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Mission 22

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Pikmin 3 Day 21 and Day 22 Plasm Wraith Boss and Ending! (Nintendo Wii U Gameplay Walkthrough)

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Flylady’s 31 Babysteps Day 22 (building blocks, Procrastination)

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Day 22 Full Body Awareness 30 Days of Yoga

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22nd Day Fughar Daily Quest for Seasonal Character (Time Stamp Available)

Video taken from the channel: Chris Poli

Mission 22 is dedicated to healing America’s veterans when they need it most — right now. We offer treatment for Post-Traumatic Stress and Traumatic Brain Injury, substance abuse and all of the issues veterans are facing today. We couldn’t do any of this without your support. The Military Suicide Awareness #22ADAY Movement is the advocacy action network and the natural next step to the mission of the Military Veteran Project.

Military Suicide Awareness gives a voice to the vast network of volunteers, donors, and participants involved in the work of the Military Veteran Project. MISSION 22 WELLNESS PROGRAM Mission 22 has partnered with Amare to provide free mental wellness supplements to combat veteran, those injured in training who therefore could not deploy or those affected by MST. These supplements have been clinically proven to alleviate tensions, fatigue, confusion and anger by more than 40%. ElderHeart Inc. (DBA Mission 22) is a registered 501(C)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to healing America’s veterans when they need it most — right now. Mission 22 is not a crisis organization.

Dear Keepers of the Missions, The Catholic Church is eager to establish another mission, the 22nd, after we finish the mission in Sonoma. The new mission could be anywhere in the northern part of Alta California. Please tell us exactly where you think the mission should be located and what it should look like, based on your knowledge of the area.

We’re on a mission to prevent veteran suicide through physical, mental, and emotional lifestyle development. Together, we can prevent veteran suicide. On average, 22 veterans a day commit suicide. We need your help to fix that. Mission 22 Leadership Meet the leaders of Mission 22.

Our veteran-staffed Board of Directors and Core Team work proudly alongside a growing army of dedicated Regional and State Ambassador Leaders who are helping Mission 22 every day in the fight to heal our nation’s warriors. This handcrafted, wooden desktop flag includes engraved stars and the Mission 22 logo. This piece would make the perfect, patriotic statement in your home!

The flag is sold with a stand for display. This item is custom made by Flat Rock Flag Company, a family owned business. Dimensions: 13.75″ x 7.25″. “Hi my name is (Insert name), I’m a US Army Veteran living in Indiana (insert location). Today is (Insert date) and I’m about to start my 22 daily pushups for Active Heroes.

22 veterans a day commit suicide and you can help reduce these numbers and support Active Heroes by going to my fundraising page today. Mission 22 provides treatment programs to veterans for Post-Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury and other issues they might be facing. It organizes events and builds memorials to create social impact and awareness for these issues.

Mission 22 serves combat veterans, those injured in training who therefore could not deploy and victims of MST.

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“Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional: 366 Devotionals” by John Baker, Johnny Baker
from Celebrate Recovery Daily Devotional: 366 Devotionals
by John Baker, Johnny Baker
Zondervan, 2013

On the fourth day of what was beginning to feel like a scavenger hunt, they were told to go to the town of Bourges, where they would find an Allied command center and hopefully a new mission.

“The Wolves at the Door: The True Story of America's Greatest Female Spy” by Judith L. Pearson
from The Wolves at the Door: The True Story of America’s Greatest Female Spy
by Judith L. Pearson
Diversion Books, 2014

Day 3 began, as usual, with road running and PT, before a swim in the lake.

“Shadows of a Forgotten Past: To the Edge with the Rhodesian SAS and Selous Scouts” by Paul French
from Shadows of a Forgotten Past: To the Edge with the Rhodesian SAS and Selous Scouts
by Paul French
Helion, Limited, 2012

The next day Peter entered the mission early in the afternoon, going through the same process I had the week earlier.

“Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America” by Mike Yankoski
from Under the Overpass: A Journey of Faith on the Streets of America
by Mike Yankoski
Crown Publishing Group, 2009

Which Mission completes 1000 days in Or

“CURRENT AFFAIRS 2020” by Narayan Changder
by Narayan Changder

Day 3: Taking along a guide, we walked on to the most treacherous and difficult part of the route.

“Tourism Marketing” by Dasgupta Devashish
from Tourism Marketing
by Dasgupta Devashish
Pearson, 2011

On what I think was the last day of this mission, I made an approach to a pad near the top of the mountains on the north-west side.

“Vietnam Vanguard: The 5th Battalion's Approach to Counter-Insurgency, 1966” by Ron Boxall, Robert O’Neill
from Vietnam Vanguard: The 5th Battalion’s Approach to Counter-Insurgency, 1966
by Ron Boxall, Robert O’Neill
ANU Press, 2020

Now I was even more exhausted due to the release of depression and stress before the mission.

“Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL's Way of Life” by Thom Shea
from Unbreakable: A Navy SEAL’s Way of Life
by Thom Shea
Little, Brown, 2015

Mission planners eventually decided that the second day should be devoted to experiments, the third to chasing the passive target.

“On the Shoulders of Titans: A History of Project Gemini” by Barton C. Hacker, James M. Grimwood
from On the Shoulders of Titans: A History of Project Gemini
by Barton C. Hacker, James M. Grimwood
National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1977

The mission was to march the platoon to a grid coordinate several miles away, set up a patrol base before dawn, and avoid being overrun before the next platoon leader took over.

“The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier's Education” by Craig M. Mullaney
from The Unforgiving Minute: A Soldier’s Education
by Craig M. Mullaney
Penguin Publishing Group, 2009

Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

Mail: [email protected]
Telephone: +1 (877) 492-3666

Bibliography: oktay_bibliography

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  • Thank you sir for the help!
    (PS: friendly advice, try working on your pronunciation, I’m pretty sure your very thick R tongue wrapping is what’s costing you dislikes!!)

