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Father’s Day is approaching, raising questions about the safety of visiting fathers and grandfathers. A doctor offers guidelines. Can you visit your dad safely on Father’s Day?Finally, can your in-person visit follow social distancing recommendations?

Can you be six feet apart – ideally, outdoors – wash hands frequently and avoid physical contact? Remember, it may be tough not to hug, especially if you do decide to bring children. If so, finally, you need to examine your own and your father’s risk tolerance.

Can you visit your dad safely on Father’s Day? A doctor gives you a checklist. by Claudia Finkelstein, The Conversation. Take dad to the doctors.

Sunday, June 16 is Father’s Day, and if you haven’t gotten dad a gift yet, his health might be something to consider. Sometimes it can be hard to convince dad to go to the doctor, but health experts are urging families to encourage men to get a regular checkup. Dr. Father’s Day is meant to be a fun day to celebrate with family and tell your dad how much you love him. But, It can be hard to celebrate Father’s Day if your dad is stuck in the hospital.

We’ve come up with a gift guide to help you celebrate and show appreciation to your dad even if he’s stuck in the hospital. Jun 13, 2016 1:00 AM. Author: Alana Schroeder, MA Father’s Day can be an emotional time of year if dad is no longer with you.

But whether you’re young, old, a parent, or childless, just because your father has passed away doesn’t mean you have to bury yourself under the covers and wait for the day to be over. Breaking down exactly how preventative diseases can be stopped in their tracks through a doctor’s visit is a good step towards helping dad realize the clinic isn’t just a last resort destination. See a doctor who can help. Find Primary care doctors near you. They are able to think about the whole patient and all of their problems.

In addition, you father should see a cardiologist because of his coronary artery disease. This doctor will focus on making sure that his medical regimen for his heart is optimized. At least some of you, and at least when you come into the doctor’s office, clueless about your kid’s health.

Daniel Summers Updated Apr. 14, 2017 4:47PM ET / Published Feb. 23, 2014 6:45AM ET.

Rose has to learn how hard it is to sacrifice in Fathers Day. It’s rough. As far as 9 and Rose go, it seems like, although it might be difficult, the Doctor can and will sacrifice a companion to save the world, but with Rose, he might sacrifice or even end the world (or all of them) to save Rose.

So sorry for the ranty nature. I’m rushing out.

List of related literature:

My father would visit him at the hospital as often as he could.

“Born On A Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant” by Daniel Tammet
from Born On A Blue Day: Inside the Extraordinary Mind of an Autistic Savant
by Daniel Tammet
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Um, Dad’s usually gone—he’s a doctor—gone a lot.

“The Premarital Counseling Handbook” by H. Norman Wright
from The Premarital Counseling Handbook
by H. Norman Wright
Moody Publishers, 1992

I knew what that visit would be like: a lot of questions, especially about my diet and insulin and my medical history, and then maybe a few quick tests, followed by plans for the workup in his clinic on Monday and Tuesday.

“The Baby-Sitters Club #3: The Truth About Stacey” by Ann M. Martin
from The Baby-Sitters Club #3: The Truth About Stacey
by Ann M. Martin
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My father never missed a day of work on account of health.

“Growing Up Latino: Memoirs and Stories” by Harold Augenbraum, Ilan Stavans
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After a bone marrow biopsy, Mrs. Smith, who is caring for her mother and ill father at home along with an 18-month-old infant, is visited by an oncologist and several residents.

“LPN to RN Transitions: Achieving Success in Your New Role” by Nicki Harrington, Cynthia Lee Terry
from LPN to RN Transitions: Achieving Success in Your New Role
by Nicki Harrington, Cynthia Lee Terry
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Oktay Kutluk

Kutluk Oktay, MD, FACOG is one of the world's foremost experts in fertility preservation as well as ovarian stimulation and in vitro fertilization for infertility treatments. He developed and performed the world's first ovarian transplantation procedures as well as pioneered new ovarian stimulation protocols for embryo and oocyte freezing for breast and endometrial cancer patients.

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  • I recommended for parents (especially fathers) of boys the book Boys Should Be Boys by Dr. Meg Meeker. A great read with strong and sound advice.

  • Shrinks making up mental disorder’s to make money just like medical doctors, absolutely disgusting. Every symptom she talks about all people have to a degree.

