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Avoid being alone with a trainer in a room with closed doors. Ask to be in a more public area or have another staff member present. If you need to be “spotted” while working on equipment or exercising, the trainer can use a ball or towel instead of touching you directly. Maintain boundaries with your trainer. While women shouldn’t have to go out of their way to avoid unwanted interactions, many also chose to work out somewhere they could be more comfortable.

A lot of women decided to work out at home instead, which can be just as rewarding without nearly as much of the hassle as getting to the gym. If you’re dealing with unwanted romantic attention, the research suggests that you are probably changing your behavior much more than suitors imagine. Targets are expending energy avoiding their.

The most important thing to remember is not to let someone’s unwanted attention intimidate you and affect your job. If you’re uncomfortable, speak your truth!Situations of unwanted attention that occur at work or in another location where you need to continually interact with the person may be dealt with by confronting him.

If the attention is persistent and abusive, you may need to get help from law enforcement or another authority. Abusive attention is cause for talking to law enforcement. The art of active listening includes paying close attention to what another person is saying then paraphrasing what you’ve heard and repeating it back.

Concentrate on the conversation at hand and avoid unwanted interruptions (cell phone calls, others walking into your office, etc.). However, paying attention to detail can help you to avoid making mistakes that can lead to injury. “Don’t take shortcuts,” insists Arbill.com, “stick to the instructions and work with diligence and awareness of your surroundings.” 5. Pay attention to and follow emergency drills. Workers also tend to take safety drills for granted. But what can you do when someone starts giving you unwanted attention?

Here are a few no-filter ideas: 1. Ask them to stop. It’s so simple, but sometimes so hard to do, especially in situations where there are power dynamics at play. It can be very effective, however, if my “ew, gross, stop it!” is anything to go by.

Ideally, you should feel safe saying “no” to attention you don’t want. In many circumstances, however, it feels physically, professionally, or socially dangerous to set clear and firm boundaries. Protect yourself by saying no, getting distance from the person who asks, and telling others.

Method 1. mute unmute. Hide player. Whether you’re in extrovert who will do anything for attention or the quietest introvert ever, attention does have its price.

And unwanted attention comes with a very steep price, since it’s usually more of a pain than flattery.

List of related literature:

Notice when you are uncomfortable during the week and take a moment to do your exercise.

“Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Scripted Protocols: Basics and Special Situations” by Dr. Marilyn Luber, PhD
from Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Scripted Protocols: Basics and Special Situations
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On one side, list your “don’t wants” (“I don’t want to undress in front of people at the gym because I’m embarrassed about how I look”); on the other side, transform your statement into a “do want” (“I want to move towards feeling comfortable getting undressed in front of people at the gym”).

“Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out” by Renée Stephens, Samantha Rose
from Full-Filled: The 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for Changing Your Relationship with Food-and Your Life-from the Inside Out
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Remind yourself that you’re not supposed to be wearing that backpack, and that it’s okay to leave it off.

“The Surrendered Wife: A Practical Guide for Finding Intimacy, Passion and Peace with a Man” by Laura Doyle
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Just continue doing this any time you notice your attention is wandering, even if it happens 100 times during the exercise!

“Affect Regulation Training: A Practitioners' Manual” by Matthias Berking, Brian Whitley
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Wear loose and comfortable clothes when working out.

“Science of Flexibility” by Michael J. Alter
from Science of Flexibility
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Whenever I was working out and got tired and figured I ought to stop, I’d close my eyes and see that list in the locker room without my name on it and that usually got me going again.”

“Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success” by Chip Conley
from Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success
by Chip Conley
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If you notice your attention wandering, simply be aware of your experiences and gently bring your focus back to the exercise.

“When Perfect Isn't Good Enough: Strategies for Coping with Perfectionism” by Martin M. Antony, Richard P. Swinson
from When Perfect Isn’t Good Enough: Strategies for Coping with Perfectionism
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Tell yourself during a tough workout or competition, “I can do this.”

“Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel” by Steven Ungerleider
from Mental Training for Peak Performance: Top Athletes Reveal the Mind Exercises They Use to Excel
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I tell them, do not overdo it or you will not continue exercising.

“The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan” by Jacalyn J. RobertMcComb, Reid L. Norman, Mimi Zumwalt
from The Active Female: Health Issues Throughout the Lifespan
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Promise yourself that if you go to the gym and change into your workout gear, you can leave without breaking a sweat.

“Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes and How to Correct Them: Lessons from the Life-Changing Science of Behavioral Economics” by Gary Belsky, Thomas Gilovich
from Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes and How to Correct Them: Lessons from the Life-Changing Science of Behavioral Economics
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  • Two observations: individuals who are friendly are viewed as suspicious because people are believed to not be friendly without having ulterior motives. Secondly, everyone takes everything so personally. No good deed goes unpunished in some cases.

