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The Key To Ending Bickering In Marriage

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Stop Bickering. It’s Killing Your Relationship Esther Perel

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If you bicker a lot with your spouse, it could be because you’re running low on energy. Low energy translates to less self-control and a greater chance of aggression. MONDAY, Dec. 3, 2018 If you bicker a lot with your spouse, it could be because you’re running low on energy. Low energy translates to less self-control and a greater chance of aggression.

The good news: A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that a steady blood glucose level can translate into fewer fights with your spouse. The answer can be as simple as grabbing a snack or, even better, having a relaxing dinner together to put you in a happy mood for the evening ahead. More information.

You can read the entire PNAS study on low blood sugar and bickering online. Are You Married to Bickering? Created: 12/03/2018. Last Updated: 12/03/2018.

Share on: MONDAY, Dec. 3, 2018 (HealthDay News) If you bicker a lot with your spouse, it could be because you’re running low on energy. Low energy translates to less self-control and a greater chance of aggression. Are You Married to Bickering?

If you bicker a lot with your spouse, it could be because you’re running low on energy. Low energy translates to less self-control and a greater chance of aggression. As for bickering like a married couple, it’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it suggests that the two people not only feel comfortable with each other but also that they are willing to face.

I was having lunch last month with a colleague, Nathan. At 65 he’s at the height of his research career, earns a good salary as a university professor and has been married to. If you find yourself bickering with your partner, try using this simple technique: To yourself, name the decision that you’re feeling tempted to bicker about. “We’re arguing about how many. One lady I worked with to transform her marriage said to me, “Nicola I am doing this but it’s not working, the bickering is continuing” I was surprised because with all the married couples I’ve worked with, when a person listen’s, empathize’s and let’s the need to be right go, the bickering. In some cases the answer may be grow up and stop bickering.

But when you’re married to someone with a personality disorder the best advice may be to get out. Carefully. With advanced planning and support.

List of related literature:

We’ve had disagreements, but in fifteen years of marriage, we’ve never had a yelling argument.

“Dewey's Nine Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions” by Vicki Myron, Brett Witter
from Dewey’s Nine Lives: The Legacy of the Small-Town Library Cat Who Inspired Millions
by Vicki Myron, Brett Witter
Simon & Schuster UK, 2010

We have been married over 15 years, and we haven’t had a quarrel, a fight or argument.

“Finding Betty Crocker: The Secret Life of America's First Lady of Food” by Susan Marks
from Finding Betty Crocker: The Secret Life of America’s First Lady of Food
by Susan Marks
Simon & Schuster, 2010

I have seen many couples who have been bickering and fighting for years over the same things.

“You Can be Happy No Matter what: Five Principles Your Therapist Never Told You” by Richard Carlson
from You Can be Happy No Matter what: Five Principles Your Therapist Never Told You
by Richard Carlson
New World Library, 1997

We have had disagreements in the past, of course, but now we’re both irritable and we fight at each other a lot.

“Everything in Its Path” by Kai Erikson
from Everything in Its Path
by Kai Erikson
Simon & Schuster, 1976

Conflict is an inevitable and necessary part of every healthy, mature relationship, but I wouldn’t want to be married to someone who is energized primarily by altercations.

“The Sacred Search: What If It's Not about Who You Marry, But Why?” by Gary Thomas
from The Sacred Search: What If It’s Not about Who You Marry, But Why?
by Gary Thomas
David C Cook, 2013

I’m ashamed to admit this, but early in our marriage my husband and I got into the habit of bickering, and not just when we were alone.

“Couples' Devotional Bible (NIV)” by Zondervan,
from Couples’ Devotional Bible (NIV)
by Zondervan,
Zondervan, 2010

My husband and I bicker constantly.

“The Suicidal Mind” by Edwin S. Shneidman
from The Suicidal Mind
by Edwin S. Shneidman
Oxford University Press, 1998

My own marriage, well—Julian and I alternate between screaming at each other and ignoring each other completely.

“Madness: A Bipolar Life” by Marya Hornbacher
from Madness: A Bipolar Life
by Marya Hornbacher
Houghton Mifflin, 2008

What do you mean by bickering?

