Coronavirus Deaths and Individuals of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery Have Something in keeping Racism


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Coronavirus deaths and those of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery have something in common: Racism June 9, 2020 8.19am EDT In Minneapolis, the memorial near the spot where George Floyd died while in. The crisis generated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery has forced us to confront issues of injustices and health disparities. The COVID-19 pandemic and the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery are two major catastrophes that shine a light on longstanding social inequities and injustices toward African Americans. The COVID-19 pandemic and the deaths of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery are two major catastrophes that shine a light on longstanding social inequities and injustices toward African Americans. Emerging research in the field of social genomics demonstrates how social stress, such as racism and discrimination, can shift the body’s biological resources toward a state that increases risk for disease.

Coronavirus deaths and those of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery have something in common: Racism. Stress from racial discrimination could partially explain why African Americans are at higher risk for severe COVID-19 outcomes. [5 ¾ min read] By April Thames June 9, 2020. New research demonstrates how social stress, such as racism and discrimination, can shift the body’s biological resources toward. (The Conversation is an independent and nonprofit source of news, analysis and commentary from academic experts.) April Thames, University of Southern California Dornsife College of Letters. The May 25 death of George Floyd by a white police officer in Minneapolis and the shooting death of Ahmaud Arbery in Brunswick, Georgia on Feb.

23, 2020 by a white father and son have. Headline after headline, the same story: a black American dead. George Floyd, after a police officer knelt on his neck.

Ahmaud Arbery, while on a jog in Georgia. Breonna Taylor, while police. Almost half of COVID-19 deaths have occurred among but these chronic diseases are more common among Coronavirus deaths and those of George Floyd and Ahmaud Arbery have something in common.

2 days ago · In the wake of her death, and the shootings of black men such as Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd and Jacob Blake, more athletes have begun to speak up against systematic racism. George.

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Coronavirus was never a serious threat (numbers one and two) except to dog companions’ bank accounts, the same being true for Lyme disease except possibly in very small regions (number two).

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  • This man is speaking facts and I completely understand what he means I’m a kid doing school and my teacher making me watch this for a project I’m actually super happy to do this project

  • I wonder if this woke import will mention that his “peepul” in the US commit the majority of murders, almost all the inter-racial ones and all the inter-racial rapes? My bet he is too stupid and woke to know that.

  • Wow. You ran shirtless down a street wearing a backwards cap while holding a 6″ TV? Why!? You know how many black Americans would love to exercise that freedom? Just another white supremacist, making obvious his white privilege and lack of awareness…

  • May I share this song for you all friends. I though it will make you feel better with this situation.
    And I hope anyone can support her and this beautiful song.

    Because I think this song deserve to let people hear it..


  • This is a disgusting video of a person who seems to think he can read the minds of others. Of course, I say this with hind-sight, but nonetheless, when I first saw the floyd video, I posted a question, “How do we know this is racist?” No one could answer. The general response was well floyd is black the cop is white it must be racist. When I responded with, that doesn’t explain Tony Timpa, no one could address that. We don’t have racism in America, we have racism in our minds. Our mental perception of racism is reinforced when we see racists…like Amy Cooper. What this jerk does, though is take a racist’s actions, Amy, and states that Amy is representative of all white people…GARBAGE. I can see how he believes it, but he will never see how wrong he is. He will always ignore non-racist behavior which occurs billions of times every day in our country. He will be drawn to one racist’s actions and use it as proof that all the billions of interactions throughout our nation every day don’t exist Disgusting.

  • This man really said how does it help to not loot target?! God I miss Jon Stewart. Btw part of the social contract is to not commit crimes and not resist arrest. NOT an excuse to get shot, its despicable, but the social contract goes both ways. Justifying destroying some innocent persons business because the looting is on your side politically is MORALLY CORRUPT. What the fuck happened to actual liberals?!

  • Off topic but I do not believe this guy is 34. He looks years pass his 30s well into 50s. Maybe it’s his face expression I don’t know

  • His citizenship should be canceled and taken away. He should be deported back to AFRICA for spreading hatred in america and fear among citizens on his race card

  • How does Trevor Noah live with himself? Do people actually buy this crap? This is seriously detrimental to our society if anyone is gullible enogh��

  • For all the people who hate people cause of color or religion may god bless your heart cause judgement days coming and you would have to answer to the man upstairs why you hate color people. God bless all my brothers and sisters.

