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THURSDAY, July 30, 2015 (HealthDay News) People with back pain that doesn’t improve with treatment could have a rare type of spine infection, new guidelines suggest. The infection called vertebral osteomyelitis could lead to paralysis or death if. Back pain can also result from arthritis and other age-related changes in your spine, from more-serious injuries, such as a vertebral fracture or ruptured disk, and from certain infections. Possible causes of back pain include: Ankylosing spondylitis; Endometriosis; Fibromyalgia; Herniated disk; Kidney infection (pyelonephritis) Kidney stones; Obesity.

Back pain from UTI. A urinary tract infection (UTI) is an infection in the parts of your body that are responsible for carrying urine. This could be the kidneys, ureters, urethra, or bladder.

Epidural Abscess. An abscess is a collection of pus that results from a local infection. When this occurs in the epidural space in the meningeal tissues that surround the spine, it can lead to spinal cord compression, with sensory loss, weakness, and impaired bladder control. 4  Fever may or may not be present.

These spinal infections are often characterized by chronic back pain not relieved by ordinary treatment, including bed rest, heat or pain relievers. There may be fever, localized tenderness, pain, muscle spasms and limited movement. Vertebral osteomyelitis refers to an infection of the vertebral body in the spine. It is a fairly rare cause of back pain, especially in young healthy adults.

Generally, the infection is spread to the vertebral body by a vascular route. Swelling and wearing away of the joint cartilage can happen after an injury, because of arthritis, infection, or even pregnancy. Spinal stenosis: If you have this, your spinal canal has narrowed. Back pain that could be a sign of cancer usually occurs along with other cancer symptoms. Sometimes, you may pass these off as being due to another condition when they are related to cancer. Chronic active Epstein-Barr virus infection (CAEBV) is diagnosed based on a clinical exam and high EBV DNA in the blood which persists for at least 3 months.

A test known as a quantitative PCR test is used to measure the amount of EBV DNA. [3] Last updated: 5/19/2020. back pain can be a sign of a serious underlying condition that needs attention right away. for example: *infections of your vertebrae (osteomyelitis), disks (discitis), or.

List of related literature:

Other historical findings that suggest an infectious source of back pain are past medical history of diabetes, immunocompromised state, chronic renal failure, cancer, recent spinal or genitourinary surgery or trauma, and intravenous drug use.

“Avoiding Common Errors in the Emergency Department” by Amal Mattu, Arjun S. Chanmugam, Stuart P. Swadron, Carrie Tibbles, Dale Woolridge, Lisa Marcucci
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In addition, acute and chronic low back pain may be caused by infections, either infection elsewhere in the body or localized to the spine and its surrounding structures.

“Encyclopedia of Women's Health” by Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic
from Encyclopedia of Women’s Health
by Sana Loue, Martha Sajatovic
Springer US, 2004

Back pain is typically the chief complaint in adults, but once the infection becomes systemic (as opposed to an abscess) a low-grade fever may be present.

“Pathology for the Physical Therapist Assistant E-Book” by Catherine C. Goodman, Kenda S. Fuller
from Pathology for the Physical Therapist Assistant E-Book
by Catherine C. Goodman, Kenda S. Fuller
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Back pain resulting from infection is rare but important to detect.

“Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of The Adult Patient: Sixth Edition” by Allan H Goroll, Albert G Mulley, Jr.
from Primary Care Medicine: Office Evaluation and Management of The Adult Patient: Sixth Edition
by Allan H Goroll, Albert G Mulley, Jr.
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Infection may not be considered in the differential diagnosis for back pain because it is an uncommon disorder (<1% of all cases of osteomyelitis).

“Rothman-Simeone The Spine: Expert Consult” by Harry N. Herkowitz, Steven R. Garfin, Frank J. Eismont, Gordon R. Bell, Richard A. Balderston
from Rothman-Simeone The Spine: Expert Consult
by Harry N. Herkowitz, Steven R. Garfin, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Chronic Osteomyelitis Local signs of infection become more common, including constant bone pain and swelling and warmth at the infection site.

“Clinical Companion to Medical-Surgical Nursing E-Book: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems” by Debra Hagler, Mariann M. Harding, Jeffrey Kwong, Dottie Roberts, Courtney Reinisch
from Clinical Companion to Medical-Surgical Nursing E-Book: Assessment and Management of Clinical Problems
by Debra Hagler, Mariann M. Harding, et. al.
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or acute infection to chronic inflammatory conditions with chronic pain which can be difficult to manage.

