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Teens don’t always use birth control correctly or consistently. WebMD tells you about the best birth control methods for teens as recommended by health experts. Once you or your teen have decided that there is a need for birth control, it is time to research the options that are available. If you aren’t there yet, consider these facts about teens and sex.

When you or your teen are ready, learn as much as possible about the various options available for teen birth control. Provides safe, long-term birth control. Adolescents don’t have to remember to do anything every day, week, or month to stay protected from unintended pregnancy.

Does not need to be replaced for 3. Sept. 21, 2012 Sexually active teen girls’ best bet for birth control is either an IUD or a birth-control implant, say new guidelines from a leading doctors’ group.. More than 40% of teens are sexually active.

Nearly all of them use some kind of birth control. According to, one in three teens will become pregnant at least once before they are 20 years old. Though the subject may be considered debatable, there is a possible answer to this.

She herself got pregnant at the age of 13, and when her own daughter reached her teens, she put her on the birth control pill “just in case.” As she explains, “I was a teen mom. Your Birth Control Choices Reproductive Health Access Project / February 2020 Method How well does it work? How to Use Pros Cons External.

I’m still trying to do better by my daughters, but here are 10 goals all parents of teen girls can try to reach. They’re challenging to meet, yet rewarding to achieve. They’re.

In this type of combination birth control pill, each active pill contains the same amounts of estrogen and progestin. Multiphasic. In this type of combination birth control pill, the amounts of hormones in active pills vary. Most combination birth control.

If your daughter has recently started taking birth control pills or is thinking about taking them, you probably have some questions and worries of your own. Adolescent girls and young women are frequently prescribed birth control.

List of related literature:

The Contraceptive Handbook: A Guide to Safe and Effective Choices.

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To effectively prevent pregnancy, it is often necessary to use a birth control pill with a higher estrogen content, and it may be wise to add another method of contraception such as a barrier device (diaphragm or condom) with spermicide.

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The IUD, the implant, and Depo-Provera are the most effective kinds of birth control.

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For example, if she has a chaotic lifestyle or a poor memory and is fearful of forgetting to take the pill every day (especially if the packet has to be kept out of sight of her parents), then Depo-Provera® or Implanon® is probably the more suitable alternative.

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Use Tools and Techniques That Reflect Best Practices One of the most significant changes over the last decade is the recommendation that LARC be offered as the first-line option for teens requesting birth control.

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Contraceptive options include condoms and hormonal contraception.

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These include withdrawal, or coitus interruptus, the condom, the diaphragm, the anovulant (ovulation-preventing) contraceptive pill, the intrauterine device (IUD), spermicides, and morning-after pills.

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  • I tried to get the same IUD and it was the most painful experience of my life. The worst part is that it was not going in so the nurse had to keep bringing new ones in. I was sobbing on the table and ended up begging them to just stop after the third attempt.

  • I’m 37 years old, 26 weeks pregnant and a 9 months baby. I want my tubes tied but my doctor don’t want to do it because he say I’m young to have more kids. I really don’t want more kids so witch contraceptive method do you recommend me just in case he don’t do the surgery for me. I’m going to breast feed my baby. I love your channel. Thank you.

  • I have the Paraguard, and I like that it’s very effective, but I don’t like that my periods got heavier. So gross. I hate it. I will switch to the hormonal IUD next time I change. I don’t know if I will hate that too, but I just want to keep trying different things.

  • I definitely think you were a victim of obstetric violence, the doctor should not have been unprofessional like that and made you feel uncomfortable

  • I remember one sex ed teacher telling us that withdrawal can be considered a non-hormonal birth control method, and they even gave an efficacy figure that I forget now, but I wonder how accurate that figure could have even been. It depends so much on getting the timing right and pre-cum can also cause pregnancy. Withdrawal seems to be a method that would be a great strategy to tack onto another methods such as using condoms and tracking fertility, but withdrawal alone would not be reliable. I’m pretty sure my sex ed teacher was explaining it to us more like “if all else fails, the very least you could do is at least try and pull out” which is true I guess ��

  • I’m planning on going on birth control and actually have been trying to gain weight for awhile now. Is it a good option for me then?

  • I have pmdd, and I seriously worry about my mindset after the birth of my baby in April. I’m wondering about the mirena IUD and if it would help ease symptoms. I know the nuvaring made me VERY moody.

  • Haha loves the humour on abstinenceonly failed once in the history of the world ������.
    Love your videos, they are so informative and you are such a pleasure to listen to. Thanks for the good work��

  • im 17 and i just got on hormonal birth control. i’ve experienced some negative side effects, but to me protection against pregnancy outweighs the risks/side effects. i’m on the pill at the moment, but eventually i want to get a copper IUD.

  • Awww Dr Green!❤️I haven’t seen your videos since my baby was born May 2018. I wish there were more Drs like you!�� You always put a
    Smile on my face��❤️

  • Joking aside, I had nexplanon and it was okay in the beginning. My periods were nonexistent until I had it for 1.5 years and I had periods for 2 weeks straight. Got pregnant (on purpose) a year later and then got Paragard. It was totally easy to get in!! I had it for two years but it made my periods heavy and crappy. But it wasn’t “too” bad. I would probably get it again after my husband and I are done trying to have another baby. AND THEN THAT MAN BETTER GET SNIPPED. Lmao

  • Switched to the copper IUD 8 years ago from being on the pill and I had side effects from the pill I didn’t want to deal with anymore. The one I had inserted is called the Paragard. My period is about 5-6 days long, whereas it was probably 3-4 days long when I was on the pill. I’m glad I switched to this. I’ll replace it in 2 years and get it again. Great information. Are you a nurse?

  • when i was on the pill my periods would be really long and heavy that’s why i stopped but i mean it’s different for different people i guess c

  • Hi! So I have a question and definitely anyone can answer it! I’ve had nexalpanon for almost 2 years! And I want to remove it, but I’ve heard that if I remove it I can get pregnant?. Is that true? If so is there a way to prevent it do I have to have a certain amount of months before getting it removed so I don’t get pregnant? I just want to remove it due to weight gain and mood swings:( I would have gotten it removed earlier but when my clinic would be open I have either work or school but now I’m free and I’m asking questions:{…

  • Hi Christal, thanks for finally open your own YouTube channel been waiting for this for a while. I just went through all your videos and found it very interesting since I’m almost 37 yrs old and A LOT I didn’t know. Now can you please make a video of foods that maybe we should not eat while in our menstruation?..for instance I’ve been told that you should evoid citrus and watermelon and a lot of other foods. Is that true? Can you please explain to us…thanks in advanced.

  • you’re just wasting your time trying to preach birth control

    nowadays, girls don’t care about that

    because they think it’s cool to get pregnant at 17, by the worst guys that they can possibly find

    thanks to rap music

  • The mood swings are real AF on the nexplanon. I used to be so nice all the time and now I’m a moody bish every day but I don’t wanna get pregnant so I think ok I guess ill deal with being moody 24/7

  • Thanks so much for your candor!!!! So helpful!!! I just got my Kyleena IUD in day a go and I literally felt mild cramping for like 30 minutes and it just felt like 1 big cramp. I even went to the gym after! Thank you for saying that everybody’s body is different because its true!!!

  • I have a question.. Can I use the v ring to lengthen my cycle? For example can I keep the ring in for 23 days instead of 21… Then have my ring free week then start the new ring?

  • I don’t believe the failure rate of the diaphragm is that high. Can you cite a study? I used mine for years and only got pregnant when I STOPPED using it. Why is there a hole in the bottom of it anyway? The one I used had no hole. Seems to defeat the purpose as a barrier. Why do you promote women taking a hormone that controls her body every single day? Not good advice in my opinion. This is a male solution and women should think twice before wreaking havoc on their natural biological rhythms. All the methods you promote require women to have abnormal hormone levels. Is that what women really want? I hated the pill and know many many other women who have problems with it as well. Sounds like you are promoting for pharma.

  • Just wanted to share something I find kind of beautiful..
    When I first subscribed to your channel I was shown you had 555 subscribers and your first video had 444 views. That made me smile. The next time I watched a video of yours it had 333 views and 111 likes. Now I just finish watching this video and scroll down and its suggesting another video of yours, it has 777 views. Kind of cool??
    Anyway, I really appreciate the content you’re putting out. You have a lot of knowledge and I think sharing it is really going to help a lot of people know more about themselves. So thank you <3

  • Totally agree with this video. I remember being in my teens and thinking it was so cool to be on the pill. If you were on the pill, you were smart, responsible, independent, and oh so very adult. Really glad my dad talked me out of it.

