��Introduction to Minor Keys and Curving FingersHMS DAY 24

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Mission America 2015 Day 24

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Day 24 Kathopanishad | #SwamiTejomayananda | #Upanishad |#Vedanta | #ChinmayaMission

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Plants vs Zombies 2 Frostbite Caves Day 24

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Растения против Зомби 2: Neon Mixtape Tour День 24 Пошаговых

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Flylady’s 31 Babysteps Day 24 (Swish and Swipe, bathroom)

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New Favorite Brush!? | Sketchbook Habit Day 24

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Day 24: Think Glocal. You are here: Home 1 / Blog 2 / Spiritual Growth 3 / Day 24: Think Glocal. Day 24: Think Glocal. Welcome to Day 24 as you Take the Missional Challenge!

Coming back to Mission San Juan Capistrano where I tour the mission grounds and Serra Chapel, home of the Nieblas family’s roots in America. In 1860 Jesus B. Mission Mangal Box Office Collection Day 24: बॉलीवुड एक्टर अक्षय कुमार (Akshay Kumar) और विद्या बालन (Vidya Balan) की फिल्म मिशन मंगल लगातार बॉक्स ऑफिस पर अच्छा प्रदर्शन कर रही है. Photo Essay: Day 24 of shelter-in-place, Mission District. By Lola M. Chavez | Apr 9, 2020 | Featured, Front Page, Instagram, Mobile, Newsletter, Photography, Today’s Mission | 0. I grew up in the Mission, went to School of the Arts high school for creative writing.

Bounced around colleges from SFState, to CCSF, to CCA where I graduated. Photo Essay: Day 24 of shelter-in-place, Mission District. By Mission [email protected] on April 9, 2020 at 5:37 PM. Print; By Lola M. Chavez.

On Mission Street. Photo by Lola M. Chavez. See more photos. For the Love of Physics Walter Lewin May 16, 2011 Duration: 1:01:26.

Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. 1,749,094 views. Day 23: Silent Companion Mission 12; Day 24: Silence Broken Mission 13; advertisement.

Day 25: Two Keys Mission 14; Day 26: Terminated Mission 15; Days 51-54 Missing Missions 16, 17, 18, 1. Event at UN Headquarters, New York. The 2019 UN Day Concert will be held on Thursday, 24 October 2019 at 4 p.m. in the General Assembly Hall at United Nations Headquarters in New York.

Day 24. Posted on 28/02/2014 by Silas. I didn’t go out to exercise. Weather was off putting.

Oh dear. I feel achey and generally unmotivated. Knees in particular. Tooth is beginning to ache when it’s cold. Not good.

Day 16 | Mission to on Day 15: Day 16 | Mission to. The Mission Daily. Your daily dose of news that matters, scientific studies, and actionable insights designed to improve your health, wealth, and wisdom. Listen to The Mission Daily.

The Story. Each episode is a mini-historical biography, and includes life lessons and actionable insights from the most courageous and successful people in history.

List of related literature:

Which Mission completes 1000 days in Or

“CURRENT AFFAIRS 2020” by Narayan Changder
by Narayan Changder

This mission is 9 days long.

“Tripwire” by Lee Child
from Tripwire
by Lee Child, 2009

No other mission I ever went on lasted to the number of days it was scheduled to last.”

“Secret Green Beret Commandos in Cambodia: A Memorial History of MACV-SOG's Command and Control Detachment South (CCS) and Its Air Partners, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-1972” by Fred S. Lindsey
from Secret Green Beret Commandos in Cambodia: A Memorial History of MACV-SOG’s Command and Control Detachment South (CCS) and Its Air Partners, Republic of Vietnam, 1967-1972
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On what I think was the last day of this mission, I made an approach to a pad near the top of the mountains on the north-west side.