  • I’m glad you made this vid. It really helped me. I could see myself in so many of the situations with stalkerish men. I’ve had loads of this sort of men pay me attention, one very recently at work. He keeps complimenting my looks and bringing up sexual topics in a “joking” way, and I made the mistake of laughing open mindedly at the gag, and now it’s become…VERY overt until he finally went so far as to corner me in the office alone against a wall and and put his groin up against my ass! He really upset me because I had like…ZERO idea he was even interested in me until the second he did it and I just felt like an idiot for not seeing it. But he was being so SNEAKY about it by pretending to be joking that it was impossible to tell. But the point is you are right.

    I always think they’re just being nice but they so often turn out like this. ALL I did was be polite to him and friendly. I NEVER flirted with him. I laughed at his sex jokes becuause I stupidly thought that was polite but he took it and perverted it into this delusion in his head that I want to have sex with him? I have no idea how. I’m not that sort of girl.

    Horny guys are just walking all over me right now treating me like a ragdoll they can play with. I am going to have to learn to tell them to fuck off. Or just be like…stop touching me you’re a weirdo. Stop talking about sex.

    But anyway. Thank you:)

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  • US gal = 3.7-ish liters
    UK gal = 4.5-ish liters

    Just drink “the gallon” that you have or a liter every 6 hours and during the workout.

    You shouldn’t be able to drink a 5th liter if you tried-that’s sleep time and leaves a clean 11-12 hour gap of no water intake.

    Ketogenic / “keto” adaptation takes a week to get into due to keto flu but fat adaptation via lipo-gluco-neo-genesis (“new fat-made glucose”-no hyphens) is extremely inefficient. Keto bulking in a healthy way is extremely difficult for average and slim-built folks, so know yourself before going into it. Gallbladder and kidney problems-and serious mood/motivation issues-are not uncommon with ANY dramatic change to diet, so see a doc when changing your normal routine. And go to a dangum hospital if you start getting overwhelming sharp pains on the right side of your abdomen-don’t try to ride that out, it’s really not worth it.

  • I Just had a day where i was feeling good before working out. Started with 6 rounds of shadowboxing and i already felt really sloppy and heavy footed. After that i started doing push ups and abs. Normally i do 5×17 push ups and 5×50 for abs. But this time i only did 5×12 for push ups and luckily i finished my ab workout. After that i normally superset biceps, back, legs and shoulders 4 sets of 10. But i felt so fucking weak that i only did biceps and shoulders. I absolutely fucking hate those days, and they always seem to happen when i have a healthy breakfast with a protein shake. When i eat grilled cheese’s with a glass of OJ i always feel amazing. Kinda weird.

  • You handled this really well J on your own.  Much easier I think to know you don’t have to handle it on your own if it gets too squirrelly.  The night you spoke with the dance club owner, the sisters and I had said enough was enough if it didn’t get handled.  And you don’t want to cross a pissed off Jennifer.  What are Florida swamps for anyway?  You learned a lot by working through it and I hope the lesson helps other girls.  Yo Mama

  • No, I’ve never liked the fictional stories. Your videos are amazing. Maybe give a sample of some fictional stories and ask again so viewers can better decide.

  • Best advice is protein. I’m doing very early dumbbell training as a complete beginner. Increasing my protein levels have been awesome. I feel fuller, my weight is not going up but my body has changed massively in six weeks.

  • The one gram of protein per pound of body mass? Question if your body can only absorb 30 grams of protein every 4 hrs that means the maximum anyone can absorb in 24 hrs is 180 grams? Right or wrong???

  • From a male prospective, I’ve got to say, it can be really difficult to see where the line is. Men and women socialize differently. We speak a different language and play by a different set of rules. I agree with Jesse in that you have to be direct and firm. You’ll be doing him a favor. Don’t be playful when it’s time to be direct. It’s confusing. Giggling at his flirty jokes while asking him to stop isn’t telling him to stop. Don’t be nice when it’s time to be firm. It’s bad communication Be mean. Being mean is how men communicate. It’s your responsibility alone to set clear boundaries. Men obviously aren’t mind readers. It’s your responsibility to protect yourself, so make wise choices.

  • Mobility is super underrated. When I was a beginner it felt as if everyone always focused so much on adding more weight. I didn’t pay much attention to stretching and mobility work bc I felt like I should use that time to do more reps/sets.

    Then I realise that every GOOD / respectable lifter I follow put mobility on high priority. Definitely wish I can go back to focus more on this earlier!

  • Really helpful, thanks.
    I’m not a beginner-beginner but I’m still a beginner, I didn’t even know what push-pull was until, months ago.

    The biggest challenge for me has been progressive overload because I work out at home (not because of the virus) so I have to be content with my 7.5kg dumbbells. I try to increase stress by doing more reps but I can tell I outgrew them months ago.
    I’ve found kettlebells more helpful than dumbbells for this reason because you only need 2 or 3 overall and you don’t need 2 of each weight like with dumbbells.

