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The Truth About Xulane Transdermal Birth Control Patch

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Xulane Side Effects and Why I Stopped Using the Birth Control Patch 2019

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Xulane Patch MUST KNOW INFO 2019

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REAL FACTS about the birth control PATCH & How to use it CORRECTLY| As told by a Nurse Practitioner

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XULANE is a prescription birth control patch for women with a BMI less than 30 kg/m 2. It contains two female hormones, an estrogen called ethinyl estradiol, and a progestin called. Put on a new patch if the patch being used is no longer sticky or if it is sticking to itself or some other surface. If a patch has been off for more than 1 day, you may not be protected from pregnancy.

Put a new patch on to start a new 4 week cycle. Use another type of birth control like a condom during the first week of the new cycle. XULANE is a prescription birth control patch for women with a BMI less than 30 kg/m 2. It contains two female hormones, an estrogen called ethinyl estradiol, and a progestin called.

Xulane birth control patch is a hormonal birth control that contains the hormone estrogen. It’s not safe to be on birth control that contains estrogen if you have raised blood pressure, so you need to know your blood pressure before completing an online assessment for Xulane. This patch contains combination hormone medication and is used to prevent pregnancy.

It contains 2 hormones: a progestin (norelgestromin) and an estrogen (ethinyl estradiol). It works. XULANE is a prescription birth control patch for women with a BMI less than 30 kg/m 2. It contains two female hormones, an estrogen called ethinyl estradiol, and a progestin called. XULANE is a prescription birth control patch for women with a BMI less than 30 kg/m 2. It contains two female hormones, an estrogen called ethinyl estradiol, and a progestin called. “I love this birth control!

When I first got on birth control I was on the depo shot for three months. Before I started I was 140lbs and I’m 5’7. After the three months of depo I was 153lbs.

The shot made me gain that much in 3 months. I got off of it and tried the Xulane patch. Xulane contains a combination of female hormones that prevent ovulation (the release of an egg from an ovary).

Xulane also causes changes in your cervical mucus and. The Xulane transdermal system uses a 28-day (4-week) cycle. A new patch is applied each week for 3 weeks (21 total days).

Week 4 is patch-free. Withdrawal bleeding is.

List of related literature:

The patch provides safe and effective contraception similar to that of OCs.

“Leifer's Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing in Canada E-Book” by Gloria Leifer, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay
from Leifer’s Introduction to Maternity & Pediatric Nursing in Canada E-Book
by Gloria Leifer, Lisa Keenan-Lindsay
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The contraceptive skin patch (Ortho Evra®) contains both progestin and estrogens delivered in a skin patch placed on the upper outer arm, back, lower abdomen, or buttocks once a week for 3 weeks.

“Principles of Anatomy and Physiology” by Gerard J. Tortora, Bryan H. Derrickson
from Principles of Anatomy and Physiology
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She should not use tape to keep it on as the contraceptive is in the glue of the patch.

“Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing” by Sharon Smith Murray, MSN, RN, C, Emily Slone McKinney, MSN, RN, C
from Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women’s Health Nursing
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She should not use tape to keep it on, because the contraceptive is in the glue of the patch.

“Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women's Health Nursing E-Book” by Sharon Smith Murray, Emily Slone McKinney
from Foundations of Maternal-Newborn and Women’s Health Nursing E-Book
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The birth control patch can also inhibit eggs from leaving the ovaries, which is one of the most effective ways to prevent pregnancy.

“Technical Innovation in American History: An Encyclopedia of Science and Technology [3 volumes]” by Rosanne Welch, Peg A. Lamphier
from Technical Innovation in American History: An Encyclopedia of Science and Technology [3 volumes]
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The patch is resistant to normal bathing but some women find

“Mayes' Midwifery E-Book: A Textbook for Midwives” by Sue Macdonald
from Mayes’ Midwifery E-Book: A Textbook for Midwives
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Like other combination hormonal contraceptive methods, the patch works primarily by preventing ovulation.

“Human Reproductive Biology” by Richard E. Jones, Kristin H Lopez
from Human Reproductive Biology
by Richard E. Jones, Kristin H Lopez
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Some patches have specific instructions for placement locations (e.g., Testoderm patches are placed on scrotum; a scopolamine patch is placed behind the ear; never apply an estrogen patch to breast tissue or Ensures complete medication absorption.

“Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills E-Book” by Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Potter, Wendy Ostendorf
from Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills E-Book
by Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Potter, Wendy Ostendorf
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Some patches have specific instructions for placement locations (e.g., Testoderm patches are placed on scrotum; a scopolamine patch is placed on back of the ear; never apply an estrogen patch to the breast tissue or waistline).

“Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills E-Book” by Anne Griffin Perry, Patricia A. Potter, Martha Keene Elkin
from Nursing Interventions & Clinical Skills E-Book
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In general, the patch is similar to the pill in effectiveness, side effects, and risks.

“Health and Wellness” by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
from Health and Wellness
by Gordon Edlin, Eric Golanty
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  • Wow this is very nce Sis. I am using hormonal pills now and Yes I am very sensitive sometimes. I want to switch on this. Should I just ask my OB to prescribe me on this?

  • I just stopped mine. It made me gained weight, started getting acne. Made me extremely emotional. I was crying for no reason! Nah. I’m good.

  • I know people who smoke and take birth control and I told them it can really hurt them. One of my frends got on birth control and blew up so fast.

