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THURSDAY, Jan. 19, 2017 (HealthDay News) Five dogs have died from exposure to a skin cancer cream prescribed for people, according to the U.S. Food and Drug. Jan. 19, 2017 / 11:32 PM Skin cancer cream linked to 5 dog deaths, FDA says The cream is used for treatment of precancerous sun-damaged skin, in addition to some basal cell skin cancers.

THURSDAY, Jan. 19, 2017 (HealthDay News) Five dogs have died from exposure to a skin cancer cream prescribed for people, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Ingesting very small amounts of the drug fluorouracil topical cream USP 5% (5-FU) can sicken.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has confirmed a link between a skin cancer cream and the deaths of at least five dogs who came into contact with. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning pet owners of the risks associated with a skin cancer cream after five dogs died after accidentally ingesting it.

The topical cancer medication. A popular skin cancer cream, prescribed for people, has been linked to the deaths of five dogs, and experts warn that the ingestion of even small amounts can kill family pets. Skin cancer cream. 5 Dogs Died After Eating Their Owners’ Skin Cancer Cream, FDA Warns The agency is urging anyone who uses the medication to store it carefully, and to avoid exposing pets to residue on skin. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is warning pet owners to exhibit precautions when administering a new skin cancer cream after 5 dogs who ingested it suddenly died.

The cancer cream. THURSDAY, Jan. 19, 2017 (HealthDay News)—Five dogs have died from exposure to a skin cancer cream prescribed for people, according to the U.S.

Food and Drug Administration. Ingesting very small amounts of the drug—fluorouracil topical cream USP 5% (5-FU)—can sicken or kill family pets, said the FDA. Symptoms of dog skin cancer.

The most obvious symptoms of skin cancer in dogs are lumps or bumps on the surface of the skin. The type and location of the cancer determines its appearance: Melanoma – A mole-like growth up to 2.5 inches in diameter; can be red, brown, black or grey and occurs on the mouth and feet.

List of related literature:

And Frantz Cappé, from the Clinique Veterinaire in Paris, had a “first impression that cancer was increasing,” in puppies as well as in older dogs, though he qualified his statement by adding, “I don’t know if cancer is being diagnosed more and if treatments are better.”

“Pukka's Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs” by Ted Kerasote
from Pukka’s Promise: The Quest for Longer-Lived Dogs
by Ted Kerasote
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2013

Basal cell tumors account for 10% to 12% of canine skin tumors, with dogs in the 7to 9-year-old group having the highest incidence.

“Textbook of Small Animal Surgery” by Douglas H. Slatter
from Textbook of Small Animal Surgery
by Douglas H. Slatter
Saunders, 2003

Severe periocular dermatitis (alopecia, erythema, and hyperpigmentation) is a common finding in allergic dogs.

“Small Animal Dermatology E-Book: A Color Atlas and Therapeutic Guide” by Keith A. Hnilica, Adam P. Patterson
from Small Animal Dermatology E-Book: A Color Atlas and Therapeutic Guide
by Keith A. Hnilica, Adam P. Patterson
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2016

Fifty-seven dogs were involved in this study and again the results were similar, with drastically reduced dermatitis in 71% of animals as compared to 41% using the control cream.

“Herbs and Natural Supplements Inkling: An Evidence-Based Guide” by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
from Herbs and Natural Supplements Inkling: An Evidence-Based Guide
by Lesley Braun, Marc Cohen
Elsevier Health Sciences APAC, 2010

It is part of a family of compounds called tocopherols and is a common cause of both irritant and allergic contact dermatitis.

“Cosmeceuticals E-Book: Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series” by Zoe Diana Draelos, Jeffrey S. Dover, Murad Alam
from Cosmeceuticals E-Book: Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series
by Zoe Diana Draelos, Jeffrey S. Dover, Murad Alam
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2014

In addition, a substantial proportion of dogs with atopic dermatitis are simultaneously affected by an adverse food reaction.62 Recent studies suggest that dogs with atopic disease have almost four times greater risk of developing concurrent food allergy than dogs without atopy.

“Canine and Feline Nutrition E-Book: A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals” by Linda P. Case, Leighann Daristotle, Michael G. Hayek, Melody Foess Raasch
from Canine and Feline Nutrition E-Book: A Resource for Companion Animal Professionals
by Linda P. Case, Leighann Daristotle, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2010

Antihistamines in the management of canine atopic dermatitis: a retrospective study of 171 dogs (1992–1998).

“Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics” by Jim E. Riviere, Mark G. Papich
from Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics
by Jim E. Riviere, Mark G. Papich
Wiley, 2018

Hypersensitivity has also been reported in a dog after intramuscular administration of tetracycline.

“Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics E-Book” by Dawn Merton Boothe
from Small Animal Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics E-Book
by Dawn Merton Boothe
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Melanosis of the skin was reported to be a side effect of doxorubicin administration in humans and a similar effect has been observed in dogs.”

