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Breast Milk Bought Online Is Contaminated

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Breast Milk Bought Online Could Contain Harmful Bacteria for Newborns

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Investigation: 87 Percent of Breast Milk Bought Was Positive for Bacteria

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Breast Milk Bought Online May Contain Harmful Germs Nearly three-quarters of samples from an Internet milk-sharing site contained microbes that could make a. Intriguingly, when the researchers compared the contamination in the purchased breast milk to unpasteurized samples that had been donated to a local breast milk bank, they found the donated samples were less likely to contain harmful germs. Researchers say there may be a couple of reasons for the differences. The first is that milk banks carefully educate donors about safe collection and handling of breast milk. Intriguingly, when the researchers compared the contamination in the purchased breast milk to unpasteurized samples that had been donated to a local breast milk bank, they found the donated samples were less likely to contain harmful germs.

Researchers say there may be a couple of reasons for the differences. The first is that milk banks carefully educate donors about safe collection and handling of breast milk. Breast milk sold online may have harmful bacteria; study says buyer beware CHICAGO Human breast milk is sold for babies on several online sites for a few dollars an ounce, but a new study.

The study, lead by researcher Sarah Keim, found that almost 75 percent of breast milk tested from the milk selling site Only the contained disease-causing bacteria and germs similar to. In a previous study, Keim and her colleagues found that breast milk samples bought online contained potentially harmful levels of bacteria and tested positive for a virus called cytomegalovirus. Kim Updegrove, president of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America, said purchasing milk outside of standardized human milk banks is risky.

Study: Breast milk bought online likely to contain bacteria Nearly 75% of breast milk samples purchased online contained illness-causing bacteria and often showed signs of poor collection, storage or shipping practices, according to a recent study. Only 9 percent of the milk from the websites contained no detectable bacteria. The study concluded 74 percent of the samples from the websites would have been banned from milk banks. Milk banks.

HUMAN breast milk for babies sold cheaply online may contain potentially dangerous bacteria including salmonella, according to a new study. The warning comes from researchers who bought and tested 101 breast milk samples sold by women on one popular site, which over the weekend said it was making changes to its policies. The researchers did not name the specific websites used in their study but said the contaminated samples came from a U.S. milk-sharing website that uses a classified ad format.

Of 101 samples purchased anonymously, nearly three-quarters of the samples contained bacteria that could make a baby sick, including three batches that tested positive for salmonella.

List of related literature:

In addition to the immunological protection afforded by mother’s milk, breast-fed babies are less likely to be exposed to environmental pathogens associated with unclean water, unsterilized bottles, and other equipment used in infant feeding.

“Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology: Health and Illness in the World's Cultures Topics Volume 1; Cultures -” by Carol R. Ember, Melvin Ember
from Encyclopedia of Medical Anthropology: Health and Illness in the World’s Cultures Topics Volume 1; Cultures –
by Carol R. Ember, Melvin Ember
Springer US, 2003

Children in the first 6 months of life who are breast-fed are protected from common environmental contaminants such as pathogenic bacteria and are the recipients of breast milk antibody, which may be highly protective against E. coli organisms.

“Public Health and Infectious Diseases” by Davidson H. Hamer, Jeffrey Griffiths, James H. Maguire, Kristian Heggenhougen, Stella R. Quah
from Public Health and Infectious Diseases
by Davidson H. Hamer, Jeffrey Griffiths, et. al.
Elsevier Science, 2010

Prevention of Atopy and Asthma One of the most challenging developments in human milk research has been the demonstration in breast-fed infants of a reduced incidence of diseases with autoregulated or dysregulated immunity, long after the termination of breast-feeding [241–245].

“Infectious Diseases of the Fetus and Newborn E-Book” by Jack S. Remington, Christopher B. Wilson, Victor Nizet, Jerome O. Klein, Yvonne Maldonado
from Infectious Diseases of the Fetus and Newborn E-Book
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Whereas randomized clinical trials suggest that breast milk substitutes could prevent 44% of infant HIV infections, caution is critical.

