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She is associate professor of medicine in the Duke Cancer Network in North Carolina. She discussed some common misconceptions about liver cancer and the truths that refute them. Myth: Liver problems are painful.

Truth: “Part of the problem with liver disease and liver cancer is that it tends to be silent until it’s advanced,” says Dr. Thomas. “It’s silent because the inside of the. Worldwide, the most common risk factor for liver cancer is chronic (long-term) infection with hepatitis B virus (HBV) or hepatitis C virus (HCV). These infections lead to cirrhosis of the liver and are responsible for making liver cancer the most common cancer in.

Read on to know some of the myths and facts about liver cancer. Liver cancer is caused by alcohol: This is one of the most common myth, which is not true. While alcohol definitely has a role to play in liver cancer, not all victims are alcoholics. Hepatocellular carcinoma is a common liver cancer with poor prognosis. With symptoms not discovered until later stages, it is considered the most fatal malignant liver cancer.

Among the most common misconceptions identified in the survey: 41% said they believed surgery could spread cancer, and 13% said they didn’t know if this was true. But wrong ideas about cancer can lead to needless worry and even hinder good prevention and treatment decisions. This page provides the latest science-based information about some common cancer myths and misconceptions. Is cancer a death sentence? In the United States, the likelihood of dying from cancer has dropped steadily since the 1990s.

Liver cancer: Warning of deadly disease which lies in colour of your skin and eyes. LIVER cancer: There are around 6,100 new liver cancer cases in the UK every year, which works out to be 17 new cases every day. Some of the most common symptoms of liver cancer are: Weight loss (without trying). Liver cancer is a common and aggressive malignancy, but available treatment approaches remain suboptimal. Cancer targeting Gene-Viro-Therapy (CTGVT) has shown excellent anti-tumor effects in a.

NEW ORLEANS – Hepatocellular carcinoma is a common liver cancer with poor prognosis. With symptoms not discovered until later stages, it is considered the most fatal malignant liver cancer worldwide. But a research team in the Tulane University Department of Biomedical Engineering said it is developing a novel cancer treatment that is able to shrink.

List of related literature:

Likewise, every medical student knows that the combination of a glass eye and hepatomegaly points to the diagnosis of liver metastases of ocular melanoma, a neoplasm that seems invariably to be able to find its way to the liver, apparently ignoring many other potential sites of metastasis on its way.

“Applied Basic Science for Basic Surgical Training E-Book” by Andrew T Raftery
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Patients with chronic HCV infections also are at risk of cirrhosis and liver cancer (FIGURES 21-26 AND 21-27).

“An Introduction to Human Disease: Pathology and Pathophysiology Correlations” by Leonard V. Crowley
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Almost 90% of patients with hepatic metastases have tumour deposits in other sites.

“Principles and Practice of Surgery E-Book: With STUDENT CONSULT Online Access” by O. James Garden, Andrew W. Bradbury, John L. R. Forsythe, Rowan W Parks
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Liver cancer is always primary, no matter what else you hear.

“Medical Medium Liver Rescue: Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO & Autoimmune Disease” by Anthony William
from Medical Medium Liver Rescue: Answers to Eczema, Psoriasis, Diabetes, Strep, Acne, Gout, Bloating, Gallstones, Adrenal Stress, Fatigue, Fatty Liver, Weight Issues, SIBO & Autoimmune Disease
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Approximately 50% of patients with colorectal cancer (CRC) develop metastases (mCRC) during the course of disease, with liver the most frequent site.

“AACR 2016: Abstracts 1-2696” by American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)
from AACR 2016: Abstracts 1-2696
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Incidence and Demographics IHE accounts for up to 12% of all pediatric liver tumors.

“Practical Hepatic Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach E-Book: A Volume in the Pattern Recognition Series” by Romil Saxena
from Practical Hepatic Pathology: A Diagnostic Approach E-Book: A Volume in the Pattern Recognition Series
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Patients with colon cancer have a 35% risk for recurrence in the liver, but only 10% to 20% of those identified have resectable disease.

“Sabiston Textbook of Surgery E-Book” by Courtney M. Townsend, R. Daniel Beauchamp, B. Mark Evers, Kenneth L. Mattox
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Even so, because liver cancer is typically advanced at diagnosis, few tumors are resectable.

