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Cured Meats Could Aggravate Asthma, Study Suggests. Symptoms worsened for those who often ate foods like ham and salami. TUESDAY, Dec. 20, 2016 (HealthDay News) Regularly eating cured meats such as ham and salami might aggravate asthma, researchers report. Looking at close to 1,000 people with the respiratory disease, French researchers found that those who ate the most processed and cured meats were 76 percent more likely to see their asthma symptoms worsen over time compared.

TUESDAY, Dec. 20, 2016 (HealthDay News)—Regularly eating cured meats such as ham and salami might aggravate asthma, researchers report. Looking at close to 1,000 people with the respiratory disease, French researchers found that those who ate the most processed and cured meats were 76 percent more likely to see their asthma symptoms worsen over time. Regularly eating cured meats such as ham and salami might aggravate asthma, researchers report. Looking at close to 1,000 people with the respiratory disease, French researchers found that those who ate the most processed and cured meats were 76 percent more likely to see their asthma symptoms worsen over time compared to those who ate the least.

Regularly eating cured meats such as ham and salami might aggravate asthma, researchers report. TUESDAY, Dec. 20, 2016 (HealthDay News) Regularly eating cured meats such as ham and salami might aggravate asthma, researchers report. Looking at close to 1,000 people with the respiratory disease, French researchers found that those who ate the most processed and cured meats were 76 percent more likely to see their asthma symptoms worsen over time. Cured meats can worsen asthma symptoms According to a recent study, individuals with asthma who consume relatively high amounts of cured meats, such as ham, sausage, and salami, are more likely to.

TUESDAY, Dec. 20, 2016 (HealthDay News) Regularly eating cured meats such as ham and salami might aggravate asthma, researchers report. Looking at close to 1,000 people with the respiratory disease, French researchers found that those who ate the most processed and cured meats were 76 percent more likely to see their asthma symptoms worsen over time compared.

“Cured meats are rich in nitrite, which may lead to nitrosative stress and oxidative stress related lung damage and asthma,” the study reads. “Cured meat. More specifically, researchers analyzed 1,000 people with asthma, after which they discovered that participants who consumed the most cured and processed meat were 76% more likely to develop asthma symptoms shortness of breath, chest tightness, etc than their counterparts who consumed the least amount of cured meats.

List of related literature:

Food may also provoke asthma via mechanisms that may not be related to IgE-mediated allergy.

“Crofton and Douglas's Respiratory Diseases” by Anthony Seaton, A. Gordon Leitch, Douglas Seaton
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The abnormal immune reaction starts in the gut, however…” this is clear evidence that food molecules are capable of triggering off asthma attacks.

“Allergies Disease in Disguise: How to Heal Your Allergic Condition Permanently and Naturally” by Carolee Bateson-Koch
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Do dairy products induce bronchoconstriction in adults with asthma?

“A Guide to Evidence-based Integrative and Complementary Medicine” by Vicki Kotsirilos, Luis Vitetta, Avni Sali
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Several studies have also shown that patients may have severe and persistent asthma in the absence of eosinophilic inflammation, and may experience an exacerbation of asthma without an increase in eosinophilic inflammation (Turner et al. 1995).

“Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health” by Roger Detels, Martin Gulliford, Quarraisha Abdool Karim, Chorh Chuan Tan
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A clear link between ingestion of a specific food and worsening of asthma is only rarely reported.

“Pediatric Allergy: Principles and Practice E-Book” by Donald Y. M. Leung, Hugh Sampson, Raif Geha, Stanley J. Szefler
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Celiac disease and asthma have also been linked.

“Integrative and Functional Medical Nutrition Therapy: Principles and Practices” by Diana Noland, Jeanne A. Drisko, Leigh Wagner
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Research has also shown that removing meat from your diet and eating a plant-sourced diet can reduce or eliminate asthma.

“There Is a Cure for Diabetes: The Tree of Life 21-Day+ Program” by Gabriel Cousens, David Rainoshek
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The dietary addition of the medical food EFF1009 to asthma management regimens can improve patient perceived, ARQOL and can also improve asthma management as evidenced by reduced asthma symptoms,” wrote J. Lindemann and colleagues.

“Issues in Discovery, Experimental, and Laboratory Medicine: 2011 Edition” by Q. Ashton Acton, PhD
from Issues in Discovery, Experimental, and Laboratory Medicine: 2011 Edition
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There are no foods that affect all asthmatics, therefore their role needs to be considered individually in each patient.

“Pediatric Respiratory Medicine E-Book” by Lynn M. Taussig, Louis I. Landau
from Pediatric Respiratory Medicine E-Book
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Nevertheless, if any type of food triggers an asthma attack, the best treatment is strict avoidance.

“Clinical Asthma E-Book” by Mario Castro, Monica Kraft
from Clinical Asthma E-Book
by Mario Castro, Monica Kraft
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  • is it possible to have asthma because of laughing too hard? because i have the same symptoms after laughing and also after exercising. i’ve never been diagnosed with asthma before. however, my lungs have always been weak and i have chronic bronchitis.

  • This is the only reason that I hate running. It’s so hard to lose weight without cardio. This asthma just makes you struggle 3 times as hard while running then normal people and the only way to get over it is to push until you feel that you are not able to breathe and start crying and etc and only then that makes my lungs get used to the pressure that I put in them to work.

  • I have had hay fever from being 2 months old. Asthma was diagnose as a child and was exacerbated with a hay fever attack as well as other things. I always caught colds and had really bad chest infections. I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2017. I changed my diet instantly, following advice from Dr Ken Berry and others and through, my own research. My nutrition is now plant based, dairy free, low carb sometimes keto and was keto between diagnosis and my operation, high nutrient and intermittent fasting. I haven’t had a cold, hay fever or asthma attack in the last nearly 3 years. Oh and I had a double mastectomy with DIEP reconstruction 6months after diagnosis with no cancer treatment in between. when the pathology was done, they found that 1 of the 3 tumours had shrunk and 1 had disappeared. Anecdotal I know. For my own reasons, I refused both radiotherapy and chemotherapy. I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been, oh and 70lbs lighter. You are what you feed your body. OOh, nearly forgot, no more indigestion either ����

  • This happens to me when I run too and always has. But early on I learned I can pass the barrier I have during my run, I purposely get into certain breathing pattern and focus deep and sort of fall into a hypnotic state where everything around me disappears except for me, the concrete, and my breathing pattern. When that happens somehow my breathing becomes manageable. I have different patterns for different situations depending on where I am during my run and what my body feels like and is telling me I use the pattern that fits best. So I kind of use them like a tool kit.

  • I grew up with asthma as long as I can remember, my father and brother also had it. I thought I inherited it and was also told that, well did I find out that’s not true. I found Dr. Berry and found out so different, thank you Dr. Berry. I had so many things wrong with my health and now am so free and feel so great, yes it is because of the KETO diet or should I say new way of eating.

