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Many people have heard of ADHD. It may make you think of kids who have trouble paying attention or who are hyperactive or impulsive. Adults can have ADHD, too. About 4% to 5% of U.S. adults have it.

Could it be Adult ADHD? is for mental health professionals who wish to learn how to recognize, assess, and treat adult ADHD. Written in a style maximally accessible to the practicing mental health professional, this book educates early-career psychotherapists and experienced professionals alike on the disorder and its treatment. Adults with ADHD may have difficulty in MAINTAINING RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE PEOPLE AROUND THEM. Sometimes people think I can seem a bit aloof and maybe not paying attention but that’s only because I have so much other information coming in, my mind won’t let.

If you thought ADHD was a condition relegated only to the young, it’s not. If you had it as a child, it can persist and follow you into adulthood, especially if your symptoms were severe as a child or if you also suffer from depression or other forms of mental illness, experts say. In some cases, however, it might be something that cannot be fixed solely with therapy, like ADHD, for example. ADULTS WITH ADHD MAY HAVE DIFFICULTY IN MAINTAINING RELATIONSHIPS WITH THE PEOPLE AROUND THEM. Symptoms in Social Settings may Include: Make hasty and impulsive decisions.

But if these moments occur more than just once in a while, and there’s a pattern to them, you may have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD—especially if these behaviors affect your self-esteem, productivity, relationships and the quality of your everyday life. Anyone can have ADHD regardless of age, gender, or race. The symptoms start in childhood, but depending on a number of factors, it may go unnoticed and therefore undiagnosed until adulthood. Approximately 60% of children with ADHD will continue to experience symptoms as adults.

Adults with ADHD commonly report sleep difficulties, though more often characterized by delayed sleep onset or procrastinating on sleep despite being tired; however, unlike individuals in the midst of hypomania/mania, ADHD adults end up sleeping in too late and miss obligations, or suffer the consequences of sleep debt, such as feeling tired and fatigued, often compensating with excessive. Untreated ADHD in an adult can lead to significant problems with education, social and family situations and relationships, employment, self-esteem, and emotional health. It is never too late to recognize, diagnose, and treat ADHD and any other mental health condition that can commonly occur with it.

One out of every 10 adult psychotherapy clients—or more—probably has attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). When psychotherapists miss the ADHD, treatment is frustrating and less effective. This book is for the general mental health professional who wishes to learn how to recognize, assess, and treat adult ADHD.

Adults with ADHD are very different, developmentally and.

List of related literature:

More likely, it’s ADHD combined with genetic

“Taking Charge of Adult ADHD” by Russell A. Barkley, Christine M. Benton
from Taking Charge of Adult ADHD
by Russell A. Barkley, Christine M. Benton
Guilford Publications, 2011

Currently, there are no definitive explanations for the so-called ‘ADHD adult-onset cases’, and hypotheses suggest that clinical cases in adulthood are preceded by childhood subclinical cases that emerge because of increasing demands or decreasing support or that child-onset and adult-onset ADHD are distinct disorders.

“New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry” by John R. Geddes, Nancy C. Andreasen, Guy M. Goodwin
from New Oxford Textbook of Psychiatry
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Many children with ADHD, however, seem to grow out of the major manifestations of the illness at some time in adolescence, although they are often left with residual symptoms of impaired concentration or coping ability, which may or may not be benefited by further stimulant administration.

“Schatzberg's Manual of Clinical Psychopharmacology, Ninth Edition” by Alan F. Schatzberg, M.D., Charles DeBattista, D.M.H., M.D.
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Some professionals use the ADD diagnosis for kids who are not particularly hyperactive or impulsive but have trouble paying attention, but for now, the official name remains ADHD — predominately inattentive.

“Child Psychology and Development For Dummies” by Laura L. Smith, Charles H. Elliott
from Child Psychology and Development For Dummies
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Other symptoms associated with ADHD can become more prominent with age, such as inattention, impulsivity, and disorganization, and these exact a heavy toll on young adult functioning.

“Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics E-Book” by Robert M. Kliegman, Joseph St. Geme
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But note that there is no such thing as adult-onset ADHD, only ADHD that may not have been formally diagnosed earlier in life but was always present at some level.

