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Mother cat snatches crying kitten from toddler

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Specifically, researchers said that each $1 per pack increase in the overall tobacco tax rate over the years 1999-2010 may have contributed to two fewer infant deaths each day. The effect appears to be especially strong among black babies. The research doesn’t directly prove that higher taxes translate into fewer infant deaths.

Researchers say an extra $1 a pack could lead to hundreds fewer infant deaths each year Higher cigarette taxes could save babies’ lives. Higher cigarette tax could save infant lives. The association between higher taxes on cigarettes and lower infant mortality rates was stronger for African-American infants, who have higher.

Higher cigarette costs are associated with lower infant mortality rates in the U.S., with a stronger effect for African-American infants than for white infants, according to a new study. Researchers analyzed data on cigarette taxes and prices from an annual survey of retailers and data on infant mortality from the Centers for Disease Control. Parents not only get to shelter more income from taxes, they often qualify for tax credits (that actually offset the amount you owe). These credits include the earned income tax credit which is a credit for low to moderate income earners. A person (or couple) can claim an extra $3,400 credit if they meet the income standards.

TURBOTAX ONLINE/MOBILE. Try for Free/Pay When You File: TurboTax online and mobile pricing is based on your tax situation and varies by product. $0 federal (for simple tax returns) + $0 state + $0 to file offer only available with TurboTax Free Edition; offer may change or end at any time without notice. Actual prices are determined at the time of print or e-file and are. Tax meat and dairy to cut emissions and save lives, study urges This article is more than 3 years old Surcharges of 40% on beef and 20% on milk would compensate for climate damage and deter people. The President’s proposal to raise the federal excise tax on tobacco products and use the additional revenue to expand preschool education, which he included in both his fiscal year 2014 and 2015 budgets, could achieve the dual goals of reducing the number of premature deaths due to smoking and raising an estimated $78 billion over ten years to finance early childhood education.

Tobacco taxes. 3. Take Advantage of Daycare Referral Programs and Prepayment Discounts. Though often billed as a more affordable option than hiring a full-time nanny, daycare in the U.S. is far from cheap. According to Child Care Aware of America, in 2011 the average cost for full-time infant care in a center ranged from $4,600 to almost $15,000 a year.. To help allay some of those fees, ask if.

27 May 2014 | GENEVA On World No Tobacco Day (31 May), WHO calls on countries to raise taxes on tobacco to encourage users to stop and prevent other people from becoming addicted to tobacco. Based on 2012 data, WHO estimates that by increasing tobacco taxes by 50%, all countries would reduce the number of smokers by 49 million within the next 3 years and ultimately save 11 million lives.

List of related literature:

Then an excise tax on cigarettes or an increase in the excise tax would impose welfare costs in terms of losses in consumer surplus minus revenues generated by the tax on smokers who are not pregnant women.

“The Social Benefits of Education” by Jere R. Behrman, Nevzer Stacey, Nevzer G. Stacey
from The Social Benefits of Education
by Jere R. Behrman, Nevzer Stacey, Nevzer G. Stacey
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And with each additional child, this tax would increase as a way to discourage the conception of more children.

“The Baby Matrix” by Laura Carroll
from The Baby Matrix
by Laura Carroll
LiveTrue Books, 2012

The U.S. tax system relieves some of the extra tax burden on the second family through the medical expense deduction and child care credits—but this also complicates the system.

“Taxation for Decision Makers, 2020” by Shirley Dennis-Escoffier, Karen A. Fortin
from Taxation for Decision Makers, 2020
by Shirley Dennis-Escoffier, Karen A. Fortin
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For every dollar spentthe cost-savings argument for prenatal care.

“Fetal and Neonatal Brain Injury: Mechanisms, Management and the Risks of Practice” by David K. Stevenson, Philip Sunshine, William E. Benitz, Avroy A. Fanaroff
from Fetal and Neonatal Brain Injury: Mechanisms, Management and the Risks of Practice
by David K. Stevenson, Philip Sunshine, et. al.
Cambridge University Press, 2003

Health care is already rationed for individuals their child an artificial blood expander, not a who contribute to their own poor health by smokunit of PRBCs.