  • After my 30mins biking while raining, I feel my throat so itchy and painful when breathing. It often occurs after a couple of minutes when I play basketball/running but I never used inhalers in my entire life. I’m 19 now, do I need to see a doctor?

  • Ughhhhh I absolutely hate my asthma. I go for a run and after 5 minutes my chest gets all tight and because of the tightness and then I end up getting some sort of panic attack and crying.

  • I have been on keto off and on for several years. I’ve decided to resume and make this a permanent lifestyle! Thanks so much for your videos Dr. Berry! Thanks for telling us the truth and nothing but the TRUTH! I resumed keto and IF on July 22, 2020! I am no longer short of breath from asthma, no need for inhalers, and can go up a flight of stairs without feeling like I’m going to pass out from shortness of breath! God is giving me the strength to keep going! Keto for life!!!!

  • I’ve got chronic asthma I was born with it most of the time even when I’m walking far distances it’s not to bad a little tightness that’s it but when I run for more than 1 minute or more I begin to get shooting pains along with weasing and shortness of breath I use my inhaler everyday at least 4 times a day nothing seems to work having asthma sucks I wish I could do more with my life like join the army and do something you know

  • I had Bloodwork done and have abnormal reactions to several outdoor allergens and cats. Can someone say KETO fixes this? Respiratory distress for me has come from the outdoor triggers.

  • Ketovore has helped my asthma tremendously and so has losing weight and vitamin d3. I was a premie and have had it for a lifetime but it is usually dormant if I am in shape and don’t have cats. The doctor from childhood said it was damage in the lungs due to being born too early. Certain things trigger it such as cat dander (I have 6 indoor cats) and smoke. I stopped smoking 30 years ago but I live in California and the last few years have been an air nightmare because of forest fires. My asthma came back with a vengeance two years ago when I was 267 pounds and the first of the worst forest fires destroyed parts of my hometown. That was also when I adopted the kittens.

    I went to the doctor and she gave me some high blood pressure meds, a steroid inhaler, albuterol, and some recommendations on eating 1200 calories per day on a low fat diet. I told her I’d do it on Atkins and she actually rolled her eyes at me. She then put on my blood test order “metabolic syndrome due to over eating in calories” and still to this day, even with the lower blood pressure and weight loss, she still disses keto. The funny thing is, she isn’t a tiny thing. She’s actually shorter than I am and probably weighs about 200 pounds. I tossed the blood pressure meds after reading the warnings and realized I eventually didn’t need the QVAR. I still need the emergency inhalre sometimes when it gets smokey.

    I’m now down to 215. I still have it, but I don’t need the emergency inhaler as much. I think losing the internal fat on my organs put less pressure on my lungs. Also, the less inflammation due to eating very low carb has helped out a lot. I’m ketovore for life now. When I go into my doctor’s office next July with the same amazing blood tests (way different from when I started in Jan 2018) I’m going to show her once again how my lifestyle is healthier than what she is suggesting. Maybe I’ll bring your book as a gift.

  • I fixed it by just running and biking then I stopped for like 4 months and the asthma came back it’s the worst feeling u get rid of it but then it comes back. it’s like it’s telling u that you’re being unhealthy but at least ik how to fix it

  • Okay, I have never had asthma before and I haven’t run in who knows how long but for some reason I decided to go for a run around my block and like hardly halfway through my chest was tight and I was having trouble breath, it’s been and hour since I got home and i haven’t stopped coughing my chest still feels tight so maybe I have this, I looked it up and it said that asthma can develop at any age (i’m 17) so yeah probably have this

  • I’ve had asthma since I was 5.My doctor prescribed Sultolin and for worse conditions,Beclomin HFA inhaler.They say it’ll naturally go away when I’m in my millenial age.I’m currently 19 now,I don’t have attacks even when I’m playing football or jogging,particularly in summer.But winter is a very tough time for me.Even while I’m writing this comment,I’m desperaty struggling to breathe properly��.I hope some cure comes out one day for asthma so I can breathe easily and live my life to the fullest,and same goes for other incurable chronic diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes.God bless everyone❤️��

  • My asthma is gone too since I began keto last year
    In fact since I began keto in August 2019, my acid reflux went away, my asthma hasn’t flared, my aches in my joints went away and I hadn’t even realized how sore I was until the pain stopped. My psoriasis cleared. My migraines went away. But I promise you if you go off it will come back swiftly because I went off fully twice in the last year, both times for a full month and regretted it. I’m about to try carnivore to see if I can get back into ketosis and get even better results

  • I have Exercise Enduced Asthma, it affects me if I run or exercise for about 10 to 20 minutes. It sucks, and dust also affects me too ��

  • I used to cough so much last year and all the years before that now all I do is wheeze but I kind of sometimes wish I was coughing because coughing isn’t as painful as wheezing

  • i can’t even run for 1 minute without doing this yet i haven’t been diagnosed with asthma so i don’t have an inhaler


  • I am trying breathing exercises. First, I clean my nose and i inhale kind of Eucaliptus etc.
    Then i work out helped with my arms. I fill my lungs, with different exercises and lung parts.
    I do it morning and evening and its really helping.

    Thanks to all for your information

  • Today during a workout, it felt like air was being forced out of my lungs when I breathed in. This never happens. I also felt more sweaty and tired with a intermediate workout. Idk what this is, any help?

  • Exercise and asthma is tricky. I have tried everything over the years. I simply have to use one puff of Ventolin before a run. It’s just no fun any other way.

  • Despite continued research and the development of new pharmacological agents, it is one of the leading causes for emergency care requirements..Visit

  • I’m not sure if I have exercise athsma, when I run I cough and all my friends ask me if I’m okay but it’s started to get a bit worse I have no clue

  • It sucks. I have asthma and I’m out of shape too so it’s so hard to tell if it’s asthma or being out of shape but hearing this is exactly how I sound when I run. I feel guilty in high school gym when I walk when I’m supposed to run (I told my teachers I have asthma so it’s fine, but I still wonder if it’s asthma or me just being out of shape and I’m actually capable of doing it). It bothers me way too much but I just don’t feel like I’m breathing right. The doctors told me my asthma would go away when I was little and I’ve recently started being treated again after being left untreated for 10 years.

  • I’ve been on keto for 10 mos. I’ve gone from 2 puffs a day to carrying only a rescue inhaler. I haven’t used the rescue inhaler for 5 mos.

  • Highly treatable?!!! BULL SHIT!!!! I can’t even walk to the bathroom sometimes without an asthma attack last year I had to call the paramedics 7 times last week I was intubated for 48 hours so no it’s not a highly treatable condition CNN.

