Constipation Both an indicator and a contributing factor to POP


What causes constipation?

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Constipation is both a symptom and a cause of POP. Constipation is an insidious indicator of POP issues, both past and present. To say all we want to do is poop normally is an. Chronic constipation. Back/pelvic pain.

Lack of sexual sensation. ·Painful intercourse. Inability to keep a tampon in. Check out APOPS POP Risk Factor Questionnaire (POP-RFQ) for more detail, available in 14 languages. POP CAUSES QUICKSHEET.

Your constipation has lasted more than 2 weeks. The size, shape, and consistency of your stool has changed dramatically. Your doctor may recommend some tests to find the cause of your constipatio. The causes of abdominal pain and constipation are varied. Some broad segments of causes include your lifestyle, medications you’re taking, and medical conditions.

Many factors can dispose a person to constipation. Some can easily be prevented by changing habits and lifestyle (although the role of lifestyle factors may not be as important as once thought). Often, the cause has to do with physiological problems or diseases. Following are the more common causes of constipation.

When the prolapse pulls the bladder downward, it bends the ureter (the tube through which urine exits the body). As a result, you might have trouble urinating fully. “It’s like bending a garden hose,” Dr. Wakamatsu says. Likewise, if the prolapse pulls the rectum downward, it can cause constipation.

Both can cause cramping, weight loss, bloody stools, and other health problems. Chronic diarrhea is a common symptom of both. However constipation can be a problem too. In ulcerative coliti. In other cases, constipation and back pain may both be symptoms of another health issue.

For instance, irritable bowel syndrome can cause both constipation and backaches, even. According to WebMD here are the symptoms of constipation: Straining during a bowel movement more than 25% of the time; Hard stools more than 25% of the time; Incomplete evacuation more than 25% of the time; Two or fewer bowel movements in a week. Why constipation causes UTI.

Here are three main reasons why constipation. Common causes of constipation are dehydration, a lack of physical activity, and a poor diet — for example, not eating enough fiber. Stress can also lead to constipation.


List of related literature:

The most common causes of constipation are laxative habit, diets high in refined carbohydrates and low in fiber, change in daily habits or environment, drug use, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and painful defecation due to a local anorectal problem.

“Differential Diagnosis of Common Complaints E-Book” by Robert H. Seller, Andrew B. Symons
from Differential Diagnosis of Common Complaints E-Book
by Robert H. Seller, Andrew B. Symons
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Conditions such as obesity, pregnancy, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), small intestinal bacteria overgrowth (SIBO), or celiac disease can also contribute to secondary constipation and should be considered in clinicians addressing the problem (Barco et al, 2015).

“Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book” by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
from Krause and Mahan’s Food and the Nutrition Care Process E-Book
by Janice L Raymond, Kelly Morrow
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2020

Etiology Common causes of constipation are insufficient intake of fluid or dietary fiber, lack of physical activity, irritable bowel syndrome, and diverticulitis.

“Mosby's Pathology for Massage Therapists E-Book” by Susan G. Salvo
from Mosby’s Pathology for Massage Therapists E-Book
by Susan G. Salvo
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

The following changes related to aging or chronic illness increase the risk for constipation: decreased abdominal muscle tone, inactivity, immobility, inadequate fluid intake, inadequate dietary bulk, disease conditions, medications, dependence on laxatives or enemas, and various environmental conditions.

“Basic Geriatric Nursing E-Book” by Patricia A. Williams
from Basic Geriatric Nursing E-Book
by Patricia A. Williams
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Mechanical small and large bowel obstruction, medications, and systemic illnesses can cause constipation, and these causes of secondary constipation must be excluded, especially in patients presenting with a new onset of constipation (see Table 18-4).

“Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease E-Book: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management, Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features” by Mark Feldman, Lawrence S. Friedman, Lawrence J. Brandt
from Sleisenger and Fordtran’s Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease E-Book: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, Management, Expert Consult Premium Edition Enhanced Online Features
by Mark Feldman, Lawrence S. Friedman, Lawrence J. Brandt
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Recent research finds irritable bowel syndrome and constipation as independent risk factors for POP, but other studies have not found an association with constipation.