  • Yesss…. I started following you a few days ago, and you inspired me. I am 48 but I have no limits, last year got my 200 Hr. Yoga Inst. and 50 hr. Trauma-Informed.. I had been doing Hot Yoga every day
    … BUT always wanted to get in the gym, but to be honest… I feel so scared and lost. Being 5’1 and now 145 due to COVID isolation, the machines scare me, because I feel they are for bigger people and the weight room well living in guido central here in NJ shore.. lol… Totallllyyy intimidated. I joined the gym, because of you last week, been watching everything you have out there and I went today, but only did cardio like a hampster… I walked around lost, and even stared down the weight area, and said… I will enter tomorrow… lol… terrified and lost…. this video PERRRRRRFECT timing…. I LOVE YOU!!!! I am on the Journey… I am looking to get anyone I know to get a lifting buddy but I cannot even get them to the yoga studio… so it is me and you… every day: ) much love… from Manalapan NJ…Jules

  • I someone is behaving bad, as here, it makes the decision easy. No thanks. The more pushy the more not now not ever.
    It is more tricky if someone is nice or never declares any intent. Then the situation lingers on…

  • This is my first year of lifting and I love it! However it is so easy to get a bit lost or not overload enough. Sometimes I question when I’m ready to go higher or not and question my form. Just became a member of stronger by the day after doing the trial! So stoked let’s do ittt

  • This is GOLD!! Definitely saving to share with others! You’re the Best!��That gym is amazing looking, congrats and hoping you guys are enjoying Fort Worth, see ya around.

  • Thanks for this video. I have been dealing with a stalker for years. I met this person at church and immediately this person took it upon themselves to try to get friendly with me. But I knew something was weird about him from the beginning. I kept seeing more of this person and it became very unnerving to the point where I prayed I wouldn’t have to bump into them again. It was a nightmare.

  • Thank you Meg for this video! I’m about to approach the weight lifting universe and this helped me a lot! I also joined the waitlist for the new program!

  • After not working out for 1 2 days ( Rest Days or just wanting to take a break ) I feel Like an unproductive lazy piece of shit and think that I may lose my gains:/

  • 1:38 Master form for several fundamental movement patterns (eg. Squat, hip hinge, push, pull)
    4:12 Progressive overload
    7:17 Get enough protein
    8:17 Prioritise compound movements
    9:52 Mobility

  • Your tips and tutorials for beginners are detailed enough, while still being easy to understand. Your channel has helped me a lot!!

  • My neighbor said to me ” I like ur shirt” I realized my nipples were kind of showing.. It was a black shirt and I didn’t think I looked SLUTTY AT ALL! I’VE ALWAYS been nice to him… The whole family.. So later last night I saw him again & he was like ” it was really NICE “SEEING U” He’s saying all these underlying comments…CREEPING ME OUT!!! THANKS FOR THIS VIDEO XX.. I’M JUST GOING TO STAY AWAY! Disgusting! And I’m married!!!

  • hey meg this might be a silly video idea but I’d love to hear your suggestions on how to pose to show off le muscles ��

    when I first started I definitely spent too much time on accessories and not enough on compound movements �� I’m working with a trainer on the powerlifts right now and I’m loving it

  • Watching your videos always makes me miss the gym!! Goodness I can’t wait to lift again… thanks for the tips… after so long without lifting I feel I’m reverting to beginner status!!

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  • I feel like I’ve been a beginner for like 7 years now �� I can never be consistent and always start over again like every three months.

  • I definitely felt weaker than usual today! Tuesday I felt great and was able to perform well! Than here on Thursday day I felt sluggish and tired. I probably over trained on Tuesday cuz I worked out twice that day with only about a 2 hour rest than I was right back to the weights. I also only got about 3 hours of sleep on Wednesday

  • I felt so weak at my workout today as well as other days For sleep i cannnot for up to 4 or 5hrs a day blc I work longer hrs
    Thanks for the insight

  • I was sitting outside a bakery eating a croissant with my dog and a guy came up and say down next to me and started talking to me. It was completely harmless for about ten minutes and then it got more and more invasive. By the 15 minute mark I tried to get up and leave and he asked for my number and wanted to go on a date with me. He was my fathers age and I am 22. It put a really bad taste in my mouth. Because I love talking to people but if I have to worry about being asked out at the end of the conversation it’s not as fun anymore. I feel your struggle, you did the right thing even if it took a while.