“Vietnam Vanguard: The 5th Battalion's Approach to Counter-Insurgency, 1966” by Ron Boxall, Robert O’Neill
from Vietnam Vanguard: The 5th Battalion’s Approach to Counter-Insurgency, 1966
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The duration of the first crewed mission was 28 days.

“Encyclopedia of Space and Astronomy” by Joseph A. Angelo
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Today only 17 of the mission adobes remain, some still occupied, others falling into ruin.

“Los Angeles in the 1930s: The WPA Guide to the City of Angels” by United States Federal Writers Project, WPA Writers' Program of the Work Projects Administration in Southern California, David Kipen
from Los Angeles in the 1930s: The WPA Guide to the City of Angels
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Complete 3 of these (1 each day for 3 days) to complete this mission.

“Subway Surfers Game Guide” by Pro Gamer
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Instead, find a small camp along the road west of Camp Searchlight near which you’ll find First Sergeant Astor and a few other NCR survivors wandering around.

“Fallout: New Vegas Strategy Guide” by
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The mission should have been an easy one: fly to a small village about 15 miles inside Bolshevik lines and bomb the house with a blue roof.

“Churchill's Secret War With Lenin: British and Commonwealth Military Intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1918-20” by Damien Wright
from Churchill’s Secret War With Lenin: British and Commonwealth Military Intervention in the Russian Civil War, 1918-20
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The target for this mission, and the subsequent missions during the first week of operations, was the vegetation on both sides of Route 15 between Bien Hoa and Vung Tau.

“The History, Use, Disposition and Environmental Fate of Agent Orange” by Alvin Lee Young
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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
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  • Hi, I observed the palette of mijello causes beading in the surface. How did you manage to remove it? i saw in the right side of yours there is less beading of watercolors

  • I’m having a really bad day and finally checking out your channel has made it bearable <3 it is so admirable that you can make these types of videos so enjoyable and your passion is bursting out of the screen <3

  • Your talking is just right. For me the voice and manner of the artist I’m watching is just as important as their art.
    They could do the best art in the world but if they are a tool then no thanks.

  • What was some of the advice you got on quill brushes from friends? I’ve been wanting to get one but I’m unsure what size to start with and they’re a bit too expensive to try out a bunch of sizes from the get go. I think I’m going to get the Silvers cause I love my Black Velvet brushes, so now I just have to narrow down a starting size. Loved the painting, keep up the good work!

  • Today I sat to draw the sketch of a painting I’m planning to make for some time but I couldn’t make myself to start it earlier. Then I saw your newest video is up and it made me really inspired and relaxed as I was drawing while watching and listening to you. This is the thing I really love your videos for they just always make my day ♥

  • ok. I didn’t remember, that I should have swish and swipe daily before and I am on day 19. somebody else, who did the 31 steps as well, mentioned the swish and swipe rather early in the 31 babysteps and said, that we do daily within 5 min. now in your list it starts on day 24. ok. now I understand, that I didn’t overheard. I will stick with your plan, although it is interesting to hear from a different person, who failed before, because she did skip things and then started over, convinced, she can rely on the flylady system.:-) I liked, that she felt comfortable in the system the second time. so, I know, I am on the right track, because I felt too, to cut corners or go ahead, could lead to loose the grid over a time period. I wonder, is the swish and swipe in the bathroom really a daily thing? because I daily do the bathtub, but I don’t do the sink and the toilett daily. I don’t have a countertop per se in my small bath room. maybe that is why I don’t need daily maintaining. but weekly or maybe once a month a bit more detailed yes. I guess, it will all come together with weekly routines or the zone cleaning later.

  • I feel like you smacked me with Sailor Mars in the most pleasant way possible! I had no idea until you started drawing her star earrings!!!!

  • Hello Diane, I think your wonderful. Your tips are very helpful, as well as the fly lady site.
    I just had to comment, your bathroom is beautiful aka my dream bathroom. Much love from the UK.