“Nursing Now: Today's Issues, Tomorrows Trends” by Joseph T Catalano
from Nursing Now: Today’s Issues, Tomorrows Trends
by Joseph T Catalano
F.A. Davis Company, 2019

If the subsidy is kept low in order to minimize the effect on taxes, it is unlikely to induce many births, because the cost of the child to its parents will be high relative to the subsidy.

“Sex and Reason” by Richard A. POSNER
from Sex and Reason
by Richard A. POSNER
Harvard University Press, 2009

Their research found the taxes effective in reducing smoking by expectant mothers and generating better, higher birth weights in the newborns.

“The Economics of Health and Health Care: Pearson New International Edition” by Sherman Folland, Allen Charles Goodman, Miron Stano
from The Economics of Health and Health Care: Pearson New International Edition
by Sherman Folland, Allen Charles Goodman, Miron Stano
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To keep government purchases on their scheduled path, future generations would have to pay lifetime net taxes at a rate 77 percent higher than current newborns will pay—46 percent versus 26 percent.

“The Encyclopedia of Taxation & Tax Policy” by Joseph J. Cordes, Robert D. Ebel, Jane Gravelle, Urban Institute
from The Encyclopedia of Taxation & Tax Policy
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Urban Institute Press, 2005

Some tax expenditures are already targeted in this way, such as the child-care credit, which has an income ceiling.

“The Tools of Government: A Guide to the New Governance” by Odus V. Elliott, Lester M. Salamon, Lester M. Salamon, Odus V. Elliott
from The Tools of Government: A Guide to the New Governance
by Odus V. Elliott, Lester M. Salamon, Lester M. Salamon, Odus V. Elliott
Oxford University Press, USA, 2002

(Unlike the children of welfare mothers, we never heard about the cost “to us” of the care of these needy babies, even though insurance companies routinely pass on to the consumer-us—the fiscal consequences of such high-risk pregnancies.)

“The Mommy Myth: The Idealization of Motherhood and How It Has Undermined All Women” by Susan Douglas, Meredith Michaels
from The Mommy Myth: The Idealization of Motherhood and How It Has Undermined All Women
by Susan Douglas, Meredith Michaels
Free Press, 2005

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  • Very bad owners… i dont care if they love their pets or not…. its not responsible behaviour and sadly many many humans do this not only with animals but sometimes with their own childs aswell…

  • 2:38 You said the supply was “VERY INELASTIC”, but we see a very shallow slope on supply, and we see a much more inelastic, (like a brick wall) STIFF RIGID STEEPLY SLOPED demand curve. Oh I see James Snell corrected you 3 years ago, but I’ll leave my comment, so I get “Brownie Points” from the teacher!

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  • Almost a THIRD OF MY PAYCHECK and that isn’t enough for the Entitled and Titled?
    Class warfare succeeds at nothing but making those who “have” feel superior and those who “have not” feel like failures at life.

    Having said that,


  • Your chart is about the portion of tax paid in relation to ones income, ovcourse it looks as though the poor pays more because their income is much smaller, how bout you do a chart of actual tax paid in $ figure and see who pays more

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  • Video disingenuously ignores who reaps the benefits of said taxes. Not saying doing so would change the narrative, but it’s key information.

  • Disagree on the payroll tax assumption. The company pays for this tax not the employee. How much people earn in total rem is based on the market.

  • Kittens are very, very fragile and even petting most kittens with a finger can knock them over. Letting a toddler hold a kitten can be very dangerous for it and the child, you’re lucky momma cat was kind enough not to hurt the kid
    Why am i commenting on a 3 year old video? LmAO

  • Sorry but the logic is all wrong. You should also note that these billionaires although it equates to 10/20% it is still millions per year being taken from them and as such pay a huge % of the overall annual taxation. As they are rich they can afford to live anywhere, you tax them too much and they will leave. If they leave then the poorer people won’t be able to make up the short fall. This will result in more poverty and run down cities etc. You want evidence, check London in the 70s or New York today.

  • Among all of this debate about taxes, let us not forget that the earth is rich and can provide for everyone. The imagined scarcity and the imagined way to keep track of this scarcity (money) is a tool for the powerful to keep their power. This lie only works because we have all agreed to believe it.

