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No, they can’t do that — not now, anyway. Under the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) of 2008, health insurers can’t use your genetic information, including your family medical history, genetic test results and genetic counseling or other genetic services, to discriminate against you. No, they can’t do that — not now, anyway. Under the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act(GINA) of 2008, health insurers can’t use your genetic information, including your family medical. In general, long-term-care insurers can indeed use genetic test results when they decide whether to offer you coverage.

The federal Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act does prohibit insurers. No, they can’t do that — not now, anyway. Under the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) of 2008, health insurers can’t use your genetic information, including your family medical history, genetic test results and genetic counseling or other genetic services, to discriminate against you. It’s a federal law that prevents medical insurers from raising your rates or dropping your coverage based on genetic test results.

It also prevents people from employment discrimination based on genetic testing. The law, however, does not prevent people from discrimination related to life insurance or long-term care or disability insurance. Passed in 2008, a federal law called the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) made it illegal for health insurance providers in the United States to use genetic information in decisions about a person’s health insurance eligibility or coverage. This means that health insurance companies cannot use the results of a direct-to-consumer genetic test (or any other genetic test) to deny coverage or require you to pay higher premiums. Unfortunately that’s not true.

Insurance products outside of health insurance, such as life insurance, can use the results of genetic testing to impact applicants’ rates. (You can find out how much life insurance costs here.) That’s becoming a bigger issue as genetic testing moves out of the medical labs and into homes; 23andMe has been given approval by the FDA to provide. At present, insurers are only allowed to use test results for Huntington’s disease when selling life insurance. In Germany, insurers may only request genetic test results for life insurance policies that pay out more than €300,000 or for disability policies that pay more than €30,000 annually. Life insurers are no longer allowed to require applicants for insurance to disclose the results of any genetic tests they may have had after the Financial Services Council, which represents all life insurers operating in Australia, brokered a ban on the practice this week. The insurance industry counters that it doesn’t support mandatory genetic testing, or disclosing test results without a patient’s approval.

If, however, relevant genetic test results are available, they should be shared with the insurer “to preserve the integrity and proper functioning of the insurance mechanism.”.

List of related literature:

Usually the insurance companies do not cover genetic tests; those that do will have an access to the results.

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However, by law, life insurance applicants must disclose any known genetic test results if requested by the insurer.

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If your insurance company pays for your genetic testing, should they have access to the results?

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Insurers and employers are not allowed under law to request or demand a genetic test.

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To our knowledge, nowhere is it permissible practice for insurance companies to require applicants to undergo a genetic test.

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A genetic test cannot be demanded by an employer or insurance company.

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In Belgium, insurers are prohibited from even accepting favorable genetic test results provided voluntarily by consumers.

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If a health insurer pays for a genetic test, then it has a legal right to know the results.

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For these reasons, an insurance company would not access a genetic genealogy company’s databases, even if they could.

“Genetic Genealogy: The Basics and Beyond” by Emily D. Aulicino
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However, under GINA, health insurers cannot use an individual’s genetic information to set eligibility requirements, establish insurance premiums, or request certain genetic tests.

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  • Misleading, straight out lying, overhyped click-bait video title?
    Yeah, that’s a sign of proper journalism…
    Aren’t you guys supposed to be the ones who do real journalism, unlike the traditional news outlets? How about you actually act like it?

  • Disclaimer: All genetic testing labs. Make you sign away all your DNA rights to your sample. Meaning your DNA is legally theirs now and they can use it how they want without your consent.

  • Once again, Dr. David Agus gets it completely wrong and no one corrected him. The police did NOT send the Golden State Killer’s DNA to Ancestry or 23andMe. They uploaded it to GEDmatch, which is an open-source website. Once the DNA was uploaded, they had to painstakingly comb through the matches and then search backward in time to find common ancestors. THEN they had to build family trees forward in time, which is not at all easy. CBS, will you please stop having him on your shows? He is a constant source of misinformation. Does anyone at CBS read these comments, or am I just screaming into the void?

