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If your gut reacts negatively to emotions and it’s affecting your life, talk to your doctor. Find out if you have a digestive issue that’s causing physical as well as emotional stress, such as IB. It’s called the enteric nervous system, and it can have a powerful effect. For instance, when you feel nervous or threatened, digestion can slow or stop so that your body can focus on functions with higher priority and that might result in cramps or diarrhea. This is a hallmark of the condition called irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS.

Could You Have a Sensitive Gut? WEDNESDAY, May 29, 2019 If you’ve ever wondered why emotional distress causes stomach cramps or a mad dash to the bathroom, know that there’s a direct line of communication that runs from your brain to your digestive tract. It’s called the enteric nervous system, and it can have a powerful effect.

If your gut reacts negatively to emotions and it’s affecting your life, talk to your doctor. Find out if you have a digestive issue that’s causing physical as well as emotional stress, such as IBS, and take steps to treat it. These may involve changes to your diet and other lifestyle habits. If your gut reacts negatively to emotions and it’s affecting your life, talk to your doctor.

Find out if you have a digestive issue that’s causing physical as well as emotional stress, such as IBS, and take steps to treat it. These may involve changes to your diet and other lifestyle habits. Your “gut” is the series of organs — mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, and colon — that transform the food you eat into the nutrients your body needs to live and to thrive. If you’ve ever had an upset stomach, constipation, heartburn or gas, you know how sensitive the gut can be. Most people with a sensitive gut do not have a specific disease, although some may be sensitised by a previous attack of gastroenteritis (3).

But the greatest cause of gut sensitivity is stress (4). Many people develop a sensitive gut after a particular life event that shocks or wrenches their gut out kilter. People with a sensitive stomach may experience recurring gas, bloating, nausea, vomiting, constipation, or diarrhea.

Someone who has a sensitive stomach might connect their sensitivity to. If you tend to have stomach issues even after having a single glass, that’s a pretty good sign that you’re someone who reacts strongly to the beverage. However, if you have sensitive digestion, the high fiber content in dates could irritate your bowels if you eat too much of this fruit.

Besides this, dried fruits commonly contain sulfites. Signs of sulfite sensitivity could include bloating, diarrhea, gas, skin rashes, nausea, and asthma.

List of related literature:

If you have IBS, you can put your sensitive gut to good use by paying attention to your gut instinct.

“IBS For Dummies” by Carolyn Dean, L. Christine Wheeler
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Often, both intuition and wise mind are described as “feelings” that come from “the gut” or the stomach area.

“The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook: Practical DBT Exercises for Learning Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance” by Matthew McKay, Jeffrey C. Wood, Jeffrey Brantley
from The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook: Practical DBT Exercises for Learning Mindfulness, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Emotion Regulation, and Distress Tolerance
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By becoming more aware of pleasant gut sensations and learning to think about occasional negative sensations such as fullness, abdominal pain, and discomfort as normal rather than serious, you may, over time, avoid feeling that discomfort.

“The End of Illness” by David B. Agus
from The End of Illness
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In my experience, there is usually an underlying emotional stress or anxiety associated with IBS patients, which can go hand in hand with an imbalance in gut bacteria as there is a scientifically recognized connection between gut health and mental health.

“Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy” by Dr. Joseph Mercola
from Fat for Fuel: A Revolutionary Diet to Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, and Increase Your Energy
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For instance, if you experience a gnawing stomach-ache, a sore neck, tight or clumsy muscles, powerful food cravings, or any other physical sensations, you can ask your body what these sensations mean for you; you can work with your body instead of running from your discomfort.

“The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You” by Karla McLaren
from The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You
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Or the nerves can be overly sensitive to the stretching of the bowel (because of gas, for example).

“Fiber Menace: The Truth About the Leading Role of Fiber in Diet Failure, Constipation, Hemorrhoids, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, and Colon Cancer” by Konstantin Monastyrsky
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Although you can’t feel the leakiness of your gut, you can feel digestive symptoms like gas, bloating, and the quality of bowel movements.

“The Allergy Solution” by Leo Galland, M.D., Jonathan Galland
from The Allergy Solution
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Is the irritable gut an inflamed gut?

“Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Two Volume Set” by Hamid M. Said
from Physiology of the Gastrointestinal Tract, Two Volume Set
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Painful sensations are more likely, and occur at lower thresholds, if the gut is inflamed or if a functional bowel disorder exists, such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

“Textbook of Gastroenterology” by Tadataka Yamada, David H. Alpers, Anthony N. Kalloo, Neil Kaplowitz, Chung Owyang, Don W. Powell
from Textbook of Gastroenterology
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Abdominal Discomfort or Pain IBS should not be diagnosed in the absence of abdominal discomfort or pain.3 Distinguishing discomfort from pain can be problematic for both the patient and physician, however, because of the strong influence of cultural issues.

“Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease E-Book: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management, Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Mark Feldman, Lawrence S. Friedman, Lawrence J. Brandt
from Sleisenger and Fordtran’s Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease E-Book: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management, Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features
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  • Thanks for sharing your story. I have been fight with this same thing for 4 years now and have tried everything. Had all the same tests you have mentioned and Drs just use the term IBS as a blanket statement for we don’t know what it is. My triggers are stress, constipation and a lack of sleep. I just want to say to everyone here that is suffering from this awful thing, that i recently have been taking magnesium and that seems to help for constipation but what really has given me the most relief is the colloidal silver i have made myself. I did my homework in this process and can say that for me it has given me 4 months of relief and i have been eating all the same foods pre IBS. If anyone else has tried it with success please share your story.

  • I have Parkinson’s disease and the video really helps me understand this disease. I am not so frighted now. I had 2 siblings that also had it.

  • Hi guys! Thank you all so so much for your comments, support, and sharing your own stories. I’ll be saving many of your questions for a future video(s) including a Q&A, so look out for that sometime in the future.
    One of you said in the comments that we’re all in this together, and you know what? We are. Regardless of your health struggle, nobody is ever alone. Thank you all so much for watching and listening. xo Meghan

  • Meghan, did you end up making videos on your experience with your natropath in regards to IBS? Also curious if you could elaborate on how you should not follow the Low-Fodmap diet long term. Thanks for sharing! Trying to figure out all of my triggers still, IBS is tricky!

  • Brilliant as always Meghan! You have so much courage. We could almost relive this with you. You did so well talking about such a personal journey and it’s commendable that you want to help others with similar problems. So interesting to hear your story. Thank you.

  • Guys! Do sports! Do sports! Do sports! It will be more effective than relying on your diet only!! You will never be consistent with your diet in your long life! Of course eat healthy but if you do not exercise enough or at all that will be an issue

  • Hi Meghan, thank you for sharing your experience. I was diagnosed with C Diff in February this year after taking antibiotics to cure a skin infection. After a 10 day course of Vancomycin, the symptoms subsided. However, a week after the antibiotic course, I relapsed in March. This time the symptoms were much more severe, I couldn’t eat and could rarely drink and I was in hospital for a couple of days. The hospital put me on an anti sickness drug which yes, stopped me from going to the toilet, but it didn’t stop the infection building up inside. They needed a stool sample to confirm the C Diff had returned before they could treat me with anti-biotics. So I waited in excruciating pain for several days until the doctors eventually gave me a 14 day course of Vancomycin. I remember after taking the first tablet, within an hour I felt much better. I took them this time with probiotics (ones that I could take with antibiotics), so I would build up the good bacteria. This worked okay-ish… My gut, as you have said, has never gone back to normal. I am having to eliminate foods from my diet in fear of having another “episode”. Now, in June, I fear another relapse is in progress. I just think the infection has done irreparable damage to my already sensitive gut:(. I have been reading and watching several videos of treatment of C Diff, relapse rates and antibiotics etc, hence how I have stumbled across your video. It is causing unnecessary stress and anxiety in already a difficult time for everyone with this pandemic, I just want it to go away! ��

  • Girl!!! I needed that laugh… explosion!! Sorry this happened to you, I just found out Friday ������ I’m freaked out but glad to have some answers

  • Dear lovely Megan, thank you for being open to talk about your experience and even morefor sharing all relevant content on your channel. Keep following, happy holidays from Montenegro on Balkans!

