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The health benefits of spring cleaning

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3 surprising benefits of spring cleaning (besides a clean home)

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Spring cleaning has actual health benefits

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3 Surprising Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning

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Health benefits Since March is when things start blooming, that means the presence of tree and grass pollens. If you plan to clean, it’ll help prepare your house for the season and remove any. To motivate yourself to de-clutter, it may help to know that spring cleaning has a surprising number of health benefits. The first of these benefits is allergy reduction.

To motivate yourself to de-clutter, it may help to know that spring cleaning has a surprising number of health benefits. The first of these benefits is allergy reduction. De-cluttering means throwing out (or donating) items that you no longer need or want.

Usually, these are the types of items that have been sitting on a shelf and collecting dust. Putting off cleaning tasks and letting clutter pile up can have a serious impact on your physical and mental health. These tips will help you keep your home clean and uncluttered. A dirty, dusty, cluttered home can be hazardous to your health.

Get tips for keeping your living space clean and clearing clutter. Spring cleaning gives you an excuse to wash those spots you usually overlook in your daily or weekly cleanups. For instance, small kitchen appliances can be filled with old crumbs and oil.

5 Surprising Reasons Why Spring Cleaning is Good for You [LIST] 1. SPRING CLEANING INCREASES PRODUCTIVITY Making the effort to declutter and organize your home or office can save you 2. SPRING CLEANING IS HEALTHY A good spring clean can help you avoid allergy symptoms, according to a study by. One of the surprising health benefits of house cleaning is fewer pests to deal with inside your home. Keeping floors clean, wiping up spills, putting food away, and making sure trash is taken out regularly means that pests such as ants, mice, and other creepy crawlies, have nothing attracting them to take up residence in your home. But apart from being good for the soul, we’ve found that there are some actual health benefits to giving your home or office a good scrub down in the name of spring. Breathe easier For people who are prone to allergies or asthma attacks, spring can be tough.

However, before you blame pollen (or ‘hay fever’) for your watery eyes, runny nose and frequent sneezing – consider the allergens and other. There are several surprising benefits of spring cleaning. In fact, many of these benefits are health-related rather than just cleanliness focused. Spring cleaning can help to limit stress, increase productivity and keep pests away.

Not only that but cleaning your home this spring can also act as a mood booster, get you active and improve allergy symptoms. Through that process I noticed a few things about my personal health journey that I though you might find valuable. So here in this video, I’m sharing 3 Surprising Health Benefits of Spring Cleaning that may give you a whole new level of appreciation for this annual (or, at.

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In addition, toxins and chemicals are in the air, drinking water and household products so it’s vital that we give our bodies a regular spring cleansing; the same way we spring clean our homes, cars, clothing and other material possessions.

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The chemicals in household cleaners; the overuse of antibiotics and other drugs; the antibiotics, pesticides, and myriad additives present in the foods we eat; the exposure to environmental pollutants; and even the air we breathe all place a strain on the immune system.

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It also includes good maintenance of personal cleaning habits and sanitation of the body.

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Some tried to make household air healthier by whitewashing their walls with lime, burning gunpowder, nitre, or tobacco, sprinkling vinegar, or scouring kitchens, walls, and floors.

“Foul Bodies: Cleanliness in Early America” by Kathleen M. Brown
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A “spring cleaning” is actually a very light diet, focusing on digestion and the intestines to help eliminate accumulated wastes, and improve body functions.

“Detoxification: All You Need to Know to Recharge, Renew and Rejuvenate Your Body, Mind and Spirit” by Linda Page
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In addition, antibacterial agents are now added to food storage containers, towels, sheets, mattresses, pillows, and slippers.

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Cleaning reduces the number of microbes present.

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The list of health products advertised in one issue of Good Housekeeping in 1959 typically included, for example: laxatives, slimming aids, anti-rheumatic products, cough medicine, men’s surgical support and various ‘healthy’ cleaning products (e.g. Jeye’s toilet tissue).

“Foucault, Health and Medicine” by Alan R. Petersen, Robin Bunton
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This is an effect that may impact the net environmental benefit of “self-cleaning’ products, in the case that cleaning is done within the household setting.

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Avoidance of environmental toxins is recommended: simple lifestyle measures may also replace old habits such as replacing highly chemical-derived cleaning products with strong odour such as bleach with natural products such as white vinegar and clove oil.

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  • For those of us who are observant Jews, this is the season of Passover. Part of the observance is cleaning symbolically sin from our lives and literally dirt from our homes. Spring cleaning in reality. This is so good for us on many levels. A lot of work but well worth it!

  • Hello Laura. How do I convince my 21 year old daughter that her making bed is healthy to the mind and pleasant to the eyes? I’d been trying and trying for years but to avail and ended up doing it for her as I can’t stand seeing an unmade bed.

  • One of my tricks to get me in the “mood” for cleaning, is using beautifully scented cleaning products like Mrs Meyer’s (basil is my personal favourite) and Method all-purpose cleaners, or even essential oils. I finish the task by lighting a candle, preferably citrus scented and then sit down with a cup of tea (or wine!) and bask in that satisfied glory of wonderfully, fresh, clean house. Pure bliss!

  • My idea is more like a question, why are you not post more videos? Please, i will see thouse if you continue post on this channel.

  • i think sometimes it can be overwhelming if you think about the whole house so i like to take one area at a time. it makes the task doable and i feel good about it and gives me the momentum to continue.