“Blandy's Urology” by Omar M. Aboumarzouk
from Blandy’s Urology
by Omar M. Aboumarzouk
Wiley, 2019

Infection Infection is a rare cause of back pain.

“Community Pharmacy E-Book: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment” by Paul Rutter, David Newby
from Community Pharmacy E-Book: Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment
by Paul Rutter, David Newby
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Arthritis is common and many of the obscure pains, termed myalgia, neuritis, “chronic and muscular rheumatism,” are really due to fibroeitis secondary to a focal infection.

“The Principles and Practice of Medicine” by William Osler
from The Principles and Practice of Medicine
by William Osler
D. Appleton-Century Company, 1944

As with other pyogenic infection, back pain is the most common symptom, but it is less severe than in other infections.

“Differential Diagnosis for Physical TherapistsE-Book” by Catherine C. Goodman, John Heick, Rolando T. Lazaro
from Differential Diagnosis for Physical TherapistsE-Book
by Catherine C. Goodman, John Heick, Rolando T. Lazaro
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

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  • It’s so weird.

    I love exercise. I try to stay active. Most things work but bending at the waist; washing the dishes, hoovering, brushing, shovelling… these things make my back go “Ping” and it’s fucking agony.

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  • I got a lower left back pain that almost goes to my left buttock, it sort of triggers when laying down or even sitting, it comes & goes but it’s annoying & I hate the pain feeling although it’s not a bad pain it’s still annoying….. I’m scared to work out as I feel it would trigger it more (my back feels better when I arch my back) pause

  • I have such an intense lower back pain mostly on the lower left side. It is so bad I literally cannot stand up without struggling big time. I get this a few times a year.

  • My back started hurting a lot yesterday. Today I went to the pool and did a dive and well it pulled itand now I’m hurting soo badd I can’t even get up from bed ����

  • I’m 13. This is ridiculous I’m supposed to be able to fall off a roof and be fine.��‍♀️ Worse, My self harm cuts are on my back so if I tell someone and they check my back they’ll see that plastered all over it. Smh. I’ve done this to myself lol.

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  • I have mechanical, my job involves lifting heavy items such as boxes, furiture and bags. Is there no drug as well or way to fix/reduce the pain?

  • I am on day three of a three-day fast and have ZERO symptoms now. I still stretch and roll my back out on a tennis ball. I can’t believe nobody talks about fasting to aid in resolving the symptoms.

  • I had a upper back pain and a chest pain and chest tightening but don’t know why no runny nose only mucus in throat no coughing and I think it’s fuckin dangerous

  • Steaming 10 to 15 minutes works for me, weird back pain well be gone then you start to sweat, it occurs mostly in 5 in the morning and 6 in evening

  • I am a long hauler. I got the first symptom on May 11th. I am still recovering but I still have so much upper and lower back pain. I don’t know what to do anymore.

  • It sucks…i had back pain for 5 days and still today its current during covid for me. I experienced runny nose, sneezing,lost of appetite and i can’t sleep, i can’t smell or taste my food..i found out recently i have it..

  • Lower-back pain and lethargy were the only two symptoms I experienced with COVID and both were mild. The back pain sat in about 8 days after my dx.

  • Has anyone tested positive, defeated the virus (finally tested negative), then getting strange symptoms 3 months later?
    I was in work and had some sort of stroke/seizure. I felt light headed and the next thing I know(5 mins later) I was in the first aid room and got sent to the hospital. Now I’m waiting for blood test results. but I’m wondering if it could be covid related??

  • This video was good for me it made me realize I neglect alot of daily details, thats why my back was killing me.. Thank you!!!!��

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  • Best prevention is to KEEP MOVING, dose daily w 100mg zinc, 500 mg pure C, and D with k2. Micro dose exposure daily in public w/o oxygen inhibiting, germ growing moist masks. Isolation is the catalyst.

  • I got A+ blood type. I already have DVT n pulmonary embolism back in 2015. I got mild symptoms it left me with the only muscle joint aches.. I been in the road of recovery since April��finally see my doctor soon..

