Apollo 11 Day 1 (Full Mission)

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Pikmin 3 (No Deaths) Part #07: The Trapped Onion (Day 8 / Twilight River)

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WOT mission VK day 8

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Cold War Campaign: DAY 8 Epic & Emotional Fleet Defense Mission | DCS WORLD

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Apollo 11 Mission Audio Day 8

Video taken from the channel: NASA


【Arknights】Daily CC Map Day 5 | Risk Lv.8 + Challenge Mission Clear Gameplay | Transport Hub

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Apollo 11 Day 8 Part 2 (Full Mission)

Video taken from the channel: lunarmodule5

Day 8 Business Academy’s mission is for SME business owners to have prosperity and abundance. It is committed in helping SMEs increase their revenues, improve personal effectiveness, and cut cost without cutting corners. Day 8 Brand Manifesto. Our insights about business owners led us to acknowledge the following truths about SME entrepreneur. Audio highlights from the eighth day of the Apollo 11 mission.

Day 8 Business Academy’s mission is for SME business owners to have prosperity and abundance. It is committed in helping them increase their revenues, improve personal effectiveness, and cut cost without cutting corners. Apollo 8 was the second crewed mission of the Apollo program and the first mission to bring humans to the moon. The six-day mission lifted off on Dec.

21, 1968. CBS News 8 San Diego, CA News Station KFMB Channel 8 | Help Button New video of Labor Day party on Mission Bay raises ‘superspreader event’ concerns. Day 8 is where the memories and friendships from The Yacht Week and The Ski Week live on. It’s your family away from family. One that keeps growing and inspires you to see, do and experience new things with the best of the best.

The end of your week is just the beginning. DayZ Origins 1.8.3 Mission Danger From The Mountain. Map Dangerous Information Edit.

First contact 151-106 Reward 155-124 Enemy Men 8 Car Air Water Dead Bandit Loot Edit. First contact 105 083 Reward 113 075 Enemy Men 5 Car Air Water Video. Eight Days of Hope is a Christian, non-profit organization that is both evangelical and non denominational.

We exist to demonstrate the love and hope of. Given that the mission time can be cut in half to 1 Day 16 Hours with appropriate counters but still, that’s practically 2 days for 326 AP. counter it to make it 1 day 16 hours Use this dude to again make it 20 hours. Mission Impelled by the belief that all creation is sacred and interrelated; imbued with the principles of nonviolence, mutuality and cooperation, 8th Day Center for Justice, a coalition founded by Catholic religious congregations, acts as a critical alternative voice to oppressive systems and works to change those systems.

List of related literature:

The mission should have been an easy one: fly to a small village about 15 miles inside Bolshevik lines and bomb the house with a blue roof.

“Churchill's Secret War With Lenin: British and Commonwealth Military Intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1918-20” by Damien Wright
from Churchill’s Secret War With Lenin: British and Commonwealth Military Intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1918-20
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This mission is 9 days long.

“Tripwire” by Lee Child
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The frustrating component of this mission was that the PIFWCs were everyday thugs.

“Be Unstoppable: The 8 Essential Actions to Succeed at Anything” by Alden Mills
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This was Yang Tingbi’s first mission.

“The Silk Road Encyclopedia” by Su-il Jeong
from The Silk Road Encyclopedia
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It should be easy because Mason and his men are ninjas and this is The Ninja Mission.

“'80s Action Movies on the Cheap: 284 Low Budget, High Impact Pictures” by Daniel R. Budnik
from ’80s Action Movies on the Cheap: 284 Low Budget, High Impact Pictures
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Give Up: You can just give up the mission by standing around for three minutes doing nothing.

“Detroit: Become Human Strategy Guide” by
from Detroit: Become Human Strategy Guide
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There were lots of jobs to be done; gather all the results of the mission, place them on board the transportation vehicle, and make everything ready for the return.

“In the Shadow of the Moon: A Challenging Journey to Tranquility, 1965-1969” by Francis French, Colin Burgess
from In the Shadow of the Moon: A Challenging Journey to Tranquility, 1965-1969
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Would you care to share what that mission is?”