“Comprehensive Gynecology” by Gretchen M. Lentz, David M. Gershenson
from Comprehensive Gynecology
by Gretchen M. Lentz, David M. Gershenson
Elsevier Mosby, 2012

Common causes of constipation are insufficient intake of fluid or dietary fiber, lack of physical activity, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and diverticulitis.

“Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice” by Susan G. Salvo
from Massage Therapy E-Book: Principles and Practice
by Susan G. Salvo
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2019

Lifestyle and dietary factors can contribute to the genesis of constipation: insufficient fibre and fluid intake, immobility of any cause, and insufficient response to the normal defaecation reflex.

“Oxford Textbook of Primary Medical Care” by Roger Jones (Prof.)
from Oxford Textbook of Primary Medical Care
by Roger Jones (Prof.)
Oxford University Press, 2005

Dehydration causes a small, dry, hard stool that may irritate the colon, causing spasm, or may fail to stimulate normal colonic motility.

“Watson's Clinical Nursing and Related Sciences E-Book” by Mike Walsh, Alison Crumbie, Anna Walsh, Angela McKeane
from Watson’s Clinical Nursing and Related Sciences E-Book
by Mike Walsh, Alison Crumbie, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2007

The most common causes of constipation are low-fiber diet, lack of physical activity, not taking in enough fluid, and delaying going to the bathroom when the urge to have a bowel movement is felt (Box 19-1).

“Understanding Pharmacology E-Book: Essentials for Medication Safety” by M. Linda Workman, Linda A. LaCharity, Susan L. Kruchko
from Understanding Pharmacology E-Book: Essentials for Medication Safety
by M. Linda Workman, Linda A. LaCharity, Susan L. Kruchko
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2013

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  • Whenever I go to toilet I can’t pop properly. There is lots of thought come in my mind like someone is looking me or he/she gonna knock the door,… That’s why my pop won’t come.
    Help me

  • thank you so much thank you so much for this education i have server constipation i dont no why i just had a colon oscopy my gastro dr say i have
    a good colon i had only one polyp but i also had atrophic gastritis and a geasophical web im a nemia for yrs i have no innergy some times my iron an b 12 an vitaman d all get low at times i dot no why i get this constipation i dont no why but i wasnt always like this i use too have real long and smooth stools
    some times 3 to 4 times in one day when i get my periods, my constipations started about 6 yrs ago with pre to full menopause is when it started. how to make it stop dr how to make it stop.

  • Cute animation but I have a question regarding to liquids or especially water do I have to drink 8 glasses all at once after eating?

  • I’m on the toilet crying too it’s like stuck right there at the outlet going compartment they I would like for them to put me to sleep and just take it out hey aman

  • Here I’ll tell you something if you ever feel you can’t push shit out your blocked up take 6 laxative chocolate pieces and fuck… You will feel the thunder

  • I don’t know if I’m constipated or what…..I go to pass stool and it comes out but then feels like it’s blocked and more is up there. I’m also going less than I used to. I’m passing stool twice a day maximum

  • I eat plenty of fibre, drink SO MUCH water my pee is clear, and I average 20k steps a day as well as exercise. I still have to take so many prescribed laxatives or I don’t go. I have got a redundant colon and short of surgery to remove the excess; I don’t know what I can do:(

  • My son had a problem with constipation, now we are giving him products of Planet Ayurvedasuch as Vara Churna or Triphala Powder. This has proved very beneficial for him.

  • I’ve had an issue where it feels like the sphincter doesn’t open up like it should on one side. I don’t understand what’s going on in there. But it’s getting pretty bad. I’m concerned.

  • I’ve been constipated since May 2020…I’ve taken laxatives 2 times this July and August and it freaking work but after I stopped taking laxatives (which is also not good if you always take them) my day is always inside that toilet! and hey I cry when they come out because it hurts so bad you’ll just say this to yourself “GIVING BIRTH IS MORE PAINFUL BUDDY”…..

  • This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about “how to cure constipation” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Qaneah Neynna Takeover (just google it )? Ive heard some super things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

  • So I’ve dealt with constipation off and on for a long time. And it seems to be accompanied by really sharp abdominal pains localized around my right hip? Yeah, any clue as to what that might be about? (After a nasty bought of constipation, or even if I don’t get constipated but just slow down a little it can hurt, and then stay sore for a few days afterward.)