  • I’ve finally caught up haha, I’ve been watching the playlist whilst doing some daily animals sketching these past few days you’ve been motivating me so much to feel happy to draw and create everyday, and I love your videos so much and the passion for art as you talk is really so inspiring! Thank you for your videos!

  • tori!! im very happy to see you having so much fun with drawing girls, i really hope you’re able to capture the cuteness you see and i support you in that!!

  • I hate how YouTube gives me notifications a day later knowing that this video could have made my night!1!!1!! but it made my afternoon, so I guess it isn’t that bad?

  • most Asian brands don’t use ox gall, i’m not sure why but from what I hear it has to do with the mentality that the artist should be the one to decide if they want to use ox gall or not, which I guess could be used in conjunction on certain parts, (so In this case you’d use the paint normally for the face and for the hair for a more artsy feel, you’d use ox gall.)

    I believe you were trying to say “Atelier”? I always pronounce it “Ah til E ay”. If im correct then I’ve seen some of the games you’ve mentioned, and honestly I didn’t know they existed and when I noticed them it was kinda like… omg why are there so MANY! sorta like a treasure trove and maybe too daunting since I was late to the party. Incidentally I actually watched the anime BEFORE noticing the games, which kinda made it clear why certain parts of the anime felt previously established and were assuming details that maybe id enjoy more if I played one of their games prior (not major details just minor details that didn’t impact much) Incidentally, the anime was “Atelier Escha and Logy etc..” and it ALSO has a game so you could enjoy both or one or the other.

  • I love this style!! The hair looks light it could be part of the Aurora Borealis…
    Also, its kinda refreshing to hear that someone we all look up to is just as human as us. Recording and talking about your passion is way scary, the fear of criticism is a huge barrier. But we appreciate your bravery, and for me anyway, makes us look up to you even more!

  • The section “Housekeeping” in my planner has this quote: “I don’t want to brag but I’m pretty mediocre at housekeeping”! When they visited, the kids were the ones who cleaned up my washrooms. I taught them everything so they did a good job of it… Anyways, they will see a difference next time they come see us, that’s for sure, which should be in a few days.
    I clean my toilet first then the counters and sink because I spray my brush with BB and rinse it in the sink. Can’t do it the other way around.
    Personally, I use Avon’s Bubble Bath for all my cleaning needs. I used to use paper towel but since the “shine your sink” thing, I bought some hanging towels from AliExpress and will be using those for the bathrooms as well. I have different colors so I will divide.
    Update: My DH’s job is to empty the dishwasher/dish-rack. I’m not sure yet if he likes the fact that I do the dishes every day. Like many, I used to pile up. I actually got rid of items that were left uncleaned for several days. If I didn’t see the need to wash them and use them, I don’t need them. So they got washed and boxed for the thrift store. My counter is super clean every night. Thank you, Nicole

  • Hi tori! Since you were using quil brush today I wanna introduce to one of my fav watercolor artist who uses one as well hope you enjoyed it ��

  • Verily one need to have a ready mind to grasp vedanta! Not so easy to understand today’s points: like ‘mahat tattva’
    Swami ji is teaching this so beautifully! Thank you

  • Tori, I swear ur mind will be blown away after u finish reading this comment!
    For the past 5 months I have been using 50% cotton watercolour paper (cold pressed) by POTENTATE and it’s costs 900MMK (Myanmar kyat) and in USD it’s only 0.63 cents, yes 0.63 ( u heard it right) AND I have been doing animal portraits and other stuff on the paper and it’s been holding up soooooo well. Oh and they have a sketchbook version too!!!

  • Love the series Victoria!! ���� But since I don’t like using natural brushes ( makes me kind of sad to think the way they get the hair..��)
    Can you please review your favourite synthetic brushes??? Thanks in advance!!!