  • Great tips I’m definitely going to try all of this out! Also I recently started taking in a bunch of protein and before I knew anything about it I used to think it’ll make me “fat”(ik Dumb) lol but it made me lose weight faster than anything I was doing before cause I was able to lift heavier and last longer lifting weights rather than before were I was avoiding protein and I was basically skinny unable to go harder in the gym Etc ��

  • Sorry but its hard to sympathise with the guy what he’s outwardly acting badly. you will get what you tolerate… my neighbour is creepy and he behaves like a jxxss. He used to stare at me while training do I changed the times he started to try and bump into me which is vile. Hed complain about his low self esteem and reject my advice I told him I had bad migraines and he started ringing bell and waking me up early 5 am. The landlord told me to record the noise and from then on we are not friends. If hypothyroid and he’d cheer as I gained weight. My stress and high training level caused the issue. Im going to take steps to avoid him leering when doing training as it disrespectful I was in tears. So no I could not like him. I invited him in to be polite had picture of a guy who I was close to. It didn’t work out. He doesn’t wash and is angry. He may have depression but he’s unpleasant all the time. He’s a complete creep and there is nothing to defend. Im doing my exercise indoors as there’s no way I’ll put up with that. such behaviour shouldn’t be tolerated. Im doing well now.

  • So I just got back into fitness after being gone 25 years. Maybe it will help somebody but this is what I did.
    (1) Determine first of all the changes you want to see in your body. Have a very in depth pro con conversation with yourself.
    (2) Throw out the door any ideas about quick super fast change or super fast diets.

    (3) I did my first month of workouts and an old pro told me straight up. Your form sucks you need a trainer lol.

    (4) I got a trainer and I PESTER THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS out of trainer in a good way.
    (5) Study read videos..do it again..do it again..do it again..
    (6) Lifting weights is like a dance with a Fine lady or a Gentlemen. You don’t Jerk them around the dance floor. You power into the dance moves and gracefully (3-5 second count burn baby) get them back into position for the next dance move.
    (7) If you can find one…which is rare..get a work out partner that is a Sadomasochistic madman that gently tells you. +2 more..+5 more.
    (8) Better yet get family involved and friends because literally the more the merrier and you can all encourage each other.
    SORRY not trying to steal your thunder Megsquats:)

  • Thank you for the pennies analogy!!!!!!! I have been pressured to go ask girls at random on dates so many times and it makes me so mad!!!! It doesn’t make sense to me to walk up to a total stranger whom I have zero interest in. The experience would be so uncomfortable. Even if the person said yes, I would be thinking the whole time, I don’t want to be here, I was told to do this.

  • What a shame that females aren’t taught when they’re young that sometimes it’s okay to be rude if an immature boy or a man who should know better invades your space. If I had a daughter, I would teach her to scream “Fuck off!” at them. But no, no one teaches their daughters this. Parents teach girls to put up and shut up (“He just does it because he likes you”, “It’s just a part of life” Sure), “Be the good girl you always have to be”. Bugger that for a joke. Let it go and don’t take that bullshit anymore.

  • Im a 40 yr old Man. Tall, great shape, good looking have a career but im not superman. im striking out left and right. The enormous amount of wrecked single mother’s out there are so abundant and jaded its unbelievable. I understand at my age most women i meet will have kids. I wish I could find one who doesnt just want to hook up, spend my money, waste my time or be a shoulder to cry on. Just one who actually wants a loving relationship. I wish women had to feel the level of testosterone that men have flowing through them. We’re forced to have to initiate everything which is ok but come on it takes two. As a man we go through so much rejection and drama its rediculous. As a Man I wish women would just tell the fuckin truth one time and be clear and abrupt. Instead of leading a guy on with smoke and mirrors. The last girl I was with I think she faked a suicide attempt just to break up with me. Idk but ive been lied to so much who knows anymore. Im starting to accept I might be alone the rest of my life.

  • Being young and dumb, yes many of those women will even say they like you, just busy, maybe in the future sometime, just now’s not a good time…..and then blow up at some point. One friend I wasn’t interested in her, but had an unsure feeling that she was flirting, confronted her, I heard that phrase not long after, I was giving unwanted attention (she was in my house, and I it was usual chit chat) and she still didn’t leave. Another friend, I learned my lesson from the previous, she’s just nice, just a friend, nothing more…invited to a get together and she jumps on me, I said no. so…..Direct, firm but friendly….don’t have to even say you have a partner, or not over ex, and don’t say let’s be friends…..just, im sure your a great guy, I’m just not interested, no not gay, just not interested, but I wish you well. No there is nothing wrong with you, just not a match. etc

  • Meg great video you are so helpful and thank you for everything I wanted to ask you can you please upload a video that you wear your clothes that you outgrown by gaining muscle to see how it fits you or if they rip please that would be really helpful

  • Susan, i have a question which i can’t find a straightforward answer to. I have met a new guy which i was attracted to and now when we had sex i’m not attracted to him at all, is this strange? I usually feel very attracted to a man after being intimate.

  • Great video, Susan! I have the same problem, but it is a bit more delicate bc he doesn’t come at me directly so I cannot cut it down by telling him directly. But he makes it clear by always “waiting” around the entrance (he is a trainer) so that he can hit me with the weirdest “compliments” out of nowhere. It is always about the colour of my sports wear (that he likes it) and it makes me SO uncomfortable, I do cringe everytime! Than during class he is always around and being over-attentive which makes me souncomfortable again. It is hard for me to shut him down verbally since I like the sports he teaches and want to go there the next years. So unfortunately I will be seeing him for years and try to be diplomatic. What could one do in this situation? Anyone an idea? Please help!

