Behavior Woes Hamper Boys Greater Than Women in class


War on Boys

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Behavior Woes Hamper More Boys vs. Girls in School. They were more likely to be held back, punished, although they also were more likely to have issues.

“Although the same behaviors have a worse impact on boys’ education, it is also the case that, on average, boys start school with higher levels of behavioral problems than girls,” Owens noted. “That boys typically have worse behaviors when they start school may help explain why their behaviors are more detrimental to achievement stereotypes about boys’ bad behavior may cause educators to. “Although the same behaviors have a worse impact on boys’ education, it is also the case that, on average, boys start school with higher levels of behavioral problems than girls,” Owens noted. WEDNESDAY, June 22, 2016 (HealthDay News) Behavior problems are more likely to hold boys back in school than girls, a new study shows. “When I compared 4and 5-year-old boys and girls who had the same levels of behavior problems including difficulty sustaining attention, regulating emotions, delaying gratification, and forming positive relationships with teachers and peers I found that boys were less. And since boys have previously been shown to be highly influenced by the school learning environment, they are therefore more likely to benefit from having more girls in the classroom. In fact, as researchers followed a group of boys and girls from middle school to high school, they found that, at every grade level, boys engaged in so-called relationally aggressive behavior more.

This pattern — boys suffering more than girls at bad schools — is true for suspensions and absences too. At lower-ranked schools, boys are suspended far more than girls. Boys seem to have more behavioral problems than girls, and the manifestation can be seen in early childhood. There are a few important points to summon up before examining the differences between boys and girls.

First, the uncovering are based on mothers. Mothers behavior with their child affects the child behavior. It is not normal if your eight-year-old girl or boy becomes impulsive. They may display destructive behavior like hitting, throwing things, screaming, etc. Your otherwise talkative child withdraws into a shell, talks back and seems rude for no reason.

Your little boy. From an early age, girls are taught to earn better grades than boys. This trend goes deeper than elementary school. Girls are outperforming boys in school.

In 2010, the college completion rate for men was just 27 percent, while for women it was 36 percent. This isn’t because girls.

List of related literature:

So, at the age of two, boys already control each others’ behavior: they selectively reward stereotypically masculine behavior in other boys and continue activities boy peers reward.

“Why So Slow?: The Advancement of Women” by Virginia Valian
from Why So Slow?: The Advancement of Women
by Virginia Valian
MIT Press, 1999

Boys’ behavior and activities are more closely monitored for their gender appropriateness by parents (especially fathers) and peers than the behavior and activities of girls.

“The Sociology of Gender: An Introduction to Theory and Research” by Amy S. Wharton
from The Sociology of Gender: An Introduction to Theory and Research
by Amy S. Wharton
Wiley, 2011

This situation is compounded by the fact that young boys are more limited by their gender role in the range of behaviors they can employ in overcoming their problems.

“Sociology of Mental Disorder” by William Cockerham
from Sociology of Mental Disorder
by William Cockerham
Taylor & Francis, 2016

In and outside the classroom, these activities reward boys for being independent, active, and assertive and punish them for engaging in behavior defined by their peers as sissy.

“Gender Roles: A Sociological Perspective” by Linda L. Lindsey
from Gender Roles: A Sociological Perspective
by Linda L. Lindsey
Taylor & Francis, 2015

Alice (14 yrs) said ‘boys get away with more things than girls at my school’ including uniform breaches, the position they sat their bodies in, skipping homework, raucous behaviour and so on.

“A Student-centred Sociology of Australian Education: Voices of Experience” by Tiffany Jones
from A Student-centred Sociology of Australian Education: Voices of Experience
by Tiffany Jones
Springer International Publishing, 2020

Though their behavior is closely supervised and they are more likely to be punished for inappropriate behavior than boys, adolescent girls do tend to be more indulged in a material sense.

“Becoming Tongan: An Ethnography of Childhood” by Helen Morton, Helen Morton Lee
from Becoming Tongan: An Ethnography of Childhood
by Helen Morton, Helen Morton Lee
University of Hawai’i Press, 1996

As they indicate, one of the major challenges to boys is the development of strategies that can foster changes in gendered behaviour without undermining their sense of masculine security and identity for individual boys.

“From Boys to Men: Social Constructions of Masculinity in Contemporary Society” by Tamara Shefer, K. Ratele, A. Strebel
from From Boys to Men: Social Constructions of Masculinity in Contemporary Society
by Tamara Shefer, K. Ratele, A. Strebel
UCT Press, 2007

Boys seem largely unaffected by switching from same-sex to mixed classrooms, leaving the impression that boys will do pretty much what they want to with whomever happens to be there.

“I Don't Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression” by Terrence Real
from I Don’t Want to Talk About It: Overcoming the Secret Legacy of Male Depression
by Terrence Real
Scribner, 1999

Discipline problems in schools most often concern boys, and violence in schools is mainly enacted by boys.

“The Men and the Boys” by R. W. Connell, Raewyn Connell
from The Men and the Boys
by R. W. Connell, Raewyn Connell
University of California Press, 2000

This trend continues through preschool, where boys continue to avoid cross-gender behavior more than girls (Bussey & Bandura, 1992).

“The Developmental Social Psychology of Gender” by Thomas Eckes, Hanns M. Trautner
from The Developmental Social Psychology of Gender
by Thomas Eckes, Hanns M. Trautner
Taylor & Francis, 2012

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  • It seems certain facets of feminism has wrecked havoc on so called black people. If you take what this video is talking about, can it be said that many of these teachers have also thrown off the potential and confidence of a lot of black boys? The drop out level is interesting, coupled with how a lot of these women grade these black boys AND black girls. Most teachers are caucasian women. Can race play a role in this?

    Some caucasian feminists take it a step further. Although, they will discourage and talk down against the state of the black community and even children, these same women will sleep with black men even if they know they have wives and girlfriends! For many, even if they dislike these men and see no long term with them! They call this sexual liberation, but it is truly a distraction and distruction, which has caused many men to lose focus on family and building. They then turn around and make fun of the children for not having fathers “in the home.”

    I can go on with how these ideologies have taken a toll on black society. This whole movement needs to be looked at further.

  • at every school ive been in ive rode a bus home, and every single damn time were dismissed “Girls of bus #### go” first all the time. Very petty but still

  • I literally suffered depression because of my school system, teachers, and my female classmates. Literally all of them were sexist towards guys.

  • My 7th grade reading teacher picked favorites, all of her favorites are literally every single girl in every class she gets. She hates all the boys except for my friend who acts like a girl

  • Western civilization is collapsing because of feminist….Conservative countries are winning in every field…..Poutine wins agains Merkel….