  • I have exercise induced asthma…. i went away in 2018 but came back in 2019… just really sucks….lowering my quality of life. Before a run i just take puffers, take a allergy pill and put on vicks on my chest and neck. Helps

  • Its really bad for me because i compete in dance so while I’m walking back to my room I’m breathing hard and coughing until I can get to my inhaler, one time before I was diagnosed I was at regionals and I think it was some time of flare or attack and everyone was stopping me and asking if I needed to stop and breathe and I couldn’t talk to I was like im…ok…I’m…fine…it’s all……. good actually chokes

  • I’ve been using an inhaler for the last week and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my symptoms. I’ve gone from struggling to run beyond the first 10-15 minutes to slashing my PB’s by miles, I’ve also found my commute less cough filled I noticed it this morning and thought holy moly I can breath

  • To cure asthma naturally by correct use of lips.

    1) Press lip with a finger and carefully note how inhaling through your nose is facilitated by a reflex (acupressure).

    2) Make a habit of breathing in with lip pressure to stop asthma.

    A Google search for asthma pressure points shows points on lips.

    Asthma causes airway remodeling but this is cured in time by correct breathing. That is my experience. Medical treatment is unscientific because of the asthma paradox meaning that more drug treatment means more asthma and turning a blind eye to acupressure.

  • I try to use my inhaler as little as possible because your lungs adapt to the medicine and it gets worse when you don’t use an inhaler. In a situation calm down and slow down. BREAKS ARE OK!!! If you need a break, take it. Caffeine is a great replacement for an inhaler. But that doesn’t mean don’t use your inhaler.

    Edit: also don’t forget to breathe when you are running and working out. You may not notice that you’re holding your breath.

  • I have excercise induce asthma and running for a minute will make me feel like a fish out of water. Even brisk walking trigors my asthama i want to get tone lean legs but guess not in this lifetime with this burden��

  • I have suffered from Asthma for about 20 years. Before low carb I used Seretide (2 puffs twice a day) and often required Flixotide as well to provide satisfactory control. I started a low carb diet (later Keto) to help with IBS and mood. To my surprise I was able to stop the Flixotide and often reduce the Seretide to 1 puff twice a day. I no longer worry if I forget my “blue” inhaler. Keto has also completely fixed the IBS and after 9 months of the new diet I am almost off my anti-depressant medication as well.

  • I’ve had severe asthma for 33 years, I’m 59. I’m going on 4 weeks of keto/carnivore, lost 17lbs., and hope to stop taking the Prilosec soon. I’m on 1 rescue, 2 steroids inhalers, xolair shots, and two OTC drugs, all daily except for the xolair which is every other week. The side effects are aweful. With Dr. Berry and Neisha I’m on the right track and can’t wait to see the results.:)

  • I usually get asthma attacks when I rung a long distance, when I run for a long period of time, in cold weather and allergy (sometimes).
    The first time I began having asthma symptoms was back when I was 3 y/o, when I first went to kindergarten. When my mother came to pick me up she noticed I had heavy breathing and was producing whistling sound.
    I’m not sure if it was because of stress, an infection or hysteria but I’ve had that for a long period.

  • GR AXE Your A Passive Snob’. You only talk about some thing that will not really truly work for some one in dire need. Plus you know the Dangers of suicide and Death in people Taking Metabolic Steroids for Breathing. Your more interested in your money and Buss.

  • i had a baseball practice yesterday and i was running the bases i felt my chest get tight and all that stuff then i told my coach and he wouldn’t let me take my inhaler so i just sat down and pretended i couldn’t breathe (i was just tight in the chest) then he came over and helped me. sorry that was random

  • so i run long distance. I dont start wheezing until after the run which is only 2-3 minutes… Then I can’t stop coughing the rest of the night and it hurts to breathe in deeply. Do you think this is a cause to go to the doctor? By the way I am 13 if that makes a difference?

  • When i was 16 i found out that i have asthma. Due to the expensiveness of the medicine, we searched for a different way to somehow reduce asthma attacks. So i started excercising,the main cause of my astma that time was sleeping late,not eating healthy and being obese. “Endurance training was my life saver” After 2 months of jogging i thought i might try to run with no inhalers. The first thing i experienced was lung spasm,then wheezing and shortness of breathing at night soon enough i can successfully jog 3k without any problems i can even eat chocolate and chicken now. But remember when you are just new on the excercise, be strict on your food restrictions.

  • I ride horses and it is hard to breath while riding but about a minute or two after I get off is when I start feeling like I’m gonna throw up and pass out…water definitely makes it worse…

  • I have astham since I was 7 and now I m 16…
    I used to suffer a lot before and I had also consulted many doctors but medicines didn’t show much effect.
    But when I entered the teen years I knew tht medicines wont work and I decided to exercise regularly… I play football, I run in mornings, I jump, I do yoga and Now I m living lively…
    Till now I have used only 3 Inhalers

  • My brother has an asthma,since he was stop smoking and then after 4 yrs i think he tried smoke but it was agrivate then i lead to asthma and he cannot breath and sleep,he went tot he doctors all druga that doctors was Rx r very strong i search to the google every drugs its for the heart and asthmas,and everytime he take its feel like he is dying irritated, i only told her wife is to stop the deadly drugs,then i told her to get a jackfruit root and boiled and drink 5 times a day after he drink the he was fall asleep and in the morning he feels ok and hes strenght back, for so many days he was suffer just only jackfruit root boiled and drink he is fine..

  • Cold weather is just the worst, I can’t breathe properly it is so terrible and when i wear a mask at school (I have to) cus of corona, I can’t breathe properly
    I was diagnosed with asthma when I was 7 years old

  • I swear I have this. I have tried telling my mom but she said “that’s how everyone is” I can’t even do the pacer test without wheezing. I can do one full round then I’ll start wheezing and coughing.

  • i remember in 6th grade my friend had asthma and still has and it was P.E. and my friend said that he wont do sports because he had asthma (he is allowed to do the warmups) but our ignorant teacher put him to exercise and he was all red at face he barley could breathe fortunately he got ok and there was no need for ambulance and doctors sadly the P.E. teacher still has her job even today

  • Guys I have a question, I had a tight chest for like 4 hours, it hasn’t been a pain but hurts slightly when I take a deep breath, is there something wrong? I have asthma

  • I know that cold weather and pollen used to be big causes of asthma for me, as well as excercise. Now it’s those but a few new ones are added to the roster, the biggest being ragweed. Dust also being one of them.

  • May i share may I share my experience. First ill say great info on asthma and what happens inside our bodies when we do get an asthma attack. I was born with asthma. Cold weather many times brought it out. Dust, pollen and the likes. Walking bare footed in water did the same. We can all agree that these symptoms are crazy, and if you like me many times i felt i am about to die. But i am here to tell you that over 6 yrs now i no longer have asthma. The cure or rather lifestyle changes is as follows; simply cutting out all forms of dairy products in your diet and also cheese. As rightly as this video shares is that there are a build up of mucous when you get an attack so these animal products contribute a great deal to asthma. Hope that this help someone!