  • Adriene: Let’s begin our practice in extended Child’s pose.
    Me:… How did you know I was just thinking about doing it because my body needed that gentle stretch?

    Thank you!

  • Thank you Adriene for making these videos and always motivating us with your smile and kind words, i have already noticed a big change in my flexibilty(physically and psychologically)..i have started to pursue to passion for art after having done yoga for almost a month,it really helps me to stay focused and to push myself to do better.

  • The thing here is that he doesn’t know how the boss works, and not even how to save Pikmin, there are Pikmin drowning, electrocuting, and burning and all he says is “I’m sorry I can’t do anything about that”, I got frustrated by that, doesn’t he remember the WHISTLE exists❗️❔❕

  • Its a series of 40 quests released one per day, from Fulgar. The quest when available will appear at the top of his list. You can do this quest on any toon on your account after you have made a season character. In patch notes, BDO has said that once the questline was started, you can finish it outside of the season (past the end date) but sooner rather then later is better. Note: this is the questline which awards the PEN Capotia. If you are wondering which “day” you are on, you can press H, and search by day, to see the list/which you are on. See video:

  • Hi I just finished day 30! I am very proud of myself and grateful to the lovely Adrian. I am unable to attend my gym, due to Covid, where I was taking yoga classes. Therefore it was nice to have the goal of yoga for 30 days. I will continue with yoga everyday because of Adrians classes. Thank you Adrian your a wonderful teacher

  • After every practice when we bow I have to take a few minutes there to just cry because I’m so damn proud of myself. I have trouble following things through but Adriene and these practices have taught me how to trust myself and to have humility when that trust falters. I didn’t know how much I loved myself until I found this channel.

  • Adriene—Thank you. It took 22 days to say it because I was so consumed with myself because of flexibility worries. Today was able to release, which allowed me to remember these workouts come through you, and that needs to be acknowledged. So yes, thank you.

  • It’s impressive, at day 22, I am starting to see that my movement is becoming more graceful in all activities during this practice. I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thank you <3

  • You are so amazing. Yoga is a little sanctuary for me and when I’m here with you it is such a tranquil place. Do you have a daily mantra or saying that encourages you every day?

  • Happy Yoga Day Adrienne, I use this particular video everyday and I’m very appreciative of your guidance. Thank you so very much x

  • I think this my favourite practice yet! I really struggle with hip flexibility and my leg muscles are so shortened that I can never quite reach my feet plus my shoulders really need that upward stretch and twist. So it was a hard one but I could also feel how much it benefits me. Thank you.

  • Man I just texted my sister “todays yoga has me feeling really emotional and uncomfortable and anxious” then I came back to look at the comments… apparently I had so emotions stored in these tight hips. PS. Anyone else get mad thigh cramps in pigeon pose??

  • I was a little tired today so I ended up resting in child’s pose for about five minutes towards the end. The best part about that is I don’t feel guilty for doing it. Adriene makes me feel supported and loved which allows me to do what my body needs rather than feel judged and push myself to where I’m uncomfortable. I’m sure I’ll be back up to speed tomorrow, but if not that’s fine too.

  • Second time I teared up hearing “life is good”… life has been rocky and tough and confusing, but yoga never fails to ground me and make me feel a little less horrible about myself. Thank you Adrienne. This is the first time I am committing to something for so Long and even though there are days in between when I couldn’t bring myself to come to the mat, I learned to be kind to myself and take things slow. Rather than hate myself for not doing it, I’ll be proud and grateful to myself for coming to the mat like today.

  • I’ve been keeping my sink shiny and swish & swipe the bathroom. Ive been getting dressed and putting my clothes out the night before. My sister helped do my laundry as I need help. I already love my new routine!

  • Hi Diane I am really enjoying baby steps and it’s going well,just something that made me smile yesterday,I was late home from work felt unwell so more or less went straight to bed feeling sorry for mysel f! But the one th ing I couldn’t not do,shine my sink!it has become a habit.I have a day off today my jobs are done a nd I am having a nice coffee while I crochet.

  • Letting go of anything that does not serve you…… that part stuck with me during this practice. I guess I needed to hear that.

  • Day 22 (completed on July 1st) I went to visit some friends up North and took a week break from the journey but I downloaded Day 22. This practice was tough, my arm muscles were sore the next day, it was intense but so satisfying! Things I noticed: my arms have a wee bit of definition now, woke up without a backache all week long, taking time with Adriene is changing my mind, body and heart. Thank you so much for making this yoga practice available to me! Namaste!

  • For 2 years in a row yoga was my new year resolution never start it untill quarantine came, thanks i find Adriene with he 30 days program, amazing,, love the way she conduct the class, im in my 22 class loving it, thanks Adriene

  • yoga is honestly one of the best practices if not the ultimate best, you really get that mind-to-body connection (especially if you’re like me and your head is constantly in the clouds hahah!). I am not fond of “hard” exercise (running for extended periods of time, super intensive cardio). I’ve been doing this for 20+ days and yoga has made me completely alter my diet. I am watching my calorie intake and my body naturally just craves foods that are healthy.

    I started at 145-146 lb when doing this practice. I’m now 139 lb. I eat healthier, am committed to my yoga practice, and my posture/alignment has significantly changed..

    thank you so much Adriene!!!!! much love to you and hope God continuously returns the blessings to you for all that you have done for me and others.

  • People who make comments like Martin’s live in a very small world and have not seen the reality in the rest of the world. I’m glad to have served a did my small part to allow people like him to have a right to voice their opinion sadly many places I’ve been in the world he would be jailed or worse.