  • story time:

    once i was in school, 3rd grade, in gym. we were doing laps and so were some girls. we weren’t allowed to talk at all during laps, but the girls were chatting really loud. i said one thing to my best friend, and the coach legit screamed “nO TaLkInG mOrE WalKiNg” so we just kept on. the girls were really getting on my nerves so i told the coach. he said “tHeY’rE NoT mAkInG ThAt mUcH SoUnD” so i just kept on, this time, really annoyed. then the girls started walking the same direction as me. then the coach said “nO WaLkInG wItH ThE lAdIeS” and i told him that they were walking the same way as me, not the other way around. he sent me to the office, and i was kicked out of school for the rest of the day. that coach was such an asshole. about a year later, (all of the kids and even teachers in the school hated him) he was fired for treating boys like dog shit. talk about some late karma.

  • I had a female bully in year 4 she choked me and I was then coughing for hours also during p.e she did some trash talk towards me when I was up doing p.e it was thanks to my friend that I found out

  • A girl in kindergarten punched me once and nobody blinked. Yet, when I hit her back the teacher freaked out. Granted, I’m in my 30s but still….

  • Some of the boys and girls fews made me angry and sad at the start of the video. We are all equal. We are all strong physically and mentally and we can all physically and mentally fight. We all can have lots of jobs. And some girls go to work as well as boys. In life we are suppose to be gender-free but some people especially elders or young children do not get it. So this video is very good.

  • I never realised how gullible and easily led British people are. Some foreigner makes a dodgey youtube with transparent and corrupt values and is blindly followed by the masses. He must be laughing his head off.

  • I think it’s equal because girls also get shamed for “distracting boys for wearing a tank top” But boys never get told to learn to not stare.

  • When a girl kicked me and almost killed me I told my teacher but he said to tough it out be stronger and I did and got nearly expelled so I told him that “you cover up for woman doesn’t mean they Will like you more and doesn’t mean your a cool teacher ok even if you send me home you will still regret knowing what sexist and sexual predator movement you will be known for so stop simping and act mature “,

    And I got suspended
    Turns out he flirt with gurls

  • In all western countries, the leftist establishment is engineering education systems to deliberately disadvantage boys, its deliberate discrimination against boys.

  • Men may have “mistreated” women in the past. BUT we never condemned motherhood or femininity in general…….. It’s true. Even in the most patriarchal cultures of the world like Saudi Arabia, men still respect womanhood. They’re not trying to change the nature of femininity by putting them in burkas. BUT feminism has systematically destroyed everything great about being men and boys. It’s arguably worse IMO.

  • Does schools discriminate against boys the short answer is no because not a lot of boys are getting told not to wear a tank top and small shorts because then we’re basically asking for it then right no just tell men to keep it in their pants

  • Idk, I’d say roughly equal amount of both have dropped out of a school I was in. Boys did struggle and are bit on the lower side, the girls were doing better, but the two people at the top who were excelling especially in Math and Science were guys. And these were folks who I knew played video games a lot, didn’t really study either.

    I’m not saying it applies to everyone tough, only in some cases.

  • My teacher is the best he gives pizza to all of us if we behave in stuff and isn’t sexist he cares for all of us and let’s us play Minecraft

  • Primary school memories
    They treated boys and girls as if girls and boys where seperate creatures and depending on what gender it sounds like is talking… oh wait boys and girls BOTH are talking only boys got punished
    Lol I remember when the teacher was saying good job to da bois but she said girls

    Honestly I got no problem with girls. I have a problem with a holes that think they are better then everyone else

  • Girls and teacher have off topic chat
    Boy: asks friend for pencil
    Teacher yells at him for being unprepared
    Also boy: has no money to buy pencils

  • Tbh I agree my teachers in my School don’t pay attention to boys that much and btw I’m a Girl and please boys don’t get the wrong Idea We have equal rights. Please don’t say jokes like 2020: We want superiority. That’s not it in the past Women truly were not treated well. Thank you

  • Story TIME!
    When my little brother was in Year 3 (I was in Year 5) this bastard got his head and his friend’s head and smashed them, he got a 5cm tall bump on his head and the school sent a letter that said he was ‘messing around’, me, my Dad and Mom was very pissed and we called the school, they denied everything and when my Mom said me had a 5cm bump on his head, the school apologised immediately.

  • My friend said that her 6th grade teacher said that she allowed girls to harm boys if they talked but the boys could not do the same.

    Talk about sexism…

  • Boys and girls brains are not the same. It doesn’t have anything to do with the structure, it’s hardwired due to evolution. There are many studies out there that prove it. We look for certain qualities in potential mates that our minds believe that they will produce healthy babies. Boys are more aggressive because just like animals in the wild they are showing that they’re stronger and will win the right to a mate. Men have stronger arms but woman have stronger legs because we birth children. We are naturally more nurturing because it’s practice for motherhood. Those things are not taught and we don’t even realize that we look for certain things. Our brains have evolved over thousands of years because it’s all about making sure we don’t die out.

  • Almost every feminist publication I’ve seen regarding the current state of education as empowering girls and young women and entirely omit the fact that this is at the expense of boys and young men. Is that equality?
    It’s not just schools that are against boys, it’s universities and colleges, as well. More than 50% of college graduates are women, now. Equality would mean that they would be just 50%.

  • I have good grades and I’m a boy and all and my sister also have good grades. Whenever we do hard subjects as history or SO. She always gets full on everything and I miss something but still get good. I work hard sitting alone in the classroom while she and her friends play so I probably think thats inflation. Even my dad says that.

  • Or how about parents actually teach their children some discipline instead of making this about a gender thing.

    1: Learning to read things you don’t like is an inescapable part of life. Nothing to do with gender just raise your kids better
    2: Some of the greatest authors wrote about emotions. Also see #1
    3: is this a criticism against the zero tolerance policies as they are or a criticism of zero tolerance due to it affecting boys more than girls? IMO it is bad if anyone regardless of gender is suspended for something petty.

  • Story time

    When a girl in my language class tried to fight another girl and made plots, nothing bad happened when the teacher showed up and the teacher didnt care, when some boy (the class clown) told some girl to shut up because he was paying attention, got a slip (basically a note that prevents you from being a prefect and enough will suspend you) and the girl was really loud.

    Story 2
    A guy in my class who is really smart kept answering the right answers to the teacher, then she ignored him cause she wanted someone else to answer but he accidentally blurted out the answer, every girl in that class told him to shut up, the guy burst into tears, the teacher also told him to shut up, then some girl kept shouting the wrong answers and the teacher said nothing to her and let her keep answering, all she told the girl was “Be quiet so others can answer”

  • Girl: dances in class
    Teacher: I’m gonna pretend I didnt see that
    Boy: gets up so he can throw a piece of paper in the bin
    Teacher: visible anger

  • It’s true that girls are more compliant in school while boys are more loud and rowdy. That’s because in every other aspect of the patriarchal society we live in, girls are not allowed to speak their minds and raise their voices. Boys on the other hand are permitted to complain which is why teachers might like them less.

  • gets hit by ball
    student: owie
    school: BAN ALL FUN
    literally has mental breakdowns and suicidal thoughts because of school
    school: I see no problem here we need more standardized testing and homework

  • My opinion: Teachers should not be able to grade their pupils. Grading should be left to an external, objective third party. The teacher’s annual bonus, however, should depend upon the average achieved grade of the class.