  • I don’t tend to comment much but I just wanted to say thank you for sharing your watercolor journey with us! I’ve been watching for a few years now and I feel like I’ve been growing and improving so much in my own work just because I watch these videos. Speaking of those brushes, they always remind me of witch brooms/ wands, and they make me want to live in a cottage in the woods or something ��

  • I’ve always loved how you end video saying “keep on drawing”. It inspires me a lot to draw something after watching you paint beautiful art. =)

  • Literally love your channel. I’m trying to get into water colors (I’ve used mostly Copics and multiliners) and you’ve honestly helped me learn so much. ��

  • once you finish this sketchbook series I’ll end up marathoning the playlist and have a long session with you. I adore this series and I can’t wait what you have in store in the future ��

  • I am so glad that you explained why there is not an action step for all of the 31 baby steps. The explanations and reasoning you give as you go along are crucial for changing behaviour which is centuries old. Your videos and presentations are excellent. Suzanne

  • Am I the only one that realized that you were painting sailor Mars at the end of the video? I had a brain blast after you painted the star earring ��‍♀️

  • I love this series, I don’t want it to be over! I look forward to these vids everyday and will savour every bit of them in the final week <3

  • I love my quill brushes but don’t use them enough because I generally paint small. Mine are: a DaVinci Petit Gris squirrel in size 0 (my favorite) which does come to a fine sharp point, and 2 Paul Rubins squirrel in size 2 and 4. I also have a synthetic DaVinci in size 1 but I don’t care for it. I think (personal opinion) if one is going to use a quill or mop it should be squirrel, or whats the point?
    As to the Mission Gold, they don’t contain ox gall so they don’t flow. For newbies this is actually helpful because the paint doesn’t get away from you, but if you’re into high flow, go for QOR, which flow right off the page, lol.

  • I have 2 Petit Gris brushes from Raphael… And I really don’t like them �� I have no clue how to use them properly. My main watercolor brush is a Kolinsky round brush. This is my fav, it’s so reliable! The way it holds water and how I’m able to make tiny strokes with it… It’s just the best. And anytime I grab my Petit Gris brush I get confused ��

  • Dear Tori! I didn’t even realize you were drawing sailor mars, but I felt that you captured a concept that filled up my sketchbooks when I was a teen! This entry touched my heart. The long cascading hair, the simple profile it’s so classic! I was like this is so me… and so my childhood…!

  • I kind of use toris videos as like an artist question board �� I was wondering if anyone has an opinion on whether they enjoy a blue violet or Moonglow better—haven’t tried either and want to see which people like more in a palette

  • Tori, this may be silly, but there’s something really lovely about you saying that you are not great with speaking. When you talk about art and watercolor, you speak with such passion, experience, and love for your craft. To hear you say that speech and grammar are not your forte yet your words are able to so perfectly encapsulate your devotion to creation really exemplifies how much your work means to you! It’s sweet and special!

  • My mimik brush set just came in and omg they are so good! I love the thin rigger brush and the flat brush! I’ve been so focused on better paper and paint that I forgot about good tools too.

  • Did you notice any unique differences with quill brushes and other brushes? Do watercolors look different on different watercolor paper? I love how you always drawn women.

  • sailor mars my babbbbyyyyyy you made her look so perfect! I’ll be so sad when this sketchbook series is done but ill also be happy that youll be able to take a much needed break! You really encourage me to keep drawing and sketching everyday

  • This is so pretty! ToT watching this makes me wanna use my mop brush and play with it! Also I heard Mjellos don’t really jump around the page, they tend to stay where you put them and we really see that in your swatches mid video óvò

  • Mijello don’t contain ox gall which is why they don’t move. This is easily solved if you put some ox gall in your water, the watercolours will move much better. You can buy synthetic ox gall if you don’t want real ox gall.

  • Thanks for your video and the tip on using cheap baby wipes great idea! I was doing the swish and swipe before I started watching your videos so at least this is already part of my routine. It is wonderful like you said it saves you having to spend so much time having to do a deep clean.