“Cancer in Dogs and Cats: Medical and Surgical Management” by Wallace B. Morrison
from Cancer in Dogs and Cats: Medical and Surgical Management
by Wallace B. Morrison
Teton NewMedia, 2002

Interestingly, however, the chief complaint in affected dogs is because of superficial necrolytic dermatitis (also known as necrolytic migratory erythema), a condition more often associated with advanced liver disease and termed

“Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal Expert Consult E-Book” by Spencer A. Johnston, Karen M. Tobias
from Veterinary Surgery: Small Animal Expert Consult E-Book
by Spencer A. Johnston, Karen M. Tobias
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2017

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  • What about baking soda & molasses? Can pets take salty stuff? I also read some people gave their dogs raw meat with good result, does it really work?

  • Just seeing this now such a strong woman inspiring watching seeing how brave you were this video will help others an inspiration you are

  • I’m so sorry about your dogs. I am going through a tough time right now with my 9 year old Italian Greyhound. It started with him going in circles and losing his balance. At first we thought it was vestibular disease, but when we rushed him to the hospital he has an enlarged heart and cancer all over his brain and near heart. I haven’t slept in days and we are trying to see if there’s anything else we can do to help him. Please let me know if I should try any of these things. We are freighted & scared to lose our precious dog.

  • Sorry for your dog. My cocoa has a mass in her stomach and her intestines haved formed a ball around it. So her intestines are now going up and down with lots of air pockets. Im using frankincense,turmeric,spiurrina and would like to add pau D bark but dont know the dosage i have it in bulk form.

  • Add to this list Panacur-C. The de-wormer shown to halt brain cancer. Be sure to watch Dr Jones video: It might help other cancers as well. What if we now have a cure? Good luck to all those watching this.

  • Wow; this was helpful! I’m scared after seeing my dermatologist yesterday and she prescribed this for AK on my face and chest! Yikes!!!!

  • Wow! What a horrible thing to have to go through, but I’m SO glad it Was Worth It and that You’re Good Now… Back to Your Gorgeous Self! Your Nails Are Beautiful AND YOUR 4LEGGED BABIES ARE SOOO ADORABLE & WONDERFUL! Continued Blessings To You Always!

  • Number one you need to have your dog on full spectrum cannabis NOT HEMP Oil. THC creates apoptosis in most cancers where as CBD only few cancers. Then you have CBN, CBD, CBC and hundreds of other chemical compounds that work together for pain, cancer, nausea, and helps your pets sleep with indica and energy with sativa strains. In 1988 the CDC gave cannabis a lethal dose of 40,000 0.9 g joints or 79.47 lbs in 15 minutes. The government could never overdose a dog or monkey. Jane Stanley Master Certificate in Cannabis which includes Cannabis as Medicine, AAS Science Technologies

  • 2/26/2019… question!!!
    More videos later after Dr appt. I am however thinking about going live to answer everyone’s questions… thoughts?

  • I’m curious as to what you feed him. Have you noticed that animals in the most natural habitats do not get cancer? My vet thankfully is opening up to unconventional treatments for various things. My 13yr old with severe hip problems is still able to run around with minimal visible symptoms to others. I subscribed and am excited to see what you have to say about various things.

  • Im so sorry for your painful battle darling�� praying all is well with u��❤ my heart cries with rhe depth of your battle and pain. U are a beautiful soul❤❤❤

  • It do sucks my dog hv it n in my country the vets hv no treatment n it has spread fully already n there gonn put him to rest on monday������������

  • Just watched the 1st minute, already have tears streaming down my eyes though I should just be thankful my buddy is by my side. 1st I’m sorry about your buddy(haven’t looked at date posted). Truly sorry. I’m here cause my old buddy who is still so active and full of life that he get mistaken for a puppy had a large inoperable tumor found yesterday. Well, confirmed by the vet. Seems to be fast growing & in a bad place(neck/side of spine). Heartbroken of course but want the best of our time together. He’s a special little guy who likely saved the life of someone who needed what only a great dog(aren’t most) can offer. Any advice for slowing down the growth or anything else for his comfort. Currently he only gets a high quality cannabis, not hemp, derived CBD oil. I couldn’t afford surgery & as he’s older many oncologists, according to my vet, wouldn’t treat him even if I could afford it. I could max out CCards & vet pmt plans but doubt the few thousand would go far. Just want my buddy to have as many good days as possible. Thank you & to all in my shoes or who’ve lost their furry friends, I’m sorry. Thanks. Any advice welcome, here or at email: grep[at]gmx[dot]us

  • Hope your dog survived Dr Jones. I currently trying to cure my cat that most likely has cancer in his jaw. Vet had to drag two teeths out due to bone infection. Infection seems to be gone, he is healthy and all but there is still something there in his jaw that sticks out. So today I ordered not just normal CBD oil but a 1:1 CBD-THC oil optimal for cancer treatment. It should arrive tomorrow and I look forward to it.

  • My mum went through this a couple years ago. She was in so much pain �� unfortunately the cancers returned and she’ll have to start treatment ago soon. God bless you and best of luck ❤️

  • Thank you so much for the videos. I sincerely appreciate them. I was wondering if you have an opinion on “Apocaps”? My little friend has just been diagnosed and of course I am willing to try anything. Is it any good, or am I being taken advantage of?

