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COVID-19 Coronavirus in Your Dogs and Cats

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Signs & symptoms of dog flu

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Canine Influenza: What You Need to Know | National Geographic

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How To Protect Your Dog from Dog Flu: Canine Influenza (CIV) In Dogs

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Dogs can get the flu, too

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Dog Flu Explained

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Dog flu is very contagious. Your pup can catch it when an infected dog sneezes or coughs on him. Since the virus also can live on object. Dogs can become infected with a form of the flu, called Canine Influenza. Here are some common questions and answers to help you take preventative measures against the dog flu and be able to quickly identify the symptoms if your pet becomes infected with the virus.

A separate, dogs-only flu virus can also make your dog ill. It’s known as the canine influenza virus, and it has two common strains: the CIV strain and the canine parainfluenza virus (CVP) strain. Unlike the common cold, which cannot be spread from human to canine, the flu virus can jump between species. But just like humans, dogs can get a vaccine that will help prevent them from getting the flu.

Since the flu is mostly spread through the air, your pet can get infected just by being close to you while you’re sick. Based on the preliminary studies, yes, dogs can get the flu from humans. However, it is highly uncommon.

Additionally, viruses change and evolve over the years, which may explain why epidemics and pandemics do not occur continuously. This fact complicates the research of virologists, as current results may differ as years go on. A Few Dog Flu Facts.

Dog flu is not usually fatal. Death rate is reported to be less than 10% among flu-infected dogs. There is now a vaccine for both the H3N2 and the older H3N8 strains.

Talk to your vet about the best option for you and your pup, especially if they spend a lot of time around other dogs. You can’t catch the flu from your dog. This is highly unlikely sinc.

Cats and dogs can suffer from colds and flu – just like humans; they experience sneezing, fatigue and a discharge from the nose and eyes. According to the Berkeley Wellness Center, you cannot get. When it comes to the dog flu, it’s important to always be prepared.

While most cases are not fatal, the canine influenza virus can make your. No. The strain of flu virus that causes infection in dogs is a mutated horse virus. It is extremely infectious between dogs, but there is no evidence that dogs can give it to people or cats, or indeed that the human flu virus can be passed to dogs.

Dogs will eat just about anything but they can also get a stomach virus, just like humans. A dog that has eaten something foreign will often suffer from stomach upset. Even if your dog eats the same food each day at home, he can somehow manage to sneak in something from the park.

It’s not uncommon for dogs to eat grass, plants, and bones.

List of related literature:

There is no true carrier state for canine influenza virus infection; however, as many as 10% to 20% of infected dogs may shed virus with no apparent clinical signs.

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Canine influenza is a highly contagious respiratory infection of dogs caused by a novel influenza A subtype H3N8 virus.

“Infectious Disease Management in Animal Shelters” by Lila Miller, Kate Hurley
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Canine influenza is an emerging contagious respiratory infection of dogs that has been recently described in the US.

“Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease5: Pathologic Basis of Veterinary Disease” by James F. Zachary, M. Donald McGavin
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Canine influenza is highly contagious and spread through respiratory secretions.

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It is the only influenza virus recognized to affect dogs.

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in 14 cats and three dogs that had been in contact with infected humans.30 In cats and dogs, influenza may present with coughing, sneezing, nasal and ocular discharge, anorexia, pyrexia, lethargy, and occasionally secondary pneumonia.

“Advanced Monitoring and Procedures for Small Animal Emergency and Critical Care” by Jamie M. Burkitt Creedon, Harold Davis
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• Canine influenza is an emerging viral disease that is highly contagious and typically found in kennels and settings where dogs are in close contact.

“Clinical Veterinary Advisor E-Book: Dogs and Cats” by Etienne Cote
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Clinically, dogs with canine influenza are lethargic, inappetent, and hyperthermic and frequently cough and show nasal discharge.

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The signs of influenza virus infection in dogs are similar to or indistinguishable from those of canine respiratory disease complex (“kennel cough”).

“Fenner's Veterinary Virology” by N. James Maclachlan, Edward J Dubovi
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An equine influenza virus A H3N8 strain has apparently adapted to dogs and causes outbreaks of respiratory disease.

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  • Both my dogs have come down with pneumonia like symptoms and then I have also come down with the same symptoms as my dogs I wish they were house calls with this other outbreak I don’t want to take myself or the dogs out since we are all sick

  • well this didnt help me at all, my dogs been congested for 4 days, the vet told me nothing and gladly took my money. i cant find out the way this sounds. theres no vets anywhere that ever help me i might as well drive past and just throw my money at there door and not even go in

  • Animals? It seems due to reports there is no evidence of animals

    spreading the C-19. either to us or themselves.

    So If this is true maybe the answer lies in the sliver of the animals

    as the antidote.? Just a thought. Malc UK

  • I think my dog had the flu
    He doesn’t seem well, he doesn’t wanna eat even though I fed him but he denied ��‍♂️ and I called him his nose was covered with those flu thingi yellowy one and he licked it
    His nose are cold as well!

    The Humane Society of The United States Is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE The HSUS stole Hurricane pets and transports of Dogs and Cats with DEADLY viruses to ✖ kill shelters ✖
    HSUS GLORIFIED ANIMAL CONTROL 100 MILLION IN DONATIONS ANNUALLY goes to The PAC to bribe politicians that will protect HSUS mobsters from prosecutors

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  • Thank you for the information. I am on my now to animal care and control so they can gas up my dog. Or maybe I can fry him in the large fryer.

  • This man is fully incompetent due to pets having been diagnosed with covid-19 and have tested positive for the antibodies that fight Covid-19 even at the time of this video’s making. Dogs, cats, and even some tigers.