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  • 1) An asthmatic tends to breathe through the mouth and does not press his lips together.
    2) Normal lip pressure relaxes chest airways and overcomes asthma.
    3) Finger pressure on a lip shows this.
    This opens up lung airways by acupressure. This makes sense. Lip pressure is so important for love and the martial arts as well as asthma. That is the way I cured my asthma.

  • I ordered from Dr. Peju Herbal Home. Please I sincerely want everyone to try this herbal medicine because it has given
    me back my life. My test results were received and it came back negative after having this virus herpes for several years.
    Let’s resend it to save the world and get everyone out of the pharmacy cage. You can contact Dr. Peju at [email protected] or whatsApp

  • With conventional medical treatment using sprays the attacks may well be horrendous.

    For decades we have the asthma paradox that more medical treatment means more asthma.

    A better approach however is based on nitric oxide. See for example video ZACH BUSH MD | 4 Minute Workout

    Search for “boost nitric oxide nose breathing” but beware of Dr. Buteyko sites with the irrational notion of minimizing breathing across the board.

  • Asthma gone with keto! No more Advair for me. I do still carry a rescue inhaler when excising just in case. (not corcerned about an attack though it’s prob just some asthma attach ptsd lol) Go keto! Breathe easy! Thx Dr Berry.

  • I have completely stopped Advair. I have not used my inhaler in several months, until the wildfires in Colorado. Just gone. My psoriasis is gone as well. Let good food heal you. It is that simple!

  • We had to run a mile at school. My friend has asthma but they made her run. She almost got an asthma attack and cried when she finished. Schools need to treat students properly:(

  • I don’t wheeze, but my chest gets tight and painful. I always hear a whistle when I’m running,exercising and on daily basis. It’s very soft but I can still hear it. I don’t have an Inhaler, my mom said it’s just me. But I don’t think it is, I have all the symptoms of it, so why don’t I have it? I also cough, but mostly around the afternoon or at night.

  • Dr. Ken.
    I’ve been following your advice for the last 5 weeks and my asthma (that I’ve had all my life, and I’m 50) has completely gone. In fact it was about 3 weeks in when I commented to my wife, “hey, I haven’t used my inhaler for days”. Simply amazing.
    As well as that I’ve seen astounding differences elsewhere.
    My arthritis, gone.
    I’ve lost 19 lbs.
    My psoriasis, almost gone.
    Brain fog, gone not only that I feel 100% alert, like I’m 20 again. In fact I’m more creative at work and my attention span is truly fantastic.
    Dr. Ken. I’ve said this before on previous videos but I’ll say again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Andy, UK ������♥️

  • HYDROGEN WATER is the only known cure for this disease. Research about HYDROGEN WATER and you will be surprised that only after 4 to 5 days you can get rid of your Asthma. It’s tested because my mother used to have severed Asthma but now her Asthma is totally gone after 5 days!

  • Im a known asthmatic, I haven’t had an attack since I was a toddler. However, lately while walking outside past people smoking, I almost instantly feel pain breathing in.

  • I only experience throat irritation when running, breathing in fast or having air from a fan come in my direction. Is that the same as exercise induced bronchoconstrictions?

  • One important information is missing here, it is that asthma is breathing out difficulty that is exhale not inhale. So, many of u might be afriad that u r having asthma when u actually not having is. This is what happened to me and now my doctor told me that what I have is a pannic attack.

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  • Medical treatment of asthma has for decades meant more asthma (asthma paradox) and yoga is more relevant. Medical treatment is self-defeating.

    I suffered through taking asthma medication for some time and am now decidedly more healthy after curing my asthma. So search for “breathe through the nose weitzberg” to find instructions and a more scientific account of asthma than that of doctors leaving the cause of asthma unexplained. A crucial point about curing asthma is developing normal belly breathing.

  • What I would add is that when having an attack, your body starts panicking as it doesn’t get enough oxygen, which makes everything worse and worse…

  • I was suffering from Asthma. I personally want my diet to be according to my condition. So I searched on youtube and find Planet Ayurveda. They give online consultation and when I consult to them they gave me a diet chart and really become booster to my treatment.

  • I’m glad I’m not a part of this and I lost weight just to help my lungs not get tight but it wasn’t a problem that was always happening I haven’t had that problem in over 3 to 4 years so I’m glad

  • I got candida problems…so i cannot eat fruits because of sugar. The bone broth i take now daily after healing from lunginfection and still having problems with lungs…to me it feels astmatic..but the lungdoctor says it is normal to have this for longer period. I reduce yeast, diary and take omega 3, C and D3. Also magnesium and B12 because i am defficient. I really hope my lungs cure. I never had lunginfections or astmatic feeling while breating. I hope my body recovers and time and patience and commitment do the rest.

  • Cheers for the Video! Apologies for the intrusion, I would appreciate your thoughts. Have you tried Patlarny Calm Lungs Principle (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now)? It is a great one of a kind product for curing asthma without the headache. Ive heard some interesting things about it and my GF at very last got cool success with it.

  • It is true about increasing autoimmune in children every year, and it is a great concern. There is a line people say keeping environments for future grand children of our children. But we keep hearing bad news for the environment. I believe all the health related issues are related to environmental issues. Thank you!

  • Its weird that I have my asthma going for about 5 months now idk what to do I think the main reason is cuz I always bring my dog around me everyday 24/7 and playing/hugging him lmao probably dumbest thing to do to suffer yourself lmao

  • When I am keto I never use an inhaler because I don’t have symptoms and forget to. I can tell when I am not doing so well on keto because I suddenly need to grab my inhalers.

  • I did inner engineering course from Isha Foundation India and got my asthma cured within 3 months. I have also been doing yoga and gave up gluten and lactose food. Also, minimizing sugar in diet helps.

  • Hi Dr Josh hv cured uncountable patients in asthma u can call & we can share our experiences
    My no is 91-8898177067.for betterment of humanity.

  • Avoid nuts, any nuts, coconut, cashewnut, almond, betelnut, popcorns, these are asthma triggering food, this is my personal experience

  • I’ve always had some allergies but asthma has come on since I hit perimenopause….as has acid reflux…Quercetin, Bromelain, and even buffered vitamin C all made the GERD worse….what has helped me most is H2 blocker for the GERD, taking Pancreatin, supplements of Magnesium, MSM, Molybdenum, and Black Seed Oil. I was told if you get asthma around menopause it can be GERD, its all hormonal shifts. What fun!

  • I’m soo much better after eliminating dairy, meat and switching to a plant based diet. Iv made a video on my channel. Macrobiotics have changed my diet. Thanks Dr Axe.

