Cosmetic Procedures Pre and post Dermal Fillers


TOP COSMETIC PROCEDURES 2020 // Breast Augmentation Botox Butt Lifts and More

Video taken from the channel: Dr. Anil Rajani


Watch Vertical Lip Smoker’s Lines Injected with Dermal Filler-Before After Portland

Video taken from the channel: Dr. Anil Rajani


Cosmetic Facial Fillers and Injections | Shilpi Khetarpal, MD

Video taken from the channel: Cleveland Clinic


SAY NO to FACE FILLING // Dermal Fillers

Video taken from the channel: Dr. Anil Rajani


Nasolabial Fold Fillers Pearlman Aesthetic Surgery

Video taken from the channel: Dr. Steven Pearlman


Aesthetic Doctor Reacts To Celeb Dermal Fillers

Video taken from the channel: Dr Sarah Tonks


Monica’s Dermal Filler treatment to cheeks, lips, temples, forehead

Video taken from the channel: Victorian Cosmetic Institute

A dermal fillers procedure includes the following steps: Step 1 – Facial assessment & mapping If you choose to utilize packaged soft tissue fillers, the plastic surgeon, or his specially-trained nurse, will evaluate your facial appearance and skin tone and examine. How much do fillers cost? It depends on which type you choose; the price generally ranges from $550 to $2,300. Learn more about the risks and benefits of dermal fillers and other cosmetic procedures.

While cosmetic injectable fillers do not stop the aging process, injectable fillers may help delay the need for more invasive procedures, such as a facelift, brow lift or other procedures. The best way to determine if you are a candidate for an injectable filler is through a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon at Cleveland Clinic Cosmetic. But, you should know what you should do before and after any cosmetic procedure.

Precautions to Take Before Dermal Filler Injections. Here is what you should do before having dermal fillers: Stop the intake of aspirin or other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen, Fish oil and high doses of vitamin E. Eliminate them for at. Here you can view actual before and after plastic surgery photographs submitted by ASPS member surgeons.

Dermal Fillers More about the Dermal Fillers procedure. Kristoffer Ning Chang, MD San Francisco, CA Brian Windle, MD. Here’s your handy guide for what to expect before and after receiving dermal fillers, from the professionals at Baton Rouge’s Weiler Plastic Surgery. Baton Rouge: (225) 399-0001 Baton Rouge. Cheek fillers are one of the most common procedures at our clinic. below you will find a sample of our cheek fillers before and afters. chin and tear trough fillers Before and after dermal filler to cheeks, A post shared by ��Dr Naomi��Cosmetic Doctor ��.

Cheek fillers are a relatively simple cosmetic procedure. Results can last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years. Learn if you’re a good candidate, what the procedure is like, how much it costs. With so many dermal filler products on the market, it can be difficult to know which option is best for you without an experienced cosmetic surgeon’s guidance. Each product is uniquely formulated to have a certain texture, density, and injection depth, which means that certain fillers work better for certain areas of.

Click here for the Brisbane Cosmetic Clinic’s dermal filler before and after gallery and see the examples of our work.

List of related literature:

Dermal fillers are optimal to repair small to medium size wrinkles and defects resulting from age-related changes in dermal/subdermal musculature interactions within the skin.

“Facial Rejuvenation with Fillers” by Steven Roy Cohen, Trevor M. Born
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It is vital that the practitioner is well versed in the type(s) of temporary dermal filler available to achieve the most aesthetically pleasing outcome.

“Aesthetic Procedures: Nurse Practitioner's Guide to Cosmetic Dermatology” by Beth Haney
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Standard guidelines for the use of dermal fillers.

“Aesthetic Dermatology: Current Perspectives” by Jaishree Sharad, Maya Vedamurthy
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Dermal fillers are only one means to improve tissue and volume loss associated with aging.

“Cosmetic Dermatology: Products and Procedures” by Zoe Diana Draelos
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Interest in facial cosmetic procedures continues to grow— with respect to both surgical rejuvenation and nonsurgical treatments (e.g. dermal fillers, superficial peels, and neuro­toxin injections).

“Decision Making in Otolaryngology” by Cuneyt Alper, Eugene Myers, David Eibling
from Decision Making in Otolaryngology
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Dermal filler selection at the time of treatment is dependent on several factors.

“A Practical Guide to Dermal Filler Procedures” by Rebecca Small, Dalano Hoang
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Dermal fillers can be used to enhance appearance in a subtle, natural way; require short recovery times; and can be safely performed in the outpatient setting.

“The Essential Guide to Primary Care Procedures” by E. J. Mayeaux
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Similar to non-ablative technologies, dermal remodeling continues to occur after the initial treatment, and patients’ skin laxity may continue to improve months after the procedure.

“Evidence-Based Procedural Dermatology” by Murad Alam
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No dermal changes are present.

“Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Procedures: A Guide for Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons” by Adilson Da Costa
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The longevity of visible tissue filling with dermal fillers depends on several factors including: the type of product and volume used, the patient’s metabolism, degree of motion in the treatment area, and facial expressivity.

“Dermatologic and Cosmetic Procedures in Office Practice E-Book” by Richard P. Usatine, John L. Pfenninger, Daniel L. Stulberg, Rebecca Small
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  • She looks SO much better without looking over worked! Why is it so hard to find plastic surgeons that are actual artists like this man is? Also, I was told by a surgeon last week that filler couldn’t be put in the forehead (he said it would end up looking lumpy and uneven) but now I know that’s a lie. I know this doctor sounds like he’s from Australia or something but any chance he does any work in California? I need to see someone like him, there’s too many quacks around here!

