Can influenza Shot Provide you with the Flu


Can You Get the Flu From The Flu Shot?

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Key Facts about Flu Vaccines

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Can the flu shot give you the flu?

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Can the Flu Shot Give Me the Flu?

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Can a Flu Vaccine Give You the Flu?

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Can the flu shot give me the flu?

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Why Do Some Health Care Workers Avoid Flu Shots? | A Kaiser Permanente Study

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The flu shot will not give a person influenza, or the flu. Instead, it should help prevent the infection, which causes a significant number of visits to the doctor in the United States each year. ANSWER The flu shot is made from dead viruses and cannot “give” you the flu. However, the vaccine can trigger an immune response from your. You cannot get the flu from the flu vaccine. The flu shots contain either dead flu viruses or they contain proteins from the flu virus – not the virus itself.

The flu nasal spray vaccine uses flu. Although the flu vaccine can’t give you the flu, it is possible to get the flu after you’ve been vaccinated. This year’s vaccine protects against three flu strains, H2N3, H1N1 and influenza B, and.

An influenza (flu) shot is a flu vaccine given with a needle, usually in the arm. Seasonal flu shots protect against the three or four influenza viruses that research suggests may be most common during the upcoming season. The composition of flu vaccines have been updated for. No.

The flu vaccine can’t give you the flu. It also does not increase your risk of COVID-19. But you might develop flu-like symptoms — despite getting a flu vaccine — for a variety of reasons, includin.

The flu shot prompts your immune system to produce antibodies against a specific strain of the flu. If you’re exposed to this particular flu virus later, you’ll already have antibodies ready to. The flu shot will not actually give you the flu, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. However, people who get the flu shot may. Every year, people protect themselves from influenza, or the flu, by getting the flu vaccine.

This vaccine, which typically comes as a shot or nasal spray, can reduce your chances of getting the. Some people do get the flu after they have received a flu shot, but that is not from the shot. It can happen for a couple of reasons.

First, they could.

List of related literature:

The vaccine offered to adults in the UK cannot give the person flu as it does not contain any live viruses; however, it can make the person’s arm feel a bit sore and sometimes it can cause a slighttemperature.

“Learning to Care E-Book: The Nurse Associate” by Ian Peate
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Flu vaccines do not cause the flu; they are made with a live attenuated (nasal vaccine) or killed virus (injection).

“Adult-Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner Certification Review E-Book” by JoAnn Zerwekh
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Educate about the two flu vaccines available to preteens and teens: the flu injection that is made from killed flu virus and given usually in the arm (deltoid muscle) and the nasal spray flu vaccine made with live, but weakened, flu virus and is sprayed via the nose.

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The nasal spray contains a live flu virus that has been weakened to the point that it cannot cause the flu; its advantage is that it may elicit a stronger immune response than the flu shot in children who have never had the flu or a flu vaccine before.

“Saunders Canadian Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN” by Linda Anne Silvestri
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The flu vaccine of 2009 contains only three of the most suspected viruses to cause the flu, while other flu viruses will not be affected and can still cause the disease.

“Pharmacology for Rehabilitation Professionals E-Book” by Barbara Gladson
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The yearly flu shot helps to prevent getting sick during the winter months, because the flu can cause serious illness, and even death, in the elderly.

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The same is true of the flu shot; it cannot cause flu.

“Consumer Health USA” by Alan M. Rees
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The inactivated vaccine does not contain live virus, and cannot cause influenza infection.

“Vaccines for Biodefense and Emerging and Neglected Diseases” by Alan D.T. Barrett, Lawrence R. Stanberry
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Many patients say they “get the flu” every time they receive the flu shot, since they may have flu-like symptoms while their body is creating immunity against the virus.

“Kick COVID-19 to the Curb” by Dr. Angeli Maun Akey, Dr. Kathleen O'Neil-Smith, Dr. Yehuda Shoenfeld
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Although the vaccine may contain traces of egg protein, an individual may still be able to receive the flu shot.

“Fundamentals of Microbiology” by Jeffrey C. Pommerville
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  • I always got flu shots! And I work in the hospital! And if you don’t have flu shot while working in any Health care facility’s it is mandatory to wear a mask! To protect a patient and yourself!