“The Brain Health Book: Using the Power of Neuroscience to Improve Your Life” by John Randolph
from The Brain Health Book: Using the Power of Neuroscience to Improve Your Life
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It’s certainly possible that ADHD is being

“Real World Psychology” by Catherine A. Sanderson, Karen Huffman
from Real World Psychology
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The gulf between speculation and what is actually known about ADHD in adults is wide.

“Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Third Edition: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment” by Russell A. Barkley
from Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Third Edition: A Handbook for Diagnosis and Treatment
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There is no single test to diagnose ADHD, and many other problems, like anxiety, depression, and certain types of learning disabilities, can exhibit similar symptoms.

“Mental Health and Mental Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being [3 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being” by Len Sperry
from Mental Health and Mental Disorders: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being [3 volumes]: An Encyclopedia of Conditions, Treatments, and Well-Being
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Adults with ADHD can also become hyper-focused in activities, especially if they are incentivized by it, and there is potential for workaholism.

“Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects” by John Hobson, Julia Smedley
from Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects
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  • I’ve just been diagnosed at 40, half way through this vid I zoned out and my mind wondered for a bit…. I guess I’m one of the lucky ones who channeled my focus into crafting which changes all the time so keeps me engaged.

  • Thanks for your question William. Elvanse is commonly prescribed. Side effects and long term use should be discussed with a medical profession. See here for some information.

  • I´m now 57 and have never accepted meds. Tryed killing my self many times and to day I I´m still crazy and scared to ask for meds for I have heard so much redicule.
    I’m at the point i nefer leave the house and can never relax except to sleep all the time. Now Im using Wjite whine to help with that
    Gioig to the doctor next tueday and I don´t think Ill get hepl
    Is there a medecine you can suggest for me to ask for?
    Thank you

  • Adhd is not somthing easy to handle its frontal brain shoting down any time low dopamine which is survive mechanism low serotonin depression mood swings anxity problems with socialization problems with time management school job addiction problems even when founding a healthcare center will struggle while on midication with appetite and withdrawls.

  • I liked the video and Subscribed to remind myself to see more. I was sitting here thinking about ” a visual” of what it is like to have ADD for people who don’t have it to understand. You went into it a little bit here. If my loved ones had any idea what I go through, they would be astonished, but they don’t know. Luckily for me they love me anyway. As a kid it was frustrating for my Parents and Teachers who at that time had no idea how to help me learn, so I didn’t. I thought I was just dumb. Through life it likely appeared like I was a flake or a quitter and didn’t care or thought I was above working or something. It isn’t. It isn’t an excuse we use to get out of stuff. I want more than anything to be in stuff. It’s also takes more energy trying to focus so we get hella tired.
    I usually HATE comment sections but I look down and these are my people, these are my Cats. So Anyway. Cool Vid, hope I find it to be a worthy subscribe. Cheers.

  • And I’m just sitting here thinking ohh he has two of those old school lisa macs, I wonder if those are the ones with the developers signatures inside the case?

  • Somebody pls help me…i have a problem of attention deficiency since childhood….and I get distracted a lot even now in my college….and getting worser than before not concentrating on work…and keeping things to be done last moment and seriously I was failed in college too….isn’t there a solution for concentrating….?i recently know this adhd…but I dont need to ask people excuses when work was unfinished…sorry or bad english

  • I do know and believe there are people who have it but I see soooo many self-diagnosing just because they say they can’t study or whatever. No one likes studying or working you’re not special or ill. They just wanna pop pills to make them wanna study or do something that takes any effort… that’s not ADHD… that’s just being lazy. No magic pill will give you good grades automatically or make you do a good job. It comes from you and Adderall is just a tool to have the focus a normal person can have if they apply… but that’s the point: these people just don’t wanna put in any effort at all and want pills to give them the desire to do something they deem unpleasant. All this just makes people who actually have it be taken less seriously.

    If you bore easily when something doesn’t interest you or are bad at certain subjects you don’t automatically have ADHD lol. The amount of people who self-diagnose this is amazing. All people who haven’t got a clue about what the illness actually entails. Guess what? I wasn’t good at maths either and I bore easily when I am watching videos about topics I don’t find interesting, I have ADHD too!

