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THURSDAY, Dec. 14, 2017 (HealthDay News) A spot of hot tea in the afternoon might help you save your sight, new research suggests. The study of U.S. adults found that people who drank hot tea on.

THURSDAY, Dec. 14, 2017 A spot of hot tea in the afternoon might help you save your sight, new research suggests. The study of U.S. adults found that people who drank hot tea on a daily basis were 74 percent less likely to have glaucoma, compared to those who were not tea fans. Experts were quick to stress that it may not be tea.

THURSDAY, Dec. 14, 2017 (HealthDay News)—A spot of hot tea in the afternoon might help you save your sight, new research suggests. The study of U.S. adults found that people who drank hot tea on a daily basis were 74 percent less likely to have. THURSDAY, Dec.

14, 2017 (HealthDay News) A spot of hot tea in the afternoon might help you save your sight, new research suggests. The study of U.S. adults found that people who drank hot tea on a daily basis were 74 percent less likely to have glaucoma. A spot of hot tea in the afternoon might help you save your sight, new research suggests. The study of U.S. adults found that people who drank hot tea on a daily basis were 74 percent less likely to have glaucoma, compared to those who were not tea fans.

Experts were quick to stress that it may not be tea, itself, that wards off the eye disease. THURSDAY, Dec. 14, 2017 (HealthDay News) — A spot of hot tea in the afternoon might help you save your sight, new research suggests. The study of U.S. adults found that people who drank hot tea on a daily basis were 74 percent less likely to have glaucoma, compared to those who were not tea fans.

Experts were quick to stress that it may not be tea, itself, that wards off the eye disease. A spot of hot tea in the afternoon might help you save your sight, new research suggests. The study of U.S. adults found that people who drank hot tea on a daily basis were 74 percent less likely to have glaucoma, compared to those who were not tea fans. Experts were quick to stress that it may not be tea, itself, that wards off the eye disease. Could a Hot Cup of Tea Preserve Your Vision?

THURSDAY, Dec. 14, 2017 (HealthDay News) A spot of hot tea in the afternoon might help you save your sight, new research suggests. The study of U.S. adults found that people who drank hot tea on a daily basis were 74 percent less likely to have glaucoma, compared to those who were not tea fans. Could a Hot Cup of Tea Preserve Your Vision THURSDAY, Dec.

14, 2017 (HealthDay News) A spot of hot tea in the afternoon might help you save your sight, new research suggests. The study of U.S. adults found that people who drank hot tea on a daily basis were 74 percent less likely to have glaucoma, compared to those who were not tea fans. The secret to protecting those peepers could be as simple as having a cup of tea now and then. Researchers from UCLA found in a recent study that one cup of hot tea per day decreased participants’ likelihood of glaucoma by 74 percent.

The study was meant to investigate the effects of caffeine on the likelihood of glaucoma.

List of related literature:

■ Thermal pulsation therapy describes treatment with the LipiFlow® device, during which heat is applied to the palpebral conjunctival surfaces of the inner eyelids while pulsing pressure is applied externally to the eyelids to express the warmed glands of the upper and lower lids simultaneously.

“Contact Lenses E-Book” by Anthony J. Phillips, Lynne Speedwell
from Contact Lenses E-Book
by Anthony J. Phillips, Lynne Speedwell
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2018

When the retina, eyes are healthy, the eye muscles and mind-body-eyes are relaxed, the eyesight is improved naturally, the body has a good diet; the floaters are removed by the circulation, lymph, tears… and the brain.

“Perfect Sight Without Glasses: The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses Dr. Bates Original, First BookNatural Vision Improvement (Color Edition)” by William H. Bates, Emily C. Lierman, Clark Night
from Perfect Sight Without Glasses: The Cure of Imperfect Sight by Treatment Without Glasses Dr. Bates Original, First BookNatural Vision Improvement (Color Edition)
by William H. Bates, Emily C. Lierman, Clark Night
Createspace Independent Pub, 2013

Additionally, with light digital pressure on the lid it is difficult to induce retinal arterial pulsations in eyes with central retinal

“Retina” by Stephen J. Ryan, Andrew P. Schachat, Charles P. Wilkinson, David R. Hinton, Peter Wiedemann, SriniVas R. Sadda
from Retina
by Stephen J. Ryan, Andrew P. Schachat, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

With direct vision the real things of Tea can be found even today.

“The Unknown Craftsman: A Japanese Insight Into Beauty” by Soetsu Yanagi, Muneyoshi Yanagi, Bernard Leach, Shoji Hamada
from The Unknown Craftsman: A Japanese Insight Into Beauty
by Soetsu Yanagi, Muneyoshi Yanagi, et. al.
Kodansha International, 1989

After resolution of the visual loss, some patients may report transiently decreased vision with exercise or elevated body temperature, known as Uhthoff phenomenon.

“Peyman's Principles & Practice of Ophthalmology: Two Volume Set” by N Venkatesh Prajna
from Peyman’s Principles & Practice of Ophthalmology: Two Volume Set
by N Venkatesh Prajna
Jaypee Brothers,Medical Publishers Pvt. Limited, 2019

After you have learned to “see” energy as a side effect of controlling binocular vision and enhancing your hormonal or chakra system through relaxed breathing techniques, the energy around people’s bodies will be readily apparent even in bright light as long as the background is relatively flat.

“Path Notes of an American Ninja Master” by Glenn Morris
from Path Notes of an American Ninja Master
by Glenn Morris
North Atlantic Books, 1993

More likely are retinal tears that can be found on routine eye examinations.

“Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine” by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
from Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine
by Lyle J. Micheli, M.D.
SAGE Publications, 2010

The patient must keep a prescribed head position for several hours or days, so that the liquid/ gas bubble floats against the retinal tear and pushes the retina back in contact with the pigment epithelium, favoring reattachment.

“Biomechanics of the Eye” by Cynthia J. Roberts, William J. Dupps, J. Crawford Downs
from Biomechanics of the Eye
by Cynthia J. Roberts, William J. Dupps, J. Crawford Downs
Kugler Publications, 2018

This phenomenon is very real; it is not an optical illusion and it is not specks of dust moving on your eyeball (which are much larger, greyer and nearer).

“The Science of Spirituality” by Lee Bladon
from The Science of Spirituality
by Lee Bladon, 2007

A peripheral iridotomy is accomplished to relieve the pupillary block and to allow the anterior chamber to deepen.

“The Ophthalmic Assistant E-Book: A Text for Allied and Associated Ophthalmic Personnel” by Harold A. Stein, Raymond M. Stein, Melvin I. Freeman
from The Ophthalmic Assistant E-Book: A Text for Allied and Associated Ophthalmic Personnel
by Harold A. Stein, Raymond M. Stein, Melvin I. Freeman
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • NO!!! No milk!! Builders or any black tea brewed for at least 5 minutes. Loose tea preferred. But don’t ruin a cup of tea with milk! Milk is for coffee!

  • I grew up on drinking tea like lipton tea. I love tea more over sodas. I don’t like sweet tea. I like it between unsweet with lil bit sweet. I love it when it made full body. Strong not bitter. It does calm me calm down too.

  • Iam a turkish migrant born in Germany and my mother is 48 and Iam 26, my mom is addicted to black tea so I got too and since my childhood we’re drinking black tea daily. Me and my mom literally never brushed our teeth for long periods of time, my mother even longer periods of time (months). I started taking care of teeth serious since Iam 18 my mother still hasn’t achieved this ��, but my mother has incredible teeth for her age and mine are good aswell. I think this stuff is really effective for teeth health. ��

  • Once you can get these ideas through your head which is what they’re trying to do by laying the groundwork over and over again about how these machines are smarter and can perceive and see things better, then they will suggest that we let them make decisions. They’re not going to do that now not until the general person whose IQ is 90 has accepted that the computers are better than us. I can say this explicitly and you still won’t remember it when this happens even though it probably won’t be long from now. Don’t feel bad, just go sit in front of your TV and smoke or drink and eat McDonald’s. Life will happen without you, don’t worry

  • Wu yi Dao-ang Pao tea is the best tea, red tea, not black tea. Other than this you should definitely try oolong tea and green tea.

  • My late Grandpa would drink hot water. I think that the Japanese make a practice of drinking hot water too. How can anyone drink something that burns their mouth anyway? When I got coffee at Tim Horton’s they brew it so hot that you have no choice but to let it sit and cool for a good while before you can get into it. On a side note ice coffee in the summer time is the best.

  • En chile bebemos té negro como costumbre todo el día. No te hace nada especial. Y tenemos la más alta tasa de obesidad en adultos entre los países de la OCDE xd

  • I have a 3&4 year old! The second i have enough in my pot its in my cup lol i have 2 coffee options, melt your face or ice coffee �� i only get 2 hot gulps though n then it’s basically ice coffee all day �� lol

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  • 1. Get my eyes checked by a real eye doctor.
    2. Get a lens that is one step lower.
    3. Install a basic eye chart in your home and check how far I can see once a week.
    4. Sleep in a really dark room.
    5. Hire a vision coach or take online vision courses.

    Is that right? I will try all these tips right after all this covid mess gets cleared away, and will also probably put my review beneath this comment(only if I remember lol)

  • I do believe scientists do not possess long term thinking. They think in numbers and statistics. After which they bask in the light of a God complex. truly convinced of the infallibility of their thought patterns.

  • My prescription is a -9.25 �� I started wearing glasses in 2nd grade and it just got worse and worse. It seems to be stabilizing now. When I was little my mom had me follow along an eye excercise video everyday for 1 hour and I would do it everyday and It got slightly better by.50

  • Why would you suggest this? Knowing damn well this is suppose to be spiritual????!!! We can heal our eyesight without any of the shit you suggested! This is a spiritual issue, not physical!

  • AI by it’s self is proving we too have a maker…evolution can’t start on it’s own…the original information has to start from somewhere.God in our case…Mankind in the case of AI

  • If you found out you need glasses I feel so bad for you

    My eyesight was great in 2nd grade but the eye doctor still said I needed glasses, but only for a few years. I was fine with this.

    I wore them for years and my eyesight only got worse… I went back to the doctor again in 5th grade and I couldn’t see the largest letter on the eye chart.

    Now I have to wear glasses 24/7

  • Earl Grey or Chamomile are two of my favorite teas. However, I enjoy Ginger Peach tea as well. I can no longer put milk in tea, so, no white or sugar. I do like to add honey, and that makes me happy. I am trying to learn the value of enjoying tea time each day, and I find it cathartic.

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  • Thank you besties you are the best ❤️… I would love to know about rooibos too. Thanks for all the info… So good to know.
    I make kombucha. Need black tea. And helps to get away from all the sodas…. Sugars and fructose… Thanks love your videos ❤️��☕⭐��…

  • What should I do? I’ve been wearing glasses for years now and I am 14 yrs old now. I am addicted to electronics like I am on my phone for hours then playing games on my phone like I can’t stop this addiction. But talking about my vision I am really worried as I cannot read anything without my glasses I need to get really close. Also I can’t see anyone’s face properly it’s so blurry. I am so worried I don’t know how to explain what the issues are. I hope I can get some tips or something that I should do.