  • Wrong. I didn’t get mad because I thought they broke some unspoken contract. I got mad because my mom and dad came here with nothing, didn’t even speak the language. Put themselves through school with two kids. Worked hard, sacrificed and saved for years so they could start their own business. So I feel for those mom and pop shops that got vandalized and looted.

  • Keep showing the same 8seconds of fake footage

    Meanwhile the other person is in the car waiting for him to film or his car is parked across the street

  • Honestly you didn’t have to do this to prove racism killed him. Just look at the picture of the guy who shot him: that’s all I needed to know he was racist.

  • Yuck! Notice it’s you not HER singing about it. Look someone with your hate and ignorance have nothing to offer. You would be a complete waste of time.

  • Our government system is corrupt… This is not justice, this is survival of the supreme skin colour… We deserved to get wiped out…. Mother Earth will heal.

  • Thank you Trevor for your words of wisdom. From my perspective racism is anti christian. It goes against everything Jesus preached. Taking the life of a person is anti christian. We often criticize the looting, While I don’t condone looting., I don’t condone what has happened. I feel there is a lot hypocrisy at the top. We must hold accountable those responsible. The social contract is for all no exeptions.

  • Are these people human sacrifices to fix a broken system? Maybe we should ask Helen Prejean. Or are these events to stoke another Civil War? What has become of the Concentration Camps of 555 in America that Cain briefly referred to when he ran for president? Not his 999 plan, he only mentioned 555 once. I looked it up on the net at that time and was surprised that they existed and were empty at that time. But what has become of them, I can not find them on the net now. Are they still there waiting for a war on our soil with caskets and all awaiting a big event? I still think the police need insurance from a private insurance company to ensure justice, restore integrity, and avoid the confusion, conflict and outrage when the public trust is betrayed by the disservice of a few officers (maybe less than one percent) of the brotherhood, so the principles of society are enforced fairly and then justice for all can be a reality rather than an imaginary concept in the real world. The broken system can begin to repair itself and part of the American dream of peace and tranquility can become “on earth as it is in heaven” so help us God.

  • For the past 3 months I have rewatched this clip again and again for comfort. Trevor can always articulates what I can’t. His explanation of the the stakes we have in the social contract and how different they are based on race… idk it makes me feel less alone in all this. I have nothing but gratitude for him

  • I think if police officers had insurance that it would ultimately modify their behavior to continue to uphold the ontological morals and ethics that sustain and justify public trust. Insurance companies that would insure the police would be an impartial over arching oversight that will monitor the behavior of officers, be an extra incentive for good conduct of the officers, and they would be financially responsible for the officers professional behavior -in time low premiums would be for good behavior high premiums would be for bad behavior and the officers will get points for their mishaps but at the same time it would be an incentive for them to do the right thing on duty. The insurance companies would satisfy the families by being fiscally responsible to victims of abuse or brutality at the hands of the police by paying for any and all damages that they have for the victims and for the victims families relieving the local governments of financial law suits that could bankrupt a small town and would diffuse a lot of the confusion and conflicts that could develop into civil riots that could also bankrupt them. With the intervention of the insurance companies and the city not having to have that financial responsibility for the officers conduct the cities would probably be more willing to admit that an officer is at fault and the outcomes would be fair rather than unjust. With the notion of “follow the money trail” it is obvious the cities can not afford to pay those consequences of bad conduct. Since insuring officers like doctors and attorneys for mal practice has not been tried yet coast time coast the implementation of this kind of public policy may be worth trying and would be for behavior modification rather than the analytical approach Resulting in decades of studies. It seems like an adult thing to do and we can envision this kind of public policy would have to be implemented nationally because it’s a national problem and to my memory since the 60s I don’t think it’s been tried as a solution to address the injustice that has been historically confirmed since the time of Ida B Wells. And it is less expensive than a civil war. Do you agree?

  • You had proved the point,Richard. You’re white,has no shirt on which from the shoulders up,you look good and I wish I am and you’re carrying a TV which is hard to do when you were running and nobody had stopped you. I like it.

  • Floyd died of a heart attack. And he was a low life. The only racial injustice is against whites, everything else is a false narrative. Don’t drink the Marxism.

  • Don’t talk to us about racial injustice until you own up to what’s happening in your own country of South Africa. You disingenuous hypocrite.