  • Thanks for sharing your story! Do you still take a probiotic? Do you think taking one regularly helps keep your IBS managed (in conjunction with a healthy diet). I’ve had some digestion issues as well, and wondered if a probiotic would help, or if they’re gimmicky…

  • I started fasting on my “normal” high carb diet. 24hrs between each fast, doing this daily for the past few days. Is this going to be beneficial to my health knowing that I’m not limiting the carb macro? It seems that by limiting insulin spike to 1x a day it will be helpful but I am curious to know your opinion. By the way, hunger hasn’t been an issue at all the past few days, I fast while drinking water and taking in small doses of pink salt.

  • Meghan pls pls can I get your email Id
    I have recently dig nosed with inflammation in bowel system
    Pre cancer cells
    Pls I need help
    I am on anti depressants pls need advice

  • MY GOD you look soo healthy. Im going through some very painful abdo problems right now and tried soo many things even an colonic around 3 years ago. I fell really ill 9 years ago and was diagnosed with CFS but i never beleaved the doctors and told them so,the amount of times i have been blue lighted [AMBULANCE] into hospital i lost count past 100 but found this amazing Chiropractor who has been helping me. I knew from research the GUT is soo important to not only our general health but also mental as the gut is known as the 2nd brain and tells the head brain what hormones and at what level to secrete so after finding out about C-DIFF im having some samples tested privately. Im soo happy for you SCOOBS UK.

  • As someone who has to eat Gluten Free (after years of horrible Gut and Intestinal issues) and now Dairy/Spice Free after a bad GERD flare up that landed me in the ER with lots of pain in my Esophagus Sphincter a few weeks ago, I am so happy to have found ur channel! Re-learning how to eat and get the nutrients I need has been difficult but I have learned so much in watching ur videos.

  • I may not be in your position, but as someone who became lactose intolerant after having my first child and having a mother who’s allergic to gluten I just want to say….thank you for sharing your story ❤ it helps to know that you are not alone

  • Hi ive just come across your channel. Thank you for sharing your personal story really appreciated watching it. Id love to hear more about the FODMAP regime that you did. Ive suffered with I B S for over half my life and in the past few years have developed Proctitis which is a form of I B D. Ive not had much success with anything that i do. For the most part i eat healthy i practice intermittent fasting and also food combining. Ive hit a wall recently and started eating crap again because i get so frustrated with how much im careful and practice this and follow that and dont see benefits and think what the hell im bloated doing all this i may as well eat some sweets etc. Any information or book or youtube recommendations would be great or even someone to go and see. Im in the North East of England. Ill continue to work my way through your videos. Hope you are having an IBS free day ��

  • I can totally relate to you, just last month I developed C.diff after taking antibiotics for Pylori and they had to put me on Vancomycin and now just recently I started having the same symptoms and called my GI and he said to go ahead and start back on Vancomycin. I am so frustrated to say the least, I have also developed a fear of food.

  • I have also been low FODMAP, and it’s been the thing that has SAVED me! I started it 2 years ago and practically eliminated foods containing FODMAPs for the first couple of months and now I can eat a lot more foods in limited quantities. Even now, I still have to watch the amounts of FODMAPs I consume and which foods I tolerate. I, too, am not “cured,” but this is the most doable “diet”/ way of eating I’ve adopted:)

  • hi!! i’m dealing with very similar symptoms right now and i completely understand how frustrating it it’s. for me it’s been about three months with pretty much no answer and i’m only eating bread and eggs. i’m hoping to get answers soon but my GI thinks it could be pi ibs

  • Thank you for sharing! I was diagnosed with SIBO last fall and have been working with a functional medicine doc and nutritionist to work toward healing. It’s been a rough road! Hearing your story is encouraging. Thank you!!

  • Virgin Coconut oil 1 teaspoon, Tumeric 1/4 cup (1 tspn mixed in 1 cup water),  Kefir 4 spoons, (Pinehedge brand or Lifeway), Oregano oil 4 drops, Black seed oil (Kolanji oil)1 teaspoon, Primal Defense 1 capsule, Berberine 1 capsule. All of them 3-4 times a day for about 2 months, and then slowly taper off up to 6 months. The above will kill the bacteria gradually, as well as inhibit C. Difficile spore germination.  Coconut oil is rich in Lauric and Capric acids both of which have the ability to inhibit/block spore germination, which is key to quicker recovery time. Reduce also sugar consumption. It is very sad to hear that these incidents are on the rise, yet Doctors have a tunnel vision and follow dogmatically medical protocol to presumably help patients, though without much success, only to prolong pain and suffering. Following a diligent research to get a cure for my C. Difficile infection, I’m now able to take care of it confidently and with hope, and so can you.  It takes time, keep at it, and don’t give up. Good luck!