  • Good advice about being clear. That is something every women must be clear about REALLY. That is the best way to stop it. We men have been raised by the society to “push forward” because ladies have been raised to not ask a guy out or show interest so we men actually have to guess. We all know that most of you ladies are afraid to do this and if you do it in such a subtle way that he don’t even notice. Be clear about what you want, be very clear and when it comes to feelings you can’t be gentle about it. Trust me ladies because it comes from a man that looks very good and checks all the boxes. Yes all of them..

  • Such a good subject. Us humans are so complicated and crazy lol. I know both sides of the coin. And are there healthy people anymore? In people getting hurt they end up concocting crazy way of thinking since the ego runs the show of humans generally?

  • WUNDEBAR! This is THE most complete and educational fitness program I´ve ever seen! I´m so excited to start the program! Thank you so much for bringing so much value!

  • Thank you for this video. I’m over 50, married, and have to deal with this exact situation today. I mean come on, man, I’m too old to be hounded by a dog like you. But I didn’t say that when I should have because be nice first. Right. And then he gets into my space. I say no, way out of bounds. He takes it as flirting. I put people between us, try not to be alone with him without something between us. Ugh, back off. Just gross, you know, this guy is twenty years older than me. I love his wife, she is sweet and fun, but he makes me squirm. I can’t stand squirming or wrestling with the guilt of hurting his feelings, f that, I’m stopping it today.

  • Any more reasons? I’m training strength 5×5 and I find the huge variation in ability on a given day too random.
    My goal is finding out exactly when I’m at my strongest and most energetic at the day and do the lifting then. The difference between that and lifting when I feel out energy and lazy is more critical for progress than anything else, but its not as simple eating enough and timing it. Some days i feel weak and lazy no matter what, and other days i have this excess of power and energy which makes my current highest easy. I wanna know what causes this and utilize it!

  • I was on a dating site and one guy was thinking of meeting put me off just by putting “xx, ” then his name. It really bugged me just for putting xx kisses when we haven’t even met.. I am a senior as he is and to me assuming that I want his kisses when we haven’t even met really annoys me. So I blocked him. It turned me off so much. Maybe petty but don’t assume anything before you even met.

  • Lack of sleep: ✓ Working out later in day on lack of sleep: ✓.
    Result?: I literally had to cut my workout short because I just couldn’t stay awake and couldn’t handle it, even with the pre-workout I felt completely weak!!! Fuck!!!!!!

  • Hey Susan, if women where men for day (!) they could get a better grasp of the other side. In my experience women are fluid in their intent because they like to keep their options open. I think women would be better served if the took a bit more risk, they might turning away a lot of happiness. If men don’t approach there going to be pretty lonely. As women don’t approach men that much. There are some aggressive and annoying men for sure, hopefully they are the minority!

  • It is always good to revisit videos from Calimovement to remind yourself the correct mindset during training. One of the best fitness channel on YouTube!

  • Absolutely! There is this guy who is totally unwanted everytime he texts me I always give him the run-around but he is so persistent he nags and complains how come I don’t want to see him. He has been texting me for quite some time that I just literally blocked him.

  • Breakdown of the 1st year lifter:
    Fundamental form, Programing/ progressive loading + Consistency,
    Diet/ fueling your gains,
    Compound movements,
    Film yourself to watch form.

    I just passed the one year point back to the gym. I can’t stress how important consistency, a rest day and dieting.

    Proper fuel for the body makes looking and feeling good easier!��

  • Well I will be clear so I did the lady did said her coming back to church so I don’t think am pushing the bottom as Muriel said respect a lady amen

  • Thank you so much! I’m only 12 and I have been training hard but I feel weak! Now that I have followed the instructions I’m able to lift way better!��

  • It actually lasts me up to 3 days during workout for the weakening ache affect to stop;i only did 100 calf raises and squats each;30 sometimes to 50 bench presses;100 situps;30 to 50 curls but i am still bit of a beginner however it’s hard finding the best legitimate workout excersice equipment that are not plastic and crack easily with dust inside.

  • Yes; I’ve just put something up and some jerk has already started spamming. Youtube need to manage this kind of practice otherwise it’s just not a usable channel.

  • Many people blame society for male disrespectful behavior but at what point will those kind of men have the intelligence to know that society is in itself just the opinions of how others think that men should behave towards women. We are talking about grown ass me here no one is putting a gun to their heads and force them to treat women in such disrespectful repulsive ways. There are many men who live in the same society that the disrespectful men live in and they don’t treat women with disrespect even though society teaches them to treat women disrespectfully. So blaming society’s teachings is an excuse to keep acting a disgusting clown towards women.