“X-Class English Question Bank: Our World Through English” by Vikram Books
from X-Class English Question Bank: Our World Through English
by Vikram Books
Vikram Publishers Pvt Ltd, 2014

She and I rarely argue anymore, and when we do, the disagreements are short­lived for we have learned that it is better to be happy and loved than it is to win the argument.

“Chicken Soup for the Girl's Soul: Real Stories by Real Girls About Real Stuff” by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen
from Chicken Soup for the Girl’s Soul: Real Stories by Real Girls About Real Stuff
by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen
Chicken Soup for the Soul, 2012

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  • Jin: He wants to hold your hand because he likes you
    BTS: OoOoOoHhH
    Yoonmin: *quiet*
    Me: Why aren’t you denying it Suga? You really like him huuuhhh

  • Dear Esther, could it be possible that these short videos be translated or subtitled in different languages? You’re so wise, that your words need to reach as many individuals as possible! Latin America tends (I’m not generalising) to be very reactive rather than reflective and this starts, now I see, in their everyday relationships. Thank you for your wisdom and may you keep on sheding light on these matters. The world needs you.

  • The fact that I’ve never experienced flirt like this with any boys until know and Yoonmin be like this everyday….

  • 7:35
    Yoongi: complains
    Jimin: Then just go home!
    Yoongi: sigh I wish I could.

    This made me laugh so hard. They really sound like a married couple arguing ’bout same old argument. ����

  • Hold up. If taehyung said that was the first time yoongi said ily through text, and jungkook got it through text too.. The hyung line doesn’t even get any. That means jimin is the first person yoongi saud ily face to face?!?!?!?! Ohnmysbshjasn

  • Truth is most women like control there husband. If he speaks back it’s his fault for the bickering. You know that it’s never never the wife’s fault. It’s always the husband fault. Best thing for men to do tune out the static and agree 100 percent to what she says. Old adage is happy wife is a happy life.

  • I just watched a 2020 video and somehow stumbled onto this since it showed up on suggested videos. So amazing to go back in time and see how much the girls have grown yet this family remains genuine. Much love!����

  • Sometimes it is hard not to get angry with each other when you are so stressed out. I am glad you guys worked through it quickly and easily though.:)

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  • LOVE YOU, Esther! Your insights are straight to the point and very helpful. Always food for thought and consideration. Thank You ��������

  • Hahaha! You just have to love Benji and Judy. Love your bickering:p It reminds me of my honey-bear and myself. And I don’t know how you manage with your 3 girlies. Man! You’re amazing parents:D

  • ‘Needs and Expectations’ will always kill a relationship. I can have needs & exceptions of myself but the moment I project this on someone else, then we are in the quicksand of the ego.

  • HUGE LIGHTBULB FOR ME! “You may be right but it ain’t gonna get you what you want!” I always have to be right and I’m learning that’s defensive behavior.

  • ALL CREDITS TO PIENIE11 on Twitter. I forgot to add it at the beginning of this video.
    Twitter account follow her for more edits like this on Twitter

  • 12 years of crazy marriage, I Donnow what to do, she is very nervous person, we have a child of 11 years old now, we can not have a talk for more than 5 mins without fight, recently she threw 2 remote controls on my face and I got hurt, her family has some brain issues, ( her aunt was crazy “schyzofrenic”, her mother has panic attacks, her brother too… It’s genetic ), what to do? I feel trapped, when we first got married she was excessively jealous, making up stories that I had an other girl… Making me feel guilty all the time for no reason, then she after 4 years (we moved from U.S. to my country) she changed and became obsessed with our daughter, all her focus was on her, I’m out of the picture, then, we moved to her country ( she did not accept to stay in my country) during all those years, we fight about 3 times a week, sex is a luxury ( 6 times maybe per year). I think about divorce all the time, but I don’t want to hurt my daughter that I love so much…she has a PhD, very smart, but her behavior is crazy, she is not the person I married, I tried to go to couple therapy lost money, nothing changes…. I plan to divorce every 2 or 3 days and then I let go Bcz of my daughter I’m so tired, it’s 2 AM, I’m sick I got cold, there is no love in my life, I feel hopeless, lonely.