  • Don’t waste your time with this, if you want the real cure come to my channel. You’ll find out what’s really causing all these gut problems and how to fix them.

  • Thank u I know it’s hard to share all the personal info! I can completely relate to EVERYTHING u said! However for me I find it difficult to continue to eat what I know is good for me and stay away from foods that are bad for me—it’s like I have an uncontrollable urge to eat poorly….:(

  • Acquired brain fog this morning right after eating oatmeal with rug and quinoa. Totally doesn’t make sense, since it should be healthy AND I’ve usually never had negative experiences with grains in general.
    Started out more than well-slept and all awake.
    And it won’t go away whatever I do. Exercise, coconut oil, tea, proteins, fats, hot/cold showers… Christ I hate it.

  • Thank you for sharing your story. I had IBS for ten years and found out that we had Coliform bacteria in our well water. As soon as we moved, my IBS was gone. Then after two rounds of antibiotics for Lyme disease, my stomach was a mess and I found out I am allergic to gliadin in wheat. I use florjen 3 probiotics from the pharmacy.It is the refrigerated kind, which I was told is the best kind of probiotic.

  • Hi guys if you want to know how to decrease your brain fog issues drastically. I had of from March straight to August. I actually have access to probiotic organic products that cleared mine,also exercise helps along with it and a change in your diet…You can email me at [email protected]

  • Hey Guys! Thank you for sharing your experiences and helping others with learning how to better manage their condition. We know that a lot of existing solutions out there are subpar, so we’re trying to find better ways to support people with IBS. The company I work for is offering free virtual support (access to a registered dietitian and health coach) for people with IBS. If you guys are interested in working with a dietitian and health coach to potentially find diet-related symptom triggers, please fill out our screener to see if you qualify!

  • Thank you for sharing! I’m trying to do elimination diets to see what is irritqating my gut do you have any sugestions of how to stick with it?? I’m finding it very hard

  • Thank you Meghan for sharing intimate parts of your life, and well done for trying to get it all sorted, you are a very smart lady and am very sure your testimony will greatly help people suffering with the same things as you, i worked in a chemist and i wasn,t the smartest by far but one thing i did learn was to bring things into a very simplistic way so people could understand and i am sure you felt very lonely at your worst time, and so your honesty is brave and will bless so many, no need to reply save it for the ones who maybe are poorly who need some love and advice, take care keep up the good work love Jacqueline

  • I was diagnosed with sibo and I took xifaxan and wound up with cdiff I’m wondering what medication you took to eradicate your cdiff I’m suffering badly don’t know which one to treat first

  • Thank you for your video! I am in absolute agony with my stomach issues. I have always had IBS symptoms and terrible reflux. A year ago I had Nissen Fundoplication surgery for my reflux and it helped immensely with that… however I have developed chronic diarrhea since the surgery. A month ago I was on some high IV antibiotics for an unrelated issue and 3 days ago I developed a fever, severe stomach pains and horrible diarrhea. I can’t eat anything and even drinking water makes my stomach hurt so much. They are currently testing me for C Diff so I will see what the results are…. but this is an agonizing feeling and I could totally relate to your struggles. I’ve been running to the bathroom 5 times a day for a year and the last 3 days have been easily 30 times a day.

  • I have been praying for this video for 3 months! I havent been able to find any videos that talk about what happens AFTER!! Thank you for putting a video out there for me to finally run in to!! I also have C.Diff with colitis along with chronic kidney stones and POTS… My recovery consists of a lot of medicines, bathroom time, fatigue and food elimination. I feel like I’m in the constant state of mourning with very little answers and direction (insurance red tape). Everything thing I hear is “you can’t do this” or “you can’t eat that”!Its getting old lol… Thank you so much for sharing your very sensitive and personal story. I cried like a 44 year old cry baby soon as you said the word c.diff! Lol.. This Is the first video I’ve watched of yours and I’m so excited to watch more! Warm wishes of healing to you ��

  • I’ve been looking and going to the doctors this whole year and no answers and now I found this vid and its exactly what happened to me! I got C Diff and my gut never went to how it used to be! Finally someone that knows what I’m dealing with!