  • cenk i live it that way i am pretty much live in the kill me already if i dont get my dream job state of mind and i want it to be a painless death where i wont be on dialysis and stuff like that if it comes to it i will put a DNR on my file so that way i know i will die and probably sooner

    i remember once upon a time always wanting to never wake up when i would go to sleep so if that doesnt count i dont know what does

  • so 23 is actually hidden info i still wouldnt risk it but i have to have an interesting heritage so finding out when i might die would be a good thing

    thx for this ha bisky vid i loved this a lot and i am not going to print my resume until it gets closer to vidcon 2019 but i feel like over the years i gave you most of it

    the only reason i have having everything typed out is just in case my brain goes poof

  • DNA is going to be the new Preexisting Condition. DNA problem= $$$$$premiums. UNLESS we have a single payer system that uses DNA to help all. Tired of being used by insurance monsters.

  • The irony is that people have long been worried that insurance companies get a hold of of our DNA and deny us coverage. Seeing as how we leave our DNA everywhere, that is still a possibility.

  • I’d want to know and it wouldn’t affect how I live.

    I live how I want to live if I died tomorrow.

    Only thing that might change is having a last supper and taking the week I’m dying (if I 100% new it) off to spend with family.

  • Why are these companies holding your information at all? They should do the testing, give you the information + interpretation and delete it from their data bases (or at least give customers the option to have it deleted).

  • If you know you have a genetic fault then you shouldn’t apply for insurance, if you pay $50 per month but apply for insurance that will pay out $50,000 in 5 years time you are defrauding the insurance companies. They will go bust pure and simple and then no one will get insurance cover.

  • I thought the tyt were aware of the 6th extinction we are all going to die sooner than later, Id be surprised if I was still living ing 2025. It’s pretty much impossible to predict an expotential rate of increase, prepare for the worst

  • This could be a vital resource for doctors, but I don’t trust insurance companies with the information… If only we had a way around that… single payer?

  • Your DNA doesn’t really tell you how long you’re going to live, it just points out diseases that you’re genetically disposed to, and it doesn’t even account for environmental and dietary factors.

  • Cenk’s genetic makeup is a bizarre concoction of minotaur, buffalo, Satan and Kardashian, slopped together in an Armenian cloned fetus and drizzled with olive oil upon birth

  • I have been so many times to quote the song Knocking on deaths door. That as my outlook comes from being a Christ Follower, I will leave here and go to the next layer of my adventuresome life. This day is wonderful, it is longer than your day though. I get by on a lot less sleep than the average person, I do have my downer days where I sleep a lot but the biorhythm cycle I follow is more wakeful hours in a full cycle than the norm. So I live a lot. But I have medical issue that the insurance companies would just black list me. and the doctors looking at some of my charts would tell me I am going to die yesterday. But I don’t think I will die suddenly without knowing about it beforehand. But I plan on living forever and ever and ever…..Just the other bit of my time from now till next week is unknown to me, which is way cool………….I plan by saving for some event that might happen, if it does I will have something handy then. Hey Lord, where did I put those Nuclear Launch codes again?

  • That is the exact point of insurance, whether health or otherwise, to make funds available when needed in an emergency; otherwise what is the point?

  • What makes anyone so sure the insurance companies couldn’t bribe the genetics testing companies to share that information with them? The companies could make money from both.

  • I would not be surprised, if this Company, whom have all this information, is not selling, as they do our e-mail addresses, whereby every time we do a Search on this and that, then all of a sudden, different Companies POP-UP with the items we’ve been researching! You know dang well, this Company is SELLING our Health Info, just as our Government has ACCESS to EVERYTHING we DO and SAY on our Computer’s and phones!

  • Health insurance as it is currently is wrong. It actually changes guidelines for things like men’s testosterone etc. Most men have testosterone levels of their grandfather’s. Doesn’t matter if ur fappin 10x a day. Most men still are low which leads to health problems and obesity

  • My nephew at the beginning of the school year returns home with a letter from the school stating; As new policy the school system would like to swob students and keep their DNA and Medical records on file. They also wanted to take dental x-rays. My brother went to the school and informed them under NO CIRCUMSTANCES are they to swob, examine or probe my nephew. I think something nefarious is going on.