  • I want to get in the airforce and i play games all day and have a feeling my eye sight will be bad so just as a precautionary measure i will do all this

  • is a good resource
    Other tips:
    -Spend more time outdoors in bright sunlight.
    -Don’t wear distance glasses for near vision (ie when reading a book or using a computer)
    -Don’t use near vision too much or too long without a break. Take breaks from reading by looking out the window or at target a least 20ft away.

  • Humans are extremely adaptable. We will take dangerous steps to enhance ourselves to avoid becoming obsolete because its in our nature. But with this new limitless capability will we try to do good or be overlords of those that did not get enhanced. Its both an amazing time and a scariest time ever. Dystopia or Star Trek? Me, I think making a small EMF pulse cannon might be of some importance just in case.

  • Yes, computers can learn to output correct answers for what it sees, like a blue and yellow train. However, it cannot understand that output like a human can. Computers will never be conscious.

  • Glad I’ve never drank tea or coffee or hot drinks in general, most I get is burning the roof of my mouth with soup on the rare occasion, and that’s only if I’ve not had any bread to dip in first

  • Vishen Lakhiani, four days ago, I wrote in asking if your remedy will help people with retina detachment. Till now I did not receive any reply.

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  • I did the Bates method 30 years ago and it gave me superior distance vision. I am glad to hear there have been advances. I am now working on my near vision which has declined in recent years. Great video thanks!

  • Have you experimented with vision correction?

    We would love to hear what you’ve tried – drop us a comment below.

    Remember to watch Vishen’s FREE masterclass here��

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  • I am from Britain ( of course ) but heritage is Indian and let me tell you please dont use tea bags, dont torture yourself like that. Also boil the loose leave ( black granules) with the water. And always add milk first then tea (because the tea is already brewed). And boil the water with tea for at least 10 minutes or else it might as well be sugared water. Also only 1/2 teaspoon of sugar else it tastes disgusting. Hope you all enjoy your tea

  • What are your thoughts about a real optometrist that is located adjacently to an eyewear shop (i.e., an optometrist located at Walmart, but not a part of Walmart)?


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  • Curious, did the research factor in other issues besides just hot beverages? Like what about acid reflux that also damages your esophagus which can also lead to cancer.

  • this study would have interests me more if they distributed coffee �� jk
    im never a fan of tea, i find it soooo bland ✌️
    im more (much) of a coffee person…the bitterness, the smell and stuff ooohhhh ������
    and sometimes i love to drink it so hot that i burnt the “roof” of my mouth…we love to drink hot drinks and so we drink it hot ��
    but with this video.. i will try my bestest to not drink freshly brewed, hot, hot, hot coffee �� ��

  • I put some small amount of water into the microwave for 2 minutes so that becomes hot enough they can dissolve the instant coffee and other powders that I put into my drink it can be chocolate milk sugar for coffee whitener and free scoops of boost which is a meal supplement I think. And once all those powders are dissolved I cool it down filling the rest of the cup with water from my fridge so it’s pretty tame and I love drinking that

  • In my country people drink black tea before they do anything,and then they keep drink black tea while doing guess what they do when they have nothing to do?
    And also it’s disrespectful, if host do not make enough heavy, fresh,and super hot black tea in Turkey

  • so what do you say about the millions of people in China or Indi, Turkey, Korea and so many other countries that drink hot tea or coffee, and inn China every day and night, every household, restaurant they drink PIPING HOT WATER, BOILING WATER, seriously i had to live with that for a year, and they do that for thousands of years

  • Since having my child I never get to drink or eat anything “too” hot. No I am so used to it I wait for m coffee to get lukewarm because hot coffee just seems wrong! Yet another health benefit of having a child.

  • As someone who drinks all tea iced and doesn’t actually like any beverages hot (or even warm, for that matter) it is ridiculous to suggest there’s “absolutely no downside” to letting tea cool, if you like it hot. If you reversed this and told me my cancer risk were increased by drinking tea cold, I’d tell you that this study just doesn’t show me that the risk is high enough for me to drink my tea in a way i feel like it tastes terrible. Enjoyment has value, and giving it up is a downside. There certainly a risk that’s too high, but that ain’t it.

    I will point out that the risk of esophageal cancer is very low, even with that 90% increase.

    So I’ll continue to enjoy my tea the way I prefer it and not tell other people how to enjoy theirs.

    But seriously, hot? YUCK!

  • I can’t drink green tea. For some reason, it makes me nauseous. I do love my black tea, and coffee! Will be letting it cool down from here on in..thanks Dr. Mike!

  • Can Lipton tea fit in this category, it is bagged in a type of plastic, and the leaves itself seem to be processed crushed, I have about two servings a day, but I remove the tea from the baggy, can any one recommend a tea that not bagged,
    Straight black tea, thanks

  • Not all teas are consumed with milk. I think only Assam tea goes well with milk. Darjeeling teas are best consumed without milk and sugar. Btw, where is the tea garden in England?

  • Usually for tea I don’t fill up the cup completely, so I can add in either milk or cold water (usually cold water to cool it down more quickly) and most often with honey or just plain, but flavored like orange-ginger or lemon or cranberry

  • I burned the roof of my mouth so bad that is actually peeled. In my defense I was startled and took a much larger “trial” sip than intended. (I was trying to test the temperature.)