  • It’s not even funny that this video is still relevant today. I came here after having a nasty experience myself, and.. well.. just to know that I’m not alone, even though I wish no girl has to go through something like this. You posted this in 2014 and the last part where you advise us to be careful with divulging personal information online, it’s even more relevant now. 5 years later, the world is still the same, if not worse:(

  • Great video Meg, thanks for making it! I have recently persuaded my parents to get into lifting your well-articulated video will go down well with them!

  • I find that women don’t bring things like this up. And it’s frustrating because if I even try to talk to my mother about it she’s just like “Well you’re pretty, would you rather be ugly”? Like as if that’s the “price” that I have to pay. Men staring at me, trying to talk to me, following me. And it’s unfair because I don’t ask for this and I don’t treat people like meat I’m actually extremely respectful of people’s boundaries. We need to bring these conversations out.

  • i think working out late in the day is most beneficial.. i work out at 6 done by 7 slam my pwo shake, go home and shower and then eat dinner, then go to bed. i believe the sooner you get rest after working out the better..

  • My intuition is sometimes wrong, so I learned the hard way NEVER to trust it. Nevertheless, be wary of men who you don’t want and be firm, direct, and courteous and if need be, learn self-defense or get self-defense measures IF necessary. It is especially super gross and creepy to be hit on by younger guys than yourself.

  • Great video! Newbie herewhat do I do if I try to add an extra 10lbs to progress but can’t lift it? Go back to last weeks weight but increase reps?

  • These old timers are seriously getting out of hand.God like its disgusting what makes them think a 20-30 year younger person would like them ����������similar situation happened to me,dude looks like he’s 153 asking if he can come over my apartament ughhhhh

  • How about just don’t care if they think that you are mean person when you tell them you’re not interested in an unkind way. If a guy is pushy and act too dumb to take a hint then it’s not your fault if he gets an unfriendly response for ignoring someone’s I’m not interested with a smile

  • Any idea on why my left arm somehow got stronger then my right arm and my right arm got weaker even though I’m right hand dominant

  • Sorry to hear about this. I really don’t know why guys are so creepy. Some dudes just don’t get it and violence isn’t the answer, but a swift kick to the nards can help.  Same here with the vlogging, we don’t show outside windows or the front of where we live. 

  • “Calling out another woman is not feminist.” YES. So many girls/women seem to forget that. I like these types of conversational videos and this is a great topic. Sorry you had to deal with a creeper. I have as well and it is not okay. 

  • Sometimes you have what I call a “powerful” video that makes me think. This is one. I am a guy. I could go on for quite a while about this video. It’s tough to walk the line of being friendly vs. being more than that. I always try to see the others person’s perspective. Sort of try being in their shoes. I have come to the conclusion that although it’s not easy being a guy, certain aspects of the female life are definitely tougher. As always, thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks so much for sharing your story! I wouldn’t have been able to cope as well with this, I went to buy milk in nothing special clothes wise & was hit on yesterday, I tried to be polite saying that it was flattering but that I was taken, and he still tried to invite me for lunch, gave me his business card I thought he would back off after I said I was taken, and was terrified after he didn’t and tried even harder to try and see me again ����‍♀️ I don’t handle these things well #introvert

  • I’m really glad you made this video. I went out on one date with a guy and hung out with him for maybe two weeks. I told him I no longer wanted to see him. He was very upset by it but he made really uncomfortable. I didn’t want to see him anymore more simple as that. Its been a few months and last night in the middle of the night he came to my house (uninvited, I was not aware till morning) he left a letter at my door professing his love for me. Which in return only makes me feel more uncomfortable. 

  • Thank u for this video. I had a guy I hadn’t seen in 10y add me on fb playing the dead wife card. She died 2months ago. I listened empathically against my better judgement. I felt gujlted into this. After 30m he started flirting even though I made it clear I have a bf.. I told him he was being inappropriate and blocked him.

  • it isn’t that hard for me to be mean to someone if there are harassing me. The problem is when someone doesn’t stop when you are clearly telling them to leave you alone. And text you suicide threats even when you HAVEN’T given them your number. This is what I’m facing with a creepy (probably mentally ill) guy from my school which is horrible because I can’t just not go:( Thanks for making this video it really helped kinda giving me that fire you were talking about! <3

  • 1. Good advice. A lot of young ladies need to see this. 
    2. 63? Dang. (no disrespect, but is he still…here?) 
    3.  Suggestion: Ladies, once you tell a guy you’re not interested. Stop worrying about their feelings. And be stern in your tone of voice. 

  • I am a complete newb im so inpired by these women who go from normal to insanely cut and strong. Im definitely signing up for this Tuesday is my first day in a gym in 6 years.

  • I think if a certain program (squats, benching, deadlifts and all the accessory work) is more than 65-75 min per training that means that people are wasting their time in the gyms. For beginners it should be less than 1 hour per training.