  • Ok i have asthma but i am seing comments and most of them are very bad, i can run, play football and do exercise and not have an attack, also i don’t use medication anymore (i had it when i was a kid) and it’s very weird that i have an attack and when i have it i have a little feeling in the chest but nothing more, thank god i can live a normal life, i can’t imagine having an asthma that makes me struggle to breath and stop doing sports

  • My daughter is only eating breast milk, and has serve asthma, a c section, over due, born with meconium aspiration. So her diet is no option.
    I also have asthma, what do you think about marshmallow root?
    I’m a microbiologist, reserch in epidemiology, so I understand, you can talk to me normally

  • Hey dr. Axe what about saffron? My son has allergic asthma where he constantly coughs for weeks when seasonal allergies is up. I’ve researched some on saffron aka Crocus sativus and wanted to know what form of this would be safe and good for this type of asthma?

  • I’ve had asthma since I was a kid and around 15 years old it was gone but I’m now 20 and it’s back and as bad as it used to be, but since then I’ve gained over 150 pounds so I’m thinking that could’ve triggered it because of my body having to work harder but I will definitely try this thanks ✌️

  • 1. Know your food sensitivities

    a. Food sensitivities to wheat products like grains, conventional dairy, soy; get these foods out of your diet.

    2. Eliminate foods that cause phlegm build up.

    Yes this makes me not good especially bread but I can’t change much ((

  • I love that even though you have gone Carnivore, you haven’t lost your Keto roots. I also think it is very astute of you— when doing Keto, it is very easy to slip into Carnivore ( meat only days, zero carb days— when you hit a stall, etc). I swore that I would never do Carnivore, but maybe I will—I dip my toe in every once in a while. I really appreciate that you leave the door open — emphasizing real food. Thank you, Dr. Berry!

  • I just recently discovered that I have asthma. I am 20 years old, and I knew I had it since 16-17 years old. But while I was 17-18 I didn’t get too much of the symptoms. Parents thought it was some kind of cough. Well, now I get the symptoms at night. Tbh, I fear when the clock ticks like 10:30 11:00, because I know that’s when the hard breathing and the tightness in the chest begins. It’s absolutely the worst feeling ever. People sob over heart breaks, but they don’t know how it feels to breathe during an asthma attack. Fortunately, I have medicines such as the respules that are used in a nebuliser. It helps me like crazy. The symptoms go down to 0%. I am fond of weight lifting excercises, but knowing I have asthma, makes my fondness turn it into a fear, that it might begin. I hope they find a cure for asthma.

  • Minty gum, coldness, and dairy things trigger my asthma. I’m 14 and I had asthma from age 7 to about 10 then it went away. & now it’s back and I can’t take it. I’m taking prednisone

  • Four years keto, one year carnivore lifetime asthma sufferer. Have not had to reach for my inhaler since starting the diet. Hayfever and animal allergies have also been dramatically diminished.

  • My friend got rid of asthma. It took 2 years. He started playing floorball. So he had training four times a week. Now he’s thin and healthy.
    Both options (diet or excercise) is too much for me. My healthy diet conclude almost everything what’s wrong (dairy, banana, etc.) and I can’t excercise that much. When I lost weight I had been upset even with excercising three times a week.

  • I’m 51 and dont have flem issues, breathing issues happens after I eat, BUT I burp a couple times I get instant relief, but I dont alway burp and I end up using my inhalers to breath better. Any idea’s what to take to help my food go down better, because I think this is the issue even though I had asthma since I was 8…..I’m not so sure that’s what it is now.

  • Thank you Dr. Berry for all the helpful info. After a month of carnivore, I lost 20 pounds, probably half fat and half muscle. I feel great, but a little weak. I dont kmow how much longer I can keep this up though. If I had to go low-carb, what carb source would be my best choice? In another word, which carb is least likely to cause inflammation?

  • My kids are on lots of asthma medication for mild asthma… montekulast brown inhaler etc… and they are constantly at the doctors with infections. I have said to my doctor the medication does not seem to be working and making them worse but they say keep taking it. My gut tells me this isn’t helping them. They get headaches stomach aches tiredness they catch every bug going and have been on numerous antibiotics and steroids this year… any advice anyone ��

  • Please please please try swimming. The breaststroke and backstroke are the best. They help to regulate and control your breathing. I have asthma and swim 5 x a day for 1 Mile. You don’t have to be idle anymore. Join a gym and if they have an outdoor pool all the better.

  • Asthma Survey
    I’m a Registered Respiratory Therapist researching Asthma and Allergies and have a few questions pertaining to my research and your input is greatly appreciated. Parents or Guardians please respond for each child. Once the survey is done I will discuss the results on this forum along with the latest research on this topic. Thanks!
    Go here for Google Forms Survey:

  • I start wheezing.. when I laugh a lot, sneeze a lot, cough a bit longer.. nd I can’t exercise without pausing several times.. it has really ruined my life..

  • Avoid wheat, gluten, grain, dairy, soy, corn, peanuts, sugar, bananas,…

    Eat veggies, fruits, omega 3s,…
    Citris, pineapple, bone broth soup…
    Chia seeds, flax, wild caught fish…

  • Hi Dr. Axe.
    The problem with asthma is the permanently misleading sham or fake and overly doctor-friendly research. Merely pressing the lips together on stopping asthmatic mouth breathing relaxes the chest airways by a reflex (acupressure). Belly breathing is also important. A touch of Trumpism and/or Kant would do no harm here.

  • How my asthma triggers: Gas drinks, rain, running, smoke, dust.
    I need advice on what to do and how to stop this. I just want to be normal. Please

  • People talk about food allergies which is fair enough but some people may need to look at the home they are living in.Does it gather excess dust or mold? Do they have clean air circulating? I know once I looked started getting rid of dust and allergins in my home I recovered faster.

  • MY BREATHING IS CURED! Not a joke. Long story short, I went gluten free and got my breathing back but I will tell the full story in a comment reply to this comment. (Celiac Disease)

  • Keto wasn’t enough for my asthma. I had to go carnivore and it’s a very good way to see what foods give you issues. Yet I still have to use my symbicort (maintenance) inhaler. Food flares up my asthma especially grains. Even bacon can give me issues. Eggs a little bit as well so I only do eggs a few times per month. Can’t do dairy, except butter because dairy also causes breathing issues. But as long as I stay carnivore I don’t have to use my rescue inhaler.

  • I run about a fourth or a mile and my respiratory system is like WHEEEZE or if it’s like really really hot and humid then I start to breathe worse

  • Welp, I started keto/IF at the end of June 2019, and I had NO IDEA that this is something you can do if you have asthma. No one had ever mentioned it to me. At the time I was using an inhaler once or twice a day. After about a week, I realized I hadn’t been using it as much. After two weeks, I actually started to forget about it, where before I had to make sure to keep track of it. Eventually not only did I stop needing the inhaler but once in a blue moon, but my energy level went way up, and I could exercise without any trouble breathing. Also, I’ve lost 80lbs-a little embarrassing to admit I had that much to lose, but on the other hand I got on top of it. The intermittent fasting part of all of this is critically important-a keto diet all by itself becomes a terrific grind because sooner or later you’re going to plateau, and too, you don’t get the benefit of things like autophagy unless you give your body a chance to do something besides digest food.