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  • True masculinity is godly masculinity. Jesus set the example.
    The command for a husband is to LOVE. The way a man leads is to love. I think some men are more comfortable with the take charge, lead, description, to describe their role, when the biblical mandate for a husband towards the wife is to LOVE her; the way he leads her is to love her like Christ loved the church. This does include leadership, but he loves righteously, humbly, sacrificially, emulating Jesus Christ to her. He leads by example. He does have the responsibility and accountability to God for the decisions that are made. He’s also responsible for including his wife as his partner and advisor, and as his helpmeet; yet he will be held accountable for the decision making no matter what. This, instead of the domineering, power tripping, controlling etc, which appeals to the ego and the flesh, stems from insecurity, and is indeed toxic masculinity.

  • “How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he was never born”
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  • i am only recently discovering that this is for sure what i have. all 9 traist to look for as described bydr ramani are a descriotion of my life since my latest traumatic eveent of my moms suicude which followed my sisters murder. added to childhood shit leads me to now. but an “episode ” for m is wen something, usually not a big deal to others, like my husband havong a conversation with most any female even though i know hes not going to cheat ever, i will hear conversations that dont happen, i will imagine things that arent there and to me i am losing him i go into panic mode i will cry rock grab him like hes leaving m when everyone aroundis like wtf is going on

  • I don’t believe in ghosts, but for some reason, I’m terrified of them. I also have ways to keep them away, like light and sound. Also, if there is enough air going, then they can’t form. Again, I don’t actually believe in ghosts, but I still don’t like to sleep in complete darkness without noise. I’m okay with complete darkness with noise, or no noise and not complete darkness, but not both.

  • This man called and asks about how to keep his son masculine and this beta gives the most beta answer possible won’t even say it’s ok to be a young white masculine man.

  • I’m 15 and am trying to figure out why I’m so different and “weird”. I have horrible anxiety(social anxiety) and experience all of these symptoms. I am seeing a new therapist for my anxiety and want to bring up that I think I have BPD, but don’t want to be wrong because ik I’ll feel worse about myself. Any advice?

  • I’m 15 and am trying to figure out why I’m so different and “weird”. I have horrible anxiety(social anxiety) and experience all of these symptoms. I am seeing a new therapist for my anxiety and want to bring up that I think I have BPD, but don’t want to be wrong because ik I’ll feel worse about myself. Any advice?

  • All this marketing scammers, he has the same story as rich dad poor dad. When you look in to the past of these so called investments gurus, all their companies went bankrupt. Like Richard Kiyosaki the master scammer all his companies went bankrupt. The only company of his that made him money was an overprices scam course and his books his sold. Comman people a real rich person will not waste his life educationg people, he wil drink coctails and chill out with his money.

  • So many of you here own that you have BPD. Kudos! I understand it’s highly stigmatized. My son’s mother is BPD and despite being diagnosed she will not own it. She told me she couldn’t get pregnant and then did it to trap me. She claimed common law marriage and has been dragging me through court for 2 years. I’m struggling big time with all this and there is no end in sight.. Anyway, can anyone suggest a way for me to get her to get treatment for it?

  • from someone who has bpd just take some time to reflect on your emotions before you act on them I know it’s hard but it’s better to stop for a second and think before you act on what your feeling

  • If someone reacts negatively to something that I’ve said I’ll feel like the worst person on the planet, I get an intense feeling of anxiety, my chest goes tight and it feels like someone is squeezing my heart, I’ll feel like I want to hurt myself and just back into a corner and disappear from the world, I’ll go all quiet and find it difficult to respond to that person and reply with one word answers like ‘mhm’, but then that person will think I’m being ‘weird’ and unreasonable and say that I’m being rude for using one word answers, but I can’t help it there is literally no other words I can say in that moment..

  • Yes I’m in therapy now for this. It’s a terrible feeling not knowing how to feel and I go from 90 to nothing in 1 second. From something making me overly happy or overly mad..overly sad..and I look like a crazy person around others. I been living with this 41 years and just recently got help.

  • Can this be a disorder that is caused by constant aggressiveness from a loved one to the person? A controlling personality that cannot let you be yourself w/o screaming @ you for what seems hours? Day after Day? Can one be influenced by subliminal recordings to then act out in ways that are highly productive but also not @all like their normal behaviors?

  • “How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he was never born”
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  • Hey Dave he says he’s carries your show, you gonna let this beta talk like that about you??? If so I will not be telling people about you anymore. I thought you were a good source of solid information, but now this just makes you look weak! Not good Dave

  • I was diagnosed with BPD years ago. I suffered years of childhood sexual abuse. This lady is spot on. I can’t tell you how many times I have told my husband I wish I could just be “normal”.