  • I’ve gone to multiple doctors to help me with my adhd. I was diagnosed as a kid. But they think I’m trying to just get drugs. I don’t want drugs just fix my stupid brain.

  • I didn’t like the comment he made about interrupting people because what we have to say is more important. For me, that’s not ever something I think. What I say just comes out before I think that far. I try hard to wait for the right pause in conversation and seem to just get that wrong often. It’s one of the things about me that frustrates me most.

  • Suffer stress toxic family and relationships and being single and bringing up children on their painful because you hurt your kids too..if I new this from young I would avoid relationships and having children not to hurt anyone. ADHD is so misunderstood and thst is painful too. The people you live hurts you a lot because they compare and the say things inappropriately to you not realising how painful it is.

  • I think i have undiagnosed ADHD, which was undercontrol until I got diagnosed with fibromyalgia…Thank you for this video! It has really helped me find words for things I can’t seem to explain.

  • Hi Rick, from one model railroader to another thank you. I just took your test… I scored 17/18. I’m going to speak to a doctor about these symptoms. I’m really struggling to get things done in both my personal and professional life and I feel like I need help. Your bit about model trains really hit home because boy, can I hyper-focus on that shared hobby like nothing else. When I’m into something I am ALL in. But otherwise? Good luck holding my attention. I can kiss remembering small details about work, where I put my keys, or that bill I had to pay yesterday. Thanks for this video.

  • I’m 23 and was diagnosed May 2020 this whole video sums up the emotional roller coaster I’ve been on since realising how much untreated-ADHD has been responsible for

  • Thank you for your content! I found out I had ADHD just recently and
    have found your videos very helpfull! It has helped me understand myself
    much better! I also try to help people with my youtube channel so I
    always love it when I see or get helped by a fellow youtuber! thank you
    for all that you do!

  • Here because my marriage has hit many bumps due to my spouse having adult ADHD. There were times in the past where I wanted to just quit, but I held on because it is much better to understand and educate myself of these battles he goes through.
    The last thing I would not want him to feel is worthless.
    Thanks for this quick video. I am taking it all down.

  • Wow good luck in founding a good Psychiatrist if you do not have Approximately$200 on a bi-weekly basis.
    For me I jump to family doctor to therapist for years & never had a answer for me.
    Some just gave up on me, because I would say no this is not helping me, this went on for years. Until my husband received insurance that did cover In list of psychologist, this SAVED MY LIFE!
    It is a shame that I Suffered all those years just because of money.
    I am the lucky one to because most insurance do not cover psychologist so there is a lot of people out there not getting the treatment they need. I hope 1 day something anything can be done about this.

  • Man, I’m lucky that I’m consistently super intrigued and focused on peoples’ thoughts and emotions. Accidentally coming off as dismissive sounds really frustrating. But I guess I take it too far and zoom in on what people say a little too much too. If I could do school work, I should probably be a psychologist ��

  • I can hardly sit still and watch tv..always up and down…want to do something then forget what it was..or can’t find something or remember where it is..always shaking my mind racing with thoughts…but still un motivated..uggh..i have this constant feeling like I’m waiting on a bomb to drop or something! Idk

  • Few months ago Diagnose with ADHD. I am 50. A rollercoaster of emotions! First actually relief & happy that I am not a horrible person do matter how hard I try & I always Exhausted trying & not getting anywhere. My mom used to say when she get Frustrated, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU! ( she loves me & I know she didn’t mean to hurt me but she did) I was always thinking what is wrong with me??? & never getting answers, matter of fact alot times oh it is depression or I hates when they say Anxiety because people kinda had a
    Stop being a drama queen.
    After being Diagnosed I was angry to, I always afraid to take chances try things, Low selfesteem, so I didn’t try alot things.
    I watch videos where they say people with ADHD that are really interested in something will really do well in that
    I dont know what I like???? I didn’t fully live life to find out what I like.
    But then I thought I wasted so much time because I didn’t know I had ADHD, STOP feeling sorry for myself & start living with the time I have left. If I get out there, live,
    I will be happy. & mean time, I can make goal at home for me & my husband,( especially my husband that silly man must really love me, he still with me) so he Deserves the best version of me & I dont know throw life some people would say I was funny, hopefully I can make him laugh & happy. Hard work but worth it at any age. You have to just drop the time lost or you are going to lose more time, when you can be HAPPY ��

  • I wonder if this doctor has it herself; the thing about it, is that doctors study issues/conditions/ diseases, whatever it is and they think that they’re expert on it,but they’re not even living with it.
    An ADD and ADHD is not the same thing, nor is “really the same thing,” either. @ 0:20 0:26.
    They are two different/seperate conditions with two different/seperate names.
    Get it right.

  • Thank you for making the videos. I am 64 and have struggled with mental health issues all my life. I have an appointment with my psychiatrist to discuss the possibility that it may be adult ADHD. I have the symptoms of RSD both anger and isolation manifested at various times throughout my life. I had severe panic attacks starting at 13 that developed into agoraphobia by my youth through twenties and worked through that with CBT and Xanax. Anxiety is an issue as at times has been depression. One therapist in my thirties thought I might have rapid cycling bipolar called cyclothymia. Reading about RSD has brought me to the idea that maybe it has always been undiagnosed ADHD. I am smart but have always had dyslexia especially around numbers. Actually a classic case when I read about all the moving parts of ADHD. As an adult I developed Mysore arounds and masking techniques to fit in to society. I have been very successful financially by starting my own business (could never hold a job working for someone else because I was always late, got bored and basically tried to do things my own way not the way the employer wanted it done). Missing appointments I simply forgot, running out of gas over 20 times in my life, having my electricity cut when I had the money to pay the bill, inability to wear scratchy clothes,turtlenecks, long sleeves wit cuffs lots of stuff I am now reading about tat is textbook ADHD. WOW MIND BLOWN. I have always had these RSD symptoms though I never had an easy way to describe just how painful it is. I was bullied in school, would always be put in advanced classes then demoted out after the first semester for failing math and not taking notes and being disruptive. WHY DID NO ONE EVER EVEN SUGGEST OR CONSIDER ADHD IN 50 YEARS??? It’s sad to think I might have gone undiagnosed for half a century. But I plan to get evaluated now and see where that gets me! NEVER TOO LATE TO TRY?

  • I am 73 and just realized a month ago that I have it. I am Teying to get an appointment for diagnosis. At first I was shocked and then angry and now I am happy that I know what has been happening to me my whole life. Thanks for all your information,

  • I just wish that the evaluation wasn’t so expensive it really sucks for so long I have had my father tell me I’m just a lazy person because I can’t focus I’m horrible with time management I’m super forgetful and the list goes on. as a Hispanic I was brought up ignorant to neurological disorders and now I know what’s wrong with me I just wish there was a cheaper alternative

  • I started medication last fall and my whole life has changed. I can not believe everything that suddenly, magically became much more close to possible after I started getting the chemicals my brain was starving of. I consider myself lucky to have been diagnosed at 22…but part of me will always wonder what my life would look like if I had gotten the support I need earlier.

  • I am not diagnosed… But I am fairly confident I may have untreated ADD/ADHD. Your words at the end… You have no idea how much I needed them. Thank you so much. I will be talking to my psychiatrist on how to get tested in my next appointment.

  • I have watch meny videos from here and how to adhd and other and i can relate to many of it. I have not went to someone so i dont know but after when what hapens in the world i a going to talk to some one and yes if i have it it would be a relife to know it.:)

  • My boss has adhd, gotta admit that you guys are ultra active, fun, selfish, kind, slightly narcissistic, low hygiene, lazy, very efficient, very impulsive genius, talented artist, and hella great manipulators!! If i don’t acknowledge that my boss has adhd and acknowledge that adhd is conditional, i might just think that my boss is a daytime contractor and part-time psychopaths.., seriously i have mixed feelings bout him, sometimes i just wanna fucking give him a middle finger or bash his head to the wall, and sometimes i love him in a way that he’s trying to act to show as if he has empathy just like a normal person would have. So i have a big question, and the question is do people diagnosed with it have tendency to lead them in to sociopathy and do they have low empathy level?? (Just to clear things out and getting an insight so i may deal with people diagnosed with adhd better)