  • I was feeling guilty today as I haven’t been for a few days however this practice was perfect for my mood and energy. Maybe I was meant to miss those few days so that I could truly enjoy and appreciate it as much as I did to get me back into the swing of things

  • today day 22 of my 31 babysteps in March 2020. today I made a complete list of my morning and evening routines including everything. even shower, makeup, preparing my mp3 for my commute to work… I had suspected, that I have to try to come home early than I usually do, but 3 hours including rest time of 15 min, 5 min pamper and about 20 min eating dinner and 15 min. exercise… when I change the sleeping hour to 11 p.m and going to bed 10.30 p.m. that is tuff. I wonder, if I am doing something wrong. although I changed some daily routines to every other day alternating with another daily task. seems long. two workdays are shorter, because on these two days I usually have some activities outside in the evening. but the other 3 days. I bet, I mix up something. I wonder, how this system could be adapted best and still building up routines. for people, who work a lot and come late home, twice a week. how to switch things to the week end. I think, I now understood the swish and swipe and the mop. it doesn’t take much time now and I alternate it now, because, we are only two and those areas don’t get that dirty. but I do them daily since three days and that shall continue that way. but I wonder, if I should take one of these online courses for a month. there is a German lady, who had translated the first book. she sends out free emails just like the Flylady (I guess). in addition to that 19,for a month, individueal guidence. I also would participate in an English program. just didn’t looked it up now. unfortunately the app is not ready for Android. I will keep that online courses in mind. it looks like, a little help would do me good.

  • Those multiple Chaturanga Push-Ups along the practice helped to me to release the tension.
    I’m still a little bit stressed, but you helped me to filter these emotions, thank you Adriene.

  • This was my favorite day yet. Doing yoga daily and eating healthy has really helped me cultivate a positive mindset and enjoy being healthy. Thank you so much Adriene for this series, it has been wonderful for me!

  • So true; we’re not doing any extra work at all. It’s just organized in a more manageable waya routine! The work is just making the routine habit (or routineheh heh). Such a wonderful point. Thanks again for another great video! You put ideas in such an accessible way.

  • Hey 2020 fellows! I am already beginning to miss this and can’t believe I’m on day 22 without any breaks! I feel Ill continue with yoga till I live.. I thought I was an aerobic, zumba, dance person but this finds me a sweet spot.. A mental n physical balance.. Its as if every new strech of the body and every balancing point.. Unties situations and knots in the heart and mind. It gives me resolution, momentum and peace.. And I want to live with that feeling. Many times the screen time headaches I’ve very occasionally.. sometimes vanish immediately after I’ve done it! Thank youuuu Adriene… You an angel with huge wings ❤️���� and 2020 challenge fellows please recommend what I should do after this.. A new challenge? Which one? Suggestions?

  • I started crying half way through this practice, it’s amazing how feelings I’ve bottled up can just come pouring out while doing yoga

  • Today I felt a bit strange…like an urge to finish quicker specially in the pigeon pose. Well, tomorrow will be another day ✌️ thank you ��

  • Just love your classes have practiced for at while now. Love the Home series but this particular one I had to stop because you talk too much. Its like your interrupting the calm flow.

  • HHHMMM ada yang aneh, kmaren aku ngambil daily seasonal hari ke 22, terus blm ku selesain. ampe hari ke 23 baru ku selesain dapet 2 knowledge hari 22 ama 23. padahal cman nyelesain daily ke 22, eh dapet knowledge daily ke 23

  • Hey!! I’m totally loving this 30 days practice. I have never practiced yoga, and I’m just in love now!
    Just a quick tip: for those practices that end in savasana or other poses, for relaxation you could edit the video a little longer with a calming song, just so the person watching doesn’t have to get up to pause it, or some add doesn’t jump in! I think it would give an even greater experience..

  • Can’t do the pidgeon thing without a lot of pain. Thanks for 21 days of fun and fitness though. I wish you all the best for the future. Bye Adrienne. Bye Benjy:)

  • Hi Diane! I’ve been enjoying your videos every morning. Thank you so much for doing this. My question is about decluttering and the daily mission. Are we supposed to do both or one or the other? For instance,since shining my sink everyday, my kitchen has stayed clutter free but I have other rooms in the house that are disasters like my office and laundry room. Should I do the bedroom missions this week or just focus on decluttering the office or laundry room? Thanks!

  • Wow im at day 22 i didn’t realised, it’s like yesterday i was trying to do IGNITE ��
    I’m really glad i started HOME there are so many changes i can feel not just physically but mentally too, Thank you for guiding me towards HOME❤️
    Namaste�� Have a wonderful day

  • Woohoo we made it half way❣️��❤️…I will keep going ahead ���� today is day 22; of my yoga journey with Adrienne….
    #DAY22 Completed ���������������������������� Namaste ���� from NEPAL ����❣️��✔️

  • 1. I love the candles! They added a nice touch to your video
    2. I’m so proud because I took 15 minutes in today’s zone and I put away all the Christmas decorations that were still on the fireplace mantle. It took less than 15 minutes to put them away in their proper containers and I had plenty of time left to dust! I have a smile that won’t leave. Haha!
    3. I went to bed at 9 last night, (still got woken by a little one in the night) but I feel fantastic. Yay!

  • I am so so so excited that I’ve gotten my sister on board with the baby steps today!! I’ve been blabbing her ear off about it since I started baby stepping, and today she sent me a picture of her shiny sink. I nearly did a happy dance right then and there!! She’s been really struggling with clutter and cleaning, as I was for the first years of my marriage. I can see how it has been weighing her down, and I am beyond excited to see her jump on board with me. Thank you Diane for helping us get out of our ruts! I’m going to be cheering her on as she completes each baby step.