  • i’m having a peak of bpd, i’m 18
    and i swear i feel so unstable and empty
    i’m deeply in pain, i just want to live normally or just enjoy things again

  • Ok so I don’t know if I should go to the doctor because I’m scared of my parents not understanding but if I can get some advice from someone about this that would be great. I have really weird moments in time that can last like 30 min to a whole day where I have not a lot empathy and emotion it just feels idk numb like empty and sad and stuff and it will randomly start in the middle of a day where I’m feeling really happy and I’m with my friends and stuff and I’ll just get that empty weird feeling and just be really out of it and aggressive like really long mood swings I guess but it’s an empty feeling not strong emotion. I could totally be over exaggerating and it’s just really bad mood swings but even if it is does anyone have any advice for it?

  • I think the reason no one knows how the criteria is met is becase it comes from households where they always make a child feel like they over exaggerate and possibly bullied by siblings

  • “How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he was never born”
    Imam Ali (ra)

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  • You also should say, that those who are tormented by these types of people, or ones that are even worse off mentally; do NOT have to put up with these types of people! My ex-wife was this bad and at times even worse…hence the term ex-wife!!! I haven’t seen the crazy bitch since 1979! If I ever do see her again, it’ll be for the last time! I have been happily married now for over 37 years:) Still, I have some bad memories of that witch! I learned the hard way, that I also have rights! I have the right NOT have those kinds of people in my life! It’s NOT always just about them! Funny, when we were dating, there was NO problems. She said, that she shared most of my interest. We had fun, did all kinds of things. Then about a week after we were married, which was about 6 months after we began dating, everything went to hell! I couldn’t do anything right! I was being accused of having affairs and plotting against her! Also she didn’t like anything that I liked! Who does this kind of thing??? We got married in June of 1978 and one night in Nov of 1979 I was asleep on the sofa. I awoke from my dog barking. I looked up and she was over me with a butcher knife! I was able to defend myself. I tied her rotten ass to a chair, got my belongings and put them and my dog in my car…she had her own car. I came back inside before I drove away and cut her free and I told her; if I ever see your ass again, I’ll finish this fight!
    People can have whatever mental problem they like, but they aren’t going to have them around me!!! Oh, and don’t tell me that it’s not a choice! It may not be a choice, but they make it a choice to either take their meds or not! I had a massive heart attack. I HAVE to take different meds…if I stop taking them I die! Just like other medical conditions like those who have to take insulin or cancer meds, to stop taking them means death to us. But, these freaks get meds and say, I am cured I feel better and stop taking them and others could and have died because of that! Or they say, that they didn’t like how it made them feel, so they stop taking them! You think I like some of my meds??? People who take certain cancer meds makes their hair fall out…do you think they like that! These people NEED to have someone making sure that they take their meds. If they refuse, then they need to be put away to keep our communities safe! If one of them harmed my wife, children, or grandkids…don’t think for a second that they’d ever live long enough to see the inside of a courtroom!!! All I understand is this: these people need to take their damn meds and stay on them! If they don’t and come to my home causing problems for my family…I’ll end their problems myself! I HAVE the right not to be hurt by these people!

  • This is heart breaking. It’s cyclical behavior. I never wanted to be mentally ill.

    My Mother has BPD, Father has Schizophrenia, and Bipolar.

    I don’t really fret on people leaving me, I just think they will sooner or later due to my erratic behavior.

    I have been working on my issues, but occasionally a trigger goes off, and I go ballistic.

    I feel trapped in my head. I have lost family because of this.

  • I hate this so much because I have SOOO much love for my girlfriend but I push her away so much because I can’t control my self and I know it’s bad after.
    I’m genuinely scared not only to lose her but what my mind will do if I lose her. I don’t wanna do something stupid

  • I agree with John. I’m in recovery and highly suggest introducing him to someone in a 12 step fellowship. I also happen to be a counselor as well.

    Many will disagree with me but if he does not get/stay clean I believe there is nothing wrong with a long distance relationship. If he is using the only help you should offer is a ride to detox or a ride to a 12 step meeting.

  • i aint even gonna watch this video, but i guarantee you all have a disorder, you lie, you cheat, and you manipulate people to meet your ends. dog eat doggy

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    If we are understanding the concepts you present and put them into motion, then ideally perhaps following the “Cash Flow” chart would look something like this, and please guide or correct us as needed:

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  • This has some great updated info. I have BPD & Bi-Polar disorder and everything the doctor explains is great information. I was diagnosed as bi-polar after 8 yrs counseling & then after a breakdown I was inpatient and by having 7 of the 9 criteria I was also diagnosed as BPD also! I am 60 now & have a great husband who supports me in all things.
    I would love to ask this doctor about ways to deal with a new added irritant, memory loss, any help on managing this alongside my BPD & Bi-polar & my AADD?