  • Not a fan of toddlers holding kitten. Some time they throw the kitten or grab them by the neck or tail �� but cat moms always nice to toddlers �� they know babies when the smell like babies.

  • Hi, thank you for making these marvelous videos. But do you mind to make video about the practice questions on this section? I got really confused on some of the answers, and there are no explanations.

  • A toddler I know was rough with my cat doing something he didn’t want tho she knew it was her fault she learned to be gentle and if she didn’t she would get the class or a small nip as a warning

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  • For a total novice on this topic, you are going to have to define terms, I stopped watching after 45 seconds. There were two words whose context in this topic made no sense.

  • Instead of going off percentages. Why don’t you show how much money paid. Isn’t the truth 1% of the population pays 40% of the countries taxes? 10% of the population pay 70% of the countries taxes? I could be wrong. But…… pretty sure.

  • I think the moral of the story is still that the more successful you are in acquiring wealth, you are both contributing more to society and making things easier on yourself at the same time. don’t ride on food stamps and cry about the billionaires tax breaks

  • You are correct as a % of income but in raw $ you are not even close. Somehow that needs to be a part of the conversation as well.

  • if we did increase consumer tax rates for billionaires wouldn’t they just consume and buy stuff from other other countries? the only consumer tax rate I imagine that is unavoidable would be property tax unless the billionaires move away to low tax lands?

  • Never mind how much stress the kitten and its mother were under

    As long as your little angel gets what She WANTED……

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  • Now if only people could understand that the whole free health care and education would probably be levied through “unseen” payroll tax increases on the employers…People often forget how important elasticity is!!

  • I’d like to see this in actual $$ amount rather than just a percentage. Percentages are a good way to hide how much is actually being paid in by whom.

  • The world would be such a terrible place if you could only be a millionaire. Who would even work anymore if the government takes so much from the billionaires. So sad that you all are just so jealous and lazy. You just want free stuff, like this German guy Karl. Shame on you.

  • You all remind me of the personal strength I use to have as a person who walked many many miles in my own shoes with my held high with self respect and people don’t give it…I have it and lost…..I feel like a stronger person everytime I listen to you!…..I love what you have to offer…..thank you for sharing

  • You FUCKING IDIOTS you cared only for that fucking baby’s happiness and you didn’t care what would happen when a fucking baby steals a little kitty from her mother

  • Another inaccuracy the tax system is set up to provide credits to families and individuals based upon their lower income and number of children they have. In a number of cases, poor families have a negative tax rate because the govt actually pays them.

    Regarding the payroll taxes, I agree that the upper limit should be raised much higher to at least $500K but optimally unlimited. Reduce the FICA tax rate but make it open for all. This would fund medicare and SS so we wouldn’t have to destroy a system to create universal healthcare to offer subpar coverage to the same demographic of people who were already paying the high FICA taxes. The other thing is tie it to income, not payroll. Wealthy do not take large salaries they take income from capital gains which is taxed at a much lower rate. This is never taught in America and why a lot of people cannot build wealth.

  • I dont understand the consumption tax? Doesnt the rich pay the same % as the poor? Just because he has more money doesnt mean he doesnt have a smaller%

  • Vox why have you not included the fact the poorest and even up to about the middle class receive back in various programs and thus their effective tax percentage is negative? Awful analysis.

  • So a poor person and a rich person pay the same percentage of income? Why is that a bad thing? I’m not being sarcastic. 30% of a billionaires’ wealth is like 100000000% times greater than a poor persons 30%

  • Asking for all Americans to pay their fare share of taxes is not class warfareit’s class peace (and common decency).Why should Warren Buffetts secretary pay a higher percentage in taxes than him when he’s one of the worlds richest people? In terms of job creationthe last people you should give a tax break to is a wealthy person.

  • The kitten is crying it’s eyes out what if she dropped it who knows what could happen your cat deserves a reward saving kitten from spoilt child

  • I honestly find this hilarious because babies are always like that lmao. Still though, I love how the baby thought the mother was gonna eat the kitten.

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  • On September 10, sent the following to members of the congressional delegation from my state.

  • Leave the billionaires alone. Even if the percent of what they’re paying is low, the actual number of dollars is extremely extremely high.