  • I have had severe asthma since I was 18 months old. Last January I was also diagnosed with celiac ( genetic test then did the actual blood draw) I never had any digestive issues and I am now 44. So I chalked it up to one more thing I was allergic too. I went on the keto diet mainly because it seemed like a good choice for someone who is celiac, I was shocked within a month I noticed improvement in my asthma. I have not had to use my rescue inhaler in 4 months and before I was using it multiple times a day.

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  • I wasn’t ever diagnosed with asthma, but I have severe seasonal allergies. This year, right before lockdown, I attended a “goat yoga” session with some friends and my allergies exasperated into full blown hayfever at the first signs of Spring. Spring hayfever was rough this year and I expected it to last all the way until winter.
    Coughing and wheezing attacks from nowhere.
    Anyway, lockdown made me gain weight fast, because I was used to high intensity training at least 10 hours a week. I got fat and atrophied quickly.
    I stumbled upon a Keto challenge that catapulted me into Keto Life.
    I only tried it because I was fat and bloated. No other reason.
    After the Keto Flu, not only my bloating, but wheezing and coughing began going away.
    I just thought my antihistamines were finally kicking in.
    Anyway, I stuck with Keto because of the “feeling”. I lost my extra pounds, so it wasn’t about weight anymore. It was purely for what I call, the Keto “high”.
    As pollen and other histamine levels peaked, I was taking fewer antihistamines.
    I was clueless that this was a keto result. I was also clueless that it fixed inflammation (my body aches and pains were gone)
    I have always had stuffy/runny sinuses, but after 3 months Keto my sinuses are 85% better.
    I haven’t had itchy ears or pallette either at all.
    Now after being back at the gym, my recovery rate is so good, I keep feeling like I’m not training hard enough. Muscle soreness starts early and is gone the next day.
    My point is, sinuses and hayfever coughing and wheezing steadily stepped away.
    I only take an antihistamine preemptively before I know I’m hiking or going to my friend’s barn and I feel like now I can risk not taking one.
    I’m only 3 months in with plenty of trial and error, but even though I’ve messed up with too much protein or not enough fats, or too many raspberries, it’s still been miraculous.

  • I’ve been on keto and now carnivore since June 6 and my use of albuterol has been cut down by almost 80% and my use of Anoro Ellipta which is 430.00 a monthhas improved so much, that I don’t even use it. I’m noticing enormous energy which is like what I had at 30 and I’m 50. I’m losing weight slowly, maybe 5-8 lbs a month, but feeling better and healthier than ever.

  • Always had breathing problems, started intermittent fasting and have not even had to use my inhaler, 8 months, yeah, 8 months! Thank You �� Dr. Berry!

  • On a cortisone preventer twice a day for several years, and using the reliever inhaler frequently. Since going keto in December 2018 I don’t use any medication for asthma any more.

  • I’m not keto, just lowered my carbs to less than 100 (off the charts carbs before). My asthma is MUCH better! I look forward to slowly reducing my carbs and one day consuming 20 carbs a day.

  • What about Arginine, does it help with Asthma? Whan natural healer told me to try 4 g of Arginine for Asthma treatment, but I am not sure.

  • I have been Keto for 2 years now. I am 65 and have been taking asthma medicine since I was a teenager. Now, I no longer take the medicine nor do I have any asthma symptoms. It is truly wonderful!

  • Hi DR.Axe I just looked at your comment on YouTube I suffer from asthma my asthma triggered A few days now usually comes before my birthday I’ll be 31 years old April 18th hard to believe I know I look young, and I will use your tips to get rid of asthma without an inhaler even though that in Hailer work but I would rather not take that if I really don’t need it I want to be cured without using the inhaler

  • Dr is there anything I can reduce cravings on keto. I can usually go 3 or 4 days then fall off the wagon? I think this is anxiety or boredom related.

  • What’s the scoop with the foot bath detox that is in the advertising on YouTube?
    Be nice if you could debunk that before I actually get tempted to buy one. @DrKenBerryMD

  • I had childhood asthma which returned as an adult. I don’t have to use albuterol often. I was on Breo, now Symbicort and Singulair. I’ve been on keto for months. I like the diet, but didn’t realize the effects for asthma. I’d love to eliminate the maintenance inhaler (primarily due to the high price). How could I safely test that?

  • After one year of keto and additional D3, my seasonal allergies came to a screeching halt. No more sneezing, runny nose or itchy eyes. It was a game changer.

  • These 6 Things Are Amazing To Get Relief From Asthma

  • I have been telling my husband this for a while. The longer I am keto the less and less I need albuterol. And every single time I slip up (or have a cheat) by that evening I am using my nebulizer because I have an asthma attack. I have never undergone an allergy test, but I was prediabetic before keto and had many digestive issues.

  • I was almost 300lbs for 7 years and it took a toll on my asthma: 3 diff inhalers and a nebulizer for real bad days. 2019 found Keto, diet sounded like fun so I tried it and was addicted to it within the week. I lost more fat than I had ever before, loads more energy and mobility and much to my amazement, I completely forgot I had asthma. For the first time in years I did not only NOT have to use my inhaler several times a day, I didn’t have to use it for months and months and months on end. 140lbs lighter and even with being covered in the CA smoke for the past few weeks, I STILL did NOT have to use my inhaler. I was just thinking the other day “wow, I didn’t have to break out my inhalers!” which also had me wondering when I used them last. Right before I went keto and now carnivore so since December 2018 was my last inhaler use. The power of keeping carbs and sugar out of your body is extraordinary and I wish I have been eating this way all of my life and not wasting my time on being a vegan for 10 years! KETO and CARNIVORE HEAL the body inside out!!!! Must be why there’s an attack on meat right now. Meat heals!!

  • Please do a video on keto, exercise and keytone levels. When I do a lot of hiking/backpacking my keytone level has gone as high as 7.2. Is that dangerous?

  • I have GREATLY reduced my asthma medication use. I have 2 inhalers and a pill. I went from daily use of rescue inhaler to rare use of it. I started Keto 3 years ago and have had severe asthma since birth.


  • You might also ask people if their migraines became less frequent/severe also. I used to get one a week for about 3 decades of adult life, and sometimes they would last up to 3 days and limit function quite severely.
    I had tried everything, but they gradually became less severe and finally disappeared completely only after I cut out most of the carbs from the diet and ate more fat for energy.
    Now whenever I eat a few too many carbs, I find that I get that feeling of malaise that used to precede a migraine, but as long as I generally avoid carbs the migraine itself doesn’t return.

    It was a happy change that even my doctor couldn’t explain, but the connection is there, no carbs no headache. Blaming it all on this specific “trigger”, or that one, seems to have been pointless, since the healing initiated by taking away the carbs leaves nothing to trigger.

  • Everybody’s asthma is different and triggered and soothed by different things. This guy is trying to sell something probably supplements.