  • There is a natural blood thinner you can buy online at Vitacost it’s called nattokinase. It’s a derivative of tofu this is why a lot of Asian people don’t have strokes even though they smoke like chimneys most of the men eat a crappy diet they eat a lot of tofu but it has to be tofu from Japan or China it can’t be the s*** that we have in the United States. If you take one to two natto kinase pills a day for a couple weeks that will thin your blood out not enough to cause harm but enough to dissolve blood clots and get your ass outside and sit in the Sun

  • Go to your local health food store or go online to Utopia silver and buy some colloidal silver put it in a spray bottle. Soak your foot in some warm Epsom salts Pat your foot dry when you’re done get some antibiotic ointment spray the colloidal silver on 1st then put the ointment on you don’t need a whole lot 1 or 2 sprays per lesion you just make sure that you cover the lesion with the colloidal silver then put the antibiotic Neosporin ointment on and wrap your foot do this to times a day and the lesions will go away this will also work for diabetics to

  • I’m 11 have shortness of breath and I can’t tell if I have a sore or sterp throat my mom doesn’t believe me and tells me I’m over reacting please tell me if I should tell her about the Corona symptoms I’m facingg.

    Edit: I also had 39 degree Celsius fever yesterday with chills and a stuffy nose maybe I have the flu and anxiety is hitting me young I don’t know

  • Why panic people even more?!?! If you get SICK, Call your dr or go to the ER. DON’T GET A BLISTER AND THINK COVID!!!! This is rather ridiculous….imho anyways.


  • ALL FEAR TACTICS Dont fall for these traps. Get your sunshine people. You dont have to be right next to someone to be outside… the world is big enough. Staying indoors is what’s really hurting us. Gaining weight and lowering immune system.

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  • Dr. Fauci owns a patent for a specific type of vaccine that packages a virus in a protein sheet. The virus is then delivered to the human body through the vaccine and Kennedy Jr said that it very quickly reaches the organs necessary to give a person immunity to a certain illness.

    He also said that the patent is currently being used by at least one of the major American vaccine manufacturers to make vaccines for coronavirus.

  • I tested with Covid on the 16th of April and I’m STILL getting winded going up and down stairs. Can Covid still be around 4 plus weeks later?

  • Good shoes and airing out and treating feet are a must. Really hard when t11 or 12 ache and can’t sit. Then if viris you lift your feet up shoots viris thru blood to heart. If you don’t elevate feet could decay. Fresh shoes and not wet. Soaking feet in epison salt euryicin or iodine’s. Etc. Even worse with athletes feet. Usually if men took yeast infection med thinking only woman get and it’s not true. If men drink a lot of beer or jizz is medicine flavor they have to take yeast med. Problem is getting them to gynologist removing each layer and eliminating bread which is there main diet when we can’t afford to feed them. Woman have begged for this med without a script but docs say no. Are you turning red itchy or share shower with family? Sadly kids can ingest bath water or soaking. In usa we all before poor men and woman and kids did not share shower room now we have to. It don’t matter how clean tub is. Only adult woman got tub soaks all others used shower or water basins or hose outside. It’s all curable by curing layers. Sadly our feet can develop call Asus that harness then in. We’re our shoes before shoes. Also thousand headed dragon lives in stone bruise or warts. Don’t suck on toes. This alien has one head or you think it’s a splinter but you cut one head off five more grow. Mushrooms were banned or as always where they enter our feet or blame our woods exposed in70s or pick up from boats at Asian or Spanish ports and believe it or not was a astroid that landed to earth called dragon star or daemons three headed dog. It had to be cut out under the fungus or shroom usually in hand or foot. Might simulate a seed tick. The minute it’s out pain and health returns. Can get in hands as well.

  • Up talk, vocal fry, exposed cleavage, speaking like she’s talking to 4 year olds and not even listening to the answers to the questions. “Yep. Great! OK!” Why was the female necessary?

  • Back pain takes real conscious effort to eliminate. You can do the right exercises but if you fall back into old habits of lifting and or remaining in the same position it will come back. it happened to me.

  • Do not go anywhere near 5 g
    This 5 g actives this so called virus ��
    This so called virus was found in the Antarctic not that long ago. It is a inert body that looks like this virus ��.,,, it causes blood clotting,
    It was pit in food and water ��
    This inert body that looks like the corona virus is not the corona virus
    Avoid 5 g
    That is how isn’t is activated if you drank or ate thing spiked with this inert body

  • Very interesting more and more symptoms just keep popping up out of now where…. ONLY after people started questioning the lock downs and pushing to open up, now they add 20 more symptoms to scare people back into submission. Cool.

  • Appreciate Video clip! Sorry for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you considered Monatalie Back Barfaroni (do a search on google)? It is a great exclusive product for discovering how to naturally kill any kind of back pain without the headache. Ive heard some awesome things about it and my work buddy got excellent success with it.