  • Hi sissy love you ���� just dropped but it’s for you all so just a small comment and I am sure you wanna help the womenfolk do help women and I am sur you will reap rich harvest love my sweet Kristy and hi to Greg ������������������������

  • Im 19 years old and I haven’t been on birth control for about 2 years now because I had a really bad experience with the birth control pills but I’m about to start the patch this Friday and the video & reading some of the comments are really helpful and since I’m about to go back to birth control I’m sure my period will be a bit weird and not used to it but my question is, if let’s say I’m on the 3rd week and I start my period do I keep the patch on still or do I take off right away? Or if on the 4th week I don’t get my period and I start on the 1st week on the new set of patches what do I do? Do I just keep going with my rotation or do I change it up?

  • Ang naka chada sis Kay wa Jud ka nanambok bisan gutom ka permi. Hi tech na Jud panahon Ron Kay naa nay patches aside sa oral. Great review sis.

  • I’m on xulane patch and it stopped my periods but now a few months later I’ve been spotting for two weeks! It’s so frustrating! It won’t stop. And I’m cramping. I’ve been very consistent. I’ve been rotating it from fatty hip area to fatty hip area so going from one side to the other. Should I rotate to more areas? Maybe this is why I’m spotting? Idk.

  • When I was in my early 20s, I used a birth control patch and my body reacted horribly to it. Not sure which patch it was, but I was so grateful to come off of it. Thank you for sharing your experience with us…it might help others make a more informed decision about their health and well-being!

  • Okay so. This has been my first month on the xulane and I know that during the 4th week is when you’re supposed to get your period but mine came on the end of the third week is that okay? I’m kinda nervous. I wanted to get on a good birth control because I have recently graduated high school and I am attending college this fall and babies are a no go for me right now ��.

  • What is the accuracy of the patch if I change it at a few hours after the day I’m originally supposed to change it? Also can I get my period during one of my weeks were I wear the patch?and since I started the patch late in the month my week off starts when there is only 3 days left in the month can this cause my period to come early next month?

  • Oh and the cramps are so severe I keep my heating pad close to me and one more thing. My breast literally hurt with a sharp pain. And yes I’ve had a mammogram. It’s this patch!!!!

  • Birth control pills may work well for others.
    Just take note of the side effects and if it bothers you.. report it to your MD.
    Very good review on the product.
    Thanks for sharing

  • hi! why does it say that typically people over a certain weight cant use the patch? im over that weight and my pharmacist said she never heard of that and it was fine

  • kaya pla blooming k sis yan ang gmit mo nice review sis.. ang kulir dhil patches lng siya di ni take ako kse gmit ko pills diane pills pro eto nkka amaze patches lng tlga siya..sana mron dito niyan sa pinas..hihi

  • I tried the patch and it was amazing until it started giving me a rash wherever I put it. It looked red and raw and hurt so bad I had to stop using it

  • Hi, I am on the 3rd patch my period came really early accompanied by painful period cramps for the last 5days when should I see my gp or is it just a side effect that will wear off?

  • Correction, only works immediately for contraception if used on day 1 of cycle. Started on any other day yiu have use barrier methods for seven days!

  • While on the patch did any of you guys notice hair thinning my hair is thinning I’m not sure if it’s Bc of the patch Bc I been on it for a while

  • hello i have a question, i started an Evra patch today, except i put in on my lower abdomen and naturally, when i sit down or exercise the skin folds. the patch is still in tact but it moves with my skin and i could see a small gray lining showing that the skin was stretched making the patch move a bit higher (but its still well stuck on my skin!) is this okay or should i replace it on a place that moves less?

  • Hii, So i had a heart surgery 11 months ago and I’m currently on blood thinners (lisinopril). I’m 17 years old, would the estrogen and such affect my blood or something?

  • Really hoping you see this! I’m 23 and a type 2 diabetic and became a diabetic after starting the pill after having my daughter. I stopped taking the pill about 3 months later after my endocrinologist told me to stop taking it and I never started anything else. She’s now 4 and I think I want to get back on a birth control but worried what birth control diabetics can take. I’m thinking about the patch and wondering if I’ll be okay? Thanks!
    Side note: the pill also made me gain about 40 pounds so being a diabetic I’m also worried about anymore weight gain.

  • Just a heads up to all my ladies, if you stop taking hormonal birth control get ready for a lot of acne breakouts. No one told me thing when I decided to take it or stop, but after looking it up it happens to other women too:( darn hormones

  • i have been on this patch for a few months i have noticed that it would not stick well so what i did was i went to my local pharmacy and got tagaderm patches to help keep it stick, this patch causes heavy bleeding i am one to never bleed heavy…

  • Thanks for this! A lot of people act like birth control is some magic solution that can’t be flawed. But people have different bodies which can react differently to them

  • I used the patch before but it does get awkward to see a big patch on your skin. I tried it years ago so it might be better now but girl I had to get rid of it. I couldn’t keep up with the dates even with reminders. Great informative video love ❤

  • I’m overweight over 250 pounds and my doctor did not tell me the patch is not recommended for women over 200 pounds. I did not want to go on the pill. I had an IUD 4 times and my body started rejecting my last one. So I chose the patch. Have you heard of anyone getting pregnant who may be 250 or more in weight on the patch?

  • Wait, so it doesn’t shift even with showers? I definitely don’t believe in medicinal birth control, I hear too many horror stories and I don’t like my hormones to be out of wack, lol. Thanks for the info!

  • hi!! so i was reading some stuff on the patch and it may increase your risk of blood clotting, strokes, heart attacks, etc. and i don’t have any bad medical records of any of those things so should i be worried about those side effects??