  • What if the person has three of the traits can they still be diagnosed with the disorder? What if they are like an angry parent and talking like a child the next.

  • i’m a pretty well-regulated BPD after years of therapy and medication, so my episodes don’t really look like outbursts anymore. they tend to look like splitting, isolating, and turning inward. also dissociation, low energy and mood.

  • There’s so much evidence out there that tells you the government doesn’t care about us, but of course they try not to show it over the media. The internet itself is a mind trap. That’s one of the major reasons why so many people have uncontrollable egos. At the end of the day, follow your soul, not what someone tells you.

  • Would really like to see the Fawn-Flight, Fawn-Fight, Flight-Fawn, Fight-Fawn subtypes (ala Paul Walker book on C-PTSD) featured inside MedCircle relating to BPD. I can attest that this is a massive gap that is missing that is impacting millions of people battling BPD or BPD traits inside C-PTSD

  • I was diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder or BPD. Sharing my story to anyone willing to listen.

  • i exhibit 8 of the 9 symptoms and relate really hard w a lot of the accounts about what it’s like to have BPD, and I always thought everyone feels like this?
    Lmao anyway I can’t afford to get a diagnosis, so what’s the point. We will speculate and suffer.

  • I’m bi polar one with BPD and I appreciate your take on episodes or not episodes. I will say my Bi polar episodes are very real and I imagine the BPD on top of them plays a very big role in the length of the episodes as well as the hardships that come along with dealing with them. Seek medication and therapy is my one true advise. I have been hospitalized more then once but believe in the process!!!there are good programs out there. My prayers go out to all of you beautiful souls ������

  • I had a customer at my job tell me that the reason we are expected to hide our faces with the masks is, not because of covid, but to protect Muslims from discrimination because now nobody can be identified by camera surveillance

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  • “How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he was never born”
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  • This sounds like what may have happened to my nephew. He committed suicide a few years ago, but I know that he didn’t mean to. We were very close and I think he just blacked out and made the wrong decision. ��


  • My husband has been diagnosed BPD with narcissistic tendencies. It has been a rough 18 years, sometimes I think I can’t be in this relationship any longer. Exhausting.

  • I have BPD symptoms and honestly this is really hard somedays I feel the lowest of low and others some good days I feel happy like I won a competition or something but most of the time I have this intense anger or a feeling of disgust that is killing me. I also feel like I have to please everyone all the time because if I say something they might not like very much they will abandon me

  • I was diagnosed back in 2010. Had no help at all. The UK has basically nothing unless you go private and even doing that, the closest place is so far away id have to move house:-( lost my kids cuz of it. Learning slowly what works to try and control the major things like the suicide attempts but ill never be aloud my kids again….not until they’re 18:-(

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  • Marvin davenport… I’m so glad you find this funny and concentrating on decor. You obviously have a problem and that is why you’re watching this video. Hope you had a good laugh.. The real hurting people don’t find this funny at all. I have more scars on my wrists than your funny rug. Quudos to you…..

  • I am someone diagnosed with BPD the last 10 or 11 years. I feel like when I ‘over react’ I mean it but I feel like its appropriate at the time, and then after, I can tell ive overstepped how to act and ive hurt ppl

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    Ένα γεγονός θα ήταν: Είχα μια δύσκολη

  • A conspiracy theory that ended up being true was the Operation Condor, 99% of them are just fake but that 1% that is actually real makes me think a lot.

  • I have BPD, when I have an episode I solely feel like my entire world is ending around me, that I am unloved & uncared for. I feel like my life has ended, my boyfriend is so good to me though, it only takes one hug from him AND IM FINE LIKE A FREAKING LIGHT SWITCH! It’s like I can go from feeling like death from an episode to completely fine within a 10 minute span.

  • I most often notice my frustration boiling over into rage when I’m doing something that goes wrong or I encounter delay/difficulty. Like, dropping things, being clumsy, misplacing things, looking for things. I’ve noticed that I rage out sometimes when this happens. Especially if I’m trying to do something in a hurry. Or if I’m hungry. I think everyone finds this stuff annoying but the BPD kicks in when you feel like you can’t get past the moment without expelling the rage somehow. I often throw something. But I’m really trying to let the moment pass, even if I have to stop what I’m doing completely and just breathe for a few minutes until my blood pressure lowers. It’s bizarre. Your brain knows it needs to calm down but your body wants to smash something…all over something like not being to find your keys for 3 minutes. Lol…
    Like many say, it’s random. It could happen a hundred times and you feel fine but every once in a while the stars align and your patience is gone, stress high and bam. Temper tantrum.