  • So this video is over 2 years old. Before I go to all that effort, how did this work out? Did the dog live? Did he recover and heal???

  • Hi Tina, thank you so much for making this Video and sharing it on YouTube. It was very brave. I am going through exactly the same process as you did, using Efudix cream on my face which is 50 per cent covered in pre-cancerous sun damage. I didn’t realise how much there was until I started using the Efudix cream! I was stunned to say the least. As a commercial fisherman I am out in the sun every day without anyway of avoiding it so am prone to sun damage. I use a hat, sun glasses and sun factor 50+ sun block, but it only slows the rate of damage down. I am at day 14 of my treatment and feeling very sore and uncomfortable as you did. 14 days to go for me and I can’t wait for it to end. Thanks again for sharing and hope you are enjoying life and best wishes to you.

  • Your not alone and I was surprised to find out that some individuals have to do this treatment every year. It’s no fun but it’s peace of mind!

  • My dog has been diagnosed with Cancers he’s a 6 year old lab pit mix his beautiful blue eyes everything I don’t know what to do you want to put them to sleep I’m devastated do anything for this guy is my best friend in the whole world

  • You are a pretty lady. Thanks for sharing. I am going to hide from my grandsons, so they won’t remember me that was. Plan to start next week.

  • Good job, I know it is really really hard to get the courage to do this but the end result is worth it. I have done it twice, I felt like giving up almost every day but it took a lot of love and help to get through it

  • HI Dr. My lovable husky is 7 and the vet said she has Lymphoma Cancer. Aggressive. I can’t lose her. Should this stuff work? Also, apricot seeds can cure people cancer.

  • I’m so glad I found you! Thank you for all you do! Thank you for the free e-book! I love it! My prayers are for your dog! You are a blessing! Rare n unique! Stay blessed!

  • Dear doctor thank you for being there for many suffering pets and owners. I wanna ask you if the same supplements are good for cats

  • What?? No deadly chemo and radiation therapy like some veterinarians would opt for? Some vets shouldn’t be vets since they would have a tough enough time qualifying as a janitor.

  • I have a 11 year old, 60lb border collie who has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer. So according to the Flor Essence dosage. I should be giving him 6 Teaspoons or 2 Tablespoons, 2X daily? I wasn’t clear on the video as far as dosage. Thanks

  • Hello Doctor. How do you recommend treating a 60lb female boxer 11 yrs old with Mast cell tumor and pancreatitis? She currently is taking 20mg Pepcid Ac once and day and Bendryl 25mg twice a day. She bled on her pillow from her mussel somewhere, can’t see where it wld have come from. Wld really appreciate your help ����

  • Oh God, for you to put these RESCUERS and all the ppl involved in this on this Earth ��, I don’t know what to say, there is no words, my fingers stopped, my mind standing still but my heart ❤️ is jumping with happiness, these ppl are Angels ��, you all giving hopes where hope seems to be slowly disappear. Thank you for all that you do and I strongly believe that you will never stop talking care of these unfortunate animals. GOD is forever be with you all.

  • When i see all the horrible unimaginable things thats happening to animals, it makes me sad and angry at the same time. I think of celebraties like the kardashian that have so much money that can be spent in the right way, and can fix or ease alot of the sadness going on. I wouldn’t be able to go to bed at night knowing i can make a difference but i choose to worry about what outfit ill buy for tomorrow.

    In my perfect little world, ill buy islands, and hire staff, resources make it a home for every animal in need, live out their lives and get re adopted into a family. EVERY animal DESERVES to feel LOVED.
    In all the evils in this world, this is the one i would choose to remove

  • Thank you for sharing this video. It helped me with my 21 day treatment. Very impressed with your strength to do multi areas at once and for going 28 days on your face when so many talk of 14 day treatments.

  • Hi DrI’m so sorry. I’m curious to know how your dog did with all these supplements and how his quality of life was/is? Going through a similar situation right now

  • Fenbendazole found in dog deworming tablets and high dose vitamine C has been claimed to cure cancer in dogs and humans……panacur c is just one of them……do some research.

  • How long did it take before your skin was normal again?
    I am on my second week of this and thought it would be over soon. Now I am wondering how long this will take. So red and so much pain. I guess I am suffering for my mis-spent youth. Haven’t been a sun worshiper for many years but the damage was already done. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Day 20 for me and I think I love you and the dogs. thanks for the photo story…It’s a bitch hey, but you gotta do what you gotta do. Congrats on committing to it and the result. You look great.

  • Our dog was just diagnosed with Bone cancer in her leg on 11-21-19. Right now she is on gabapentin for pain. My husband just got her some cbd oil brand is paw cbd 750mg. We havent started her on it yet. Waiting to hear back from our vet. Should we stop the gabepinton and just do the cbd oil? I’m hoping we have more time with her. Vet told us maybe a couple months. No other spread was seen on the xray but I’m sure its spreading already through her bones. Hoping some of this helps.