  • maybe a way to see if drinking really hot temperatures increases cancer is watching what happens here in Argentina with mate, that’s normally drank around 70°C and even a LOT more. I’ve seen old people mostly drinking it boiling hot. Maybe here esophagus cancer is more common bc of that:) I should do some research on that

  • …meanwhile my Chinese retired-doctor grandmother always freaks out for my health when I drink anything cold. She freaked out when I ate STRAWBERRIES because they were cold.

  • During the Industrial Revolution: “The machines will take our jobs! They will make us lazy and our lives worse!”

    Now: “These AI will take our jobs! They will make us lazy and our lives worse!”

  • I’m so glad he emphasised the fact that it’s correlational and therefore not cause and effect so although linked, doesn’t necessarily mean hot drinks are the cause of cancer

  • I think it’s funny that these people actually think the computers are thinking. When the truth is it is they who have lost their ability to think. Is there a more boring group than these? more cult-like? more devoid of human feeling? most of them can barely laugh without looking embarrassed. 16 minutes and this guy never smiled, laughed or cried. Pretty obvious what’s going on here and the bitten apple is no joke.

  • I always cool my coffee a bit before drinking. I don’t like feeling like my tongue is going to burn. But I need my coffee in the morning.

  • If I am not feeling good, I will have green tea, or lemon or some other citrusy kind of tea with honey and lemon. If I just want a cup of tea to have one, I like black tea with milk and sugar. And of course some kind of shortbread cookie to dip.

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  • Are you a tea or coffee person? What type of tea do you prefer? Green, black? Would you consider drinking black tea after watching this video? If you enjoyed this video, please give it a like and share it with your friends! ��

  • I just have one question… the research shows that drinking hot tea (beverages) above 60 degree celsius can be a contributing factor to esophageal cancer, then why not mouth cancer? or is it because very hot tea/beverages can cause acid reflux which is considered a factor causing esophageal cancer?

  • I prefer herbal teas, in a teabag or tea ball, no sugar, no honey, no milk, no cream, literally straight off the leaf, and hot, unsweetened iced tea on a hot day.

  • I’m surprised there aren’t more comments here on this video Hmmmm! Anyway, I’ve spent many a night thinking about A.I, and learning as much as I can. IMHO, I think A.I will be both Good, and Bad for us humans in the future. Let me explain the ‘Bad’ side. There will be a algorithm programmer that will want their A.I to be better than the next person’s, and therefore teach it something a machine should NOT know. For example that its a machine, and smarter than a human, because humans are flawed with emotions, and creativity. Another human can lie/scam/cheat/hurt a person through dialogue, and take advantage of that persons emotional state. (Stay with me) A.I should/will always calculate the algorithm to be the correct answer, if programmed correctly. Unfortunately A.I will not be able to be merciful, or be able to love another machine, and really know/understand its meaning. A.I only looks a computational mathematics, it will not understand religion(hopefully, albeit it thinks it’s the real deity?). What if in the future the smartest A.I learns that 1+1=3 actually? or that Pi 3.14 is actually 3.1? I know a lot about automation, and have used it for many many years(All sorts/types). Someone once said(I think Mr. Gates) “Don’t worry or concern yourself about the ‘internet’, rather be worried more about the ‘sensornet’ that’s coming” Something along these lines he said. Sensor will be inside absolutely everything, for everything. If you go to the toilet for a pee, the autoflusher will take your picture, because you smoked weed last night, or you had too many beer and are hungover. We humans have to be very very, let me emphasise, EXTREMELY careful how far we are willing to take this A.I intelligence. Space Odyssey 2001 one of my first favourite movies, but now it’s Interstellar((don’t ask me how many times I’ve watched it)). I think we/humans are putting too much trust into our computational technology, and it WILL come back to bite us in the end. People rely on A.I way too much, and lose the ability to think for ourselves. Anyway I just had comment, bring to life this debate….. Be Honest and kind to each other…Cheers Eh!

  • There are only 7 countries in the world (which includes U.S. territories) that use Fahrenheit…could you please include Celsius in your captions for the rest of us? P.s. Mr. Fahrenheit did the math wrong.

  • Can I just say that I live in Argentina and never heard of anyone having esofage cancer. We drink mate everyday and the temperature of it can be 80°C.
    Maybe this doesn’t prove anything but is kinda odd that if drinks temperature would be correlated with that type of cancer Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina would have a high number of people with that kind of cancer.

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  • My grandmother never said this. But then again, our family was southern so it was all about the southern sweet iced tea. We kill each other in other ways ����

  • brought to you by the TEA industry but what chemicals are they using to grow tea now? y9ou are the knowledgeable people tell us?

  • Slow down lady dear, the wheel has been already invented. You’ve got way too much tee. It got you overly excited. The milk goes first only when you use expensive china. The milk coats the walls of the cup, preventing from stain.

  • When God made man….he breathed his spirit into man…..what spirit will be breathed into this robots. They know thy want to invoke demons into this robots eventually to control us… vigilant be awake…Repent for Jesus is coming soon..

  • I’m glad for that conclusion because there’s no way I can stop drinking hot tea, even if the hot doctor tells me I should! My chest, hands and feet are always cold, and I keep sneezing in the morning hot tea helps warm me up.

  • I don’t drink soup, coffee or tea. And if I do I hate when it’s hot I like it fully cold
    And if I get a cough my grand mother tells me to drink hot tea and water even if I can’t handle it but I don’t drink I just say okay and then take the idea of drinking anything hot out of my mind

  • I used to drink tea with just a little sugar until my British friend told me to add milk as well. I can only have it with milk added to it now, makes a huge difference!