  • The end of the tunnel of the covid-19 lockdown is in sight, and I did the balancing on my toes thing for a few seconds! Today is a good day!

  • I never normally comment on videos, but I’m so proud of myself and I had to share I touched my toes whilst keeping my legs straight for the first time in my life today! my heels still don’t touch the ground in downward dog but that’s okay, I know if I keep working it’ll happen one day. I just can’t believe after only 22 days I can touch my toes, something I’ve never been able to do before. this series is giving me a newfound love for my body <3 thank you adriene!

  • This practice was my favourite. Maybe it’s the heatwave here in the UK and the time I have off, but this was a real stepping stone day for me, the balance poses I just love

  • This was such a great one! A lot of the Home videos are wonderful but I feel like I will come back to this one in particular again and again. THANK you!

  • Surprised at how different the side twists can feel on each side trying to remember to ease into them rather than force it. The Adriene for your encouragement.

  • What is the pose where we twist completely? The one that causes us to be ‘tenderhearted’? I was! I cried. And connected with a part of me! It was like a liberating scream going through my body! Like someone just woke up, or got aware of things. I was snapping for air, well, more like he, that part of my inner child I presume, was snapping for air, like the first breath of oxygen.
    Thank you Adriene! You are a miracle worker!

  • I have started to incorporate yoga into my daily routine. By following your delightful practices, I´ve learned that it committing to things that awaken the soul is becoming easier by the day. Great to be a part of this and my quarantine experience a very meaningful time. Hugs from Spain:)

  • This is the first type of exercise where when I can tell my muscles aren’t strong enough yet or I can’t balance quite right, instead of being frustrated and not want to do it instead I get excited about the day where I will notice improvement! I have already experienced a few of these daysthe day my right calf muscle finally loosened up, the day my heels touched the ground in down dog, the day (today!) I did extra push ups just because I knew I could! It’s so nice to have so many things to improve upon but not feeling any less for not being quite there yet ✨

  • sometimes leaning forward on pigeon makes me ask, can I these folds over all my folds. but luckily with adriene there is no pressure. just smile.

  • day 22 yeah somehow i feel like i’ve done this before hahahaXD maybe I’ve repeated it??? lol i lost track but i think it’s important to just enjoy urself and have fun! LOVE YOGAAAAAA

  • Anyone else doing this in quarantine? I’m in Brooklyn! Where are you from? Been doing yoga and piano every day because no excuse not to! Sending love to all of you! Stay strong! Thank you Adriene! Today I was feeling a little dizzy and dehydrated but I actually do feel better after this!

  • I’ve never been able to stick with a workout/yoga program, and I always found it so difficult to find something beneficial for not only my body, but my mental health as well. I feel so much more relaxed and peaceful, even during this stressful time. Thank you so much, your channel is exactly what I needed and I appreciate it deeply <3

  • Day 22 completed! Wow, I am no longer falling straight to my belly during the yogi push ups or transitioning to updog/cobra! I am really enjoying this series!

  • So tonight I was already in bed and really didn’t want to do this session. I have been feeling that way for the past few nights. But I have let the yoga practice to finish my day. I have to remind myself that it really relieves my stress and I feel accomplished in my last hour before bed. I’ve loved being consistent with you Adriene! Thanks for initially doing this series!

  • I feel looser, thank you! I’m gonna take the hip out for a walk because I can, thanks again to you! I am grateful to you. Hope you are doing well!

  • Awesome practice! Thank you, Adriene. Though I will need to remember to chose this practice for days off of Kung fu—we do no less than 30push ups in our warm ups, and all the chateranga push ups in this mean tonight I have my work cut out for me!! None the less, I love your show!

  • Am I the only one whose husband is not budging an inch? I need to stay calm but I do feel that a full time job but when does fly guy show up? 1 month? 6 months?

  • This is the nicest, most diplomatic kick in the pants I’ve ever heard. As Robert De Niro says in Anayze This… “You…you’re good.” ��

  • I love you so much Adriene! I’ve been feeling really depressed today out of nowhere (which terrifies me) but now I feel a lot better. Right now I’m feeling like I can handle my emotions again. Im so grateful for discovering your videos and yoga, today more than ever!

  • The little joke of the day: at the very beginning of this video, while in extended child’s pose, Adrienne said “The mat has your back”. In that position, we have our forehead on the mat, right? Well, in French, forehead is “front”… So I thought “actually, the mat has my front”… Hahahahaha what a great way to start today’s practice <3 Thank you Adrienne, as always!

  • Today was so incredibly frustrating. One day I feel like I am strong and can do it, the next day I literally feel like a million pounds of bricks and I find myself unable to do pigeon and just crying on my mat. Why is it that we can feel so strong one time and so weak for the next 5 days? I am feeling so discouraged. I did Adriene’s first 30 day challenge video series and felt so happy and excited each day but for some reason, HOME has been such a challenge for me. I feel anxious, frustrated, unmotivated, and like a failure. Not a good day today. Thank you for always trying to encourage us Adriene. Sorry I am not up to par lately.

  • I am trying. Not everyday is perfect. I have fibromyalgia, so sleep is lacking most of the time. I never feel like doing all the things, but the baby steps make it easier to feel like I regaining control of the chaos.

  • That was a very motivating one. I truly see how it is helping for all the ladies. We ought to know that wherever we are there in the world our work will not change. Thank a lot for motivating, especially on the de cluttering part.

  • Today was such a nice combination from relaxing poses to challenging poses. I´m so weak witch push ups. I´m training this for three months now and I am still farrrr away from doing one push up. Yoga really helps with this. Also, when turning my left knee over my right knee, my back cracked five times. Felt nice.