  • This is a good analysis of the taxation side of the equation, but is still only a partial picture. A full analysis of government policy must also take into account the benefits paid out to those various income groups. This would allow us to see the total NET tax burden.

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  • It’s capped because social security payments are capped. At higher incomes people pay more relative to what they will receive. It was supposed to work that way.

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  • this entire graph is predicated on arbitrary doubling pay roll tax. all taxes ultimately impact the worker;
    All corporation taxes impact workers because they also lower wages. They also reduce profits of the rich large shareholders. If you are going to say things just because they fit an narrative your company clearly had before writing the video, at least be consistent. This video wouldn’t have been published if the “research” vox did for this video showed the opposite to be true because you are trying to push an agenda. The research is predicated on the idea the system in unfair before anything has been researched. The system is unfair in many ways but the examples in this video are baseless.

  • If you were to look at total cash taxes paid by income group not percentage of earnings you will see the bottom 50% pays way less than the top 10%. Also if you want to increase the fica threshold you have to increase the social security benefits as well. If you want to count the employer portion in the employee contribution you are pretty much are blowing up the lies the democrats used to pass the original plan. Double counting the employer and employee fica really shows how big the social security scam is when the individuals could take that total amount and invest it themselves and earn a way bigger retirement fund. Also your chart does not factor in the earned income credit that is negative tax people actually get money from the government if the meet certain criteria. Also the bottom 25% get all kinds of hand outs rent assistance, Obama phones,food stamps, free health care and loads of other so called free stuff that should be counted as earning. Your chart saying the lowest groups have some high tax burden is a joke because you intentionally leave out lots of stuff. Your a liberal I thought fica was a retirement savings plan and not a tax. Oh another Democrat lie. If you a good Democratthat’s a forced savings. Or was that a lie?

  • Adding FICA to this comparison isn’t really fair, because there are different outcomes associated with paying into it. Social Security has a maximum contribution rate because there is a maximum benefit. There is also a Medicare tax on higher income earners. In addition, not only do they pay FICA up to the 130,000 and the additional Medicare Tax, but then when they go on Medicare, they have to pay up to $568/Month to the US Treasury for Medicare, where a middle income person pays $144, and a low income/low asset person pays $0 for Medicare in retirement. And, in what seems to be a surprise to Vox, an increase in taxes causes a reduction in pay and a reduction in profits (less money for salaries)… that’s what people have been arguing over since the Boston Tea Party!

  • So even if everyone was paying around 25% that would mean the person who makes 20,000/yr would pay 5,000 in taxes while the rich guy who makes 10,000,000/yr would pay 2,500,000 in taxes. I guess I am not seeing the problem.

  • So many people of the poor class voting for republicans who do less for socal-help.. sry 4 my english, but how is that even possible?:(

  • You cannot include Payroll taxes in there, since they are for specific benefits, which are also capped regardless of income. So a super rich person and a middle class person would both get the exact same benefit from payroll taxes. The only real problem is the treatment of long term capital gains at a very low rate and carried interest loophole, used by ultra-rich managers to actually earn their regular income and tax it at the long term capital gains rates instead.
    Also, did you include the medicare surcharge and surtax that is paid by upper middle class or richer folks?

  • The way the mom cat takes the kitten away from the baby girl, but makes sure she doesn’t get hurt, just shows that cats are sometimes smarter than human. These humans were real idiots.

  • Hi, thankyou for doing these videos, they are honestly fantastic. In this one I have noticed a mistake which i would recommend you edit with a citation so as not to confuse students.

    At 2:40 the supply curve is called “very inelastic” when actually it is the opposite. It is very elastic.

    To understand taxation, students must build off these original elastic/inelastic supply/demand theories, so please change the text to avoid any confusion. Thanks for your hard work.

  • If the column on the left was denominated in dollars instead of percentages, it would show a hugely different picture. The wealthiest of us pay a ridiculous majority of the tax revenue. Don’t be fooled, they just want control of YOUR money.

  • Just a cry bby ass kitten…he was STILL bitchin when the mother picked him up…lil punk of the litter… i like those energetic kittens that interact w ppl

  • This isn’t cute. A toddler shouldn’t be carrying around a kitten. They are lucky the mother cat didn’t hurt the child trying to rescue her baby. Animals aren’t toys. Teach kids to be gentle and respectful with pets.