  • At my school they banned hard balls and replaced them with soft balls and they banned bulldog because someone might run against the wall on the other side.

  • just to let you know girls can get rough too. saw my daughter playing bag tag after school i guess they outlawed tag so the kids would swing there back packs at each other. is that bad,

  • Ah. So this is where all the mentally ill cat ladies come to congregate. No worries. All the [email protected] who actually buy into this will die out in a gen or two. It’s literally a self extinguishing death cult. Have fun, childless harpies.

  • Feminism has failed boys and fathers. And female teachers let girls hit boys at the same time that hitting is banned. No one addresses that because of fear of females.

  • This is true it happens in my school it actually doesn’t only happen in us it happens all over the world

    I use to have a racist and sexist teacher.she would be racist to me and my friend because we were from a different country.but also she hated boys in general she would take of 8 points for 1 question wrong.she would always be mean to boys in general and be nice to girls.she would also give them more chances.

  • I’m 13 and I understand the blatant sexism that Occurs in schools like mine. I’ve been subjected to punishment because I’m male my teachers say “girls get recess while the boys stay inside” when I still had recess. I try my best to do nothing wrong yet I’m still subjected to punishment, I even call them out along with my fellow classmates but they never change. I’ve noticed that, because I’m young they don’t listen to me they think they’re so great just because they are in a position of power over me and others so they don’t care what I have to say even if I’m right my school even had stupid Mottos like “one band one sound” to hold everyone accountable but this only makes things worse. My teachers try to have talks ( keyword “try”) and we tell them what is wrong but still thinks never change for the better. I’m just sick and tired of the bs that happens with collective punishment especially when it comes to sex. (Rant over)

  • Once while I was walking around aa corner, a girl came running into me while looking the other way, and I got detention for “not being careful enough” while this girl got away. And this other time, a girl was rapidly hitting me and after a while I blocked and then I got in detention for “touching a girl”. wtf is this bs with girls always getting away easy.

  • I remember we played musical chairs and there was 1 male and 1female (1v1) the boy beat her 3 times in a row and teachers always say that he cheated and that 1 time girl beat him she won

  • I’m offended I’m a boy ������. Like if you are boy comment if u girl and dislike if your sad because of this video I’m gonna dislike it

  • This is horrible let male be male!! and females females there is difference.. or then i want to be giraffe.. this is horrible people don’t even realize how horrible this has gone.. In future they loose natural life totally they cut their selves add things and lie to their selves!!

  • And what would happen when the estrogen and testosterone kicks?….is stupid to think that biology has nothing to do with behavior…

  • Girl: kill another girl just because they are wearing the same clothes

    Teacher: This is fine.

    Boy: exest

    Teacher: N O W T H I S I S A N A D V E N G E R L E V E L T H R E T.

  • Haha boys�������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� deserve it cose boys understand that they more stronger than girls

  • Why do people tend to use stereo types? Is it for attention is it for glory maybe it’s just to get people upset? Boy an girls or equal men an women are equal! An if we as people don’t start using an unbiase approach to all things related to said topic we will be in for a riff ride! After all teacher judges doctors lawyers etc should be very basis in all things they do right! Why is it we tend to try an single certain types of person out! Maybe all social works an public employee should have to take ethics test an training! Maybe all public workers should have to be subjected to the same type of training that some believe police officers should have to take.

  • Atleast i have a school that’s fair, i live in poland. One time a girl was trying to choke me (a boy) and the teacher actually helped me get up and the school did respond to that, my main teacher (idk how to call her) told the school that she was a danger and shall be suspended, the school didn’t suspend her but they were concerned about her, and guess how i provoked her reaction to choke me? I LITERALLY THREW A THING TO CLEAN THE BOARD, SERIOUSLY, IT WAS A SPONGE AND IT DOESN’T EVEN HURT, SHE TACKLED ME TO THE GROUND FOR A REASON THAT IS NOT EVEN THAT BAD! also i threw it at her because she wrote bad words on the board, i cleaned it and she was angry at me, i didn’t know what to do so i threw it at her (my fault a bit)

  • Ok I have this teacher at my school the others are fine and treat us equally but this old man definitely treats girls way better I’m the quiet kid once I was like 5 seconds late from the bells I got detention once this girl was 10 minutes late when I was only like 2 and she got not in trouble at all apparently she was in the bathroom and once some boy got a really easy question wrong he got detention for the next week and there 2 girls that got that question wrong too they didn’t get any detention at all.

  • Reminds me of kids in my English teacher’s class calling her racist because she got them in trouble for cussing her out or getting into fights with other students in the class. They never get in trouble because when the principal comes she just agrees with the students.

  • In my school a girl was dancing on a desk a boys where cheering and guess who got in more trouble

    For all the dumb people who need anwers the boys

  • Ok seriously I’m a boy and I’m 13 I’m not an over energized freak i can control myself but other boys in my class uh no but I’ve learned to be polite and mature perhaps

  • I do honestly hate it tho. When ever something like this happens, the girl gets into no trouble at all. Instead the teacher is yelling at the boy to respect girls. WTH!? And then they are also the ones being the most sexist.

  • I remember when my teacher said i tryied to kill her by pulling her down the stairs. I literally took my hand out of my pocket and bumped indo the teacher.

  • The gaming fact has been proven wrong. ASAP science mentions a study where they found male stereotypes such as gaming to be accurate by only 0.1%

  • They dont! We are all smart in our own ways! Oh my gosh!!! People these days! Can there be at least one person who believes everyone is equal and never thinks gender, height, and the color of our skin should be abonded! Oh my gosh!!! Am I the only ons

  • School systems are overly feminized. Yes it’s true boys aren’t that much in reading, boys are more interested in sports, engineering, technology, and vocational stuffs. Boys don’t want to sit all day long listening to a lecture, we wanna go outside and do stuffs.

  • This study completely ignores biological differences in brain development between boys and girls. However there are some valuable points made about the academic bias in how mothers raise their kids when you look at the average care giver at home for the most duration in the day. Boys are naturally more active than girls and the schooling systems changes fail to accommodate this and balance teaching between genders. This video fails to acknowledge this, but rather shows in itself how there was teaching bias in the present for girl and in the past for boys. What are the larger longterm ramifications of this in relationships and a male competition in the dominance hierarchy with males who get higher qualifications who are of foreign backpack ground with a schooling system promoting male academic achievement. This plus relaxed border control and (Legal human trafficking through open borders) and media breakdown and doxing of logical rebuttal in favor of childish and dangerous engagement results in mass miscegenation= Passive Eugenics for females that don’t have the innate creative intelligence to identify this engagement. The culprit in question is up to you to decide 😉

  • It is teachers who are sexist. I’m so glad I have had a string of boy teachers through elementary to middle school. Though my English teacher (a women) would mark down my grade because of my paper on the feminist movement being too aggressive to females. It was an easy that took both sides and was supporting the movement.