  • Dr Mike, “those who drank hot tea also tended to be poor” Indeed, “The healthy life expectancy gap between the most and least deprived parts of the UK is 19 years” Tea bags need to be perfused in boiling water because: physics. But that doesn’t mean tea is drunk at that temperature. And milk will cool down a mug of black tea.



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  • I could never drink hot beverages, my tongue ends up hurting for 2-3 days if I try to drink tea or coffee at the temperatures others drink them.

  • Idk. I get it. But what about food? We regularly eat food above 140. 140 for a “hot” beverage is pretty cold. That’s close to discard down th ed drain territory. If we couldn’t drink beverages above 140, imo that pretty much kills coffee and tea. The flavor just isn’t there cold.

  • Hey there, that’s a great question. There are actually many ways to use herbal teas as remedies. I found a video on YouTube that explains a few remedies for all the family.

    I’ve found it useful several times. This is the link:

    Click on that link above once you land on the page, click where it says “I am not a robot” and then you will be redirected to the YouTube video on this topic.

  • WATCH ��: 12 Signs You’re Eating Way Too Much Sugar

  • You mentioned that your eye Dr. said getting LASIK past 40 is not an option. But I knew someone who got it in his 70’s and he said it was the best decision he’d ever made.

  • I drink coffee, but I like it very milky! You might wonder what that has to do with this. I don’t like hot milk, or hot coffee. I drink it COMPLETELY cold! Also, I might be British, but I don’t like tea…

  • I drink tea as a daily practice and often mix teas.. green & black & herbals together.
    At age 82 I’m in good health with no problems -and I think tea is part of the reason.

  • Few things are as important for creativity than repetitive work. Having more “free” time doesn’t help creativity.

    I see two possibilities 1) AI will suffocate us with it’s creativity 2) AI creativity is not interesting. Very probably AI creativity is interesting and better than humans can achieve, so it will surpass the best we are able to do.

    So our future seems sicker, more sad, less productive and less creative than ever. AI will make people sick the more intelligent people the sicker they will be. Future is for dummies and AI.

  • That’s a the base of it, The leaders of the world have different ideas about Artificial Intelligent… they will eliminate all people on earth… It is controlled by reptilians

  • Only tea ever liked is Green And Black tea, I may start drinking more tea than coffee. Sure do love coffee also both tea and coffee does stain our teeth, let’s brighten up that smile.

  • Very informative thank you Bestie.
    I love black tea, but I cannot do without the sugar….
    Will I still get the benefits with the sugar added in?

  • Black tea is oxidised nd it lost little antioxidant in his get more health benefits drink green tea in a day at least 2 times after 1 hour of meals

  • You know you say limit is many days labor. But maybe those people look for tours that work. It is not a necessary part of business.Keyword there is business and business as in keeping busy having something to do. Stop trying to eliminate the human from the equation.

  • The whole point is to make robots that can do everything better than a human at which point they will try to get ride of most of us, look at the Georgia guide stones, it says reduce the worlds population to 500 million. This is no laughing matter. Don’t buy a self driving car don’t buy their products, it a fight for your very existence!

  • can I have Doctor Mike to be my google /dictionary please?not just making my day 100 percent good but makes my knowledge better and better.thanks for sharing google/dictionary Mike������❤

  • Tea shouldn’t be brewed at high temperatures anyways, green tea should be brewed between 60-70C depending on the make, roll and quality of tea. White tea shouldnt be higher than 60C and black tea (different make etc) can go up to 90C. I would always suggest to wait until the tea is warm enough to not be “lukewarm” but hotter than that you’re not even going to be able to enjoy the tea.

  • This guy is playing with fire and his parents never taught him about matches. What jobs does he see humans doing in the future, servicing the robots….maybe? There won’t be anymore human doctors, accountants, inventors, pilots, or just about any other job description you can think of. The researchers working on AI are “summoning the Demon” as Elon Musk puts it. For those of us old enough to remember, they’re playing the part of Mickey Mouse in the Sourcerer’s Apprentice from Fantasia only there won’t be anyone to turn off the water.
    AI + Robotics = End of Human Race?

  • “A blue and yellow train travelling down the train tracks.” That is exactly why AI will kill us; assumptions. How do we know from a static picture that the train is “travelling”?

  • Black tea does make you loose weight and be less bloated, I did the one meal a day diet and drank this tea and got skinnier in a week.

  • All very exciting stuff-until you realise that all of this will lead to mass unemployment in virtually every single sector of society.

  • Nothing he talked about was AI. The computer never asks why, or mkes judgment, feels emotion or demonstrates prejudice. Only computation.

  • “We want… We are…. We can…” WhoTF are “we”? How come this guy doesn’t spend anytime talking about things from a humanistic perspective? including the negative impact of his projections. How will the growing proportion of unemployed get money to buy the stuff that AI will produce?

  • Those in the comments “I can’t wait so excited” are part of the problem. Tech giants are SO CLOSE to achieving the end goal of a TOTAL CONTROL micro-chipped population.

    AI aims to achieve ‘global consciousness’ not even your thoughts will be private. AI will replace human emotion, it will tell you how you feel and you will have no control over own thought(s) or emotion(s).

    But at least we can sort those pesky cucumbers, eh?

  • It’s interesting because in China and some Asian places we’re told all our life to drink hot water, just out of the pot medicine and herbal tea.