  • my sister just had her first baby a few months ago and said that the IUD she used to have, the pain she had during the insertion was equivalent to giving birth, just a lot quicker

  • My marina expires this year. I’m looking for new options. My first 2 years with the marina was terrible. ACNE and till now still gaining weight. I have 2 kids and would love a long term option…. really don’t want any more kids

  • I had to learn about birth control on my own. The only form of birth control I was taught about was the pill and condoms. I was the one to make an appointment to get an IUD four years ago. Best decision I’ve ever made!

  • The NHS over here in the UK are really trying to push IUDs, I think purely based on a cost effectiveness basis for them. As my field of expertise is fertility it makes me cross that they try to force them on people without giving them full details or asking whether they want to have children in the near future. These are a long term method and if it goes wrong can have dire consequences on future fertility. Information and empowerment to women is key. It’s not just about not getting pregnant now but how to get pregnant later when you want to.

  • I have tried to make the point, both from nature and religion, that what you do is evil, destructive to yourselves and to society and will ultimately damn your souls, along with those of your scoundrel “boyfriends”, but you don’t care. You want to be lost forever, and God gives us what we want. I wash my hands of it. It’s on your souls, not mine.

  • Hey Dr. Lisa my sister’s friend died as a result of heavy bleeding immediately after removal of the birth implant. What in your could have happened to cause such heavy bleeding

  • My freaken sister last her baby because of birth control ����

  • Hey Crystal! Thank you for all the fascinating knowledge you share! Any resources or tips on how to find the right teacher for FABMs in the UK, please?

  • The copper iud gave me a nasty infection and a weird copper smell, I turned out to be allergic to the pill so it guaranteed to make me throw up thanks to irritating my stomach lining, the cap I would never risk since my nan got pregnant 7 times. But the weird think its I’ve heard so many failure percentage rates on the same products and they all vary. Why is that. It makes it hard to trust anything. Currently I’m using the nuvaring but not even my gp knew what it was I had to look it up myself and the family planning didnt store it and only knew basic info on what it is. So I’m worried it’s not working and I get scared to try to see if it works as I dont ever want to get pregnant. Female birth control is just stressful

  • Please look into the possibility and all unlisted possible symptoms of copper toxicity if you decide to go the route with the copper IUD. I ended up paranoid schizophrenic, irrational, and manic from the copper iud without having any issues before. In some women (not all) it can be incredibly poisonous. The company is able to get away with the bottom of the box saying “this is not a complete list of side effects” yet many women are suffering with copper toxicity complications. It altered me and my life completely and recovery was a long road.

  • Law here in iraq is such shit, i went to the pharmacy i wanted the emergency pill but they didn’t give it neither you are married or not, thinking it will spread sex between unmarried people like it is thier fucking job to control how people live..!

  • IUD (can) increase blood clots, period pain, heavier periods, stroke, moodiness, weight gain….a LOT of negative side effects….even the copper one.

  • Love this video and all the different experiences and options. I’m currently on the depo and my weight has sky rocketed, I thought it was me and my eating but after much research I think it’s not only me and my eating it may be the depo for sure! Considering another option right now.

  • As someone wish PCOS I have been on Birth Control pills for 15 years with no period break. I used to do the week period for my first 13 years but The doc says constant BC pills keeps cysts from breaking and periods are unnecessary if you are not having kids. This was interesting, so thanks!

  • What if you take bc pills regularly and you want to use spermicide as well? Would this be redundant? Or would it add extra protection?

  • I don’t agree with certain aspects or how birth control is portrayed…BUT these woman are mature enough to realize they arent ready to have a kid (unlike a lot of people��)

  • As a dancer I wouldn’t be able to just plow through my awful periods. U have to put everything into dance, so there’s no room for more suffering

  • Wtf! That doctor. I never liked Male doctors cause I have had bad experiences so I ask ahead for female doctors. Sheesh. Make sure you feel comfortable and speak up.

  • If it makes you feel better, my gyno (she’s a woman) has me spread eagle on her table as she administered my Pap smear. While she is in me, checking for cervical cancer first, she goes “oh wow do you exercise?” And I said “no, but I’m a runner. I just like to run when I can” and she’s like “I can tell. You have great muscles in here” it was sooooo awkward and uncomfortable and then she proceeded to tell me how she remembers delivering me from my mom. �� women has her fingers in me as she was talking me. I know this is a totally different type of uncomfortable than what experience. Just know you are not alone. I think gynecologists just see so many vaginas everyday that it doesn’t phase them anymore and so they’re just used to talking to us like normal but for us it’s not normal. It’s weird.

  • Thanks the video! I started taking the pill at 17 but they gave me severe migraines every month then read a number of stories of girls who got migraines from the pill dying of blood clots. It was so sad to read the stories of the families who had their daughters taken away like that.. The media seem to be quiet about it! I came off the pill permanently at 23 and realised I had irregular periods. Now trying to fix the problem naturally hopefully in time for when I want children. Wish I’d never gone on it but glad I got off it when I did!

  • Sorry but abortion is NOT a form of birth control. The pope even said publicly that it’s literally child murder and is normally unjust, not right at all, and is beyond shameful and evil. I clearly don’t condone baby killing (abortion) either, so yeah.

  • Thank you so much for all of this info! Very helpful for me as a beginner on birth control. I love been watching a couple of your videos and notice that you never deeply discuss the Depo shot. I have read some horrible things on it and opted out of getting it, but my Gyno was willing to give it out and only mentioned the weight gain side affect (which I don’t really care about) but the other affects like loss of eyesight, lower bone density, and an initial extended bleeding period are very freightening. What are your opinions in the depo shot?

  • Wow thank you for this video I am yet to find a gynae that works with me.

    I would say to birth control: you are not working for me ��

    The Diva cup is the best thing that has happened to my life, I used to use three pads at once and news paper on my bed at night when I sleep.

  • This video seem to good to be true �� as in the sense that not one of you had at least one negative comment on the variety of birth controls y’all mention like pain or discomfort with the IUD. My experience with Kyleena IUD is more recent and that shit hurt for 4 or five days I had the depo as my first form of BC worst decision ever acne weight gain swelling of my feet I felt like I blew up from not getting a menstrual cycle probably had it 3 time out of the year and 5 months I was on it & but depo was highly affective in not having babies was the only good effect I had but let’s hope my Kyleena IUD does me good If not I’m done with BC and god can me my BC ����‍♀️

  • Nice summary. I see that you have an interest in plant based eating as well as women’s health. A lot of conditions associated with the pituitary/adrenal/gonadal axis are affected by the exogenous hormones we ingest in what we eat. Great to marry these two up…

  • I had gotten the nexplanon, and I regret it so much! I use to weigh 120, now I weigh 226! I do not recommend nexplanon at all, it effects other people different it may be great for others and not so great for the other half of people, it got lost in my arm. So they had to go do a cat scan I actually had to get the cat scan done today! It’s a lot of things you have to go through if it gets lost, it also made my insulin levels go way down & I am not even diabetic.. it also caused me to have cyst on my ovaries & I never had cyst on my ovaries at all before birth control.. so if anyone is planning on getting on it be safe and do some research

  • Can some people share their opinion please, I have PCOS. When I was 16 I went a year without bleeding, I didn’t know what was going on. I finally got a period but when it came, it continued for almost a year. I got on depo and it made things even worse. Months later I’m still bleeding, and I tried the pills, it worked for maybe a month and I continued bleeding. October of 2019, I was having a period every month until December & I had no period. March of 2020 I got a period and haven’t stopped bleeding. So now I’m totally clueless to what I need to do, my blood-clots are kinda big sometimes, sometimes I’m in the shower dripping blood. I haven’t stopped bleeding since March of 2020. Does anyone have any ideas, tips or experienced the same?

  • Does Clegenatur Methods really work? I notice lots of people keep on speaking about Clegenatur Methods. But I’m uncertain if it is good enough to have bigger and firmer breast naturally.

