADHD ADHD can create problems in all areas of your life ADHD can create problems in all areas of your life. But these tips can help you cope with symptoms, get focused, and turn chaos into calm.

  • ADHD is the recipe for being a failure in life. In fact, I believe the reason for failing in life, is primarily due to ADHD, It is one of the worst conditions to have

  • I was diagnosed with bipolar last year and have been a guinea pigs for that year, nothing seemed to ever work and just made things worse… now I’m starting to see why.

  • I got diagnosed a year ago. I’m 37 with a failed marriage and several failed relationships and countless jobs I’ve never been able to hold down. I feel like ive lost 30 years of my life…I’m living with my mother. Sounds sad but it’s true. The state I live in won’t prescribe me the meds because of my history with cannabis. I need to retrain into a different sector and have a thirst for knowledge like never before. But I’m worried for the same reasons I was at school that, I will not be able to focus (for obvious reasons) I need to also move interstate for meditation treatment. I am also unemployed. Soul searching and getting to know myself aswell as meditation has helped focus my energy to flow in the right direction….I started this post with a point and now I can’t remember where I was going with it >< well I guess I'm off to ponder the nature of the universe and the correlation between black holes and dark matter lol...night night.

  • I just came here for the medication (joking to be honest) ADHD is not rare…and often misdiagnosed….I’m concerned to know about the medications given so freely to “treat” ADHD…But hand out all that medication laced with speed! lol If someone takes Adderall and they don’t have ADHD, it can cause them to feel high, and that can include euphoria, increased energy and concentration, and increased self-confidence. Speed is methamphetamine, and street names for it include crystal meth, crank, meth, and ice…@t

  • I’m Hispanic. Growing up in a Mexican household I recall getting my ass whooped for being a bad kid even when I tried to do good. Struggled so much in school, with relationships, jobs etc. I became a drug addict at the age of 19 I struggled with substance abuse since! I’m 27 now. have been sober for 7 months! I married a wonderful woman who has helped me realize that all these problems I had were related. Our marriage counselor noticed my impulsivity and how I hyperfocus on a subject and just “carry on” for minutes hours I forget! I was diagnosed with adult ADHD. I feel relieved,sad, happy, it’s a roller coaster every day and it sucks my emotions are hard to keep in check. I’m usually happy laughing out loud.

  • Hahaha! l find this hilarious, at 58 it explains a lot to me, l was kicked out of kindergarten and only made it though grade 9 after attending 8 different schools then l had more than 150 jobs before retiring at age 55, sleep? yep been taking Zopiclone for 15 years after not being able to sleep more than 2-3 hours a night before, been living with demons for so long their my oldest friends, yet where l’m at now is the most productive time of my life, not gonna fit into this societies norm no matter what l do so will take whatever comes my way till l die, yee haw.

  • Thank you for explaining the meaning of ADHD at the beginning of the video there being so many medical hang ups these days it’s nice to have the abbreviation explanation!

  • Few can forgive my interrupting…..even my friends sometimes are rude about it. At this point I’m just glad I have someone to talk with at all, even if they are rude. To them I’m the rude one. I cannot help it, I have no filter.

  • Seems silly to say that everything should have its place. Everything HAS is place. But my ADHD prevents me from remembering to put them there.:) “Damn… What did I do with my keys so I can put them in their place?”

  • I personally don’t feel any stigma about it. I’d openly talk about it. I have an appointment soon to meet a psychologist about getting assessed for ADHD. My take on it is ‘If I have, let’s get it seen to and get on with life”

  • I’m not sure if I have a problem or not, considering I’m living in a country that has a stigma with mental health. Talking about depression is pretty much impossible. My mom would say that they depressed people give up or are not right in the head. So, that’s a conversation I don’t have the energy to deal with again.

    I read up in inattentive ADHD and other mental health like autism, I realise I possess most of the symptoms but I’m not confident in thinking that. Because… am I just tricking myself thinking I have this or do I actually have it?

    I tried reaching out… no help, just said “be positive” well, ain’t that a sentence:(

    I’m unable to even be diagnosed because of the stigma and I don’t want to trouble my parents with the money.

  • That’s funny he mentioned the emotional disregulation and thinking it’s bi polar. My wife thought I was bi polar. And that’s how I came to be diagnosed with Adult ADHD.

  • Hello! Thank you so much for all of this! I am wondering if weed helps or makes things worse? It helps with my anxiety that I get from not being able to get something done but I don’t want it to have a negative affect on my attention span.

  • Going through it now at 53. I’ve been using tools like [email protected] for the last few years, same on food and exercise. Great affirmation that it’s the right track and can work without meds. Thanks!

  • I’ve never had over 2.7 GPA in HS and I have dropped out of college due to issues with focusing and learning, I scored horribly on the ACT because half the time i just kept thinking about random things. In HS I was always messed with for sleeping in class, and snoring in class from my sleep apnea, I could never get a good sleep. I’m incredibly anxious and scared to find a job, and I always forget TO find a job because of my horrible memory. When I tried making an essay for my English course in College it took me 3 hours and lots of moaning and bad thoughts just to make up ONE paragraph. I felt so hopeless in life, convincing myself that I was retarded even when everyone around me thinks I’m smart, when in reality I just have small bursts of intelligence, and the rest is meaningless thoughts.

    I have never been diagnosed with ADHD.

  • I honestly don’t mind if I die sooner. Death is just part of the cycle of life. No reason to freak out about it. Though I’d like to have fun before I die. XD

  • What I mean is this shit hit close to home and it’s inspiring to see a role model for the type successful mentality that I’m working on accomplishing

  • My adhd didn’t changed, it’s still the same. I’m 21, it got worse because of social anxiety, it made it more worse, I fidget when I get scared and worried, I don’t know what to do, I can’t find a job ����mummy, I can’t care for myself, I’m not dependent.