  • Hi Dr. I love the way you work and help the women to look beautiful in their natural way… with just a little help of your touch… if you allowed me to ask,,, what are you using for check the veins… I found that amazing and everyone should be use it aswell… it can help to avoid big mistakes… could you tell me the name of it… A huge thank you…

  • No comment. No I have to. She looks like she just did her first porn movie and was degraded by some midgets leaving a look of shame followed by a little smirk.

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  • im like if you want to
    ……do it, though im speaking from the perspective of being the age of her mother…i never ever wouldve done that in my 20’s….didnt need to….i wont say my age but im just Now even considering it my sisters 38 and shes been doing it since she was 30..shes ADDICTED and cant even imagine herself without it

  • Most of white woman do lip filler to stay relevant in nowadays beauty standard….. I mean they look pretty before but after they look super hot…. I love how black woman doesnt change their features to fit the beauty standard

    Ps: im asian

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  • GREAT info. Given my age (50s)I’ve decided to do a mini face/neck lift. Then once that all settles, the Sculptra. What do you suggest for tear troughs? Ive always had them and I don’t think I have any fat pad under my eyes…don’t have that “bag”. After watching several videos of potential blindness with tear trough fillers, I will only go to an oculoplastic surgeon (who’s practice also uses Sculptra). I have great skin…most people think I’m about 10 years younger, but I don’t want to do water based fillers…

  • she is beautiful before and after:)
    she didn’t need it, but i totally support people who want to do this so they feel more confident.
    (to an extent i support it)

  • Dr. Rajani,
    I love your videos. You are so clear with your instructions and directions. My techniques have improved greatly from watching your artistry.
    Thank you.

  • Hi there, I’m so desperate for help, I injected hyaluronic acid into my lips yesterday and it looks absolutely horrible, do you know how to get rid of it? I’m so scared

  • Do dermal fillers help alleviate pressure on the jaw from grinding the teeth or bruxism? I have lock jaw sometimes from severe bruxism and I already use a night guard without much ease. I also do the recommended jaw and moth exercises. I am looking for something else to help me have a less tight jaw. Thank you! @victoriancosmeticinstitute

  • u should throw ur degree away, jlo has never had fillers, if u look at her every day ig videos she has amazing facial movements and expressions, she has definitely had laser work done and ultra sounds but dont agree on the fillers, same as Bella hadid no fillers just a nose job and she has lost weight and probably ultra sound on the jawline.
    Good everyday care and maintenance with a bit of laser every now and then can make sure u age nicely. Dont ever do fillers they only blow up ur face! Ultra sound therapy is the answer.

  • Hi Dr. thank you for this video. When you are talking about the 55 year old and using these non-surgical procedures; wouldn’t you also recommend a SMAS facelift? I realize you are saying that the face doesn’t actually sag but what about involution of bone? I mean that is well proven; no? PS: if you mentioned a face lift then disregard.

  • Hola Dr. Anil recientemente lo sigo como por arte de magia apareció en un momento de dudas y tratando de encontrar más información en tratamiento de PRP recientemente termino mi tratamiento bajo los ojos y mejillas estoy viendo resultados satisfactorios poco a poco pero lo poco o mucho que aprendo en sus vídeos informativos me llena de tranquilidad vivo cerca de Seattle y un día quiero estar en sus manos. Gracias por todo su apoyo y manténgase seguro y saludable.

  • How many mls did she get all together? I want to ask for this much but not sure if the standard 1ml for cheeks is too much? Thanks so much

  • People are overdoing the fillers they end up looking like very bizarre, stop filling your cheeks, end up looking like a chipmunk with your face stuffed

  • This video has some great information about facial fillers. check out it will help you.

  • This is exactly what I want! She looks fantastic and you can’t really tell she’s had something done. She kinda look like Megan Fox after the fillers. She looks younger and more feminine…i can’t explain haha but she looks gorgeous!

  • This is too overwhelming… how can we find providers that know how to do theses specific things, I have almost 4 files in my marionette lines and they don’t even work. I really want to lift the jowls too ugh I’m turning 40 next month.

  • oh my god, i turned 27 last year and the difference between 26 and 27 is night and day. when i look at pictures of myself from just a little over a year ago, my face looks so full and youthful. now i am starting to lose volume in my cheeks and noticing the forehead/temple areas where i have lost volume too. i really want to begin investing in filler! at first i felt guilty for feeling this way, but there’s no shame in it whatsoever! it’s just as valid as anything else someone would do to help their appearance.

  • How are these photos not fake? I think they are photoshopped. When she speaks in the end of the movie she doesn’t have the same face as in the “after” photo. She looks in the video like she looked in the beginning.

  • It would be highly advantageous to use an older ‘model’ such as closer to 60 years of age for fillers, for a true to life before and after video, why use someone who is young and obsessed with her looks? Narcissisticly a waste of money at this age in my opinion.

    Freedom of speech & press USA copyrighted.