  • Oh to be in a profession where you get paid big bucks while still not knowing how to fix things. Must be nice. Rule out cancer for back pain?? Ok. But the cause might be hang nails, pneumonia or pink eye. No? ������

  • Been 10 months am suffering from lower back pain because of gym.
    Sir. My MRI report says “minimally bulged annulus at L4-L5 level indenting thecal sac and compromising neutral canal bilaterally” I am having morepain whenever I sit and pain exists all over time. Pls help me what kind of exercise I should do???

  • Doctor first of all you look like a very good sir but we have disc bulges and you must find something to heal this situation not just cover it.

  • I have forward head posture, rounded shoulders & anterior pelvic tilt. But im working every day to correct it and get rid of my back pains

  • I’m sure the doc is very capable at surgical techniques to repair herniations, and so forth. However it continues to amaze me, the lack of understanding that surgeons exhibit for actual FUNCTIONAL mechanics of the body. Pharmaceuticals, surgeries, injections, nerve blocks, blah, blah… The vast majority of low back pain is a result of muscular imbalance, muscular deconditioning, altered spinal mechanics and consequences attendant to that. Good chiropractic care (emphasis “good”) should usually be one of the initial steps in the process. Exercise flexibility and strengthening along with early cold packing is key as well.

  • I like your vid a lot, Especially the advice about dull lower back pain. I also found helpful treatment for dull lower back pain was Renkarter Simple Back Report if anyone wants to know more search on google.

  • I am 16, a girl and my back is so stuck i can not breathe properly i have went to the ER because i thought i cant breathe and would die but then they take small tests and they see i can get oxygen normally. But they do not take me seriously and did not even say it is from the back pain and just said go home and see what happens in a few days. Not any medication even… i live in Finland. We do have good care but not on the free side..

  • when he starts talking about injections that is the reason I stay away from these incompetant butchers. Simple things like resting the joint or a slight change in diet or light stretching throughout the day are reasonable. You would be surprised at how clueless these so called specialists are and this guy just reeks of being a disingenuous asshole. Dr Ian is the only chiropractor I’ve ever seen that actually is good at his job. The rest shouldn’t even have jobs

  • i was at a party, and i was moving around a lot, jumping on the trampoline coz i’m really immature, i was dancing on heels. idk why ������ i’m only a teen

  • I cured my lower back pain by doing 40 squatting. When I realized it reliefed me of my waist pain, I just made it as a set of exercise before bed.

  • Plz reply..i have a pain that comes an gos but when it come sometimes like yesterday i kinda fell a lil while leaning over somethin look in the fridge an had to hold on the chair
    I just turned 20 on the 24 nov

  • Retarded doctor, psychological treatment what does it have to do with pain from Hell! After I had a road bike fall from 4 months ago! The pain and agony is unbearable! Injections, OxyContin, physio Therapy, acupuncture, all these shit treatments don’t help or work! Need to get a MRI, I’m over 50, but never had this Pain from Hell and Immobility! I know myself, better than this absurd, brainless doctor!

  • I am watching this today cos its been about a month now that im sufferring lower back pain every morning.
    When i wake up in the morning…pain attacks which i could hardly move, sometimes pause for a minute, or cry coz really hurt,
    I felt am dying in pain every morning…

  • Exercise and correct posture usually eleviates a lot of the back problems since it can lower body fat levels.
    Also IF and only if, you are an overweight man older than 30, struggling with removing excess fat, you should contact me and I can set up a call between us so I can help! Best of luck to everyone ��

  • i had sach a severe pain a week ago that i could not move my self and had a low bp 90/60..although i walked 155km last month and exercise..but still have pain

  • i was sitting with a bad posture for a couple of hours & all of a sudden i have a nonstop back pain (mid back) on the right side only though. i cant take deep breaths since it hurts so much. it hurts when i yawn, sneeze, laugh, etc. i had a sharp chest (heart/lung idk) pain a few hours ago. WHAT DO I DO… am i gonna die ����

  • My brother having back pain and he is disabled because of acute kidney failure can you ask how can he reduce the back pain or any solution I’m just curious

  • I had lower right back sharp pain when i was breathing lasted 3days
    More deep breath more pain was
    Any1 had like this?
    Cant find proper info in google or YT

  • I’m Semi early in my teens with 4 years till I’m an adult, and ive been experiencing lower back pain for about two months straight, its hard for me to crouch(said couch by accident) down/lean down to get something or walking around and even sitting is getting worse, it stops for a while when I lay down but it doesn’t exactly last a long time, I’m not sure what to do but its probably because I lay down too much but even when I’ve spent my entire day without laying at all it feels like a cramp that’s just there and never ending, is there anything I can do other than medications or have to check in with a specialist or is it necessary at this point in time?