  • My grandpa always said “eat lots of mellow greens and that should loosen up those hard brown logs” but in spite of this information, we always had problems flushing his fecals down the toilet. Last week by accident he lost his wrist watch down the toilet bowl along with a giant brown, gooey ‘responder’.

  • my poop is LITERALLY in tHeRe and ITS LIKE A STONE AND it’s IN ANOTHER DIRECTION AND I CANT PoOp. I didn’t SlEEp ToDay please heLp me ive struggling for 4 days to geT THis thing out I’m in pain ); I miss reliving like before ); I only eat vitamin d that’s the only pill

  • Ok so I have been dealing with constipation the past 5 days and I’m kinda hesitant about some things maybe you guys can help me, I do take laxatives and I actually do go to the toilet and poop (not a lot) but there is that one piece that isnt coming out so my mom investigated it and to told it’s like a pimple in your bum but at the same I can’t believe cuz I kinda feel like its blocking some of my poop, can someone pls tell me who’s right?

  • So you telling me…..all i had to do was straighten my posture on the toilet and my poop would come out?


  • I drink warm water throughout the day then also I feel constipation and I go to washroom once in a week, really hard problem of constipation.

  • diarrhea with constipation? is what I have, help!?! and Im vegan whole fruit and veggie not processed food. Im lucky to go once a day. Im having an endoscopy and colonoscopy and I work out

  • GUYS! This is from a professional in getting constipation (since I was 3 I would get it constantly) so here is some tips.

    1. RECOGNIZE IT EARLY, I used to go without pooping for 2 months, IT WAS HELL to say the least, it feels like your toes are full of poo as well. So if you have gone past when usually poop (it’s different for everyone I know some go as late as once a week mines usually 1-2 days) you probably are constipated
    2. Eat fiber! Fiber helps with poo. It can help and prevent future constipation.
    3. Often I find that drinking water doesn’t actually HELP pushing put the turd, but it helps prevent, so I don’t honestly recommend water
    4. GET A SQUATY POTTY. They help you get in the pooping position that helps it come out easier, I swear by them a LOT
    5. LAXATIVES AND STOOL SOFTNERS DON’T WORK ON EVERYONE. I’ve tried stool softeners and laxatives EVERY TIME I’ve had constipation (more then 10 times I’ve had constipation). They have not worked.
    6. MAGNESIUM MIGHT WORK. I have used a magnesia drink with constipation and it worked pretty good!
    7. TRY VASELINE. Now this might sound really gross and stuff, but putting some Vaseline between your cheeks (you know what cheeks constipated peeps). It can help the poo slide out. I’ve tried it. But It doesn’t work EVERY time!
    8. SUPPOSITORIES I SWEAR BY EVERY TIME. if you have done everything you can try a suppository. THEY WORK IN 15-30 WAS MINUTES. Look up how to use them if you don’t know how.
    9. Somtimes, nothing will work for you, you just gotta push and scream it out. I did it just now, it hurt really bad it felt like I was giving birth to a 30 pound poo. But it came out. I RECOMMEND TAKING A BATH AFTER THIS CAUSE YOUR BUTT WILL REALLY BE SORE AND HURT! The bath often helps with the pain

    I really hope these tips might work for you and reply of they did constipated peeps! If they didn’t you can reply to that too and maybe say what DID work and I might add that too <3

  • I swear I literally got constipated once every week it’s awful I’m sitting on the toilet watching this right now and it just came out �� from now on I’m gunna eat healthy bc I swear it’s what I’m eating I eat to much lol

  • As specialist, I think Erectodom Secrets can be great way to last longer in bed. Why not give it a chance? perhaps it will work for you too.

  • [ Find out the reason why you got constipation? ]

    1. is it because of low fiber diet [ or ]
    2. is it because of low intake of water [ or ]
    3. is it because of medicational side effects
    [ or ]
    4. is it because of any intestinal bowel disease.

