CDC’s Advice regarding how to Keep Disease-Transporting Insects Away


How “Kissing bugs” can carry parasite that causes Chagas disease

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Why Snails Kill 200 000 People Every Year

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Tick-Borne Disease Awareness & Protection Tactics | Insect Shield Repellent Technology

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Diseases Spread By Insects Have More Than Tripled, CDC Says | TIME

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CDC reports an increase in insect-borne diseases

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One of the best ways to prevent bug bites is to use an insect repellent, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency recommends insect repellents that contain at least 20 percent DEET. These products (which include Cutter Backwoods and Off!

Deep Woods) offer protection against mosquitoes, ticks and other bugs. Disease Vectors and Pests Integrated pest management (IPM) techniques are necessary to reduce the number of pests that threaten human health and property. This systems approach to the problem relies on more than one technique to reduce or eliminate pests.

Avoid bug bites Bugs, including mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, and some flies, can spread diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and Lyme, all of which have risk of severe and lasting consequences. Several diseases spread by bug bites cannot be prevented or treated with vaccines or medicine, such as Zika, dengue, and Lyme. An insect that transmits a disease is known as a vector, and the disease is referred to as a vector-borne disease. Insects can act as mechanical vectors, meaning that the insect can carry an organism but the insect is not essential to the organism’s life cycle, such as when house flies carry organisms on the outside of their bodies that cause diarrhea in people.

To help get rid of these, check your yard for any kind of container that may be holding water. While searching for a blood meal these mosquitoes may fly from yard to yard. Make sure corrugated drain pipes are placed so they do not hold water. If above ground, empty them once a week. While the CDC report concludes that the development of vaccines and improved insect-control programs throughout the U.S. could help reduce this growing problem, consumers themselves can follow.

These five tips will help keep your plants healthy and problem free. 01 of 05. It doesn’t take much to attract beneficial insects. The trick is trying to keep them around when all the pests have been eaten. But beneficial insects need pollen and nectar, as much as the protein from other insects, so having the plants that they favor will.

The following measures can help you avoid getting sick from diseases transmitted by animals: Keep food and garbage in covered, rodent-proof containers. Seal holes and cracks in your home to deter rodent access. Clear brush and junk away from the foundation of your home. One of the best ways to prevent bites from disease-carrying insects is to apply insect repellent whenever you spend time outdoors, especially during the warmer.

Important tips include dressing appropriately for the climate (such as loose, lightweight clothing in hot climates and warm layers in cold climates), staying hydrated, avoiding overexposure to the sun, and practicing safe swimming habits.

List of related literature:

Insect repellents are effective in preventing disease transmission and are especially

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Strategies to manage these insects may be used to reduce disease incidence in the future.

“Ecology and Biogeography of Pinus” by David M. Richardson
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Similar prevention and control measures are needed: tsetse fly control and use of protective clothing, screens, netting, and insect repellent.

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Individual insect colonies are maintained in small portable containers that are easily washed and disinfected.

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If you are going to be in a high-risk (for an insect or arthropod bite capable of transmitting a disease) situation, to play it safe, the effectiveness should be assumed to begin to decrease after half the advertised allowable number of washings.

“Medicine for the Outdoors E-Book: The Essential Guide to Emergency Medical Procedures and First Aid” by Paul S. Auerbach
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Also avoid spiders and common disease carriers such as ticks, flies, and mosquitoes.

“US Army Survival Manual: FM 21-76” by United States Department of Defense
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Larvae (or nymphs) and adults are best kept in different buildings to spread the risk if an inadvertent outbreak of disease would occur.

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Sterilizing Agents—The release of large numbers of insects treated by radioisotopes or chemicals to interfere with reproduction has produced high degrees of control of native populations with whom the sterilized individuals mate, particularly when the insect may mate only one time.

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Measures to reduce insect populations and/or avoid insect exposure are essential.

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Prevention is the key for organic IPM and it is necessary to emphasize the need to know and understand the biology and ecology of pestiferous arthropods and their relationship with the tropical fruits growing in each area.

“Handbook of Pest Management in Organic Farming” by Vincenzo Vacante, Serge Kreiter
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  • I bet this means we’ll have to spray more poisons around towns and on forests to “fix” this problem thus enriching the chemical companies the lamestream media calls master.

  • I had a gym teacher once who was afflicted with this, but apparently in most ppl it isnt ‘never’ just a few months to years and then a few more years of a sensitivity

  • The “modified mosquitoes” someone mentioned here were sterilized males. That means that females mating with those males would not get fertilized and would not produce offspring.

  • Google bat houses / bat towers / they each eat 100’s every hour
    This is a link / unsure why it is not blue
    lyme disease

  • NOTE, these parasytes don’t survive in freazing conditions, meaning that if your country experiences a frost season, you’re probably safe… except if you visit countries who don’t and decide to take a dip in a wild pond…

  • I live in Alabama and my husband contracted Lyme disease, but he had to go to Florida to get a diagnosis because the doctors in Alabama all claim there is no Lyme in Alabama even though he had all the symptoms and had the telltale ring around the bite. This shows why the level of underreporting is so low.