  • I really need an answer to my question. So I’ve been taking these new medications and the day after I first took the new medications, I had back pain but this is a very different type of back pain. I’m pretty young and never had back pain but all of a sudden I get back pain out of nowhere. I understand I play Volleyball but even during my Volleyball season never have I experienced back pain. My back pain only occurs when I lay down. Any activity I do, I don’t feel the pain. But the moment I lay down. It hurts but only for 10–20 seconds then stops right after that. And really, I have been looking for answers for the weird pain to go away.

  • I was experiencing lower back pain while attempting to sleep at nighttime. I love to sleep on my side and this was tossing my hips out of place. I never experienced this sort of scenario again after I discovered about this particular back pain guide called. Will not waking up many times at night with back problems…

  • I’m unblessed with an ass, it’s big all my life I’m 56, it was that forced quarantine for 3 months, I went back to the gym and got clobbered

  • Not certain about the points made but,if anyone else wants to discover back muscles pain try Magonsi Back Pain Expert (do a google search )? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my neighbor got amazing results with it.

  • I have high level 7/8 back pain lower lumbar,the morning are getting harder to get up and dress up,lots of swelling and i’m doomed, who can work like this,nobody.

  • I get lower back pain after walking long distances or working out

    I do like to stay healthy, but my back pain is really get in the way

  • This back pain guidebook seriously amazes me, look for Google “Kemzαnο Loni”. Generally, I only say this helps keep my knees, hips and also back all aligned. As I get out of bed early in the day, I really don`t feel pain any more. I have actually had excellent developments with my knees since utilizing this..

  • I was experiencing back pain whilst attempting to sleep at night. I really feel that my hips will get out of position when I rest on my side. I never encountered this sort of scenario again after I discovered about this particular back pain guide I could now get enough sleeping hours again given that my back pain is gone..

  • Hey, for about 5 days I’ve had a sharp pain in my lower back pain. The pain only occurs when I move my left leg forward when running or walking etc, I’m 15 btw

  • I think �� I have an infection, my back is very badly hurting can’t sit a long periods I had baby 6months ago and didn’t get my monthly thing yet

  • I start getting back pain aftet a doctor was examining my tube, to see if they were block and he uses a metal speculum and when he inserted it into my vjj he screwed out something on the speculum and when it open in me i literally herd this pax sound. I tell you rite away i started bleeding and i felt so much pain i cried and from since then i always got this lower back pain. I guess maybe it hit my tail bone so now im alwys in pain i cant even do situp properly anymore.

  • I have this problem since 2 years. Can’t sleep properly at night. Doctor gave me medicine,but not working.
    What should I do sir???

  • We’re a arabic household so we like to sit on the ground alot (xD) and I’ve been sitting alot on the ground because I’m studying so hard so my final exam next week and it’s been 3 days since my lower back started hurting so much I’m only 19��

  • Watching this video while experiencing this pain, need to sit all day coz of online classes and after that doing a lot of activities and assignments�� #AcademicFreeze

  • I get back pain when I lie down on my back. It goes away after a few seconds, like when I relax my body, my lower back hurts for a few good seconds. And I’m just 17. My back have been aching for a years now… ;-;

  • Welp I have online school and went into my google meet for 2 hours sitting and when I got up my back was killing me and it still hurts T^T

  • I draw and my back hurts and I have like a lump my family keeps telling me to stop but like I’m used to it and Everytime I try to stop it my back hurts or I feel like I need to lay down.
    And I sleep like I’m a shrimp ��;-; help.

  • In this quarantine I used to sit in a bad posture…..and after 2 months I started doing exercises….. squats and sit ups and I started getting back pain and it’s almost going to be 2 months an dying with this back pain…..��☹️…..and I went to the hospital and saw an orthopaedic….and the doc saw my X-ray and said that my back is fine….but the pain is coming from the muscles and the doctor suggested me to do physiotherapy….and am not knowing whether am going to get back to my normal life….and this shit hurts a lot…..

  • Weird thing. More time I spend sitting or whatever I get back pain. It goes away when I go running and keep my back straight. It’s almost like it eases the pressure. So the answer is do exercise and strengthen your back muscles but keep your back straight and maintain proper form.