  • What happened to your dog? I can’t tell when this video was made. Also I would NOT be feeding your dog canned or dry food that’s the worst.

  • Muchas gracias por ayudarlos, sé que su recompensa será muy grande. Dios los bendiga y los guarde siempre. Son ángeles del Eterno, del Altísimo Creador..

  • The advertisement at the end of the video blocked the dog so it’s unclear is the dog really recover from the treatment. However I don’t think cancer can be cured and the tumors looked pretty bad on the dog.

  • I have be living with Oral herpes for over 4 years now and it has be a big problem to me.I have been looking for solution to cure the deadly disease, One day i came across a woman testimony on forum saying she get cured of her Herpes with the help of Dr ajakaoboka herbal medicine. At first i did not believe i was doubting because my doctor told me there is no cure for this disease,but i have to give a try and contact him with the email the lady drop and write to him about my problems. then he told me not to worry that am in the right place he told me what to do to get cured so i really did it few month later i went to the doctor and do a test and discover that am totally cured of my Oral herpes then i wrote to him and thank him for curing me please if you are out there facing similar situation, I advice you to contact this great herbal doctor as he have cure for different kinds of diseases. Dr ajakaoboka i promise to always share what you did for me as you are a God sent from heaven to help people with their problems. contact Dr ajakaoboka via Email:[email protected] WhatsAPP number:+238136979966

  • Cancer is very tough as we all know. Best is to NOT get it by taking precautions. BLACK SEED OR BLACK SEED OIL is a good immune booster. Also, apricot kernels, 5 per dayfor normal person and upto 20 for already with cancer. Curcumin (Turmeric) in high purity and concentration also helps. Same, black seed, apricot kernel and turmeric for dogs also but check with vet on what dose to give to dogs of different sizes. Somewhere I read that dogs that do not eat commercial dried food live 3 years longer plus dogs on farm live much more long due to more pure oxygen air intake as they live outside of home mostly. Better to give commercial food for fist two years for body growth and then switch to something natural and homemade. Lots of walking, exercise, playtime with other dogs is very essential also.

  • You lost me at “…..even with global warming.” Good grief. Haven’t you received the instruction, it’s called “climate change” now. You’ve lost all credibility. I recommend people get their info elsewhere. Stop driving SUVs everyone you’re killing our puppies!!!!

  • Fortunately, this new four-day Harvard Medical protocol is going to save us all from this nightmare: @t Your doctor has to prescribe fluorouracil (5-FU), but can get calcipotriene on Ebay.

  • Tks for the video, it was very comprehensive and helpful. I have been prescribed this cream having always had the freeze treatment which I don’t mind. Do you have any thoughts, cream vs freeze?

  • My 14 year old dog recently went to the vet and she believes he has a tumor on his brain over his left eye. She put him on prednisone 5mg every 12 hours. She believes it’s inflamed and causing his seizures and irregular behavior. Do you think these remedies will work or am i delaying the inevitable that he’ll need to be put down?

  • My dog has a small and huge lump under his skin and he has been throwing up and diarrhea alot, and he’s not eating that much is this signs of my dog having cancer? I’m already planned to make a dog visit for him. Please respond when you get a chance to anyone who knows what I’m talking about

  • I just watched your video and I’m so touched by your journey. You are very beautiful and it looked so painful. I’m so glad you had your fur babies by your side for your constant comfort and companions, they really do make a difference with their unconditional love!! I’m not sure how you came across my suggestions but you did so today just as I was setting up my stuff to sit out in the sun. I always complain to my husband how I’m always working during the day or all weekend and can never participate in any “sunshine” activities and how I never get good color. Maybe this was a wakeup or warning call for me as I am pretty fair skinned,and burn easily. Any how, I’m glad I came across your video diary and was wondering how you are doing today, as this video is a few years old. Hope all is well and stay beautiful!

  • This so frustrating reading through these comments. Just like everyone has their own unique opinion, everyone seems to think they know what herbal remedy works best. It’s the desperate love I have for my dog that brings me here, only to find dozens of self-assured, herbal experts telling people more and more stuff to put into their dog. Is there ANY factual evidence that ANY of this works? The last thing I want to do is jam tons of unnecessary garbage down my dog’s throat because everyone here is convinced that their home remedy is the best. Can any of you back up your claims with evidence?

  • Hi, thank you! I am in day 19 of efudex on my nose. I wanted to ask you if you had open wounds as well? And what did you do? I have one wound that was bleeding just now.. ��

  • I am so sorry your baby is sick. Please do not ever do surgery when cancer, cancer gets cut and spreads all over.
    Do not do radiation and chemo
    They just kill while destroying in horrible pain

  • I am going to the same place as you do and the same Dr. I think. I have a place on my back they are taking care of, supposed to cut the rest of it out next week.

  • My cat got cancer, I gave him plant based meals, herbs, and oils like those you mentioned in this video. His cancer progressed and died within 4 months. Stupid and desperate me, I forgot he was a carnivore. Of course, he did not heal, lesson learned.

  • TIna, thanks for sharing. I did this once 20 years ago, and now need to do it again…not fun, but it beats getting hit here-there-and-everywhere with liquid nitrogen. Much appreciated.