  • Back in 1995 teachers thought it was an excuse and not real, and said it was lack of discipline etc etc TRUST me its real and i struggle with everyday things, no meds since i left school in 1998, talking to doctor about trying meds again

  • I know this video wasn’t recently posted, but I’m hoping this will help others. Adult ADHD left untreated, especially if symptoms like depression and anxiety have been treated instead, can truly delay someone’s success. I’m 42, and wasn’t diagnosed as a child, and was labelled a problem child. Despite having had very high scores on standardized tests, I eventually was overwhelmed in high school, and became a drop out. All the signs were present for an ADHD diagnosis, but I was instead treated for depression, and later for anxiety. At this point I’m confident that ADHD is at the core of my difficulties, but I’m finding it quite difficult to solicit help from my doctors. I hope there are doctors in my area that can help, but without a blast of caffeine and nicotine, I’m currently barely able to function.

  • My roommates never shut ups!�� all she does is walk about and sings all fucking day!! Like girl shut the fuck up������

    I’m going to hell, but oooh well��

  • Someone help please. I’ve been told I’m showing signs of ADHD. I’ve never had any problems sitting still or focusing until I was in my second year of college. I’m Mexican and it seems like this issue is most prevalent in the USA, not France or anywhere else like here. I struggle with anxiety and was smoking weed daily for 5 years to relieve my “issues.” What I’m asking if my symptoms from having a crutch and mentally manifesting a idea something was wrong with me correlate with showing symptoms of something like ADHD or do they just overlap? Like just because I can’t sit still recently and focus now is because of my lifestyle and not a hidden illness that I never knew about like ADHD. Is this even real or am I just overlapping symptoms and being marked with this. Anybody have similar experiences?

  • Thank you, Rick! And I thank those who left you messages. I’m a ‘me, too’. My life has seemed difficult-rarely boring, but often, too much drama. Here I am, at 81……and FINALLY understanding……my LIFE! It helps much to know I DO have a valid place in life. I’ve had 5 kids, ran a business, worked at writing and art……lots of skills, but never felt ‘connected’…published, but where are ‘my kind’ of people? Only self-diagnosis, plus your videos & online stuff…especially Friday Funnies…DO HELP. I live in a rural, impoverished county with little access to the needed specialists. Online has been my ‘rescue’. THANK YOU!!!

  • TVs in bars & restaurants are like crack. I can’t tear my eyes off of them even though I know exactly what’s happening and why I’m drawn to them. When you catch yourself glued to some political show in a foreign country, reading subtitles in a language you don’t understand, you know you have a problem. 😉

    Love the videos. Thanks!

  • I was diagnosed with ADHD at 72=years old. I asked my pscychiayrist what I should do about it. She said “forget about it”, I responded, “about what?”

  • Thank you for your content! I found out I had ADHD just recently and
    have found your videos very helpfull! It has helped me understand myself
    much better! I also try to help people with my youtube channel so I
    always love it when I see or get helped by a fellow youtuber! thank you
    for all that you do!

  • I am so happy i came across you as i have bewn suspecting i have ADHD as a Child and now at nearly 40 i reckon i have adult ADD… People think i flake on them or dont listen but my head just wanders off when i really want to listen and pay Attention.. I also have bad insomnia at night sometimes.. But i remember this all the way from childhood. Im in bed but still my thoughts hop from ine thought to another
    ��‍♀ i wish i could just zone out and sleep but it just doesnt happen, wither i toss and turn or til my whole body aches and im sleepy before i pass out. As if i were on some drug which im not. Also dont want to rely on sleeping pills coz i might get used to it or addicted coz i was in my 20s

  • People must stop judging without context. Most won’t do assumptions with people that have down-syndrome.
    Do they have to really see so they won’t judge?

  • It’s recently come to my attn that I might have ADHD (going to see the Dr next week) and your video NAILS exactly how I’m feeling and what I’m thinking. Can’t wait to dive into more of your content.