  • My Fiance’ has suffered from depression in the past but she started taking Xulane back in July and her depression has come back 100 fold.. We had no idea why it came back or anything but its put a huge strain on our relationship to the point were shes unsure if she even wants to get married anymore. The loss of libido is also very apparent its like she doesnt want to be intimate ever and its weird because she has always been the opposite. Im so glad that others have shared their experience and honestly this stuff is the devil.. she is stopping this week so keep those fingers crossed for us!

  • Hi I was wondering if I can put the patch on my thigh even I shave my whole legs. Is it okay if I can put the patch on my thigh even though I shave?

  • I just started and I’m on my second week of the patch and my acne was a little bad then it cleared up but all of the sudden it just got terrible I’m breaking out on my face more shoulders neck and I don’t know if it’s because of the patch or my hormones are just adjusting to it. So I was wondering if anybody had any problems like mine and if it’s normal:) I’m also 15 y/o and this is my first time on birth control. I’ve also been itchy we’re my patch is and just in general. I was wondering if you had any tips for me.

  • I just started birth control for the first time ever. I’ve been on the patch for about a month and a half now, I change it every week and The times it has came off I put a new one on right away and continued to change it on the day I regularly do. Lately I had bleeding that looked like spotting it started light and got heavier……it’s not my patch free week yet. I feel so anxious about it being implantation bleeding or something?? I just want to know if I should be worried??

  • My patch sometimes get wrinkle when I put it on my but area due to my underwear I guess rubbing against the patch.. I would like to know if the patch is still affective even if it’s slightly wrinkled in the middle

  • Para lang din sa oral may 1 week na pahinga gwapz. Hope meron din yan dito pinas. Ayoko ng oral, ngkakasakit ako dun at minsan nakakalimutan ko uminom. Hehe. Thanks for sharing this.

  • If the hormones in birth control cause you to have issues. This may be a good option for you:

  • I had to stop using this form of birth control because my body didn’t agree with it ���� I can only use a limited amount of options because my body rejected other forms of birth control. Now I only have 3 options left ��

  • Hi, is it okay if there are bubbles that form under the patch after a shower or a workout? is it still effective? also, if the borders doesn’t stick after a few days, am i still protected? thank you:)

  • I’m on my second month of using the birth control patch. And I’m wondering will my period start on the same day? Or will my cycle still be regulating when I’m going to start my period. For example, I started my period last month on Wednesday so am I likely to start on the Wednesday on every month?

  • Hi! This video is super informative and thankful for it! I was wondering how it holds up after exercising / running a long time due to excessive sweat, will the patch be able to fall off?

  • I just got my nexplanon removed due to weight gain and anxiety…. Did it make you gain weight or mood swings???? My doctor just prescribed me these patches kinda worried about more weight gain but your video relaxed me about my questions thank you!!!! ☺️

  • You literally answered my question right at The end when you said the patch did not fall off I was going to say what about when you get in the shower lol I also have to set reminders for everything in my life that’s how I stay organized

  • I am currently starting the patch but the corners are peeling off a bit no matter what I do and no matter where I out it. Is this normal??? Will this effect the distribute of medicine???

  • Am I still protected if my patch starts to lift up after working out but I sat it aside and let it dry and put it back on if still sticky? This is my first ever birth control so I’m kind of scared:/

  • Love this!!! Spreading positive and informative messages across YouTube�� I was curious if it ever falls off, but you answered that for me lol

  • I just started xulane and I’m soo ravenous hungry! I’ve only started a week ago and almost immediately I was starving. I’m never like that.

  • So if my period is 18 days away can I start the patch today? my period is supposed to come on July 18th so do I just wear a patch through that time I’m supposed to come on and go patch free the week later? and since im not on my period I have to wait until the first patch/7 days is up to be protected from pregnancy, correct? sorry for the numerous questions

  • Hi, Quinn CJ, I have several of these patches from Xulane. I decided not to use them since I got off birth control. Do you think I should put them in my future Giveaway ��? I’m sure there’s some beauty lover out there who would appreciate them.

  • It a second month of me using this patch. And side effects just got worse. I feel chest pain, anxiety, feel often as if I’m going to through up, very sensitive to smells, and very tired all the time, spend all day in bad

  • But after that incident it stop but I have been getting blood clots when I get my period once my patchs are done and then yea but no gain weight boobs are slightly growing my nails been getting long but not that strong lol um I be getting cramps when I’m on them but it’s not as bad as my period cramps and the Best part about it is when I stop taking the patchs for a whole 3 weeks straight I didn’t get my period till the 4th week i was shock cause I wasn’t even on it I was trying the experience out last month but now I take em again

  • I’ve been on the patch for a year. I loved it the first 9 months! But after being diagnosed with endometriosis, my doctor wanted me to keep it on for all four weeks. Now I’ve been spotting for 3 months now. Every day, nonstop. Most times light, sometimes heavy. I’m switching to pills now ):

  • My health doesn’t allow for hormonal birth control but women need to be informed of all our options. Thank you for educating me. I’ve never heard of this particular patch.

  • I’m on the pill at the minute but I’m considering changing to the patch as I keep forgetting to take them, luckily it’s never over the leeway time ��

  • This is the first review of the patch where I felt like the Information was very clearly explained. ♥️ You’re gorgeous I wish you the best!

  • How much did you weigh when you started the patch? I keep hearing you have to be under 198 for it to be effective and if that’s true I feel like I’m wasting my time even getting it lol

  • Chada diay na nga birth control sis ky e pilit ra
    Bisan side effects ga gutomon ka sis wah ka nitambok maayo ako sigoro mo tambok og dali ana
    Chada kay advance imo menstruation
    Wah pa ko ka dungog ana na borth control sis karon pa
    Pwede mn gyapon masundan cristina sis boy hehe joke

  • Where do you personally put on the patch on your body? It has fell off on my arm. I want to try my stomach but I have a pooch so I’m scared.