  • one other thing. today I listened to Marla Cilley on her youtube channel. she is a different kind of women, but very smart and I liked her core message. This week I did watch about 7 or 8 videos of hers and I always find something helpful or wise mentioned in them, although she has a rough style sometimes, her brain seems to grasp the important things in the details. very interesting. it was a long video and after a while I was thinking, I could transform it into MP3 format, so I can listen to it, while I am working in the kitchen. like with podcasts. but then I just watched her with a pause. but next time, something long comes up, I think, I will try to transfom the video. I hope, that is ok.

  • Oh dear…the routines have gone….spent yesterday and today in bed…I hate it….it’s annoying me because I now WANT to get up and get these routines done! Never thought I’d say that….and when in a few weeks my head says..OH NO!…I shall remind it that when I was ill, it hated NOT being able to do them! Can’t wait to feel more human and get those routines ticked off.

    This month is re-doing Babysteps….scuppered! Last month I hurt my flipping leg and couldn’t do the exercise (and still can’t!)….scuppered! I will not give up….will re-run Babysteps next month to really get it to sink in and maybe August my leg will be better and I can really get into the exercise!

    But after all that…thanks Diane! I love your videos and I also love reading everyones comments about how they are progressing….and often how their husbands are progressing!! I hope you get something out of this too xx

  • Thank you so much I’m loving my morning and evening routines. I love how you said in another video that it’s an evening not a night routine because it really gets me going right after dinner to think oh I’ll be done for the day when I’ve got all this done and I can relax. My home is so much nicer and I feel like I have more creativity and energy when my mind and space is clear. I love that it’s definitely a game changer for me and my husband and my three little girls. Much love from an American living in France:)

  • Doing yoga with you has been the only thing keeping me going during the pandemic. THANK YOU! My fasciitis and hip pain are healing and it’s helping with my anxiety. So grateful for your free videos.:)

  • It has been exactly 22 days since day 21!
    I’m back!
    8:22 PM
    I have practiced a little bit of yoga by myself in those 22 days! I’m proud of myself!
    I enjoy it so much that I created and I did it for fun!

  • day 22.. intense today..but the breathing is syncing in well with the movements and i can see a growth in my yoga..thank you for today Adriene ��

  • As we are moving in autumn, I bought a “welcome to your new home”-card for my DH and I asked for permission to declutter. Oh wonderous!!!-he gave it to me. Instantly I looked for a service where we can donate our things of our home and I found one and my husband is very satisfied. I will bring the first items to this service on Monday. They are already in the car. Thanks God and thank you Diane!

  • I decided not to procrastinate 5 minutes room rescue neither 5 minutes of me-time and I have done both today.
    But the room rescue I devided in 5 single minutes. Every time after one minute I stop and do sth else in one min. and this 5 times.

  • I am building “lego blocks” to my clients. After doing my evening routine, I feel much less stressed in the morning and therefore I can communicate with my clients also nearly stress free. Also in traffic, I am much more patient with others and I take my time when there is a risky situation and then I prefer to wait and not to rush onto the crossing to another dirction and so on. My DH can continue to go on sleeping when I am leaving the house because I am not rushing but going on tip toes and taking my time

  • I considered how I’ve been doing these 22 days and realized that I haven’t done the 15 minute declutter in several days. Wondering why, I decided I needed to learn more about the “how.” I read FlyLady’s essay I summarized the method on an index card. That’s when I realized, “I need more boxes!” So I used the 15 minutes to go out to drug stores and recycling bins to gather boxes. I will be ready to resume decluttering tomorrow.

  • im not really in to workingout because they are abour how yu look and i thought yoga is no different.But i just wanted to try it out before judging it and oh boyy i love yoga so much now.I literally wake up at 6:00 in the morning to do yoga thesedays.I have never been a morning person my entire lifee.I’m gonna continue doung yoga for the rest of my life. Thankyou adriene.

  • I have been doing this during lockdown in the UK and cannot believe how much better I feel. Thank you Adrienne. I wake up every morning now looking forward to this.

  • Today felt goooood!! Did all the extra little things I normally skip: the “tshatoronga” push-ups for example…
    Heels are coming closer to the ground in downward dog…
    From the Andes mountains: thank you Adriene, thank you community!

  • I found this sequence quite challenging. It bought up some difficult emotions for me. But nonetheless, it was an overall positive experience.

  • I’m back in the saddle and going quite well. I repeated all of your videos to refresh everything after having been ill and it’s all going well as of yesterday.
    I’m confused about one thing though. On it tells us at this stage to make the rest of our control journal, but I think that’s a bit much and still rather fuzzy at this point for me. I was hoping you could give me some extra info on that.

  • according to this procrastination video we FINALLY did a load of laundry=lol.

    My DH shined the sink for the third time within the last week.
    I did the cooking and dish washing.

    I only served the meal after I had washed up everything what was washable as you, Diane, said.
    That was luck. So after eating I knew that it would not be so much to wash.
    I filled the sink with hot water several times and in the evening I washed the rest.

    I dressed to shoes, washed my hair, moisturized my face a bit and made my bed
    and prepared in the evening yesterday (and I will add another one this evening) three outfits for the next days.

    I stuffed woolen tights though I first didn’t want to do it and just simply wear trousers.
    But then I decided to wear the skirt which I had prepared in the evening
    and to stuff the woolen tights. I was so quick and I was very thankful.

    I am that glad that I am a flybaby (I do not yet feel like being one but becoming one little by little)

  • Procrastination is my number one problem. Thank you for making me realize how important our routines are. I have this little rebellious side of me that comes out once in a while that will just not want to do these routines and want to do my own thing. Boy, does that get me into trouble!! I’ve been cranky and crabby and didn’t know why. ROUTINES!!!! Thank you again!!!