  • “How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he was never born”
    Imam Ali (ra)

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  • I have just been diagnosed today with bpd, just am wanting some advice for the best treatment as I have heard there is no medication that can treat bpd and how does everyone deal with there emotions?? Thanks

  • Thank you for bringing up the difference between BPD and Bipolar. I’m Bipolar and it’s very frustrating when people confuse the two.

  • I experienced one of these with my ex who was diagnosed with BPD. He became this completely other person, it was like he was utterly destroyed inside and hopeless, sobbing, spending hours telling me that everything he used to love and enjoy was now ruined. At the time I was so scared by his reaction and unsure what to say or do. It was way beyond anything I’d ever experienced with anyone before. I wish I’d known what was going on back then but these videos definitely help me to understand better. He didn’t get diagnosed until after our relationship ended. And I’m just now learning all these things that we went through were from BPD.

  • Nice one, Tom.
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  • My family is really struggling with money at the moment. They get into big fights and arguments every week and we have a family of six. They are in a lot of debt and can’t pay on time. I’m trying to help but my help help is useless. It’s like helping someone who is about to fall off a cliff with a small dry twig. I came to this video to get some tips but if any of you people know some other really useful tips can you please share them with me, it would mean alot if you can please help.

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  • Everyone knows we live in a web of lies and myths. Conspiracy is normal, it’s how the pyramid scheme that is this top down debt based system operates; everyone believes and does what their payer tells them.

    Each circle of wealth has its own disclosure rules, that when broken, result in the violator’s cancelation or in some cases more extreme measures. Information is held over everyone’s heads, when money fails to coerce, information and lies are used to ensure people stay in line.

    The basis of conspiracy is thus easy to understand. And yes every market and industry under finance is profit driven, so crime does profit the prisons, and sickness does profit ‘health care’, etc.

    But you know this already and are yourself being paid to gaslight people. Disgraceful behavior.

  • Wish I knew what BPD was when I met my current wife.
    She is an amazing tyrant, liar, cheater, triggered dumb Bicccth, 24/7 now.
    Life has been thrown out the window.
    If you meet someone with BPD, RUN!!!! There is no cure, and these people are completely psychotic. They have no care for anyone or anything but themselves.
    The triggers are really just temper tantrums, like a 3 year old, when they don’t get everything in the world that they want. For free.
    If you know someone with BPD, get out while you still can.

  • A question for the conspiracy theorists: How does someone join the illuminati or new world order? Do they advertise on recruitment websites? Do they have a training centre? Do they have a uniform? Where do they get their office stationary and furniture from? What do they tell their wife and kids when they get home from work? What’s happened to all the illuminati or NWO workers who’s retired? How about all the support staff who must be in on it like delivery drivers, admirers, tech support, cleaners and the cook who works in the illuminati canteen?

  • I fit into all 9 traits… and occasionally I experience panic episodes over something as small as I can’t find something or a disagreement that is so little…. etcetera. I’m currently diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder because of my mood swings and impulsivity as well as being high in anger. I believe I’ve been misdiagnosed. It’s always a cycle of fear of abandonment for me on top of trauma…

  • How about just trying to alleviate the agony of not knowing who u truly are or why u were put on this earth. Does someone else deserve the oxygen I breath more then me. Tremendous guilt for breathing. Volcano of anger, where does it come from and where did it go. Yes, addiction for emptiness. Feet never touched the ground when I was carried out by 4 cops in hand and leg cuffs. 55 yo woman.

  • “How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he was never born”
    Imam Ali (ra)

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  • This is very sad on my part that i have such nice family and friends and no one knows that i am suffering from BPD for years now and its growing. I have a best friend and she is my wife i told her abot how i feel rather she has seen my mood swings, trust in people and in me.. but she thinks this is just in my head or i over watch YouTube to gain my knowledge and i am adaptive but she is too nice and supportive so I don’t really judge her the way I judge other people. Initially i thought the same way as my wife was saying but after loosing my job for 3 years now, loosing all my lifetime savings (not on drugs or alcohol, but helping my family) and giving myself ample time to recover and cooling down its not helping, rather its getting worse, for last year or so I have been going through sleep disorder as well (cant sleep coz of things happened or happening, my brain starts talking when i sleep) and i think due to this i might loose my wife and my close ones, also feel like i should give up everything and stay aloof (just leave) as i am not sure how to treat or react to people (ppl dont like me). You just can’t go to some psychiatrists to ask for help, as people around you are watching you and again they might stop you or make fun of you or change their perception bout you. I wish i had a really close person who could understand this and support to help out. I am writing something i really feel and want to share. But if you are in same condition as me then i know how you are feeling. Take care.