“Visual Nursing: A Guide to Diseases, Skills, and Treatments” by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
from Visual Nursing: A Guide to Diseases, Skills, and Treatments
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Because the early signs and symptoms of liver cancer are vague, the condition is often not diagnosed until it is advanced.

“Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing” by Adrianne Dill Linton, PhD, RN, FAAN
from Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing
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The most common cancers found in the liver are metastases from other sites.

“The Brigham Intensive Review of Internal Medicine E-Book” by Ajay K. Singh, Joseph Loscalzo
from The Brigham Intensive Review of Internal Medicine E-Book
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  • It appears he enjoys the Fun & Excitement of having a JOURNALIST VOICE and decided to use Cancer as his topic to have something to talk about.
    �� ��He would have been more convincing talking about Fish & Dolphins on Disney Channel.������

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  • This message brought to you by FDA and Big Farma. Wake up people, cancer is good for business, they are not interested in finding the cure.
    Watch documentary about doctor Burzynski here on YouTube. #CancerCure
    Burzynski: The Cancer Cure Cover-up

  • Buttttt u didnt mention that if u cut out sugar that it will make the cancer cells a little bit more vulnerable for chemotherapy or radio therapy than it was before.

  • Contrary to myth 2, people have turned cancer around by eating a sugar free diet. Starches and sugars can be avoided also for weight loss.

  • Wouldn’t we have a data set for cancer from sharks in zoos & aquariums?
    Not eating too much sugar is just good health, you don’t want DM2, even if it’s useless for cancer. Also associated with obesity. I thought “Barista Bros Coffee” might be a better sugar choice than the soft drinks in the machine. It isn’t. It had 56.9g per 500mL!

  • Antioxidants aren’t the be all and ends all of cancer fighters. When I had cancer and researched especially cancer fighting chemicals, polyphenols and catechins figured high as well as a number of other chemicals. Catechins themselves make cancer cells go through apoptosis, the cell dying cycle. Catechins, flavenoids, polyphenols, and more come into our diet through fruits and vegetables including cruciforms (broccoli, cauliflower, kale), apples, cantaloupe, berries, etc., even tea, green or black.

    When we eat these, it helps our bodies fight rogue cancer cells every day. One caveat, though: if a cancer tumor is big enough to see through imaging, or detect through finding a lump, it’s too late to rely solely on these foods, and medical intervention (surgery, chemo, and /or radiation) is necessary.

    But it never hurts to help your treatment. Supplements made of these chemicals are expensive, but produce is not. And fruits and veggies are full of these cancer fighting chemicals.

    So when I had chemo and radiation, I followed my cravings in the produce section. Frozen veggies and fruits are just as good as fresh. In my reckoning, eating the produce itself gets the value of the chemicals AND also the value of perhaps unknown helper molecules that enhance the actions of these cancer fighting chemicals. There is still much to be researched about cancer fighting.

    Things I was drawn to: apples, Romaine lettuce (type doesn’t matter; I like Romaine best), rutabaga, cauliflower, broccoli, avocado, soybeans—edamame, V-8, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, potatoes, eggs, black olives, and a number of other foods. I ate meat for a substantial part of my diet. Especially hamburgers and pork. Fish and chicken made up little of the meat I ate. Pork and beef were important to me for other needs that fish and chicken, or even veggie protein could not fulfill.

    The one class of foods I was not drawn to was citrus fruits. I think many people think citrus fruits are necessary for vitamin C, but that’s bogus. Vitamin C is in all fresh produce. And you can only store about a month’s worth —a milligram —anyway.

    As far as common vs. organic, I ate and do eat mostly common produce. Why? My budget wouldn’t allow organic and their choice was limited. The main thing is to eat produce, whatever kind it is. And I ate hearty.

  • Actually not correct science not everything produces glucose. Your body naturally produces enough glucose necessary for body function. When you don’t feed your body glucose it creates ketones and burns fat as fuel instead of glucose. So telling people with cancer it’s ok to eat sugar you’re being uninformed and outright violent. Just another cog in the mega pharma industry helping people get sick and making them trillions of dollars in the mean time. I respected your show until this episode. How can I now trust anything you say. You’re assuming everyone who watches you is an idiot. I am very sad at this.

  • It seems that..this channel is just made for discouraging naturopathy by fake big pharma conducted studies..
    The reality is cancer patients died early bcoz of chemotherapy used by allopathy.