  • I’m glad to see the trend moving away from individual parts to whole face, different drs have very different ideas about what’s aesthetically pleasing though and trends change, how do you avoid going down a treatment path that will go in another direction in future or age poorly (eg treatments for buccal fat)? I saw a plastic surgeon a few weeks ago who recommended fat transfer for my face, it got my nose a little out of joint because in my 30s I still hadn’t outgrown the puppy fat and had Kybella to remove it to give my face shape ��. I hold a lot of fluid in my face so hyloronic acid as a filler would be a disaster for me too, I’ve got onto the face massager first thing in the morning and it seems to help with the puffiness but I think the problem for me might be muscle loss from too much indescriminate botox over an extended period.

    What do you think about subcision for fine(ish) lines? I’ve had them on my forehead since my teens and retinol is only doing so much, I tried botox in that area but didn’t like the trade off.

  • Could you possibly take a look at the You Tuber Jaclyn Hill. She is claiming her face looks like a bloated and moon-like due to weight gain, but it’s obvious that she has had fillers but it’s disturbing what her face looks like now!

  • when a plastic surgeon uses fillers to correct a facial deformity you will look more normal. do these fillers last forever or is it continued maintence for the rest of the persons life? what if the person has a facial deformity in the temporomandibular joint area can a plastic surgeon make that person look more normal? thanks

  • for some reason my inner corners are deep but my lines are not. i just get the corners filled and it makes a huge difference. i love it ����

  • You are an artist, such an aesthetic appeal the subject got after you did what you did, I reside in India, if I send you photos or if I can video call you, could you please let me know the areas that need to be worked and how many mls will be used? I am keeping my fingers crossed, please. ��

  • What do you think about the theory that fillers don’t dissolve — they merely spread out over the area so you don’t get the same effect, and with repeat injections your face gets more puffy or adding volume to your face as you say?

  • You’re great and your videos are so informative. Got some weirdos in the comments here but ignore them. Many of us appreciate your perspectives and advice.

  • I spent 9.5 years on 3rd shift. The very next week after I got seniority to go to day shift, my Dr started me on botox because I’m a big squinter. I’m very thankful for that. I’m almost 43 and have been getting botox (or different ones) for about 12 years:-) But she was HUGE on things like photo facials, peels etc which I started in my early 30’s and continue in a more modern way to this day. I do a peel every two months at home and I also do pdo and plla threads. she always told me botox wasn’t enough. She is so wonderful. I don’t know that I look younger than 42, but I hope I do to some people. It depends on the day and if I’m hydrated or if I’m too skinny or a normal weight, as well

  • If having work done makes these women happy then that’s great. But the pressure on women celebrities to keep looking young and beautiful is infuriating�� I’m going to be 53 in May and haven’t had anything done, but that doesn’t mean I never will. But ultimately it’s my choice and nobody will make me feel so bad about myself that I change the way I look.

  • Thanks for a detailed explanation.However I am not a fan of the subliminal programming. If anyone is interested in what I’m talking about stop the video at exactly 11:17. The message flashes very quickly in red across your screen. This is being used a lot on us, the programming I mean. Question the thoughts that pop up in your mind from time to time, are they really even truly yours???

  • I really wish celebs would just leave their noses alone. Most of them who have had nose jobs didn’t need them in the first place. The over slender nose just doesn’t look natural. So sad when most of the gals were prettier before the work.

  • If I saw you in the streets I would NEVER think you were someone that is into looks or has attempted to look good herself. You look like a lady with 5 kids that gave up on life. How is this good advertising?

  • Your the critique doctor?? You look horrendous, sloppy, old, pale, gross…I have no idea what it will take to make u look decent enough, but if I’m going to a plastic surgeon, she better look young, sexy and the bomb!! Ugly people critiquing others??? Her skin is so saggy and she looks 50 min….. Its amazing to me she has a license, lol

  • What are all these people going to do when they really get old, and all those fillers and injections flop. Will they ever accept aging? So much focus on faces and bodies, like a total obsession.

  • I had to watch this again, my first injecter just filled it all in and the lines came back on just 2 weeks, she didnt do it superficial, so I had to go back and get the Belotero again 2 wks later, she did it deep, and here I am 6 weeks later, going to a good Inj and have to pay again, I lost out out alot of money for 6 weeks of no lines,lol… But glad I found someone that knows what she is doing this time. Gosh it would almost be worth it to fly out and have everything done, lol Im half intoit now,

  • The actual problem with these “celebrities” are not the fillers, but the deception of these male-born performers presenting themselves as female.

  • Quite informative and nice to listen to someone who doesnt say “like” every other word or inflect at the end of each sentence. Making videos is a learning curve. It’s not bad at all and I’m sure your more recent ones have improved in format. Keep up the good work.thanks

  • I am a doctor and my mom doesn’t allows me to do HIGLIGHTS… On my hair…
    If I ask her for a surgery or procedure like this….
    Then what’s gonna be her reaction…. ��

  • So, all this time I thought peoples line’s and wrinkles determined how I judged peoples age… turns out I’m really just gauging how triangular their head is ������‍♂️

  • It’s rampant I swear Julianne Hough looks different and she’s not that old at all. I hate huge upper lips. Christina looks better with a thin top lip.