“Emerging Infectious Diseases: Trends and Issues” by Felissa R. Lashley, Jerry D. Durham, Jerry D Durham, PhD RN Faan, Ralph Erskine Conrad Memorial Fund
from Emerging Infectious Diseases: Trends and Issues
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Information on breastfeeding is collected in several other studies, including the NHANES, the National Survey of Family Growth (NSFG), the National Immunization Survey (NIS), and state surveillance systems, the Pregnancy Nutrition Surveillance System and the Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance

“Present Knowledge in Nutrition” by John W. Erdman, Jr., Ian A. MacDonald, Steven H. Zeisel
from Present Knowledge in Nutrition
by John W. Erdman, Jr., Ian A. MacDonald, Steven H. Zeisel
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However, over the past two decades, scientists have become increasingly aware that human breast milk also carries a host of potentially serious risks to infant health.

“Community Health Nursing: Caring for the Public's Health” by Karen Saucier Lundy, Sharyn Janes
from Community Health Nursing: Caring for the Public’s Health
by Karen Saucier Lundy, Sharyn Janes
Jones & Bartlett Learning, LLC, 2005

b. not a concern, because viruses have not been documented to appear in breastmilk.

“Study Guide to Accompany Breastfeeding and Human Lactation” by Coates, Mary-Margaret Coates, Jan Riordan
from Study Guide to Accompany Breastfeeding and Human Lactation
by Coates, Mary-Margaret Coates, Jan Riordan
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011

Studies also report that infants who are breast-fed have a much greater percentage of beneficial bacteria compared to infants who are bottle fed with infant formulas.

“Cracking the Metabolic Code: The Nine Keys to Peak Health” by James B. Lavalle, Stacy Lundin Yale
from Cracking the Metabolic Code: The Nine Keys to Peak Health
by James B. Lavalle, Stacy Lundin Yale
Basic Health Publications, Incorporated, 2004

Breast milk contains antibodies against poliovirus, coxsackievirus, echovirus, enterovirus, influenza virus, reovirus, RSV, rotavirus, and rhinovirus.228,285 It has been confirmed that human milk inhibits the growth of these viruses in tissue culture.

“Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession” by Ruth A. Lawrence, MD, Robert M. Lawrence, MD
from Breastfeeding: A Guide for the Medical Profession
by Ruth A. Lawrence, MD, Robert M. Lawrence, MD
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2015

Breast milk decreases the risk for a number of neonatal infections including lower respiratory tract illness, otitis media, bacteremia, meningitis, and NEC.187 Human milk provides an array of humoral and cellular antiinfectious factors, growth factors, and probiotics, as well as essential vitamins and nutrients.

“Pediatric Surgery E-Book” by Arnold G. Coran, Anthony Caldamone, N. Scott Adzick, Thomas M. Krummel, Jean-Martin Laberge, Robert Shamberger
from Pediatric Surgery E-Book
by Arnold G. Coran, Anthony Caldamone, et. al.
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2012

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  • It’s my first time seeing this but I saw real shark in Manila Ocean Park but I can say that Sharks are Kind and Adorable It’s just my opinion.

  • My question is “have any babies died from this”

    Then why make news on it, I would’ve liked not knowing about this
    If it did/does kill babies then I would be thankful I know

  • By studying the ‘all meat’ diet of Inuit tribes, scientists have discovered that carbohydrates are 100% inessential. Cut all carbs and sugar, and your body will switch from burning carbs for energy to burning fat for energy. Carbs causes inflammation, inflammation causes vast majority of all human illnesses.

  • If your sweat smells bad:
    1Drink more water
    2Avoid asparagus, garlic, etc.
    3Drink ginger juice daily with breakfast
    4Add rose water to your food

    You’re welcome!

  • I used to work with a man who had one of these and he knew it but couldn’t do anything about it that I remember. It was really gross. They called him Stinky. I hope he’s found some help by now.

  • If I had a child which I never want one I would feed my baby from my breast not others women ehh I’m to young to die just to have a baby

  • Your completely wrong there is or never was a guide line on natural sugar, your formula about 400 gm and get 300 from natural food is completely nonsense

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  • I’m pretty sure my friend back in school had this issue. I feel so bad for anyone with this. I have social anxiety so it sounds like a nightmare to me.

  • The ” benefits” of sugar and carbs are evident in the American public. Just look around. Bunch of fat slobs with sore knees, bad backs, heart issues, diabetes etc.