  • I’ve never been on birth control in my life! Ive always been scared about the side effects. I’ve never heard of this birth control before, but so good to know about! Informative video.

  • Liked, great review Sis those patches look brilliant glad they work for u i don’t think they do those patches here in the UK, I have got an implant in my arm for my contraception Sis thanks for sharing, please stay in touch and Take Care Sis!

  • Xulane made my hair shed more than usual for the first 2-3 months after my insurance switched me from ortho evra. But now that you mention it, I believe I have also been more fatigued than normal. I have been on Xulane for about a year now. Hope this helps someone.

  • I have placed my patch on the inner part of my arm will it still work the same as I don’t really want it to be visibile to the public so the inner part of my arm is probably better for me is it okay and still effective there?

  • I just started using the patch on Thursday. I had my menstrual period Wednesday before. But today I got bleeding. I am very confused if I should continue leaving the patch on until my 4th week? Considering I haven’t even had the patch for a fill week yet.

  • I’ve gotten bad skin irritation from it. In some places I have marks from where a patch was previously and they haven’t went away. I’ve noticed that I got sharp chest pains after I started it so I decided to discontinue my use and since then I started my cycle sept. 1 it’s oct 5th and I’m still on ��

  • A Citizens Petition has been filed with the FDA seeking to include packaging warnings on birth control products and to remove Depo Provera completely off the market. If you have experienced side effects while using birth control, please consider providing a comment of support to this Petition. You may do so by clicking on the link below. The link will also allow you to access the Petition itself and read the comments that have been submitted by others. This is an opportunity to let your voice be heard in support of the betterment of women’s health. Anonymous comments are allowed for those who wish to maintain their privacy. Occasionally the website has problems with its servers which can make it slow to load so please be patient and give it some time. Thank you for supporting this effort!

  • Very informational! I recently got off birth control because I started feeling some type of way about them! The patch seems really easy to use!

  • And what about the temperature during summer, it gets really hot, patches should be kept up to 77f, what to do when it’s almost not possible, when ac is not used room temperature goes up to 88f

  • I have to have reminders for everything too, lol. Sounds like a good alternative to a pill, which I stopped using because it messed with my hormones.

  • That is why I stopped taking depo years ago. Like you said the side effects are very important. I rather go the natural way and not add extra hormones and chemicals

  • Do you really have to put it on at the exact time bc just change mine anytime on my patch change day same then i must be doing it wrong

  • I had the patch, and it was really practical, but I gained some weight and my period was really horrible. I went back to the pill, but I always forgot to take it so I‘m off hormones know, waiting for my first period without it… kinda scared.

  • I just started using the patch & i’m now on my 3rd week & I replace my patch as i’m going to shower & leave it off until i come out & put a new patch on. I was wondering if that was okay to do or if i should put a new one immediately after I have removed the old one

  • Hi love! Just found your channel and subscribed! I know you’re not on the xulane patch anymore but I have been using it for 3 weeks and was wondering if you could answer some questions for me that I’m unsure about. So I change my patch every Sunday, but I was wondering do we have to change it the same time every Sunday or would it still work if I changed it different times on Sunday? That’s one I’m unsure about and my last question is if my boyfriend were to ejaculate inside of me would I get pregnant? I’m so nervous and I think my boyfriend did so I’m just wondering. Thank you so much!!!

  • Ulitin ko nalang ang mga video mo kasi di ko alam kung alin ang napanuod ko na at hindi makikita ko namn sa comments mabuti ito mga mahahaba

  • New subscriber!! I’ve been wanting to try the patch, only tried birth control pills long ago b4 kids. I think this would be so easy for me since u set it and “forget” it compared to taking a pill everyday! I need reminders for everything too, especially with 3 kids �� I’m so glad to hear that u have had a great experience with the Xulane patch so far!! I’ve read a lot of bad things about it (I know with ANY kind of birth control, it will be a different reaction for everyone, and u don’t know how it’ll go for u until u try it!) My dr prescribed me the lo-Estrin (sp?) pills to try first b4 the patch and said I can always switch, but I kinda wanna try the patch first �� thank u for making this video and I LOVE ur energy! Ur gorgeous! ��

  • Bloming ka sis love your eyemakeup, true sis may mga ibang pills na nagiging masugit/tamadtayo. Pag nag sho-shower ba aalisin pa yung patch? True sis dapat pina-plan ang pag kakaroon ng baby, financially, and emotionally. Aww mahal pala yan sis. Hundred bucks.

  • I’m about to start this form of birth control and this video was AMAZING and very informative. I’m looking forward to trying the patch��

  • Hello sis. Ako sis. Ever since i’ve married I did not take any pills. Kasi mas takot ako why kasi ate ko nabubuntis sya palagi dahil nakakalimutan nya. Kaya ayun ako din di na lang ako nag pills. Pero maganda ang review mo sis.

  • I’ve been using the Evra patch for 7 months and recently I left the patch on for 1 extra day by mistake so I took it off and my patch free week began. I started bleeding 2 days late and usually it comes on the exact day the Clue app predicted and it was very light and mostly brown. Could this be a sign of pregnancy??

  • I just started the patch, I’m on my second one. I have no side effects other than severe vaginal dryness. Is that normal? The dryness didn’t start until I began the patch and it’s very uncomfortable, I don’t know how to feel about it really because I don’t suffer from any other side effects.