“Harvest of Gold” by Tessa Afshar
from Harvest of Gold
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Finally, after 900 odd days, the crew splashes down in the Orion, which is the only element that survives the mission.

“SpaceX's Dragon: America's Next Generation Spacecraft” by Erik Seedhouse
from SpaceX’s Dragon: America’s Next Generation Spacecraft
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On what I think was the last day of this mission, I made an approach to a pad near the top of the mountains on the north-west side.

“Vietnam Vanguard: The 5th Battalion's Approach to Counter-Insurgency, 1966” by Ron Boxall, Robert O’Neill
from Vietnam Vanguard: The 5th Battalion’s Approach to Counter-Insurgency, 1966
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ANU Press, 2020

Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 (877) 492-3666

Bibliography: oktay_bibliography

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  • Honestly them leaving the helicopter, waving at everyone, was the only moment I had to cry tears of joy. They accomplished the target they were given by Kennedy and returned *safely*.

    On a side note: I love the American sense of humor HORNET + 3 ������

  • Just concluded listening to the whole Apollo 11 mission while commuting to and from work over the past couple of weeks.

    I feel like I’ve been with them every step of the way. Just glad I don’t now have to go into three weeks quarantine!

  • Great work but isn’t this day 9? The splashdown was at about midday on 7/24, the 9th day (total mission time 8 days, 3 hours, 18 minutes).

  • Lunarmodule5: Since i have the entire Apollo-11 flight in MP 4 video mode, i am now converting them into MP 3 audio mode.

  • Awesome production. I’ve been watching/listening to the whole mission, and I’ve been enamored. LM5, do you think Artemis will take us back by 2024?

  • I have great memories of watching this as it actually occurred. Thanks so much for the detailed coverage of a great mission and the greatest moment of history in my lifetime.

  • Well..after a vacation plus a move, I was finally able to watch this series all the way through. I must say you really outdid yourself this time. The series was truly awesome. Well done LM5!!!!!!

  • Nothing worse than listening to someone slurping liquids on mic. Of everything u do I enjoy, listening to you consume, isn’t one of them.

  • As much money as we spent on the Apollo program you think they could have built a simple ship with a scoop to come in under the command module. Drain the scoop and voila, recovered crew.

  • LM5….. A few days ago I decided to download and begin to ‘fool around’ with the Orbiter 2010 software. Just trying to get it loaded and configured was a handful enough. but when I added some of the Apollo related add-ons the challenge to get them to behave became even greater. (To say nothing of finding coherent documentation a noob could understand and use)
    The thing is a handful by any measure….

    It brought into sharp focus an even greater appreciation of the effort you have put into all of these videos. The realization that you had to learn first how to operate this software and then use it to recreate real life scenarios adds a level of respect and admiration for your work that I am not sure most really grasp. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

  • Que triste que, para este momento tan importante, no quedaban ninguno de los Kennedy presidenciables vivios. Se merecían vivir ese momento y la gloria implísita, porque JFK fue el impulsor para que esto sea una realidad.

  • After Apollo we went in circles for thirty years.
    Scraped Saturn V, now we start all over could have been to Mars already.
    Hindsight is 20/20

  • I suppose that they would have to retrieve that cone-shaped re-entry thingo. That would conceivably still have the collected lunar samples in it, unless Armstrong passed those to someone as he was climbing into the dinghy, saying, ” Here. Take these “.

  • This has been a giant leap for audiovisual spaceflight documentation. You’ve made this Apollo 11 anniversary a very special occasion for all of us space enthusiasts. Thank you very much.

  • Well here it is the 51st anniversary of Apollo 11 and I’m starting my work day by listening to the audio of day one. Cheers everybody!

  • Done! Took 8 DVDs to complete this whole Apollo 11 mission to disc. Now I can hear it at any given time without the use of the internet. Having this mission on disc is so much better. Big Thanks go out to lm5 for putting this up for all to enjoy.
    R.I.P Christopher Kraft.