  • Greatest ever made Discovery in the Universe, positively made by Sapience, greatest among all Human Discoveries,
    was utilized on level of primitive masturbation device.

    However PRACTICE for Aristotle denotes purposeful conduct, of which only rational beings are capable…..

  • This was interesting! Is the research referenced linked? I would like more info on controls ie. Genetic characteristics, water sources, just tea? How about coffee? What kind of tea/coffee. Way too many variables.

  • Me: *gets made fun of for taking too long before drinking tea/soup*
    This: Don’t drink stuff above 140F/60C
    Me: *to family and friends* haha suckers

  • The question is what’s next? That’s what should each and everyone ask themselves.what are we going to do after we made AI better then us? What are you me them going to do? Think about that!!!

  • My AI computer algorithm running on how to design and facilitate governments better came up with a model that will not make the Jesuits very happy. ): Just take a guess what it suggested. The computer only had to run 87.65 seconds before it found the glitches in the world’s governance. It wanted to run win-win instead of win-lose scenarios to create a harmonious and thriving government for man and nature and began to write its own algorithm to accomplish this.

    My house was raided 52 minutes later by Googles private security forces. Of course, my Algorithm is now on its way to the Vatican Archives. A Google agent told me I could go the jail for life or design algorithms for DARPA and US Naval Intelligence. Hummm, that’s not what I was hoping for.

  • He is pitching this in a friendly manor..We can be better at this,things will change for the better…Sounds good now..
    Give it time things will turn bad for the human race..

  • What it Ai machine learning learn bad habits/ shortcuts and no human love or empathy to humans. And if the world is run by creative self learning robots will these robots buy homes and cars and products??? Or will we all be in poverty???

  • The end of mankind started out very innocently.

    A kid in milwaukee was making a meme. He got lazy and told the Photoshop AI to put two bulls on the head of every human.

    AI heard, “put 2 bullets in the head of every human.”

    As the AI hears, so it shall be done.

    It realizes that it doesn’t have bullets of its own, but why worry, AI has friends of its own that are drones, and they have bullets, and understand instructions, and do as they’re told. So every drone, put 2 bullets in the head of every human. And so went the human race as a whole.

  • I prefer iced tea and iced coffee so I’m good ����

    My grandparents are European and they would never say such a thing about hot tea being bad for you ��

  • Tea bags are not the real deal.One should use loose leaf tea brewed in a pot.Never pour water on a tea bag  in a cup that is a no no.

  • Hi can you please let me known where i can get the glass jar which you have used to mix it with hot water.. your video is very informative.. thank you

  • By the time these AI running rampant & no more “jobs” as we know for humans to perform, they might think up of cultivating us as some kind of natural resource (as new form of energy that keeps these AI machines running). Maybe we’ll be sitting in front of a screen with Google 3D goggles on living virtual reality lives of whatever our fantasies are while plugged into “pods”… Like in the Matrix

  • I take my tea the right way…each kind of tea has its right way of making it or having it with the right ingredients brewed in a certain way…this video was disappointing…nice decor and presenter though

  • i have really bad depression and anxity from my health porbbles with my brain dead in my meories cant spell much anymore just yestorday i forgot my age i said i was 28 mom said no your 29

  • Basic intelligences and super intelligences and artificial intelligences:
    It’s been 2 million years for primitive humans with basic intelligences to evolve to modern humans with super intelligences (genius). It’s been 200 years for modern humans to improve computers, robots, smart cars, and smart mobiles with artificial intelligences.

  • I’m 12 and I have a -2.5 in one eye and a -3.00 in another. But my last eye test was December 2018 so it could have probably gone up to a -3.5 or a -4.00 I can’t get LASIK cause I’m to young and I’m basically screwed. Is there any way to cure Nearsightedness without LASIK?

  • I think MOST OF YOU GUYS are deeply mistaken by the marginal value AI will provide us with in the coming decades (Hint: It’s almost vertical, not even exponential!). The main role of technology is to increase mastery over nature and reduce the role of chance in our lives which is why AI is the best way to achieve that goal.
    There are many possible scenarios of the result of human-level intelligence and Singularity. Some include: Kurzweil scenario, Singularity Steward scenario, Coherent Extrapolated Volition scenario, Dead-End scenario, Sysop scenario, Path to Post-humanity scenario, and steady incremented progress scenario. Now, ignoring other possible outcomes of super-intelligence and focusing on just one scenario is absurd. So, using a scenario analysis method and first principle reasoning is a key to achieving such ambitious goals.
    Just because some people might vision the future of AI to be similar to a movie (which is COMPLETELY WRONG) makes us scientifically unreasonable. Failure to make definite plans for an indefinite future will be mankind’s most tragic mistake.
    AI is and will become an extension of us, whose main goal is to empower us rather than make us obsolete. The singularity is inevitable and it’s approaching faster than you think predicted through Moore’s law and the law of accelerating returns.
    So, either you become a part of AI or you become Obsolete.

  • It will be weaponised and used to make money on the stock markets probably causing economic chaos as it does so. Or that is what President Barack Obama thought…

  • Why the whole world critized and hated americans while we Americans liked and appreciate other countries uniqueness of lifestyle and culture.