  • Seeing the numbers on the weights go up is very motivating for me. Maybe it’s because I like video games and seeing the numbers on the weights go up makes me feel like I’ve levelled up ^_^

  • 1 gallon it’s too much! and “for active individuals, this recommendation will be higher” will poison your self with that amount of water lol…. + you’ll waste had of your day going to the bathroom…

  • I’ve been told I’m too nice. Sometimes people assume I like them or think I’m flirting when I’m not.
     Another thing, I don’t always like updating facebook on what I’m doing. I never want to tell people when I’m sleeping. Something about it just gives me a weird feeling. I was in an abusive relationship and I would wake up to my boyfriend just staring at me from the door way. After dating him I never really wanted to share anything on social media.

  • The price of the program is great… for a American guy. Akkakakakakaka. It’s a little sad that our money’s value are so different, but I know it’s not your fault. Akakakakak. I’m already happy understanding what you say in the videos. Thank you by the videos and good training, everybody.

  • always feel uncomfortable when i have to go out nd i know i will get unwanted attention from creeps ( in coffee shops, public places like malls…). Its exhausting not being able to go out carefree without worrying about something happening to you, doesn’t help when you’re a foreigner and stand out with your looks.

  • i’ve always found it a challenge to find sunscreens even high quality ones that claim to not clog pores end up clogging the face and causing breakouts.

  • Jesse, your suggestions are perfect. You don’t owe anybody anything, and unfortunately in today’s society you need to be proactive and on your guard. Girls/women be careful out there and remember there’s always safety in groups. When some clown tries to steer you away from the herd be ultra alert to his words and body action. I’m not suggesting behaviour that becomes paranoia but use your head in all situations…

  • I remember when I was in high school, there was this girl who I really liked, but I was creepy around her, shy & nervous… the thing I find interesting is that nowadays, I hate this girl, I hate her so much because of something she did that I have never forgiven her for… I remember I plucked up the courage to add her on messenger all those years ago, and at first we were talking normally, then after some time, she started getting really hostile to the point where she actually started bullying me & getting her friends to bully me too… Like I said, I was shy and wasn’t sure about what to do, Now the reason I hate this girl was because she KNEW right from the beginning that I liked her but she never made things easy for some reason… I suppose the other reason I hate her is because she was nice to everyone else except me. You might be reading this and thinking that it all sounds very unhealthy it was 10 years ago, but for some reason I really hate her for what she did. And to this day she KNOWS I hate her, believe me she has seen it in my face and I am glad she knows. We were only 14/15 at the time. I am now 26.

    I am not sure why I decided to share this story because it does sound very unhealthy, I suppose I was just wondering what you think about it?

  • Worst for me is over training especially when my nervous system is overloaded. You would know this is the case when all of your body is tired. Shitty feeling but with some rest you’ll be back to normal in no time.

  • Your arms aren’t supposed to flare out while doing pushups (Your elbows should be close to your sides.). The only reason that they do that in the magazines is because it looks better than the actual way that you are supposed to perform them.

  • I would echo that you are an inspiration to all and your energy and tips have inspired me to get back to lifting post-surgery. I don’t consider myself a beginner but I definitely still find use in all your tips even as just a reminder. I would echo the tip about video’ing yourself. It definitely helps with finding flaws in form and makes it easier to fix.

  • Also check if you have a vitamin deficiency. I actually did everything you said but it didn’t work and I felt that the problem was coming from the inside! Well, I discovered that I have an iron deficiency and that’s why i felt very weak, dizzy and light headed when working out.

  • I’d be fine with it as long as it’s not the only material you put out. For example, One week you do a fictional then the next, true.

  • Great tips. I am trying to get myself back into the gym. Any tips on how to increase flexibility on the hip hinge? I have extra tight hips and find anything that I have to bend my hips for more then a seat position very difficult.

  • Since a lot of you will be asking this, workout B of the full body routine I previously posted will be out in a couple weeks. I apologize for the wait but it takes me a lot of time/effort to put together big videos and PDFs like that, but trust me the wait will be worth it. In the meantime, give me a follow on IG ( https://www.instagram.com/jeremyethier/ ) to stay updated! Hope you enjoyed this one, cheers!

  • Man, I don’t even know what happened to me today. I was barely able to curl for 1 rep what I was doing for 12 just a week ago lol… to be fair I’ve been sleep deprived for like the last 5 days

  • to be honest? The only ones I’m interested in are the true stories. I love your channel. thank you for putting such great effort into it. we really appreciate it!

  • As a man, I can tell you that there is nothing worse than a desperate, needy guy. These guys crack me up. You don’t take it personally when a lady rejects you.

    What you do is stop being a giant wussy and move on. I don’t understand why get hung up on some random girl who doesn’t like you. Women are trained to politely reject us guys because of shit like this. And rightfully so, since a lot of them get bitter and angry after getting rejected.

    Just go and find a lady who appreciates you. It really is that simple.