  • gente Parabéns vcs são demais, tirando a dor desse pobre coitado, tamanha grandeza assim vi só por parte de Jesus, o filho de Deus.

  • It’s disgusting that a simple Google search with “chemo is unsafe for dogs” or such phrases will yield pro-chemo sites almost exclusively, and certainly in the top searches. It’s infuriating. Really worried that this might be the end for our 12-year old, but we’ve just taken her off that garbage denatured, processed kibble (even though it’s supposedly high-end, it’s still not real food). Began crushing egg shells for calcium (even though she has kidney stones along with the red, growing mass under her forearm), giving her slightly cooked grass-fed beef, some egg, fish, curcumin, probiotics, milk thistle, and other natural things. I hope it’s not too late.

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    Or email me on: [email protected]

  • Thank you doctor! I really appreciate your natural treatment philosophy! Sometimes meds are necessary but I think natural supplementation and therapy is a much safer and more effective idea!��

  • @Veterinary Secrets  What CBD Oil would you recommend? My 12 yo Bouvier Des Flandres, Beau Bear, has a limpoma that has significantly grown to the size of an eggplant in the last month. It’s on his undercarriage and hitting his lungs and also putting pressure on his heart. He can barely get up to pee without complete exhaustion. It CAN’T get any bigger or:((
    I had him on Pet Releaf 1700 for almost 2 months with no seen benefit. I’ve switched to King Kanine but already need another bottle in less than 2weeks given his weight/dosage amount.
    I found you on YouTube today and ordered your supplement to add to his diet but could you please give me some CBD oils you’d use for my sweet Beau Bear.


  • Hello, I have implemented all five natural remedies: flax oil, curcumin, CBD oil, dandelion tea and the flora herbal formula. The “suspicious” bump has now disappeared. Which remedies are safe for the long term and which should I stop giving? Thank you.

  • Hi Doc

    My dog Roxanne has been diagnosed with metastatic cancer (lymphoma) a few days ago and I’ve started her on a diet similar to yours. She seems to be gradually responding and its only 2 days. My question is, did you have your dog on any medication? I ask because my doctor recommended I give her a steriod prednisone to help revert the cancer. Im not sure if I should add the steriod or continue with the diet alone. Thank you!

  • I am smiling I am going through the treatment now for the third time. It is horrible but so worth it. By the time it gets bad you don’t want to leave the house.

  • I have a 2and3/4 lb Yorkshire terrier that was Diagnosed with Trachea cancer 2 weeks ago, I have him on CBD oil.02ml 2x day, 1/2 5mg tablet prednisone 2x day, 2ml Hycodan syrup 2x day and 2 apricot seed cropped up and given with food, his appetite is good, his breathing is laboured, I don’t know what else to do, is he suffering, am I holding on to a lost dream, he is my world, I’m having a hard time letting go, am I being selfish, is there hope, help, help, help������

  • Because their diet is bad (high acid) they get cancer from oxygen starvation, thats why they dont live very long. What about food grade h2h0? My dog (pictured) has naturally plied herself with chlorophyll by eating grass and mower cuttings since she was a puppy, and spinach. We are in Australia, there was a dog here that lived until 26yrs was owned by aboriginal people, I think he must have eaten alot of livers and gall bladders in his diet. They could live that long with a better diet

  • My dog died 4 days ago and my mom told me he had skin cancer, My dog was ripping his fur off. Is ripping fur off not apart of dog skin cancer?I wasn’t there and my mom won’t tell me what vet she went to. This makes it suspicious considering my mom didn’t really like my dog. Also my sister got texts that they took him to chicago to see a vet but when my sister got back home 10 minutes later they were there. My siblings are starting to think that my dad might have killed him or they sold him off ;-;.

  • I am so sorry about your dog.

    Our dog just got diagnosed with multiple tumors. I will follow your suggestions

    What about food? Any suggestions?

    I will look at your other videos too. This is the first one I saw since we got the news.

    Thank you and praying for your dog too.

  • Can you give Essiac tea in water? I read it can give them upset stomach, vomiting a diarrhea and should be given a few hrs before a meal or 1 hr after. Try to help my dog who has cancer tumors near the heart and in the brain. Also read Essiac tea isn’t good to give to your dog if they have brain cancer or tumors near any organs. Feel like theres so contradicting stories?

  • My 15 year old girl developed mammary cancer about four months ago, confirmed by the vet shortly afterwards. I make my own Colloidial Silver so i started putting a cap full in each of her two water bowls. Within a few weeks the lumps started to shrink, my wife and i couldnt believe the change, they eventually shrank by 90%. In April we went overseas for three weeks, we thought she was on the mend and stupidly didnt leave instructions for our house sitter to give her the collodial silver with her water. By the time we got back the lumps had increased back to the size they were before i started treating her, the cancer has now spread to the lymphatic system and into her lungs, which was confirmed by the vet yesterday, ive started to cry writing this:(.
    Ive subtantially increased her collodial silver dose since our return but her condition is slowly detoriating. Ive just started her on a half a tea spoon, 2x/day of a six mushroom elixir mix(Chaga, Reishi, Shiitake, Maitake, Lions Mane, Cordyceps), plus the same amount of matcha tea, in powder form mixed in with her food. Im going to start her on essiac tea. Id do anything for our wee girl.