  • Hello Diane. I used to clean my bathroom once a week, and found that grey dust always ‘appears’ when I wipe down surfaces (toilet, sink, counter top), and you find you are just moving it about rather than picking it up no matter what type of cloth I use.  So I began this method:  1) Spray down the area first with a white vinegar/water solution.  2) Wipe with a damp microfibre cloth (I use the ‘General Purpose e-cloth’). 3) Dry with a teatowel.  This last step is successful in removing all of the dust.
    Now I have begun doing the daily Swish and Swipe, and I hoped there would be no dust due to doing it daily.  But the same problem is occurring the cloth is just moving the dust around!  Grrr! So it is taking me far longer, due to having to wipe things over twice to get all the annoying, visible dust.  

    Do you have any tips?

    Many thanks. Alice

    P.S. I am recovering from OCD related to ‘contamination’, so cleaning bathrooms used to be very hard for me. But now, after a CBT course through the NHS, I am tackling it with barely any fear at all:)
    Have a lovely day. You are a great blessing to me. x

  • Nice job getting so far with your sketchbook! When I see these videos come up, it pushes me to make something, too. And if you want to lean toward fantasy illustrations then go for it! Just keep an open mind about it to help you not get that stuck or repetitive feeling-magical girl stuff tends to be cute and elegant but it can also be serious and even dark. Anyway, thanks for sharing all this and keep it up, you’re almost there!

  • Hiya, I have been wondering on this step for awhile. I started swishing and swiping probably 4 months ago. Question, are we to do all the bathrooms each day? Because we have 3 bathrooms in our home and I started doing all of them each morning before breakfast. For some reason it takes me awhile. Longer than it should. I would love to spend no more than 5 minutes each bathroom but with going up and downstairs and getting supplies and setting timers (so I don’t spend too much time at a task) it usually takes me 10-15 minutes per bathroom. Which isn’t horrible but sometimes it seems like it’s an hour off my day before I do anything else. Maybe I am doing too much.

    I thought I read on flylady’s website that we are to wipe the toilet down to the base including the floor. At first I wiped just the top and seat part but when I read that I started doing the entire toilet. Plus swishing toilets. I tend to be a thorough person, you could say, so I get the urge to use disinfecting wipes and cleaners as well as disinfect the toilet wand. I’ve learned you must drip dry those things for 10 minutes and not put them back in the holder straitaway so mold doesn’t grow. So I do that too. I can do the master bath, which is the bathroom I use first thing no problem. It’s doing the hall bath and the powder room too that really makes the task add up. Any tips?

  • If you want to really build a solid foundation of skills you need to play piano, you should check out the courses over on my website. You can learn piano, music theory, improvisation, sight reading, and anything else you need to become a well rounded musician. (use code “youtube” for 15% off)

  • Mine takes seven minutes. I use a cloth, old sheet, wipe down the mirror and wash basin, a pane of the shower that way I go round the whole thing in a week, the window and then the toilet, the floor round the toilet. Then into the washing with the cloth. I now do a wash a week at 60 with all the cloths, maybe a spot of bleach and that’s good for the washer. Mine recommends you do a hot wash to help keep it clean.

  • I use 2 little pink rags to Swish and Swipe I put rubbing alcohol on one and keep the other dry. I clean the mirrors first, then everything else, then dry if needed with the dry rag (the alcohol dries fast though). Then I put wet rag in wash, use a new one next day. Works great. (Nothing to throw away).

  • Oooh my favorite quill brushes are the da vinci petit gris size 000 and 2! They both come to a really nice point, and a lot of the time I can get away with using just the size 2. As always, it was really fun watching your exploration of the paint, and seeing your thought process. This series has been so nice and encouraging to watch while staying home! The words you do say are actually really comforting and we can tell they come from your heart <3

  • i’ve been wanting to get into the Atelier series for a while, but the time aspect kinda scares me.. thank you for reminding, now’s the perfect time to try something new!