  • Today, I practiced outside for the first time. 6:40 a.m, with the rising sun. It felt divine. Seeing so many changes in my body and mind. Just leaving this here to come back to later on.

  • Hi Diane! Do you have any thoughts about when you DO the work, but forget to check them off? I’ve been doing that this past week, and I do think it has a negative impact like you see only 1/2 your progress… I’m wondering why this is a stumbling block. I know I need to have my journal OUT so I remember to check things off to motivate myself. I think I need a “home” for it instead of carrying it with me to/from work.

  • Hi Melinda Hayostek! (Your comment isn’t showing up here, maybe you need to check your settings?) If you are just starting out with Flylady I’d suggest you ignore the missions right now unless you have a lot of time and energy (most of the missions are cleaning tasks) and concentrate instead on decluttering. Some flybabies like to focus on one room (choose the one which is the ‘least’ cluttered, don’t pick the worst area in your house) and spend a few sessions on that it gives them the boost of seeing instant results. Others like to move from room to room or follow the week’s Zone. And others, like me, do a mix! Whatever works for you:-) Re cleaning…take a look at the Weekly Home Blessing on

  • Today was my first practice that I spent smiling all the time! Also, I looked at the thumbnail of day 23 and not gonna lie I’m a little scared of what’s ahead lol

  • Great day. My hips needed the pigeon pose tho my mind had other ideas! Looking forward to what tomorrow brings. This 30 days has given me great focus during these lockdown times to get back to a regular practice so thank you. I love the classes. I feel like we are in the same space energetically if not physically. �� Namaste. Sue, UK

  • Diane, please use a lapel mike. You are soft-spoken. I have YOUTUBE volume, computer volume at maximum. My speakers’ volume up over halfway. And you are hard to hear.

  • I had no energy today, i was drained, but my bf said hey come on you’ve been doing so good, go workout so i went for my mile and then came to the matt and im really glad i have that support system for when i don’t have it in me to push myself. We are also done here folks good job!

  • This is some of the most positive vibes in my life right now. Adrienne makes it easy for me to learn to stretch and do yoga. This is the first time that I’ve been doing it aside from a class here and there. I love how you break this down and explain things. Thank you! Continue showing us how to love our bodies and minds.

  • love the cabin.. looks so cozy:-) thanks for taking your away time to do this.. Dressed to shoes! I can up at about 5:30 everyday.. & take a nap about 2.. I always wake up after 20 min.. no matter what.. I just wake up:-) then I am ready to go again.. to bed about 11 at night..

  • First, thank you for doing these baby steps. Every morning I look forward to getting up to see them. I make sure a load of laundry is in and the animals are fed etc before I sit down with my coffee to watch your message.:) Yesterday and today though, I’m not clear on what to do. I watched yesterday’s video a couple times. I always read along with the Flylady website and I write them down each day. Still, I can’t figure out what to add as steps for yesterday and today. Are they both “checking in” days? Sorry. I am worried I’m going to slip up if I can’t keep up. With gratitude

  • Thank goodness I spend some time to fill the people knowledge few weeks ago, to gain max Energy. The quest just finished instantly as long as we have the knowledge of that NPC.

  • As U.S. army vet, when I see the V-shaped memorial of silhouettes representing real people who committed suicide, I think of infantry training of how we learn to move together. We trained to move as a file through woods, but when in the open, exposed, we fan out in a V, like geese. These reminders of fallen service members make me think of how these men and women could still be useful, moving in teams with vets and non vets doing something productive and positive but now the cant. But their deaths are not in vain. Their falls are telling us there is something wrong. Nothing back here makes sense where they can have vision and purpose. Love casts out fear. The way we clean out our canteen in the sinks of latreen. We can’t fish out the dirt. We have to keep pouring in clean water to wash out the dirty water. Then we let it air dry by keeping it open. If the dirt in our canteen is anxiety, fear, rage, guilt, unforgiveness, blindness of heart, then the fresh water and fresh air must enter in as love. God, the creator of all things has more love for us. He waits for us to say o.k

  • Thank you Diane…I’m still following you…Day 22…wooo hooo!! I am seeing great results…some of the routines are becoming automatic now. I will continue to work on those that are not so automatic, but your example of Lego’s are certainly a great visual for me to keep in mind, while building upon my routines.:))

  • A few weeks ago my left hip starting hurting, while others said to go see a doctor, I said I’m going to do yoga with Adriene, and I am happy to report that my hip is SO much better, I do this Stir practice 5 days a week, and it has helped me so much, thank you Adriene!!

  • Hi! I just discovered your videos searching for Flylady and absolutely love to watch them. You’re a very soothing person. I can watch you all day long! Your videos have been very helpful so far:) I was wondering, what kind of nail polish do you use?? Your nails are sooo pretty!

  • I’m like the last person to even think about doing Yoga, but after months of University work at my desk being hunched over, mixed with quarantine rendering me stiff and inactive, I thought I should treat my body with this. Hopefully throughout this journey some passersby will come across this comment as I intend to edit this comment daily for the 30 days to share my journey! Full journey comment thread is on the Day 1 video:) [Day 22/30]

    Day 22 Another one that did my hip flexors really well, loved how deep the moves and stretches felt. Also loved the focus on Warrior Pose movements, they further helped my hips to open.