  • I feel like these sharks are use to boats feeding them and that’s the reason they stay by the boats swarming it instead of the blood or pee

  • Dr. Paul Mason has a wonderful descriptin for dietry fibres that end up as bulk matter in the stool, which he does not agree with. The way he put it is” It’s like adding cars to a traffic jam.” Why add a whole lot more to pass through such a small hole?

  • My armpits started smelling different. What could that be? They smelled like normal bad armpit smell before and now they smell different. Can’t really describe it though.

  • When you come to a “science” video and the commenters are smarter than the presenter.

    Show me one carbohydrate deficiency disease.

  • You assume only Carbohydrates are required for health…this is TOTALLY FALSE… Proteins and fats are Essential for life… there is no thing as an Essential Carbohydrate…

  • Yeah but my cat doesn’t respond to dry food any more because i give them slices of ham. They go straight to the fridge.

    Maybe seeing it’s the Bahamas, the boat should have been removed from the equation somehow.

  • So I wonder what Disease HILLARY CLINTON has. It is said that she smells terrible. Like onions and puke �� No one ever stands close to her because she smells so bad. Dirty diapers maybe. Or bad hygiene.

  • The woman probably did not know her breast milk had the bacteria. But then again why would mothers buy breast milk online. It sounds disgusting

  • Is it just me or did any other theatre kids think of Yorktown from Hamilton when she said ‘tens of thousands of women’ at the start!!����

  • The fact that these conditions exist suggests that the genetic variations are an evolutionary spreadbet meaning that some people may survive certain diseases and syndromes.

  • 100gr of sugar per day? Lol my regular sugar intake is 15-20gr a day so just had a cheat meal a while ago and it only made my sugar intake 48gr that day. After that I literally walked around bloated and puffy for almost two days. So never go for bananas again!

  • Gluten made me sweat and smell even straight after a shower, affects the glands maybe and is very bad for you as Dr Wiliam Davis mentions.

  • I’m here because my coworker has the worst smell I’ve ever smelled, and I’m at my wit’s end. After talking with him several times about his strong smell that he can’t smell himself, I’m here to find out its probably a disease thats non curable. None of this is good.

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  • Stupid shit.. She should be jailed for selling it online. Who in the hell in their right mind would buy beast milk from someone online? I wouldn’t give that shit to my dog.

  • I smell really bad at times of the day like butt during the day kinda anyone help me with that please I been trying so many things and I can’t find anything to help me

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  • This is an example of backward thinking. I have a PhD in biochemistry. Nobody needs carbs!!! We need only fibre! Just stick to low-carb or keto diet. There are no essential carbs! Because of carbs we have diabetes (just to mention one disease/disorder). Our body runs marvellously on ketones. Even our brain. Cheers.

  • I have a serious bad breath problem from i was a teenager. Sometime ago i made a bad comment to my spouse and his reply to me was “it not me that you smell it is your mouth” i almost died and gone to hell with embarrassment i ask my mother and she said as far as she can remember my breath i had bad breath, until i came across the doctor who help me out and took me of my shame am very happy today that i was cured of the disease all thanks to Dr,Aloma he also works on related diseases like ALS DIABETES HEP B/C HSV him to save lives via ([email protected]) or you call via his number +2348069525913..

  • for good health, better senses and better sleep avoid carbohydrates at all. 100g of sugars? 60% of calories from carbs? thats were science part of this video ends and funny part begins. do not follow

  • if sugars get broken down into their individual components, then why does the body sometimes prefer sweet things, and after having eaten lots of them, will start making you find them disgusting for a while
    what is the reason behind this?

  • Anti biotics also wipe out good bacteria and really the issue is supporting the “good” flora in the gut continued use of anti biotics actually causes more problems down the track so few doctors advise patients to take a course of pre and pro biotics to counter the damage anti biotics do….