  • My child will either be in private school or home schooled. He’s almost 2 so I have about a year or 2 to decide. He will not be going to public school. Ideologies are not for the class room and the war on boys is real. Make the sacrifice for your children and keep them out of public school anyway you can. Good luck and God bless.

  • Ahhhh, the sound of one hand clapping. Take the boys out of the regular mixed (Cough “Diverse”) Class room and put them in an ALL BOYS (All or MOSTLY MALE Teachers) School. For like Grades 6, 7, 8. (What the heck Grade 9 even.) Then lets see how boys do! Be Where The Sound Of One Hand Clapping.

  • I lerend that teachers are sexist exampel
    Boys: whisper once gat in trouble
    Girls: have a full blown conversation in class gets away whith it
    You can sence the sexisem

  • Well im a boy and my English teacher was making a joke that.goes to far: I look a picture and say the right word thats what I had to do. And I could put the picture on the board but she always took it away and everyone laughed

  • The education system everywhere is biased against boys. The way people teach children is better geared toward the typical behaviour of girls.

  • these comments make girls look like the bad ones, well maybe they are but NOT all of them, i feel bad for the boys who get punished for trying to do self defense against girls when the girls hit them first, i as a girl never hit a boy for no reason cause i feel bad for him

  • All these feminist’s talkin about equality…clowns all of em no i dont hate girls i hate the ones who think that their gender should be superior

  • Me: Lets my friend borrow a pencil
    Teacher: What are you doing?
    Other girls: Talking right next to us
    Teacher: Does absolutely nothing
    Me: I was letting my friend borrow a penc-
    Teacher: I will make sure the police hear about this one

  • Also if i say one thing i get shouted at but when girls are talking in my class they get treated better like if i say one thing i get yelled but if girls talk the whole lesson at the end they get shouted out

  • yeah has nothing to do with

    >fatherless households
    >boys being pumped with ritalin and other drugs
    >lack of male teachers
    >lack of help to boy depression
    >lack of help to boy issues
    >modern feminism

  • I’m a 31 yo guy and my feminist mother did a great job making me a pathetic loser. This is very serious.
    My advice to all guys: choose the mother of your future children wisely.

  • I remember when a girl harassed a boy at our school and the boy defended himself and my female teacher punished him while the girl was crying saying he hurt her

  • For all you people getting upset and throwing out insults mainly the men. I am a man, I love women, and for my money there is nothing better than having a strong woman by my side. It doesn’t emasculate me, it doesn’t make me feel less of a man. In fact I have always dated strong women, and never once felt we were in a power struggle. Maybe because the women I have dated knew their worth and didn’t constantly need to be reassured. I think marriage is better when two people bring balanced energy to the relationship, neither one trying to be alpha. Just understanding their male and female strengths. Yes there are things that only a male can show a boy. But let’s be honest those things are not used anymore. Like trapping, hunting driving the herd to the watering hole. Where as a mother’s lessons to her son’s, are still practical. Like loving building social bonds and community cohension.

  • Boys are made to feel incompetent, too aggressive, and are “put down” in every way possible by liberal females. Of course they put little effort into schoolwork, they are taught that they may as well give up. Science Projects nationally just became a girl’s domain. Female engineers are not turnout out too well I have noticed! We are creating a new world of incompetency.

  • I would be a tomgirl in childhood if I lived in a perfect world not run by sexism and been nurtured better and guided better. I’m still heterosexual cis man anyway.

  • There is the one teacher in our schools who treats this one boy like sh*t, he does one boy like thing, he either

    1.get detention, she literally gives him a detention every single day

    2. She make him do pushups in front of the whole class,
    I should also mention she’s a soccer coach… Last year she had a boy boy team, and talked sh*t behind their back to us. This year she has a girl team, AND HASNT TALKED ANYTHING ABOUT THEM LIKE ONCE… I seriously f*cking hate her…

  • This is REAL
    I remember when I moved from my long-standing job with Norfolk, out to Virginia Beach to do basically the same things with elementary school kids, they had banned dodgeball, which floored me honestly. The substitute activity was to slide little beanbags across the floor of the gym and the kids had to jump over them or be out, is that insane, or is it just me??
    Still, this was not as bad as what Bernie, my boss in Norfolk had me do at Bayview Community Center as a result of paranoid parents gone wild. He had me open all of the boxes of Crayola Crayons that the kids used to color, and cut of the tips of each individual crown because they were supposedly a stabbing risk. This was the result of one little girl shoving one of the crayons into her eye, which led me to argue that isn’t anything too sharp if you stick it in your eye.
    Regardless, the complaint had been made so a cutting I went, until all of the crayons were safe and parentally approved for use by children.
    Just Shoot Me!!

  • But… wait! I thought there was no difference between the sexes (oops, I mean genders. Sooorryy!) Then why are they making the boys more girly? Listen people, this is all just part of the bigger plan to do away with the family. They say there are what? 200 “genders”? Then they bitch and moan about women needing to be equal (as in “no difference”) to men in all respects. Now they want to turn boys into sissies at schools. Do you see the pattern? It doesnt only lead to reducing the number of families that we will have from now on, but it will also contribute to the other big plan: The drastic reduction of the world population, since families are the main perpetrators of the proliferation of new children. And if thats not bad enough, when they get rid of guy sports because theyre too rough for the little darlings, it,ll also do away with cheerleaders!!!

  • If you can take the opinion of a kid whether he/she wants to sex-change
    I bet most boys will say tag, soccer, hockey and whatever boys have enjoyed since time immemorial
    And letting off steam during the break ACTUALLY makes them quiter and more attentive in lessons after the break (and, in the morning, anticipation makes them wait till the break)
    I AM HAPPY I AM 64, and remember the games of field hockey/ table tennis during the break and going back to class sweaty and happy, and AFTER GOING HOME, rushing off to play again/ climb trees/ throw stones at crows/ pluck fruit in season… till dark
    I am also glad my 2 girls are grown up and past this nonsense

  • Once a boy in my class wore a hoodie in the classroom and got scolded immediately, but this girl wore a hoodie also in the classroom and was completely ignored.

    Another case of this is when another boy went behind furniture that was NOT to be touched and got shouted at, this other girl also did the same thing, so I told on her saying “she did the same thing as him why does only he get in trouble” and the teacher said “I didn’t see her” and “you’re not involved in this” and she snitched on me to my actual teacher. The other teacher actually understood me and said that it isn’t really fair, so at least she understands.

  • Heres an idea, how about treating boys and girls as individuals, and not lumping them all together like every boy is the same as every boy and every girl is the same as every girl?

    Maybe that would be a good start

  • I remembered getting angry in public school because they kept banning my favorite games. Red rover, king of the hill, anything with contact. Now I’m somewhat awkward in a lot of ways and playing these games as a kid probably would have prevented that.

  • I’m already suffer from ptsd caused from not only being a guy but from being mocked for my autism in school. What I was punished for was not only the Symptoms of ADHD and ASD but normal behaviour for a growing boy.