  • Do not listen to this LIAR. Straight off the CDC website ‘Shedding of the live attenuated vaccine virus is common after receipt of
    LAIV. In general, shedding is more common among younger recipients,
    among whom it may also be of longer duration.’ And for those who don’t know LAIV stands for LIVE ATTENUATED FLU VACCINE.

  • Government stands for mind control. The way the government set us up to believe in the whole pharmaceutical lie is through our parents from birth. Most parents took kids to get shots from the doctors. The shots they put in us is sickness. This why years later people and children stay sick, overweight and other sickness. Our body fights all disease naturally. That’s how we all get brainwashed into the pharmaceutical industry. No one ever question a doctor to say why do I need shots of I am not sick. That’s how it starts is with brainwash of saying you better get your shots or else you might get sick. They made us fear something that no one needed to defeat. If sick I understand. But children are not sick and perfect. Man took knowledge, hud it for his own financial gain and continues to do it.

  • I got the swab because my stomach hurt I had fever my head hurt bad I had body aches and chills so I went to the doctor and told them so they swabbed me but those swabs are painful

  • their full of shit ive gotten the flu shot every year for the last three yrs and every damn time within 24-48 hrs im laid up in bed sick as a gd dog for a week or more.

  • i dont believe that for 1 second, i had the flu shots 2 yrs in a row and both times a month or so later ended up with the flu.. the shot is nothing but a money making farce in my book and even though i have asthma i refuse to ever get another

  • The number of people in a country who take the flu vaccine is highly correlated to the country’s COVID-19 fatality rate, and research done before the epidemic clearly showed that taking the flu vaccine can increase an individual’s susceptibility to viruses not contained in the shot (see research citations on this page). Additionally, the data is non-linear, suggesting that vaccinated individuals are super-spreaders of COVID-19, who become dangerous to the whole community. Nonetheless papers have been released claiming that taking the flu shot is protective against COVID. Here we carefully investigate these papers, and fact checking websites, to ferret out the cause of the discrepancy.

  • Identification needs to be done of all these people they are spreading HIV Aids all around the state of SC and NC no joke cause herione is a big thing in SC and NC so these girls he rapeing are going out and shooting up and spreading being scarde not telling her boyfriend and it spreading we gota get a grip

    Mike Wallace 60 Minutes Exposes Swine Flu Pandemic & Vaccine Fallout of 1976
    I posted this on another thread a few days back, but it bears repeating: Do not EVER ‘fast-track’ a vaccine. There’s suddenly a 15 second delay at the start, and YouTube removed the ominous syringe photo from the original posting and replaced it with a black and white photo of Mike Wallace to make it look less compelling to click on. Click, nonetheless.

    46 million took the shot and, as the result 4000 damaged people, they got neurological disease, paralyses and even death.
    so, go get your untested covid shot!!

  • Aborted fetuses, formaldehyde, and who knows what else. I demand Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates take the flu, and covid19 vaccine immediately.

  • what we need to know is what is in a flu shot? what is the basis? not if you think we should get one (I never get one) but we need to know the contents.

  • 5/5 elderly i know got sick from this years. i am not antivaxer, i really think the batch is bad, ussually nobody i know has an issue with it. You guys should really have a follow up program.

  • Why do you have people wearing uniforms CDC?
    I can’t wait for you to make a video about the law or amazing president put into effect via an executive order on September 19, 2019
    Because this lady is right, the flu vaccine can cause side effects and even death
    Many cases of multiple sclerosis have been reported secondary to the influenza vaccine
    President Trump listens to doctors like me more than he listens to you CDC
    Because you blow off doctors and patients

  • vaccines “side effects” range from destruction of immune system, need for constant medications to death.

  • Maternal immune activation is bad for the fetus, as is thimerosal (and aluminum in recommended TDAP). If shes telling the truth, she’ll regret it.

  • Your Key facts comes straight out of the CDC handbook..Anything CDC says is probably a lie, especially if it relates to influenza vaccines…I have never took a Flu vaccination, never will, and never acquired the flu..and have been exposed every year to someone who had the flu..maybe just maybe one day someone will state the facts that CDC compromise, s millions immune systems with these vaccines….put those facts in the CDC handbook…

  • viruses in vaccines are used to combat itself, the flu shot I believe is actually your body learning to combat the virus and recognise it.

  • Bitch, that is really funny tho!! I never once had the flu in my life and never received a flu shot ever. I read many stories people receiving the flu shot and somehow getting sick and dying!