  • I kinda like it, it made me crazy though and I never had BV until I started the patch! Thinking about changing my bc method. The implanon is a no go for me too

  • hi, i’ve been using the patch for almost a year and had no problem but for the first time i messed up and put it on two days late after a period (the week off) am i currently at risk for pregnancy? and is my patch renewal day moved to the day i restarted the patch? thank you in advance

  • I just started yesterday, my doc told me all this an also that it wouldn’t be as effective since im ever the weight class. But for how often the meds need to be taken an how i am this or something similar eould be the best option, since i dont wanna add anything into body via implants an eve thing besides this ot the pill seems to have crazy bad stories. An the ring just sounds like it wouldn’t work.

  • i am on this patch started about a year ago i havent had nearly any of those side effects that she read about. my periods are extremely regular, lighter cramps, i dont know if it helps my acne but it made my hair and nails grow excessively fast& long like it is crazyy my hair grew about 12 inches in 9 months and my nails are veryyy strong and long, the patch has began recently like past 3 months to leave dark dry areas leaving hyperpigmentation where the patch was i have no idea why or hoe to avoid it, my boobs are alot bigger other than that no weight gain

  • I took birth control in pill form when I was in my 20s but only for a few years and not since then because the risks out weighed the benefits in my opinion. Nice Informative video ��

  • I have all of these side effects…. I mean all. I got on it so I would have my period. I went 5 months without a menstrual cycle and it worked but it hurt so bad that I had to go to the hospital.

  • Maganda pala yan madali lang gamitin. Unson sis ug maligo ka ok lang na mabasa ignog ko ana ba kay wa ko control control pero wa ghapon na buntis.

  • Never heard of this. I’ve had an IUD for 16 yrs and I love it. As a perimenopausal woman �� I would forget to change this. Yes.. reminders for everything for me. Great info as always.

  • Great video thank you! Is a common side effect nausea and vomiting? I put on my first patch today, how long till any side effects arise?

  • Hey there in this video I shared with you information about the birth control patch. If you like these information-based videos leave a comment letting me know and as always any questions you may have.

  • hii! this video is so helpful! i just got xulane so i really want to know what to expect. i read that xulane dosent work or isnt safe for people over 198 pounds and im over 200 pounds, my doctor recommended me and i love her sm but im still really worried if its even safe for me to use it? if you know anything it would really help as this is my first time using any birth control lol sorry this is so long. no one has to answer at all if you dont feel comfortable��

  • Dapat talaga pumili tayo ng hiyang sa atin at yung talagang safe para sa health din natin. At you are really blooming sis and I like your cheerful personality.

  • I was late with putting on my patch last month, so I then started a new 3 week cycle straight away. Therefore I was wearing my patch for a total of 6 weeks, I’m now on my patch free week. Is there a chance that this could cause pregnancy?

  • Hi, I was wondering if this is one of those products that you can skip a period? Such as put one on every week and not skip the fourth?

  • I just started and I’m on my second week of the patch and my acne was a little bad then it cleared up but all of the sudden it just got terrible I’m breaking out on my face more shoulders neck and I don’t know if it’s because of the patch or my hormones are just adjusting to it. So I was wondering if anybody had any problems like mine and if it’s normal:) I’m also 15 y/o and this is my first time on birth control. I’ve also been itchy we’re my patch is and just in general. I was wondering if you had any tips for me.

  • OMG that story about your mom being preggo and not knowing it freaks me out nooooooo. How does that even work? Get a period and a baby??? What.

  • Since I have worn this patch I have gained nearly 40 pounds and I am wanting to make sure if this patch was the cause of it or not or if someone could please help me out with that. I just stopped the patch though, because I think it may had even been causing my severe nausea that I’ve been experiencing.

  • But me I stop taking it because it left me with burning, itching, cramping tiring, nauseated, and I just couldn’t do it no more its been 4 months since I stop taking these patches and let me tell u my period cycle is Soo messed up it confusing asf to me because my period would be 3-4 days late making me think I was pregnant but it would come the same day like and even when I have sex and my boyfriend ejaculates in me I wait and still can’t get pregnant

  • Birth control in general freaks me out. I love that you have brought so much light to this. So many women don’t do any research before just taking it. I e never heard the word “guap” before. Do you use natural birth control methods?

  • Hey question I am looking to try the xulane patches where would you place the patch when wearing a bikni / any hidden areas? I want to put it in hidden places. Is the patch see through when wearing a bikni??? Any help would be great

  • Same thing with the pill and I had the depo and it was horrible too. So now I talked to my doctor about the patch and so I’m going to them next week Friday �� hopefully fingers crossed it works. I’m 20 going to be 21 soon. I live in America and I have huge boobs and I’m very tiny so I hope I get no boob growth.

  • Birth control has made my fibroids grow in the last 2 yrs.. My body is resisting it. Everyone is different I ignored alot of the symptoms because i didn’t want to take the pill..I knew the patch has 60% more estrogen than the pills. The problems I have now are more severe because i didn’t listen to my body. No one knows your body more than you

  • what if my period is irregular? cus i understand the 3 weeks but sometimes i go a whole month without getting my period..does anyone know what to do or is anyone’s period irregular?