  • Is this the same worm that, when mature will try to violently exit through your feet or is that another one. You feel like your feet are on fire until you enter water and then the worm (which was dormant the subsurface of the skin) is activated. There’s a lot of terrifying worms in those areas.

  • It’s not just a coincidence that there is a rise in insect born diseases at the same time there is the rise of traitor trump supporters

  • Excellent!!

    ( I did not know Insect Shield will treat clothing made by other companies! )

    When I went to Africa, I took the prescribed prophylactic medication.

    And I wore Insect Shield clothing during the day.

    In the night, I trusted the prophylactic medication and a mosquito net for protection.

    Mistake. ( Do not trust physicians who look up medications on the internet. Go to specialists who track diseases and real world information. )

    My legs and arms touched the net. The mosquitoes hit me through the mesh of the net.

    Malaria. Weakness. Abscess infections. Hospital. Then a month without work as the holes in my feet, legs, and arms closed.

    After that, I wore my Insect Shield clothing at night. With an Insect Shield blanket on the sleeping mat.

    Insect Shield clothing costs more. But what is the cost of a month in a foreign nation waiting for wounds to heal? If the mosquitoes had hit me with cerebral malaria, I would have died.

    When I work, I wear eight pocket production pants. In the past, I trusted the heavy fabric to stop mosquitoes. What about fleas, spiders, scorpions? I will send my production pants to Insect Shield for treatment.

  • me who previously would pick up the snails on the sidewalk and move them to the grass so ppl dont step on them: (*´꒳`*)

    me now: ✨anxiety✨

  • … the ocean it is.
    Edit: I’d honestly rather deal with sharks and jellyfish, at least I have a chance to see them coming for ****s sake

  • watching this after a multiple day backpacking trip in which we dived in a tiny lake and even used water from it to cook, yeah i definetly feel those worms inside me lmao

  • I just realized that all of you sound like yu-gi-oh Chareters. Brew is tryston. The cool one in the track suit is Joey and shy dude is yugi motto.

  • @Facts in Motion or anyone.
    Does this particular parasite have a important role in the ecosystem? And what if we somehow can completely eradicate this species or it suddenly goes extinct, does it not trigger some chain reactions that lead to huge disaster/calamity? (let alone Japan, because i think different regions may have a different result)
    Sorry for my English

  • Seems to me that the snails are the fall guy victims and the real culprit is people pooping in the fresh water lakes. We need to stop this senseless snail blaming!

  • Can we all stop commenting foolish jokes under an informative video like this, learn something from it, take this seriously or atleast appreciate what we have? ��

  • There is a treatment for this disease now thanks to an Ethiopian scientist who discovered it in the 1960s. It would have been cool to atleast mention his name in the video. A shout out to the Ethiopians lol.

  • Just a quick tip if anybody is experiencing asthmatic symptoms from anything that you might be allergic to. If you have a Coke or if you eat some spicy noodles or something like that, the capsaicin and caffeine both work individually as bronchodilators. In really bad cases I would suggest calling the ambulance before nursing spoonfuls of hot sauce. Just Downing them may not work

  • Gonna guess it’s the namesake of the main character from Destroy All Humans (ps2 game). Chryptosporidium.
    Edit: Darn it. Well you’ve got a sequal topic I suppose.
    THIS is yet another reason I don’t ever want to visit the one place humans aren’t an invasive species. The advantages of being invasive cannot be overstated for us.

  • i’m allergic to bug bites! and that’s awful because i’m also a mosquito magnet. essentially when i get bit the bite swells up more than it should.

  • My husband had tick fever and we almost didn’t know because his symptoms didn’t match what the CDC said. After lab confirmation, the CDC called my husband to get his symptoms to report and they wouldn’t accept them and wrote down what they think he should have had. The CDC is a joke. They make up their own data at taxpayers expense. They create fear and then own patents to a snake oil vaccine.

  • Tfw Ticks are way more of an issue at present than snails with increasing cases of…

    Lyme disease….




    Powassan Virus Disease….

    Borrelia miyamotoi Disease….

    Borrelia mayonii Disease….

    Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF)

  • I have a lot of food allergies and my body has a response just by the presence of the allergens in food. They reek of a smell of poison ivy to me.

  • This video is very misleading, I never learned why they decided to carry parasites, only that they do, definitely leaving a 1 star review.

  • i heard some where that if you heat up the end of a peace of metal like a paper clip then poke the tick it will jump off, is this true?

  • why humans is the deadlyest animal in the world
    1. kills like 10 million humans every year
    2. some people carry coronavirus a disease that has killed 900k humans
    3. kills alot other animals

  • That’s some Very important information for me.. not sure I could handle, essentially being forced to go vegan. Thanks for the awesome video. Keep up the great work you all do.

  • Good thing there are only trees in my back yard my house

    And also imagine if Howard got fed up with you calling him pots and arms and legs just sprouted from him and he started attacking you

  • I just learned about this a few weeks ago! A family friend got bit, so while she can’t eat all these meats, she’s also allergic to gluten.

    Poor women isn’t allowed to eat anything fun.

  • But if when you get measles you reset your immune system so when I mean it would cure the alpha gal thing as you know you’ll be at your immune system Wood be reset

  • I remember 1 girl that bit into a piece of meat…sshe spit it into the dirt and ran away.

    They managed to reattach it later though.