  • I don’t care what this dude is saying that’s why I don’t let dogs lick me in the face it’s disgusting and cannot be sanitary. That saying that dogs have less bacteria in their mouths than humans is b*******. They put their mouth and nose everywhere

  • That’s supposedly crazy covid-19 came from animals supposedly sounds to me it was tailored for humans only or everything that breathes through their nose would get it and die or get sick biowarfare when they make a weapon that usually make an antidote so the people that are fighting don’t die

  • Possible carriers even if they don’t actually contract the disease. An animal is the last thing I’d have in my home during a pandemic. It’s risky and gross. ��

  • How poorly this has aged, please keep up doc. all jokes aside this virus is scary and has infected a tiger and probably that dog in hong kong.

  • That fits right in with dog foog manufactures poisoning dogs to death with vitamins D like they are trying to do with us. They will have to fight to the death to get my dog. Covid 19 has killed people who have life threatening problems. It has been over hyped by the Global Zionist who owns all media any way. I think it’s another Jew Coup against the president.

  • There’s no evidence to suggest, If you don’t look for the evidence there will be none! its a time for transparency now! 6 tigers have just caught if from there handler! i’m pretty sure it will work the other way!

  • China kills and eat more cat and dogs per year as apposed to pig’s. There best friend pak Stan. Why can’t they just shift the virus to porkieland

  • It started in bats then went to another animal and then to people.
    Having said that, I doubt it could go from people to animals unless they drank your blood or something.

  • Theres no evidence? Are you fucking kidding me? This virus came from animals in the first place. Part of your family? Its a fucking dog? Snap out of it you fucking psychopaths. Its your dog or the human race which includes you

  • If covid19 man made then it is true, animals are safe. But if it is true that covid19 came from animals as speculation, then covid19 can also go back to animals

  • Thats bullshit! If there is no evidence how can you say that it doesnt need to be a worry? This is More bullshit the cdc will later on inform us of. Bullshit liars

  • Why a cat that goes outside couldn’t bring the virus? They said the virus can survive in the air and on cardboard. Why not in the hairs of the cat for example?

  • China has upped eating cats more in recent years, and as with dogs, they don’t care if animal is sick or stressed, the more torture the better they say for eating, must be same in any stressed animal, like kept pangolins, etc. And eating bats and other things is just wrong, like brain and eyeballs, wtf. It’s gonna mutate into a prion disease. If it already has not gotten close. All these messed up Viruses have come from SE Asia, minus a few( Ebola, kuru, CvJd. ( Mad cow ).

  • u see ppl like you stop impose dogs as pets upon ppl dog must stay out side of ppl house when they poo and pee on the floor we should be cleaning up dog nastiness at all times
    unuh need fi stop tell ppl to take in dog inside their house a dog is a dog they eat poo and other dead flesh they also has rabis
    what the heck is wrong with u doc

  • What if someone who is infected and doesnt know it yet, pets their dog or cat? Can the virus linger on the animals fur for a short time and infect other people who come into contact with them by petting?

  • Until now, research is still being done regarding the Corona 2019-nCoV virus and the best care for victims. that is known until now, Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that are found in some animals such as camels, cats and livestock. In some cases, the Corona virus infects humans and spreads as in the case of MERS, SARS, and 2019GE


    Until now, research is still being done regarding the Corona 2019-nCoV virus and the best care for victims.


    Corona 2019-nCoV virus and the best care for victims.

    Coronavirus is a large family of viruses that are found in some animals such as camels

    the Corona virus infects humans and spreads as in the case of MERS, SARS, and 2019GE

  • Leave such issues to God, just be careful like wear a mask, wash your hands with soap after your brief session with your pet.
    Play and pet your pet, don’t fuck around with nature. Be fuckin normal n be careful.

    Fuck Off!!!

  • Test everybody and quarantine all infected people. DO NOT send infected people home. Quarantine them away from the hospital. Send only the severe cases to the hospital. Send only non contagious recovered patients home

  • i had lot of dog barbecue before many years back in the south, it was very tasty and nice delicacy and affordable than other food source… since i moved few years ago i stopped eating dog due to lot of backlash from the mainland society…in the future i plan to go back south on short trips to eat dog barbecue if i can after the covid 19 fiasco end…

  • You completely ignored the fact that dogs and cats can be virus carriers. Your cat can carry a virus on its fur. Outdoor cats go everywhere, who knows where your cat has been. Very irresponsible and harmful telling people that pets are not a health hazard they are.

  • Can my dog go to my parents’ house for a few days and back to my house during this pandemic? Is this still considered social distancing?

  • I watched on CNN today who said that these cases of dogs and cats are fakes news. I’ve been watching all the fakes news outlets out there change thier tune when this virus hit US shores hard. Here is a bit of common sense you want to tell me that this virus didnt come from a lab but instead came from civets or bats but my dog and cat cant catch it? Yeah right sure I’ll buy that for a dollar just like I bought masks wont help you and it really only kills old people.

  • …the vet didn’t mention anything about the flu. Makes me wonder now. We were told it could be pneumonia or a collapsed trachea.

  • Is it true that the authorities are asking some people to donate their ( old ) dogs for corvid19 anti-virus testing at Porton Down?

  • isn’t it that Covid19 been able to jump from bats to pangolins & then humans? how can we be so sure that they aren’t in dogs/cats already?

  • i feel bad for anyone who believes every single thing they read on an article
    dogs cannot CANNOT get coronavirus. check the american kennel club for facts. also the 2 “cases” in hong kong were debunked