  • My conflict is i am in the military( if you know, you dont report stuff like that because it can cost your career). growing up it never really hit me but now that i have to do adult i have definitely taken notice..Excessive speaking to my peers, nervous to speak to my superiors, during classes i cannot fathom what they are even teaching and it hknestly makes me scared.. i think the biggest thign is my subjective conversation if that makes since. i get off topic super easy am6d it makes me feel stupid. and also my super sensitive selve were one small thing i didnt like will haunt me for a very long time. Anyways have never even went to the doctor because i was raised by my grandparents. to conclude i hope someone sees this and understands me. ive always denied it. i could right an essay on this amd there would never be an ending.

  • I’ve dealt with ADHD my entire life. Since 7 i was prescribed methylphenidate. I never felt a difference. At 14 I stopped taking those. Now I suffer from anxiety and depression. I always mess up my relationships due to stupid impulsive reactions, like saying something I didn’t want to say that ends up hurting the other person. I’ve been performing horribly on every job I’ve ever had. I dropped out uni due to never understanding maths and getting frustrated for not understanding.

    Idk, ADHD is kind of a b*tch.

  • 5:26 “A person might come into the office and say: My girlfriend thinks I’m bipolar. It’s not that, it’s just their emotions bounce.”

  • ADHD was not even a known diagnosis in my youth, I didnt find out I had it till my son was diagnosed.. but always had all of these symptoms lol.. and symptoms she mentions as an adult.
    Smoking a joint helps lol. maybe I should try CBD lol
    Adderall made me crazy, I just keep doing on my own.. Ive managed this far..even when sometimes not so well.. most of the time at 54.. I can keep it mostly in check

  • I was diagnosed at age 60 (Last Year). Listening to the symptoms on this YouTube Video floored me as I have every single one of them. This also explains why I was somewhat of a misfit growing up. I did not get into trouble, but I was never able to relax and just be me, instead I was all over the road and it turned folks off I guess.

  • It sucks that a lot of humanity still does not believe in mental issues. But ill state a great quote that I thought was great “the broken are the more evolved” great vid btw i have bipolar and this is on point as my super power has some of the symptoms

  • Just want to thank you for making this video. I will do my best to follow a routing and I hope it can get better. I am actually a medical student who struggles with this. Once in a while when i focus is amazing what i am able to accomplish. I highly dislike all the other students who take it illegally just to get ahead. Hope we can all build endurance and discipline to control this.

  • MY GOD They just describesld my life in a matter of minutes,,
    I failed in finishing uni
    I failed in keeping a job
    I keep failing to sleep at night for more that 5 hours if sleep
    I failed in my love life and social life friends etc because its impossible for me to give them all attention at the same time and when they want it
    I never finish something i start
    And i beat up my self all the time for being a such a failure and doing the same mistakes and always always stressed and sad.
    So we are born to fail in everything watch others progress and achieve and we must sit in the sidelines and be trapped in our own minds and bodies almost like your disabled but only in the percentage that counts and makes the difference..

  • Kids from the 60’s and 70’s probably never got diagnosed.. so here I am still waiting to get diagnosed.. doctors don’t listen, it sucks so bad.

  • PROCRASTINATING MUCH? I wrote a cleaning house plan for the kids and and I this morning, and I’m sitting here watching “Person of Interest” on Netflix, while taking an ADHD test, which I got 18 out of 18, then watching this video instead, and feeling UTTERLY guilty that I’m not attaining to the schedule…

  • What if I think I have adhd and my parents refuse to take me to see a doctor about it and they keep saying that it seems like I have it but that they still don’t want me to be seen as “stupid “

  • I was diagnosed with ADHD as a child ( back in the 90s when it was still being studied) it was hard, frustrating and I always felt like I was broken. I still struggle with these feelings till this day. I have been on medication since I was 7 I am in my 30s now. I have learned to be in tune with my behavior and am always checking myself. I think the hardest part of having ADHD is that I am female. Back in the day it was seen as a male thing. So I was not only different I was different in my differerent. I struggled in relationships friendships work and romantic. The hard part is that there are lot of unknowns. If I get pregnant I don’t know how early I need to diacontinue my medacation and what would the effect be on the fetus. What are the long term effect of medacation. I couldn’t stop my medication its really hard to be off of it. I have learned to do yoga that really allows me to focus and be present.

  • I’m 54 I’m a looser! When I was about 7 or8 years old I had to take a pill that was supposed to help me stay out of trouble. I was constantly being sent to the principal for a paddling and even being hit by my teachers the pills helped me to hear the teacher in a way I never heard before and I did much better for the next couple of years but one day my mom said I had to stop taking them because they were bad for me. Ok! No problem now I see this video and realize I might need some help but I don’t know where to start.

  • I’m in the process investigation for ADD (never had problems with sittning still even as a kid) I’m now 25 years old. Since I have had severe problems with keeping concentration/attention, losing things frequently and high stress levels even by just being around many people at once.

    I question the first symtom a bit, ”often fails to pay attention to detail and therefore often make careless mistakes frequently” A friend who has ADHD often fails to see details and picking up on the little things so i’m not saying it’s necessarily wrong, i don’t know if ADD is diffrent in this aspect or if ADD combined with high sensetivity is diffrent because for me it’s the opposite i pay attention to the details in a deaper level than most, but since i have a lot of thoughts in my head at once and i’m easily distracted and the world we live in often require efficiency, we sometimes just have to make a decision even though we can’t concentrate on the matter at the moment hence the mistakes..

  • Over the past 5 years I have learned these things through SOOO MUCH frustration and pain. This video seriously sums up and adds some things I didn’t know, 5 years of trial and error. This video is beyond amazing and thank you for making it! This is the best advice I could find! You’re no doctor but it does align with hollistic treatments!