  • fist lips, Cheeks disgusting fillers( When I say this it’s when you dont even ficking smile, there are disgusting masolabial folds that appears because shitty maxilla)…shameful

  • Ugh this is so confusing and complex! To even try to find someone spilled enough to do all this correctly sounds impossible! 8 out of 10 haircuts I get I’m not happy with so the thought of finding someone that can do this properly on the first try seems very very unlikely. Then let’s not forget the cost and then the cost over time to keep it up! I’m done with it all! I’m just going to age naturally. I’d rather keep my hard earned money for a decent retirement. If there is ever a lower cost no fail way to help my aging face then I will try it.

  • I had this done 3 months ago and i bruised so badly. I bruised for like over a week and it was so bad I couldn’t even cover it with makeup.I don’t know if I would do it again.

  • I’m biracial, half Black & Half White. The Black women in my family look 30 well I to their 60’s. No cosmetic or medical intervention whatsoever. On my White side, they age like milk & bananas, bless their hearts. I’m 42, still look 25 & I pray I take after my Black side, naturally youthful forever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • How the hell does anyone know what exactly other people have got done??!! People think they know it all. They have professional makeup artists and personal trainers. They can’t loose some weight and have good makeup on?!
    God I’m sick of people criticizing filler that they don’t even know has been done.

  • Dr Anil, is it possible that if you are injected with botox and perhaps your muscle did not full absorb it, can it travel around your body and cause side effects for months or years? Im at a loss as to why i developed uncomfortable side effects which have lasted 7 months but seem to be easing lately. I had it done once, to my frown lines and havent been 100% the same since. I know millions of people around the world have it done with no problems at all. I wonder why some people like myself do have problems?

  • Can you please confirm that Ciara got fillers? Her face shape completely changed out of nowhere. Some people have said its bc she lost weight but that doesnt change the full structure of your face like that smh…

  • This was a terrific tutorial. The problems I’ve sadly come across, and these a reputable places, is they did what they wanted to do and just as you said you never know what they’re doing. It’s really hard to trust even with research and asking lots of questions. Thank you for teaching us lots!!

  • Thought it was better to put in cheek fillers and lift as the loss of volume to the cheeks is what causes the skin to sag and cause these folds?

  • But I’m 46 and I look 25-30 no one can guess my age no cosmetic surgery. I think I do have really good genes because I just don’t age except my hair started turning white at age 15 so I’ve been coloring is ever since. Now I’m not joking. I get carded I get people asking me which high school I go to. I have 1/4 Sicilian w the rest Nordic background so I’m fair skinned w blue eyes and blonde hair dark blond w white but I bleach it. My secret is my genes. I don’t use much product either except eye crime yes to eye Creme. I say because my skin is very oily from my Sicilian heritage I lucked out its so oily I blot like a teenager and occasionally break out, and man I don’t wrinkle I’m so lucky I actually look way better than I did in high school as I was a bit chubby but now I’m very slim. So I thought maybe I should get my nose done and be a model because of the supermodel for Victoria’s Secret nose I look a bit like her but different I don’t know I look like myself. Then I pinched my nose in the mirror and said no INSHOULD keep the nose and try modeling. Because I have a soft oval face without to much angular features very high cheekbones and round eyes etc a nose job would probably make my face look very long. Now if I had 100000 $$$ I suppose I could totally change my face but God gave me this face and told me to try modeling. So I might but it’s so important to note that these stars spent easily a half million to get major work and your local nose job place w the sale will ruin your face so if you have half a million to spare….. But think of all the down time hiding too.,also I would get cosmetic Botox if I had the frown line only. I considered it before but it’s going away because I’m not crying as much. So I’d say unless you can afford quality work just do not do it seriously. My mother doesn’t look 70 she looks 50 but she doesn’t have any Sicilian so she has wrinkles and things. Now I’m just turned 46 also my tip is sunscreen sunscreen and sunscreen. I have paid to remove skin conditions I suffer from occasional keratosis I hate them but only on my face do they bother me I had two removed but it’s not due to age but something else. I think only if you have an extroidinaruly large nose that really makes you cry and lose out then get a nose job. But otherwise don’t do anything