    [ symptoms of constipation ]

    1. bulging stomach, stomach discomfort
    2. pooping not regularly
    3. bloating or hard to pass gas
    4. hard stool

    [ constipation may cause ]

    1. pain while pooping
    2. bloody motions
    3. hard stool
    [ Due to hard stool, a crack happens in the
    anus, so you feel bloody motion]

    [ Tips to fight constipation ]

    1. Take high fiber diet

    1. Eat apple with peel
    2. Eat carrot or drink carrot juice
    3. Eat fruits
    4. Eat green leafy vegetables
    5. Drink Oat meal
    6. Drink more water

    2. Some anxiety or depression or some
    other medicines also causes constipation
    ask ur doctor what to do
    Whether to stop or change of medication

    3. poor bathroom habits also causes

    if u are resisting yourself not going to
    bathroom then u have chance to get

    4. any bowel related issues also causes

    Be healthy, stay fit, stay strong

  • I lost like 25 pounds in 2 months and im only 15, my stomach hurts every night and only at night, i have a bowel movement every day, some times its long and smooth but sometimes is in ball shape. Im actually scared i might die because i heard if its not treated in time it can become life threatining and ive been eating tons more fiber and drinking tons more water and my stomach lain hasnt gone away for 2 months

  • I’ve been surrounded by a lot of people with orthorexia or very restricted diets in the types of foods they eat (only “clean” foods, etc), and a common issue seems to be constipation. I was told by my eating disorder dietitian that eating too much fiber causes constipationwhich makes total sense to me. If you’re eating nearly all plant products, it seems like your body might have a hard time breaking all of that down. I feel like this might be a common problem among people following influencers who eat perfectly clean, plant based diets. People with already healthy diets with plenty of fruits & veggies are being told to fix constipation with more fiber, and in the process, un-intentionally making it impossible to have a healthy digestive system. Thoughts?

  • My Constipation is gone within a week I worked so hard. I drank a glass of warm water every morning, water with salt, ate lots of fruit, massaged my belly, went to the bathroom 4 times s day pushing as much as I can, only used a little bit of Laxatives(when I say a little I mean like a little a little).

  • My daughter in law never poops and she is just growing humongous around the middle. She won’t do anything about it, if that was me, I would be drinking coconut milk, oats and greens daily. I am a vegan and have no more problems with IBS. I recommend the diet to anyone having poo problems.

  • Then eat raw vegetables and fruits which have natural water in its cells comparing to cooked food. It will not dehydrate in large intestines and stool will be soft

  • This is glorious, I been tryin to find out about “cure constipation with natural laxatives” for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried Qaneah Neynna Takeover (do a search on google )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my friend got amazing success with it.

  • Constipation home remedy:
    Roast in low flame separately for 10 mins each:
    Fenugreek 2 /3 cup
    Cumin 1 /3 cup
    Black cumin 1/3 cup
    Carom seeds 1 /3 cup

    Switch the stove off.
    Use the hot pan (without flame) to roast:
    Flax seed 1/3 cup

    After each of above ingredient cools down, separately grind each in a small food processor. Finally mix all 5 together.

    Store in a air tight container with spoon in itself.

    Consume 1 teaspoon of this powder every night before sleep. Follow this religiously for few days for better results.

    You can thank me later. ��

    (Avoid consuming during menstruation).

  • Had surgery a week ago. Had to go to
    The er because I was in pain. Er doctor told me I was backed up. I came home and got that febreeze bottle and concentrated on it so hard it started levitating in the air. Next thing I know I woke up back in the hospital! My dumb ass had fainted trying to pass that hard stool. Now I have stitches in my butt and a adult pamper on. The End.

  • Conspitsrtin occur when you not chew your food properly your stomach don’t have teeth if you not chew your food properly your food is not digest & this lead to constipation always remember your gut is a mirror of your face if your gut is not healthy & clean it’s lead to acne & other skin problems acne always cause by poor digestion ����

  • Pear juice (from the organic aisle) can work when this happens. I’ve been in this situation and it does suck. Drink a glass of it for every 4 hours. The affects like you will feel like going to the bathroom will come by 20 to 60 minutes. Beware, your stool will first become watery but You’ll be fine once your stool will be starting to be smooth chunks and not be hard

    You don’t have to listen to me but this is just a tip or trick of experience

  • Me: drinks 4-5 liters of water a day, eats a lot of fruits and veggies and a fibre balanced diet,exercises 3 times a week,is a vegetarian and eats less dairy…………..still can’t get my daily movements without eating 2 laxatives������

  • I’ve been really stressed out at work lately so I’ve been eating a lot of cake, donuts and pizza. Haven’t been able to drop a deuce in almost a week.
    Lord help me.