  • I have had strong anger with my BF due to his no response and no discussion about our future plan. He is a Ph.D. student in Lausanne in Switzerland and I am in New York. We use to be in the same school but after his visa was rejected several times we were apart from each other for over 2 years. He spent another 1 year to have successfully applied a new school in Swiss. During his long application time, I was almost his therapist to cheer him up. Then he went to Lausanne and I am still in NYC. I think I can get through this long distance relationship. But I found myself wanted to have our future plans. After his ignorance of my plan discussion several days ago, I said broke up but I cannot do it because I love him. Now he got much less active to talk to me online(what we usually do). I am very worried if I hurt him. I know that he sometimes could go to a low mood time without contacting people. I am desperately want to be with him but we cannot see each other due to visa restrictions. Now I think I am fine to be here but I do not want him to suffer. Should I stop contacting him or be more active to contact him? Or let him go?

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  • A great video. This video tells about the things that may be killing our relationship. Click here to know more

  • This was Soooo on point and enlightening!! Thank you so much for sharing your gift with us, it is greatly appreciated and needed!!!������������

  • This sure can work with an understanding and caring partner, however I think a lot of people find themselves in the situation of having to go around on tiptoes and come up with the polite formulations just to make their partner to do even the smallest thing, like putting plates in the dishwasher, or dedicating some time to spend time together.

  • Hello Esther, relationships are interesting, beautyful and difficult at the same tame. If it would be possible, could you please do a material about caring vs maipulation? Thank you!

  • After watching an excessive amount of UMWA content, it finally clicked who Ohm reminded me of. Anybody else feel like he’s a real life (not over exaggerated) versions of Good from LBC???? His movements are so relaxed and slow. He almost never snaps his head to look in any one direction. It might just be me xD

  • Her Intentionally Connective Emotional Intelligence’ Is Hypnotic! I’m Loving Her ‘Rivot Laden Velvet Healing Bridge’ of The True Nurturing Premis’ and Value of The Relationally Lasting Promis!����������

  • I told her she was right. And smiled when I said it.
    Gave myself a day off, eat a seafood omlett for breakfast, steak, a beer and a whisky sour during lunch, went home took a l9ng shower wore some new clothes. Packed my bags and left a letter with One Word:


    Now my pwn place my own voice. She’s still right and Alone.

  • WHEN TAE WAS HOLDING BACK YOONGI AFTERWARDS HE WAS LIKE “do it! do it!” (rough translation) THEN JIMIN SMACKS HIM WITH THE HAT AND SAYS “do what? do what?!” (rough translation again)

  • My husband is constantly fighting with me and never hear me and nothing is good, he has so much anger i just have to say he is covered narcissist, he is 59 years old but he actually acts like 3 years old ��������

  • My parents have been bickering nonstop my entire life the hateful, hyper-critical stuff that means they no longer even sleep in the same bed and no one in their lives can see a single shred of love or respect between them.

    Pray for them to get divorced sooner rather than later so that they and my entire family will be happier ��

  • I honestly don’t understand why everyone thinks there is something wrong with them arguing. Judy is right, it is normal for couples to bicker. You learn and grow from arguments. 

  • I laughed when she said I don’t see the question in this lol He was just talking about how his woman was so critical of him & he couldn’t do anything right, including asking a question lol hes just bad with words.

  • I remember asking my now ex husband to do the dishes before he went to work since he generally started work later. I’d come home after he left, dishes still not done which means dinner took longer to make. I’d ask again, still didn’t do them and no matter how much I asked him and how nice I was and thanked him the seldom times he did do it, it was still rare when he did it. Thinking about it now just fills me with so much rage.

  • My boyfriend and I are always arguing and it wrecks me. I wish he could listen to this because it is true and it is what’s happening between us.

  • Benji said after observing the twins literally minutes after being born that Keira will be a handful while Mia will just be chillin ��

  • 7:55 I can’t stop repeating this I love how jimin tell yoongi he skip breakfast and yoongi says “so what?” then they both laugh makes my heart crazy����

  • Hahahaha… Coming out of a 5 year old relationship… All I ‘EXPECTED’ was she ask me what did I eat today…. I never asked anything else… But that one small thing was never met… never… and finally I was dumped… I never bickered… I simply stated my need… yet it never went anywhere.

  • Dear Esther, I learnt a great life lesson from this video of yours. I know I killed the relationship with my boyfriend by bickering him constantly out of my own insecurity, fear and anxiety. Now our relationship is at stake. He has pulled away for me greatly. How do I fix this? Pls make a video on this. I’m sure many would benefit from this including me.