  • 1:10 their is only one option to do
    every man for himself….. yet everyone needs to try and get off as many missiles as possible

    make no mistake…. it IS a retreat…… but your fighting back also

    example…. you dont support a 120 or 54….. but you support it long enough that you know its gonna lock on
    forget about hitting the target…. thats only a bonus

    getting the target to turn around = life…one less dude shooting at your dudes for the next 30 seconds

  • oh my god this music is beautiful it make me think of 2 thing
    1 the Kalos region from pokemon X and Y
    2 strolling in the French country side

  • Not sure if you already knew this, but you can monitor Guard and another UHF frequency simultaneously on your UHF 1 (AN/ARC-159) Radio by selecting “Both” on the Right-hand rotary switch. That’s the way it works on actual US military planes anyway, so…

  • Very nice, very difficult mission. I was really missing some footage of the blue fleet, but I take it that it was not hit. If you want it realistic, you should however have a ring of destroyers around the carrier group at a distance of appr. 30-50nm

  • I have now watched/listened to the whole mission via these videos. I feel like I’ve been on an incredible, breath taking journey. I’ve gotten to know the crew and the capcoms much better (Charlie and Mike are my faves <3). I learnt more of the logisitics and technical details of the mission. I can honestly say I laughed, I cried and felt awe. Possibly the most engaging viewing experience of my life.
    LM5 Thank you.

  • It’s crazy to imagine that the Onions have the uncanny ability to organically use some sort of matter energy conversion to break down organic matter to fuel the propagation and germination of Pikmin seeds. I mean look at the size of the bosses were feeding the Onion in this game alone, how else do you think they fit inside the Onion. Kinda makes me think Abathur from Starcraft would be intrigued by this inexplicable reproductive process.

    1:06 Would people come to this planet for vacation? Oh yeah sure, just ignore all the very large life forms on this planet that want to kill and or eat you and it’s a beautiful place.

  • Apollo 11 Day 1 (Full Mission)

    16th July 1969 The countdown, launch, earth orbital phase, followed by the TLI and docking with the lunar module, ejection of the S4B and a TV broadcast.

    This video will cover all of these events with air to ground/Flight Director Loops and onbioard crew tape audio with available film and photographs taken by the crew. The video starts with the crew having breakfast and ends at a GET of 14h 26m.

    Video Timeline:
    00:00:30 Breakfast
    00:03:16 Suit Up
    00:08:04 Walkout
    00:21:55 At 39a
    00:55:08 Hatch Closure
    03:04:12 Liftoff
    03:06:55 S1C SEP
    03:13:20 Sll SEP
    03:15:51 SECO
    05:12:46 TLI
    05:26:39 SLA SEP
    05:33:15 LM Docking
    06:54:54 TV

    With grateful thanks to Robin, Pat, Ben, Stephen, Dwight, Britt, Vinny and Ed without whom this project would not have been completed or be so complete in coverage.

    Thanks go also to the amazing subscribers to my channel who have encouraged and supported the channel for the past 10 years.

    All Video/Audio/Photographs courtesy NASA

    I highly recommend following the series whilst reading the Apollo 11 Flight Journal

    and the Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

    Other great sites to link to which I have sourced for information or material in the making of the series-

    The Apollo Audio Collection
    Virtual Apollo Guidence Computer Homepage
    Orbiter Space Flight Simulator
    Apogee Books

    Dave Schloms series of podcasts are a fascinating record and can be found here

    Ben Feists outstanding work on the Apollo 11 mission in realtime can be found here

    Facebook Groups

    Mercury, Gemini & Saturn/Apollo Era!! Facebook page
    Apollo 11 Facebook Page
    Space Hipsters Facebook Page