  • “…but a pharmaceutical company is a different story…” “do we only want drug developed for the ‘have’ and not everyone”

    a. how will they know you are a “have”, I’ve not seen any statistics that say only the wealthy are using 23ANDme…
    b. aren’t most all knew drugs very expensive to where the “haves” and well insured are the only one that can afford them? so exactly HOW would this be different???

    The ONLY ones that are going to care about the FBI using DNA to find murderers and criminals are THOSE THAT COMMIT SUCH CRIMES.

    I’m yet to hear a REAL PLAUSIBLE FEAR from DNA.

    The ONLY one is a potential GATTACA future, which we simply need to legislate against.

  • watch an old fil from late 1990’a I think It’s called Gattaca starring Ethan Hawke, Jude law, Uma Thurman. it show a terrible future based on people knowing you DNA. A hand shake at a job interview, they test then deny you the job.

  • In the event a pay a company for my genetic analysis the rests should be my property not the prperty of that company to to hang onto and share.

  • Hmm.. Science taking down the corrupt industry that profits from our misfortunes?
    Now if we could just get some particular groups of individuals to accept the truths science has given us.

  • Hate to tell you, but when go to one of these DNA companies you sign a release that give that company complete control of your genetic info. They can do whatever they want to with it, including selling it to insurance companies. It seems they haven’t done that……YET, but it’s a matter of time. They just need to come up with a way to hide it, and you had best believe that they will sell it. Read the fine print. Do not get any genetic testing that is not anonymous, and make sure you pay anonymously, and get the results anonymously.

  • For the people thinking that getting your DNA with one of these companies gives you a leg up. Don’t, by adding your information, the insurance companies will be able to buy it from those companies. Maybe TYT is being manipulated into tricking you into doing this allowing the insurance companies to win.

  • How dare people have the audacity to get adequate health coverage for their individual needs! Shame on them ��������������������������������������������������

  • But how long before a Republican or establishment Democrat congress and Senate is bribed and pass legislation to allow the poor insurance companies access to genetic information databases, or a hack exposes these DNA testing companies databases to anybody. This is digital information… It is easily backed up and searchable. And it won’t just be YOUR DNA, but half of that for all your descendents that will be at their disposal. This information is a knife-edge of pros and cons.

  • The actuaries have all the population data and all the insurance meta-data, so this problem is theoretical rather than actual. The real problem for them comes if there is a major step-wise increase in longevity without a similar increase in health status. Paying for a quarter century of long term care for everyone, that could break them!

  • What about epigenetics (gene expression) Just because you have a certain gene that makes you susceptible to a disease doesn’t mean you are going to develop it.

  • Remember saw 5 for some reason the story made me think of it, how do you know none of your audience members are ghosts maybe some of us are dead already and you don’t even know it. We could be Democratic integrity get it because the Democrats have no integrity.

  • Of course they are sharing the DNA information that so many are voluntarily contributing to the data base. They have been talking about that for quite a while now.

  • At the of the day, the insurance companies are ahead of the game by in raising premiums because while the can’t deny you service, they have already analyzed a sample DNA profile of the population and be able to predict diseases and deaths. So, either way we are already paying the bill.

  • only adopted people (and maybe some orphans) won’t be aware of their family history, liver/heart/cancer etc etc are generally well documented especially for the past 100 years.
    if insurance companies are not already asking about your family history of illness when you sign up then they have been allowing people with known family history to “take advantage of them”

  • Oh come on Cenk. Don’t act all high and mighty, you eat shitty and know that’ll prolly kill you yet you do it anyway… yes we’re all going to die but don’t act like you know it more than we do

  • wake up its birth data-bio-testig they store in each state [ They ] know all about us from our birth and on and they can and do obtain everything

  • What if im a transgender and my dna test tells me im male???? Theese tests are biggoted and racist! Against people that was born whit the sickness ” white male” and decided to fix your self by becoming a beutiful: gender fluid, person of colour, transgender super female power.

    All that work for having a dna test tell you that your suffering from insanity? The young turks are racists and biggoted for even telling me this couls happen.