  • Thats so fcuking disgusting makes me sick to my stomach. I am not racist but i strongly feel upset and disappointed how some blacks and white people can be so fcuking inconsiderate and not take showers or practice good hygiene. I really am not racist but from what i heard most blacks just wash their bodys but always wear a shower cap. This is really really fcuking stupid because most of your body heat evaporates near your head. 80 percent of the bodys heat is evaporated through your head. So when you sweat, especially after not shampooing your head for many months or weeks is really fcuking disgusting and smells extremely terrible! #RCMP #RCAF #USAF #USMC #CanadianSpecialForces #Yamaguchi-Gumi-Clan #Inagawa-Kai-Faction

  • I knew a little boy where i worked at a day care…they did everything they could think of to help the little guy smell better…even the drs. Couldn’t figure it out…we all felt soo bad for him…the oder would litterly stay with you after you touched him…this was in the late 70’s…latter on i saw a tv show…that if someone had something lodged up their nose…it would cause oder…i hope that boy found help.��

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  • There was a boy in primary school who had skin disease that made his skin smell like poop, wonder if he is still alive. His friend would have nose bleeds cause of the smell, he a champ though for being Darren’s friend.

  • I am like Dwight Shrute, my pee is green it has been for years for at least 85% of the time, there is one disease that can cause it but so far no one has bothered to check into it��. Also, hidratnitus suppurativa can cause odor during a flare.

  • I stink in school but when I got home I smell good Idk what to do because I think my friends in school and school mates are angry at me because I stink I need some advice help! I tried to tell my guardian but she didn’t believe me because she said I smell fine Thx if you give advice it would really help me

  • A long time ago, I had a female coworker that had the 1st disorder and smelled like rotten fish. Everybody treated no different than anyone else. We all knew it was a disorder and not her fault.

  • i feel sorry that you include (other animals’) milk in “healthy diet”. Not your mother, not your milk.
    other animals’s milk is poisonous to us. We have never been so unhealthy (we human beings) as sugar, milk-dairy products, cereals have dramatically increased in our diet. I avoid those 3 categories.

  • Parkinson’s disease and diabetes change your body smell. There is a BBC documentary on a woman that could smell Parkinson’s disease on her husband before he was diagnosed, her name is Joy Milne. There has now been a lot of new research on this when her story went public. Google The Woman Who Can Smell Parkinson’s Disease | Documentary””

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  • Anything that we “DO in excess!” such as “Over-Eating” (Greed) will often or most likely result with negative effects!! Consuming an excessive amount of meat such as beef, on a daily basis, is NOT beneficial for the proper functioning of the human anatomy, because meat takes much longer to digest than “plant-based” foods; which is the reason that many people in our society, are making a “Life-Changing” decision to become a Vegetarian or Vegan! LOVE * LIGHT * TRUTH

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  • Wait how desperate do you have to be to buy breast milk Over the internet? Ik how some people can’t produce milk but that’s what baby formula is for

  • Hello, my name is Lisa Guerrera from Inside Edition, wait wait wait we just want to talk to you! Come back, your privacy won’t last forever!”

  • This video is promoting nonsensical approach to sugars and diet.
    Looks like someone didn’t do their research correctly.
    Have you ever heard about HORMONES?
    Decent introduction but you’ve lost me after trying to sell BS about fructose.
    I give you D

  • Found your channel, like it so far. I have a? I am facing knee replacement surgery soon. Half of my meniscus is gone, therefore I have bone on bone contact (upper leg vs. lower leg bones rubbing). I asked the dr why couldn’t you put a replacementlike meniscus pad in between so that the bones would not rub? He said because the pad would not receive blood flow. I am older, 60 years old. Maybe 20 years left. I told him I am willing to live with an artificial meniscus, cadaver, etc. Blood flow would be created for the ends of those bones because of the weight/use of my leg. The pain at times is unbearable. I want to remain active. but this kind of surgery? We can build and use artificial hearts, etc, why not a pad to stop bones from rubbing? I like the way you think. Sure this is a medical problem. When I think of people like you with NASA experience, I know there is a better answer, not a political/ insurance one. How many spaceships on their way to Mars with rovers?…..

  • Lol she shuffled off like she was dealing drugs or something ��
    Still a little messed up they did that to her and outed her that way.