  • when ever go away i get terrible Constipation it puts me off going away. I get home and literally the minute i walk into my house boom here it comes.

  • tips to get the poop outta you:
    number one: drink A LOT of water.
    number two: do not eat junk foods.
    number three: take an enema or suppository. suppositories burn for me though, so i recommend enemas. enemas are something you stick up you rectum (butt) and inject fluid inside. it makes stool less hard and makes it easier to come out!
    number four: get epsom salt and take an epsom salt bath. it relaxes your muscles, making it easier to go.

    that’s all i have for help!!

  • For more TED-Ed lessons that people love to watch, but are too embarrassed to share, check out this playlist:

  • I started going to the gym a couple weeks ago. After a few days of going to the gym I noticed that my appetite grew because my body was using all its fuel as I worked out. So I been eating a lot more every day. However, I haven’t been going to the bathroom as often. I’ve been going once every two or three days (in those three days I also eat big foods). I am not sure if this is because my body is actually using most of the food in order to repair muscles and lost vitamins. So that’s why it’s taking longer to shit. Or if I’m constipated?

  • How about having to go so bad while standing that the urge is almost uncontrollable and then when you sit down on the toilet the urge disappears? This has been happening for a couple years now and I’m about to lose my mind over it. Had all kinds of testing so far nothing but anxiety and IBS. Just now figuring out that my diaphragm may be involved and have exercises to do for that.

  • The worst constipation of my life was I ate several bowls of Grape Nuts fiber cereal. Backed up for 2 weeks, barely getting anything out.

  • I stopped working out for a month cuz of a surgery, and ever since that i became constipated becuz im mostly on bed and im not so active, im currently taking laxatives to ease my constipation and tomorrow i will start working out again i cant wait to be free from constipation

  • I ate like 30 cheese quesadillas in one/two weeks and now I’m super constipated it’s been a week of being constipated because of the cheese…

  • Hey! I need your help for as long as I can remember (12 years) I have been struggling with chronic constipation on my good weeks I go to the toilet about twice in my amazing weeks maybe about 5 times but on my bad time I go about a once a month. Two weeks ago I hadn’t been to the toilet in 2 months my bottom felt like it was exploding and I just had to go it was the worst I was sweating buckets and I thought I could just give up when I felt how sore it was so I stood up. It wouldn’t go back in so when I sat down I felt like I was unconscious but awake, if that makes any sense at all. Also when I poop really hard and then when I wipe there is blood coming from my back but I’m not sure what to do but when I get diarrhoea it kinda a big relief and I get overjoyed when I do get it, it hurts like hell so please help me I need you. ������

  • Watching this next to my gf while she’s constipated. But I’m not gonna tell her about the cure. Haha! She’s got stomach pain ATM. Lol. ����

  • me watching this video on the toilet with constipation ������

    (coincidentally i even didn’t search for it; it came up in my recommended)

  • Je tiens à remercier le Dr Isah Johnson pour avoir utilisé sa phytothérapie pour guérir le virus fibrome de ma femme, depuis 3 ans, ma femme souffre de cette maladie fibrome et cela pose des défis à ma femme, nous étions tellement perplexes car ma femme en a pris plusieurs médicaments à guérir, mais tous nos efforts ont été vains, un matin fatidique où je naviguais sur Internet, puis j’ai vu plusieurs témoignages sur le Dr Isah Johnson guérissant des personnes de leur maladie fibrome immédiatement j’ai contacté un médecin. Je lui ai parlé des problèmes de ma femme et il m’a dit que ma femme devait être guérie de ce fibrome, alors il a préparé un médicament à base de plantes pour ma femme qu’elle utilise pendant 3 semaines et tout était comme un rêve pour ma femme. Pourquoi ne pas le contacter aujourd’hui et être libéré de vos maladies et recevoir vos désirs cardiaques par e-mail, [email protected] ou Whatsapp lui au +2349065613964

  • But yall failed to tell that when if your backed up, when it starts to come out, it HURTS SOOOO BADD! cuz it comes out of your intestines.