  • I have Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. A person told me to quit eating sugar and the cancer would be gone. She said she had some essential oils for me too. I looked at here like she was out of her mind. I have a youtube channel too if anyone is interested. Just started it. Thanks.

  • Good stuff! Regarding biopsies, doctors can now use a double needle method whereby a larger needle surrounds a smaller one that actually does the sampling so that cels are not dragged out of the tumor.

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  • To test if someone has a tumor, you give the patient radioactive sugar, glucos. Then you can see that the sugar, hastily goes directly to the tumor and gathers there.

    If you do not give your mouth sugar, then your tumor has to fight for it’s existens.

    Ketons is the glucosis a mans body produces in the liver, from our other source of energy, FAT! Ketons are anticancerogene (?). They are harmful to tumors! According to science that this channel do not investigate??? Why? You will not get a complete picture. Cancer is fought with eliminating as much carbohydrate/sugar as you can. And live the rest of life ketogenic. Like people have done for 200 000 years. No grocerystore, no cancer! You pay for garbage to get cancer (:

  • ❤️❤️Marie Caisse WAS CURING MOST of her Cancer patients in the 1920s until the AMA stopped her. She provided a diet including great amounts of vitamin B-17. Sugar is necessary to make your body acidic which is why the American government approves of all the different names of sugar and allows sugar to be an almost every product you eat. Sugar causes acidity in the body when the normal pH is supposed to be 7.35 (slightly alkaline). She created an herbal tea and named it using her last name in reverse… Below is a link to acquire this natural herbal tea. Please research her and Harry Hoxie who were both curing cancer patients nearly a century ago until the AMA and the federal government shut them down. Please research her as well as harry Hoxsey… They were both curing cancer until the AMA and the federal government stopped them.

    Marie’s Essiac tea:

  • Change the chemistry of the body to alkaline and the cancer will die.
    The body has two systems blood and lymph. Blood side is alkaline and lymph side handles acid(wastes) If kidneys are weak or not working then you cannot get out the acids and it will chew on you. Try holding coke in your mouth a few days and see what happens. Change the diet to alkaline mainly fruits, get the kidneys to filter (herbs) and watch the change back to wellville.

  • I am told that the occurrence of cancer is of the fourth order of age. That means once higher than cubed. A lot. The medical business needs money so it ignores the virtually free proven and blocks knowledge of them.

  • Shark cartalige helps repair damaged joints. Egg plant and Devils apple extract destroys skin cancer, chasing every bit of it. That is proven and it is available in Australia and USA.

  • Cancer is a hoax it’s not real. Donald Trump says so and he dont lie like people say. The people are liars. Donald Trump says so and he is the president and you have to be really smart to be the president.

  • Please Help! We’re literally buying time with Mom��

  • Maybe it is over eating that is causing much trouble to the immune system and helping cancer cells to grow. Whatever it is from sugar or protein, eventually all is converted into glucose to be usable by the muscle and the cells in general. Obese people have a tendency to have more cancer so the link seem plausable enough. The other problem is over eating food that have no minerals and enzimes and vitamins. That’s what we are being ‘served’ by industrialistic food production. A cabbage in 1960 had way more minerals and vitamins than today’s cabbage.

    So there might be a link there…

  • Any cancer must not be treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but with healthy starvation periods alternated with periods of eating only natural/bio fruits and vegetables, with 8 hours sleep each night, walks / exercise into the nature (fresh air), without stress but with happy / optimistic state of mind, not eating sugar and meat at all… the tumors being “digested“ in few months or even weeks (it is also highly recommended to not have any sexual involvement over the healing period so that the body can use all energy for curing the cancer).
    An additional explanation, for the honest, serious and reasonable readers, over the healthy starvation period, the body will start searching for feeding with all its unused parts / tissues (including the tumors). That is why (after some time) the tumors will be “consumed”.
    The healthy periods of fasting / starvation help our immune system and induce the state of ketosis (consumption of the fats stored in the body) and gluconeogenesis (by exercising outdoors, when we are not eating almost anything for a long enough period, our body will “digest” also all the tumors in the body).
    Many other diseases can be prevented and cured in this way (such as: diabetes, heart problems, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.).
    Please excuse my English, while it is not my native language.
    Anyone can make an easier experiment to convince himself/herself. For a weekend, eat nothing but just drink, several times each day, some tea with lemon and a little honey, taking with these occasions a spoon or two of black grapes seeds powder (the grape seed extract is a dietary supplement made by drying and pulverizing the bitter-tasting seeds of grapes).
    The tea can be made by using only lemons (bio lemons the better), well washed, cut in slices squeezed in the water before to be boiled (enough but not too much, you know). Then, after it is no longer hot, sweeten it with a little honey (100% natural honey), and add a new/fresh slice of lemon, also squeezed in that cup/glass of tea.
    I make my own black grapes powder at home from 100% bio black grapes dried marc, ground with a coffee grinder.