  • Okay so I 100% have BPD. I have anger outbursts at work and now only one person talks to me. My girlfriend and I just broke up and I keep accusing her of being unfaithful cause she’s living with me so we can save to get her a car, and I always just assume the worst when she’s gone and that she hates me. I got angry just watching this video cause the interviewer said “wow what number are we on? I’m exhausted just hearing this” while I’m completely invested into what Dr. Ramani is saying, it felt like he just couldn’t wait for her to get her “lecture” over with and just plug his newsletter as much as possible. You say there’s resources but it’s hard when you feel like you’re such a burden to people and you want to avoid everyone so that no one has to deal with your emotional outbursts. I hate being broken.


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  • Im having a really bad episode rn. I’m feeling paranoid and I’m reacting and spiraling and making the situation much worse I feel guilty but I can’t stop

  • I love your videos. You’ve totally inspired me to start my own channel as well. I hope to be just as big and to positively impact others just like you do ��. Great content and keep up the good work.

  • Hello my preferred name is Jeffree and I am not open like this but feel identity is a huge issue with myself and one I am searching tomsolve of even possible with BPD and cptsd (complicated mess) I have been transitioning “ftm “‘for now 2 years and waiting for the surgical part, though, very worried that my transformation to date as a passing Male 110% is my very impressive full coverage body mask to keep from being assaulted, touched and even by seeing any reflection created such shame, disgrace and would sicken me as I would want to hide away from everyone,
    So I openly share this of myself, for reasons that other individuals can see that they belong, you belong and together and along side our therapists and possible groups we can stand tall…..# Can hope be a thing, be attainable????!!

    This diagnosis for myself and after much research into this personality disorder and the very fact that i’ve still to hear anyone speak of how anyone can tackle ‘successfully” individuals that not only dealing with this diagnosis but a shit load of childhood traumas before 5yrs of age, whereas after almost 5yrs of age and already gone through multiple emergency fosters, 1 a bit longer and where there was not the ability to always keep the 3 siblings together and then the eventual placing of what or how I’ve always seen myself as and nothing more than a litter of abused, unloved and very much unwanted pups to be purchased by another, “family” who got to view us siblings and “they, the new family with their “own 3 natural kids”
    Got to bring chips for us and well, I pretty much lost my only family to enter another with their own blood children and non of them, forget love, they didn’t like me and made sure I knew…..
    There is so much more that makes the C in CPTSD is the part that continues to make me daily fight against the darkness of fear of having what strength it’s taken all the years to stay in this world and now and after unfollowed through DBT and CBT and therapists that were only set in place temporarily and then Lefton my own again with lots of insight to this diagnosis and the fact it’s one of the hardest ones and not just. For the client, but as I’ve learned through here on one of the shows, the we the client can exhaust our therapist which is why they need support from mother resources etc….I am also the person who is not only terrified of being abandoned(which is probably why I isolate so much and Covidien has encouraged the self isolating “excuse”> that way, no one can hurt me in any manner,��)
    I don’t want to cause another, regardless if that other person is suppose to be there to help you and providing a safe space to talk, etc. If I know or hear that I, myself, is causing even a bit of fatigue/exhaustion because of the cargo I have carried sooooo long, I will tell that said therapist, “friend” etc…”no no, I will be good, it’s best that you……”
    I’ve become so good at avoiding such harsh realities of rejection and abandonment and all throughout my childhood, that journey was only how to survive, the only difference from being separated from my siblings at 5 and adopted into this new big house with toys too, was that I lost my only connection to this life, my brother who was onlyma year older than me and tried to feed myself and our sister who was one year younger than myself.
    Having only moved into a middle class family with connections to many people, so appearance was always important, (to the adopted parents) and that is only a tid bit of what life had been carving away or out of me.
    My life story is one that has baffled therapists, church elders, pastors, relationships, my daughter and to say the least……………………….
    It’s me that is exhausted, I’m exhwusted of being within this “body mask”……….
    I’ve been sooooo quiet, carefully quiet,…….I learned multiple reasons why crying only links to other pain and more pain and sadness was what I to date carry, like I’ve been carrying this 3 year old child within me, with a wealth of learned behaviour to protect this kid fromm anymore pain, but I’m becoming so exhausted carrying it all and then working on CBT skills and I have the willingness as I’ve told my doctor and new therapist but I’ve seen little to very unclearly run DBT & CBT programs over the past 2 years, I feel I’ve been this experiment project and still do.,

    Again, what I am not seeing nor hearing from clinicians, therapist,all mental health sectors….”You need to stop talking and start acting out your words, preaching to all of society (and all should take heed in this new action towards what we all look for and for some it will take unconditional guidance unconditional caring with the possibilities of unconditionally loving those harder to get through, due to years of complex traumas.