  • Great video. Thanks for sharing. If anyone here is drawn to the Copper IUD please do lots of research. Medical professionals say there are no side effects, however, there’s plenty of horror stories with it (including me). Obviously having a foreign body sitting in such a delicate area for up to 10 years can cause some issues! Please just do lots of research:)

  • does anyone with the nexplanon implant know how to lose weight while on it? I gained 10kg in four months and I’m struggling to lose it ��

  • Thanks Crystal! You did an ammaaaaazing job at explaining this. Yeah I didn’t really learn all this back in H.S. but at the same time I didn’t really take charge of my life to relearn this until really more this year and I’m 26 turning 27 soonish lol. Never to late to start learning. Love the video. Love from San Diego, California ��

  • Copper iud gave me copper toxicity and took such a toll on my mental health. Look it up ladies! Copper poisoning, there’s a good article on a site called good medicine nutrition or something. I had major panic attacks and anxiety and nothing altered my life besides the iud it took like 3 years for symptoms to really affect me. I’m just doing condoms cause I’m scared of the other ones! I did the pill that was terrible lol. Just stay safe and know the copper erodes in your body

  • Ladies, advice needed!! I’ve had the Kyleena for a little over 6 months now. Im getting it removed mainly because I’m just sick of having something sitting in my uterus, it’s kind of changed my sex life in a bad way, and I have irregular periods and extremely bad cramping. It might not help that I’m super tiny tho. So I have an appointment soon to get it taken out and I’m wondering what method I should switch to. I’m looking into something that can be more permanent. I’ve been on the pill and I didn’t necessarily like that. I’m either thinking about getting nexplanon or the depo shot. It seems like every time I watch a review video they are all horror story’s, so I want an honest opinion. So leave some suggestions ladies, it would be much appreciated.

  • I’m scared to start birth control because I’ve had friends around me put it in a negative light. I don’t want kids but it scares me to gain anymore weight, to be even more depressed, and to be responsible enough to take it.

  • So I am soon to be married via arranged marriage and I just can’t afford getting pregnant in the first 7 years I just can’t. All these things fuck up your hormones and I am already prone to depression and did use birth control for acne I just couldn’t control my emotions. It made me feel really bad and I just don’t know what to do. I don’t want to gain weight preventing the pregnancy and then gain more weight during the pregnancy. Honestly right now it just feels like I am on the losing end of the deal lol.

  • hey!
    i’m always thankfull for not going to school in america when i hear about your sex ed haha
    it is very important to be well informed which i feel i am but many in you country aren’t. i hope this will become a more “normal” topic to talk about in the next years.
    personally, i went on hormonal birth control (not pills, i’m so scared of pills) after learning about it in school, talking with my mum and a doctor.

  • I read a lot of great opinions on the net about how Clegenatur Methods (do a search on google)can help you have bigger and firmer breast naturally. Has anybody tried this popular breast enhancement methods?

  • Thanks for posting this. I actually knew girls who went on the pill for conformity. All their friends were on it and they felt “left out”. Throwing pills at girls is bad policy and it puts them in a situation where their hormones never really develop properly.

  • I also had constant daily spotting with the nexplanon and mood swings. I endured it for 2.5 years and just couldn’t take it anymore and got it taken out. I have the Mirena IUD in now (for about 1.5 years now) and it is the best form of birth control I’ve tried. Very minimal/no side effects and NO PERIOD!

  • I’m 14 and I feel pressured about waiting until I’m older to explore sexually. I know I’m really young and I’m not saying I want to sleep with a guy but we’re in a society to get judge so quick. I get told a lot I’m mature for my age for the mind set I have. I feel people around my age are really uneducated about these things you’ve discussed in this video and people should feel uncomfortable about these things but it’s the truth we can’t just hide from it.

  • I love how women are so supportive and empowering on this video! Birth control is so important. I’m the same way I had to learn on my own my mom never really talked to me about anything.

  • How sad. These women have no idea why this is so dangerous. Unbelievably sad. What are we teaching women.
    This girl is obnoxious and pretty happy with herself, huh? Are any of them married.

  • I feel like you should at least mention the Fertility awareness method. When done correctly it’s over 99% effective and has no side effects.

  • Honestly terrified I’m pregnant and am due in August and know I will need a birth control better than the method I was using before. But hormonal birth control was awful and caused me to gain obscene amount of weight but I’m afraid of having an iud because of all the negatives I’ve read

  • I used for my hormones and for time birth control. Or right pill helps with my serve migraines and. Periods that made Chronically Anemic����

  • I have been using Natural Cycles very happily since August 2017. I love not using hormonal contraceptives and I’ve learnt so much about my own body. If you did want to try it here is my 30% off discount code which includes the thermometer! Happy Cycling!

  • As a faithful user for the NuvaRing I can say it’s very effective. I’ve been using it for 7 years and not ever had to worry about pregnancy. It’s simple and easy. If you can insert a tampon and use the app that helps track your periods you can take the guess work and worry out of the equation.

  • If you’re not married keep your legs together. If you are married and you don’t want children get your tubes tied or have your husband get a vasectomy.

  • I’ve only ever been on the pill, and I’ve already changed pill brands three times. I’ve been on Rigevidon, and that made me feel okay but I kept getting really bad acne. I changed to Yasmin because my mother decided at the time, ‘this pill is not helping her PMS!’, so I went on Yasmin and that made me feel anxious and depressed. Now I’m on Desogestrel, and this one is making me feel nauseous and giving me migraines all the time. I think Rigevidon worked for me, and I’m gonna try to go back on it now that I’m not living with my toxic mother.

  • 1:19, the “The Pull-out method” is NOT a form of birth control. Do NOT use this as a method. Please please please use condoms and be on the pill or other but this is NOT a method don’t do it.

  • question i have painful periods and i can’t even get out of bed so i started birth control when i was 13 and it helped with my periods but i was very very busy and would be so exhausted i would forget or pass out before i could remember to take it so i talked to my mom since i stopped taking the birth control and the periods came back however even more painful where nothing works and everything was worse and i gave it time to get back on track but it never was so i’m currently (15) and looking for a birth control method that is either an implant type or shot but more for periods and also to prepare myself for sexual intercourse i’m scared to confront my mother about it even though she would be understanding about it i would be the youngest of my sisters to have birth control for other than period related reasons and i’m just not ready to be called out being the black sheep but i’ve been doing tons of research and i’m getting nowhere…… but i can’t go through this much pain much longer. so please if anybody had the patience to read this i need advice ASAP

  • I got my Kyleena IUD inserted 7 days ago and I’ve never felt more in control of my body as I do now. I am still scared to see negative side effects appear such as cystic acne and hair loss. However, so far, I am doing great and minimal spottings that do not bother me at all. Every birth control method affects a body differently, so even if a certain contraction method didn’t work out well for someone, it does not mean that it shouldn’t be used by others that can benefit from it. Right now, I would that I am highly satisfied with my decision of getting the Kyleena IUD inserted as it is a hormonal IUD that contains less hormone than the Mirena. The Kyleena only has a total of 19.5 mg of levonorgestrel (which is an artificial hormone similar to progesterone) comparatively to the Mirena that has 52 mg of levonorgestrel. It is also an IUD that is effective for 5 years, so it is great to know that there is nothing to worry about once the IUD is placed. I even planned out to opt for the copper IUD if ever I am experiencing bad hormonal side effects with my Kyleena. The one thing about the copper IUD that scares me out is the increasing amount of pain during menstruation. I already have period cramps on my own without any type of contraception method, so doctors and pharmacists have all told me that the copper IUD worsens the menstrual cramps for most of the women that take it. That was the one thing that made me choose the hormonal IUD over the copper one. Regardless, I am now on a new journey with my IUD and I am excited to see where it will take me and what my experiences with it will be. CROSSING MY FINGERS THAT I DO NOT GET HORMONAL DEPRESSION, HORMONAL CYSTIC ACNE NOR HAIR LOSS OVER THIS AMAZING DEVICE. I don’t want to have to take it out. With this, I want to say #thxbirthcontrol

  • I feel like parents just give teens birth control cause they are in denial of the fact that their kids are having sex….they just give them the birth control and dont say anything about it cause they dont want to face the truth/reality. that’s what my parents did. It was already assumed that we’d be put on birth control cause our parents could not deal with the possibility of teen pregnanch

  • Thank you to my implant for making me gain SO much weight, surround my arms with stretch marks, make me hungry all the time and most importantly have my period for a year and a half ������

  • Aa medical student, we are advised to talk to the patients during uncomfortable or painful procedures so it will take their mind of it. The guy gyno might have tried to do that, however if you felt like that was inappropriate and made you feel uncomfortable i totally support you and your feelings, just a fyi. Also, love this video and you content overall! You are amazing keep doing you❤️❤️

  • Dear Birth Control.
    Pill You got me pregnant with my first
    Depo You got me pregnant with my second
    Nexplanon Please done get me pregnant!