  • Natures Gifts… one thing I did learn from you today Dr Jones was Essiac Tea… click the Subscribe button but I did not get any further than this can you send me an email on your natural care for dogs and cats with cancer naturally I’ve been studying nature her herbs gifts and benefits for a little over 25 years and they have always benefited and feeding naturally including some Alkaline wholesome healthy foods for them another wonderful gift keeping their pH healthy and balanced along with their gut health balanced… Thank you so for sharing your precious gifts of knowledge… a blessing indeed. A Dane Mom kitty mom well all my life. My father made homemade bone broth for our dogs in the mid-sixties I remember and continue to feed them this way their entire lives to respect and love all nature and care for them in the healthiest way possible one of the greatest gifts my father ever gave me was this.

  • I have a couple of brown spots on my forehead that I got when I got really burnt in 2016 and anytime I get a little bit tan they get super super brown. Should I be worried about them? I don’t tan anymore and I put sunscreen on everytime in the sun.

  • First of all, my heart goes out to you and your dog, Lewis. Our animals are family and deserve great care and love. I currently have a 4 year old we think American Dingo mix dog, Sadie who iui a sick. She was said to be in perfect health a few months ago, yet now very sick. I have paid out $1,400 and still no diagnosis or relief for her. Thank you for all you do and sharing your remedies

  • Thank you for your work here. It has helped me to move in the right direction for my std poodle. I am all for natural remedies, as I practice it on myself, too. My poodle is 11 years old and is having a couple of problems. Until now, he has been quite healthy. His probs are 1) “stinky butt” (anal gland probs) and 2) a mass on his left, rear leg. No pain at all. For 1), I have been adding apple fiber/cellulose/liver powder to greek yogurt. He loves it. I’ve seen some improvement and he doesn’t stink nearly as bad. I am also going to add this to chopped chicken. For 2), I am about to order essiac 8 herb softgels (796mg per 2 gels) and bcm-95 curcumin. The latter is more potent than 95% curcumin+peperine. “As a result, BCM-95® is six-to seven times more bioavailable than ordinary 95% extract. Just one 400 mg dose of this new bioavailability-enhanced turmeric extract is equivalent to taking 2,772 mg of standard “95%” curcumin extract or 2,548 mg of plant-bound curcumin extract with piperine.” ( This article also talks about bcm-95’s “Powerful Cancer Protection.”)
    Also, “BCM-95® is the world’s most preferred curcumin extract, boasting a dossier of over 50 clinical studies and a 15-year track record for safety!” (
    I look forward to helping my dog become healthier! I hope this helps others, too!

  • Thanks for the info and I am sorry for your beautiful Dog. Dr: Recently my Schnauzer was diagnosed with leukemia and I am looking for the best remedies to extend her life. She is taking Cortisone and sleeping a lot. Now she is eating a lot too and I think she is able to eat anything. Any advice to help my baby?. Thanks.

  • After 3 weeks of Efudix cream, I’m now using the steroid cream. Has anyone used moisturiser between the morning and night application of the steroid cream? I really feel my skin needs it but it stings such a lot. It’s plain unperfumed moisturiser.

  • I know this is more than 2 years ago. I thank you for your video. My heart goes out to you as the pain is seen and heard. It is never easy with any loved one, with our fur babies, sometimes we guilt ourselves into not seeing it before it came to their illness in some cases become mild to severe. To anyone who is watching this video and has a pet with similar condition don’t give up hope. I am working with my Mia who is an 9 year old Corgie/Pomeranian since March 2018 to present. We have a Veterinarian who is willing to do hospice to keep her healthy and well. We monitor the good days and make sure that there are more good than bad which is the loving thing to do. We will never put our needs before her own. We all have an day in which we are called to our forever home.

  • I stumbled across your channel looking for something semi-related to your condition and I became intrigued about how you may have contracted this condition and, while being familiar with other forms of cancer, I know nothing about skin cancer. I hope and pray that you are doing better. Let me say this though, in my opinion, you are one beautiful young lady, skin cancer or not. I truly hope you are doing better. I am in my mid-fifties and have been diagnosed with severe heart disease plus a lot of damage to my heart muscle after two heart attacks at the very end of 2015. I love your support system. My support system consists of my granddaughters and my wife, plus my two chihuahuas that keep me company. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Do you have links to supportive studies for each of these herbs and plants as reversing cancer? I’d love to read about these in further detail.