  • Carrot and stick school disipline makes the situation against boys even worse. You got to include everybody if you allow students to play in the playground or go on a school field trip.

  • There is a line to everything though, isn’t there? If the teacher loves his pupils, why shouldn’t be able to call them cute names, why are we trying to make people so sterile? Biologically an average male is stronger, taller, heavier and more powerful than an average woman. I don’t see the point in people just ignoring straight up facts. I’m all about both genders being perceived on an equal level in society but jeez you’re pushin it

  • so many virtual signalling sycophants commenting here. erryone saying the same thing. NPC’s for sure. winning! ��noooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!��

  • Boys and girls ARE different! Stop trying to reverse biology idiots. Letting them choose what they want to do has nothing to do with it!

  • There was a part in thsi were they were putting up signs and one was ” boys are strong ” so all the boys cheered, the next sign was ” girls are strong ” so all teh girsl cheered and there was one boy who turned around and his face was thinking ‘ what! Girls aren’t strong what do you mean omg I didn’t knwo taht!!!!

  • this is exactly what i had, but i was luckily not sent to any doctors or drugged cause of my parents knowing how normal boys behave.

    I wish i did however, i ruined my entire future and got set back 4 years in education failing my classes back in the day because of me maturing late, The late bloomers always fail.
    The people who matured early (females and some boys) were successful in school, and went to amazing schools.
    It feels really depressing, being stuck somewhere you dont belong, but i will battle and thrive. even if it takes me 14 years.

  • England. 11% are men. (primary school classroom teachers)
    Most children never see a good, active, contributory male.
    No wonder there are the sick problems that it has.

  • Uh I thought this was going to be about how our brains work differently, but instead I got:
    all girls read and do their homework more than boys

    what. I literally haven’t read for pleasure in years and I’m awful at managing my work…

  • The brain form and function is created for specific reason and purpose. The software that runs the brain (genes and chromosomes) is different. The signals are coded genetically and uniquely

  • Not to mention this is also taking a toll on girls aka dress codes
    Dress codes are oppressive and honestly oddly sexually weird. Girls are told how to dress because “boys can’t handle how girls dress” what does that mean we’re slobbering animals who only want sex? No we’re not we don’t care how girls dress. So now girls are taking the hits from boy oppression

  • It is true that girls and boys are just as strong, but not men and women. Men is always stronger than women, because that say anatomy and phisiology of adult people. All parameters 1020 % higher than in women. This articul have got a lot of error. I know because I’m studying anatomy.

  • I was taught that if a male wants to wear a dress, give him a dress. If a female wants to wear a suit, give her a suit. I learned to treat everyone with respect no matter what. Even if someone killed your mother, you should always forgive them.

  • You need a balance of both men and women. This goes to show that giving women more power and privilege is just as concerning as men who hold power. Humanity will suffer under a matriarchy just as equally as it does under a patriarchy. Men and women need to work together!!

  • At my primary school once, all the boys in the upper years had to stay behind after assembly because someone had done something in the lower year’s toilets. First of all, the uppers years can’t go in those toilets and second of all, they’re unisex so it could’ve been a girl. All of the boys ended up missing their break because of the sexism the teachers provoked.

  • This makes me wanna adopt and raise some kids at home away from society’s negative veiws. I have a younger brother and he is a prime example of this. I feel silly when I try to tell him boys and girls are the same but I know I shouldn’t.

  • People need to realize that these are trends and not set in stone gender roles. There are always outliers. Men tend to be physically stronger because of testosterone. This is science. Women tend to keep a steadier hand. Science again. I can go all day, but the point is that we all have different roles and they can be dictated by both choice and capability. People need to try to reach for their dreams but have realistic goals at the same time. Chaos is tricky…

  • This video is wrong, its telling that boys are either dumb or lazy, in actuality it’s because of sexist teachers, which is basically all of them now.

  • I was given in school suspension for 5 days for breaking someone’s foot on accident while playing soccer. After that running while playing soccer was banned and you had to speed walk while playing tag

  • UK people, you are aware that Sweden has tried gender neutral eduaction since 1990s? And are you aware of the outcome? Or have you just come up with the idea of the gender as a social construct? And you suppose that if you get rid of the socialization part of the gender development you will get equal results across boys and girls? If not, you will get hella suprise in ten years. Good luck with that!:D

  • And woman then wonder where all the real men are. Well ladies you and your mother’s along with that thing we call television have done a wonderful job emasculating young boys for the past 30 years. By the time this boys grow up to be men the don’t know how to be a man.

  • ussally at my school boys dont get break beacuse the teachers dont like boys and the girls get extra break:( sadly im one of the boys

  • my school has banned gang up tag (we call it hunters) but we can still play it if there is only 1 person it at a time

    Edit: i live in Victoria, Australia

  • When I was in grade 5 I had a huge rubber ball fall on my head and I bit through my inner lip and the teachers just had me see the nurse and that was the end of it, things have really changed in 11 years, high school sucked for me so I can’t imagine what boys who are in elementary now will go through

  • This is clearly driven by a reaction to insurance claims, law suits, and predatory lawyers by gun shy upper admin. The education system in Canada needs to recognize how the continual push to bubble wrap ALL children, both in the physical and emotional sense,  is damaging childhood development. It is necessary to create a legal response for reasonable limits of physical contact and potential harm within schools…and when children can explore them with supervision…so that they can learn their personal limits. I generally agree that schools today are more geared towards female students….especially elementary schools. In general there is minimal thought, or acceptance of gender differences in learning and teaching within the profession that I have observed. This attitude continued up to and included upper administration, where for many years males were passed by for any career progress into leadership roles.  I teach in an elementary school in Ontario, and I am one male in a staff of over twenty female teachers who work very hard with challenging students. The school has difficult behavior problems, which takes a tremendous amount of time and energy from our admin. It consists mostly of conflict, bullying and physical contact of young male students. Providing a positive outlet for natural male behavior is something that the school is having difficulty coming to grips with. Over the coarse of my twenty-five year career, male teachers as positive role models for boys has, diminished from about twenty percent to less than ten.

  • as a 11 year old kid i can agree first off i got accused of hacking a girls phone and she said to me a death threat i showed my teacher she dint do anything and she agreed with that girl because im good with computers and phones i was pissed i hate it how they treat us boys worse and girls better

  • boys will be…second class citizens all the justifications have been aired already.

    only an idiot can’t see that this will be disaster for everyone.

  • In my tech class a group of 3 girls were constantly kicking, hitting and shovin me my teacher done nothing apart from tell the girls off

  • We need to demand equality in hiring men to work in the education system. At least 50% of all new teachers and education bureaucrats should be men. We need to include special classes for all teachers on men and boys issues to help them be sensitive to the unique needs of males. Young men should also have special time set aside each school day for masculine classes such as shooting, martial arts, weight training, outdoor survival, etc.

  • Just one issue with this video. You said that fewer men in the education system means higher high school dropout rates and then you showed a graph on which the difference between men and women hasn’t changed in 20 years.