  • I’m 13 years old girl and I’m really being bullied
    When I first went to grade 8 in the first day I came to the class and sit down then suddenly the whole class said there’s a very bad smell inside the class?
    But that’s weird I don’t smell anything!
    I try to smell but I can’t I asked everyone smells it so why me?
    After that I was sure that this is my smell I started to shower 2 times a day but everyday that tell me I stink.
    So I started to shower 3 times a day every day it’s like a nightmare I hate this I hate it so bad that I wanted to die I don’t have any friends at all
    But something is so off
    My family doesn’t smell me?
    Like I literally made my brother swear 100 a day that I don’t smell at all but he would say I smell good?
    He isn’t lying!
    Can someone tell me what is wrong with me pls I told my mom but she told me I’m overeacting but this really affects my social life like I can’t live like this anymore is there anything I can do?
    Is this really a desease or is it because I’m growing or what?
    And my mother wouldnt even let me see a doctor becouse I’m lying?
    Does she know she is destroying my life?

  • Red blood cells like sugars
    Unlike white blood cells and other cells, red blood cells lack mitochondria. Because of this, they can only utilize glucose for energy.

  • Since its very difficult to get tested for trimethylaminuria (TMAU), many people don’t actually know if they have it or not. Alot of us have leaky gut syndrome and can cause you to smell as well. Try to heal your gut too.

  • What about butt crack smell…uh
    Have a coworker that’s bad. Where they sit it lingers for days, even the toilet area smells even after you clean it! Gotta clean it like 3 plus times to get rid of it.

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  • I’ve been around smelly people before and I lose all control over my good behavior! I try so hard to be nice, but my stomach always has the upper hand in the situation, and has complete control over my body! ������

  • It would have been interesting to see how High Fructose Corn Syrup figures into this. I’ve heard that the body does NOT recognize it correctly and that the pancreas does not know to make insulin to break it down.

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  • All right you fat people, time to start arguing. lol. My fat ( hanging over my belt) is bigger than your fat. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we all can have bariatric surgery and get better, or die painfully, either way Covid will get you,sooner or later.

  • In school I started to smell weird not that anyone says anything, it just when I look at the person next to me there covering there noise it started back in late 5th grade when I asked my brother he said I smelled a very strange way but not exactly a bad smell either.

  • Dear Osmosa, I’m Dian from Indonesia. I teach Biochemistry for Nursing in one university in Indonesia. I used to use your video in my class. It helps very much. But our problem is…that my students hardly understand the videos due to the language gap (we don’t know English well). If i dub the explanations of this video into bahasa Indonesia using my voice, will you allow it? Thank you very much:-)

  • 7 out of 8 scientists recommend you don’t feed you child breast milk sold on internet

    scientists: 0_0 O_O o_o o-o 00:D O,O

  • I had a guy in my cab that smelled like Cheetos, feet, and trash. After he got out, the smell was still there. He wasn’t homeless or dirty, he just smelled horrible.

  • My grandma on my mom’s side smelled like ammonia for the last 10 years of her life… it was disgusting. My mom is now starting to smell… what is this?

  • I think the mother with the contaminated milk was just trying to make a living and probably didn’t want to be exposed to the media which could harm her financial status

  • 55 % carbs…this is out dated perhaps…new model is to flip the old food pyramid upside down…sugar is toxic, carbs are not an essential nutrient…. Protein, Fiber and Non starchy Veg is best.

  • Omg, 100g of sugar a day. Thats not good advice. Over time (15-20 years) you will become insulin resistant and in turn will be prone to fatty liver disease, prediabetes and other forms of metabolic syndrome.

  • 100g of sugar a day! Wow! That’s three cokes a day. You’re gonna kill people with that advice. People should be aiming for less than 40g a day.

  • My mums scalp smelt musty as i noticed when plucking her brows and she later discovered she had kidney cancer and i already guessed she had this as that weird smell coming out of her skin.

  • A bit disappointed you did not talk about Ketoacidosis. This is a very dangerous condition when diabetes has gone out of control. A person can stink like a rotting drunk. It can cause seizures, brain damage and can kill. BUT it is very treatable. * it is possible to not know you have diabetes, and get into this condition. So if you smell bad GET CHECKED by a doctor.

  • If Honey has the percentage 50% Fructose and 44% Glucose what is the reason that the sugars don’t form a glycosidic bond to form combine to form Sucrose, Table sugar. I’ve heard that alpha bonds break down easily but beta bonds do not break down in the body. Seems energy is still required to break the alpha bond of sucrose. Is honey healthier than table sugar if the glycosidic bond is not there? It seems like it’s easier to process and absorb? What’s the reason fruits are healthier?