  • that’s how I don’t understand what’s happening to me. I used to have a very regular toilet habit. But then one day I have a serious constipation problem. I thought I solved that problem that night but no. Till now I am still having a big trouble with my toilet habit. I exercise a lot, and I drink enough water, and I also eat a lot vegetables ( cuz I like eating vegetables) I went to the doctor and after the checking, he said everything is fine.
    So what’ s the problem. I’m super confused. I look myself at the mirror getting fatter day by day. sucks
    what can i do (sorry about my poor English)

  • So i had a fever last night so i took medicine and went to sleep i wore loose pants,so in the middle of the night i was woken up by something,my pant was wet so i went to the bathroom and checked my butt and it was a yellowish fluid there i smelled it and it smelled gross i wiped it off and went to sleep again it happened i need help please

  • MyLife has been destroyed because bloating stomach and bowel problems make me so bloated I can’t even believe and then I start thinking the worst what if and when I go to the doctors because I’m so worked my heart is there a is that 130 beats per minute most times up I have the worst panic disorder anxiety and they tell me to calm down tell me it’s just anxiety here’s some Diazepam bye bye basically I feel mentally and physically drained because nothing has been done. The only good thing about it all this pain has made me connect with the universe synchronicity

  • If more people would just educate themselves on the importance of a balance diet there were be very little of this problem reoccurring at all, but way to tackle it Abbey. Another set of myths totally busted. Now.. Let me get back to this chocolate bar.

  • Guaranteed solutions for constipation,click here for simple home remedies

  • The cure for constipation is drink water all day even when youre hungry drink water even wheen u wake up at night to pee, drink water always.

  • Whenever I go to toilet I can’t pop properly. There is lots of thought come in my mind like someone is looking me or he/she gonna knock the door,… That’s why my pop won’t come.
    Help me

  • I suffer from constipation and it gives me anxiety and the more i suffered is having a hemmorhoids and im depressed about it
    Pleaseeeee neeed heeeelp:<

  • To Diagnose Constipation based on the Rome 4 diagnostic criteria Click our medical calculator

  • lets be honest here we all have constipation not 1x 2x 3x 4x but five times! comment here if u hold ur poop for 1 weeks or more (im not constipated anymore just drink water or eat beans it has fiber that makes ur poop soften also dont eat fried foods everyday or red meat or dairy products they make ur poop harder!-dr.pacific gamer lol

  • I’ve been constipated for 2 days in a row I thought it was over yesterday but I’m on the toilet again, my stomach is killing me it hurts sooooo bad

  • I was constipated and so desperate after a month of this crap. At 3am I went to the store, bought prune juice, prunes, coconut water, sports drinks (for more electrolytes, avocados (for potassium) and kiwis and ate and drank a bit of everything. Within an hour I pooped after 5 days of no brown snakes

  • Wow. Whole of great info here. Thank you for taking the time to really break this down into simple terms. I do know I need more water, dehydration is just not okay. The thing is, water is just so… flavorless. Maybe I’ll put some lemon in it?

  • I have gastroparesis and IBSD. GAD, bipolar1 and bpd as well. On top of that, a colonoscopy revealed that i have a narrow colon at the age of 25. I suffer every morning i wake up for several months now. This is my life. ��

  • Very informatic Video! It is not very surprising to see the increase in the number of constipation cases across the globe due to the inappropriate lifestyle. On top of which, the patients also delay reaching out to get medical attention for the same assuming it will go off on it own but that’s in few cases whereas the rest lead to piles, fissure and fistula. It must be made aware that people reach out to a Proctologist for these disease at the earliest. 

    We have treated more than 10,000 cases of constipation with the help of STARR Procedure which is highest across the globe and 5,000 patients with non-surgical methods and lifestyle changes. You can ask us any questions if required and we will reach out to you.

  • Hey Abbey, in lieu of this recent pandemic, we’re buying a Berkey water filter. Some people online have said we need to add things like Trace Minerals or buy the Fluoride filter (with the reason that Fluoride is supposedly an endocrine disrupter?). What does your education and experience say?

  • Well I’ve been having costipation problems for a few years and Because of straining i have hemorrhoids as well. My poop has been quite narrow for the last month or so and I have been having more constipation problems since last week when i started exercising more. I tried a laxative but yesterday i had to go to poop 4 times and it was just small quantities and narrow stools. I was wondering if it’s the hemorrhoids causing narrow stools or constipation or if there is something wrong that i need to go 4 times now and it always feels like all poop has not come out. Do i need to go to a doctor?