  • Myth 1) Eat sharks, sharks will eat you or anyone around you.
    2) Vitamin B-17 works well but is banned becuz it did.
    3) Iodine from seaweed will help prevent breast cancer, breastses requires iodine and many do not get any iodine at all, it was one reason why it was put in salt 100 years ago and to help prevent autism.
    Just old mythic tales…

  • Maybe the question is can we live without cancer… what if the reasons for getting it are essential to our evolution… such a puzzle tho…

  • “A lot of these misconceptions have a tiny bit of real science at the core,” he says. This is like the dangerous climate change crisis misconception.

    The real science:
    -Earth has warmed
    -CO2 has gone up 45%
    -CO2 is a greenhouse gas

    Therefore: CO2 has made a contribution to global warming.

    The misconception:
    -CO2 is the only warming factor
    -A warmer planet is a crisis


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  • My brother had cancer and they told him it’s untreatable, they said we will keep treating you but it’s a long shot, they advised him to cut sugar and red meat, oily food, and he should drink water with lemon every day. He kept going for his appointments to see the cancer stages, but the surprise was, the cancer were shrinking, and the last appointment he went too, the doctors were in shock that the the cancer just despaired all together, they told him what ever you doing keep doing it, cus it definitely worked, so yah sugar the worst enemy to a human being. Cutting in off is the best way, cancer feeds from sugar, my mother was diabetes and every time she test for her blood sugar it was always law it was a surprise for her cus she didn’t cut sugar from her system, but for all our surprise she had cancer and it was feeding from it tell it’s spread and killed her.

  • Did an adult review this video before release? Could they not get an adult to deliver it? Way too much face time on this guy! Don’t they have graphics? Best of luck, but go do your homework!

  • Scientists has added chemo drugs and medication to sugar thus targeting specific cancer cells and unlike conventional chemotherapy, it doesn’t destroy healthy cells, so in such cases, eating sugar is good! As for shark cartilage, sharks are high in mercury so eating shark suppliments is probably counter productive! Anti-Angiogenesis drugs such as Avastin which I paid $10k per month, didn’t work for my mother’s ovarian cancer. She died anyways! Not everything works even if its new and scientifically tested!

    Easiest way to fight cancer, think positive! Stay away from foods with nitrates which cause inflamation! Use Serrapeptase. Don’t cut out all foods, just eat it in moderation! Important to gain weight! Research frequency and vibrational therapy, as specifically leukemia cancer cells explode at a certain frequency between 200,000 300,000 hz! Research B17 found in nectarine seeds. Probably a good idea to cut down on sugars, carbs and eat it in moderation. Take alot of Vitamin C! Research Viruses, Fungus, Bacteria, Parasites which is known to cause all diseases especially Cancer! Scientific studies has shown that De-wormers and Anti-parasitic drugs for dogs, cured human lung cancer! Research Alkaline water, Alkaline diet and low acidic Ph! Do your research because all cancers behave differently in different people!

  • Antioxidants protect from oxidative damage from sugars, toxins like acrylamid and inflammation. They work in synergic way. They can create oxidation in high doses and lower endogenous antioxidant enzymes levels. They are part of foods for good reason, popping pills of extracted single substances, not during time of oxidative stress like meals is missing the point.

  • My mother ate a very antioxidant-rich diet for nearly her entire life. She also got her Omega 3 and 6 and everything else you can think of that prevents cancer cruciferous vegetables Etc. My mother had cancer eight times and we nearly lost her once. She had both breasts removed along with lymph nodes. She had her reproductive organs removed she had melanoma and beat them all. She lived up until a couple of months ago when she was 2 months away from being 86. I should live so long!:-)

  • So many people have completely gotten rid of their cancer from just cutting out sugar and carbs for a while and then eating really really clean after that.