  • Hello Tina,


    Thank you for posting your journey with Efudex.
    Wow!! What a journey it was but the end result was amazing!! I am considering using
    it for my actinic keratosis. My dermatologist prescribed it but it’s between
    this and Metvix daylight therapy or Metvix in office light therapy. If you
    wouldn’t mind emailing mr, I would like to discuss this more in depth. If you
    don’t want to, I fully understand. My email is:  my full name at Gmail dot com




    PS: I see you have a Facebook group. I’ll check that out too

  • Caution the sun is hitting us with huge radiation burns the earth has ever seen. Wear blue clothing stay indoors, keep your kids I doors during 11 to 2 PM at least

  • Just watched your video today, you are a strong and fearless woman. I know I don’t know you, but you are courageous and beautiful ❤ hope you are doing great. I was recently diagnosed with skin cancer on my nose. I was so afraid and sad, you give me hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • God Bless you. You are beautiful. How I wish I had listened to my mom. I lived in a boat. I’ve had two on my chest. Keeping you in my prayers stay strong.��

  • I think flax oil & dandelion root are great additions, I’m mos def going to add them to my girl Roxy’s new diet. We only days ago found out more about the growth we just had removed. She’s otherwise a very strong healthy 10 yr.old,so I believe she has a great chance at remission with a new diet.
    The tea’s I hadn’t yet thought of,so many thanks for that as well.
    I will do a little more research & find a tea more suited to the type she has.
    Yet I think I shall pick up Essiac Tea too! I have a fair bit of knowledge on healing, yet am quite grateful for what you do, because bottom line you are the vet who knows far more then I do! I love learning!
    What happened with Lewis?
    Thank you again, ��Roxy & Dăna

  • I luv the way the dog is_ not only looking up (haf) wondering wtf your talking too…..
    He also knows whatever it is your saying_ he’s trusting it_&you

  • I’m so sorry about your dog, my dog is a German Shepard with a tumour growing on her neck. I will do anything to save her, I would die for her and I can’t loose her. Please tell me what to do because I need to help her ������

  • You are a very brave woman. I am on my 13th day of fluorouracil and I am putting mine on spots on my face. It is red, itchy and stingy. I have to do mine for 21 days. I know I have more spots, but I’m doing it in stages. I’m not as brave as you. Glad you had great results. Hope I do too. Thanks so much for sharing your video. Sometimes when we go through something bad, we feel like we’re the only one. This has really helped me. Thanks again and God Bless.

  • Thank you Tina for sharing this. I know it’s been three year’s since you up loaded your vlog and hope you are doing better. Watching your video makes me concerned for myself because I would come down to Florida to visit my family and get very dark and also go a few times to a Tanning Spa before coming down. Well now 20/ 15 year’s later I’m seeing more sun spots and my face has been breaking out more on my nose and my side of my face. I need a doctor no matter what is going on, I know but I don’t have insurance right now so I’ll have to wait. The one on my nose keeps coming back in the same spot and it hurts bad! I just wanted to say you are so beautiful and brave!
    I hope you are doing well and are better now! ☺��

  • Well, now I know why the lady at the doctors office told me if I saw red patches start outside of my nose, not to chase it. So, I get to start with my nose. I d had several cryogenic treatment. From squamous cells now to pre cancerous. After 4 treatments. But, I can’t help to think if it’s gone deeper in my skin. I’m going to my ent for a second opinion. I saw your newest video 2019. And back tracked. I’m so sorry your dealing with so much.
    My dermatologist has told me to use for two weeks take two weeks off and start again for another two weeks. I guess so it will not be as bad.

  • Wow! What a brave lovely Lady. I have just finished 3 weeks of Efudix and I was really shocked with the way my face and head had so many pre cancerous cells. None of us realise how much damage we can get from the rays of the sun, in my case it was caused when I lived in Spain for 4 years not realising just how strong the sun,s rays are. Thankfully my face and head are getting back to normal. Its a marvelous product that can expose pre cancerous cells that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
    Keep that lovely smile Tina.
    Kind Regards, Pete

  • Такие мучения испытывала бедняжка.Спасибо,что выходили,за то,что опять хвостиком виляет,счастлива,спасибо вам,Люди,здоровья вам и питомцам,будьте счастливы.

  • I literally just searched for the funny clip of Deji telling KSI that looking at him made it gay, and this showed up. I can TOTALLY see the resemblance in content.

  • Hi my dog has the same cancer as your dog, tumor on the roof of his mouth going up to his eye. Ive heard coconut oil is good, its the lauric fatty acid in it that does the job. But use the extra virgin coldpressed one it keeps more nutrients in and last longer and a cleaner extraction. im just going to try it with my dog all that cbd oil can have an effect on the liver and make em fell zonk out and i hear you need the thc to make it work but who knows. But I look it reports where they ran experiments on lab animals that had cancer and the coconut oil got rid of it check it out on utube I hope your dog makes it I know you got upset making this video I know what you are going through I hope he pulled through. I just found out 2 days ago about my dog I can see a tumour about 2cm in his mouth so im treating him now with It hope it works.

  • So idk if my dog has skin cancer but when I first got him he had a small mole filled with blood and about 2 years later another showed up on his neck about the same size as the other one…can someone please tell me what it is and is it bad?