  • I really love the pill tbh, it’s not for everyone but it’s my favorite method of birth control. Only downfall would probably be weight gain but I definitely haven’t been trying my hardest to lose weight either

  • Maybe your doctor is just trying to distract u from thinking bout the pain of removing it. Everyone have different ways of doing things. Im not sure if im right. Just opinion ��

  • Being given the opportunity to share my story and help teach individuals about the possible dangers of birth control is my greatest blessing! If you are a teacher or run an organization around Delaware and you would like me to come speak email me. We can video chat if you don’t live near Delaware.

  • was about to get the shot but after reading up on the novel of side effects i said fuck that shit, getting the implant in my arm now ��

  • im 15 im completely against HORMONAL birth control but i am for other sorts of birth control that dont have fake or extrat hormones in them

  • Why did lovely with the short hair, who has a hormonal iud, just glaze over the fact that she had her period for a month and a half like it’s no big deal?! I’m currently experiencing this and I feel like it will never end!! I have the copper iud and I’ve had my period for a month with no feels of end in sight. It’s miserable

  • Been through alotta birth control methods. the only one, l like is the mesigyna monthly injection. Didn’t effect my sex drive at all. Didn’t gain any weight, just on my breasts.

  • Hey love I came across this video and I’ve been going through the same thing I’m getting my period twice a month a get a week break and start my period right away I don’t know what’s wrong did the pill work regulate your period? I’m getting my period every one week pls reach out to me.

  • Am I the only one that loves the combined birth control pill, I mean I ain’t pregnant and I have not experienced any bad side effects. I just don’t want girls to be scared of the pill, it’s been working great for me.

  • GREAT VIDEO AND CONTENT sweetie �� i personnally stopped the pill after a few years and found great ways to get rid of the side effects and naturally. Tips on here:! worth a check!

  • Do you know which birth control I should take to gain weight? Because I know there’s a birth control pill specifically to make you gain because I struggle with that

  • Lazy healthcare as usual, which is what’s wrong with the entire system. Greedy administrators, self absorbed doctors, and overly needy patients.

    No mention of natural cycle birth control? Finding out when your periods of ovulation are? Hm?

  • Also, if you are taking the pill as a contraceptive, certain antibiotics will reduce the effectiveness of birth control and increase your risk for pregnancy while you are taking them.

  • Hi doc I am fifty seven years old and I still get my periods every month. I also have fibroids and I bleed heavily which has caused me to be suffering from anemia could I use the injection to stop my periods.

  • i use injectable while in my two days menstruation does can effect the result is there any possiblities i get pregnant. pls help me what os the right thing to do about this

  • Thanks for another brilliant video. And thank you for yesterday on Dereks live Q&A you answered my super chat about being a new YouTuber. Really appreciated the advice xx

  • I’m on the IUD for the 2nd time this is the only birth control that has worked for me I have had no issues or side effects I haven’t had my period on years

  • Hey Crystal, I’m loving your content! Thank you for sharing such a positive message to all young women (and men!) out there you are a gem!! I was wondering if you could do a video about what happens to your skin when going on or off hormonal birth control. When I stopped taking hormonal birth control 5 years ago (at the same time I went vegan!) my skin WAGED WAR on me. It was… terrible. Five years later it is much better but I’m still struggling a lot with my skin. Would love to know your thoughts or any tips or suggestions. Thanks so much!! Take care <3

  • I have never used birth control other than condoms and it works for me but I am also not in a relationship so no sex for me.There are lots of options here but the scariest one is putting something in my vagina sorry I would never try that I rather not have sex at all than resort to that lol.

  • this was very interesting I always had issues with my implant and my cycles when I had it. its crazy what we do to prevent having a child compared to what men do. I would love to see a balanced video on menstrual products an methods. also since being vegan my period pains disappeared which was a nice surprise only when im eating mostly wholefoods tho so that definitely keeps me on track each month. great video iv been watching your partners videos for a while to.

  • I feel like I was forced to get on birth control by mother in particular but also by society and everyone around me. I never got asked nor did I ever actually thought about what taking the pill really means how exactly it works and what the dangers are. It just seemed to be the most normal thing in the world, you have a boyfriend you take the pill period. Everyone expects you to, also men are so used to women taking the pill they cant get their head around other forms of contraception which nowadays makes me soo mad. Funny how my mom was so freaked out over pregnancy but never ever mentioned condoms or diseases. Id rather be a pregnant teenager than suffer from a severe std….started taking it with 17 stopped after 5 years und suffered from complete hormonal chaos. No periods, thyroid gland went crazy, it took almost two years for my body to get back to normal…I’m sad i did nit stop earlier and let other peoples expectations &pressure become more important than what I really wanted.

  • Birth control damages a woman. When they want to get pregnant they can’t because of all the years of using the pill. It’s easy, don’t have relations until after your married with your spouse. Men, you need to be men and protect your woman and not use them as a sex objects.

  • at 15 i got really bad acne and wanted to get on birth control because some people swear by it and that’s terrible especially because teenagers are so impressionable i really don’t think women should be recommending it for young girls but anyway i’m 18 now and while i’ve still got hormonal acne going about it naturally is the best thing i’ve done for my skin and body

  • I spotted for about my first 6-7 months and everything went back to normal. Everyone is totally different so there isn’t a perfect or better contraception. I didn’t get mood swings besides during my actual period and no cramping that I can’t handle (pain level 0-3 out of 10). Everyone’s different <3 My nurse placed the implant with a bandage around my arm to prevent bruising, so it didn’t look as dark as most people’s implant. So I guess it’s based on a nurse’s technique and how to self-care afterwards.

  • Hey,
    my period was extremely irregular and turns out I have PCOS. I am now taking the pill to make my cycle regular. You say that by doing this you only mask the symptoms. So what should I actually do to help me with my PCOS?

  • ট‍্যাবলেট খেলে স্বাস্থের বিরাট ক্ষতি হয় এমন কি পরে অবস্থা শোচনীয় হয়ে পড়ে, তাই কোনো কারণ বশতঃ যদি সাময়িক সন্তান বন্ধ করতেই হয় তাহলে ট‍্যাবলেট খেয়ে বা কোনও ক্ষতিকর বস্তু ব‍্যাবহার করে নিজের স্বাস্থ নষ্ট না করে, মুফতী সাইফুল ইসলাম কাসিমী( শিক্ষক বুড়ির পুকুর মাদ্রাসা)এর কাছ থেকে সংগ্রহ করুন ”ইজি” যা শুধু মাত্র কয়েক ফোঁটা পুরুষ নিজের গোপন অঙ্গে লাগিয়ে সহবাস করলে গর্ভসঞ্চার হয়না আর এতে কোনও ক্ষতি নেই বেশি টাকা খরচও নেই। ৭৮৬৬৮২৫৯০৩
    পঃবঃ,ভারত ।

  • i really want to go on some form of birth control but am petrified of gaining weight, it’s making it hard to decide what to go on.

  • I kinda feel like i’m the only person here that doesn’t like condoms at all. It takes away the feeling for me, which most females seem to not care about/ feel. But i genetically got a small uterus so my only choice is going on the pill. I would just never be able to stick to condoms tbh.

  • I wasn’t aware you had a channel <3. I have watched Derek since he popped up on youtube though. My husband found this video after we had a long discussion about all the hormonal issues I have had since I got the birth control shot a single time at 18. I suffer from Intercranial Hypertension and weight gain and have since that shot. It was put into overdrive when I tried a hormonal IUD now linked to IH a few years later. Less than 2 months of birth control in my entire life (I am almost 31) and I am saddled with an incurable, painful neurological issue. Doctors tell me lose weight and Ill be all better. My MIL is a doctor and recently found studies linking the IUD and other hormonal birth control to IH. Doctors say its "common in obese women of child bearing age" and weight gain is the reason and its all our fault. Now people are making the connection of hormonal birth control then weight gain then IH and then more weight gain and its a nasty cycle. They say weight loss "cures". Its not true. I know so many others in support groups who had weight loss surgery and lost a ton of weight and suffer even more. They are even using it to sell weight loss surgeries. I was advised to have a hormonal implant, weight loss surgery and a shunt. Non hormonal birth control is not something my doctors will even discuss. Luckily I have my MIL but I fear for those who are young and dont have a doctor in the family. Health classes need to put these things out there to both boys and girls alike

  • There was some misinformation in this video. I agree with you on many points, but I don’t think fear mongering is the best way to education teens about hormonal birth control.

  • Ok so how is the diva cup a form of birth control? And can someone tell me what the ring is that the girl in green was talking about?

