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Directions Preheat the oven to 400°. Season cod all over with salt and pepper; sprinkle top of fish with chili powder. Line the bottom of a baking dish with Sunkist California Star Ruby grapefruit slices and add dill sprigs and. Cook the cod in the microwave and mix in the grapefruit and vegetables for a quick and healthy one-dish meal. Servings: 2. Ingredients: 2 codfish fillets; 1 yellow bell pepper; 1 red bell pepper; 1 pink grapefruit; 1 shallot or small onion; 2 tablespoons pine nuts; 1 1/2 cups long-grain rice, cooked and cooled; 1 (8.75-ounce) can of corn, drained.

Preparation Preheat the broiler to high. Cut each fillet crosswise in half. Arrange the fish halves close together in one layer in a rimmed baking dish. Blend the coriander, grapefruit juice, salt and pepper.

Pour this over the fish, and let stand 10 or 15 minutes. Meanwhile, peel the grapefrui. Cod With Ginger Grapefruit. By: the.instructor.

Vietnamese Broiled Cod With Asparagus, Peas, And Water Chestnut Stir-Fry. By: Relish. How To Make Cod With Chorizo And Leeks.

By: videojug. Cedar Box Codfish With Potato Chips Crust. By: 0815BBQ.

Fish with Spinach. Bake 10 to 12 minutes or until fish flakes easily with a fork. Step 3 Meanwhile, in a small bowl combine chopped fennel fronds, grapefruit, parsley, shallot, vinegar, and 1 tablespoon olive oil; season with salt and black pepper.

Serve fish with roasted fennel and the salsa. Mix up grapefruit vodka, ginger ale, grapefruit juice, a little wine and simple syrup and what do you get? A perfectly refreshing and beautiful sipper fit for any holiday or special gathering. —Becky Hardin, St.

Peters, Missouri. Grapefruit can be found in a variety of cocktail and mixed drink recipes and it’s one of the favorite fruits of the bar. The tart taste of this citrus is ideal for adding a punch of flavor to drinks and it pairs perfectly with a variety of liquors and flavors. 4-6 oz. pieces cod.

1/4 teaspoon fresh black pepper. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Using a zester or grater, zest 1 teaspoon from one of the grapefruits and place in a mixing bowl. Trim away the rest of the peel with a sharp knife, exposing the segments. Grapefruit juice can cause problems with these enzymes and transporters, causing too much or too little drug in the body. Some drugs, like statins used to lower cholesterol, are broken down by.

Grapefruit juice-felodipine interaction in the elderly. Clin Pharmacol Ther 2000 Jul;68(1):28-34. 8.Lundahl JU, Regardh CG, Edgar B, Johnsson G. The interaction effect of grapefruit juice is.

List of related literature:

Pink grapefruit are quite a lot sweeter than yellow ones – in a salad, you might think of mixing the two with, for instance, avocado pear, or Sharon persimmon and watercress.

“Jane Grigson's Fruit Book” by Jane Grigson, Yvonne Skargon, Judith Hill, Sara Dickerman
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Grapefruit is one of the most susceptible of citrus scions to HLB.

“The Genus Citrus” by Manuel Talon, Marco Caruso, Fred G. Gmitter, jr.
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Punicalagin is unique to pomegranate and is part of a family of ellagitannins which include the minor tannins called punicalin and gallagic acid.

“Bioactive Foods in Promoting Health: Fruits and Vegetables” by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy
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Carefully strip the zest from the grapefruit and the lemon with a vegetable peeler, avoiding the bitter white pith.

“Ball Canning Back to Basics: A Foolproof Guide to Canning Jams, Jellies, Pickles, and More” by Ball Home Canning Test Kitchen
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The main aglycones are naringenin (5,7,40-trihydroxy flavanone) in grapefruit, hesperetin (40-methoxy-30,5,7-trihydroxy flavanone) in orange and tangerine, and eriodictyol (5,7,30,40-tetrahydroxy flavanone) in lemon.