  • After reading up on ADHD, I am fairly positive that this is what I have. My “aha” moment was after I befriended a person with ADHD who was kind enough to open up about her symptoms and educate me on some of the common misconceptions of ADD/ADHD. I am desperate to get help because I do not have insurance or the extra money to see a psychiatrist for a proper evaluation and my husband doesn’t understand my struggle so it isn’t really a big priority in his eyes that I seek treatment. I am just so sick of feeling like a failure because I can’t be consistent with things like homeschooling my kids, keeping up with the house, laundry, shopping, putting the keys where they belong, angry outbursts when I am overwhelmed etc etc etc…I know treatment would help, but I am just feeling trapped.

  • At the moment I have no insurance and I have not taken meds because I can’t afford them. What do people do to get through bad tough days, especially when they seem to pile up, to deal with that lack of focus?

  • I went to see a psychiatrist and I was asked about if i had anxiety and i asked what that meant and all that he did was write in his notes and move on. I asked again and was given no answer. I assume that this is normal.

  • Only if my parents (or myself later in life) realized my ADHD and got me the treatment I needed, I could have avoided the punishments, anxiety and screwups!

  • Hi Jenni, do you know about infp? I’m 62 and just been prescribed meds for adhd, tho feel sure my ‘symptoms’ are normal infp. Many thanks for you vids, hazel.

  • It’s Sunday night and I’m procrastinating. But I know what task I’ve got tomorrow. (It’s a small one, should last 40 minutes.) I also know what my reward will be. Lots of me time and some fancy chocolates.

  • Could you explain the difference between add and adhd. I have been in therapy for 7 years with a PhD in psychiatry and a few years in CBt with a PhD in psychology because that is how i roll.
    But i can never remember to ask them what the difference is and there is only so much space on my arm to write notes.
    And the internet is full of bullshit

    If she answers this somewhere in the video can someone tell me because I’m pretty sure i wont watch it all the way through.

  • Hey. Ive been diagnose as a kid and i use to took medication. Now im 22 and recently i feel like i suck at everything. Espacially at work.

    I didnt thought it might be my ADD kinda coming back (or i just realise it more)

    I think im gonna see a proffessionnal. Thanks

  • I’ve just been diagnosed with ADHD (extreme) at age 45. Gina, I showed your video to my partner as part of my huge apology for the poor bugger having to put up with me for the past 3 years we’ve been together. I thank you for sharing your insight. The biggest take home was “the partner with ADHD has ADHD, the partner suffers from ADHD”. I’m on day 6 of meds post diagnosis and have been in tears and feeling robbed of a lifetime of opportunities and happiness thanks to not being diagnosed as a kid in the 80s. I feel so relieved yet massively apologetic to all that have had to suffer my weird ways over the years. THANK YOU!

  • As a 23 year old female with adhd here’s the problem:
    We’re forgetful. So we cant remember to take our pills, once the pills work for an extended period of time memory improves. But forgetting to take the pill doesnt get better until you’ve already remembered to take it without the aid of the medication in the first place.

    No one understands and we lack the skills to make them understand.

  • Hi Dr. Jennie. I have a friend with this disorder and her sister moved far away and this is bringing her upset. What strategies would you suggest she use to help her cope with this new reality? Her family life is no longer “consistent” with the way it used to be because her sister in a sense picked up her life and ‘abandoned’ the family.

  • I think for me i tackle it as an adult by bitting my finger nails when in meetings or when someone is speaking so that I do not interrupt someone when they speak. also when someone else is speaking my mind goes some place else. i think of other things. because before I never let anyone finish their sentence haha. i can only imagine how annoying I was. Also when it comes to remembering things to do I write down everything on my phone’s notebook. that way I will not forget what I was meant to do at what time. I often look at someone doing something and I feel like they are doing it too slowly. and when it comes to sitting down and reading for hours on end what do I do? I write down everything I read. i paraphrase it. that keeps me from looking interest and going on to other things. i always read something with a pen and paper. then write it down lol. i think i have managed to handle it really well. now when someone speaks they would think i am really listening to them and giving them a chance to talk it out when in reality i now know what to do to distract me and not butt in.

  • I felt like you were speaking specifically about me. I have not been diagnosed, or even evaluated as yet. I have always had jobs that are very regimented, possibly as a coping mechanism

  • When it comes to not knowing when you are young, I remember when I was in school I couldn’t make or focus on notes unless they weren’t just pages of texts (like mindmaps/ bullet points) and a teacher shouted at me for turning her work into a mindmap of notes. If only I knew what was going on then

  • Im not overly impressed with the assumption ADHD isn’t present in successful circles… pretty big limitation to put on one in every 20 Americans..

  • I didn’t realize that I’ve had ADD because I couldn’t recall too many issues in grade school, but it’s probably because I was exerting so much energy trying to be perfect so no one would figure out I was depressed…all the way through college and into my first job I thought everything was just me being a mess and slacker. I got the “you can do this bigger overall thing but can’t do the little regular shit, what’s wrong with you, it takes you forever to do this thing and to get your shit together, what’s wrong with you.” I ended up hitting 7 of 9 symptoms, got on meds, and although that “what’s wrong with you” really fucked with me, the fact that I’ve been able to totally turn my shit around since getting diagnosed helps counter that. I haven’t gotten any speeding tickets since, but I still oversalt my food ��

  • Good points, saw all of these repeated many times in books while i was going through self-help phase of my life.
    What I don’t see adressed very often is an extreme aversion to anything of this kind that could potentially help.
    This is something i’ve been struggling to overcome for a while. Like, yes I know that I should be working out in the morning and have a routine, but for a lack of a better term its almost agressively lame and even the thought of me doing that stuff makes me cringe so hard.
    Anybody has the same problem?
    I had periods of my life when I implemented this succesfully, took some meditation courses, was jogging every morning, I guess it was better time (i can’t remember how that was, lol), but now thinking of me back then makes me uneasy.

  • You know….I’d like to think I’m fun. I know I’m a pain in the ass, my life is chaos, and I’m all over the place. But I’m fun, dammit. I live like a kid and try to enjoy life in my own way.