  • I love the idea of FAM, but my life is wayyy too hectic to do it right �� I opted for the copper IUD (with heavy existing periods so RIP iron levels). Thanks for the video!

  • is it possible to take 4 days after? how about there was a contact during the 4th day of the menstruation period? will it be positive for pregnancy?

  • My mom and dermatologist think that I should go on it for my acne but idk I don’t want my acne but I also don’t want to screw up my body. Btw I’m 14.

  • I’m done for good this time I see girls have kids and loose weight yet after 10 years on various ones I gained over 100 lbs it just never stops. I diet and work out and off of it already lost 5 lbs it destroyed my stomach by making it balloon its embarrassing and that’s what make you depressed not the pills I’d never say yes ruin my body please

  • I first got my period when I was 9 and for about a year they were irregular (as expected) and with little to no cramps. From about the age of 10 1/2-11 I started to get really bad cramps that were so bad that I couldn’t even walk plus I spent a whole day vomiting with unbearable migraines. I went to the doctor with my mum several times and was perscribed paracetamol, ibuprofen and voltarin tablets and was diagnosed with dysmenorrhoea (bad menstrual cramps). None of them worked for the pain let alone nausea and migraines, and when I was 14 I got on ava 20ED (birth control pills). They helped by giving me less painful cramps and got rid of the nausea and migraines but they had made my depression more severe and my periods irregular (my periods had been regular since about 10 1/2) Last year when I was 15 I decided to get on depo provera not long before I became sexually active and it has worked fantastically for me….I haven’t had any bleeding whatsoever, my depression has pretty much gone away and I’m generally in a good mood. (I am now 16 and plan to stay on depo for as long as possible or until I decide to have kids).

  • Instead of scientists creating new forms of birth control I think they need to improve the pill. I’m so terrified of having health side effects like blood clotting which I have heard happens, but I am also terrified of any sort of insertion so IUD is a no go.

  • I have the one in my arm too and I had it for 2 years and it’s gets me moody fast and I have my period everyday!!! I went to the doctor for it and they said I’m good ����‍♀️ ooh and you will gain Weight!! It’s sucks but I haven’t got pregnant lol but the only thing that sucks about the army one is the period… but everyone takes it different

  • You should check Annovera: it’s a new long acting contraceptive device, a vaginal ring like Nuvaring but it lasts one year instead of one month. Effectiveness is 97%, and you can also control your periods by not removing it (the recommended way is to remove it for a week every three week).
    No procedure required, you insert and remove it yourself, you can stop whenever you want, and the hormonal dosage is extremely low.
    It basically provides all the advantages of an IUD without all the cons you described.

  • Some many people are sharing their experience so I wanted to join it. I was on depo (shot) for three years. I hear so many women say they had negative side effects, but personally I didn’t. I didn’t really get mood swings, possibly a little irritable right after receiving the shot, but otherwise good. I didn’t gain weight as soon as I got on. I did gain weight overtime, but it was gradual and I believe there’s also personal factors that contributed to that. I completely stopped having a period. No headache/nausea. And loved that is was only one shot every three months. One con through is that I could cause/contribute to osteoporosis later on which is why I was recommended to switch. I’m 21 so my bones are still forming to be stronger. My doctor wanted to allow my bones so finish their forming years with no possible interruptions, however you can also take calcium pills to help your bones and possibly reduce/prevent osteoporosis while taking the shot. So keep that in mind. I’ve only been on the implant/nexplenon for about a week so I don’t know the side effects, however I was told by my doctor that the shot and the implant have same/similar hormones, so the change shouldn’t affect me too much. I shall see and update hopefully in a few months.

  • Please tell me that someone has had a positive experience with the arm implant? I want to switch from the pill to it because I get so paranoid about how well I’m taking it. Advice?

  • If you’re in tune with your menstrual cycle, you won’t need bc. Its not that easy becoming pregnant outside of your ovulation period.

  • maybe he trying to make you comfortable since some women feel weird in silence. and prefer to have someone talking to them to take their minds off of things but i understand why that was weird for you

  • I’m confused on how your male doctor telling you your flexible �� made you uncomfortable I’m pretty sure if it was the other way around and it was a female saying it you would have felt way more comfortable like that man has a job to do and telling you your flexible should be something you wanna here Bc it’s ab your vagina like can we make having a male doctor normal bc ppl make it so weird when it’s not

  • i feel like with the doctor talking to you asking if you were a dancer, i see where you are coming from thinking it is inappropriate but i don’t think he meant to make you feel uncomfortable. doctors are normally very sensible and he more then likely was talking about the first thing the came to mind to talk about, whilst complementing you, to try to distract you from the pain and comfortableness that was bound to happen. i know when people get piercings and stuff, noting this may be completely different, but they will talk about the first thing that comes to their head to start a conversation to distract you from the pain and anxious feeling they would expect you too feel.

  • Just come on her asss withdrawal method always worked for me and anyway babies are cute an all got to have some one day fuck the money

  • I hate depo i gained so much weight and I want to find a natural birth control but, people recommend daysy which is extremely expensive.

  • i took birth control for five years from 17 to 22 and only now that i’m off it i see the horrible side effects i had! i just didn’t know any better. i’m glad you’re speaking about those topics so openly, teenagers need to know about it!

  • When I was 17 I went on the pill, I was having my period every two weeks and the only thing we knew to help was to go on the pill. Fast forward 5 years I decided I was done with the pill, so I stoped taking it. Right after that I formed a blood clot on my brain, after a weeks stay in the hospital I was sent home on Coumadin. My doctors have done every test there is to see if I have a clotting disorder, and nothing has come up, so the only conclusion was the pill was at fault. So my point of all this is I’m thankful for this video, I’m not allowed to go back on the pill (nor do I want to) but my husband and myself are not ready for kids.

  • Dr. Greene can you do a video on why doctors oppose medical sterilization for “young” women? I put “young” in quotes because I have known women in their 20s who made up in their minds that they did not want to have children or did not want another child after just having one baby. They told their doctor this but the doctor rejected their request because their reasoning was “you could change your mind later.” And I’ve heard this excuse from many doctors. When doctors say this It sends the message that you need to be of a particular age to identify what your wants/needs are as a woman.

  • I’m looking into getting birth control because I’m not looking to get pregnant however my period is slightly irregular and I’ve had it for years now and it hasn’t ever been normal what kind would you recommend because idk about the implant or pill

  • Haha I’m 23 on my 3rd baby and yes I’m thinking of what I can do to NOT GET PREGNANT in the future considering my boyfriend has super sperm and our 2 kids were conceived in a month both

  • What are the pro’s and con’s of using the birth control pill? I am trying to way out my options for contraceptives. I do not want to
    use condoms with my significant other but I don’t want to risk getting pregnant. I have heard a lot of hearsay about birth control
    and I wanted the cold hard facts from an OBGYN. Someone who has spent years of studying and schooling and not just some
    random person who bad talks BC. Also can a woman become infertile because of using the birth control pill what is the
    percentage that I will became infertile and what are the side effects of using birth control.

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  • Questions?:If I have unprotected sex can I get pregnant while on nexplanon? I have been bleeding also still while on nexplanon, what does this mean? Anyone?

  • I got the arm implant in 2016. I still have it. I get it out in April 2020. I had the same bruising I took a picture show my doctor at the time said it was unusual bruising. I tell you this cuz no one told me this after a year were you not have periods. YOU GET IT BACK it going the worst pain you could ever feel. It going to be very heavy. Also please read the side effects that really important. Please ask questions about birth control before putting it in your body. I can say I forget it there and sometimes it get pinched between tissue were it hurts, but other then that it does it job. I want girls and young adults ask questions and don’t be scared.

  • I had the same IUD insertion experience and I had really bad pain for 6 months and I had it removed. I currently have the Nexplanon.I’ve had it once before in high school. Some doctors just talk and try to ease the situation. I’ve had doctors not talk much at all and it’s been awkward. I understand how his comments could have made you uncomfortable �� i hate situations like that.

  • this popped up in my suggestions at the best time. I’ve been looking into finally getting on birth control and this helped educate me a bit more. so thank you:)

  • I have to take birth control in order to lower my risks of more ovarian cysts. I’m 15 and just now started yesterday, today I woke up feeling bad and I got sent to the hospital and I have anxiety. They found nothing they did an ekg and a urine test. I thaught it was a blood clot even though I had no bruising but pain in my insides. It’s killing me but I don’t want to go tot eh doctors if they said it was nothing

  • I am 19 and have never been on birth control nor could anyone ever even pay me to go on it. I think its a dangerous thing to mess with your hormones and to have all of those fake hormones in your body, it just cant be good. So I totally agree with you Victoria that young women in particular need to be more educated on birth control and all of that and that more studies need to be conducted on the safety of it.