    The following books were invaluable in the making of the series

    Apollo 11 The NASA Mission Reports (Parts 1, 2 and 3) Robert Godwin
    Footprints in the Dust Colin Burgess
    A Man on the Moon Andrew Chaikin
    Carrying the Fire Michael Collins
    Failure is Not an Option Eugene Kranz
    First Man James Hansen/Neil Armstrong
    Forever Young James Hansen/John Young
    Last Man on the Moon Eugene Cernan
    Rocket Men Robert Kurson
    Man on the Moon Peter Fairley
    The Invasion of the Moon Peter Ryan
    Chariots for Apollo Courtney Brooks/James Grimwood/Loyd Swenson
    LEM Lunar Excusion Module Failiarisation Manual Grumman
    How Apollo Flew to the Moon David Woods
    Apollo A Chronology 1 to 4 NASA
    Growing Up with Spaceflight Apollo Parts 1 & 2 Wes Oleszewski
    Live TV from the Moon Dwight Steven-Boniecki
    Moonwalker Charles and Dotty Duke
    Digital Apollo David Mindell
    From the Trenches of Mission Control to the Craters of the Moon Lunney/Bostick/Reed/Deiterich/Kennedy/Von Ehrefried/Boone/Stoval/

    If you would like to donate to this and future projects (any money donated will go towards purchasing hardware/software for use on these series) any donations are received with gratitude and thanks!

    The Full Mission Series Production An Explanation of the Process

    Production began in February 2018 with the intention of release on the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11’s launch day (subsequently the pre and post flight press conferences were added). Each video took between 1 and 3 months to produce, working about 10 hours a week.

    Full Mission videos start with editing of the available audio for that particular day, sometimes split bewteen 3 tracks of audio (air to ground/flight directors loop/crew onboard tape). Once that process is completed the available TV transmissions or other associated video is positioned along with 16mm film taken by the crew. Photographs are placed in the mission timeline aprroximately near to where there were taken in the mission. Captions are then added to give pertinent information. The gaps that are left visually are filled with screen captures of the spacecraft from the Orbiter Space Simulator. Positions of spacecraft are approximated to what would have been seen on the mission, but during TLI, CSM RCS and SPS burns (LOI etc) the orientation is as near as I can get it to the actual (with sage advice from RW). Once these screen captures are in place the Apollo Guidence Computer (Virtual AGC) screens are captured. This involves setting the AGC time to the PAO announcements during the flight, screen capturing them and then transferring them to the timeline. Finally the title sequences are added.

    Final editing of the whole video takes place with a run-through of the whole thing before the render of the video. Video sizes vary from 4 to 48gb.

  • After this mission none of the astronauts flew in space again.
    Buzz Aldrin returned to the Air Force and became the biggest celebrity of the Apollo program, even made a appearance on the Punky Brewster episode “Accidents Happen”. Also punched a moon hoaxer on the side.
    Mike Collins was instrumental in the construction and formation of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.
    Neil Armstrong took a teaching job at the University of Cinncianti and was second-in-command to Chairman William Rogers on the Presidential Commission on the Space Shuttle Challenger Accident. For the rest of his life, Neil was selective in his appearances and interviews. Neil died in 2012.

  • I like the reentry part. I wish they could have this in First Man.

    Also happy 50 years. We remember you: Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins. May we return to the moon one day.

  • Splashdown. Thank you, Mike, Buzz and Neil, Lunarmodule5; MOCR&Apollo Surface Journal for making this experience possible. See you next year (at the latest!). Give me P00 and Accept to load some power to watch Apollo 12. Have a nice summer. I’ll be back.

  • Landing day for Apollo 11 reminds me of this song “Home” as seen on this link
    TiffanyHome (From the 1990 film “Jetson’s: The Movie)
    MCA Records
    Written by Mark Mancina, Steve McClintock and Tim James

  • Thank you for all these videos. I’m been following your magnificent work for years now, and this Apollo 11 series is just fantastic. Thanks.

  • Soooooo, I remember an interview with some sort of scientist…can’t remember who. He was explaining that all of the energy that it took to get that capsule into orbit then has to be used to slow it down during reentry. Basically, the “front” of the capsule is taking the brunt of all the energy of that Saturn V while re entering.