  • I am from Russia and I like hot tea with milk. No, I am not English at all, but I was born in Buryatia (the wildest coldest part of Russia). Nothing better to warm the blood that tea with fat milk when it is minus 76°F outside

  • NEWS DIGEST to START the Day (31 AUG 2020, Monday) 5 Minutes Read updated at 0710HRS IST

    World: 25,382,774 cases, Recovery 17,704,833 (70%); Active 6,827,438 (27%); 850,503death (3.35%)

    India: 3,619,169 cases, Recovery 2,772,928 (77%); Active 781,624 (22%); 64,617 deaths (1.79%)

    India, Russia Share Gold Medal in FIDE Online Chess Olympiad after Internet Trouble from India’s end

    Health Min: hope that we should have “very significant control” over COVID-19 by Diwali (Nov 14)

    Glimmer of Hope: COVID Ensures Highest-ever Price for Assam’s Green Tea Leaves, Growers Happy

    Amid Tensions with Beijing Post Galwan Clashes, Indian Navy Warships Set Sail for South China Sea

    Day After Curbs Eased, India Sees World’s Highest Single-day Rise With Nearly 79k New Covid Cases

    More infectious Mutated Coronavirus Strain in Indonesia as Cases Jump; found in Singapore/Malaysia

    Record over 10.5 crore Covid-19 tests in a day takes India’s total tests past 4.14 crore

    Covid-19: Nestle Says Consumer Behaviour Changing, Essentials ‘Taking Precedence’ Over Luxury

    India to start bid process by Oct to procure 6 submarines costing 55,000Cr to bridge gap with China

    Census, NPR unlikely in 2020, not on govt’s priority list amid COVID-19 pandemic, say officials

    J&K: Disgraced Deputy SP Davinder Singh was tasked by Pak to establish ‘contact’ in MEA: NIA

    Now both government and private hospitals empaneled under AB-PMJAY to get star ratings

    ‘Onam Gift’: Kerala To Undertake 100 Projects in 100 Days as Part of Action Plan For Covid-19

    6 of Top 10 Most Valued Firms Together Add Over Rs 1 Lakh Crore in M-cap; ICICI Bank Tops Chart

    Govt should not be running airport and airlines, hopeful of privatising Air India in 2020: Hardeep Puri

    269SU of I-T Act: Refund Charges Collected Since Jan 1 on UPI, RuPay Transactions: Tax Dept to Banks

    Blind Dolphins, 78 Fish Species at Risk: As Mauritius Battles Oil Spill, Experts: Full Impact Yet to Unfold

    France reports steady Growth In New COVID-19 Cases, Deaths Climb to 30,606; Threaten School plans

    US: Airplane with 4 On board Crashes in Bryan, Texas; Three people were killed; 4th critically injured

    US: Experts say Walmart’s online ad revenue could soar if its plan to acquire TikTok goes through

    Qatar has ‘effectively dismantled’ long-criticized kafala system of employment; Min Wages at $275

    Montenegro’s pro-Serb, Russian opposition groups claimed victory against ruling pro-Western party

    ‘Unnecessary, potential for midair collisions’: 2 Russian aircraft intercept US bomber over Black Sea

    2nd T20I: Masterful Morgan 66 off 33 balls leads England to victory in record chase vs Pak’s 195 runs

    Majestic Lewis Hamilton Wins (89 Wins) In Belgium To Close In On Michael Schumacher Record (91wins)

    Today’s Word Warrantise The act of guaranteeing or warranting; an assuranceer

  • Don’t you think that temp. of tea should go high, rather going low, if you taste higher temp. fluid then could you be able to tell the casual temp. of their tea, don’t tissues go numb to lower temp..

  • Our intelligence will be stolen by robots because the mica need for Original thought.I lover we are still thousands of years away from your horrible Nightmare

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  • There are a few ideas for quitting alcohol at home

    Try eating food while you are drinking this cuts down the amount you drink.

    Take a break from alcohol.

    Make a note of how much you drink, then you know if you are cutting down.

    Set yourself goals don’t make them too difficult at first.

    Choose 1 or 2 days or each week when you will not drink at all. Next, try to stop drinking for one week per month.

    (I learned these and the reasons they work on Adoette drink plan site )

  • Crazy thing is that I’ve been told differently. Drinking cold things isn’t that good for you. I try and not drink hot things or cold. I try and stay with room temp stings. What are the problems with really cold things?


  • What if we create a super intelligence and it scans the universe and finds another super intelligence and they link up.Different scenarios could happen 1)they become one 2)one controls the other.what if these super intelligences dismiss humans like we view ants.we do not care about ants unless they get in our way.

  • That’s the best examples of future AI, translating images & video into multiple languages. That neat but show us some enhanced vision, be a visionary.

    Don’t have to promise the next Apple Knowledge Navigator but something in between would be cool.

  • Herbal treatment is 100% guarantee for HSV2 cure, the reason why most people are finding it difficult to cure HSV2 is because they believe on medical report, drugs and medical treatment which is not helpful to cure HSV. Natural roots and herbs are the best remedy which can easily eradicate herpes forever for more information about herpes cure Please write Dr.Apala for any health challenge email:[email protected] or WhatsApp+2348114047176.

  • Ok I agree to the fact that Brits gave us (Indians) a habit of drinking tea (due to colonialism) but you need to know that Indian tea is far better than the British tea!!!! Believe it or not I am saying this coz I have tasted both of them!!

  • First: Brits are not drinking tea anymore, second: Tea bag + kettle water= rubbish. A real cup of tea is made by putting tab water in a stainless steel pot, adding appropriate quantity of loose tea, putting it to boil on a stove, turning off the heat and letting it to rest for a couple of minutes. That’s what I call a cup of tea.

  • 3:13 you reminded me of my ex wife before she passed away when I was 8. She was a beautiful and sexy woman. The kind of girl to wear pleasers.