  • Pretty sure condoms are at least like 95 percent effective. If they’re only 82 than why bother use them at all? After you boned 5 times your gonna get her knocked up? Smh.

  • I think he did that to take your mind off it that way it wasn’t as painful. A training done w healthcare professionals is to use distractions so that your patient won’t flinch or be in so much pain.
    I think he bad at it but not a bad guy

  • I loved the Depo shot…. I have awful periods and it completely got rid of my period altogether. Don’t remember any negative side effects.

  • pills are not just “pills”. there are different doses of progestin, for different bodies. estrogen can be used too, or not.

    copper IUD/hormonal IUD can seem magical (put it in and go), but also can side effects (ex., heavy bleeding or no bleeding). see 7:15.

    implants can also seem magical, but can also have side effects.

    condoms are the standard method to protect against many but not all STDs.

    the CDC has dated statistics on the use of different methods: IUDs are becoming more popular, “pills” slightly less so.

  • What sounds the most appealing to me is combining condoms with the Fertility Awareness Based Methods. There are no side effects and my chance of getting pregnant is practically 0%.

  • I had the same exact side effects with the Nexplanon implant. Irregular spotting and intense mood swings were constant every month.

  • In the future VasDeBlock might be an alternative an to men:  no surgery, no hormones and reversible

  • I’m 17 and have been on birth control for about a month now. I started my oeriod when i was 11 and have had bad acne since i was 9. I’ve always had an extremely heavy flow and crippling cramps. My mother has endometriosis and was on birth control at 15. Because of endometriosis she was not able to get pregnant on the first try and was not able to have a natural birth. I know that pills of any kind, especially hormonal birth control, can and will take a toll on your body. I am a bit worried that I won’t be able to have kids or I would get breast cancer later in life but it has really helped a lot with my period. I used to have to stay home from school for the first 4 days of my 7 day period and not be able to move. Now I can love my life without being in pain for 48 days out of the year.

  • Hi! I’ve been watching your videos here and there for years. I just thought I would share my experiences with you. First of all, I went to get birth control when I was 17. I am 23 now. I’ve experienced migraines since I was young, so at the time there were no pill forms of birth control with out estrogen and my doctor said she couldn’t give me the pill, because estrogen can worsen your migraines. Also at the time they had no iud form for women that had not had a baby before. So the only option was the nexplanon. I got that, had it for 3 & 1/2 years and it went well, but I did have a lot of the side effects like mood swings and heavy/ long lasting periods. However I got it again and had it removed after 3 more years. So I had the nexplanon in total 6 & 1/2 years. I will say I am very phisically active I hike, rock climb, hula hoop, etc. I feel like the Nexplanon caused me a lot of foggy mindedness and my arm falls asleep a lot easier now. I got the Kyleena iud inserted 1 month ago and it was the most painful thing I’ve experienced, but I’m happy with the choice so far and I havent experienced side effects so far, so I think it is worth it so far. Best of luck to you!! ����

  • Can any Nexplanon users share their experiences? Im currently on Depo and want to know if it is worth a try (even though I know all of our beautiful bodies are different)

  • Seeing this made me feel really empowered, not because I was gaining knowledge, but because she seemed to catastrophize a lot of these things that I never experienced. It made me think critically about my own experience growing up (not too long ago, went on bc at 17 about 5 years ago) which was so opposite from what she’s assuming is normal. When I got my first “serious” boyfriend, my mom talked to me about if I wanted to go on birth control, because she was pretty comfortable with the prospect of me becoming sexually active when I still was nervous. I expressed my concerns about it and she answered my questions honestly and without judgement. I decided it was the right choice for me because after being on bc, I could make my decisions about my sexuality on my own time and I knew I’d be protected when I decided it was right for me to have sex. I know that my experience is not that of everyone, but neither is the kind she mentions in this video.

  • I switched from the pill to the arm implant and gained 20 pounds, and also developed depression and high anxiety. Switched to the iud and gained 40 more pounds, still had very bad depression and anxiety and then I started getting really hostile with bad mood swings when I got my iud, all while having the same diet and exercise plan. I finally got off everything a month ago and am only using condoms, BEST DECISION EVER! I feel way way better and am currently trying to start dropping the weight back off:)

  • I’ve been using the low dose combined bill Yaz for many years and find it great, I never had any side effects from it and no weight gain, which was my main concern. My periods are also super short and light. I always use condoms as well unless they get tested

  • Im 25 years and will never touch birth control again cause I tried 3 different ones and all had horrible side effects. but im worried for when i may have a daughter cause lets be honest, no one likes condoms so she probably would end not using them. then what?

  • You talking about the insertion of the iud made me sweat ������ I went to get an iud and through all the pain but they couldn’t get the iud inside because my uterus is too small for it. Now I’m thinking about getting the implant.

  • Nexplanon is the worst, completely decrease libido, had my vaginal dry ass hell, the worst migraine ever, random spotting lasting days at a time, and I still had periods. Not to mention weight gain and depression.

  • Unfortunately, I think sex education and education about basic anatomy is pretty poor in this country. As soon as women turn 14 these days, they are complaining that all their friends are on contraceptives. I get to hear that crap all day…

    I wish more women would rely on their nature ovulation cycles because once you figure it out, it’s not that hard to keep tabs on it. Not my words, but talking to women that are open about that kind of method, basically tell me that the majority of women out there are borderline retards for going on the pill. It is actively destroying your body’s natural hormone and ovulation cycles.

  • What birth control do you recommend for a 40 year old woman? We have been using condoms, but I would like to start birth control since we are finished having chidren.

  • I wish this video existed in 2008 when I first got my period or maybe earlier when I started puberty. I didn’t know that irregular cycles were normal or that pms & other difficulties with periods were totally normal and if they aren’t normal it’s a sign of a problem & hormonal birth control won’t actually fix it, it’ll just hide the symptoms. My first doctors never tested me for any conditions or gave me any other options. The pill really messed with my health and I know now if i ever have a daughter I will teach her all of this stuff to save her the pain I had to go through. I know there are better ways to prevent pregnancy and there are better ways to manage acne, periods etc.

  • is interesting how many women dont have the same side effects with certain birth controls.
    i loved the pill, i only gained about 15-20 lbs and it would go up and down between,throughout those 1.5 years i was eating junk food and barely exercising. i was on a high dose and then switched to a low dose because my boobs were feeling too sore. i couldn’t sleep on my stomach. it regulated my periodddd I LOVED IT! i naturally have irregular periods so knowing when i will get it made making plans so much easier. the only con is remembering to take it, i was so paranoid that even on the pill i would take the plan B, it was horrible.
    i switched to the implant and i gained over 60lbs in 2 years…. my periods are random! i feel like how i felt when i was not on birth controls. i never know when i will get it and it is annoying. the only pro is that it is there, i dont have to remember to take it.
    i will be switching back to the pill to the low dose, if depo shot was of a low dose i would give that one a try but when will my period come?

  • I’m starting to forget to take my pill ugh after doing this 20+ years. I have fibroids today are rather large and I’m eligible for an IUD. Is copper more effective than the Mirena?

  • I put myself on birth control when I was 16 for a few months, then got off. Then got back on at around 17.5 and stayed on it for about 2 years. I didn’t think I had any issues with it… and it took a few months to get pregnant but that wasn’t abnormal necessarily, after my daughter I got back on the pill for a few months and I seriously felt like I wanted to kill my husband, my co-workers, myself, ALL THE TIME. I was just so angry. My husband told me to stop taking them, and I gladly did and I was back to normal within a month or so. Quickly got pregnant again, and never went back to birth control. Between babies 2 and 3 we did NFP while wanting to prevent and again after baby #3 until we were ready for 4. I dont know for sure if it is related but it took me 5 months to get pregnant with my daughter, but my 2nd, 3rd, and 4th pregnancies were all first try babiesafter no hormones. Just makes me wonder how long those hormones can linger and I was only on it for 2 years my longest stretch, but some are for 10, 20 years!! Most of my friends that got on birth control pills as early as age 13-14 were on for 10+ years and were not able to get pregnant very easily afterwards. It either took them over a year to concieve…. or they had to actually go to a fertility specialist and not get pregnant naturally.