  • So I have a question because if I got off my.Wednesday shouldn’t that be the first day I start my patch why do I have to wait for Sunday I mean that way I know each week on a Wednesday for those 3 weeks that should be when I change my patch correct

  • Hala ka sis, karon pjud ko nakadungog ani nga birthcontrol.. hehhehe.. ako daw ni e google beh para mabasa hehhe.. ako gamit sis kay neplaxon sis, kanang isuksuk Arm sis. I like mine sis. Maintain rjud ako weight. 90 pounds lol

  • I’m on the patch but I haven’t started my period this week, does this mean before I started the patch I could’ve gotten pregnant? Am I pregnant right now because I haven’t started my period? This and nothing like this has happened before

  • I myself love the patch and it helps my acne very well. And I feel better with it when I have a period. And I was always under weight and it helped my weight

  • Ladies, please note that every woman’s body is different! The birth control patch was the only thing that worked for me! I lost about ten lbs on it!! The pill and everything else I used just wasn’t an option. Please try out different types to figure out what works best for your chemicals!! Love your video girl. So helpful!!

  • ive been using the patch for the last 7 months and its a really good method of contraception for me however a big downside for me is that whenever i take one off to change it 8/10 times the glue leaves behind a dark area of skin in the shape of an outline of the patch. its really starting to bother me as the longer i use it the more wee square marks i have left on my body, dont know if theres a way to help this or if ill just have to change to a diffrent method

  • Your videos are quite educative and I love how you speak about the things which most of the people ( including myself) don’t know about.

  • I wish these types of video were around 10 years ago, I was so lost when it came to all of this, I’m glad you are sharing so people can learn.

  • Watching your videos through the fridays playlist. I would of never clicked to watch these type of videos, but your energy makes it so worth it. You deliver this important info in a fun way and I’m learning. Haha

  • well that definitely sounds like an alternative to the pill. great if for people that for get to take it everyday. Once a week is easier for sure!! thanx.

  • I have questions ^^

    1. Will the patch make my boobs grow any bigger? I really would not want my boobs growing any bigger than they already are.

    2. Will the patch stop periods? I struggle with periods super badly, so if it stops it or lightens it id love that

  • hello! just wondering, i just started my Evra patch. i put it on my lower abdomen, and naturally when i sit down or exercise my skin folds and stretches. this also folds the patch and i can see a gray lining showing that my skin stretched and therefore moved my patch upwards. however, the patch is still fully in tact and on my skin. is this okay?

  • I made my son change the batteries in our smoke detector before realizing the chirping is in your video lol. I just started the patch. I’m going to be 38 this summer and I’ve never been on birth control before in my life. So far it’s itchy and maybe this is just a weird coincidence but I can’t pee easily! I have to leave water running in the sink or soak in a bathtub. So my water bill is going to be high and I’m constantly disinfecting the bathtub lol

  • I was on the pill for some years and it had me all out of whack emotionally. Granted it did clear my skin up. Thankfully I didn’t gain weight while I was on it. I quit right before my husband and I got married and I have no intention on getting back on it.

  • I don’t take mine either, I feel like nothing is safe anymore, to many chemicals, next thing you know you got cervical cancer �� God forbid but it’s the truth!

  • When you’re on your off week and the week goes by and you’re ready for a new patch can you put it on if you are still on your period?

  • I have the patch called Xulane and I’m 14. I didn’t get it for sexual reasons; I have severe ovarian cysts that are very painful. They started when I was 13 and I’m not sure why, but the patch has helped with the cramping more than I expected it to. The only downside is that it keeps falling off even though it says it can be used during exercising/showering/swimming, etc.

  • I’m on the patch and I keep having this issue where my patch lifts at an edge or it gets wet and doesn’t stick but then it does. Is this okay? Is it still working?

  • Wow!!!! Okay I’ve never heard of this patch but I’ll definitely look more into it, I tried nuvaring as well but didn’t like it at all, this was some awesome info thanks for sharing!

  • tnx for the very informative sis sa mga need ng birth control try this product hehe. When i have my injection birth control I gain weight seven years ago hahah

  • I took it off and my cycle has been a total of 8 days long and will not stop… so I am switching… my hormones are crazy I am so moody when I am on it as well and my acne is not the best either… how long does it take to get out of your system?

  • I just started using the patch today, I have it on my lower abdomen. I went swimming and noticed the adhesive started to “melt”, I got out and let it dry and it was just as sticky and stuck back down. Is this okay? Should I be doing something before I swim/shower?

  • Great video ladies! Women should also remember that hormonal contraceptives are not for all women. The effects of birth control can range from virtually nothing at all to death. My 20 year old daughter passed away due to blood clots in her lungs that were triggered by her use of a combination hormonal birth control pill. The medical community will quickly say that what happened to my daughter was extremely rare and that may be true based on many published studies and reports. Nevertheless women are dying from taking birth control. The FDA has reported that 10 out of every 10,000 women on hormonal contraception will experience a blood clot. But another way to interpret this is when you consider approximately 10 million women in the United States use hormonal birth control then that means each year 10,000 women will experience a blood clot due to birth control. Blood clots are extremely dangerous and often difficult for doctors to diagnose which is partly why 274 people die each day in the United States from blood clots. The 10,000 women a year who do get blood clots is equivalent to the population of Sedona, Arizona; greater than the population of Aspen, Colorado; and slightly less than the population of St. Augustine, Florida. Please Google “birth control blood clots death” for information, stories, and accounts of lovely, vibrant, intelligent, and otherwise healthy young women who died from using birth control. To learn about natural contraceptive methods that do not come with the risks of synthetic contraceptives please visit

  • I was on the ortho ever patch and LOVED it! Then I changed insurances (to Kaiser) notKnowing that they did not carry it and they refused to do a special order for I ended up having to switch to a new form of BC. The last two years of my life have been hell trying out different forms of birth control that have made me crazy, gain weight, caused anxiety(to the point where I ended up on Zoloft), and every other symptom you can think of. I have tried the nuva ring which irritated me, gave me horrible mood swings, super depressed and anti social. I tried several pills and all made me moody and gain weight. Then I tried the implanon which seemed to work fine at first and then I put on more weight and made the anxiety worse. I’m very petite and have a tiny frame. I have gained 20 lbs and it ha been so hard to go back to my normal weight. I finally just gave up on birth control and decided it wasn’t worth me being miserable. I finally changed insurance and was debating trying xulane since I heard the ortho evera patch was discontinued…but after all the reviews I’ve read i’m thinking maybe just staying BC free for now:/
    I feel so much more normal not being on BC.