  • I’m 15 and when I was 12 I have anterior pelvic tilt, rounded shoulders, forward head!!!!!
    And I started working on it and after 3 yrs everything is as fine as f**k…
    If you are a teenager and have a bad posture start working on it,

  • My back has been hurting since 3rd grade bc I’ve been pushed down to the curb and I couldn’t breath. I went to the doctor and they said I didn’t had a broken bone. Now I’m turning into 9th and now my back feels better but my dad was playing around to much he put my head upside down and fell backwards on the bed it felt like a was paralyzed for 5 minutes or more and that happend 3 days ago and now when I sleep It hurts my back.

  • Thanks for the truth. Many years back I had back pain, I improved the posture & the condition causing it & it was gone gradually within 1 year. I put wooden stand on the chair so that my back is straight while sitting, that improved my sitting posture & I took pillow that was not very thick, that improved my sleeping posture sleeping straight.
    And I practiced walking straight & sitting straight with wall or wood stand support wherever needed.
    Thus No more back pain.
    Once lifting big heavy thing leaded to backpain but it goes automatically within few days when I stopped lifting heavy things.
    I thought my testimonial will help others so I posted my experience.

  • Back pain takes real conscious effort to eliminate. You can do the right exercises but if you fall back into old habits of lifting and or remaining in the same position it will come back. it happened to me.

  • I am planning to stand up to sleep and not sit again (lol). These spasms of pain is extreme. Sharp pain middle lower back, I want to cry

  • My dad has a back pain problem ever since he started using Boswellia-Curcumin capsules from Planet Ayurveda.since then, he has got a lot of rest. You can check out their youtube channel

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  • I’ve been working with my dad on building things in our yard for a few days now. Totally didn’t think that that was the reason for my lower back pain but it makes lots of sense so thank youu

  • hey,if anyone else is searching for back pain treatment at home try Magonsi Back Pain Expert (should be on google have a look )? Ive heard some super things about it and my neighbor got excellent results with it.

  • Mine just started today it hurts so much. I sleep on a bunk bed and I could barely get up the ladder and it hurt when I’m laying down

  • I was trying to kick a wooden wall frame (my leg was definety over hip height) and I missed and my leg kinda went “Woosh” and stretched really quickly. Now accross my lower back is really sore when I bed down too much or try bend back to stretch in the morning. I was just wondering if that could be the possible cause?

  • Hi! Do you think wrong sleeping position can cause back pain? I’m a side sleeper and stomach sleeper since i have problem sleeping on my back.

  • The first one is 50% of my back pain, hunching over when im at work because i mop and sweep everyday having to move my body in terrible ways


  • My back hurt just last night until now,, i didnt know watching anime too much due to lockdown could cause me back pain,,,, It hurts,, ayako na sa earth

  • Sir I have a back pain for almost a week. Like its very hard to wake up in the morning. Also a short jump would cause pain and even sneezing.

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  • I’m suffering from lower back pain. Over 1 year every morning I get up I feel pain n stiff I can not vend over cause it hurts so bad. What should I do

  • My back used to hurt while I was asleep, I got this knee pillow from and it literally cured me lol, I recommend it

  • My aunty has been suffering from lower back pain, usually its so painful when she get up in the morning. Joint Aid Plus and Bone support and also applied Orthovita oil. Now she is extremely satisfied with the treatment and quite fine.

  • I had that problem for a long period,so much pain and so many doctors i saw but without any results, till i discovered a very good course that after only one session i felt great.This helped me move again. I trully recommend it to you!!!

  • Nowadays, having back pain is very common especially in the people doing sitting job. I am also a working person and whole day I have to sit in the front of computer. It cause backache. I used many medicines but did not get relief. Then my one of friend told me the benefits of natural remedies, proper diet and exercises to keep myself healthy. And told me about Planet Ayurveda. I took treatment from them and I am healthy now

  • Grandma was right! Slouching is bad for you. And poor posture can make back pain worse, especially if you sit for long periods. Don’t slump over your keyboard. Sit upright, with your shoulders relaxed and your body supported against the back of your chair. Try putting a pillow or a rolled towel between your lower back and your seat. Keep your feet flat on the floor.

  • Sir i have a doubt, is morning walking increase the back pain, i feel backpain about two weaks so my mom never allow me to go for walking in the morning, but i still have the pain, can i continue my morning walking in this pain

  • my frnd told me this website
    i came to know the causes and exercises which almost healed my bulging disc.

  • please let me know the treatment for spinal pain caused due to spinal injection used for baby birth at two times. I am 30 years old. I am suffering a lot of pain and cant bow properly. i am in pain mostly all the time. please email me at [email protected]