  • Physical pain is part of growing up as a boy, I would probably be a huge pussy if I was potected from everthing that could have beeen potentially dangerous.

  • WTF? We’ve had guns, we were climbing trees, fighting with sticks, jumping from various places and even if we broke an arm or something it was normal. But I live in Poland.

  • “Gentle glances at classmates”?????

    No, I’m sorry, that’s a microagression. We’ll have to have schoolchidlren wearing blinkers in class. Can’t be too careful.

  • First of all they can’t be boys because they’re boys? That’s like saying you can’t wear these clothes because they are clothes second STOP BEING SO STUPID

  • I would love to see you interview Dr. Janice Fiamengo of Ottawa U. She has a great wealth of knowledge and insight in this area.

    Thanks for shedding some light!

  • Its because women have evolved to the point where they don’t necessarily need a man as a provider. Something that men have been doing for years. Now what are they supposed to do. I think its time for men to take a step down and let women pull the load. But we can still be men in that we provide protection and male guidance.

  • And you don’t think that less and less males in education in not what the feminist matriarchal leaders want? Females in leadership positions is the answer the “toxic masculinity” Patriarchy. War on Boys remember?

  • Thank god I’m over 50, at least I had fun growing up.i rode bike with out a hamlet, played sports fought with other class mates and grew up thinking the world was a great place. I’m sorry to say that today’s society has gone to hell.

  • blame the over protection of public places on the parents, because schools now are so scared they are going to be sued by parents when the kids get injured

  • Ya know, it’d be nice if schools would take boys doing actually harmful things, like stalking, threatening, and grabbing girls sexually as seriously as they take stupid, completely normal things like throwing snowballs, or a little boy drawing a picture of himself chopping the head off a dragon.
    Schools overreact to normal crap,
    and underreact to life threatening trauma that is actually threatening to girls.
    Seriously this is insanity.

  • This is political correctness to its worst. This is what our world has become. A place filled with fluffy liberals that want kids to think that the world is a nice and happy place well it’s not.

  • Socialist Teachers are idiots
    Nothing else
    Also about the playground problems me and my mates back in school used to play bulldog, one day the teacher banned it, so we renamed it ballistic then they were dumb enough to ban the same game thinking its new then we called it 7 and then you guessed it, the chain kept going ��

  • I always hated when the teacher would say “can i get a big strong boy to do *insert task here*” bc they would never let me do it… I’m a trans guy so I was born a girl and now I’m a guy

  • Try comparing these same children during the puberty stage and you will not get the same results. God did not make us the same. You all are much more intelligent than that:)

  • My schools have been all girls so I’ve never understood sexism in the classroom. Quite eye opening that both are sexist as none of my classmates seemed to have beliefs like this. Probably because we were all girls and we were never asked.

  • Also True
    2nd grade Girl: falling behind in 1st grade level science
    Teacher: I think the school is going to hard on you
    2nd grade boy: misses one question in 5th grade level science

  • In our school, when the boys get in trouble for something, the girls can do the same thing and the teacher won’t even bat an eye, that’s why we hate our school.

  • A girl was punching a dude repeatedly and a teacher was watching from a few meters away… The dude got pissed and shoved her 2 the ground. Guess who tf got suspended

  • I have a set of boy girl twins. I never made them play with certain toys or do certain tasks around ths house. And one day when they were about 4 there was a shift. It was like it happened overnight. My daughter became girly and my son was all about tools and cars. My daughter said they were dirty lol. My son started being rough and always had scraped knees. I didn’t encourage it. It just happened.

  • There are biological differences in not only body but minds. My brother had the toy ‘connects’ when we were children and he would build things using the pieces. I would just use the space ships he made (and the little human figures that came with the connects) and I would pretend that they were going to other planets.

    He built with the pieces, whilst I made stories with the pieces ����‍♀️

  • On year 5 I started to play cricket and touch. Once I told my friend somebody overheard and said “you can’t play that, it’s a boys sport and you’re a girl.” I’m still so angry about it XD

  • I know that at the time these kids were only young, but when I was in that year I hated being treated differently than the boys. I’d have arguments with the teachers if they didn’t let me do what the boys did and fight the boys when they called me weak.

  • I struggle with this as these children haven’t started secondary socialisation to its full extent yet. This means they will be influenced by adults now, but when secondary socialisation kicks in, things change. For example, a teenager will be more influenced by their friends and the outside world than their parents and teachers. These parents and teachers are teaching these children the fundamental differences between girls and boys. Any misconceptions, such as ‘only boys play football’ are soon swept out of the child’s mind because they slowly get influenced by the bigger world. I don’t think calling a girl ‘lovely’ and a boy ‘mate’ is at all harmful to them as their true identity for the rest of their life hasn’t even been formed yet. By the age of 14 (double the lifetime of these kids) a teenager will be pretty much defined as them. Any changes from then on out will be minor. I think adults massively underestimate the brainpower of a child or teenager. They think that by calling them ‘darling’ when they are seven, giving them blue toys or pink toys, princesses or trucks, that they will grow that way. They simply do not.

  • I remember once in second grade when someone had to hold the door for the class. I did, but my teacher said that only a boy can because they are stronger.

  • The education system isn’t just a Matriarchy now, it’s been a feminist matriarchy since the late 1960’s to early 1970’s. We already have two generations who have known no other sort of education system.

  • I can’t actually believe there are so many people supporting this in comment section? Like wtf?Woah they be going against biological facts now?
    It’s great to see the fall of the west though!

  • been saying this for years. worst is when a boy does one of these boyish things and gets punished for it. men have to deal with a lot of demonization, from womb to tomb.

  • This idiot is comparing strength of boys and girls at such young age clearly shows he is not ready to face bilogical truth, boys will get stronger physically and there is nothing u can do about it

  • Why is everyone acting as if this only affects boys? Girls enjoy tag, soccer, dodge ball, etc as well. I’m not sure when these things were only for boys. In the 90s, when I was a kid, girls enjoyed these same activities.

  • Girl: says to a boy that has no life
    boy: bu
    Teacher:I don’t care I don’t care

    Edit:this actually happened to me

  • When I was a kid every boy thought boys were better and every girl thought girls were better it’s not sexism it’s just kids being tribal the interviews of kids at the start seems doctored

  • My PE class (this is true)
    Boy in my class: throws ball at girl’s foot in dodgeball
    PE teacher: says the boy is cheating
    Girl in my class: Throws ball at my foot
    PE teacher: says im out

  • the amount of times this guy buffers while communicating, shows ya part of the reason why females are getting higher grades. My friend over my shoulder asked if english was this dudes first language.

  • Funny that even during this experiment, the male teacher cannot act more like a female teacher and console his student with a hug; something a female would have done.