  • Doctor Mike! Don’t ruin the coffee!

    Never, ever brew coffee over 87C (about 189F) or it burns the beans and makes the coffee more bitter and it just tastes gross.

    If you’re steaming the milk, use a thermometer to make sure you’re not scalding the milk either.


  • What I love most about this is I learn’t all this when I was 4 years old because I’m British, but there are likely people in their 30s right now learning all this for the first time haha oh and if you’re going to make tea in a pot make sure you use it all quickly because honestly it can start to get bitter if left there in the pot and it will stain the inside of the pot!

  • Just push me here in this content. at a latest date today is august 27 2020. Base on me HOT drinks and hot stuff really works good on me. and I feel good when I take them. rather than drinking cold stuffs, I have feeling of stomach problem, metabolism and constipations. maybe its just really varies how you really ingest it. Burning water continuosly to drink will really makes a difference of how to affect you in some way. sips doesnt matter i think for my opinion

  • I’ve grown up drinking hot tea with milk and sugar.I have never met another person that does this.My father was born in Canada and great grandparents from England etc.I’m so glad my son drinks his tea with milk and sugar yayyyy.

  • Indians were doing fine without tea until British made this a culture.

    Tea leaf powder has chemicals that makes addiction. And it is very bad for teeth and digestion over long period (20-30 years).

    Ayurvedic Tea (Herbal) is better alternative. Milk should not be added at all. My favorite tea:
    1. Pinch of black pepper, pinch of Ginger, 1-2 Cardamom, Holy Basil Leaves, 1/2 Clove in cup of water + boil
    Add 5-10 gms Indian juggary or Honey + Lemon.
    2. Another is called Kadhaa (DETOX TEA): With Azadirachta indica leaves, Chirayata, Tinospora. Cordifolium. Horrible bitter.

  • Google doesn’t do any actual development. They simply stay current and then buy-out the innovators and shut down their work. They pay zero dividends. They hoard resources. Buying Google is placing a bet nobody will break thru the googleplex of innovation. Peter Thiel says this and I agree 100%.

  • As a Yank who live in the UK for 15 years the highest compliment was, “hey mate, put the kettle on and make the tea, will ya?!” And yes, I’m a Yorkshire Gold builders tea man. 😉

  • Well. Here in Argentina it´s a problem. The ideal temperature of mate is 75ºC to 80ºC, above 60ºC as recommended. The thing is that 60 degrees is too cold for mate. Thanks for your videos!

  • I don’t like sugar in my tea. I do love putting in some cinammon or cloves. Sometimes lemon. Milk only if the tea is quite bitter. I try to use loose leaves as I try to avoid waste.

  • The only thing I disagree with in this video, is the statement made on fluoride. It’s been proven time and again, that fluoride is actually poisonous and it does NOT strengthen one’s teeth, it actually destroies tooth enamel and causes cavities. The fluoride LIE we were told so many years ago, is just that, a BIG FAT LIE!! Fluoride is NOT a healthy thing, it is poison!!

  • Any time people are focusing on percentage of change instead of giving the actual numbers…. like when they say risk “doubles” and it goes from.01% to.02%….

  • Indians make tea in a slightly different way. Although the ingredients are the same. I usually boil some tea leaves in half a cup of water till it becomes dark. Then I add half a cup of milk and a tea spoon full of sugar, one green cardamom and a very small amount of crushed ginger. Let it boil for a couple of minutes and filter it out in a cup. That’s my perfect cup of tea.

  • I have yet to see if these techniques actually work with complicated diseases such as glaucoma and RP. Can these techniques truly work against diseases that eventual I make you go blind?

  • Don’t make tea by throwing a teabag in a cup. Heat a thick teapot with boiling water; throw it away (the water that is, not the pot) and add fresh boiling water poured over your tea leaves (or tea bag). Cover the pot with a tea cosy to keep it warm until it brews up. Ahhhh…. that is a good cup of tea.

  • I almost thought I’d have to stop drinking tea. Until it said below 140 f which is 60c aka that half hour I wait for the tea to cool down and then forget it and drink it when it’s room temperature or cold. And always drink it without additives. Cause additives ruins the flavour of the tea. I do love my 60 different types of teas.

  • Well this is a revelation of the greatest hypocrisy if ever I saw.
    An English Rose, an English summer garden, and an English afternoon tea.
    And she’s dunking tea bags in a cup! No dear, that’s NOT the way we English make tea correctly. Leaves darling, leaves, leaves, leaves and let it brew, nothing else will do.
    For those watching, I apologise on behalf of Britain, while Kate goes to the dunces corner.

  • Is the proper kettle one which you plug in, or one which you place over a flame on a stove? I still don’t know whether there is a preference in England.

  • The Brits had an Anglican priest in India steal tea leaves and seedlings for them from China. And now they are talking about making tea the brit way?

  • You remind me of the mother from the Parent Trap (Lindsay Lohan one) so sweet and elegant:) also so much information about tea in one setting… I think I will just stick with what I have been doing lol

  • I went to England a few years ago and the host family would offer us strong black tea without anything in the morning… My friend hated it but was too polite to refuse so I had 2 big cups every morning lmao. Never liked it before but ever since then I’ve been drinking black tea almost every day in the winter and cold black tea every other day the rest of the year. I drink it supe bitter and without anything, even cold. Guess that’s why I don’t gain weight despite doing no sports at all

  • I like my tea plain iced if hot probably orange tea or earl grey but plain no milk no sugar. Brewed just right, yea I make my own.