  • Have you guys come considered the iud? I got Mirena before having kids. It was hella painful. I’ve got cramps but little spotting. Like the coil but not. I’m more a. Any thoughts?

  • I HATED the patch years ago! It had a different name then but it was horrible with side effects and I got crazy acne under the patch. Did you do any research on how it works at different weights? I know I recently stopped my bc after reading that the one I was on wasn’t effective over 160 lbs….

    I would love to see what you’re using for birth control now!

  • I wish i would have asked more questions before i started birth control years ago. I got off of the pill about 2 years ago and i really dont think I’m going back yo any birth conttol anytime soon.

  • Hello love… My first time here.. I have never taken any birth control however I love the way you shared the information and your experience in this video! women’s health is sooooo important! Love that you’re doing this!

  • I need some advice x I’m 13 and I wanted to get the pill and I have heard that if I get it from my doctors then they don’t have to tell my parents is that true?

  • When you take hormonal birth control you don’t really get a period because you don’t ovulate.. it’s just that the lining of the uturus sheds because there is a lack of hormones in your body and that triggers it. Like when the pack is off for a week.

  • Why its not advisable if u had history of migraine..since i start to used it i had always bad headaches but thnx god i didnt experienced to had a migraine so far..

  • I take the progesteron only pill so that I dont have periods, as I was on prescription level codeine for the pain and still having panic attacks some months due to pain levels, the pill is great but now I have adult acne and need to decide which is the less of 2 evils.

  • I’m a twat, I don’t wear condoms and my girlfriend doesn’t ask me to even though she’s scared as fuck about having kids, we’re stupid people ��

  • I started using this patch about 5 months ago, best decision I have ever made. I know my body is my own and everyone’s experiences will be theirs. I have a skin condition on my arms which causes skin cell build up (nothing crazy) however, it did cause an issue at first in regards to adhesion. I now cleanse my upper arm (near shoulder) with 1st a swab of hydrogen peroxide, this removes excess dead skin. Then I apply with rubbing alcohol (any percent, even “evergreen”) with another swab. Make sure to let dry and DO NOT touch with hands. Wash your hands before application to remove oils/dirt. This allows it to adhere closer to your skin. ONE tip is to look how the place you are putting the patch moves, does your skin stretch or contort a lot? DO not place it there. I always check otherwise you might have lifting. Another Tip is to store your box in a COOL place out of light. I use the fridge, otherwise the head breaks down the adhesive too much.

  • The side effects are horrible! I have gone thru 3 different types of birth control and so far the depo is actually working out for me right now

  • Hi i just want to ask, i put my 3rd patch at butt cheek, and it moves now the edges collected fuzz and not sticking well,i would like to know if it’s still effective?

  • Hello, I saw some people say that you can start the patch after the 3 weeks right away, skipping your period if you need. is that safe or possible?

  • I take this patch and from my experience from this Soo far it’s good when I first finished my period and put back the patch i had a doctor’s appointment that day and the cramps was soooo unbareable that I cried I beg my mom for motoron or something a hot pack and all

  • I’ve been on this patch for almost a year. I stay feeling sick like I’m about to vomit. A lot of headaches. Depression. When I go back to my obgyn in May I’m getting off of this patch. I’ve also gained A LOT of weight and have excessive shedding of my hair.

  • Well…with the patch it still takes 7 days to be effective. And on their instruction paper it is not suggested to put the patch around your chest region. So please do your research before you spread important information like this.

  • Hi usually when it’s my patch changing day I would remove it right before a bath so I can put a new one after bathing, then I forget and do it a day later. How effective is this in such a situation., especially if i am sexually active on that specific day???

  • I just started using it the other day and now I’m getting nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, fatigue, loss of appetite, and an increase in my anxiety..

  • you’re all lucky Sksksk i threw up 3 times in 2 weeks and my acne got disgustingly bad LOL, I have to go to the obgyn and do a pill

  • I am so mad at you for this video because now I have to go and apologize to my husband for attempting to destroy his tv with a hammer the other night�������� #truestory Damn!

  • Thank You So much for this video! I have never been on birth control other than condom, today I will be picking up my patch (first timer)! I am praying this works for me since I dont want anything inside my body that I cannot control! thank you again!

  • this made me want to quit my patch! only been on it two months and my boobs have hurt the whole time, i feel myself falling into depression again, I’m breaking out and feel like I’m gaining weight:(

  • I would recommend the patch personally. I’ve been using the patch for 5 years straight now and it has done an amazing job! There has been time when I forget to change the patch for a day or two and I did not get pregnant—do not do! But overall, it’s a great birth control method to try despite some itchiness sometimes from where to patch is located.

  • I just got the patch and its still in the box and after seeing this video and reading the comments I don’t think Im gonna use it. Condoms have been my birth control since my IUD was removed 4 years ago….And no pregnancies yet. Its not worth it to me to feel sick all the time so I will just continue to do what I’ve been doing instead of using this

  • All these birth controls scare me. Not gonna front. Years years ago I needed to get on it to regulate my cycle. Don’t know if I’ll use this patch.

