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Teens don’t always use birth control correctly or consistently. WebMD tells you about the best birth control methods for teens as recommended by health experts. Once you or your teen have decided that there is a need for birth control, it is time to research the options that are available. If you aren’t there yet, consider these facts about teens and sex.

When you or your teen are ready, learn as much as possible about the various options available for teen birth control. Provides safe, long-term birth control. Adolescents don’t have to remember to do anything every day, week, or month to stay protected from unintended pregnancy.

Does not need to be replaced for 3. Sept. 21, 2012 Sexually active teen girls’ best bet for birth control is either an IUD or a birth-control implant, say new guidelines from a leading doctors’ group.. More than 40% of teens are sexually active.

Nearly all of them use some kind of birth control. According to, one in three teens will become pregnant at least once before they are 20 years old. Though the subject may be considered debatable, there is a possible answer to this.

She herself got pregnant at the age of 13, and when her own daughter reached her teens, she put her on the birth control pill “just in case.” As she explains, “I was a teen mom. Your Birth Control Choices Reproductive Health Access Project / February 2020 Method How well does it work? How to Use Pros Cons External.

I’m still trying to do better by my daughters, but here are 10 goals all parents of teen girls can try to reach. They’re challenging to meet, yet rewarding to achieve. They’re.

In this type of combination birth control pill, each active pill contains the same amounts of estrogen and progestin. Multiphasic. In this type of combination birth control pill, the amounts of hormones in active pills vary. Most combination birth control.

If your daughter has recently started taking birth control pills or is thinking about taking them, you probably have some questions and worries of your own. Adolescent girls and young women are frequently prescribed birth control.

List of related literature:

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To effectively prevent pregnancy, it is often necessary to use a birth control pill with a higher estrogen content, and it may be wise to add another method of contraception such as a barrier device (diaphragm or condom) with spermicide.

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For example, if she has a chaotic lifestyle or a poor memory and is fearful of forgetting to take the pill every day (especially if the packet has to be kept out of sight of her parents), then Depo-Provera® or Implanon® is probably the more suitable alternative.

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Use Tools and Techniques That Reflect Best Practices One of the most significant changes over the last decade is the recommendation that LARC be offered as the first-line option for teens requesting birth control.

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Contraceptive options include condoms and hormonal contraception.

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These include withdrawal, or coitus interruptus, the condom, the diaphragm, the anovulant (ovulation-preventing) contraceptive pill, the intrauterine device (IUD), spermicides, and morning-after pills.

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  • I tried to get the same IUD and it was the most painful experience of my life. The worst part is that it was not going in so the nurse had to keep bringing new ones in. I was sobbing on the table and ended up begging them to just stop after the third attempt.

  • I’m 37 years old, 26 weeks pregnant and a 9 months baby. I want my tubes tied but my doctor don’t want to do it because he say I’m young to have more kids. I really don’t want more kids so witch contraceptive method do you recommend me just in case he don’t do the surgery for me. I’m going to breast feed my baby. I love your channel. Thank you.

  • I have the Paraguard, and I like that it’s very effective, but I don’t like that my periods got heavier. So gross. I hate it. I will switch to the hormonal IUD next time I change. I don’t know if I will hate that too, but I just want to keep trying different things.

  • I definitely think you were a victim of obstetric violence, the doctor should not have been unprofessional like that and made you feel uncomfortable

  • I remember one sex ed teacher telling us that withdrawal can be considered a non-hormonal birth control method, and they even gave an efficacy figure that I forget now, but I wonder how accurate that figure could have even been. It depends so much on getting the timing right and pre-cum can also cause pregnancy. Withdrawal seems to be a method that would be a great strategy to tack onto another methods such as using condoms and tracking fertility, but withdrawal alone would not be reliable. I’m pretty sure my sex ed teacher was explaining it to us more like “if all else fails, the very least you could do is at least try and pull out” which is true I guess ��

  • I’m planning on going on birth control and actually have been trying to gain weight for awhile now. Is it a good option for me then?

  • I have pmdd, and I seriously worry about my mindset after the birth of my baby in April. I’m wondering about the mirena IUD and if it would help ease symptoms. I know the nuvaring made me VERY moody.

  • Haha loves the humour on abstinenceonly failed once in the history of the world ������.
    Love your videos, they are so informative and you are such a pleasure to listen to. Thanks for the good work��

  • im 17 and i just got on hormonal birth control. i’ve experienced some negative side effects, but to me protection against pregnancy outweighs the risks/side effects. i’m on the pill at the moment, but eventually i want to get a copper IUD.