  • Its bad enough that I feel objectified. There are tools who get grabby just because I’m polite. When it’s someone you know it’s worse! Just today, a dude I know literally hugged me, burrowed his face into my neck and told me he he wanted to make green eyed babies with me! WTF?! I wanted to break his jaw, but he’s an associate of my mother’s so I couldn’t do shit. I’m so effing tired of this bat shit crap some men are on. Have a little damn self control. I’m not nude out here, I’m not flirting with you damn it! I have wedding rings on for goodness sake and I still get harassed. This shit is literally ridiculous.

  • I don’t think a lot of people truly understand how freaking strong this dude is…

    Most people couldn’t do ANY of the things this guy is doing in his videos regarding strength. And not only is he showing you the proper way, but also the improper way lol

    Props and respect!

  • at the local village bowling alley where I live, there are women who also think that I as a man am free to be their man! I gotta tell em thet I am into bowling and women dont interest me. they are persistent but I keep scoring big on the sheet, not bed sheet but the bowling sheet. I play 10 pin.

  • “You don’t owe anyone the time of day” Great thing to walk way from this video with! I really enjoyed this video as I am an out of state college student who pretty much lives alone. Great advice. I look forward to more videos along this line!

  • I was training hollow rock last week and I was able to hold for about a minutes, but after a week of not training, I can now find 45-50 seconds very difficult:)) Is that normal?

  • It’s so scary when guys do that and use your politeness against you. You feel so insecure and vulnerable. However you can’t do anything about it bc he’s not an immediate threat and nobody cares enough about making sure you get where you went to go or do safely. You’re right, it really doesn’t matter what your wear or even what you look like, predators are everywhere. It’s so difficult to find the strength to push someone away. It’s frustrating that I actually need to be a bitch to be safe and it’s so hard. People would only blame me at the end of the day if anything happens to me. I want to travel one day but I don’t want to have to be ugly, horrible, bitchy and loud just to be safe. Thank you for this video.

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  • Thanks Jeremy, today I had a fucking breakdown because I wasn’t performing well at all and hurt my back deadlifting. I haven’t drank any water today, this explains it.

  • Oh my goodness Meg I’m LOVING this look, you look amazing in the bright eyeshadow and shirt�� beautifulll and this video is gonna help a lot of ppl��

  • Really helpful advice, I also just made 3 Beginner Gym Mistakes You Need to Avoid video and that is from my own experience.
    I wish I knew therm when I started, in the beginning, it would save so much time and money for me.
    Have a blessing day folks.

  • I like how you use proper research and investigations done by professionals in your videos, not just something your mate told you at the gym

  • Hi Jesse, really good idea for a video. Such an important subject. I like your advice. Working through your boundaries and knowing yourself and what you want and don’t want (and not owing anybody everything) is so important!

  • But if i didn’t sleep enough, after I work up i feel very tired in the early times but after several hours later i’m good to work.

  • 0:50 hydration
    1 liter Befre workout
    And 1 liter during (regardless of how much you’ve had before )

    2:12 sleep
    Don’t do workout in evening after a bunch of other stuff
    3:20 if sleep deprived can also try caffeine before workout

    3:30 food intake
    ESP carbs

  • Not enough sleep water and carbs and sodium. Ya i said sodium pound the shit. Stan epherdine was going for his world record lifts his muscles were cramping so bad he couldnt lift he ate 8 sodium tabs pounded water was fine withing 10 minutes then set his world record. But dont forget potassium they go hand in hand.

  • I agree about the sleep, but I was surprised and impressed that you mentioned water and carbs. Up until now I thought working out was about getting enough protein. I always thought that this hydration and carbohydrate issue was for runners and other endurance athletes (“Pasta parties” the day before a big run). Thank you for making me better informed.

  • Hi, Meg… quite an informative video.
    Do you have a video on how to restart Gym life again after a long time, say after one year…
    What should I do? in terms of weight training, what program to follow?

  • The sleep is part is very true. There was this time where my school is overloading us with paperworks making me not get enough sleep for 2 weeks. And in the middle of 2 weeks, I went to the gym twice and I couldn’t even finish a single set properly. I wento home halfway my program, my body couldn’t take it anymore.

  • Crazy how much everything can effect your workout… I fell asleep at 5 last night and barely ate today. I feel so damn week today and could barely lift

  • Carbs= Kilojoule= Energy
    You eat less, you get less energy, you get less energy, your body gets physiologically and physically weaker.
    eat carbs, count your consumption tho

  • this help me so much 7 mounts ago i was training most of the time to failure until one day i got injured and i stop train now im not train to failure and i hope i will not get injure again your cahnnel help me so much thx!

  • I was easily benching 180 for 5 sets of 6, but then came this week and I could barely hit 4 reps on my first set. That’s a big difference. Is this still normal?

  • Whenever i need more info for my workouts i search for a jeremy ethier video. Love the tartan slippers jdawg… i hope of getting such popping veining on my biceps too lol