  • Its happening everywhere, my male university professors were such sniveling cowards,got off on dominating us and treated the female students like princesses, I just wanted to punch their bullshit out of them (used to be a boxer would definitely break a few jaws, they had shitty chins too usually) it was horrible, my son will be a businessman after highschool graduation

  • Sorry, I think you’re wrong and I don’t agree with the idea of women being favoured in the school system. I see what you mean, but you don’t take into account that statistically, there are more women in the world than men. In any studies you do, the number of women that are considered is higher. There’s no way to prove that women are favoured by their teachers based on subjective matters. It’s unfair to claim that female teachers tend to choose women over men because of their behaviour in class. And stating that women are passive and don’t take part in discussions over a topic is really old-fashioned.

  • imposition is the problem, even if it is call equality, should not be imposed. Freedom as humans beings and girls will chose to be girls and boys to be boys, a small percentage will cross and all should have freedom to do so.

  • WE ARE DIFFERENT, SO WHAT? EMBRACE IT. I AM A WOMAN and I should not be ashamed of it. I do DEMAND equality in front of the Law, as humans that we are. I don’t want men to be women or vice-versa.

  • Don’t know why this is in my recommendations, accidents happen and they will inevitably continue to happen… that’s life. I’m a male, in my school you’re not even allowed to go outside when there’s the smallest amount of participation, never mind 1mm of snow… It’s more about the fact that they don’t want people suing incase they are not careful and get themselves into a bad situation.

    If you want to enjoy life you need to take risks, and not remove any potential threats. I go horse riding every week and I really enjoy it, it give me something to look forward to throughout the week and being around the horses is great. I know one day, which is to come, I will get badly injured. I would rather get hurt doing something I love, rather than being perfectly unhurt doing nothing except stressing about exams and nothing to do.

  • Guys this is because most of the teachers are girls and perverted men who will support these girls who overtake boys in an unfair teacher marking system but in the end they all became cashiers at KFC and Mcdonalds.LOL TAKE THAT GIRLS………..

  • Alright. I gotta admit, I did not expect this. It’s actually something I totally support. The title just reminded me of those crazy people that go about it in a totally wrong and harmful way. Guess it’s still true, that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.

  • If you don’t let boys act ‘autistic and stupid’ they become school shooters, they grow up depressed and unbalanced with all this suppressed energy.

  • Why are people like this guy trying to force boys to be girls and girls to be boys? Most of us prefer to EMBRACE our own gender!! This is one of the most heinous thing you can do to children, to tell them that boys and girls are the same…they are NOT.

  • Adam and Eve. The beauty and the holiness of having two distinctive, complementary beings. For so many reasons. There are two genders. Different in their uniqueness

  • In my catholic school soccer and kickball were the most competitive games during recess. If we got hurt then suck it up and go on. Nobody ever complained. I guess I was just lucky.

  • They are making girls out of boys in school to reduce parent complaints and not have the school’s liability insurance bill increase anymore.

  • I am a boy and I used to play with both girly toys and boy toys. I used to play with toy cars and stuff like that. But then, occasionally my big sisters would paint my nails or I’d wear a dress as a joke. I would sometimes play mums and dads with my little sister or play dolls with her. Sometimes now, as a 13 year old boy, I push a pram around and pretend to be a doctor. My STEM is really good and I’m in top set English at school along side some other very intelligent people. This is quite interesting, I suppose.

  • All in the name of equality… Skewed by social justice warriors that believe men and woman should be the same. This is the second wave of feminism and not at all what woman’s liberation was fought for.

    We are inherently different by nature of our creation. Our natural order.

  • Testosterone is in males. Estrogen and progesterone are in females. How come these teachers did not understand about hormones are in us as human beings? The hormones work differently in both sexes.

  • I found that teachers will be more willing to accuse boys of doing something against the rules if both genders are doing something wrong, it’s happened to many of my friends and when I try to explain to the teacher that i was the one in the wrong they dismiss me and say, take the victory. School isn’t too great of an environment as is.

  • I wanna drop kick all those boys saying there better then the girls need a smac ���� also why is no one saying a 40 yr old man calling a 8 yr old love.

  • It’s the parents who start the gender stereotypes. If the child is a girl, they buy her pink baby clothes and paint the room pink and white, with lots of unicorns and ponies. If the child is a boy, it’s all different colors. If it’s a girl they buy her dolls, and if it’s a boy they give him blocks or a car to play with. Then as the kids get older, the mother expects the daughter to keep herself neat and tidy, while her brother can get messy.

  • is it ethical to experiment on children? Gender identity is not formed at 7 it is formed and solid by age 4. What we have here is a experiment to attempt to level it but in terms of the brain? the very very very small differences that do exist? Playing social engineering an’t going to change their brains its going to superficially rewire these kids. Lets see these children at age 14

  • I’m all for Gender equality but teaching children that Gender is an arbitrary social construct is not only untrue but also potentially harmful and very confusing for children..smh..

  • I remember the year before I left the TCDSB Elementary, they banned the game manhunt, simply because of the name. It was legit just tag but if you were tagged it would keep going until the last person standing wasnt tagged.

  • Male & Female are different that’s common sense, science, a fact. People have to stop the nonsense of trying to make it any different than it is. Different is not bad it’s good.

  • Boys are failing in school particularly, because they are being forced to go to school, yet schools don’t support boy activities anymore. Schools have focused so much on girls and female education, which appeals to girls in particular, and ignored things like sports and outside activities which in particular appeal to boys and give them the confidence they need. Plus when they go back home, they are pressured to do homework and study, especially by their mothers which totally cancels out time for sports and playing, which again appeals to and helps boys more socially. So if they can’t do sports, they’ll play video games in the remaining time they have

  • To all teachers:
    Do you believe in gender equality?
    Then if you believe in gender equality but favor one gender through action, then your “belief” in gender equality is a joke.

  • This entire channel is seeming devoted to jerking off right wing ideologys, but this video absolutely slaps. Educational structure should not be a partisan problem. It’s more important to make sure our kids are well nurtured and educated than it is to “own the libs” or “scoff at hillbillies” I wish this comment section wasn’t such a circlejerk as it detracts from the valid points the video makes.

  • i once had a teacher that HATED boys and males, one time while prepping for a field trip one day, and one of our male classmates COUGHED and she straight up YELLED at him for about 10 minutes. he came out of the room crying. no wonder EVERYONE in the entire school

  • She forgot the biggest problem, most schools claim that boys will always be ADD and need to be chemically controlled in order to have them learn.

  • You would be sad to hear this story but it’s true.One day after school days I was in bus ready to go home but I realized one of my friend is not here.
    My other friends told that my friend is beaten up by feminists(our classmates) and even after this our teacher violently beated him and took him to principal’s office. Sad������������and this was when we were in 6th grade

  • It’s okay. Boys will be boys. Didn’t get no detention here. But loads of slaps across the face. Got the “undress your pants” butt spank. Got the public assembly caning on Mondays..
    Still got a job despite not being able to afford college. Still alive and paying my taxes.
    Real men don’t sweat the small stuff. We just push on.
    Also.. Welcome to Asia.

