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INGREDIENTS 8 medium chicken drumsticks ; skin removed olive ; oil spray 1 cup water 1 tablespoon Sriracha hot sauce ; (more or less to taste) 1/2 cup balsamic vinegar 1/2 cup soy sauce 4 teaspoons agave nectar ; (or sugar) 3 cloves garlic. 8 medium chicken drumsticks olive oil spray 1 cup water 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar 1/3 cup low sodium soy sauce 1 tbsp Sriracha hot sauce (more or less to taste) 2 tbs sugar 1 tbs garlic, minced 1 tbs ginger, minced 2 tbsp chives, minced 1 tsp sesame seeds. The glaze is a mixture of Asian fish sauce, seasoned rice vinegar (or cider vinegar), dark brown sugar, and red and black pepper.

Crunchy slivers of red onion and a sliced jalapeno top the. 1 tablespoon sesame oil 1 tablespoon cornstarch 1/2 cup soy sauce 1/2 cup rice vinegar 3/4 cup brown sugar 6 cloves garlic minced 1 teaspoon ground ginger 1 teaspoon sesame seeds 1/2 teaspoon crushed red pepper flakes 8 chicken drumsticks Sliced. Directions Whisk together the hoisin, honey, ketchup, soy sauce, garlic and chile flakes if using in a medium bowl.

Sprinkle the drumsticks all over with the. honey, cumin, black pepper, chili powder, sea salt, chicken drumsticks and 4 more White BBQ Chicken Drums with Slaw Seconds mayo, salt, purple cabbage, savoy cabbage, carrots, aleppo chili pepper and 7 more. This glazed chicken drumsticks recipe calls for ingredients that make up a very simple but delicious marinade.

Soy sauce, honey, chili sauce, a small amount of oil, ground ginger and salt and pepper make up the marinade. The marinade is combined with the chicken legs (remove the skin or leave it onit’s up to you). In a heavy large saucepan, brown chicken on high for 3-4 minutes with a little spray oil.

2. Add water, vinegar, soy sauce, splenda, garlic, ginger, hot sauce and cook on high until liquid comes to a boil. Reduce heat to low and simmer, covered for about 20 minutes. Healthy Asian Glazed Chicken Drumsticks Six Sisters’ Stuff soy sauce, chicken drumsticks, ginger, water, sugar, sesame seeds and 5 more Balsamic-Maple Glazed Chicken Drumsticks Smells Like Food in Here dried oregano, salt, pepper, butte.

Soy sauce, vinegar and Sriracha scorching sauce make these Asian-Glazed Chicken Drumsticks savory and scrumptious – serve over rice or greens for a simple meal!

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Make diagonal slits into the drumsticks and coat with glaze.

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For this recipe, cut a whole chicken into eight pieces—two drumsticks, two thighs, and two breast halves cut in half crosswise.

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note: These drumsticks taste best freshly made, but you can make them in advance and reheat them in the oven.

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“Later, sheets of fresh or rehydrated yuba were mixed with various seasonings (usually including soy sauce) and packaged into the hollow two-piece molds (typically shaped like a chicken or fish), which were then clamped shut and steamed for about 50 minutes.

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Cut the drumsticks into 4″ lengths.

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Scrape a little the outer skin of the drumsticks and cut them into four cms long pieces.”

“Rasachandrika: Saraswat Cookery Book with Notes and Home Remedies, Useful Hints and Hindu Festivals” by Saraswat Mahila Samaj (Bombay, India)
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Clean and cut the drumsticks into 2-inch pieces.

“The Calcutta Cookbook: A Treasury of Over 200 Recipes from Pavement to Palace” by Minakshie Dasgupta, Bunny Gupta, Jaya Chaliha
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Cut drumsticks into about 7 cm pieces and split down the middle.

“Recipes of the Jaffna Tamils: Odiyal Kool, Kurakkan Puttu, and All That-” by Rani Thangarajah, Nesa Eliezer
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A Siberian or Mongolian drumstick usually is rather spoon shaped.

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drumsticks require some time under the broiler at the end to caramelize their skin until glossy brown, they are otherwise prepfree—it takes only a few minutes to measure out the spices and sauce and get them underway.

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  • I placed the drumstick with the sauce while the sauce was cooking for about 3 minutes. then I placed all in the foil and cooked it for 50 minutes in the oven.

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  • Put the SEASONED drumsticks in boiling water for 20 minuts. After, put them in the saus she just made take them out. Put iT in the oven for 5 minuts and eat iT. Never ever again burned saus or undercoocked meat

  • Making this for dinner. Only change I am making is using as marinade instead of just brushing on. Will brush on more halfway through. Smells fabulous.

  • Omg I made this during the lockdown while babysitting for my daughter. We had nothing but bones left!! I’ll definitely be making this a lot more from now on at family gatherings!!!!thanks for a fantastic recipe!!!!


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  • Hi Rache. I have been looking long time for a simple and delicious recipe for Korean style chicken like this one. I made these last night for supper with wings. OMG so delicious. Thank you for sharing.

  • I MADE THESE AWESOME DRUMSTICKS TODAY!!!! OMG THEY WERE FANTASTIC!!!! THANKS SUE AND GAMBO!!!!!! I DID NOT Have sherry cooking wine; but i did have and used rice cooking wine and still turned out great. I also doubled the sauce because I had a family pack of drumsticks. It all turned out GREAT!!!!!

  • YUM! YUM ��I have a great distance for foil as my older sister would cook everything at 350 for an hour and a half. No spray on the foil. What do you get. Chicken stuck to foil. This is a better method. ��

  • Making it tonight!! Subs banana spicy ketchup since I didn’t have hot sauce…hopefully the results will come out just as great..crossing my fingers

  • I am Chinese, the best way to cook Bok Choy is to poach it in boiled water with half tsp of salt and dash of oil for about 3 min, this keeps the Bok Choy in nice green and shining colour and tasty. one more tricky ideal before you marinate the drumsticks, use sharp knife or fork to stab the drumsticks few times, this helps the marinade penetrate into the meat and easy to cook through.

  • Looks good, but you didn’t mention approximately how long to cook the chicken.You don’t want me cooking the hell out of it like I was doing with my boiled eggs, do you!

  • I just made this chicken, I mean I just took it out of the oven and had a small bite before letting them cool and WOW! Best drumsticks I’ve ever made! I didn’t have all of your same spices so I worked with what I had but DANG! That’s a mighty good chicken! Thank you for this recipe!

  • I made this for dinner tonight and it was soooo good. I didn’t get nearly as much juice from the chicken as you did to make the sauce so I added a couple squirts of bbq sauce. But the cinnamon and ginger really give this a niiiice flavor.

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  • I made this tonight for me and my hubby, had to substitute another spice blend for all purpose seasoning since I dont have that on hand at the moment. I used sriracha lime which I’m sure changed the flavor from the original but none the less it was pretty amazing! I also had to adjust the temp to 400° for my oven. we really enjoyed this recipe thanks so much!! I’ll be doing this for our next sunday family supper for sure!

  • Does the chicken recipe will still taste the same when you use regular hot sauce instead of hot pepper sauce or we are supposedto use hot pepper sauce?

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    I hope youtube paying you for all the ads dem a throw inna yuh videos ��
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  • Good night/morning….I had to try this recipe this evening….and I must say my chicken came out succulent, juicy, tender, tasty…I didn’t use hot pepper sauce because my little daughter doesn’t like spicy food…
    But with the fresh ginger… there is that heat which is warmly welcomed..

    Thanks so much for this recipe.