  • Dr Mr Noah, I never understood why people are racist. I think I am a bit like the way you describe the thinking of your father in your book. Thank you for everything you do! I hope mentalities change even more quickly. Because of what you do and try to open de minds of people and bring more conscious thinking, I was thinking of my own country. Belgium. I know there is racism, I thought not as much as in the usa. But I might be wrong. I wonder if it would be a good opportunity to mention in your programm the young student Sanda Dia who was killed at university Leuven in Belgium (this evening there is a debate about him on national television. Sanda has a father from Congo). One of the most important universities in our country. It seems that there was racism/remarks (only now witnesses come forward). And even worse, the ones involved with this killing are sons of the highest placed judges and other key functions in our country. This is really terrible! You can find a lot of info on internet an in our press as you know. This so called unintentional killing (which i do not believe) happened during a student baptism (a cultural thing at universities, when you survive it you become ‘important’ and get privileges, etc. Thank you for your attention. Wishing you further success, Kind regards, Diana

  • This video would have made more sense if you were dressed like a normal human being. 1) He was a normal non backwards hat wearing, non shirtless human being jogging. 2) A backwards hat and being shirtless doesn’t equal being a threat to society. ��

  • Hey my fellow South Africando you think Nelson Mandela would agree with your comments here. As eloquent as it sounds it is just simply justifying crime but more especially it is justifying sin.

    The way we react to evil is not by rendering evil for evil. The Lord Jesus Christ shows us the way we ought to live.

    We don’t react in a lawless manner because the law enforcement are corrupt. On the contrary, we must uphold the law in the face of the greatest travesties of justice.

    No Trevor Noah—-you are wrong!

  • This is NOT the same. Arbery was actually caught robbing houses on video and by people. He was not innocently running down the street. Thanks for adding to the problem!! Stupid video

  • Following the death of George Floyd and the protests across the USA, a number of fundraising drives have been set up to support Floyd’s family, bail out protestors who have been arrested and support the wider Black Lives Matter movement. Here is a way that you can fund right now to support black people and help the fight against racism.
    this money will go to support biger project and you will get your t-shirt

  • The problem was he wasn’t white in a black neighborhood… try it again in the hood just to see don’t do it in your neighborhood where the same people see you run everyday

  • Isn’t it funny the only voices democrats can rally is celebrities who aren’t relevant, aren’t Americans, or hate America? Why don’t you speak to some real people. George Floyd died of a Fentanyl overdose. Also when trump imposed travel bans, Pelosi and other democrats made fun of trump for over reacting. Now all the sudden its about race? Isn’t it funny its an election year? HEY TREVOR NOAH IF BLACK PEOPLE HAVE IT SO BAD, IF AMERICA IS SO BAD……WHY THE FUCK DID YOU IMMIGRATE HERE? WHATS WRONG WITH SOUTH AFRICA? WHY ARENT YOU IN EUROPE? OR ASIA? OR ELSEWHERE IN AFRICA? what now? We take you in and you thank the country that welcomed you with open arms by shitting on it constantly? Could you be on such a cushy little throne in any other country? Also I wonder if he has an opinion on the latest George Floyd body cam footage that came out that showed the police treating him with respect while George was a complete freak? Doubt it

  • I typed What would happen if a black man ran with a TV as a YouTube search on his shoulders there was nothing As you can see there was nothing PROOF THAT the police are racist

  • Bravo!!!! You are so eloquent in the conversation that you have started here. I hope and pray that more people will see this and continue the conversation. The fact that this was coming from your heart and your head and was not scripted shows that this was SO GENUINE!! Thank you @trevornoah

  • “How does it help you NOT loot TARGET”… uhh, it helps so people can continue to have a business and survive? and that’s beneficial for me and the people around me who want those businesses around?… You want a Marxist society?

  • As a Non USA citizen, i have watched both the George Floyd murder video from the pedestrians and the later videos from the body cams of the involved police officers.

    While the death of George Floyd is unfortunate and wrong and no excuse, they did go by their training and did atmost all possible to give him the benefit of doubt.

    Trevor Noah, please stop brainwashing people with your agenda. Tell the people the truth.

    It was wrong on both parties. Why do you paint it with racism though, do you think they would have done different if a white or Asian or anybody else would have kept insisting without listening to the police men’s advise and instructions?

    This is what is called screwing up the story to suit your agenda.

    You should be better than this. And justifying riots instead of protests, it’s just pushing your agenda.

    You are sitting safe while some youngster is spoiling his life and youth being used as a political tool burning his own tax money and his own future.

    Seriously you all need to apologise for spinning a version that suits you.

  • What was it called when the whites did it to the blacks n Oklahoma? wait what was it call when they did it n Columbia? The generation of today ain’t having it period.