  • He fully support the 2 cancer treatments used by main stream medicines chemo and radiation both are Carcinogens meaning they also cause cancer beside all the tests and research are paid and approved by bigpharma if it’s done by somebody else it’s NOT believed or approved!

  • Any cancer must not be treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but with healthy starvation periods alternated with periods of eating only natural/bio fruits and vegetables, with 8 hours sleep each night, walks / exercise into the nature (fresh air), without stress but with happy / optimistic state of mind, not eating sugar and meat at all… the tumors being “digested“ in few months or even weeks (it is also highly recommended to not have any sexual involvement over the healing period so that the body can use all energy for curing the cancer).
    An additional explanation, for the honest, serious and reasonable readers, over the healthy starvation period, the body will start searching for feeding with all its unused parts / tissues (including the tumors). That is why (after some time) the tumors will be “consumed”.

    Please excuse my English, because it is not my native language.

    You can make an easier experiment to convince yourself. For a weekend, eat nothing but just drink, several times each day, some tea with lemon and a little honey, taking with these occasions a spoon or two of black grapes seeds powder (the grape seed extract is a dietary supplement made by drying and pulverizing the bitter-tasting seeds of grapes). Then, starting with Monday you can come and write here how much better you feel. The tea can be made by using only lemons (bio lemons the better), well washed cut in slices squeezed in the water before to be boiled (enough but not too much, you know). Then, after it is no longer hot, sweeten it with a little honey (100% natural honey), and add a new/fresh slice of lemon, also squeezed in that cup/glass of tea.

    I make my own black grapes powder at home from 100% bio black grapes dried marc, ground with a coffee grinder.

  • So your saying maybe eat healthy and don’t take supplements.there are beneficial supplements there not all a scam.We are surrounded by carcinogens in our food,water, air which you seem to not want to mention.alot of cancer cases have environmental factors. you talk about cancer like it’s a cold everyone is destined to are killing people with psuedo science

  • The idea that whatever you eat, it will eventually become sugar is so fundamentally WRONG, or that your body can’t distinguish between a sugar calorie and a protein calorie. Your body doesnt have ANY calorie receptors in the first place and whether you’re predominately a glucose burner or a fat/ketone burner makes a difference in how your body processes nutritional substrates.

  • I’m sorry but it is common sense that refined sugar(sugar found in cereals, donuts, ice cream) as well as glucose-fructose syrup directly feeds cancer cells as proven in many researches in the past

  • ❤️❤️HARRY HOXSEY�� CURED OVER 80% OF HIS CANCER PATIENTS and most continued living for 10-15-20 or MORE years afterwards which is pretty good. He had 17 clinics (Hoxsey Institute) across United States and one in Mexico. A posting on YouTube titled “the quack that cured cancer” is about him.

    Chemo and x-rays only benefit 5% of patients and then they are given 5 years to live because the cancer will come back and this time the immune system is devastated from those harmful “treatments.“

    The human body has a natural pH level of 7.35 on average which is slightly alkaline. As long as the human body is alkaline, cancer CANNOT grow or survive because it MUST have an acid environment. THE BIGGEST CULPRIT FOR CANCER IS SUGAR which is in so much of our food as it causes your body to acidify and then open itself to cancer.

    Part of the cure used by Hoxsey and others includes vitamin B-17 (aka Laetrile) which has been removed from our primary diet by the AMA and the US government. Americans enjoyed baked goods from sorghum which was rich and be-17 until the federal government encouraged farmers to plant wheat instead which has no B-17. Plain baking soda and a glass of water an hour or more before each meal (an empty stomach)3 times a day for 30 days brings the pH back up to alkaline levels. Afterwards, I recommend taking a teaspoon of baking soda in water every day for the rest of your life.

    ♦️IF You are for believe you are suffering from cancer… This treatment will raise your pH back into the alkaline levels. A teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water on an empty stomach at least 60 minutes before a meal 3 times a day for 30 days and then STOP ��

    Do it again 6 weeks later for a few weeks while eliminating sugar and high carbohydrates from the diet… Go green as much as possible and eliminate processed foods. Fruit juices are loaded with sugar and should be avoided or taken in very small servings. It’s much easier than chemo and x-rays and does not have any side effects. No harm trying the natural approach where as the chemo and x-rays destroy the immune system.