    I’m writing this very late at night and appologize if it’s a bit scrambled, but much likema dog when they hear the word “squirrel” that’s me with how fast my thoughts flip from one to another…..

    I have wanted to be a mental health advocate for the fight to better our mental health system overall and to stand up for the right to affordable and/or government funded programs soley for such diagnosis as BPD and what that looks like……

    basically I wish the world, especially during these times listen, just listen towould listen to acoupke sobs one is an oldie but John lennons, Imagin”,
    Cindy laupers “true colours” and Linkin Park’s “one more light”

    sincerely exhausted
    Jeffree D

  • “How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he was never born”
    Imam Ali (ra)

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  • My “episodes” tend to be based around pure rage to the point I end up shaking, get a headache, feel sick, feel/hear my pulse pounding in my head, or suicidal depression sometimes they blur into each other. I often describe the feeling as being so frustrated and angry that I want to rip off my skin, I literally feel like I’m trapped within my own body and it’s hard to breathe. I can’t drop an issue, if I back away from an argument or similar the anger just builds and makes me feel worse. I lash out verbally when provoked, it has gotten me in trouble at work in the past. Afterwards I I generally always feel exhausted, worthless, helpless.

  • I’m a 20-year-old Scandinavian guy, and I have no idea what this strategy means. I understand that you should divide your paychecks into different accounts, so you don’t spend all your money on personal stuff only. But what is a “real estate account and business account”? I work for money, I don’t have any business??

  • If you experience what you believe to be a “BPD EPISODE” that involves PHYSICAL VIOLENCE including: throwing things, banging objects, hitting, slapping a person or animalGO NOW AND LEAVE. Do not believe “it will never happen again” that is a lie. Stop the abuse. THE ABUSED BECOME ABUSERS especially in the case of them re-enacting the abuse they have viewed or was placed on them. Call the police if you are the victim of abuse, don’t try to be the hero. Terminate BPD friendships immediately if they become violent!

  • Hello Doctor,
    Hope you are well.
    When I met my ex, she was not a divorced woman, but she wasn’t staying with her husband. We started dating and everything was absolutely perfect.I always treated her like a queen. She told me “ I feel like, I am the happiest girl of this universe “suddenly after six,seven months she started saying that“ I shouldn’t ruin my ex husbands life”, I tried to convince her by saying that “ you have already given your three years, and you are not happy that’s the reason we have started dating” but I was unable to convince her.she blocked me oneday suddenly.My ex unblocked me after 2weeks,when I was doing no contact, then she came back and messaged me that “I love you, I have filed a divorce now, but I don’t want to be in a relationship now, because I have some mental issues & I want to fix them first by myself ”then she blocked me again, what does this mean?? Please help����

  • More or less. I’ve been to a doctor & diagnosed with anxiety & depression but never knew about BPD until a couple weeks ago & I’m 28 years old. I finally fell like I know what’s wrong with me & I always say a doctor won’t help me but I’m going to see if I get properly diagnosed.

    I see a lot of people with mild symptoms or they know how to handle their anger.but for me, I can be calm then the smallest thing will piss me off & I’ll freak out so quickly & be angry for hours or days.

    I use to always tell people I’d kill myself, after they left me or everywhere I go, I feel like I have to spend money. I always think people are out to get me. Most of this happened at work too & I’m shy, like I don’t talk much, so when I get angry, people don’t expect it. I’ve been through multiple jobs over the years. I go through girl to girl. I, also, tell myself all the time that I feel like I’m living in my own reality.

    I’m fucked up, more or less, but another feeling is not wanting to die but not wanting to be alive.

  • “How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he was never born”
    Imam Ali (ra)

    If You guys are interested to know the true Meaning of Life, watch this very interesting short video, it’ll surely make you think…don’t miss it, it’s just a few minutes video but very Powerful!

  • Hi @TheOdd1sOut or @James, whatever you’d like to go by. I’ve watched your videos and as you’ve said that you like to listen to crazy people talking. My question is how about you add the word “religious” in between “crazy” and people. Making it crazy religious people. So how do you feel about crazy religious people vs crazy people? Also I’m a girl on my dad’s account and the girl who’s saying this is not “Luke”, also Luke is not my dad’s name but yeah. I’ve said too much but OH WELL. Also, I said this on your most recent when I’m saying this

    “My Decaying Mind in Quarantine”

    AND I just plugged your YouTube channel ONTO your YouTube channel.