  • I am an Asian woman (Vietnamese), married to an African man (Kenyan) and we have 5 beautiful children. I came as a refugee back in 1975; met my husband in college in 1979 and been married since 1985. We are the product of our own environment, our society, and sometimes unconsciously we do act stupidly towards someone who does not look like us. Because of who I am, it doesn’t matter how many degrees I have and how much experience I have acquired, I can get to certain position and cannot go any further than that. The same for my husband, an African man. Our focus, have been with our children; our next generation. They call themselves triple “A”, which stands for Asian-African-American. We have spent time to show our children to give back, to be proud of our cultural and heritage. Most importantly, we often tell them, “People might not like the color of your skin, color of your hair or the way you speak, but they can never, ever argue with your intelligence!” “Be proud of who you are; be grateful and always be hopeful.”

  • There are multiple problems with this angle:
    1. It’s pretty obvious that it’s a set up. If you’re going to steal a TV, odds are you’ll be taking a car. Plus the guy’s looking into his phone every now and then (we don’t know how often) which more suggests that he’s doing it to show off than that he’s committing a crime.
    2. Arbery was confronted because he had trespassed and left the scene in a hurry, which more strongly implies you’ve done something you shouldn’t than simply running with a TV.
    3. Arbery was shot because he ran straight toward a man with a gun. That’s stupid, no matter what color your skin is.

    I could go on, but in general, you guys have failed to provide evidence that any of these famous cases of black men dying had anything at all do to with their skin color. Tony Timpa (white man) was killed the same way George Floyd was (and Timpa hadn’t even committed a crime, he actually called the cops himself), yet few people even know his name. The media (this channel included) is simply trying to sell us a BS narrative.

  • This guy did nothing to put himself in harms way. He ran down a well known neighborhood where people know him. This proves absolutely nothing. The killing of ahmuad arbery was a tragedy and that father and son deserve life in prison.

  • I think Trevor has surpassed his comedic abilities and should step into a civil rights leadership role. So few are able to speak thought-provoking truth like he has done in this video. America needs to hear more of this.

  • Free speach matters.Not only for “the elite”, “old media”,”hatefeminists” and other evils like them.
    Censorship is a tool for oppression. Racism has no specific color.

  • Even if he was to conduct the same experiment in Georgia with a ski-mask holding a secured half-opened sack of money with an exploded security dye packet leaving an ink trail and stained bills in the air out for a jog wouldn’t be a problem either..

  • Fact that Arbery was a known thief and felon to these people and that he had been in that neighborhood nosing around at a time when they were burglaries was enough to make them suspicious. Had nothing to do with race. They knew exactly who he was and what he was about. The father had been a detective on one of his cases, so he most definitely knew who he was and what he was about and the record that he had. He has record for burglary, theft, drugs, shoplifting, and illegally having a gun. I realize it’s BLM and other activists job to spread stories about people like this and say what a wonderful son or what a wonderful father that never hurt anybody etc. and are innocent as the day they were born. There are several videos of him on YouTube being caught in the midst of criminal activity. Cops knew he was a criminal, that’s why they detain him. Not an innocent Boy Scout.

  • Personally to me if I see anyone of any skin color running down the street with a TV I find it odd and strange but I never would put any effort into finding out or caring why they are. I’ve seen someone ride a bike with a mattress chained to the back of it dragging on the floor so I can personally care less

  • George Floyd died of a fentynal overdose. The knee-to-the-side-of_theneck hold does not restirct breathing, nor harm the neck
    He couldnt breathe because the drugs suppresed his breathing and stopped his heart.

  • I’m an Arian officer, and former high school bully, of the up yours PD and we suffocate perps all the time to get them to pass out so their sweetly compliant. It’s called good training. Get used to it.

  • Pathology reports indicate that George Floyd had fentanyl, meth, and cannabinoids in his system at the time of death. If you saw the full video of his arrest, he was definitely not sober. In 2008 he was sent to jail for 5 years for assault and armed robbery against a PREGNANT woman. He has also had numerous arrest for the sale and use of drugs. Man got what he deserved, this criminal shouldn’t receive any justice!

  • I’m proud to say that Kimberly Jones brought me here. I’m glad she did because your words were captivating. I hate that they are true, but it’s the sad world we live in. But hey, it’s the 20s baby, it’s where we are.