    **Holy shit. I didn’t know that bi-polar was misdiagnosed. Everyone told me it was hypomania

  • A lot of mine that causes problems is zoning out while people are talking and I miss important details at times but if you’re talking about fantasy football to me then I’m glad it kicks in.

  • I’ve only just seen this video;. I’m 32, and was only diagnosed yesterday. I’ve been prescribed Strattera, and I’m nervous about taking it,.. but I just want to feel better (so of course I will)

  • I want to donate my brain to the Mayo Clinic. So that people like me can benefit from research. I hope that one day people like us won’t sufferer in the future.

  • I think m struggling with this ADHD shit but don’t know how to overcome with this I think m gona end up mad or homeless �� so trapped

  • Thank you for your presentation. I’m 24 years old, and sometimes I joke about having some sort of attention disorder because of certain things I did or did not do, but after really honing in on my problems and habits, I’m starting to be certain that I do have ADHD. I even joke about not being able to sit still during a movie. It kind of all makes sense now.

    I’m smart, but I struggle with organization. I was in college becoming a paralegal, and after two months, my teacher told me that I obviously didn’t really give a crap so why was I there? But I really did care… I was just distracted by other things. It could be anything in my life. When assignments started to get harder such as writing case briefs, essays or preparing presentations (what I really enjoy), he started to notice that I am actually intelligent… I was just really bored and didn’t put in work for the minuscule things. Sometimes I had to read cases twice, and I never saw that as an issue, just thought that’s how I absorbed information better. I struggled in the beginning and also had an issue with attendance, or my lack thereof, was my downfall. But I managed to get a high GPA and when I asked him if he thought I could be a lawyer, he said I could be a judge on the Supreme Court bench, I just had to learn to care and focus.

    I’ve had three jobs in the last two years. I get bored and I also struggle with impulsivity. I have poor relationships because well, I come off as selfish sometimes. But I’m really not. I’m well-liked and am talented with my work but firm’s issue is that they need me to be someone who will be there everyday. I’m truly working on it. just tend to get caught up in whatever distracts me at the time. There are so many things I want to do, but I just don’t know how to start. When I do start, I’m focused.

    I always thought I had a problem… I just didn’t realize it was ADHD. And I’m posting this at 2:30 am because well, I cannot sleep.

  • Sounds like we need to speed up life for ADHD people. I find that I can better pay attn when people talk fast! YouTube on 2x speed is bomb diggity

  • You people have no idea what you are talking about imo and maybe need to stop talking so much and read and learn w Ritalin, These statistics are totally fake I cant.

  • I am here because i failed the bar exam. I have done the 9 things he suggested without any advice or even before i watched this video. However, it was already too late since only did those for 2-3 months before the bar exams. I felt hope after I watched this video, it made me feel that I am not alone, and that i am on the right track. Now, for the next couple of months I will do it again and I hope that I will make it this time. Thank you Sir Dan Martell.

  • Pretty much all of this, and the cigarettes and the salt. Kind of mind blowing. Wish I knew about this earlier in life. Luckily I found a way to use my ability to hyper focus as a way to make a living (tattooing)

  • Am I the only one who thinks, listening to just the way he talks, “damn this guy really does have adhd.” Hes got great points but fuck, he rambles a little.

  • I’m a 55 year old woman, smart, friendly, and have a strong work ethic. And I have been fired from nearly every job I’ve had.  I just started taking Adderall today in desperation to try to keep the first part-time job I’ve had in years. I am nervous about it because I do not need an addiction as well as my other problems!  It’s depressing. Frustrating. It has also caused problems with my relationships. Sigh.

  • people usually treat my ADHD like I’m trying to be lazy when I tend to forget things. It really puts a strain on somethings I do. I’ve been told “What kind of a person forgets that?”
    constantly having to remind people that I’m that type of person. It’s something that has happened multiple times over my life, and now as a young adult I just don’t think anyone takes it seriously anymore and just blames it on me being “Lazy.”

  • “adults with ADHD get a lot of speeding tickets”

    me sitting here with over 25 speeding tickets and spent like $4000 on them: ������

  • I think I have really problem when I listen to music I think my mind acting like a filter and chooses to me which instrument should I listen to, I really surprise when someone immediately recite the song،I am gritting out of whole song with one or two instruments, so I repeat it, is it normal.? ������

  • When I was a child I was hyperactive and couldn’t learn in school to well. I had to keep going all the time. As soon as I’d get home I’d ride my bike till midnight then go home and go to bed. I cleaned alot and I couldn’t hardly be still or focus. Now I’m 55 still not sure of what’s wrong???

  • This is great, in theory. Sometimes though, you just need meds. I’ve done all of these techniques for several years, constantly struggling to get work done. I’ve had so many delays in publishing my books because of ADHD. I wish I had started meds much sooner. My condition has even improved drastically since college after much internal work. A lot of people think they have ADD/ADHD simply because they have trouble focusing-in a distraction era with constant cell phone input (etc). If you feel worse on meds, it means either they’re not the right meds, or you don’t have ADHD. Honestly though, even if you ARE taking ADHD meds, you still need to pair it with these methodologies.

  • I have it and I wasn’t diagnosed until my 30’s I was told I was smart also but I couldn’t focus or finish things. It messed me up in school.. how I process things if different… time management is hard too.. I loose things… make a mess looking for things… forget appointments, bills etc…it’s definitely effected my life…my brains always going sometimes hard to sleep…I’ve learned how to function but haven’t yet reached my pinnacle just yet

  • I was diagnosed with ADD when I was a child, but my treatment was ended after like half a year, I never knew why. I grew up being told that I was smart but lazy. I forced myself to stop being “lazy” but never trully understood why I couldn’t stop being like that. I always had friends younger than me, always felt dumb at everyone’s side, I developed a terrible self-steem and was bullied for years at school. About a year ago I was diagnosed with ADD again, I’m 25 now, also they diagnosed me with Persistent Depressive Disorder (or Dysthymia), which makes a lot of sense because of my childish behavior, self steem, etc… But after that diagnose I feel much better, I feel important and it’s relieving to finally know that I AM smart and I’m NOT lazy, I just have another rhythm to achieve stuff. Thanks to my treatment I’ve been studying by myself a lot of stuff I’ve always dreamt but I didn’t try because I felt dumb, now I know a lot of stuff about science, politics, philosophy, arts, and even I feel more confident when debating about something. Mental health and having a diagnose if you have mental issues/illness, is the best thing in life. I wish it was more important, people don’t understand the importance of mental health.