  • I truly appreciate how open, honest and natural you are! You don’t shame anyone for what they have or have not had done… as we all see beauty in different ways. I remember when it was considered wrong to have a big butt, yet now people seem to be having implants in their butts. It used to be a joke that when a woman asked a man “”Does my butt look too big in this dress/pants, etc. the man had to say “No dear, it’s perfect”! So I have no idea what happened to make big butts become so fashionable. Perhaps it is a joke on all those who naturally had big butts, to encourage everyone with regular butts, add to theirs… Or, maybe once the boobs,, face, lips, cheeks,, etc. have been added to, the only thing left to make women with plenty of money feel self conscious about, was a butt! Who knows, maybe the next thing to add to will be calve implants! 😉 I’d love to have my face appear ‘even’ as I have a Bells palsy and get so many comments from people asking if I’ve had a stroke. However, I’d prefer my lopsided face to some of the diabolical lip fillers/cheek implants, etc. that some people have had done. I guess I wouldn’t say No to a tiny bit of extra in my lips, especially as they are not only lopsided, but also becoming so thin with age. However, I can really only resort to Retin A (I have a fabulous GP!) just to even out the tone of my skin after having had acne as a teen… and as I’ve worn glasses all my life, I will be able to see myself a lot more clearly next month when I have my cataracts done YIPPPEEE!… so, I want my skin to be the best it can possibly be so that I don’t get a scare every time I see myself in the mirror!:) I keep on reminding myself of your statement than ‘We are not Born with the celebrity gene!” I’ve quoted you to my friends so often since hearing it! I also have CIDP and been paralysed several times and to varying degrees over the years that I’d say, “If I could just roll over myself, or scratch an itch, or feed myself, feel the sand or grass under my feet, etc. then I’d be happy”. Well, I can do most of those things now, but I’m still not satisfied! I think that it would be magical to be the type of person who doesn’t care how they look… and I don’t mean, how they look to others, but just how they look to themselves! If we had 99 people say we were beautiful and one person make a negative comment about something, we wouldn’t care about the 99 people, but would be constantly aware of that one negative comment! I can understand that actresses and/or models may want to have work done for their careers, but where would we be if we didn’t have the older, character filled actresses to play roles such as ‘Drive miss Daisy’, or ‘Miss Marple’, etc. It really is a case of horses for courses and perhaps if we were to spend the same amount of money on therapy to improve our self-esteem, etc. then we’d be saving ourselves a great deal of emotional pain. I know that I’ll never be the prettiest, the most intelligent, youngest or oldest in the cemetery, but hopefully I will have lost my ‘need’ to improve on what I have been given. After all, it’s not so much to do with how others see us, but how we see ourselves. A kind hearted person is always perceived to be so much more attractive than a ‘beautiful’ person without that beauty radiating from the inside out. I see that in your comments about the work that people have had done. You obviously radiate from the inside out and as such, you will only ever ‘need’ to have work done for your own sake, and not for how others perceive you as I’m sure that all of your friends and clients see that when they first meet you.

  • I have very thin costs about 2000$ in srilanka to make a lip enlargement surgery here.Im a university student and lack of confident due to thin lip size.please help can i enlarge lips

  • She needed nothing done. I’m disappointed in this clinic for injecting her. It’s your responsibility to turn away clients like this.

  • Regarding team Brittany or Christina, Brittany was more marketable, had the IT factor. But honestly Christina was the one who could actually sing. Amazing voice. JLo had a nose job early in the piece so would assume the jaw was done around the same time, the work she’s had done is subtle and amazing. Madonna poor Madonna, I used to be a big fan but when she came out with those chipmunk cheeks, I thought, no, don’t do it:) I’ve heard that you can get botox at tip of nose to push it up a little, I would be interested in that.

  • Yes, please enlarge the pictures! I am happy that you mentioned your eyebrows lol. I would love it if you could comment on a YouTuber

    Clarisa AntiAgingDermatology

  • Hmmm, she missed the cupids bow. Too much on the outer edge. Attention to detail was missed. And her upper lip is clearly bigger then the bottom which contradicts what she said was the rule for the most attractive lips.

  • This would have gone a lot further with me if there were before & after photos. And I didn’t see a difference in her folds because the video ended so quickly. This was a terrible video to put on YouTube.

  • Funny how these people spend money to please facebook or instagram, the sad part is that it never really looks natural, specially as they age

  • Shes taking this like a champ..just seeing the needle going into her skin makes me cringe. I hate my 30’s bc now i have smile lines as a gift but i hate needles. Unfortunately i can’t afford this treatment either.

  • Fillers can go wrong even in the hands of the most seasoned board certified injectors. Please do your research people. Most dont realize that going blind from facial fillers is a very real and serious risk. All it takes is accidentally hitting an artery in the face (there are many and individual anatomy varies so there is no way of knowng 100% exact location) that carries blood back to the retina. Filler material occluding an artery or vein can cause irreversible blindness in one or both eyes. This is why I don’t understand why ultrasound guided filler injections arent mandatory. And why med-spas and aestheticians are allowed to inject things into people’s faces. Regulations should be so much stricter on fillers.

  • This is what I want but the lines I have are also very superficial and no one will give me this, they have offered cheek fillers which would lift the skin, but I really do not want cheek fillers.

  • Since you are not taking new patients is there a doctor in Portland you would highly recommend that is as good as you that you would refer a patient to?

  • I doctor I just subscribed ur Chanel I want to ask u about my saging skin and wrinkles around my eyes I’m 30 plus I had once Botox that I don’t like that’s I’m living in USA can u suggest me some lotion on face cream to prevent wrinkles please and for skin lighting can I take collagen powder

  • Towards the end is a no. You don’t shove your used gloves inside a person’s mouth like that. There’s health regulated reasons behind that.

  • You’re saying women don’t look like that at 50 (J Lo). Black women do! I’m over 50 and no one believes me when I tell them. 33-35 is how old people think I am.

  • Seeeeee, this is why i adore you and your artistry. You educate us and empower us to make the best decisions for ourselves as we try to achieve aging gracefully. Thank you Dr, you are so appreciated!!

  • Seriously?! “Monica” is smiling in the second photograph. Oh well, I guess you can’t be trusted either. Why is it so difficult to find a genuinely honest surgeon? When I see a site with B&A photographs that aren’t accurate, I immediately move on.

  • she smiled right after getting it done! wasnt she supposed not to be moving her mouth area right after the procedure? I cringed in pain when the doctor wiped down her looked painful, why didnt he dab on the blood instead of wiping it down

  • Hello Dr, so much thanks for your educational videos, I have learned so much from them! I would like to ask you about SculptraI have decided to try it (I had fillers before and liked them but I think I need more now), but am scared to death after doing research (probably shoudn’t have googled, I cancelled my first Scuptra appointment because of it) I have read that in numerous cases, obvious and painful nodules form 2-3-7 years AFTER getting Sculptra treatment. Do you have any insight you could share? Many thanks in advance!