  • G. Floyd was able to breathe for 6 minutes while a leg was on his neck. So the pressure on the side of his neck was not strong enough to make him die quickly. If the police officer wanted to kill him intentionally, he could have done it without the presence of cameras, and he could have done it much faster by bigger pressure. G. Floyd also misled him by saying “I can`t breathe” before he was on the ground.
    I think it was a lot more like negligence of not checking constantly the status of the victim, and speeding up his death due to drug overuse, than intentional murder.
    This case is a good example of “don`t believe your eyes”.

  • There was no problem with young brother Ahmaud Arbery: the
    problem was with the people who executed him ; and I thought it was against the law to make a citizen’s arrest with a loaded gun.

  • How about we take the word race out and say it’s not politically correct to say the word. Well if you did that CNN and MSNBC would have a show anymore.

  • There been lot times where I’ve taken up for law enforcement..
    But this….is disgusting you can see the moments he passed out and then died hiow does that cop not realize when he went limp stopped breathing he should felt his chest when his knees were on him
    So much bullshit

  • This is stupid. Did this white man trespass onto someone else’s property first? And if confronted, would he rush the person confronting him about it? It is your behavior that determines your fate, not your skin color.

  • The only problem with the white guy is being shirtless. I assume if temperature falls below 70 degrees, it is not quite acceptable to go shirtless.

  • Amy Cooper apologized just because she were caught on camera making false report to THE POLICE and became National Headline NOT Because she really felt guilty for what she did. IF THAT BLACK MAN DID NOT GET EVERYTHING ON CAMERA HE WOULD’VE BEEN SHOT ON THE SPOT BY THE POLICE AND BELIEVE ME SHE WOULDN’T EVEN FEEL SORRY ABOUT IT! a Racist is a Racist. You cannot let it all out and try to cover it by “Apologizing”.

  • George Floyd was murdered by a racist white cop. George’s crime was being black in public. I am a female white child of the sixties and I thought we had risen above this sort of behavior. That white cop disgusts me. No excuse for his behavior. The ramifications of that murder in daylight and on camera should resonate through all of our souls through eternity. This country is a haven for white racists who have guns. I stand as a white female who is gun-free and open to people of all colors, relative abilities, age, and gender identity. Thank you, Trevor. You speak strong truth to the matter.

  • Thank you for making this video thank you for being you self an not afraid to show it to the world thank you black lives matters justice for black lives matter justice for equality justice for Georg Floyd justice for the movement

  • I kept seeing this a frozen picture of your face in this video ALL over social media and I kept passing it by. I was like “idk him and not interested in listening”. I have not one [email protected] clue as to the why, but I watched this video for the first time and it is probably one of the most profound, thought provoking, and… well frankly perfect videos depicting our time that I have ever seen in my life. This is a deep and very correct video!

  • used to work a nite shift with 10 white males and one black man, on our break many of would walk to one of several stores to by a lunch, snack etc. only one ver stopped by cops for no reason ( and many times at thata was teh black man) go figure….

  • *Protesters do peaceful protest
    Republicans: That is not the right way to protest!!

    The thing is, any protest to the oppressor is not the right way to protest. They even killed Martin Luther King.

  • if only blacks know how it “is” then you have no idea what it is to be a white male in america with some SA AFRIKANNA telling me how it is

  • Eish! Hey wenna! Trevah Trevah Trevah

    You have been fooled Trevah.
    You’re just being used and once they done with usung you, well then what do people normally do when they don’t need the use of things anymore?

    Au Revoir perdant

  • Well the thing Ahmaud went into other people propertys like garages and were in there for 5 minutes, and remember he was just ”jogging” this video of this man is really just stupid, this man is so brainwashed.
    And the thing when the 2 people pulled up on Ahmaud with guns he ran towards them, and tried to take 1 of the guns and that was what got him killed.

  • I dunno man. So what if its a black owned small business that was vandalized and looted? Or some other mom and pop shop? Or someone else who worked hard for what they have. They didn’t make the rules. How did they break the contract that makes it okay for you to destroy what they’ve earned with blood, sweat and tears.

  • What thief takes a selfie vid whilst running.. seriously!!? ����‍♂️ people probably just laughed at how stupid he must of looked..

  • I’ve watched this video several times. This analytical breakdown of the state of policing of Black America is absolutely brilliant. Trevor completely nails many important aspects of U.S. Black citizens in the context of the “American” law enforcement experience and its culturally specific, generally negative outcomes. This should be included in ALL police training sessions in every county, and town, parish and city across the USA. Exemplary.
    George Floyd’s murder will NOT have been in vain. The onus is on each and everyone human being in this country to IMMEDIATELY call out and act upon injustice wherever and whenever it is witnessed, yesterday, today, and coming tomorrows.