  • Awww Dr Green!❤️I haven’t seen your videos since my baby was born May 2018. I wish there were more Drs like you!�� You always put a
    Smile on my face��❤️

  • Joking aside, I had nexplanon and it was okay in the beginning. My periods were nonexistent until I had it for 1.5 years and I had periods for 2 weeks straight. Got pregnant (on purpose) a year later and then got Paragard. It was totally easy to get in!! I had it for two years but it made my periods heavy and crappy. But it wasn’t “too” bad. I would probably get it again after my husband and I are done trying to have another baby. AND THEN THAT MAN BETTER GET SNIPPED. Lmao

  • Switched to the copper IUD 8 years ago from being on the pill and I had side effects from the pill I didn’t want to deal with anymore. The one I had inserted is called the Paragard. My period is about 5-6 days long, whereas it was probably 3-4 days long when I was on the pill. I’m glad I switched to this. I’ll replace it in 2 years and get it again. Great information. Are you a nurse?

  • when i was on the pill my periods would be really long and heavy that’s why i stopped but i mean it’s different for different people i guess c

  • Hi! So I have a question and definitely anyone can answer it! I’ve had nexalpanon for almost 2 years! And I want to remove it, but I’ve heard that if I remove it I can get pregnant?. Is that true? If so is there a way to prevent it do I have to have a certain amount of months before getting it removed so I don’t get pregnant? I just want to remove it due to weight gain and mood swings:( I would have gotten it removed earlier but when my clinic would be open I have either work or school but now I’m free and I’m asking questions:{…

  • Hi Christal, thanks for finally open your own YouTube channel been waiting for this for a while. I just went through all your videos and found it very interesting since I’m almost 37 yrs old and A LOT I didn’t know. Now can you please make a video of foods that maybe we should not eat while in our menstruation?..for instance I’ve been told that you should evoid citrus and watermelon and a lot of other foods. Is that true? Can you please explain to us…thanks in advanced.

  • you’re just wasting your time trying to preach birth control

    nowadays, girls don’t care about that

    because they think it’s cool to get pregnant at 17, by the worst guys that they can possibly find

    thanks to rap music

  • The mood swings are real AF on the nexplanon. I used to be so nice all the time and now I’m a moody bish every day but I don’t wanna get pregnant so I think ok I guess ill deal with being moody 24/7

  • Thanks so much for your candor!!!! So helpful!!! I just got my Kyleena IUD in day a go and I literally felt mild cramping for like 30 minutes and it just felt like 1 big cramp. I even went to the gym after! Thank you for saying that everybody’s body is different because its true!!!

  • I have a question.. Can I use the v ring to lengthen my cycle? For example can I keep the ring in for 23 days instead of 21… Then have my ring free week then start the new ring?

  • I don’t believe the failure rate of the diaphragm is that high. Can you cite a study? I used mine for years and only got pregnant when I STOPPED using it. Why is there a hole in the bottom of it anyway? The one I used had no hole. Seems to defeat the purpose as a barrier. Why do you promote women taking a hormone that controls her body every single day? Not good advice in my opinion. This is a male solution and women should think twice before wreaking havoc on their natural biological rhythms. All the methods you promote require women to have abnormal hormone levels. Is that what women really want? I hated the pill and know many many other women who have problems with it as well. Sounds like you are promoting for pharma.

  • Just wanted to share something I find kind of beautiful..
    When I first subscribed to your channel I was shown you had 555 subscribers and your first video had 444 views. That made me smile. The next time I watched a video of yours it had 333 views and 111 likes. Now I just finish watching this video and scroll down and its suggesting another video of yours, it has 777 views. Kind of cool??
    Anyway, I really appreciate the content you’re putting out. You have a lot of knowledge and I think sharing it is really going to help a lot of people know more about themselves. So thank you <3

  • Totally agree with this video. I remember being in my teens and thinking it was so cool to be on the pill. If you were on the pill, you were smart, responsible, independent, and oh so very adult. Really glad my dad talked me out of it.

  • my sister just had her first baby a few months ago and said that the IUD she used to have, the pain she had during the insertion was equivalent to giving birth, just a lot quicker

  • My marina expires this year. I’m looking for new options. My first 2 years with the marina was terrible. ACNE and till now still gaining weight. I have 2 kids and would love a long term option…. really don’t want any more kids

  • I had to learn about birth control on my own. The only form of birth control I was taught about was the pill and condoms. I was the one to make an appointment to get an IUD four years ago. Best decision I’ve ever made!

  • The NHS over here in the UK are really trying to push IUDs, I think purely based on a cost effectiveness basis for them. As my field of expertise is fertility it makes me cross that they try to force them on people without giving them full details or asking whether they want to have children in the near future. These are a long term method and if it goes wrong can have dire consequences on future fertility. Information and empowerment to women is key. It’s not just about not getting pregnant now but how to get pregnant later when you want to.

  • I have tried to make the point, both from nature and religion, that what you do is evil, destructive to yourselves and to society and will ultimately damn your souls, along with those of your scoundrel “boyfriends”, but you don’t care. You want to be lost forever, and God gives us what we want. I wash my hands of it. It’s on your souls, not mine.

  • Hey Dr. Lisa my sister’s friend died as a result of heavy bleeding immediately after removal of the birth implant. What in your could have happened to cause such heavy bleeding

  • My freaken sister last her baby because of birth control ����