  • I felt unbalanced in the beginning and wanted to quit halfway through. I pushed through by reminding myself sometimes life is hard and I want to give up. But I keep pushing through and that is what counts. So I embodied that in my practice today and I feel wonderful and proud of myself for showing up 4 days in a row ��

  • Yoga has never been something I wanted to do. I’ve never been able to touch my toes without bending my knees (still working on that) and I’m definitely not going to do a handstand soon, but today after the push-ups I automatically went into downward dog for a rest without thinking twice. Funny, because the pose was difficult on day 1. It isn’t fast, but it’s definitely progress! I’m excited to do the 30 days all over again.

  • I really didn’t feel like doing yoga today. But I tried anyway, and was pleasantly surprised by how easy this practice felt! Just what I needed today:)

  • A couple of months ago I ‘did my back in’. Luckily no disc or sciatic problem, just an incredible tightness of the muscles in the lower back that developed over the course of a day so that every bodily movement was scary for the pain. It eased over the next few days with rest, a hot water bottle and hard drugs but it was a wake up call for me as your back is the centre of your body of course, and I have never before felt so debilitated.
    My main exercise is running and I haven’t been able to get back to that yet but I do feel stronger by trying to do some yoga every day. I’ve just finished day 22 in a month and half so, err, nearly every day. I’d like to thank you for putting up these structured practices for us to use for free. Especially in the time of Covid. It has been a godsend to me and I really appreciate how you deliver them with real kindness and thought for people like me who could barely touch their knees and started off with zero wrist strength. So thank you.

  • Day 22, so super proud of myself. Consistency is my word of the year and YWA is really helping live it. My hips moved in ways they have never been asked to move before, I had to release a little and sit cross legged, my knees had no interest in stacking lol��

  • I wasn’t able to follow my normal routine today which made me want to avoid the practice today completely! I even checked the time halfway through to see if it was almost over but by the end, I hugged my knees into my body as a self hug and thanked myself for staying committed. Thank you for helping me gain the joy of commitment to progressing my physical and mental health!

  • Kicking myself because I forgot to do this yesterday and felt like I was being punished with pigeon pose �� I found this one hard but I got through it��

  • Came to my mat depressed and got off it depressed as well, didn’t manage to do the whole video yet still proud of myself that I brought myself to the mat anyway.

  • Wow! I guard my hips with my life and for me to be brave and confident enough to try to get into pigeon pose is amazing. When I let go the stretch felt good. I needed this. Thank you!

  • Had an IUD placed 4 days ago and I was nervous to try any sort of physical activity, but this was easy and gentle and helped me gain some confidence that this copper T will work for me:)

  • Today’s practice was actually supposed to be yesterday’s…but after donating blood and having some complications from that, I had to take a day to rest my body. Today I’m back, still feeling quite weak but grateful that I get to be here at all. Here’s to living in a healthy body and (hopefully) catching “today’s” practice tonight to get back on track!

  • My body loves the way yoga feels now. I could do pushups today! I’m not a big fan of pushups, I didn’t realise i could do them with ease until today. Thank you Adrienne! You are an amazing teacher! Much Love ��

  • My father-in-law saved my husband’s Legos…because he is a genius, lol! Once Little Miss was about 3, out they came! Lee re-purposed a too-big square coffee table that doubles as a storage cabinet: he attached the large Lego plates on top and all the Legos inside!!
    “To boldly go where the family has never gone before”…what an ENTERPRISING idea! ;D

  • Am I the only one that feels like I’m doing the 3 toed pigeon wrong? Whendoing the position of laying with leg crossed in front, it feels incredibly awkward and my skin on my inner thighs is stretching to a point where it stings. When I mimic the movement, my entire hip and leg is almost off the ground but if I try to lay all the way down, I end up lowering my hip so much that my lengthened leg turns to the side. Not sure how I am struggling with this movement so much.

  • For whoever needs to here this today: After 22 days I can finally touch my knees to elbows in plank�� feeling so good about this practice. I wasn’t super flexible when I started, neither have i been able to do all the aasans properly, but I’m getting there and that’s what matters!��

  • This was good for me to hear. I’ve decided that I will restart the baby steps every month! (I’ll still do the routines of course, but it’s true that I haven’t done all of the steps) so maybe if month after month I hear these awesome messages, eventually I’ll do them ALL. Love the Star Trek references too. Have a great weekend in Sweden!

  • Thank you for your gentle way of teaching and guiding through practice, I loved just closing my eyes and following your instructions through most of this session.

  • I’ve got a new name for the “coming back to bite you” cleaning, Penance Cleaning. You know you let that pot boil over because you were doing something else? Well that’s an extra 3 wasted minutes on your evening routine getting the burnt sauce off. Not been hotspotting? Well that’s a week’s room rescuing for you. And while I’m doing it, I’m thinking, “Let that be a lesson to you!” lol. I was sweeping my front steps and didn’t de-clutter first. Well, found myself going back to bad habits, I swept then de-clutter, then had to sweep again….stupid.

  • Coming to Day 22 after a break of a few days, I feel energized and calm. Starting with child’s pose made me feel great and I struggled a little with the outstretched legs pose towards the end

    I’m grateful for doing this practice and find I’m even enjoying yoga much more now. Oh and that hips move in the exercise, that made me feel on ����

  • Ty for the help, just one thing, you show the location of Roxanne too fast and your cursor in fact shows two different places and for someone who doesn’t know, it’s just a bit confusing, I had to go to both places. Still better than nothing, thxx!

  • Day 22, wow! Like many other newbies, I was apprehensive and had no idea why people loved yoga so much. With the quarantine, I thought, why not? I really do find these videos, your words, and practices to have helped me in ways that authentically speak to my soul. When you talked about “letting go” in this video I just straight up started crying my little heart out! It felt so good though. I am so thankful for the space you allow people to create in their own environments. To put it simply, thank you Adriene. Keep on keeping on! ❤️����

  • My first journey into Yoga, this Home series with Adriene has been my rock and driving force through lock down. So thankful to have found it. Does anyone else find they get pins and needles in pigeon pose?