  • Yikes!.. so much for being the so called superior race. Stay out the sun white people. You may love the sun BUT the sun damn sure don’t love you… be smart

  • My dog is 10 years old…She just had surgery for beast cancer. I should give her this 5 natural remedies everyday? She weights 60 pounds and she has not energy or appetite. Thanks

  • Thanks for sharing. I’m on day 12, figured quarantine was a good time to finally do this since I’ll have limited time with b people anyway. My face already looks like your day 25ish. This is going to be interesting. I didn’t see anything where you noted the results after? Just curious if there was any permanent damage or positive results? Thx!

  • My friend is in the process of going through this….thank you so much for sharing your journey I am sending this long to her so that she can see that what’s happening to her is normal and worth it. ������

  • Bless your heart, Tina. You have really been through hell. I only saw your Blog #14 so I am not sure what was happening or have any knowledge of the medicine and creme, but the outcome was great. Your face just glowed with happiness and relief. Thanks for sharing your ordeal and the resulting beautiful face. Your fur babies look so sweet! God bless them too.

  • Hello Tina. Thanks for your video. I just finished a two week, twice a day routine using the same medication. The treatment was really painful, however, I did find two products extremely helpful to eliminate the pain. The HEB (grocery store) brand of “Triple antibiotic PLUS” has been a blessing. The “PLUS” has pain relieving ingredients, which has worked great for me. The burning, itching and stinging pain stops immediately when I use this product.

    Prior to applying it, I wash my face with a product called Clean & Clear. It’s a foaming facial cleanser for sensitive skin. No burning or stinging with either product. Hope these suggestions help, as they are helping me tremendously.

  • For topical chemotherapy supporting skincare go to have amazing products to support. The brand is Chemotherapeutix under body gel.

  • Hi all, my name is Brian and I am part of a group called Fenbendazole for dog cancer group. We are a positive, informative, caring group with one goal, fighting and beating cancer in our fur babies. Feel free to join and learn about the Fenbendazole protocol and the benefits it may provide your dog in its fight. My theory is you can never have too many tools in your belt in your fight against cancer, and this is another.

    “Cancer may have started the fight, but together we can win the fight”

  • Skin cancer, as I understand the people prone to contract it are sun fanatics… and above all without protector or poorly chosen or sunbathing in the schedules that do not have to do it and for a long time. Good luck

  • Hi Dr. Jones, I have a question. My Golden Rertriever Maya was diagnosed with Lymphoma-cancer. I started with the Natural Remedies 2 days ago. Would it be wise to also use Prednison as the vet advised? Will it affect the working of the Natural things? Thanks in advance.

  • I noticed Luis has not lost weight..
    My 11 yr old Lab has had bowel cancer for the last 7months.
    My dog is skin and bone. He can’t take normal dog food.
    I am feeding him, Salmon fillets, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli.
    He is still losing weight, but at least his poos are solid. He doesn’t seem in the pain he was in

  • I hate this, my 11 and a half year old dog is laying next to me with stomach cancer that’s spread to his liver and spleen. I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy it’s horrible.

  • I only use efudex on areas that need it. That stuff will make me bleed in two days. The only large area I have done is my chest for maybe 5 days. You are one tough lady!

  • The video is not complete without you mentioning WHY you think you developed cancer in the first place….did you spend lots of time in the sun?

  • my nutritionist said every illness can be cured with the right food and care. medications that are not short term but are long term will make it worse. so if you give your dog and cat vaccine every year it will cause mineral loss and deplete vitamins just like medications do if taken over 2 months. all illnesses are the result of a vitamin or mineral deficiency

  • Thank you so much for sharing your story, I am so sorry for the pain and frustration you went through, but so thank full you shared. I just left my dermie today and they prescribed Efudex for my forearms and chest. I immediately checked out videos and stories of other peoples experience. Now I feel better about the whole thing because of your bravery. ” Some things you have to go through, not around.”

  • I’m so proud of you. I don’t even know you, but how can anyone be as brave and determined as you were to see this through and not have great admiration for your strength. Truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing.

  • I need help my dog is 8 years old she had 2 surgeries already and she keeps on getting tumors on her stomach what do you recommend I dont wanna put her to sleep and I dont wanna go through surgery again I try using the golden paste

  • I may be wrong but I think dogs produce their own vitamin c and people do not any longer. I read Chris Beat Cancer and wanted to know your thoughts about incorporating vitamin c for treatment of your dog or any pets with cancer?

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  • Thank you Thank you Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us�� I don’t lusten to anyone else. I’m caring for my 17 year old Yorkie. Oils & natural treatments she’s amazing & HAPPY �� I just found another tumor on her leg & treating it. She had one on her nose that actually fell off. The one on her leg is growing fast �� so I’m getting intense with her treatments I follow you faithfully ������������������ Thank you again for making our journey PEACEFUL ��

  • You poor thing!! That must have been horrendous to go through, both physically and emotionally. I am glad you had such a great support network aren’t dogs just amazing!! I see this is an old video, how are you doing now? You are a beautiful woman, by the way.

  • I can’t count the number of videos I’m really interested in that I watch with the volume off because of the gawd awful music. That looks very painful. Your text disappears so fast you can’t read it all. Hope you’re better