  • I run at 1million miles per hour.
    My head is so chaotic.
    I talk fast.
    I walk fast.
    I can be insensitive (regretfully)
    Yep, I’m really active but I’m idol in life (lazy I guess) to much choice, I dont do well with choice.
    Its a bit like bipolar but I’m in control.
    My brain doesn’t turn off, I have absolutely no routine even in sleep but I shower everyday, food….. whaaa.. oh yeah.
    I’m 23, have alot of energy that I know if I were to direct it i would succeed in something especially physical.
    Smoke like a chimney (regretfully)
    I dont really care for myself I will before even thinking jump infront of a train to save a kitten… so to speak.
    People are intimidated by me or uncertain of me.

  • Lost interest rapidly: Hard to follow her speaking and the print on the side wasn’t big enough to read nor did it have sufficient contrast with the background to read.

  • Thank you so so much. I found Dr. Barkley yesterday after my partner and I had a good, but difficult argument about my adhd brain’s inability to plan ahead for problems.
    It was so reassuring to learn the physical and chemical differences in my brain, the “reasons” in facts. I was equally thrilled to see your insight into relationships. I’m so excited now to be able to understand the why of my brain and know that there are different ways I can do things that will improve my success.

    Thank you so so much for your dedication and your passion.

  • I picked up crocheting it really helps me to concatrate true films and even conversations whit people and no one minds if I crochet whilslist watching a film or talking because than most of the time I atcualy pay more attention than ppl around me to the film or conversation. And at the times I can’t concatrate on making bigger projects I just crochet squears in defrent colours and patterns and whenever the box of my squares is full enough I make a bigger project out of them:) best figiting thing for me tbh:)

  • I have ADHD and it sucks.
    My ex bf had issues to and he kept strangling me. And drugging me with my learning disabilities. It sucks. I’m very passive agreasive. And I don’t sleep hardly or I sleep a lot. It sucks. I was with my ex half years in California half years in OK and I had to get out of that relationship because it was so toxic. But yet I said I was used to it And Loved him. Sadly I need a miracle. He kept punching holes in the walls. And blaming me while he was drugging me. And strangling me. But I called that love. But in the end I had to call the cops. I dodged every punch. And he was tossing plates on the bed telling me to eat bitch luckily I snapped out of my toxic relationship with him he could have killed me drugging me and strangling me. Learning disabilities suck.

  • I just felt like she is literally talking about me…
    I never got diagnosed even though I was in therapie before. But I think since I mainly was there because of other stuff they just never really considered this.

    I am not sure if I just get in touch with a therapist to like getting it assessed.

    Cause like since I was little I talk like nonstop. It is really hard for me to not cut people of mid sentences. I always crash into conversations.
    I am always fidgeting and in Class I was always drawing cause I could focus better.
    If on a weekend I have nothing to do, I am always asking my boyfriend what we are going to do that day…

    People could talk directly to me and I still would miss half of the stuff they told me because I am just always drifting off and loosing focus.

    I am a really Impulsive person and if there is something in my head, then I need it NOW not in five seconds or a day, no I need it right NOW.

    I can be in the middle of a conversation and my mind just jumps to a random topic or I will notice something like a fish in a river and will randomly stop my sentence and go uh look a fish and then go back to my sentence…

  • There is a technique that uses neither medication nor behavioral therapy to achieve symptom improvement with ADHD. It is called Resonance Frequency Therapy or RFT and uses frequencies delivered via infusing water or with a low intensity magnetic fields or PEMF. This technique is administered from the comfort of your own home. There is a free ebook called “Resonance Frequency Therapy for ADHD.” You can get a copy of it at this link. Thanks.

  • When they said shorter life expectancy I got so scared and then realized it was because of the impulsive risks and choices that are a result of it. PHEW!

  • My mother always said “You just wait until you have children”, I never said anything but decided when I was very young that that would never happen as long as I had any control over the situation. I am seventy three now and I have lived a life free from all those problems that she found so unbearable.

  • I’ve had it my whole life it’s far worse than what these people think it is especially true adhd that make’s you violent and more hyper as you age it doesn’t fking stop. The last guy is lying completely it’s impossible to control without drug’s never pay someone like him for help.

  • I refuse to take medication. Us people with ADHD are known for addictive personality and traits, therefore taking meds that are used by people recreationally is never a good idea. In my opinion I feel it’s a way for the government to have a large drug operation running without being questioned.

  • Morton! I had a biology teacher called Mr Morton. You didn’t dare have ADHD in his class. He’d whack your finger tips with a leather tongue. He called it “Shaking hands with Fred”. At first it didn’t hurt. Then it was excruciating. I am an old guy, you could whack kids back then, and I wonder how many people from my generation with concentration problems were punished, mentally damaged and carry the scars to this day from brutes such as him.

  • ive misplaced or broken so many things by the time i turned 18
    that one day when my sister broke my mom’s phone, my mom got so upset over it, but it didnt seem like a big issue for me i was just like “ohh it’s just a small crack just get a new one if it bothers you” my whole family looked at me like “the fuck is wrong with you?” they all think i’m insensitive, and to a degree i am nothing really phases me anymore. death, mass murder, boss shouting at me, parents shouting at me, getting attacked(i was so nonchalant about this i got beat up more didnt see the point in fighting happened so many times at school). i’ve experienced so much failure in my short time in this world that i act this way… except when i lose control over my emotions for very stupid things like being surprised,

  • I have tried to organize somethings like keys are next to the door and anything like tweezers, nail clippers, etc., should be in the bathroom. However,my hubby goes and gets them, uses them and lays them somewhere else. It drives me nuts, and I asked him why he doesn’t put it back and he said that they didn’t need to be in the bathroom. So, how can you get family members to put things back in their place? I have picked them up and put them back and he just seem to become annoyed.