  • Thank you so much for this program. I needed to do something given that my activity level had dropped to zero cooped up at home all day. I feel much better and stronger every day. My knees still don’t bend that way, but I’m ok with that

  • I had a really rough day today. Almost didn’t come to the mat because of it, but pushed myself and was so glad I did. I felt the tension melt away and was more at ease after the practice today ❤����

  • Wow! I have heard that pigeon pose can make you tearful, but this is the first time I
    ’ve experienced that myself..! But Adrienne has “got my back” so it was ok. The tears felt more like gratitude. Trembling with this new feeling… thankyou so so much Adrienne xx

  • The boss is elemental Zack!
    Cube: rock pikmin
    Electricity ball: yellow pikmin
    Fire: red pikmin
    Water ball: blue pikmin
    Flying: winged pikmin

  • OMG moment! My husband has been listening while I play these videos. He laid his clothes out this afternoon for tomorrow and he’s been mindful of keeping the sink clear. He said “like the lady in your videos says to do”.

  • ✓Day 22 30 minutes can feel a little intimidating. Once you start with the heart opener the trust and confidence is all back again.

  • Hello my new friend. I have started your Home 30 day challenge and am on day 22. I can’t wait to get to day 30 so I can do the your other 30 day challenge and I can’t wait to get through that challenge to do your other videos. I love your calmness, I love Bengi’s calmness, I love the extra “meditation” during the practice and I love that you wear normal clothes, so I don’t feel like a beached whale. lol. I have noticed my body feels so much better since I started this challenge. Physically, I feel better and I have noticed the clothes fitting better. Thank you for being you and sharing with us.

  • Almost stopped halfway today because I didn’t feel focused and I have a long list of things to do… but then I remembered that this time is for myself, returned to my breath and clearing my mind. could not be more glad I stayed on the mat for that last 15 minutes:) always sets me up better for the day

  • I’m a little behind with the Home series completed day 22 today. Adriene says, “If you start to feel a little tender hearted I’ve got your back. Stirring it up, yoga it’s powerful mind-body work.” Tears start to rise up inside of me as I feel a connection with the physical tightness in this pose and how tightly I’ve been holding onto emotional pain. Cried for the rest of the practice. This is truly more than a space for Yoga. Adriene thank you for empowering others with connection. ����

  • I loved this session this was the longest one being 32 minutes but feels like 3 minutes:D I feel bit sad that we only have 7 left now:( thank you adrianne i will try the other videos too <3

  • Today was a hard day. My body was misbehaving (thanks ibs and indigestion) so I had to go for the easier variations of the poses and rest a bit more than usual. I got through it and I’m thankful that I tried despite not feeling great.

  • What a great analogy about Legos! Makes so much sense. Appreciate your encouragement. I have been a FLY Lady for ever a decade, but I still enjoy the review. I also love your voice, Diane ☺️

  • Coronaquest Day 22: I liked the association of “stirring” with the hips, it made sense to my body-mind connecioin. It felt very nice but unfortunately had to finish early this week as my knees didn’t like the “pigeon” parts. Ah well. Greetings from Switzerland

  • Diane you make me weep everyday because I finally after 55 years of STRUGGLING, I FINALLY Understand the Language of the process that gets us to clean. God Bless You! Now…is there a FlyLady Plus App for Android? I have no IPhone. Also, is there a system for the children who REFUSE to help? Thanks…Stay Well

  • During this yoga practice the world is right. The afterglow is sheer and serene calm. Self-appreciation. Kind-heartedness. Thank you.

  • Dear Adriene, I really love your way to teach yoga and through it the incredible metaphor of life!
    Big thank you for what you are doing all around the World!

  • Really enjoyed these 22 days with Adriene. She is cheerful and a happy soul. I have done 22 days and looking forward to complete the rest of the sessions. But I am actually unhappy by thought of missing these sessions after 30 days..

  • So far all of the days have gone by so quickly, however I took yesterday off, I have been somewhat down and brooding, and today’s practice felt like an eternity. In a good way. But breathing felt like something I had to remind myself to do more, and each breath was more difficult than in the past. Now that I have finished however, I feel much lighter, as if those difficult breaths helped release the stress bearing down on me. Thank you <3 Namaste.

  • Diane, sometimes you talk to fast for me.  I need to do the videos over.  They are very worth doing over even you’re speaking slower.  I love every video and think you’re very generous to share so much.Love,  Jeanp.s. I am trying to find your videos from the very beginning.

  • Honestly I’m feeling really proud of myself, for being here everyday and take a moment for me and my soul, thank you so much Adriene <3

  • That was a shocker to the hips! Thanks Adriene! I do have one question though, cause i was struggling to figure out how much of my bent leg’s hip should be on the ground during pigeon position. If i just let my body be supported on the hip thats being bent, it feels like im kinda off balance and wrong, but when i center myself the hip doesnt touch the ground and i experience a much bigger stretch, yet that doesnt seem to be what youre doing since most of your legs are touching the ground during that pose. any help is appreciated, thanks!

  • Awesome class to start my day:) Day whatever of semi-lockdown!!! And I definitely feel stirred but not at all shaken 😉 just calm, focused and energised. I’m thinking maybe slow flow might be my favourite kind of yoga! Thank you Adriene, stay safe everyone. Namaste x

  • why do they commit more suicide than any other people? If I would defend my country I would be proud and honoured.

    Or did they realized they are just workers for the eternal war machine?
    I don´t think so, most of them are stupid and belive in something called “patriotism”, something they are told to follow, but can´t even define in words.