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Are You In A Simulation?

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To connect with a doctor for a virtual visit, at a minimum you need a telephone line. These days, most providers are also looking to connect with you visually. This will require. With a virtual doctor’s appointment, you connect with a doctor over secure video. Typically, your doctor’s office will send you a link, or you download.

Hospital staff members can now get virtual life-sized consultations with physicians and automated pharmaceutical services. Telemedicine has the. Telemedicine allows you to receive virtual medical care, without needing to visit a doctor’s office in person. Often, the best way to connect with your doctor.

Virtual doctors are board certified doctors who choose to practice online via video and phone appointments, rather than in person appointments. They are just as qualified as regular doctors you see in person and many virtual doctors conduct both in person and virtual consultations. Virtual doctors. Virtual House Call: How to See a Doctor Online. COVID-19 has prompted many doctors to cancel in-office visits and set up telemedicine, or.

Milford, NE, doctor Robert Wergin, MD, emphasizes the need for an ongoing, in-person relationship with a regular doctor. But he sees the appeal of virtual. One of the reasons, perhaps: a virtual doctor doesn’t get annoyed. “I’m a cardiologist,” Saxon says “I see 30 patients at a clinic, I’m describing the same information a lot. Do you. Virtual doctors may help for simple Q&A information and to direct the individual toward a doctor that specializes in a specific problem.

For a proper diagnosis. Our Doctors are here to help you when you need them most. The Virtual Doc is an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional healthcare.

Our doctors can.

List of related literature:

Even if doctors do a biopsy, they may miss the diagnosis if they do the biopsy poorly, or if they don’t take enough samples, or if the results are read by someone not knowledgeable about current diagnostic procedures.

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Temporal artery biopsy should reveal the diagnosis as long as a generous biopsy is taken by the surgeon, but the artery on the other side may need to be sampled in some cases.

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An unlabeled specimen should never be processed; if the biopsy is received in the laboratory without identification, the physician who performed the procedure or, in the physician’s absence, one of the assistants should be called to identify and label the specimen.

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If a recommendation of colectomy depends on the diagnosis of dysplasia, a second expert gastrointestinal pathologist should review the biopsy slides before the final decision is made.

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Many pediatricians would defer a biopsy when the clinical picture is typical.

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Clinical symptoms, physical exam findings, and laboratory evaluation must be combined with findings of an upper endoscopy and colonoscopy with biopsies of the gastrointestinal tract to establish a diagnosis.

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If radiographs, biopsy findings, or other special tests are of importance and pertinent, they must come with the patient, preferably hand-delivered by the patient directly to the consultant.

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Even if a diagnostic evaluation is initiated during the initial office visit, a discussion about functional abdominal pain as the most likely diagnosis during that visit will help the patient and family to understand the diagnosis better.

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At subsequent visits, the health care team can check to see if the patient has followed up with the referral or has any additional concerns or questions after looking at print or internet materials.

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Because the diagnosis of alcohol-related liver disease can competently be made using history, physical examination findings, and laboratory information, liver biopsy is rarely needed.

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  • Ok, so what if you could measure time with slightly greater precision than the period it takes light to cross a Planck length…and took a million pictures on a million different cameras that were sequenced slightly less than a Planck length apart; wouldn’t every other picture be either pixelated or non-existent in a simulated universe?

  • Hi. God hates witchcraft and paganism. Read

    Witchcraft: Exploring the World of Wicca, by Hawkins;

    Goddess Worship, Witchcraft and Neo-Paganism, by Hawkins.

    God hates homosexuality. Read

    Homosexuality: Contemporary Claims Examined in Light of the Bible and Other Ancient Literature and Law, by DeYoung.

    The Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three children in Fatima in 1917, and she performed a miracle of the sun, witnessed by around one hundred thousand people. Read the books referenced below. Christianity is true. Convert to the traditional Catholic Church.


    The True Story of Fatima: A Complete Account of The Fatima Apparitions, by Fr. John de Marchi;

    Our Lady of Fatima, by Walsh

    Meet the Witnesses, by Haffert

    See the Masonic and Anti-Catholic newspaper “O Seculo” on the miracle of the dancing sun at Fatima.

    (Also, study the apparitions of Lourdes, La Salette, Quito, Guadalupe and Garabandal-the latter is not yet officially approved, but is powerful).

    Christianity is true. Also read: “The Case for Christ,” by Strobel; “On Guard,” by Craig; “The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus,” by Habermas and Licona.

    Pray the Holy Rosary daily, convert to the traditional Catholic Church, get the brown Scapular, follow the rules, and you will go to Heaven. Pray, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.”



    Mere Creation: Science, Faith & Intelligent Design, By Dembski;

    The Creation Hypothesis: Scientific Evidence for an Intelligent Designer, By Moreland;

    Intelligent Design, By Dembski

    Darwin’s Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution, By Behe.