  • While on keto I’ve seen a reduction in Sx but I sadly admit I bought keto bread and such recently. With these products I have increased allergy and asthma symptoms. So, once I’m done with these products (I am on my last loaf of bread and have half a pack of tortillas left) I am not buying any more.

  • My asthma symptoms have decreased significantly. I am recommitting to the 90 day keto challenge. I am hoping to reduce my nasal inflammation next. So annoying dealing with clogged sinuses daily. Thank you Dr. Berry for all you do.

  • I have had asthma my entire life. As an adult I have for years relied on a rescue inhaler particularly at night or during the night. Wheezing and seasonal allergies made it much more frequent. About three years ago I began to experiment with Keto (simple food, no keto snacks, 20-30g of carbs max a day). I noticed after getting keto adapted (about a month of strict keto for me) I noticed that I was going days without taking any hits off the inhaler. Days turned into weeks. I was too lazy to research any correlation with Keto and asthma but I sensed it had flipped a rather dramatic switch with my asthma. Keto can be very hard for some people but it is very easy for me. I have continued on this diet to control my weight while also fixing or reversing a lot of other issues including high cholesterol. Keto has been a game changer for my overall function and certainly my Asthma. Thank you Dr. Berg this was an “aha!” moment for me thank you!

  • I have not needed steroids since a couple of weeks into changing my diet. I changed to the proper human diet because I had learned that I have true allergies to corn and wheat. I have terrible asthma, but I also have the autoimmune disease called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. Any spike of inflammation anywhere in my body can trigger a flare up and can cause me to not just have asthmatic symptoms, but actually go into anaphylaxis. My daily edema and welting and swelling has decreased drastically and my life is changing. I have been eating this way for over two months now, and the last 2 weeks have been like heaven. I haven’t been afraid of my airway closing up on me. I was so inflamed and had my immune system working overtime, all of the time, that even warm water on my skin was very painful and would come out of the shower in hives and my hair was falling out in clumps. These things ARE resolving. I eat clean food. I eat good fat. I started this trying to loose weight. I made it my job to learn everything I could about it, and was stunned to learn that I could loose weight, but also, eating this way could heal me. Read that again. Eating this was could heal me. And, it is. I take more medication than anyone I know, but I am starting to see over the horizon and picture a day in the near future when I can start cutting back on medication.

  • I been to so many doctors an they said I have asthma but I tried everything for 7 years now I been dealing with coughing an I also have anxiety I know it has to be exercise induced asthma cause at my job I run around a lot an I start coughing an coughing sometimes I get so bad I start to throw up but nothing comes up just mucus anyone else?

  • Hi there,
    It has been three years since we put all our efforts, time and savings into the development of Meyko. It is a playful companion for asthmatic children, a cute and smart device that helps them take their treatments every day. It makes it more acceptable, more fun. Meyko also allows to keep track of medication intakes and complications through a mobile application. The treatment record sharing tool makes it easier for the doctor to do a good follow-up. We are trying to improve the lives of these families. We have worked with hundreds of families and the best children hospitals in France to design the best companion we could. We did small clinical trials that showed stunning results. Meyko is now available to order. More info here:
    Have a nice day!

  • Well now that you asked for our personal story…I’ve dealt with asthma pretty much my entire life. I did keto for 9 months along with IF and my asthma completely went away. COMPLETELY. I honestly didn’t believe it was the diet until I went back to eating the way I used to and then the asthma came back. I am now a believer. I know…It’s hard to believe that diet can flare up asthma, but, it does.

  • I have COPD and doing KETO has cut down on the use of inhalers. I have also lost 67 pounds in 10 months, have stoped high blood pressure med. and I am no longer per diabetic. Thank you Dr Berry!

  • Unfortunately for me (I’ve been keto for a year and a half, carnivore half of that time) my asthma had no improvement. I am however a severe asthmatic, have been all my life, and am still on a nebulizer every 4 hours and the biological med Xolair as well as a whole host of other meds to keep me stable. My inflammatory markers are low but my asthma is definitely not gone and I’ve been in a flare for the last couple of months again:( I also have Addison’s disease too and that is something that has slightly improved through keto. My blood sugar remains stable right between 70-80 at all times which is great because before with Addison’s my blood sugar would dip as low as 17 if I had a bad adrenal crisis.

    Just please don’t stop your asthma medicines just because you eat a great, healthy keto or carnivore diet. This diet is amazing but it won’t cure you completely especially if you’re a severe case like me. It will make you much healthier and stronger though in order to fight the conditions you suffer from!

  • Bro I used to do lots of sports when younger and I never had asthma or even needed an asthma inhaler. But just recently I’ve gotten way lazy and from now on everyday I do some sort of exercise like riding my bike fast or running my asthma triggers. Also my asthma triggers from my allergie from dust mite. And my mother smokes which sucks tbh. By the way I’ve had asthma since like a baby but it was really slight asthma. But just recently it’s gotten worse. Is there a solution? Like should I play sports like basketball like 3 times a week? Would that reduce my asthma? I thinking about joining a basketball team but I’m really worried that I’m going to get really tired and my asthma might trigger thought out practice and matches. I really don’t want to use my asthma. I just want it to go away.

    Please if anyone could give me some advice I would really appreciate it.

  • I have been on a keto diet 5 months and lost 42 pounds. I am no longer on my pill or my 2 inhalers. I also no longer have any Asthma symptoms.

  • I had asthma,when i started keto i found that it got alot better,i used to have a inhaler with me all the time usually albuterol, sometimes a qvar inhaler when it worsened,keto helped cure my asthma and i dont have allergies either which i had along with asthma,keto +fasting helped improve alot of my health issues it works ��

  • I have asthma rn yeah I’m used to it I can’t breath easily and there’s many times that my parents have run me at the Hospital for my life

  • My asthma disappeared when I went vegan. So did my allergies. I think it’s about eating whole foods more than the actual type of diet. So…

  • I had eosinophilic asthma symptoms most of my life. I was taking two pills and three inhalers to reduce the symptoms. One of my triggers was/is grass pollen so stopping grains would have been a great suggestion by some medical person, but I never received that advice. I have been on keto for four years (started when I was 62) and got off all my asthma and allergy meds within 6 months. Unfortunately, these stupid mask laws have caused a flare-up so I limit my trips to places requiring them. Thank you Dr. Berry! I have gone from 12 medications down to 2 since keto. I’m proof it is never too late to start a better way of eating.

  • Strawberries give an asthma reaction (mild) to me.But other berries seem OK. Spring time pollens and dust allergies are getting better with KETO.Thank you Doctor your talent and healing knowledge is obvious for all to see.

  • Good information my older brother experiences asthma attacks and I am researching information to give him some much needed direction this is most helpful.

  • Hives, exercised induced asthma, poor concentration, and anxiety. All grain-brain and intolerance. 90% grain-free is not enough. Ask yourself what is the one food you could never do without, your best buddy, your comfort food or drink. That’s probably not your friend and it has simply got to “go away and never come back!” Find a better serotonin activator.