  • So she basically tried to kill man and the worst thing that happened to her was she lost her job. And her dog which she got back. and some may say she didn’t try to kill him but she did. If someone cry’s for help saying she is getting assaulted wouldn’t you respond to the situation fully alert I wouldn’t blame the cops for killing someone in this situation someone is being assaulted no way to know what is happening you respond hard. She did try to kill this man. In my opinion she should be locked away for a long time.

  • When will this world wake up? I’m bi racial… still minority…Samoan and black. Filling out applications and anything else I mark African American so as I was the race your father is…is the race you are. That’s how I grew up…automatically looking at my mother you would think she is white but she is born raised and first language Western Samoa. I’ve been put in the position where someone thinks they can tell me I don’t know what it’s like….. I’ve been labeled many things. But I hope my anger, my depression and my stand up counts for something i am TIRED. Not just for me but everyone else who along with me are TIRED. I am black and I am proud through whatever race you think I am as well I am PROUD. I am more then my skin and everyday I see my mothers face… my fathers anguish I AM PROUD. They do not stop and did not stop… neither will I. Both of My grandmother’s are living to see this time happen once again, and both root for justice and peace.

  • Yeah we so oppressed that you are a black, immigrant with over a 39 million net worth on TV. Athletes making how much? And how many black people in government? Oh please stop!

  • Trevor, running down my people when you have all of you’re home Africa to get straight before you tell me what’s up I’m my neighbor hood. You call youres the hood says it all.

  • what was wrong with ahmaud?

    i’ll tell ya buddy. ahmaud has a criminal history. he’s snooping out a house under construction in the middle of the night. who does that unless they’re up to no good? then he comes back to the same house two months later. you’re a fool if you think he was “only out for a jog.” especially considering that there has been reported theft in this neighborhood prior to ahmaud’s death.

    it’s not like the mcmichales shot him indiscriminately. they confronted arbery and then arbery proceeds to attempt to wrestle the gun away! what were they supposed to do? let him take the gun and probably get shot themselves? if ahmaud really was innocent he should have just stayed put and wait for law enforcement to arrive to sort this out. they didn’t drive up to ahmaud and start shooting him. they only reacted once ahmaud tried to take the shotgun. people seem no not understand this. an innocent man wouldn’t try to seize the gun from the people accusing him of a crime. sorry liberals but that’s the truth.

  • Black Lives Matter is a political movement capitalizing on the very low percentage of police citizenry fatal interactions that involve black citizens and they are using this to literally overthrow the government and to justify racism against all that aren’t people of color.

  • I see trees on both sides of the road where are the houses that just by chance somebody was looking out the window and took any notice if someone running with something in ur arm, a shop owner rang the police it comparison to the situation it completely irrelevant and doesn’t show anything!

  • Hmmm tiktok is a Chinese company and by posting on it you are supporting the Chinese Communist Party and they far more racist than anything here in the US! They literally lock up people and re-educate them because of their race and religion. My last comment was deleted so I figured I needed to get my two cents in. Racism does exist but it’s not as prevelant as liberal media would lead you to believe.

  • Throughout the history of slavery there were always white men and women like this this proves racism is a choice….the fact there is always a larger percentage of whites against racism makes destroying it even more important it’s a choice an evil choice

  • Another Hollywood star who thinks big government will save you from getting a VIRUS. Thanks Trevor, I forgot how awful life is in American for black people. Omg! Triggered? I’m triggered by stupid. And Trevor Noah is a pontificating idiot. Spend a week in traveling through Asia/Africa and tell me how rough life is in America.

  • SEE THIS FOR WHAT IT IS. This is another white man trying to benefit off the backs of blacks. To get his social media blowing up by making some ridiculous shirtless video of him running with a TV… That’s all he’s doing. WE DONT NEED WHITE PEOPLE TO GAIN JUSTICE AND EQUALITY IN THIS COUNTRY.

  • We also need to change Hollywood because they portray back people badly and this leaves a mental imprint that brainwashes People into being racist

  • Amazing, man
    I never though that this plataform (tik tok) culd be usable for real importante things
    Living and learning…
    Congratulações qnd greetings from brasil

  • Martin Luther King 3rd always includes “poor whites” with black and brown. This guy seems like a complete Trump supporter, just watch his other stuff. Sounds like he went to UVA or some college like that and I bet I know more black and brown people than he does and in white. Ya boy Trump sure did single out China. Readout can’t stand guy.