  • Honestly all these videos are old I think they used to be together but they broke due to whatever causes but there is still soft spot or a rather lingering feeling they may get every now and then

  • If you don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing at all. You all acting like you know shit although you just get to see the highlight reel of a 24hr day. Stop going against Judy or Benji otherwise just stop watching the vlogs if you can’t handle real life. Yes, a real guy provokes you when you need it at least, he burps and farts and us women we can be diva and annoying as f either. But SEE! They move on with their life happily wether you keep ranting about them or not!

    Those who are constantly criticising Benji or Judy have actually no idea how a real relationship/marriage functions. Stop watching too many korean dramas and chick flicks you guys.

  • My jaws are paining because of non stop laughter…too cute too cute…and your editing is great..that titanic music was too good

  • No, I don’t WANT to be married, I want to be in a relationship with someone I can be sure cares enough about me -that is, that his actions speak.

  • I don’t use “never” & “always” because its a falsehood that leads elsewhere &deviates from the matter at hand. However, these terms are a habitual pattern of his speech

  • You may be right but Aint going to Get what you want..You need to ask your Self Do u want to be Right or want to be married in Other Words its better to be WISE Then RIGHT.

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  • Forget about the bickering, oh my gosh I literally could not stop laughing and replaying the part where Benji imitates Juliana walking! So funny.

  • Yoongi: I guess Jimin hates me
    Jimin: Hyung, I like you hyung
    Yoongi: ah, you’re sc scaring me so go away

    Literally has me dying every single time ����

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  • 1:02 (Did anybody else have a flashback to Type protecting Tharn)
    I died when Kao hid behind Earth
    Then Earth flexed and put up his fists saying: Baby will protect his Daddy ⚡

  • Yiu didn’t even edit this video but you have the audacity to cut the editor’s watermark and put your own. Credit the real editor Sir/Ma’am, Pie really work hard to edit this!!!

  • Is Benji obnoxious in this vlog or what? I happened to re-view this to see the babies as infants, but Benji drove me nuts! Had to stop half way through!

  • Your baby Julianna bear is so cute I watched all of your video last week ago and I have a question for you in this video why did Julianna have short hair

  • I always love these vlogs but Benji and Judy need to tone it down and get away from each other if possible. Benji sounds irritated and rude almost this whole vlog. I understand there’s a toddler and twins but geez!!!

  • It is soooooo normal for any couple to bicker. It’s nice to see that you and benji bicker and that not everything is always perfect. Lol

  • Jimin: I’ll always love u
    *yoonmin lock eyes
    Me: uwuwu
    Also Jimin: nah I’ll take the dont lose weight �� ��
    Im telling tae is just looking for anything to get Jimin in trouble ��

  • The bread was pretty good especially for the first time. I would suggest deeper cuts and more water. When bread doesn’t get enough water it hardens. Good job benji!

  • I don’t think you should be sharing everything in your lives. Marriage is sacred and the whole world doesn’t need to know your business..just saying. This is coming from a married person by the way.

  • good luck with jimin’s wife in future, jimin will torture you with his sexy body and sexy smile… And tae wife too.. ������������

  • Congratulations on your little blessings!!! Ive been watching your channel ever since I found out I was pregnant I had my little one a month n a half before yours and I just wanna say the way that you are handling everything is sooo amazing!! Great job!!

  • Omg, Judy I feel for you with the bickering. My husband does the same, where it’s all about him all the time. Benji was trippin’. I swear I thought you were going to hit him in the car. You’re fantastic!

  • I think my biggest problem is my concern that I need her to respect me long-term and when she gets passive aggressive or rolls her eyes, how am I supposed to react to that? One part of me sais “dont say anything” but that worries me because it might stay that way and if I tolerate that she will take it as lisence that she can disrespect me as much as she wants, which will transform me into a person that tolerates when others walk all over him.. But then the other part of me is “call her out on it.” But when I do that it usually ends up in a fight, shes crying, im sad and a sleepless night.

    I’m trying to figure out what the right balance is because I need to stay commited to this woman.

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  • Thanks. Very helpful knowledge. However, my partner is not open to listening to things like this. I have asked her to show me one video or article that she thinks I should read to help our relationship but flat out told me she wasn’t going to read anything I send her from Psychology Today or any video like this. It would mean a lot to me if she could. She is incredibly emotionally and psychologically manipulative and abusive. She berates me and gaslights me, and wants to start fights with me constantly.