  • I have read and heard scary stories of the side effects from birth control pills. Has anyone had break through bleeding on a low dose pill? Why are these methods full of dangerous side effects if they are to be helpful and considered safe?The withdrawal bleeding isn’t a real cycle,so I am confused why would you want this and not a natural cycle. I know that women have issues with their cycles,which can also lead to hating a menestrual cycle. I heard that birth control just slaps a
    band -aid on the symptoms but thevreal issue is masked by birth control and doctors don’t know the root cause of the issue.Its like if you get fibroids removed its not guaranteed to be cured it can return.I wish tbere were better safer options for women,we shouldn’t have man made hormones put in our bodies.

  • I got the implant done twice. First time I had it about maybe 9 months and took it out due I had a constant heavy bleeding that never stopped. I’m not good at taking pills and have a fear of UIDs. So I never got anything else since I wasn’t in a relationship. I got it put back in after getting back with my high school sweet heart. For this second time my periods were irregular for the first 9 months I would get my period one month then next one no period. After the 9 months my period just stopped it’s been a year already and still haven’t had a period

  • That doctor was way inappropriate to say that… i stick with women too, it’s a personal preference. Loved this video, thanks for going super in depth ��

  • My iud expelled itself. It’s possible but not common. I think it’s around 2-10%. And 1 in 1000 for it to perforate through your uterus.

  • YOU. ARE. SO. REAL. Thank you for adding that clip into the video, I agree with you that it was inappropriate. You’re in a very exposed position and saying something like that being a medical professional is just not right… That aside, I really appreciate how informative your video is! You really put a lot of work into it and it shows. Go girl, really appreciate you and how real you are. ���� ����

  • Thanks so much for this video, love it! I just discovered your channel from your Q&A with Derek and loveee that you talk about these things and it is so helpful!! I also really liked your skincare vid! I am currently on the pill (very reluctantly went on it a few years ago but have learnt recently how bad it is on your gut health which is a struggle for me so looking at going off it) and have been wanting to look at non-hormonal options and literally didn’t even know most of these existed so thanks heaps! �� I am looking at possibly the Copper IUD (am booked into the doctor to discuss what is best for me).. I’m the same as someone commented below, would like to look at FAM but don’t have the time or energy for that unfortunately.��. Do you have any advice on going off the pill/ what you can do to prevent any negative side-effects/ ‘comedown’s? Those aren’t the right words but I hope you get what I mean? �� Love all your content so far!

  • Pullout, calendar and all the other ridiculous methods probably will not work, if you are trying to save money just use a condom, please.

  • In my experience there are 2 methods of BC that are the best.
    1only have sex with men that decided they’re done having kids (or don’t want any) and have had a vasectomy.
    2only have sex with women.

  • I agree with the girl who said that the Depo shot made her gained weight and that it gave her acne because i experience the same thing, for 3 years i was 155_156 but got the shot for a year then i gained more than 20 pounds and i got really bad acne which I’m still struggling with. Now my dermatologist is going to put me on Accutane next month and of course i got off the shots for a year now and I’m hesitant about going on the pills.

  • I’m sorry but what do u know? Your like 20. Talk to me when u have a 17 year old girl that wants birth control. I was 17 when I had her brother and I had no one to go to to get help. I get what your saying about the birth control. But is having a baby at 15-17 better????? Seriously ����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️����‍♀️

  • I tried the nuva ring as my first birth control choice…..will never do it again �� So I’m trying the pills….again, hopefully I’ll stay on track this time ��

  • i am 13 and i really want to try birth control pills because of my acne. my dermatologist has given me numerous products but nothing works for me. right before my periods i break out really bad and it takes me so long for me to get my skin back to where it was before my period and it’s really tiring. a couple of my friends are on birth control and they told me it really helps with there acne and just made them feel better about themselves. but i have also heard that it could do the exact opposite of that and make your acne even worse so i don’t really know what to do. i don’t know how to talk to my mom about it because she might think that i am sexually active (which i’m not) and using it to get rid of acne is just an excuse to take the pills. anyone, any advice?

  • I’m 14 and I want birth control pills for my period. I have a really heavy and irregular period and I just want something to make it easier for me especially since I hate having to go to school when I’m on my period. It gives me bad anxiety and I get worried that I will leak etc. I just want something to make it easier. Does anyone have any tips which are suitable for a 14 year old??

  • Love your videos. Really helped calm my mind when I was pregnant in 2017. Glad to see new content and on a subject I’m looking into.

  • The IUD sucked sooo bad! I felt like I was about to give birth. It literary felt like contractions but not as painful. I’ve had 3 babies and it was like I was about to have my 4th. I took it out myself because the next appointment was like in 2 weeks! I wasn’t to take the pain for that long!!! After taking it out I was so happy. The implant scares me though. I thought about getting it but idk…

  • I’m 17, and started on birth-control when I was 15. I got my first boyfriend at 14, and I mostly got on the pill because my mother felt safer knowing that I was on the pill. I had a lot of pain during my period. I would throw up and had to take some painkillers each period�� I could’ve managed the pain, but I didn’t know of any natural birth control ways, and I really wanted to feel safe, therefore I’ve stayed on the pill. I don’t think my mom knows any other way, and I am therefore doing my own research now, trying to figure out wether to stop using the pill. I’ve still got the same boyfriend (3years, yay!), and he keeps telling me that he appreciates me taking the pill, but that I can stop whenever I want. So yeah, I’m glad my mother put me on the pill, so that I could feel safe, but now I’m not so sure if I want to keep using them….

  • A very informative documentary is “the bleeding edge” on netflix all about the dangers of IUD. I think it’s important to always look at both sides of a product especially new devices. The pain you described after getting it implanted is not uncommon. Essentially an IUD creates inflammation in your uterus so sperm cannot travel in. Highly highly recommend this documentary.

  • At the moment I’m only using condoms, I’m honestly so terrified of all of this. I didn’t lose my virginity that long ago and when I did I went 4 months with late periods it scared me so bad (I was using condoms when I first started having sex). I was about to go get on birthcontrol and my insurance canceled which is just another step behind. I’ll probably have to go to the health department. I’ve have 4 pregnancy scares which turned out that I was just stressed, so stressed to the point that I was vomiting almost everyday. My boyfriend always wants to have sex and when I say no he gets all sad and shit which is honestly annoying, so I just get it over with. I’m honestly so scared of birthcontrol and sex. I don’t want to gain weight and get worse acne or make my hormones change it’s bad enough I’m already moody and I just don’t know what to do.

  • im reading your comments and i just want to say thank you for sharing your experiences!! im seeing similar side effects in certain methods and it’s so so important to be made aware of these possibilities when putting substances in your body. no body is the same, and no experience is the same but our conversations help us as women make more educated decisions with our own bodies! we live in a world where there is so much stigma and silence when it comes to sexual health but in the end it is WOMENS HEALTH. take care of yourselves ladies ❤️❤️ love you!!!!

  • I’m currently seventeen years old, and I don’t live with my parents because I’m away at school. I have always done my own education in terms of birth control by researching on the internet and talking with my doctor. I have made the decision that I do not want to be on hormonal birth control because I believe that the negatives outweigh the positives for me at this point in my life.

  • When I was in school they didn’t go over birth control �� I had to learn on my own and some of them I didn’t know about until I was married! If I had to do it all over again, I would still use the pill. It was easy ☺️. Thanks Crystal! ♥️

  • Diaphragms are underrated. The Caya with spermicide is great. Never got pregnant when I didn’t want to. And no hormonal side effects.

  • I’m currently using arm implant and I felt terrible, I constantly have my period like 2-3 times a month. I’m planning to change it to birth control pills.

  • Honestly, you kinda missed couple points in this video.I am 15 and on birth control. It is not a strong birth control, meaning that it can’t prevent me from getting pregnant if I was sexually active. The birth control I am on only manages my menstrual cycles. I have severe cramps and very heavy flow. These cramps are so painful I basically fold up and can’t move. My mother took me to her gynecologist and we all decided to go ahead with the birth control. Now, my cycles are way more manageable and I’ve changed my diet which also helped significantly. The only downside is coming off birth control made my periods way more intense. Getting to the point, Birth control in low dose used to make a girl’s menstrual cycle easier to deal with it is fine to me, giving teen girls strong doses of birth control for the main reason of preventing pregnancy is unhealthy and confusing ( as you were saying, giving teens birth control, then telling them not to have sex doesn’t make sense), and eating healthy and being active also helps.

  • Acne it’s not only because of a poor diet. I’ve always been very healthy and a year and a half ago I started birth control because I had a lot of acne, I wasn’t feeling well and I was loosing my hair. That was a hormonal imbalance. If it wasn’t for the birth control pills I could have become infertile in a couple of years.