  • In actual natural aging, there is increased space between the nasal septum base and upper lip. They don’t seem to have drawn that, although they did seem to show the change(s) in the nose tip and nostrils/cheeks.

  • Great vid AGAIN! You just have something about you that keeps us all listening and learning! It has been said many many times: It would be FAB if all Dr’s were like you AND you practiced somewhere near. Thank you!

  • Well I’m of very mature years, and I’m proud to say I’ve had zero done to my face, and my picture on here is a few weeks old ����
    Doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have botox or lip fillers at some point maybe.
    All these women doing it from a young age could end up looking like Liza Minnelli.
    Glycolic acid peels 10% are very good and can be used regular.

  • I looked fantastic when I was 55 yrs old. I’m almost 73 now. No fillers. And I have a tiny face. Lines…but it’s from living. Raising two girls alone from the time they were tiny (ex liked partying…we were both very young…I was responsible, he wasn’t), working full time, raising all 6 grandkids (all grown up now). Lost a child 9 yrs ago (heart issues). Lost my dad at 17 (heart problems). I am a survivor. I’ve spent most of my money to help my family and rescue animals. Never remarried. Can’t take the drama. But….all the lines on my face are all a part of who I am…what I’ve lived thru….the pain, the heartache, the every day stuff that comes from living life. Still have all my original parts. I do some yoga and stretch. Have several health issues…but all inflammation and immune related. Let’s face it. Chubby faces look young. Babies, little children… smooth chubby little cheeks…I had them also. We can’t stop the aging process. Eventually…it catches up to us…unless, like my dad and my younger daughter….you pass at a young age. ��
    Would I like to look a tad younger? Sure….but I still get lots of compliments.
    I’m not sure what you’re talking about….I’m not a professional who knows about facial structure.
    I don’t think I’d inject anything into my face. I try to eat healthy…I move…I do the best I can. I’m not rich enough to change how I look. I think I’d look silly, if i tried to puff up my face…my cheeks. No one would recognize me. Would I recognize me?
    Thanks for the info tho. This is just my opinion….. about what I would or wouldn’t do. ��

  • I will never ever do fillers.. Only because I am way too afraid of something going wrong… I do get botox.. Have been over the year’s.. I don’t use much.. I use products such a cream I love and gycolic..

  • Great video thank you, Doctor can help me find someone who might know what the are doing just like you said it! I live in Canada, in a city of Edmonton, AB thank you in advance for your help God bless ��

  • Hi doctor. I just did fillers for jowls 1.5 months ago. Is it normal to feel heavy in the jowls area after fillers? Is it because I have weak risorius muscle? Is it ok to do hifu after the filler? Thank you.

  • Probably one of my most favorite for many reasons. You have taken a complex deficit and approach it with a more congruent, appropriate approach. Great food for thought! Doc ������������

  • As they say that sometimes you do some crazy things, for example, I had small lines of expression or smile marks and did not want to go to the surgeon, take vitamin A in a small insulin syringe, fill the syringe and proceed to refill the lines with vitamin A, at 9 days the areas where I put myself were inflamed, I did not experience pain, it was only swelling, I took corticosteroids and steroids to counteract the inflammation, on the third day there was no trace of the swelling and the lines disappeared. Jajajajjajaja that madness, I just wanted to experiment, I took all the hygienic measures and I was very careful, I am a medical assistant and that’s why I knew how to inject, now I laugh at what I did. Cheers girls.

  • i think i was born without some of these fat pads..partic around the eyes…its just pure bone there…..i think aging can look great on some ladies..

  • Hello, do You think HA fillers composition changed over time? In Your opinion and considering Your expertise, it the same as cca 6-7 yrs ago for example? Thank You for such a great variety of educational videos!:-) That are filmed in an interesting and simple way.:-)

  • Is it true the celebs go to reconstructive surgeons, highly specialised that you can’t tell that they’ve had enhancements or is it that they just have tiny enhancements bit by bit like Haley Beiber, who’s had her nose, lips, eye’s, tweeked.

  • I have fuller cheeks like the after photo but higher, also a little more fat on the side… hopefully it will slim down with time. Actually my face has slimed down a lot since teenage years, now I’m 22. before it wasn’t considered “attractive “ more like baby face. Anyway I won’t change anything until my face has fully matured.

  • I just wanted to know about this. I read it on a website that does cosmetic procedures. Is there such a thing as a robot injector? This sounds scary!!

    “”Wrinkle freezing and facial contouring injections expertly delivered by our precision robot injector for longer lasting natural results.””

  • I would love to grow old as per nature’s laws. One should enjoy every phase of life and not change them coz you can’t cling to it cannot die Young so why suffer trying to be young at 50 or 60. Never ever would do anything like this.

  • What is your opinion on undereye filler for dark circles or hollowness? It is very controversial and I can’t decide if it’s worth doing. Can you make a video on that please? Appreciate your channel a lot. Thank you for all the work!

  • Trueit will create a permanent empty pocket under neath later. it destroy ur skin permanently.
    Stop listening to those fake docs who want to make quick bucks out of u.