  • I do not believe having ADHD that you can have a non ADHD partner. They will leave sooner or later. From experience no one “normal” tolerates this in the long term.

  • Dan you should also do a video on that “bag of self-worth thing” that you mentioned saw your emotion when you were saying that sounds like that is an important topic for you (and very many entrepreneurs in the audience, especially with ADD/ADHD)

  • I must say at 11:47 mark it really hit me because I’ve been quite obsessive concerning this feeling. Just last week it dawned on me again (after many years) that I have had ADHD for many years and now at 35 I’m able to look back and see how it has affected my life in major ways. I haven’t been diagnosed but watching a few videos that have explained me very well has been enough for me to see I have it. I have felt that life has been quite unfair at times since 2012 when I first started to notice the systems. I struggled and overcame Schizophrenia during that time most of all but I believe ADHD was at the core that caused many more problems that brought me to this conclusion. Thanks for posting this video it gives me more insight into why I feel the way I do.

  • Hi folks,

    When I switched from a personal to a “branded” Youtube channel, all my responses to these comments were lost. I do try to respond to each one.


  • I hope this video has useful information for me. Im about to turn 27 and FINALLY found a prognosis that makes sense. Maybe recovery is right around the corner. It’s been lonely and extremely stressful after having 2 kids in the last 3 years

  • Would it be possible to stop by your office and rearrange those files in the background and rearrange them again?

    Ummmm, what was I talking about? I forgot

  • thank you, I’m 47, diagnosed last year with adhd and autism, I’m high functioning, it’s a big issue for me as I’m now medicated, but I have had personal hell with authority and family friends! I just spent 10 months now as the real me. looking forward to my future being the person I am, with some support. it’s Not much from people as a lot of adults don’t believe it’s real and they claim it’s only in children, so it’s been very hard for me to except, I have been married 20 years my wife is a saint

  • I wasn’t diagnosed until 60 and my ADHD exploded after menopause. No doctor ever asked any questions for 10 years, and I lost 3 jobs in 7 years.

  • This video describes my husband to a T, going all the way back to childhood, and in his late teens he even had a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. We’ve been trying to get him evaluated for over a decade now, and… there just aren’t any resources here in Metro Vancouver. A couple years ago my husband got a referral to be evaluated for ADHD, did a bunch of assessments, and… the assessing clinic ghosted not just us but his PCP too. =|

  • At 9 I was diagnosed with ADD and dislexia again at 16 I was rediaxnosed with the same things a’m 17 ive been vaping and smoking weed for a year and a half and have resently started drinking, I know it’s bad for you most of the time but sometimes I cant helpful myself. I’m also stugleing to deal with my school schedule work and am getting high or drunk a couple of times during the school days. Basically I am asking for advice. Ever day I stay up drinking alkolhol or smoking weed I have to say up the next night doing homework. This growth is unsustainable if any of you have been though similar situations plz advise

    PL I’m dunk right now.

  • I’ve been seeing a psychiatrist, two therapists and took a test to see if I have ADHD, and they don’t think I have it. I have trouble going to sleep, and have trouble going back to sleep when I wake up because I can’t stop thinking. If I’m exhausted, I can usually go to sleep easily.

  • Thank you for watching! I hope this video has helped if you have ADHD or know someone with the condition. Let me know your own coping strategies for managing ADHD in the comments below.

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  • Fast brain, also you should try foods that don’t exasperate your issue. Pot, tea, things that slow you down and calm you. Keep your brain busy with projects. go on trips that make your relaxed meditaion and yoga. helps.

  • Jesus I have bipolar rapid cycling, anxiety, and ADHD. I’m so f*cked up!!!:’( I don’t want to die or anything but I often think about how I’m supposed to just accept that I have to live with all of this shit my whole life…. It gets better I want to say, I tell myself that, but does it really? Cuz my mental health the last 5 years (and before, lord it is better at least not feeling like I’m crazy or alone in these experiences, in that sense it has definitely gotten better) since I got diagnosed has been absolute hell… I feel like things just keep getting harder and harder.
    Gotta persevere… ❤️

  • I am 63 and have ADD…I have learned to cope but sometimes my brain take off and it takes awhile for me to land! Great video…

  • People with ADHD, what is your best solution to forming and sticking to a routine and not ignoring messages and especially tasks and schedules because they’re too overwhelming? I have over 100000 emails I’ve been ignoring for this reason alone

  • These are all good tips, but I guess my lifestyle just isn’t suitable for me also managing my ADHD. I do shift work which means I HAVE to sleep at completely different times every day, I work LONG shifts so sometimes there is just no time for exercise or tidying up for most of the week… this is all ideal stuff if you work 9-5 jobs, though.

  • There is a technique that uses neither medication nor behavioral therapy to achieve symptom improvement with ADHD. It is called Resonance Frequency Therapy or RFT and uses frequencies delivered via infusing water or with a low intensity magnetic fields or PEMF. This technique is administered from the comfort of your own home. There is a free ebook called “Resonance Frequency Therapy for ADHD.” You can get a copy of it at this link. Thanks.

  • I did most of these for years and was doing great! Then the food changed, then workout went, then the morning ritual…. I was considering going on meds after forgetting an important appointment when I came across your video. Thanks for reminding me what worked for me!

  • Wow, that was a very distracting video �� First few seconds I was staring at the icon in the corner, then ALL the things you have on the wall. Then when I realised I had missed 99% of what you had said, I started randomly scrolling through other videos, not even realising I had done it. I don’t know if I have the attention capacity to watch this. �� The irony… Maybe I should see someone about this. I’ve never been diagnosed, but I’ve had this problem my entire life. It makes everything so bloody hard to finish, or even start. It’d be nice to finally be able to keep my focus and be present for my familyand myself.