  • I think everyone should be tested for the pill my cousin wanted me to go with her to planned parenthood because her parents don’t approve and they gave her blood test to make sure she wouldn’t clot and the pill today are low dose compared to the increase cancer ones from the sixties the pills today only have progestin and we don’t have a history of breast cancer in the family. She got the progestin pill and from what I know it works I am surprised I thought everybody had to get a blood test to get on hormonal birth control plus they have the copper iud. I use condoms and I pull don’t need stds and I sleep around rn not gonna lie.

  • I got on the pill at 17 and continued using it until I was about 22 when I realized that it was just making me feel horrible and tired and out of whack. I also knew that it couldn’t be any good for my body. After getting off I did have horrible migraines at the start and finish of my cycle but quickly remedied that with a healthier diet and now I am so much happier and healthier. And with the healthier diet I also got rid of skin issues that I had before as well as got rid of the agitation and PMDD symptoms. In the future if I have a daughter I will be open and honest with her about sex and hopefully teach her to use other forms of birth control and hopefully prevent her from getting on hormonal birth controls and definitely not put her on it for skin or PMDD issues.

  • I’ve been on birth control since I was 15. So for about 5 years now. It was for PMS and irregular cycles. Now I’m worried I’ve messed up my natural balance after watching this video! Haha, I wonder if I should get off it? What do you think?

  • I am a 14 year old bisexual-I am not having sex and have NO intention of starting a family so it’s extremely frustrating having to deal with a long inconvenient painful period. I just want to stop it-help

  • Dear birth control, you’ve probably literally saved my life by keeping me from getting pregnant before I’m ready, and for empowering me enough to stop being ashamed of my natural sexuality. Getting on the right birth control (nuvaring over the pill) has saved me so many tears and anxiety. #thxbirthcontrol

  • I was on the depo shot but when it was coming to the end I bled for 23 days straight, never again. Then I went on the pill and the pill made me so emotional and crazy. I still have yet to find the right birth control for me.

  • I know this video was uploaded 6 months ago, but when I got the iud my obgyn recommended iud’s to women who have given birth already because of the pain. Hence why when I got it at my 40 day check up after giving birth to my daughter I just felt a pinch and a slight cramping feel. I didn’t get my period for about 2 years? I’m starting to get slight bleeding but it’s almost time to replace it. I’ll stick to my iud, it hasn’t failed me yet. I bruise waaaaay to easy to get the arm implant lol. And I get really bad migraines and the pill would cause them so much. Iud was a lifesaver to me ��

  • I agree with you on every level in this video. Teenagers and families can only benefit from opening up the conversation about becoming sexually active.

  • I was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 15 and a half, I had my period 5 times within a year, my doctor was concerned so she took tests and recommended I change my diet AND put me on birth control, so 2 months before I turned 16 I started birth control and it fixed my irregular cycle and my acne even though that’s not why I was on it, having the birth control hasn’t given me any side effects and I feel like it has really helped with my diagnoses, even though my period still only lasts 3 days I’m happy that I can be prepared for my period and not worry about it

  • I started birth control at 18 for heavy bleeding and cramps. I am 24 and got off it about 4 months ago. I started taking a closer look at my diet and at 18 I know I was eating like an 18 year oldi was in college, stressed, eating crap, staying up too late, etc. I now eat a vegan diet and have slowed down and from the time I got off birth control haven’t had a single issue with heavy bleeding or bad cramps. I am a firm believer that how you treat your body will affect how it treats you.

  • My Nan told my sister who is 18 to go on birth control. She told me to go on it at 17 and I did. Worst mistake ever for me. I told my sister about my experience and that she should make her own mind up.

  • Hi! I’ve been watching your videos here and there for years. I just thought I would share my experiences with you. First of all, I went to get birth control when I was 17. I am 23 now. I’ve experienced migraines since I was young, so at the time there were no pill forms of birth control with out estrogen and my doctor said she couldn’t give me the pill, because estrogen can worsen your migraines. Also at the time they had no iud form for women that had not had a baby before. So the only option was the nexplanon. I got that, had it for 3 & 1/2 years and it went well, but I did have a lot of the side effects like mood swings and heavy/ long lasting periods. However I got it again and had it removed after 3 more years. So I had the nexplanon in total 6 & 1/2 years. I will say I am very phisically active I hike, rock climb, hula hoop, etc. I feel like the Nexplanon caused me a lot of foggy mindedness and my arm falls asleep a lot easier now. I got the Kyleena iud inserted 1 month ago and it was the most painful thing I’ve experienced, but I’m happy with the choice so far and I havent experienced side effects so far, so I think it is worth it so far. Best of luck to you!! ����

  • Dear Birth Control,
    Thanks to you I can live my life.
    I missed so many moment because of my heavy period, terrible cramps and vomiting but not anymore because you’ve helped me. Thanks for also saving my wedding day and stopping Aunt Flo from crashing the party. I love you!!!!

  • I can’t use hormonal birth control without negative emotional side affects. Even the 5-year IUD messed with my emotions. I am unwilling to deal with the uncomfortable sex the IUD caused.

    Basically, I don’t recommend hormonal birth control for women that already have anxiety and/or depression.

    I think there may have been a tilt or my uterus was slightly smaller than average. I could always feel that my IUD was inside me. Both I and my significant other felt discomfort during sex for almost 5 years.

    I only rely on condoms now. I honestly don’t even worry about getting pregnant. I just feel so much better.

  • Hey just saw your video good info. I had an implant 3 years ago which almost killed me told my doctor I started having shortness of breath and Chest pain and my doctor said it wasn’t caused by the implant until another doctor suggested I remove it and I was fine.

  • I Think the worst thing about all this is the fact that nobody informs you at any point about the serious dangers and how Much and in what ways it affects your whole body and mood.
    I’ve been on hbc half my life, but as soon as i discovered how life changing it is, in the most negative way ever, i quit immediatelly. And thanks to people like you, I’ve been able to trust in other womens experiances and make informed descitions, like starting FAM!!!�� I’ts amazing being hormone free

  • I just started birth control literally today. I’ve been kinda prolonging it for the last year but the irregular periods, skin issues, and hormonal changes have just been a nightmare! I’m vegan and a naturalist so this really is not a fun experience. It’s going against everything I believe in on the naturalist tip. I just am really scared about gaining weight and the changes it’ll have on my body. I’m learning to love the body I in, but the fact that my body could possibly be changing constantly it’s just a lot.

  • Please make more videos about veganism!! Would love to see a what I eat in a day video:))) you’re so pretty & love the channel ����

  • I have had nexplanon for two months and for the past five weeks ive bleeding like crazyyyy. I get a lot of mood swings, and i think my self esteem has plummeted. Ive gained about five pounds, and i get a lot of pimples. I feel so drained and weak. I am a professional dancer and i have had to miss a lot of practices because of my period. Two days ago i counted 14 new ones. They are so painful i cant even talk. My OBGYN is booked pretty far out, but im on call for the next appointment.

  • Have any of you guys tried or have the patch? I had a horrible experience with the nexplanon, I’m actually terrified to get it removed this month because in my last docs appointment she told me that the implant is deep in my skin ��. I’ve tried the depo shot and refuse to try it again. So I’m debating on taking the pill or the patch.

  • Hey Victoria:) I’m on my last pack right now. Slightly nervous and slightly excited about that. You’ve motivated me to ween off the stuff. My body has gone through so many changes on the pill and my mood has flattened. I like that my acne has temporarily gone away but I still have other skin issues. I realise I have to attack this the natural route, as this just isn’t a feasible long-term option for me. Thank you so much for all the information you’ve provided on BCP’s!:) Just out of curiosity, is there anything I can do to prevent the cystic chin acne and painful cramps from coming back full swing? Any thoughts would be much appreciated! Much love x

  • I have to go on bc eventually because of health issues that run in my family I plan to go on it in 2 years but until then I wanna know everything

  • I’m 17 and I’m on birth control for cramps. They were soooo bad I couldn’t go to school or anywhere. All I really did was cry myself to sleep holding me stomach. I was also bleeding buckets. Birth control really helped, I’m still on it and it’s great. It really has nothing to do with sex for me. Just so I can live a normal life.

  • Hi Victoria, I’m 15 and I went on hormonal birth control because of my acne and after I watched your videos on birth control I stopped taking it. I hadn’t realized my acne was getting worse I I felt horrible every day. Thank you!