    I’m not sure how exactly true that is (the exchange of energy happening here) but absolutely crazy to think about. All of the flames and plasma coming off of the capsule is equal to the Saturn V energy. Interesting as hell.

    I cannot even begin to thank y’all enough for this video series. Legendary. God bless you all, and God bless these early space pioneers.

  • Still watching this fantastic production.

    It’s not over till it’s over, and you deserve more views for the work you’ve put into it.

    Top notch.

  • Just stumbled across this channel. Good Job, I really enjoy following along and learning details about Apollo Program. Keep it up!

  • Thank you from the top and bottom of my heart for this magnificent effort my friend. It has been a joy to relive Apollo 11 thanks to you!

  • Comin home! Not that you haven’t done enough but it was really handy when you made the events actual time stamps as in @ 02:13:30 Drogues kinda like chapter markers.

    On another note…..You can see how the next few years really aged Tricky Dick.

  • I have seen some amazing footage during this trip to the moon and back. Today’s first was the SM breaking up on re-entry. Thanks for doing an amazing job, Simon! I truly enjoyed it.

  • Welcome home Neil, Buzz and Michael Inspiration for generations to come. Thanks for posting the videos and thanks to the whole team that made the mission a success. The greatest generation.

  • I usually bring my own music I usually watch while I work (hi, I write simulators).
    Kinda sad I couldn’t because yours was playing. Like its a cool but having to pause my music and lose my flow working blows chunks. Not a fan.

  • This is so awesome. At @ 3:56:05 one of them asks if they want a “Life Saver”… and he says “yeah, I’d love one.” Then they discuss the problem of where to put the wrapper. Then a few seconds later one of them says something like “it’s a gooey one.” The irony of them discussing “Life Saver” candies while performing one of the most dangerous missions known to man cracked me up. Just a funny reminder that these heroes were just people like all of us… but makes me admire them all the more!

  • Today is the 50th anniversary of this great event. After all the ramblings of moon landing hoax idiots over the years, today I hear not one shred of that on ANY media outlet! NOWHERE is there a discussion of this as a hoax;. Not among scientists, Not among Engineers, Not Journalists, Not the media, Not encyclopedia, Not journals. Very satisfying to know that right thinking individuals dominate, and that paranoid hoax weasels are relegated to little cubby holes here on you tube.

  • Was looking for a gameplay of this game without a voice-over but couldn’t stand to watch the deaths. Then I looked for a no-death run and watched 30 seconds before the constant narration got to me. Thank you for this. Also enjoy your written captions to explain your actions. I know I’m commenting on an ancient video but good work regardless

  • Hi cap, a little question regarding you guys and the f14, when comitting To a fight/acm. Do you Remember to turn of the Roll SAS as recommended by heatblur and the manual? gives you a bit more playroom AOA wise and makes the movement off the aircraft more smooth?

  • The dude with the American accent seems really cool. Is he from California? Lol
    I liked the Rio seat you were in Cap. You should do that again.

  • Looking at those Blackjacks in formation flying towards a carrier group, all I can think is that if things were really going down you’d want an AIR-2 Genie with the W25 warhead on it.

  • Jester still seems a bit buggy. My favorite so far was Jester ejecting from Growling Sidewinder’s F14 after he took a gun hit. The plane was still flying fine but Jester was like “I’m out bro”. GS went on to shoot down the bogey without a RIO or a canopy. lol

  • Hmmm… Lots of action but still seeing plenty of errors with the Phoenix (failed proximity fuses, failure to actually change the trajectory when the missile does maneuver) and that is some very weird looking rain at the end coming down in stripes looking like vertical cables on the runway. Cant say Ive ever seen that in real life…

  • Let’s talk about runway lights.
    What settings you have or what you did that runway lights are bright.
    On this map there’s problem with it, at night, at bad weather, etc. it’s hard to locate the runway.

  • Thank you so much. All school children should be made to view this to let them know what this country is capable of when we work hard.