  • I started the patch two weeks ago and I have been nauseated and in deep depression ever since. I’m trying so hard to stick it out, at least a whole month. But my mood is not changing, it’s stuck at sad, and down all the time. Seriously……..

  • I Started The Patch A Month Ago And I’ve Had Every Side Effect That You Can Think Of. Massive Migraines, Mood Swings, Anxiety, Swollen Feet, Sensitive Chest, Nausea, I Even Caught A Cold And I’ve Been On My Cycle For About 2 Weeks Now. I Wanna Give The Second Month A Shot Being That This Is Something New I’m Adding To My Body. But If The Same Symptoms Continue, I’m Switching To Something Else.

  • Does anyone get rashes from them getting wet underneath the patch then moving it to a new spot and having the same thing happen when I remove the patch it smells like rotting flesh and so does my skin

  • I used the emergency contraception while being using the patch ( the 2nd week), should I proceed with my regular patch schedule or I need to change it?thAnk you for information

  • I’ve been hearing so many side effects that it’s just good to be cautious. I care about the aftermath and I’m definitely on a hard lookout

  • im going to start it today which makes me nervous because without it i already experience every side affect that you mentioned so im curious to know what will happen when i use it ��

  • My worst issue was breast tenderness, cramps, and nausea.
    But it got so bad that I couldn’t stop vomiting that I just snatched it off.
    That was only my second patch.

  • Great video! Thanks for all of the information. I do have one question. I am going to be starting to patch soon, and the directions said to start it on the first day of your period. Will that stop your period from happening that week (even though it already started), or will it still happen even with the patch on?

  • Everyone has different reactions and experiences with birth control. I’ve been on the path for going on two months now and I definitely went through a spike of emotions and anxiety at first but it’s really helped my periods and is super convenient and easy to use.

  • I used the xulane patch for about 6+ months and it was hell. The symptoms slowly started to progress. I had no idea it was the patch. I had everything from weight gain, a panic attack to anemia. My weight gain wasn’t too crazy but definitely did notice the difference. I also had weird dry patches on my skin, nausea, dizziness, mood swings. I ended up with iron deficiency. I’m getting better now and currently scared to try any other BC I think that was the first and last time for me. The patch really did mess up my body. I’m usually a very petite and healthy person I’ve never had issues with anemia in the past and before I started using the patch I was healthy. My clothes still fits but just a bit snug sometimes lol but I’m feeling better and my anemia seems to be gone for now. If anyone has an iron deficiency make sure to check out “ mega food blood builder” these were great. The regular supplements made me sick and I know how it feels so if I can help anyone else out there going through the same problem that makes me happy.

  • Can pregnancy occur on the patch free week I’ve herd different responses my pharmacist said it can & at the clinic I got it from they say other wise that you will be protected I’m so confused?

  • I had no idea this type of control existed! Thank you for this information. I went off the pill because of hormonal imbalance and this is something that I may consider!

  • The mirena coil doesn’t offer immediate contraception, it takes a week for you to be able to rely on it! The copper coil is immediate though, and sexual health clinics often offer it as an emergency contraceptive!

  • Used this for about 5 months. The only symptoms I’ve had is a bit of a fever for the first couple of days when I first started cause my body was getting use to it but other than that I feel fine. No depression or anything but guess it just depend on the person using it. Works pretty good for me, haven’t got pregnant so far lol only thing I would say I hate is sometimes it stops sticking and you would have to take it off and put on a new one which makes you one patch short for the next week so have to make sure to not have sex! Use for 3 weeks straight, last week is period week. My period usually comes about 3 days after from when I take the last patch off then would last about 5 days until I refill and repeat the cycle.:)

  • This patch has given me extreme anxiety and depression. I’m scared of everything like my anxiety is so extreme, I feel sad, hopeless, tired, and unmotivated. I’m hoping that if I stop this patch I’ll be back to myself!

  • Thank you for this video as I have been gaining weight last year I weighed 144 and now I weigh 177!!! I have been having really bad head aches, heavy periods, bleeding between periods and mood changes

  • Ayy sissy bet ko yan kasi d iniinom or iniinject pero too late na sa akin sana kung alam ko yan before yan nlang sana kasi gusto ko pa sana mag ka baby boy but anyway too late na huhuhu, pero ang galing mo mag explain sissy

  • This patch is lucifer in medication form. My husband has been going through hell since October. Headaches, irritability, chest pain, cramps 25/8…smh don’t do it

  • I started using the xulane patch just recently because I found out I got pregnant while using the iud then five days later I lost the baby. I can honestly tell you I would prefer condoms over this patch it made me feel like I was having a heart attack which turned out to be a major anxiety attack. It also made me extremely agitated and verbally agressive twords my husband which almost caused us to get a divorce. it also made me get irritated over every little thing. I have a beautiful three year old little girl and she is my heart, but it made me get really irritated with her a lot I can’t and don’t want to be that person, I will never use again! Also I couldn’t focus on anything because I was constantly stressed over every single thing that happened. I hate treating the people I love the most in the world like they were my enimy so my doctor out me on a medication for anxiety and depression.

  • Ok so I have always loved the “Ortho Evra” patch and like you i got the xulane because i thought it was the same. I have had severe anxiety and depression which I thought was just me having three kids and no help but, now Im wondering if its the patch.ALSO NO SLEEP!! I have had to get on Ambien just to be able to sleep some nights and im always exhausted! Im 2-3 days late right now and I feel AWFUL… Negative test but im late so weird. I think im going to stop it for a month and see what my body does….:( Birth control and I have never worked out… my body just hates it.