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Bleeding after sex (Post Coital Bleeding)

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Bleeding after sex

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Health care providers are usually more concerned about bleeding after sex when you’re postmenopausal or pregnant. Before menopause, there can be many explanations for bleeding after sex. But, when you’re not menstruating or pregnant, your health. Causes of Bleeding After Sex The most common causes for vaginal bleeding after sex both start in the cervix, which is the narrow, tube-like end of your uterus that opens into the vagina. One of.

Bleeding after sex is commonly caused by vaginal dryness, but there are other more serious causes too. Postcoital bleeding can be a symptom of many conditions. Your doctor will. ‘It’s very rare that bleeding after sex will be a sign of cervical cancer, but it’s definitely worth getting checked out by a doctor to rule everything out and give yourself peace of mind.’ It.

Yes, men can experience bleeding after sex, but this isn’t as common as with women. Some blood in the semen usually indicates benign prostate enlargement. This usually affects men over fifty.

Bleeding after sex can be a fairly common situation. Doctors tend to be more concerned when a pregnant woman is bleeding after sex or when a woman is postmenopausal and bleeding after sex. However, heavy bleeding after sex is only normal if it is related to your period.

Bleeding after sex—and irregular bleeding, in general—is something you should always bring up with your doctor. Your sex life should be. When you have sex for the first time, it’s normal to expect some bleeding right away or even for a couple of days afterward.

But if your first sexual experience is long past and you notice bleeding after sex, you should have it checked out. Cleveland Clinic is a. “You should be concerned if you’re bleeding after sex every time you have intercourse, and it seems like the bleeding is heavier over time,” Dr. Young says.

This could be a sign that you have a. Sexually transmitted infections can cause many un-fun symptoms, and post-sex bleeding is definitely one of them—especially if the infection leads to an inflammation of the cervix, called.

List of related literature:

Schedule a gynecologic examination for the female experiencing abnormal vaginal bleeding, prolonged or intermittent periods, or bleeding after intercourse.

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Clinical Findings: The most common symptom is abnormal vaginal bleeding such as bleeding between normal menstrual periods, bleeding after intercourse, or menstrual bleeding that is heavier or lasts longer than normal.

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This may be bleeding after intercourse or bleeding in between periods.

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• There may be bleeding after sexual intercourse.

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Some women may notice this bleeding after intercourse or between menstrual periods.

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Cervical bleeding, from infected and therefore fragile tissue, may present as spotting or bleeding between menses and frequently after intercourse.

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Vaginal bleeding after intercourse.

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Sex can cause the cervix to bleed, which can be alarming if you’re already worried about bleeding.

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Any bleeding, even spotting or bleeding after intercourse, might be important.

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On further questioning, the bleeding started after sexual intercourse.

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  • hi! once and a while i bleed after having sex and i always thought that is was my period cause my period comes when ever it feels like sometimes. that night my boyfriend i have rough sex, at first it was feeling good but after 15 minutes my vagina started to hurt. i was feeling a very sharp pain when i got home there was blood on my pantie and i have been bleeding ever since. what is wrong?

  • I’m 25 and dry humped a bed my, period doesn’t starts in tell seven day’s and after I dry humped I started bleeding please tell me if this is normal am I pregnant? please let me know I scarred.

  • im 25 yrs old ive been trying to get pregnant for 6 yrs and nothing. it recently just started happening that i bleed after sex. can i just take some anibiotics for it to stop or would u think i would have to go see a obgyn doctor? cause idk why i just havent been able to get pregnant and im wondering if this might be the problem.

  • Hey Doc I had sex a few days ago and right after the condom was bloody and I was bleeding and still am after two days mind you it wasn’t my first time. HELPPP

  • My boyfriend and I did our thing the day that my period ended and I had slight bleeding because my period wasn’t all the way gone but then fast forward to about 4 days later I’m seeing this light pink blood and I’m having a bit of cramping everytime I go pee… and now I have to go pee every minute for some reason…. could you please tell me what is going on…

  • If the bleeding was 6-7 days after sex, it was probably not caused by intercourse. If this is a one time happening, I would not be concerned.

  • Sir please help me
    Reply my comment

    I have sex with my love partner first time
    But after sex her Pussy bleeding some thing not much some some
    Is it normal?
    Please quick reply

  • Hello dr.
    I had my period on 2 sept. Flow was okay for the first two days. Third day it is very less and 4th day onwards light spotting. I am done clear on day 6. Day 7 also clear. Then we had sex. And i started bleeding just after sex or may be during sex. I feel wet but i thought its semen coming out as i was lying down after finishing. Then my husband noticed blood every where. Also clots were coming out. This has never happened to me. We always have sex day 6 onwards as we are trying for a baby. But two years and no luck. Even had gone for IUI. I am still bleeding lightly. I don’t know what is happening. Please reply and help.