  • This video explains everything I started obsessing over in the past month since I found out I have adhd. I looked this video up for answers it turns out Ive already been experimenting with the methods you described.I wanna turn my negative into a positive but I need help putting your system into effect. And I’ve been bouncing these ideas off my inner circle and just driving them nuts. Definitely gonna take a lot of work and help from a pro but yeah once I figure out a solid routine maybe I can be at peace with who I am as a person

  • Sorry just repeat that again pls.. I missed what you said. #storyofmylife

    Sometimes it’s too much and I find it very difficult to handle various situations! I am not in therapy and not using meds at the moment, although I did years ago when I was younger, but I know I should get help again. It is killing my relationships.

  • Definitely gonna try these tips, already was trying to reduce sugar. Gonna go hard with it! Been struggling hard trying to be productive it sucks when I’m trying to start a business. Very depressing

  • I just a few summers ago found out I had ADHD and when my then therapist diagnosed me and explained it all my whole life finally made since. Why I did this a certain way why I did that the opposite. Why I learn all three ways and not just 1.

  • Now, Russell has told us over and over again, that “ADHD is one thing. What we called subtypes is a variation in severity.” And still this lady is working on the hyper/hypo thing.

  • You young people need to give yourself a break. Try not to look back with regret. Dr Wilfahrt is awesome here. If I had his last name as a kid I would have had even more trouble fighting bullies during my childhood. At 54yo I finally discovered what the heck has been wrong with me my whole life. So what if I screwed up a lot of my life journey. Non ADHD people have too. The thing is to be happy for your future. To anybody suffering; live in the now! You got this.

  • Thanks. I’m 61 and only received the diagnosis. Been crying allot and feel angry and sad for giving my self a hard time all my life for being me and getting and being so missinderstood. I more of a dreamer type at times, or hyper at others. I get zones out and tired really easily and can’t focus. I need a coach badly.

  • Thinking about Pomodoro gives me anxiety. Does anyone here really use that app. I have a feeling that people just mention it online because it’s the kind of thing that they get paid to promote.

  • Thank you so much, I was thinking about starting to take medication, but I’m not sure completely due to the side effects of them. I feel blessed to have found you and validated because I was doing some of the things already, thank so much. Actually I can feel how the anxiety is going down and off. Lol awesome

  • I’m 15 and i already have ADHD and I had a severe concussion, now I dont know how I’m gonna do as a freshman next year. I’m scared now, I dont know what to do. I also have 3 broke ribs know so I dunno if the exercise thing is gonna do much.

  • I am a psychologist with ADD in Margaret River South West of OZ. Im setting a specialist treatment clinic here on a blueberry farm surrounded by forest trails for hiking and mountain bike riding, 10 mins from beautiful beaches and rivers. My method for treating is talking and activity, walking works great, yoga works great, ping pong works great but sitting in an office is the last resort! Exercise yoga, massage are great complimentary activities to work with ADD/ADHD. Good on you Dan, this is the way, there are so many that need help with this issue. Anyone that would like to email me [email protected]

  • Btw to everyone that keep saying this is a curse I get what you mean sadly me with adhd makes me feel like a normal being because it can also give you a creativity booster and I’m glad I have that

  • OMG! Everything you are suggesting is actually the opposite of what I do! As I’m drinking a 7x6in cup of coffee with 10 large spoons of sugar I’m really trying to figure out how to work with having ADHD. I am on meds and it doesn’t do anything for me. I’ve already stopped and started this video four times and I’m 11 minutes in. I’ve even Started and stopped writing this 3 times. I also have a two and three-year-old that definitely don’t help me with focusing. I seriously have not completed any projects in years and I’m feeling like I’m driving myself crazy.

  • I’m 19 and I have adhd it doesn’t seem like u do I can’t relate I’m really trying to bc I’m struggling at life rn but u seem the exact opposite of adhd

  • i have ADHD and have had it since I was a child. I took medication such as (concerta) for a few years and I have stopped due to the effects of the medication. I wouldn’t sleep eat and would be very anti social on the medication. I started smoking weed at The age of 15 I am now about to be 24 years old and i feel like I have learned how to control 80% of my ADHD. I want to receive treatment again but don’t want the same affects what can you recommend?

  • I have ADD and bipolar 1 disorder, adderall saved my life and combined with lamictal. I have been through every possible medicine and other meds like antidepressants made me manic or suicidal. I always remain with some level of depression underneath then they added adderall and It turns out many of the symptoms i thought were part of BP which wouldn’t go away almost vanished because it was actually ADD that was untreated. I’m able to get out of bed, my anhedonia has relieved, my bad attention, sleep, impulsivity, and focus are almost non existant. it’s a shame people abuse it and it gets a bad reputation when it can help some of us who have such adverse reactions to everything else.

  • I think you are awesome the way you control your life. But to me you look like a robot. I have adhd too. Do you enjoy your life? Where is the fun? do you also manage it?

    I don’t like this video. it only show me how hard is to be you.:( I am 22 and this is not helping.

  • I speechless, I’m crying I had this all my life and this is the first time watching videos about this and I don’t know what to do, I was embarrassed to share to a doctor but it’s time to open up and get the right medication but I hate having to go through a bunch of medications to see if it helps, I was talking atavan for my nerves and I switched a bunch of meds until paxil which I’m taking now for six months and it doesn’t help, it makes me feel worst, this is what I hate to go through, CAN ANY WHO HAS ADHD TELL ME WHAT IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE MEDICATION FOR MY SICKNESS??????? PLEASE

  • I made it 7 i only remembered Avocado Scanned the comment section and wondering about your hair color. I cant medidate i just cant

  • No Morning Routine…Wooosh…my day is…roll the dice and let’s see what happens!! ���� I can so relate to that!! �� Thanks for all the great tips/tools. I’ll definitely have to watch it a couple more times to get them all. �� Just diagnosed at the age of 50 something and would rather not be on medication… weighing my options at this point.