  • Plato’s Allegra of the cave. It is like my thinking of what would happen if a baby was brought up to adulthood with a Virtual reality headset permanently affixed to their head. Not saying I’d do it but it would be interesting despite the morbidity of the affair

  • I’ve always wondered if I was the only one real and everyone else were fake, like robots or simulations. That was the cause of my dehumanization… because then I started wondering if I wasnt real and one other person was the real person.

  • think we can go back to past. how? “it’s easy we need quantum computer millions of them or we need better than quantum computer so we need to simulate the universe from big bang and speed up the universe then download all of the file from the simulation and now we can go back to past”

  • I live in a semiremote place with low sound, light, and people pollution. But, regrettably it is changing because of urbanization, greedy developers and shortsighted politicians. Young people have been duped into thinking the above is progress. They don’t realize they have become addicted to distracting artificial stimuli and that this interferes with deeper thoughts and connections with other dimensions of self, others, and even beyond.
    Having lived here for 17 years, I know how valuable “peace and quiet” is to overall mental health and physical being. On occasion I get invited to go on trips to urban areas…. and I turn them down. If you are tuned into what I wrote, we are spiritual kin and this too is very gratifying.
    Hasta luego, amigos.

  • I wanna watch the whole video but i cant I’m just crying and crying u can hear the pain in her voice and everything about this video ah I just cant������ this was literally so beautiful and that mom is the strongest mom I’ve seen, I would never ever survive that period��sending so much love to the family❤️❤️❤️

  • I felt so much anxiety in the middle of the video. I feel like that when I get stoned. ��

    Learning to be present is the best tool I have.

  • I wonder if this could be an actual attractive and profitable business. I can imagine doing some well crafted scenes and scenarios and have grieving people pay for re-creation as 3D models of their loved ones. There’d be a voice database for each scene to pick one close enough and all you’d have to do is switch the model to whatever model of whatever deceased person your customer commissioned. They’d come into your little VR studio and experience high end haptic and professional 4k/8k hardware with perfect tracking in an controlled environment. People would probably go crazy over this opportunity and aside from creating the models on a per-customer basis it wouldn’t even be that expensive to maintain. You can just reuse scenes between customers.

    There’s a lot of money to make from death.

  • Imagine the people that simulated to see what their ancestors did and all they see is them talking about simulations about ancestors.


  • I’m 33 and only just figured out I have aspergers, how the schools and doctors never picked up on it is quite scary because if after 33 years I had to figure this out myself. I think schools especially need to have mandatory education courses on autism/adhd and other mental illnesses and how to spot the signs because if your able to diagnose someone early on then they can be taught life lessons and be treated accurately. for me it’s too late all the isolation and lack of interaction with other humans has taken its toll but the NHS schools and parents need to learn from my situation in order to save other children from suffering like me.

  • Adult with Asperger’s. I used to have crippling social anxiety, like he does, but thankfully I was able to mostly recover from it.

  • As a high performer who’s on the spectrum I just wanted people to know that nowadays we are more accepted and have better support systems, the issue comes in when we become adults, the entire school and the medical system try to make us self sufficient.

    I got lucky, my autism isn’t that bad and my IQ can cover a lot of it up, there are many others who have lost opportunity in life because of the supports aren’t strong enough.

    And you can only gain acceptance if you are great at something or otherwise charming/redeeming. But at least then it’s not about conforming to a nonexistent and nonquantifiable normal.

  • Exciting tip! I updated Zoom and was able to see the beta feature, however, there’s an error in uploading the PowerPoint. I’ve shut down both programs but any other suggestions to fix it? Thanks!

  • Well, IF we are simulated, then I will personally apologize to every creationist I ever met, for not believing them. Aside from that, does it really matter? If I become aware, that I and everything and everyone around are simulated, will I stop aging? Will I not die? Will I become smarter, more beautiful, more educated, more skilled, more yadda yadda? Or will everything stay the same, and the awareness of being simulated doesn’t change anything for me at all?

  • We are inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation that inside a simulation………………….

  • its basically the same thing tony stark did at the beginning of captain america: civil war to see his parents. if ppl want to do this then who cares? why are so many people being babies about it

  • THIS IS SAD IM CRYING RIGHT NOW UnU.I hope the girl is in heaven,its like meeting someone in vr but like someone that died and you really cared about.

  • His tendency to feel in chaos in his daily life when he makes plans explains why autistic individuals love routine and why they need it to make sense of reality.

  • This is a total game changer!! It’s 1am and I’m going to try it RIGHT NOW. Thanks!!! (Liked, subscribed, and will tell my librarian friends as soon as they wake up tomorrow!) ��������

  • I’m so happy she got to say good bye even if it’s not her daughter sometimes we a closer I know if I was in her shoes I’ll want this too.

  • The silence i so appreciate and deeply enjoy is the absence of manmade sounds. Being out in nature and just receiving her voice. It all ministers to my soul…the birds, animals, water, rain, wind, thunder. Also waking up in the woods at night and experiencing the ‘golden silence’…even that is ‘alive’ and a magnitude of love’s purity n power.