  • Elvis died of a heart attack from constipation. With all of the opiates in his system, he must have been straining hard that night, sweating everywhere and his heart just bursted, then he has the embarrassment of dying on the toilet. Hit buddies had the decency to flush though. They said his poop looked like clay.

  • Whenever I’m out from my comfort zone I can’t pop.
    I can only pop in peace where there is no one. It creates me problems. Help me

  • I go every morning without fail and it’s quite firm the first one.
    But within 2 hours I’m back in the toilet and it’s like diarrhoea every day

  • Been having this for around 2 years? Before that, i had normal shitting routines and everytime i woke up, i can feel my stomach working. Pineapple juice, tea and warm water every morning is my solution.

  • I have constipation due to anxiety, i have been worrying about my future since 4 years and this has made house inside my mind. Whenever i get really productive i get extreme urge to poop and feel great in the head at the same time, other times feels normal and i am constipated if i dont work. So the normal is actually the anxiety. I start telling my mind its ok, its ok, then slowly the symptoms easing up.

    So, one stuff that really helped my anxiety is ashwagandha, i take 2-3grams of it and can feel my mind lighten and bowel move after 1-2hrs, you can try this. For me, just relaxing / watching netflix doesn’t seem to relieve my anxiety, its just normal. The anxiety relieves only when i solve it by working. So, cut the crap, find your worry reason, treat it, our subconsious mind cant be outsmarted for a good reason, for me, the anxiety is really my friend, i was procrastinating for years, now i have no choice and working actually feels good.

  • My father is on bed since 2018,,,He has been constipated and edema on his left feet since I started norvask high bp control medicine,,,,,,but I didn’t know till 2020 Feb,,,I have stopped norvask,,,he had pain or urge or felt.potty but due to constipation no potty came out or if no gas passed it got very painful,,,,,since I stopped norvask and give him stool softener (prune and sorbitol mix ) syrup his constipation broke but he keeps urge potty and keep try to potty and little potty came out at regular times why is that?he use adult diaper and age is 69_
    Plz help if anyone cane
    Needy daughter from pakistan…..his left abdominal side gets very hard too,,,right abdominal is fluffy

  • I was constipated then I just asked god to help me through the pain and then what do ya know, mud gates are open again… broski up in heaven works pretty fast

  • Whenever I go to toilet I can’t pop properly. There is lots of thought come in my mind like someone is looking me or he
    /she gonna knock the door,… That’s why my pop won’t come.
    Help me


  • My stool is so hard it won’t pass threw the rectum.  I’ve had to help it by digging with my finger to get it started.  Do I need a stool softmer or a longer finger?  Would a laxitave  help

  • I’ve just invented a new word. Constipated like man I can’t go to the bathroom I’m constipated is a singular event. My new word is constantlypated. Which tells the doctor or the wizard or whoever you’re visiting to have it fixed,,,,if you say I’m constantlypated it saves time from saying I’m always constipated or I have a constipation problem. Notice the difference hey doc I’m constantlypated.

  • My brother has a constipation problem. My Uncle told me about Planet Ayurveda. I started my brother’s medicines from Planet Ayurveda. Now he feels more relief.

  • I didn’t poop everyday on the vegan diet but my shits were bigger. I didn’t poop everyday on the keto diet but my shits were small. I poop once a week

  • I guess everyone is different. I’ve had “lazy bowels” since I was a baby, this was a literal quote from my doctor. My new doctor told me to cut out dairy and it pretty much cured my my constipation. TMI but my bowels started becoming active without stimulants. Turns out I’m dairy intolerant and constipation is one of the symptoms.

  • Try drinking prune juice, it works like a charm. If that doesn’t work, take laxatives and make sure to go when you have the urge. ��

  • What food cause constipation…?
    1. Egg and egg products like cake
    2. Sugar, glucose or sweetened products or canned fruits, bananas
    3. chocolate
    4. white bread
    5. corn starch, lotus seeds

    Things that relieve constipation.
    1. take fruits like oranges, pineapples (do not eat the core), fruits of high fibre every day
    2. take more fibre food like oats…
    3. take more vegetables (french beans, long beans) and less meat
    4. exercise and frequently drink water

  • If you’re really backed up a relatively quick fix is magnesium citrate. Drink the full 10oz. and follow it with some water… may experience diarrhea, after you go take a tablespoon of psyllium husk each night with a full glass of water to keep you regular… keep stress and anxiety at a minimum. I pray that all of you who see this comment find relief.