  • Sometimes it feels like my brain is a big roundabout with many, many lanes and many, many, many cars (thoughts or impulses)

    The cars in the outer lanes can leave the roundabout the fastest. Those are my impulsive thoughts.
    My more rational thoughts are very close to the middle and they struggle to get out of the right exit when they need to.

  • Lucky for you you were diagnosed at 8, for some of us who are 41 and still waiting to be diagnosed we have used up most of the chemicals we did have to make us happy by over drinking or eating or drug taking and now we dont have the capability to be as wonderfully motivated as you. As hard as I try to do everything you advise it lasts 3days and then procrastination kicks in, then the self loathing then the depression and in a week it happens all over again! Life is just harder for some than others. You were blessed at not getting addicted to other things before figuring out you could do it without medication.

  • I’m 28 and about to be evaluated to see if I have ADHD in a couple of weeks. I didn’t think I could possibly have ADHD but I’ve been doing some research and finally went to a therapist for the first time in my life to talk about it. I feel exactly what was described here in the video and how people describe it in the comments, especially the desperation of not feeling accomplished and the lack of sleep. My god I haven’t had good sleep since I was 15 years old. I stayed up late at night almost every night in high school and would dread waking up the next morning and being in school. To make matters worse, I think I might have social anxiety disorder as well. I literally never raised my hand once and asked for any help or any questions about school work from kindergarten to the day I graduated high school. And I’ve avoided finishing college because of these issues. I hope I can find a resolution to this.

  • Thank you so much Dan:) God bless you, I am someone who doesn’t really want to go down the route of medication, but out of desperation to be able to function I have been really thinking I need to. You have inspired, encouraged and motivated me to try and manage my ADHD with more natural techniques and to harness it in a positive way that will help me to pursue my potential and succeed in my goals and desires for my future. Peace and love!! x

  • To stop me feeling bored watching this I put the speed at its highest >>2x, I’m not being treated for ADHD is this a sign I should be?

  • If I would fall asleep everyday with a book on my chest, then not only would I be pissed that where should I continue the story because the pages would be all F’d up and. Then finally my book wouldn’t last long because I turn so much when I’m sleeping��

  • Thank you very much for sharing this. I really needed to hear this. I don’t want to take medication and have struggled as an adult more then I did as a teen.

  • Hi Sir! I’m from the Philippines and I’m suffering From ADHD and it really affect me a lot. It was really affect my academic performance cause I get easily forget anything. I didn’t finish my job well-done and my brain keeps running out in different direction, I can’t focused even in my writing and many more. That’s why I decided to watch this video and try to apply for my self. Thank you very much for this video. ������

  • This was so helpful. Just found out I have adult ADHD I was freaking out because I don’t want to take drugs for the rest of my life. And I have so much I would like to do.

  • Cracks me up cause it took me going to this video literally about a month later to actually finish it. And I resumed it right before the part where you said if you made it this far you probably don’t have adhd �� I’m struggling super bad to stay focused I am writing a book. And I work 2 jobs that I hate. Thinking about getting into accounting but don’t know if I will be able to complete school for that. The reason I would be getting into accounting would be for the pay raise and as a staple to really become successful in running my own company. But I mean I’m kinda all over the place and I struggle to stay focused. I really dont want to make meds the answer tho. Kinda need all the help/support/ideas I can get in order to motivate myself. So I’m all ears.

  • Well, I finally made it through this started and stopped about 5 times or so. I grew up feeling like I was failing at life. New school every year, etc. This video brings a sense of relief, knowing there was a reason. It’s also brings up some painful memories

  • What really sucked about adhd for me is that haft way through the beginning is started thinking about random stuff then when he said if you made it this far congratulations and I was like ������

  • I was diagnosed with ADHD at 9. I’m 24 now and I think I was misdiagnosed finally. When I hear others talk about it I think I don’t have enough symptoms to say I have it.

  • Meds can be a tremendous help. I was on vyvanse from age 14 to 23 (when I lost tricare benefits) and so I was forced to adapt to my untethered mind.

    Although I am less productive overall my wife and my coworkers tell me I’m more creative, happier, and more fun. I certainly miss the effortless work ethic that meds provide and it does make me feel “normal” so to speak.

  • Adhd is nothing more than an idealistic beautiful day planned out(in your head too “busy” to write it down) to only then wake up and realize you have something more fun to do

  • I never liked the normal meditations, I tried them many times, always hated it. But I love to stare at nature and listen to lounge music. It brings me down and gives me such inner peace and happiness. Especially if I can look at trees in the golden hour agianst a blue sky. Its really easy to not think about anything while looking at trees. This is my personal meditation. Maybe it helps someone.

  • Thank you so much for your video and how it is inspiring my family! I just watched this again this time with my 11 yr old and dad who both have ADHD. We appreciate the links and the 9 easy categories. I am going to use that Be Focused app for our homeschooling this year. The count down is on and I feel so much more hopeful about this school year being different thanks to role models and advice like you have shared ��������

  • Hello Dan, I work as a psychotherapist and do non-traditional psychotherapy with people who have addiction issues. I can not tell you how helpful this video has been for myself and some of my clients who have attention deficit superpowers! As you probably know, there is a very high incidence of ADHD in this population. Your suggestions have given hope to my patients which is a powerful substance for those in recovery. Many thanks for the work you do. Spero Alexio.

  • Thanks for doing this video! Implementing as of tomorrow. Got here from Alex Becker. SAAS is way beyond me but I learn useful bits from varied sources…

  • I have

    . Ive been on opiates for years and i finally just want to be done. Ive learned so much and i have so many hopes and dreams and things worth teaching to the world. I just have no positive support system in my life right now, well i do but just no one who understands what im going through. Someone to relate to. I live in phoenix az