“Polyphenols in Human Health and Disease” by Ronald Ross Watson, Victor R. Preedy, Sherma Zibadi
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Limonin is the bitter limonoid found in major citrus cultivars such as grapefruit, the Navel orange, and the Shamouti orange (Guadagni et al. 1973; Fayoux et al. 2007; Pichaiyongvongdee and Haruenkit 2009).

“Food Processing: Strategies for Quality Assessment” by Abdul Malik, Zerrin Erginkaya, Saghir Ahmad, Hüseyin Erten
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At 6–7 ppm, nootkatone improved the flavor of grapefruit juice, but at levels about 8 ppm, it imparted an unpleasant bitter taste.

“Citrus Fruit: Biology, Technology and Evaluation” by Milind Ladanyia, Milind Ladaniya
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The hybrid lime-grapefruit being developed on Moorea has a thick green skin and a really unique taste.

“South Pacific Handbook” by David Stanley
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On another side, sweet orange and mandarin orange are highly susceptible to the HLB disease; while sour orange, grapefruit and lemons are moderately susceptible (Baloch, 1996).

“Handbook of Pest Management in Organic Farming” by Vincenzo Vacante, Serge Kreiter
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grape: ubas. grapefruit: kahet ma’gas.

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  • Bolling the chip (fries) first makes perfect sense. Also love your tartar sauce. We do mayonnaise and sweet pickle relish in the states. Your version looks sooooo much better.

  • Jesus atleast explain how to fry the chips and fish, and say on what temperatur everything was, it is impossible to make this kind of recipe without the correct information. I see this a lot of times and it triggeres me everytime I want to make something but can’t because of the lack of informations. Pls help

  • I don’t know how many times I’ve clicked on this video and I just rewatched it and just saw how curse this part was 1:49 lmao the drones were yours men..

  • Excuse me, but talking about this video and the last one you did on the loopstation, I have a feeling that I’ve already seen these videos few months ago but i cant manage to find them. I noticed the same sentences and it really seems that they are the same videos just reposted few months later… Am I completely wrong? or did I missed anything? I would like to understand

  • i came here and at the previous video for the beatbox reaction. im a huge fan of the beatbox community. and im a beatboxer as well. glad to found this channel

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    good job if you see this comment and you are from the davie504 scavenger hunt
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  • Great video but in my opinion you’ve over complicated the batter. Just use self raising gluten free flour and a decent beer like San Miguel, sorted. Also beef dripping for frying. Cheers, loved the Naan bread video by the way.

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  • Has the UK always had fish and chips with tarter sauce? I’m American, but my sister went to the UK in the early 1980s and said she could never find tarter sauce anywhere. Please tell me if this has changed since then, or maybe she just went to the wrong places. I’ve always been curious!!

  • Love your recipes, and your delivery. But hey, I’d gently place the chips in the hot oil rather than shoving them off the cutting board. The way that oil was splashing out of the fryer, you’ll burn your kitchen down in no time! Keep up the good work!

  • Hey Yousef…I miss your old comments bro:) newbies have no idea whats going on here ��
    EDIT: for those who keep getting mad for reuploading. watch this

    Then watch this:

  • If you want crispier skin, use self raising flour + 1 tea spoon of baking soda instead.

    Also, use the left over batter to coat calamari rings and onion rings.

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  • Another charlatan chef doesn’t know his ass from his elbow managing to get his chips looking half slightly singed even after all the faffing around

  • English fish and chips does not have tartar sauce or those fucking mushy peas the Northener’s eat. English fish and chips are crisp battered fish, crisp chips and the customer season it with the vinegar and salt to taste..PERIOD!

  • Tried to make this once.. made it again.. will make it again! Instead of beer, I used soda water. First try, batter was a tad bit thick but 100% nailed it 2nd time

  • You can’t find fish & chips in my area, NE Ohio USA unless you go to Arthur Treachers, lol. I’ve attempted for years to make the perfect fish & chips. Absolutely nailed it last time out, leaving the batter to sit overnight in the frig but, other than that, used the same techniques shown in the video, right down to the tartar sauce. I used one cod fillet & one haddock fillet; personally, I liked the haddock over the cod. Your video is straight forward, to the point, and look how it all turned out, amazing perfection! Do you have a video for Shepherd’s Pie?