  • You may look just a bit silly but I thank you from the very bottom of my heart ( no pun intended) constipation is one of the most uncomfortable things to go through and you really helped me get through it a bit easier and with a lot less pain thank you so much and God bless you

  • I was with Chronic Constipation from July 7, 2019 to January 6, 2020 when I noticed when I started getting Intractable Hiccups since July 7, 2019 to January 6, 2020. Now I only get hiccups 3 or 4 times per day for a short time just like last time before the Intractable Ones started from Chronic Constipation.

  • For me i think the people that says “I’vͤeⷯ BeⷭEnͨ cⷭoͤNStͣiͩpͧAtⷥEdͣ fⷥoⷦR yͦeⷮArⷭS nͣOwⷯ” are just making fun of people that are ACTUALLY constipated

    If it been years you should already have surgery bruh��

  • Actully i have this thing tjat my docter give me its called meta mucil you have to put 2 spoons for childern and adults you havs to mix it super fast and drink it super fast or else it would turn into slop its made up of alot of fiber iron and vitimans and more too its good for your body

  • i got pretty sick and i went to the doctor two days ago and he’s saying that it is most likely constipation and we were talking about stools so it was kinda embarrassing and awkward for me so i’m trying to see if i can fix this-

  • when i drink water with two tablespoons of stool softener it makes my poop even harder like wHAtnow time to suffer more:D
    and i have had constipation almost my whole life (NOT STRAIGHT, IT COMES AND GOES.) my whole life i have suffered with this darn constipation.

  • Is it just me or too much fiber makes things a lot worse? I always try not to go too crazy about it when I have issues,because if I do so,I become incredibly bloated and it doesn’t help that much. I eat fiber on a regular basis and I’m regular rn,but I don’t overdo it. Best tip for me is drinking more water,having oats or other kinds of cereal in the morning right after waking up,a cup of coffee and it works wonders.

  • I had a bowelmovement was big, hard,dry and
    Some came out round
    Looking like rocks..& my
    Backpain finally went
    Away…but,I’m sure… i haven’t even scratched
    The surface..from the
    Rest of the gunk in my
    Colon..It’s time to go on a

  • Cheers for this, been searching for “what can i do for constipation at home” for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about Qaneah Neynna Takeover (do a search on google )? Ive heard some decent things about it and my co-worker got cool results with it.

  • I got married to my lovely husband for the past 5 years without conceiving and fibroid was the issue, i took different prescribed medication but could not cure it but my husband was so confident in me and kept encouraging me that one day someone would call me mother, we did not rest searching for solution from different Doctors all they could say was surgery and i was afraid of that then a friend in my office introduced me to Dr.Ebhota who sent his product to me which i took and it really worked perfectly, and my Doc. confirmed me pregnant after 1 month of taken his product. You can contact him on whats-app: +2349035324155 or email him, [email protected]

  • MiraLAX my people!!!!!!!! God it helps my butt has never been better but damn those MiraLAX farts �� are so bad!!! But so worth it

  • I exercise a lot. I was drinking a lot of water, but losing it through sweat. I was dehydrated, this constipated. Gatorade has turned my life around. I drink Gatorade now after and during my workouts. It is a power hydration drink and it has moved things along if you know what I mean. ��

  • I’m severally constipated yesterday I felt like pooping but nothing came out! Only a little bit I took laxitives I went to the bathroom same thing but nothing came out today I woke up I went to the bathroom only a little bit I kept pushing but I stopped it my mom made me some green tea and gave me vegetables to eat right now I’m laying on my couch and my butt hurts alot the worst part is I’m only 15

  • Constipation pains are probably one of the worst pains I’ve ever felt in my life. I can feel my feces laying on my large intestine and it hurts so bad. Laxatives haven’t done anything for me and the symptoms come once in a blue moon. It’s been bad recently and I don’t know what to do.

  • Water makes all the difference in the world. Really. I think most people with issues need to take a good look at how much water their drinking.