  • Dishonest graph, reduced to % of income & not total taxes paid. You also assume that it is ok to take more from those who have more, what moral code is that logic based on.? Do we get your A in class because we had a lesser grade? Also another aspect is business owners are paying all of their employees taxes, and are tax collection slaves to the government’s who produce nothing.

  • This Video leads you to believe that everyone paying taxes, many people in this country pay zero income taxes, IF THIS CHART WAS HONEST THAT WOULD BE SHOWN HERE!!!

  • Wonderful mother, toddlers are always dropping things, and it could have dropped the kitten, kittens are too fragile, that Kitten was really scared, the mother was smart enough to know it was not safe, that mother did a great job.

  • You should add late fees and interest payments/collection to the list. They might not be technically considered taxation, but it’s money of yours that goes to someone else. Since poor people are far more likely to be late paying their dues, they incur a much larger amount of late fees. Also, poor people have a much smaller fraction of their money in the bank and a much larger fraction in debt, thus interest works against the poor and for the rich. If you add that in to the chart, you will see that we DO have a progressive tax system: the richer you are the less you pay.

  • No one at any one time stays in the top 10%or bottom 10%. As people get older and more experienced they tend to move through these brackets. People mislead you by saying the rich are the fault for the poor. It’s all about income and capital gains again which they fail to explain, don’t let this video mislead you. Go watch some Thomas Sowell

  • What were the parents thinking of! Teaching a child to be cruel to animals, just so they can take a video of it, is not alright or funny. Perhaps a Youtuber should snatch their child from them…just to make a funny video…see how thy would like it. Animals have fears and feelings too.

  • No question in my mind the movie maker grabbed the kitten from the box and gave it to the toddler to film the momma cat’s reaction knowing exactly what was going to happen. The sad toddler is the victim of the parents’ not cute or funny little prank. Thumbs down.

  • The video shows that it is much better to be rich than poor. Of course, the chart also just shows the percentage of income paid in taxes and not the dollar amount. If you have vast wealth, you will pay a smaller percentage of your income in taxes even though the amount you pay is enormous. The very wealthy pay nearly all the personal income tax in the U.S. And a lot of poor people pay zero income taxes.

  • If you consider yourself poor you should consume less thus pay less consumption tax. We should be paying less tax. Its becuase of taxes that the USA was formed. Also the property taxes where do you think the money goes? Why do you think places like Detriot are toilet bowls, because they have lost their tax base. There are no property taxes being collected on an abandoned burned out lots.

  • At 1:10 “Bilionaire’s income is taxed at lower rate than these less riche people”. This statement is wrong! Bilionaire pay higher income tax rate because the income tax is progressive (as mentioned earlier in that video). If you have an income of 100 Millions $ per year you will be taxed at a higher rate than if you make 100.000 $.
    So their argument doesn’t make any sense!!!

  • Lol If you make 20k a year you’ll will never pay millions to the government……One rich millionaire that pays $300,000 a year in taxes is worth more than 37 poor individuals with 20k a year jobs paying $8000 a year in taxes… Top 20% of income earners pay 95% of the revenue generated from personal income taxes to the US treasury. Not the poor and not the middle class…. no matter the rates or % the rich always pay more……

  • This makes complete sense. But it’s end product is “stasis” (class warfare). It shows that the Government is too big and wants too much of EVERYONE’S money. The Federal Government should be reduced in size by half as well as many other aspects of govt.

  • I’d of thrown the little spoilt brat of a kid into the wall and stamped on his head if he refused to give a kitten back to its obviously distressed mother!

  • 120 to 160 a month for busfare. That’s if I DON’T go anywhere but work and home. Do you put 120.00 worth of gas in your car a month? 160?
    I have friends with mortgages that are 350. A Month. Some Rooms…. R O O M S in my area go for 850 to 1200 plus utilities. Per Month.
    Now…. Looking at what minimum wage is today… do the math. Pre covid math. Post covid math is too horrible to think of. god bless america.

  • People are too brainwashed. It’s sad. Question what your TV tells you and you’re an “idiot”. I don’t understand how people can be so trusting in people they don’t know.