  • today I really arrived at day 24 of the 31 babysteps in March 2020. I also decided to swish and swipe every other day. although it only takes about 2 min. we are only two people. I think, it is fine. thank God my hasband made dinner today. he is at home now anyway. his restaurant has closed. a little bit of dishes are left. I will wash them now and then clean the sink and dry it. again I came late home. I guess, it is ok, when I skip the 5 min room rescue and the 5 min declutter. I hope, that is ok. tomorrow I will be home much earlier. on Friday again home office. I will use the 5-10 min screen brakes for several routines and some decluttering.

  • I remember many years ago perfectionism was crazy. When we learned of the swish and swipe I couldn’t imagine not using bleach or etc for toilet. I asked flylady…. She said soap is soap! In fact you can use some shampoo nobody likes put bit it in toilet brush container. And its not toxic should Fido get into it. I will always remember that. I have to keep my perfectionism at bay. Lol

  • Hello from the Deep South, USA. I LOVE the FLYLady system! My mom used the Sidetracked Home Executives card system for years and I still have a copy of their book on my shelves. This system works! I have used it on and off for years through different stages of life, different size homes and while raising a DD and have always found that I am more at peace and my home is a happier place when I follow the routines. I too work nearly full-time and have a varied work schedule, but I have adjusted the routines to fit my schedule and I testify to their success.

    Re: swish & swipe, I’d like to add that using a brush holder like the one you have is the best option. I have an inexpensive plastic one in each bathroom and keep the cleaning solution in the container. I use water, Castile soap, and my favorite essential oils. The brush sits in the solution and I have never had an issue with mold or smelly water, etc. I simply pull the brush from the solution, swish the toilet and voila clean and smelling good. When the solution is gone, I give the container a quick wash to remove any dust or yuckies from the bottom and refill.

    Keep up the great work, Diane, and all of your other FLYers out there!:)

  • My kitchen is grateful for the swish and swipe today! Thank you for your amazing willingness to walk us through the baby steps. My co-workers are also impressed with you (though they don’t know it is you who is having such a good influence on me) — I’ve watched your videos so much, I’m starting to actually wear jewelry and today I broke out a blazer that was previously reserved for voting and job interviews!

  • I swished and swiped the bathroom floor and the toilet today. I have dried out the kitchen sink and laid out my outfit for tomorrow (light blue colour) and now I start to prepare the laundry, wash my hair and have my pers. hyg. Good night.

  • I only swished and swiped the day before yesterday. But as I do it now one to two times per week it is much cleaner in the bathroom as in former times.

  • I swished and swiped my bathroom but there is so much dust in so many corners, which already has stuck on the surfaces that I was tempted to go on swishing and swiping when the time was over. But I have hope that this will change when I will swish and swipe every time when the big light is on in the bathroom. Greetings

  • I use clorox wipes and disposable gloves. I swish and swipe and then I pull off the disposable glove over the wipe, make a knot and in it goes to the bin.

  • I am really glad your posting earlier this week, I think I have the same time zone as you and it’s hard to imagine you have much downtime between your health and youtube

  • I like the baby wipes tip & love your sleek bathroom design. I’m in the midst of gathering wants/needs for my upcoming bathroom remodel…will be using yours, as inspiration towards what I wish to incorporate.:) Thanks!

  • absolutely obsessed with this video and this piece! such a cute, soft painting really inspiring to me:) i love listening to you talk! brightens my day so much

  • Yes! I’ve so been looking forward to this babystap!
    As we did a deep clean before starting off or shiny sink habit, I also did a thorough clean off my mirrors, sinks and toilet so I can start with this habit properly tomorrow. Still have to find out what works well for the mirror as I don’t intend to clean my sink with glass cleaner.