  • I saw a video of one gal who confirmed that she had inherited Huntington’s. She suspected she had it but it was a 50/50 genetic crap shoot for her. Now that she knows, she isn’t saving for retirement because she’ll never live that long. She refuses to have children because she doesn’t want to pass that gene down to child that could be orphaned. And she certainly would never pay money for an insurance plan like this one. There wouldn’t be any point. Insurance companies want people who will never use their benefits to sign up. But if people know they don’t need it they’ll never buy it, and of course the inverse is true.

  • Of course, if we end up with a huge bias so that most of the people in a fund have a pre-disposition to a disease, and those without opt out, the cost will increase. Another fantastic reason to have universal healthcare. That way the costs are defrayed across the community. Healthcare is a right.

  • Also, it is WRONG to make someone pay more just because they have a predisposition. A predisposition is not the same as a predetermination.

  • I won’t get my genetic profile unless it is truly anonymized, and conducted by a collectivized entity. i.e. Crowd funded secure facilities owned and controlled by the clients, with very short data retention. Even if it’s available, I may not participate. I chose not to know the gender of my child until birth.

  • Every human being knows exactly what death is like, it’s so obvious really. Just think about this. What was it like for the billions of years before you where born? See you know.

  • i never understood how HEALTH insurance companies could decline sick people… and everybody seen it as normal…. how is this normal?!

  • To counter Cenk’s point about life being precious and knowing when/how you will die, how would you react if you knew you would live to 110 years old? I don’t think people go through life as if they’ll never die, most people live under the assumption that they will live to some average age range. In the US, this is 60-80 years old.

    And to Cenk’s point about saving less money and enjoying life more if he knew he would die at age 50 why do you think poor people tend to live this way? Much of urban culture glorifies hedonism because the urban male youth has a lower life expectancy than several other subsets of the population. In the words of AZ, “life’s a bitch and then you die. That’s why we puff lye. Cuz you never know when you gonna go.”

  • I can’t imagine it would be that much of a financial burden for an insurance company to just flat out buy 23 and Me and/or Ancestry.

  • 44 days into Turkey’s unprovoked attack (killing 50% civilians), on Syrian Kurds in Afrin, and your only mention of the Kurds, has been to slander them. You are indeed similar to the ultra-nationalistic Young Turk movement (who you choose to liken yourselves to), who did 3+ genocides and suppressing/oppressing/killing any remaining non-Turks.

  • If i have an illness that makes it difficult for me to drive, does knowing that give me an advantage over car insurance companies?

  • LOL. You guys know so little science you’re embarrassing yourselves. These at home genetic testing are jokes. That the insurance companies are also stupid doesn’t change the fact that you guys are truly stupid.

  • Cenk doesn’t need a DNA test to find out what his near to long term health risks are. The combination of years of a stressful job and bad eating habits compounded with an almost complete lack of physical activity is a guaranteed recipe for heart disease or a stroke. Type II diabetes is also on the menu in his case because of his high sugar consumption. Many, if not most people don’t take this seriously until it’s too late.

  • The problem is like individual mandate. If only “potentially” sick people are buying health insurance, it’s unsustainable. The only solution is single payer health insurance,

  • Aren’t they selling your informations though? One party of interest would be insurance companies for exemple, so they know more about your risks, and can increase the price you pay accordingly, which means more money for them… So “could kill insurance companies”, I very highly doubt it is the case…

    Also, if you are fortunate enough, you can always pay for cryonic preservation. It’s worth a shot if you care about your life.

  • This does not worry insurance company. Insurance co know more about you than you do, 23 and me will sell your info for a nice profit screw 23 and me…. they will sell u out just mark my words

  • This should be national news, but the facts are swiftly swept under the rug DNA/Genetic testing is not a tool for the Healthcare industry, but instead being used as a weapon by insurance companies. Privacy and Securities experts agree that these kinds of tests should be avoided at all costs. Even your innocent ANCESTRY gene tests are unprotected and indexed for insurance charts and they even tricked you into paying for the privilege of being discriminated against by the crooked Insurance Cartel.