    ♦️Also, you can order ORGANIC BITTER APRICOT SEEDS which are rich in vitamin B-17. Eat 18 daily due to Cancer where is normally it would be 12 for prevention.

    Soak the seeds in water for 1-2 nights to make them very tender. Easy to eat, rich in fiber and even more pleasant with dark chocolate… Preferably 95% which is nearly pure cocoa with a minimum of sugar.

    [ ] ✅ Order directly from the source which is a company located in Pembroke Pines. Strangely, when they do not have stock, they take items off the website. This can also be ordered through Amazon for about the same price, but they are limited to stock from Raw Garden as well.


    Each B-17 cell is made up of 4 molecules of which the 2 relevant molecules are one of sugar and one of naturally formed arsenic. When B-17 enters the body it is drawn to cancer cells which are drawn to the B-17 because it has a sugar cell in it… The cancer cells go for the sugar and that is the ONLY time the arsenic is activated and ONLY kills cancer cells NOT healthy cells. ������

    FALSE articles are continuously published by the AMA and US federal government LYING to the American people by telling them they will have arsenic poisoning if they get vitamin B-17 into their systems… Cancer makes lots of money for oncologists and facilities “treating” cancer patients.
    Nobody will NOT build up a toxicity of arsenic with this or other natural sources of B-17. The AMA fought to SUPPRESS Harry Hoxsey and others providing NATURAL CURES to the American public because Pharmaceutical companies can NEVER get a patent on natural sources EVER.
    An important YouTube video is titled “the quack that cured cancer” which is an article written by a newspaper reporter who was sent to Harry Hoxsey so he could “expose him as a quack.” (Watch it!) �� Hoxie was exposed… Saving over 80% of his patients.

    When the reporter met with Harry Hoxsey, they interviewed for a while and then Hoxsey told the reporter he did not have more time as he had many patients… Harry Hoxsey told the reporter to INTERVIEW all the PATIENTS he wanted to and to REVIEW all the PATIENT FILES he wished… The reporter interviewed 100+ patients who told him that they were being cured and Others that were cured were returning for followups… all those cured by the Hoxsey method remained CANCER-FREE and LIVED 5–10–15–20 years or more compared to the maximum 5-year limit of traditional treatment cancer patients. Rarely did any of these patients die of cancer and many lived without cancer for 5-10-15-20+ years!! ������

    A very important fact that most people are unaware of is that your body‘s natural pH level is 7.35 which is slightly alkaline… If your pH drops below 7.0 ( neutral), your body becomes acidic which is what cancer needs to flourish. Fact: Cancer CANNOT SURVIVE in an alkaline body which means as long as you have a normal pH, you will NEVER develop cancer. Basically, an alkaline-food source of an all green diet without ANY wheat, meat, dairy products or anything processed will restore your health along with a steady source of B-17 to KILL and PREVENT further cancer. ������

    An easy and inexpensive way to bring your body’s pH back into a healthy alkaline levels is to take a simple teaspoon of baking soda in a glass of water ONE HOUR OR MORE before each meal (3 times daily for 30 days). You do not want to extend the period because you could develop alkalosis. Furthermore, research foods that cause alkalinity in your blood as well as those that caused acidity. Make sure your diet includes those foods that cause the alkalinity and avoid those that cause acidity. Pretty simple.������

    Pharmaceutical companies know there is “very little money” in curing cancer when they can make plenty prolonging it. Chemo and x-rays destroy the immune system of 100% of patients receiving these “treatments.“ Less than 5% of patients receiving this treatment prove it “effective” and are then told they have up to 5 years to live. Don’t forget that X-RAYS CAUSE CANCER so why would you want treatment using x-rays? Remember, the people giving you x-rays always get away so they are not exposed… How can you believe it can help you? LIES.����

    With claims between 80% and 90% or more of TOTAL CURES for patients of Harry Hoxsey in his 17 clinics across United States and one in Mexico during the 1920s well into the 1960s until the US government and the FDA finally shut it all down… Except Tijuana Mexico which still has the Biomedical Center Hoxsey Clinic using the Hoxsey method… Healthy natural diet, elimination of all sugar and processed foods along with the Hoxsey tonic of antineoplastic (anti-cancer) natural herbal ingredients. If I ever developed cancer, I would be sure to contact the BCHC rather than seeing AMA doctors who will kill you with chemo and radiation (cancer-producing) treatments.