    I don’t even want to be in this relationship anymore but, partially due to clients reducing budgets because of covid, I cannot afford to break up.

    I just want to have some goddamned peace while we are trying to live together. It’s really sad that money is the reason I have to sit here and put up with someone this abusive. It’s draining my soul and building up resentment.

  • This resonates with me because I now know what kindness and polite request does not get you, rude, hurtful words will never…. in which case lightheartedly look for another way of getting your need met.

  • Does your husband have a channel by chance?
    Thank you for sharing, we do this a lot. It’s gotten better over time, but I know it can be much better.

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  • Wow Jennifer! I am so amazed at God. We just had this conversation last week about our marriage too! It’s such a Romans 7 issue we keep doing what we do not want to do. We find that it’s vital to not just apologize, but to fully turn and make a plan for the future. Our enemy will not stop tempting us so we must be on guard! -a

  • I love your love and how much Judy and Benji devote to your family, but if you change the energy between both of you, I see stress, aggressive, and loud attitude. Children would be hot-temper, short concentration, self consciousness. They lead to pessimism over everything that upset them. Please start at the early birth.

  • What do you do if you approach it right and your partner still gets angry. See for me, my wife gets angry and offended when I have a feeling or insecurity about her because she feels offended that I would even believe that. Example, I feel she pokes at me at times to get a reaction. So I approached her nicely and she begins to feel bothered. She gets angry fast and a lot

  • Its soo awesome how Benji is really economical with food, and he turns the leftovers into delicious dishes… #learning  from u Benji:)

  • their personalities complete each other and sorry not sorry they made me jealous and crying over my singleness in the corner lmao��

  • great video! A house divided will not stand! Thank you for your videos, such a blessing! would much appreciate your sub, as my page is brand new. I feel a call to women’s ministry and am stepping out in faith by creating this channel.

  • Earth mi bb hermoso yo respecto este chico y lo almiro mucho por vivir su vida como el quiere y es féliz me gusta que cada pareja que le toque en las series lo quieran t respeten a mi bb hermoso concentido

  • I love this cast so much, how Earth is so talkative and hyperactive, kao is like “calm down”, ohm is a softie and fluke is always smiling, and the others just watch everything hahaha

  • Me to myself: We gotta take a break from BLs series/edits/ships and focus on homework-

    KaoEarth joins the chat

    Me to myself: We don’t do those things here bro.

  • Please watch the video on the original video editors channel. Give the views to the person who worked hard for it.

  • 2:16

    Kao: Earth,if you don’t bring Daddy,then He gonna do it…( #DoEverythingToNotBeBringByHisBro)

    Ohm: get away Look am not into this kay’ so let me get out of this ( #Save_Ohm_2020)

  • Wtf? Guys you all need to chill. Its not like benji has beaten her up or something. Also you dont know him personally so pls dont write mean comments without overthinking them. He may feel miserable after reading so many hate comments and nobody deserves that (besides real aholes like s** p***)

  • The editing on this cracked me up! They’re really funny on their own, but the captions and the sound effects had me DYING! Like tbh Earth and Kao are such good friends that they just push each other’s buttons. Plus the fact that Earth is literally the embodiment of the phrase “chaotic ball of sunshine” ��

  • As time goes by bright is being soft and whipped by win and the awkwardness is gone and we can see that their relationship is getting better and win is not shy anymore.

  • I started watching them when Bright boycot trending on twitter.. So i thought like is he a rude artist so when i start searching his name and watch 2gether i realize his not rude his playful…i started watching them last night until now I’ve been doing a marathon watching all their video and now im addicting..Bright is very talkative and sulk easily so i find it cute

  • Yes that watch live moment when Bright’s voice cracked asking when have I ever won while cheating cracked me up so much

    This video isn’t supposed to be this cute

  • this hits different now that we got the kiss scene we’ve always asked for ����❤ we’ll definitely miss them thank you for this vid!!

  • I swear, each day they get closer, they get into a lot of bickering and playful arguments especially when it comes to playing games, I’m so glad they are being so comfortable around each other even more these past few months, can’t wait to see their relationship develop more ��