  • this is pure evil.i guess yall didnt believe wen we said “we will visit 10 folds on the one who target or harm 1 of these” this pure insainity

  • Both genders are under attack. Girls are encouraged to be boys now, while, as you said, boys are not. Men are not masculine, women are not feminine. Gender and identity, especially of children, is being blurred and stolen.

  • there is a crazy bias against boys/males on this society maybe it has always been there by nature considering we always said protect the women and the children but not the men meaning males have a different value in human society and in a comfortable technological no war age like this it will show more although unfortunately there is something called feminism that is suppressing that truth slowly making it all worse increasing criminality etc

  • Do male 1st graders remember public humiliation longer than female 1st graders? Humiliation is a form of pain, just a thought.

  • School is catered more towards girls because school’s core values of discipline, sitting still, and being quiet are things girls are inherently better at. Instead of treating boys like they should be, school treats them as defective girls and punishes them.

  • I’ve taught ESL to kids in China. Boys are much naughtier than girls. My worst-behaved girls were hardly ever naughtier than the average boy. It is no wonder boys fall behind. Not saying it isn’t an issue, but some of the suggestions here seem kind of naive.

  • The only thing that separates men and women are by their biological body. That’s it. Women can be strong, Males can wear makeup. But both are getting shamed for doing “out of character things” even though it makes them happy doing so

  • Men who are reading this comment, if you ever have sons, promise them these 2 things:

    • You will never abandon your sons
    • You will teach and cultivate them to be strong, independent men

    Take the pledge. Bye for now.

  • I’m sure that risk of litigation, schoolyard fights and impossible parents who attack the schools has something to do with this policy. Teachers are there to teach, they are underpaid and under appreciated, yet we also expect them to be referees, punching bags, nurses, and then take shit from parents? Why is it always about criticizing others and not understanding reality? Parents need to look at their role in this and also the role of their kids’ behavior.

  • Awesome and very truthful video. Unfortunately. I’ve got 2 sons…1 with autism, 1 with ADHD and dyslexia…he is obsessed with guns and war history. I try to encourage his love of history with museums. My daughter is totally different to raise. She is creative, a reader and quiet. Thanks for this video! It speaks volumes.

  • It’s time for biological sex separate schools. What were called boys and girls schools. Then they can be taught according to who they are with like minded students. And this is all recent. Somehow the progressives and liberals think emasculating males is the solution to the inferiority many girls feel. Strengthing girls can be done without weaking boys.

  • I remember being about 11 years old 2010 and we had a school speaker come in and he kept consistently telling the whole school how dumb boys are and how much smarter girls are so I asked him how many girls have won the Nobel prize and he had no response. I copped a fat detention for that and turns out there’s been heaps of women who have won the prize but it’s the fact we have people like this teaching our kids and it’s only getting worse

  • Girl:loudly screaming
    Boys: bro you dropped your pencil
    Teacher: I’m going to turn your internal organs into external organs

  • Boys need their fathers,but society needs to keep their parents together.Stop rewarding Single Mothers in their wrong doing.Boys do not need female teachers,because female teachers has no patience for teaching boys.Boys need recess and gym.female teachers are the enemy because this is a Gynocentric Society.We need to get back to the PATRIARCHAL Society. BOYS also needs to be educated separate from girls.

  • I can remember when the NOW got recess eliminated in some areas, “because it favored boys.” So it was intentional. And while you’re tackling things, look at textbooks. I worked in educational publishing for many years, and I saw the books get steadily altered to where girls won every foot race and girls always got the answers right in math usually after a boy had gotten it wrong. The reverse stereotypes are being drilled into them on every side.

  • Do people not understand that Children are human beings? And that human beings were not made to live indoors 24/7? Seriously I think Girls and Boys could definitely both benefit from recess or honestly just taking them outside this is really concerning for America

  • This is so F’d what they’re doing to these kids…. and making womanhood/ feminine traits out to be a negative thing! Also what country do you live in that there are not equal laws for women and men? Saudi Arabia?

  • I’m a boy I like being a boy but if you were born a boy and want to be a girl I have no problem with that but I do have a problem trying to be told to act in a way I don’t want too

  • The one with writing does make a lot of sense, the teachers want like purely descriptive essay based form. I do write descriptive essays well, in fact I’m great at it. But I hate HATE writing poems. Also, you could consider grading them on stories based of how genius the plot is and if it makes sense. Death Note was a work of ART. Its plot was amazing, but if you wrote death note as a story in school your teacher probably wouldn’t give it a good grade like they might with a generally boring and unappealing descriptive essay like story.
    Edit: also these schools are liberal feminist based in my opinion as well as the justice system, they just think boys in general are useless and evil. A five your old kid FIVE YEARS OLD got labeled as a SEX OFFENDER because he HUGGED a girl. HE EVEN HAD A MENTAL DISORDER THAT WOULD MAKE IT SO HE CANT EVEN UNDERSTAND WHY THAT MIGHT BE A LITTLE WEIRD. Now his whole life is ruined, all because he hugged a 5 year old girl. It will be hard for him to get jobs and it will be hard for him to get into good schools even if he has the best grades. And even if he didnt have a disorder, kids that are 5 years old dont know what sex is and dont understand it they would not sexually offend or rape a girl because they dont even know what that is.

  • The Purpose Of ANY “�� Empowerment” was ALWAYS to bind the people to the state for tax & control purposes.

    To brainwash the children into blind & unconditional obedience with little to no interference from parents.

  • I find this video so disturbing and ridiculous on so many levels reinforcement of stereotypes and historical patriarchal attitudes, total lack of recognition of the school violence/shootings that has resulted in hypersensitivity (which results in excessive restrictions and should be revisited).

    While we’re having these discussions, let talk about some additional statistics:
    “Since 1982, an astonishing 113 mass shootings have been carried out in the United States by male shooters. In contrast, only three mass shootings (defined by the source as a single attack in a public place in which four or more victims were killed) have been carried out by women.”

    Apparently this is the gold standard of behavior this individual believes we should promote with our boys.

    Oh, and perhaps she also wants our boys to grow up using our current President and his “grab them in the p*ssy” philosophy as a role model. Yes, let’s have all our boys to grow up (actually I think this would mean not grow up) to be narcissistic braggards who respond to any challenges by calling their detractors names, and refuse to accept any facts that contradict their view of their own self importance.

  • Reading, recess, tolerance for noise, acceptance of creativity…hmm, sounds like my own goals for my daughters. Now I just wish they had the boat loads of opportunities for sports involvement (with all the school and civic funding) like their male counterparts have.

  • you need to understand that, the world no longer cares for males, in fact girls are now opting to marrying themselves, their pets, each other, and whatnot.
    the world right now is worshiping girls main stream and warring boys as well. the world became a female only place. while boys are treated like the lower class. next up the cattle will be higher than the males!

  • My GOD took 7 days to create everything and being the creator he made humans to be the ones to enjoy everything he made, my GOD didn’t make no mistakes only 2 people MALE and FEMALE and no in between Isaiah 5:20