    Although the Hoxsey method cure rate is astronomically high compared to traditional western methods many claim he died of cancer although his regular primary physician claimed he had a weak heart and kidneys. Even **IF** he had developed cancer and could not cure himself with the method, REMEMBER THAT 80% OR MORE WERE CURED which is astronomically higher compared to living up to 5 years maximum with a severely compromised lifestyle until you die miserably.����

    Biomedical Center Hoxsey Clinic in Tijuana Mexico +52 (664) 684 9011. Yes the info is in adequate, please research! Don’t suffer and die needlessly from a and illness which can be prevented and cured! Best wishes to all ����

  • Dumbass… Sugar is avoided so that the body enters a state of ketogenesis. That means the body burns fat for energy. Ketones are the energy form used here. They are not glucose and cancer cells do not possess the ability to convert ketones into energy. Comprende???? Very dangerous video.

  • I was so shocked when I found out cancer is a living thing! When I was young I associated cancer to dying cells necrotizing thing.
    And it’s not that cancer and disease is more rampant it is that diagnosis became possible. There were millions of cancer deaths since the beginning of time I’m sure. There just wasn’t a knowledge to diagnose it was just seen as a person becoming weak and dying without understanding why.
    I so look forward to the death of cancer!!!!!

  • “Everything you eat gets converted to glocose” is totally false. Proteins are digested by proteases into amino acids which are then reassembled into other proteins, for example. Basic science.

  • Cancer and a FUNGUS Professor Dr. Tulio Simoncini
    Dr. Oncologist Tulio Simoncini who did his research on cancer of more then 25 years!
    Search on YouTube.
    Yes cancer/Fungus feeds on sugar!!! It’s a type of candida.
    If you really crave sugar ( Like I’m ) then substitute with a Good Sugar called XYLITOL which taste like a sugar if not better and looks like a sugar, it comes from a Birchbark. Make sure that is Organic and GMO free. Whole Foods Store have it.
    Not for dogs unfortunately, it’s very fatal for them. More on Xylitol:
    Stevia, Agave it’s still a sugar/ hidden sugar.
    As For Cancer, also Dr. Coldwell explains how to cure it Link below:

    Also High dosage of Intravenous Vitamin C /
    Lypo Spherical or Liposomal Vitamin C Gel Packs can be ordered from Amazon 6 packets a day equals Vitamin C IV treatment session.
    The man who was told by the doctors that he has only 3 weeks to last be, cure cancer on 48 hours by injection/ intravenous Vitamin C

  • Sugar has nothing to do with cancer. In fact on a high carb high fibre high nutrient diet you radically reduce ALL degenerative diseases and cancer.

  • Walter Kempner (who studied under Nobel Prize winner) reversed end stage heart disease and essential hypertension on fruit and rice based diet. He based his theory on that of diabetes experts Shirley Sweeny (USA) and Harold Himsworth (UK) who both discovered that sugar or carbohydrate leads to better insulin sensitivity, reduced inflammation, increased circulation. The world head of diabetes Dr Kelly M West acknowledged that the best diet for diabetes was a high complex carbohydrate diet.

  • Developing countries are simply outsourcing their cancer to less developed countries. Cheap manufacturing processes produce huge amounts of carcinogens.

  • Great White Sharks can live beyond 70+ years and other sharks over 100 yrs. Ouch, removing the entire testicle. I do love this channel, but A bit contradictory at times.

  • I had to eat 6-10 Thai peppers a day until cancer disappeared. My lung cancer was metastasised aswell. I avoided sugar, soda pop and milk as its cancer fuel. SUGAR FUELS CANCER THATS A FACT

  • Ketogenic diet allows our body to use ketones as primary source of energy. Could this type of diet help to kill cancer cell by starvation?

  • This guy has obviously never heard of beta oxidation. Hey pal, all calories DONT eventually turn into glucose. Read a biochem book before you make a video on cancer.

  • I’m so fortunate. I had a massive GI bleed. IR and my new GI doctor helped. Then the two liver cancers (IR helped so much), then the transplant. Waiting was hard. Doctor Martin Hertl was the best����. You become quite close with these people. My 7th anniversary is coming up soon ❤️

  • I have had higher levels of feto protein(11)for over a year. My dic wants to do a bone marrow test only. Is that enough to diagnose liver cancer?

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