  • i got asthma attack yesterday after i do some excersise ������ im going alone to clinic take some medicine and now its better now… im so fucking hurt yesterday!

  • Albuterol, Advair 250, Allegra 180mg, Zyrtec 10mg, are all apart of my past now… going from the expectation of needing these things for life, to forgetting about them entirely is hard to put into words. Keto helped all of these things improve, but carnivore diet has brought about the maximum benefit. I was actually motivated to go carnivore specifically for these lifelong afflictions, and I will never look back. I wish all asthmatics could experience the relief I have, and breath without fear.

    Thank you Dr. Berry. Your hard work is a blessing to all of us.

  • So much truth here. I’ve been on asthma preventers for over 50 years since a toddler (I’m 54). I’m now 14 months into a zero-carb diet and I have been off ALL medication for about 9 months, including asthma and allergy medication. I only use a reliever salbutamol puffer very rarely which is more dependent on season, and hope to eliminate that, too, over time. Not to mention all the many other health benefits and 80lbs (35kg) weight loss. Zero carber for life!

  • I only suffer from “asthma” when I eat certain carbs! Mainly wheat. Go figure. I literally connected the dots at my allergist visit and he just brushed it off.

  • I dont have respiratory problems but several times over the last 3yrs on keto IF, I thought I was coming done with a cold. All the markers were there. Next morning there is NO COLD. It didnt happen. I gather my body fought off the virus while I slept.

  • Although you mentioned cashews as keto, I’d just like to point out that they have high amounts of carbs relative to other nuts so that may have to be monitored. Also there is controversy about them too.

  • I’ve been keto for almost two years, haven’t touched my inhalers since about a month in. all prescriptions are gone, asthma is gone arthritis pain is gone, It’s changed my life completely.

  • Less than a year on mostly keto diet. Went from using a rescue inhaler almost every night since 2018 to not even having attacks during intense exercise. I will also stress the importance of nose breathing. To people who breathe through your mouth a lot, it might take some getting used to and maybe even feeling lack of O2. I can assure you you’re blood is getting even more oxygen, and you’re increasing the amount of nitric oxide (many benefits, look it up) It takes a lot more for me to feel out of breath as well.

  • Diet is possibly the reason a lot of children have asthma (as well as ADHD, ADD, ASD) due to their sugar filled breakfasts, carb fueled lunch and pasta dinner.

  • It’s true. It’s ALL true. I had adult onset asthma around the time I turned 40-been through lots of lung troubleI stopped using a Steroid inhaler and had leftovers on my prescription for rescue albuterol inhalers at the end of a one year prescription.

  • I have severe RA and osteoarthritis. I am unable to walk, work, nothing…I need to know if others in similar situations have had results with their pain/inflammation with ketoIF alone…do you take RA meds? I also have mild asthma.

  • No doubt in my mind that lowering your carb intake will literally diminish your asthma! I am 52 and have had several chronic asthma my entire life until 10 months ago when started only taking 50 to 110 grams of cards daily. 5 years ago I was at the point where I had to have Adviar maintenance medications along with my quick relief inhalers. I am now completely off of all medications and I still occasionally drink milk and some breads now, but still no problems at all! I’m convinced that the carbs were causing inflammation in my body. I hope this encourages someone! I’m convinced my doctors was full of it telling me I will live with it the rest of my life.

  • Amazing!!! Started on Keto Jan/Feb of last year to get off of meds that were for epileptic pts but treated “other illnesses”. Next thing I noticed the yellow powder (pollen) was EVERYWHERE and I was not sneezing and mostly importantly wheezing. I was born with asthma. Hospitalized as a child 5x w/pneumonia & asthma. Some scary times. Even as an adult. Since my diet change no more inhaler or nebulizer or doctor visits.

  • Dr Berry, thanks for coming into my life… I’m 54 yrs old, was 205 at 5′ 7″… I started keto in Jan and i’ve been maintaining at 153-155 for several months now. I’ve been an asthmatic all my life and used to take Advar on a daily basis for years… Since keto, it’s like a miracle, asthma free, no Advar!! Cannot thank you enough for turning my life around…Thanks again!
    Dave in Fla

  • I quit smoking back in February but my asthma didn’t get better. I went keto for realz in June, and my asthma is much, much better. I’ve been kind of on keto for a couple years, but it took going all the way keto, just whole foods prepped at home. But it has improved.

  • I have COPD and believe it would a lot worse if I wasn’t eating real food. I also stay far away from wheat, grains and sugars. As soon as cut the Wheat my allergies that bothered me in the morning disappeared. True story.

  • I haven’t touched my inhaler for months. I started running and I am sure that without Keto I wouldn’t be doing this. 30 miles a week, I’m 72.

  • I find that using EFT always helps my breathing improve which I explain here [but always seek medical advice of course]

  • I tarted the carnivore diet at the beginning of this year (for different reasons than asthma) but now I don’t need my inhaler anymore

  • Good video, because the heat lately can trigger Asthma….i started keto a few months ago…i haven’t used my puffer or advair….i didn’t think about it until this video. Thank you Dr. Barry

  • Try breathing just through your nose, this is essential (try at least for easy efforts). Listen this guy (also his other videos), changed my perception of breathing:

  • I’ve been on Singular and now Simbicort since October 2019. I might have had COVID in mid February and my reactive airway got even worse afterwards. I’ve been on Keto 4 weeks now and my breathing is already improving.

  • My son (9) has asthma. Since he’s eating Keto / Low Carb, Asthma is gone and he doesn’t have to take any medicine at all.

    But if he’s eating several days in a row grain based food, even a little bit, Asthma comes back.

  • I got rid of my asthma by pressing on the face between my nose and the upper lip. This obviously relaxes the chest airways by acupressure (GV26).See Dr. Gach Asthma Relief Then I trained to breathe in through the nose to get the same lip-pressing effect automatically all the time. Low and behold, the beastly asthma was gone for ever. I sleep with my mouth shut.

  • My asthma was completely resolved with keto diet! I was once on two inhalers and took many ambulance rides to the ER! All of that is gone and in the past! No more asthma!! I love it!

  • Hi, if you have eosinophillic asthma what else to eat because citrics are bad also if gluten and banana, strawberry as well what else do I eat, can someone help any ideas please. Thank you!

  • I don’t have asthma, but I have lung damage from 20 years of smoking. After I quit, I went to a pulmonologist for a battery of tests. They couldn’t find anything wrong, but I had pain every day. Fast forward 10 years, and I was starting to get a gut. So, I started the keto diet, and lot the gut in a couple of months. One unexpected benefit was nearly all of my chronic pain also disappeared. I had been living with spinal pain for about 25 years, and I thought it was because I had a bad back. Keto fixed all that, and my lungs are also much improved.