  • hiya, do you even know what half a teaspoon is like? gawd man, you practically emptied out the Baking Soda bottle…boy oh boy, you’re right, it sure as hell isn’t going to be healthy, but this is one treat I’m gonna pass on

  • Reaction to Rowan Skye 100 Voices
    You have reaction to Roomie and Black Gryph0n right? Now reaction to Rowan Skye, he did voice impression amazing too

  • It’s impossible to get good fish ‘n chips here in the States like I’ve enjoyed in the U.K. so I make my own. Having tried a few different recipes, my English friend’s “family recipe” was my favorite… UNTIL NOW (sorry Holly!) This is outstanding! I use DARK beer, cod, and a deep-fryer with 2 baskets so I can do the fish and chips simultaneously. Turns out amazing and SO crispy. My husband requests this weekly, we both love it. THANK YOU for this video! -A New Fan

  • This looks like yet another cheffy rendition of fish and chips boiled in oil, and so what if its not healthy. Where are the mushy peas and I don’t mean poncy gay like pee puree. PS. go out and buy some beef dripping for frying.

  • OMG!!! I haven’t tried the fish yet, but the chips are out of this world!!! I can hardly wait for that beautiful piece of Cod that I’ve got ready… YUM YUM…

  • Do not use baking soda. I repeat, DO NOT USE BAKING SODA. I ruined a whole batch because I followed the recipe to a T, and the soda causes some god-awful chemical reaction that turns the batter red and soggy and makes it all fall off the fish.

    He meant to say baking POWDER. This is what results in the delicious shell of crunchy batter.

  • I’m bookmarking this video and will definitely make it soon! It’s nice to know the English perspective on fish and chips. Everything tastes better when you make it yourself! Will check on your other YouTube videos to see what’s cooking! Greetings from America!

  • What is that pickle you put in Mayo? ( apart from capers )

    Also, I like your Tartar sauce. It’s look like fruit yogurt, so tasty.

  • I don’t understand the meaning behind shaking off excess batter before frying the fish. I love to bite into thick crunchy batter before I get to the fish and that’s just how you made it. Awesome!!

  • You’re bang on it’s really hard to find a good chippy now a days! The best I have found for a very long time is Fish take away in the Borough Market!

  • Burnt ass looking shit. And how you gonna snatch potatoes out of boiling water and just drop em in lava hot oil? Don’t quit your day job.

  • You complained about lots of oil in commercial shops, your cooking is equally loaded. Wonder what commercial shops be like then…

  • Anyone who knows anything about fish would NEVER use cod, it’s full of parasites,it’s sent south for those who don’t know, always use haddock

  • Haha that’s dam funny doesn’t that guy know the original video is available to view whenever he wants with no pausing wtf hahahahaha

  • Well now, I don’t know if my resistance I going work today. I think this is going to be dinner tonight and I won’t spend a single moment feeling guilty. Nope. Not one.

  • Hi I noticed you are using a pot to heat your oil actually it’s very dangerous to show this to beginner or new cooks watching your video. Statistics show it’s seriously dangerous especially someone not realizing how seriously dangerous using a pot to heat oil really is you are a seasoned cook and most people that watch these are not skilled in cooking in this manner so you really should use a proper oil fryer to do your demos. Personally I couldn’t live with myself knowing some new cook watched me cooking in this manner and lost their home or worse life do to a grease firer why I say this is because I lost a very dear friend in this manner and you being a pro should live by example, take it or leave it. but your dish does look delish and I use the same double dipping on my chicken fingers raving reviews from any one that’s eaten them��

  • I just found you today! Subscribed! When you put the extra batter on did you add it to both sides or just the top?
    Love your accent. My husband’s accent was similar but he was born in Gillingham.

  • Simple and quick. You have an excellent way of explaining. Q: what can you eat as a side dish? Peas and chips? We eat cod and chips a lot in England. Thank you for the video.