  • Britney VS Christina… Britney has a ‘The Joker’ smile from her lip fillers. Plus with all of Britney’s procedures (fillers, Botox, surgery) she looks 15-20 yrs OLDER. Her eyes are sunk in (maybe due to fillers on the cheeks..idk? But eyes look dark and sunk back into her face). Britney looks old and rough and over all she looks hardened.
    Christina’s lips are ridiculous. It’s too much. But at least she can ease up on the lip fillers and look normal again.
    Britney looks crazy (no pun intended).
    Just MY opinion, and MY observation.

  • The problem with too much fillers is the face look heavy on every part of it and some have huge cheekbones, but these cheekbones don’t go with their faces that makes them look like Aliens.
    Or some seem to be on cortisone all the time.
    Fillers is great really great products but too much of them is not good less is way better and more natural.
    I see so many chickmunks in the street… Come on this is ridiculous.

  • I have very minimal cheek filler and I think it’s made a huge difference. Also I gained some quarantine weight and it looks even better. Sometimes I yearn for a dramatic cheek look but makeup does more than enough. I’m so confident in my face nowadays and I love hearing that I shouldn’t get more filler.

  • Dr Tonks your a breath of fresh air. I wish you could go on TV and tell these really naive people that nearly all celebrities have had some work done and what you should/shouldn’t do and what’s natural looking enhancement.

  • I couldn’t agree more. I was 26 when I first started blanketing my face with fillers. I had 5 mls of teasyol my first visit. Sculptra would have been a much better and affordable option

  • Selfacceptance is the most reliable filler of beauty. Tell people they are beautiful the way they are rather than try to change their God-given beauty.

  • I think the best thing you can do is just accept your flaws. I’ve had treatments done to my skin and it actually made things worse. This life is temporary so there’s no reason to freak out about the small things. Just be a good person.

  • Love love your enthusiasm and passion for looking the best we can! I hope you are teaching and guiding other practitioners as your wealth of knowledge should be celebrated ��

  • Nice video,

    Thank you,

    Also visit for more:

    Facial Injectables Introduction

    Facial Injectables are the components used for non-surgical rejuvenation procedure such as botulinum toxin (BTX) and dermal filler injections are now the most common aesthetic treatments performed worldwide.

    Dermatology has been at the forefront of the laser and light development which is an area in aesthetic and medical dermatology that has surged in recent years.

  • I am so disappointed! I’ve been following you, and I just saw this video from long ago! You were so good at explaining all this and in your latest videos you are so against fillers!! I don’t get it!

  • That puffy look is so unattractive when a women reaches a certain age they all start to look the same when they over do it with fillers

  • Hi doc,I always watch your videos.i am 26 year old and started noticing my jowline is Started sagging and it’s clear visible on my face…I am really why it is happening in such young age. Not sure what should I do to get rid of it. I tried face massage and face tightening machine but seems no use. Could you please let me know Ur thoughts what could be the reason for it? One of the doc said to me it’s due to lack of collagen

  • So comprehensive. Makes it easier to talk to your injector about how and what your looking for. And what it will take to get there.

  • Is there a patient’s guide for this? I mean are there specific questions one should be asking before getting a procedure of this is kind? If so, where can I download the pdf? Thanks, Dr. Rajan.

  • Hey women doing this fillers makes you look like a freak. Stop getting plastic surgery it always is noticeable and horrible looking

  • mah, I love your way to explain your work and I understand the exigence to fight age decay and so on… but why a young woman needs this, to look basically the same? Who the hell could care about a difference so subtle?

  • Yes many people I’ve seen look super weird from having fillers. It’s the opposite of youthful “natural” looking beauty. People ruin their faces. Megan Fox is a perfect example. Also to be honest, some people look like they have hard clay underneath their skin. I think it ages people too. And what are the consequences of doing this year after year for decades? I would love another solution.

  • I’m scared to go to an female RN ( with her own practice ) or a female esthetician for my lip filler and Botox now. A friend of mine is an esthetician ( in a different state ) and she informed me that many female filler and Botox injectors are broadcasting their techniques along with inflating their prices on fillers, AND stealing left over product from their customers! As for Botox, they’ve been injecting it “watered down” which only lasts a few weeks to make their customers come back sooner. What do you do if you KNOW the injector didn’t use the full syringe on you and hid it quickly to steal the rest of the product you paid for and when you KNOW the Botox from their facility wears off within 3 wks to 6wks? Do we just make reviews everywhere about them so others can be aware? Do we report them somewhere so they can be watched or maybe have “planted customers” come in to see the thievery? I mean, why would anyone do that ( regardless of their technique ) to their own clients? Entitlement? Greed? Either way, I think when I have this procedure done again, I’ll go to a male Doctor rather than these female RN’s with their own practices, along with female esthetician’s. I heard it’s very common and the information is getting around quickly. I think the injector should SHOW the syringe before and after and be HONEST if you have more left so you can come back to top off. I do know of a woman in Knoxville TN who IS doing this and she’s making a pretty big name for herself. There’s been a lot of talk from some wealthy women that there’s always some “confusion” about pay and left over product, also that the female RN with her own practice in Knoxville TN is quick to not show the syringe before and especially after. These women are aware how much product they use because they’ve had it done for so long and this female RN with her own practice in Knoxville TN uses “less” product but then hides the syringe, also never letting the customer know anything about what they’ve purchased the inflated purchase… Hmm, the word is getting around but is there anything “legally” that can be done about this? Also, a person who does work for her has confirmed that she compounds unnecessary services onto her clients only because they have money. I mean wth?. Please make a video on this and what us consumers need to demand and watch out for. ALSO, charging customers for one type of filler yet injecting the cheaper filler. Who needs to reported so it can be seen publicly along with warning reviews everywhere.?