  • This is called necromancy. Necromancy is the exercise of seeking to speak to the ‘spirits’ of the dead…which in essence is speaking to demons. Right now in this video…it’s presented as technological, but in real sense, people all over the world are deceived to think that you can speak to the dead…this is what all pagan religions and all those who don’t believe in God comfort themselves in regards to the dead…so, when people meet up to ‘talk’ to the dead, in-fact they’re communicating to demons…fallen angels. God forbids this as it leads to accepting the deception that by death we enter into another form of life.

  • I came here to connect with people with noise sensitivities; I can’t stand noise it is physically debilitating sometimes for me to hear loud abrupt and constant noises and it’s so frustrating keeping your composure when you want to retaliate; ppl slamming car doors, tapping pencils, stomping around the apartment, screaming through walls, I hate it

  • Imagine someone controlling us, and they controlled us to make this video, so that we can have a possibility of knowing that someone is controlling us!!

  • i believe we need more therapy for adults with autism, I never knew about this as a kid but I wish we have more therapy for adults with autism

  • Do you see the ‘little hand’, if you hold down the left button on your touchpad and with your other hand slide your finger across the touchpad you will get a 360-degree view of the picture on the screen Really nice.

  • Thanks to everyone who is taking their time to read this testimony on how my son was cured from Autism, he was diagnosed four years ago, and he is now 6, I have tried several treatments and medications on him, nothing is working out and I am so frustrated. I keep praying to God and finally God answered my prayers, someone from no where walk to me and told me he want to tell me about this doctor he has knew for years now from his own country, after everything I took the contact of the doctor and called and I was so surprised it was a female and I explained my son condition to her, she asked for my home address and the next day I got a tracking number or a parcel sent to me through dhl from Doctor Stella, after four days I received the parcel, I opened and found a liquid herbal medicine and some herbal medicine grinded and I found a letter containing the instructions on how to use this medicine, I called her and thank her so much and she told me we should thank God for everything, the next morning I started giving my son the medicines and after one week I was seeing a great changes in him and I continue until the medicine finish and everything last for just one month and a week, now my son is free from Autism, he can now talk clearly, behave normal and no seizures anymore. Help me thank Doc Stella for this and you can also connect with her on [email protected] and [email protected] WhatsApp number is +2348157471852..

  • When I did this, I partially disappeared into the background. For example, my eyes, shirt, background would be all black or all white or match what was on the page instead of having me in front of the book, part of me would disappear. All you could see would be my hair. Do you know how to change this?

  • I would be a little disappointed that I couldn’t hug that said passed relative, but if I did want something Luke this i feel it would be alright

  • Well, I certainly hope our creators understand the concept of clustering/high availability so if someone accidentally pulls the power on one system we’ll just keep going in the “cloud” of computers.

  • I’m very happy she got some extra closure, done right, and while sure VR is not in a great state right now, done right as the future no doubt holds at the very least some form of holdeck, THEN can you imagine the easing into grief this would allow..what person who has lost someone wouldn’t want the possibly of seeing them again and telling them about your day..we all grieve a bit differently. Personality profiles in place done carefully, with highly intelligent AI would do wonders and provide extra closure we lack from sudden unexpected passing and even for olthers…no one ever is ‘ready’ for the special people in our lives who leave us in a world where they no longer are. Anything that can ease that grief has to be worth it, I’d be overjoyed, thrilled beyond belief to see my grandmother again who died, and after I got back to my home state, I had the extra grief, tho competely understandable and needed, of seeing the home I visited through the years torn down for parking spaces at hospital that was always across the street, easily viewable from their front room window and door. KNOWING and accepting the why, and the need of their house needing to be leveled, doesn’t mean in anyway I was ‘ready’ to have to see it gone.

    THAT is the extra bit of comfort these kinds of things would have given me, and I’m filled with gladness that in anyway, it helped this mother.

  • As someone who has autism, I know how hard it is sometimes. Teachers would always treat me like I’m stupid even though I process information differently than the other kids. I’m going into my junior year, and I’m still scared people will make fun of me because I have autism. I lost friends, my last girlfriend and still struggle day to day due to autism.

  • I’m sort of torn about how I feel about this. On one hand, this technology probably can help a grieving person to move on,get closure. But for someone like me, it would probably be a stumbling block. I would find it hard to move on. I probably would use this technology as a crutch, similar to drugs. But like I said, for some one else, this technology might help some grieving person gain closure. For me, I would probably find it hard to distinguish between real and fantasy. I would need some intense therapy along with this technology. This is scary. I hope this really helped the mom. I cant even begin to imagine how she felt. I wanted to hug the mom.

  • It reminds me of the black mirror episode, with the dead husband that they programmed, or even a movie with Jacob Tremblay, it is a good idea, they should developed it more, but just like cigarettes, they should précise the risk of it, remind them it’s just a program, and it is just to help your grieve

  • Assuming we actually are simulated, I don’t think that the beings simulating us would want us to know that we are actually being simulated because that would remove the whole purpose of the simulation. I dunno lmao, just a thought