  • Iam getting this issue right now with bleeding 3 times in a row post coital.. royally freaked out and its a Saturday so no drs open..i shall be running to mine Monday as fast as i can..its keeping the bad thoughts at bay till then tho

  • I have not had sex in 10 years, I had a radical complete hysterectomy, afterward, I had a lot of sex for around 4 -5 years,then stopped, I am very, very dry “down there”, just got married and and we have not been able to have sex, during foreplay, ( he inserting his fingers in my vagina, I bleed), I am very, very small “down there”, we also tried lubes, and i still bleed, do I need to see my GYN?

  • i am jst 21 years and having sex during this some pains in stomach and after that two to three times bleeding issue accurs in 1 week. give me proper suggetions///

  • my husband work outof town I only have sex every once a month after sex I stared to bleed it’s been 4 yr I haven’t had a period it be long time now I’m spot. I have the IUD,I’m scary to be pregnant if I’m spotted

  • Hi Doc, I have a question! So, I am on birth control, and I have been for 2 months, and I just started to have sex with my boyfriend. But Ive noticed lately that every time we are done and I go to the washroom right after, once I wipe I see the tiniest blood on the toilet paper (the colour is usually red to bright red). I dont bleed a lot at all, and Im just wondering if this is normal, I am very concerned.:)

  • Hi there, I am a little bit confused with ‘bleeding’ and brownish discharge’. As for my case here, when I went to clean up after sexual intercourse with my husband, I spotted brownish like discharge when I wipe. When it’s the second wipe. it got lighter brown and after third wipe, its clear. No more discharge throughout the day until my next intercourse. However, this usually only happens one week before my period. If I had intercourse the first 3 weeks after my period, there isn’t any discharge. It has been 2 months since that happens. My question I would like to ask is that kind of discharged i just describe consider as bleeding?

  • I masturbated and then found blood on the item I was using when I pulled it out I’ve been crying for 20 minutes what do I do?!

    Edit was a spelling correction

  • I already came to my OB-GYNE. She had me papsmeared, It showed no abnormalities and also no polypse on my ultrasound result. She gave me medication and is still unresolved, she even cauterized me thru medication but I still have post coital bleeding without pain but it disappears within 1-3 days. What seems to be my problem since the doctor didn’t resolved my issue after these prescribed solutions?

  • i am 49 years old and i get my periods not always the same or nearer the usual dates like when i was younger, i can get 2 periods a months or dont get them at all for a few months. I have however been bleeding after having sex and continues for a few days like a period. i have also experiencing quite a lot of thrush in the vigina but now i am ok for at least 2 months. What is causing bleeding after sex in my case??????

  • Thanks you so much ��.but I have experienced that my period stopped and then a week later I got bleeding again can you please tell wat I could be? And another thing is I no longer get my period in order I used the contraceptive pills but it’s now like 3 months since I stopped so I should be getting my normal period.I did a pregnancy test for two times andit was all showing negative.Dr am so scared

  • Dr I need help.. I was 18 years old when I had 1st intercourse.. I had severe bleeding my whole legs were full with blood and the bleeding continued almost for 14 days.. plZ I want to know what was that mean?? Why I had so much bleeding??? After that I had normal period cycle n normal penetration. But I m still worried about that over bleeding I had.. will it effect my pregnancy or not??plz answer me

  • What happens if girl doesn’t bleed after sex on period what can it be she is on 5th day of period… does it get chance to be pregnant???? M afraid if that so….. we don’t wanna get baby thos soon so plz suggest us…for getting fid of baby…

  • Hi I have been I guess you could say “spotting” is this normal like it’s not in my urine it’s just when I wipe and I’m so worried please respond

  • Hi Doctor, I got period in 20days from the last period, it was basically just once a day thing, I thought it was period but I would only bleed clots for 6/7 days straight, it would happen at the same time everyday once or twice in a day and I was waiting for it to stop like normal period but then on 8th day it started like normal period i.e normal blood with clots, then in the evening it was such a heavy bleeding that I soaked 2 largest pads within 5hrs and it was blood with so much clot, it looked scary�� literally so much blood with so much clot, I’m in day 9, danno how it’s gonna go I am scaredddddd

  • Hello doctor i want to ask you about something,when i got my period at first there will be brown color discharges for the first day and when i finish my period the brown discharge back again, is that normal? I have my period every month