  • Y en ese año cuánto fue el costo por favor no lo niegues a contestar ya de acuerdo el montó ya uno planifica sus gastos muchísimas gracias �� por tu pronta respuesta bendiciones regio!!

  • My tear ducts look like hers on the right, but I still want her fillers early on, bc I have understood, that if you let it unsupported, the dent will deepen and therefore, more difficult to get rid of. Am I wrong, Dr?

  • Thinkgng about fillers? Read this. i would NEVER touch fillers.

  • Yes, we are judged on our looks, as Gavin says in the video. However, why does that mean we need to give in to, or be affected by, those judgments? I am not against people getting filler. What I am against is doctors using that line about how people judge our looks to get more subcribers, clients, etc. In this day and age of body-positivy and anti-body shaming, a caring doctor would not have used that line to appeal to people’s insecurities.

  • Madge gets uglier as she ages but that’s probably from her “insides” coming out that makes her uglier…. she’s gotten just brutal in attitude in interviews and talk shows. Just a 10/10 rude on Graham Norton as well as interviews and how she treats people. Zero humility and the narcissism is over the top.

  • Thanks For Sharing This information with us.

    Our Canadian Aesthetic Trade show 2020 is aimed at qualified doctors and nurses practitioners who want to learn more about Aesthetic and cosmetic medicine in Canada.

  • So refreshing to see someone just talking candidly about her views and expertise! Thank you for being so honest! Really enjoyed ��

  • Really interesting….. how old was she…. how long does it last and do you have to keep getting it… and how do u know if you are allergic to it…

  • youre one of the best ive ever seen! as someone very into learning about platstic surgery i love how you arnt overdoing anything. You really do minimal enhancements to excentuate her natural beauty. Great job!

  • ok question, after filler for smokers lines, if a week later after swellng, you see a couple lines, do you go back and they fix. after all the money I paid, lol or do I need to buy more to fill a couple? And after paying for lips, if, after swelling, you want a little bigger, do you pay for it all over again?

  • Hi Dr. Rajani. Thank you for the great video! When doing the bolus technique, are you actually injecting the vermillion border or the white roll? Thank you for your time!

  • Keep the photos up longer! Would rather look at the pictures while you describe things, than try and see what you’re talking about in a tiny pic in the corner.

  • Hello Doctor, thank you so much for your video, may I ask which filler you used and how come you use an insulin syringe to inject? How do you draw the filler in an insulin syringe? Also what’s your opinion about treating these lines with Botox? If we treat these lines early on we won’t get them later? Many thanks for sharing you knowledge with us so generously, God bless you ��❤️��



    IMPECTABLE TECHNIQUE FOR lip lines!!!!!!!




  • Your statement sounds flawed. Celebrities come in who do this have younger skin? I don’t think so sir. Only the insecure celebrities or celebrities that age quickly do these filler and Botox procedures.

  • always a pleasure and intriguing to watch you. TY young man, which hyaluronic acid product do you use? and where can you purchase this? my wife is graduating soon and wants to get into botox, fillers etc etc procedures. The reason I ask because its very hard to get any info from anyone.ty, Maybe one day we can meet for more detailed info on all. Do you teach or have classes? It would be worth to recompense you. ty

  • I have to disagree with her rational that Jennifer Lopez can not possibly be natural. I’m it trying to offend anyone, but the reason why your average gal (whatever she meant by her examples) doesn’t look as young is in part because Jennifer is Puerto Rican (she appears to be a mix of Caucasian and native/Taino). People of color tend to age slower compared to caucasians. I’m sure Jennifer does skin treatments and what not but it’s possible she’s never had an invasive treatment done. My mother (who is Asian) looked that young when she was 50 and has NEVER had anything done and now people would often guess that she’s in her 50’s when in fact she’s turning 70 next year. I mean, I still get mistaken for a college-age woman but I’m turning 37 in a couple of months. This lady portrays plastic surgery (like nose jobs) as some normal thing that people often do, hence it has to be the reason why someone would look young. Is her world so jaded that the idea of some people having good genes is unfathomable?

  • A cosmetic physician has claimed he suspected Jaclyn Hill’s bloated face is from long term filler use. He says this is why he no longer administers fillers. Could you please make a video about your opinion? I’d really like to try fillers but now I’m afraid of looking worse in the long run.

  • Ahhhhh, I need a video to help me to relax after this day. Thank you for keeping us informed and entertained, Sir!! I hope you are back on the water soon!! And I’m liking the stache!! We single ladies stuck in the house alone need a port in the storm, aka, to see a man online ����

  • Very nice summary Dr. Rajani. One should pay close attention to your comments about cosmetic medical treatment expectations and rationale and trends. Thank you again for an excellent video and commentary.

  • Hi doc its the fear of things going wrong because many doctors cant be trusted.they just do what u tell them to. They neither understand the concept of beauty nor are they passionate abt their work.thanks tc.

  • good point you make about the growing younger demographic, it seems people are slowing moving in the direction of maintaining their skin rather than having to fix down the line!