  • Watched a day in advance….confession…I like to re-watch yesterdays and watch todays’ and tomorrows as it reminds me about yesterday…today’s sinks in better and I have a heads up for tomorrow! Cheating! This isn’t too much of a problem as I’m usually the last in the bathroom in the morning so once I’ve done my teeth, it gets done and I walk away for the day. I have another bathroom downstairs which I use during the day…so the first time I use it, it gets done too and that means it’s always clean for guests. Sometimes I’ll do then every other day…depends what else is going on. I have cloths by the sanitaryware….blue for the loo and pink for the sink…they get thrown in the wash with the towels during WHB each Monday (or sooner if I feel they need it!)

    Love that you cleaned yours so that we can see it really doesn’t take long….so stop the Anti-P…and “JUST DO IT!” ����❤

  • DIANE,��
    I started during the Christmas time and been in 3 Emergency for breathing and SCIATICA pain, three weeks three different HOSPITALS and they wanted to put me in a NursingHome, I SAT up and TOLD the doctors I am going home, I am, so PRAYERS work.
    JOYA is still going

  • That was too short for me… I love hearing you for at least 10 minutes if not more! LOL! Do you have any tips for initially getting the toilet super clean?

  • how do you keep all that glass around your shower so clean? Hubby does his / our bathroom.. daughter does hers/guest bathroom.
    I just have to keep up on the half bath off the laundry room.
    thank you again for sharing your time with us:-)

  • I actually have this one in my routine. I use flushable wipes. Clean, tidy and nothing left behind. I plan to go to using cloth rags when I get more things under control. (Routines)

  • I swish and swipe both downstairs bathrooms before I shower, then I dress to shoes. It always makes me feel the worse job is done for the day.

  • I literally had to do this specific day over and over literally over 20 times! Edit: Omg you’re a savior!!! I used all the plants you had used and I completed the level the first time �� FINALLY!!!! I hadn’t gotten stuck on any level until this one and I was getting so pissed off with it!


  • In this discourse, Swamiji takes up an interesting topic of Paramapadaa gradation among the inner assets. The gradation depends upon the extent of pervasiveness and subtlety. Subtler is greater! Total Intellect > Intellect > Mind > Sense objects > Senses. The distinction between Total Intellect and Individual Intellect is so fundamental and subtle. It shakes up the self-claims like ‘That’s my original idea’! Can’t wait to hear more on this!:-) Hari Om!

  • Wow, I must admit that I am thoroughly enjoying this whole series! It really advance topic for a beginner to think about and consider. Months ago I was in the exact same position of picking between Paul Rubens and Mijellos for my first pro grade paints.

    I wish this had come earlier though. Its quite eye opening to see how it could change the workflow of a more advance artist such as yourself.:) I knew about the lack of flow in Mijello but i picked them anyway thinking i want more control and I could just add ox gall later if i want more flow. Maybe I chose wrong to put my money on an untested idea? Maybe, Have to buy a bottle of ox gall to find out…:)

    Really great series mam. But, please don’t hesitate to go full tilt nerd talking about watercolor paints. Its quite helpful.:D

  • Hi Diane, thank you for your videos, I’m almost through the 31 baby steps! I have not been able to do the swish and swipe because I dread it… I have a wet bathroom, andI was wondering if you have any recommendations for how to deal with this type of bathroom (the type without a division began the shower and the rest of the room. It’s just a drain on the floor and the shower head attached to the wall next to the sink and toilet)

    Thank you again!

  • I’m doing minor scales in my level 2 lesson book (Bastien). Really a drag to play minor notes during Covid �� I’m so sensitive.
    Btw Tim when are you gonna make Day 3 lesson public again? I missed that one.

  • Does he teach hand posture? I’ve heard that many people who are self-taught get injuries like tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndromes or more severe syndromes

  • I would like to scan my music with fingering into my computer but I don’t know how and use what computer program, especially with the color in red and blue. Please show us how to do it.

  • You are making videos on basic. I know about scales I want to know about figuring out chords and melody, playing with both the hands like arpegiating. If you’ve already made video please provide me link. Thank you