  • I have BPD ���� and i definitely can relate to those moments of disproportionate reactions. By the time you realize the degree you reacted sometimes the damage is already be done. ��

  • I’m sorry, I was hurt by this. I have no choice, I’m too young to make my own choices. I’m NOT ALOUD to get a vaccine, do you know how hard it is to question your parents intent. It breaks me every time I think about it. I want vaccines, I’ve asked for them.

  • A borderliner cannot break a strong mind, you just reset

    Good fellas, I had a new borderline experience.
    She is a great sweet woman with a lovely face and super boobs!

    And then suddely she got insecure because of a waitress I introduced to her at a bar.

    She exploded and she wanted to drop everything, ”take the rings back” take your keys back we are done!

    The strange thing is, I am good:-) I was love sick for say 4 days and the first day I even had flashbacks. I tought I was gonna die! Then again I like the fact that I was feeling that pain because it makes you feel alive! To build any new relation, to love any girl with humor and a relaxed mind. This current pain has to be processed and not suppressed so I have added a few liters of tears to the sea! Now the sea is a bit more salty! So fish will taste a bit more salty in supermarkets! So if your fish tase extra salty this week? It is because I cried in the sea!

    The strange thing is you feel relief! I now feel stronger, it is like she showed me how love can be. (I never really believed in love anyway.)
    But I don’t understand why I feel so focussed and happy now in like 4 days!

    I have send the boderline girl some flowers, why?
    Because I don’t feel anger towards her. It is sad that seeing a diffrent girl makes you so
    insecure that you will burn your own ship you worked so hard for. Don’t you understand that youare way better looking then the weitress? Why is your foundation build on quiksand?

  • I don’t care, they are terrifying. I thought he was going attack me all because a MALE (gay) very dear friend of mine texted me happy birthday. Done. Dangerous. Disregulated.

  • One Should always be very careful when dealing with a narc. Have always believed in love to cure many things but it only fed my narc’s enormous ego. it is important to be wise when dealing with a narcissist and I’m glad that @EVIDENCEHACKERS911 INSTAGRAM helped me a lot especially in cloning my husbands phone. i got access to his dealings both on phone and social media without touching his phone,I’m here in Miami Florida USA and able to access his phone with a cloned app even while he was away in the UK cheating on me. I’m only making this recommendation because of my great experience with them. you can also reach them out..

  • its hard when i get ticked off by little things and i cant control it, because people will usually say its me being ungrateful. i feel guilty after blowing up and feel like i dont deserve to be forgiven after

  • I feel after an outburst, I feel worthless and less than like a human being.i was diagnosed with BPD when I was 29 years old. But have recognized the first diagnosis as what is now psychizoeffective disorder. I knew it wasn’t right but felt as though if I argued the fact I wouldn’t be heard. So my rage has gone to a point of me blacking out. And no memory of what I do or say during the blackout.

  • I have anxiety, but a lot of these are described exactly how I feel them.

    I can only imagine how hard it is if all of these are troubling one person.

  • I want her as my therapist. She totally understands everything about this disorder. I was diagnosed with borderline 14 years ago after my dad passed away, but never had any type of success with a “Caring” therapist. I exploded and it blew the disorder through the roof. I have had this all my life, but it blew out of proportion when my dad passed away. It kicked it into motion because I lost him. ���� She seems amazing. I would love to have a therapist like her.

  • Can anyone help me please? I have a feeling that my fiancé has BPD and he has just signed up for therapy and is waiting to start. But I just wondered if anyone can advise me how to get a rough idea if it is BPD please? His sister says he is a narcissist, because some of his behaviour presents as revolving around himself (eg he love-bombs, rages when he doesn’t get his way, is very covertly controlling) but I really don’t think it’s narcissism. It’s almost like he is that petrified of losing me, that he is constantly pushing my buttons and trying to ‘test’ me, to get me to prove my love and loyalty to him over and over, eg when we have a row, he threatens to leave constantly. I believe he wants me to beg him to stay, but I don’t respond well to threats AT ALL and it backfires on him, which makes him more angry. He worries himself STUPID when I am out of his sight, and he is extremely co dependent. Alot of his behaviour I don’t really mind, because I’m a loner anyway, and don’t go out with lots of friends etc and I tend to either be at work or at my house, but the rows are making me unwell. I have kicked him out twice because it became absolutely unbearable, but I adore him. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Any tips or advice please? I love him so much. I just want a peaceful life as I have alot of health conditions

  • Oh my gosh I don’t know if have bpd can you guys help me coz I really wanna understand this every day of my life feels like chaos I have times I’m happy then it switched to unhappy then I became sad and I even cried then next is I’m super energetic like I sing a song and dance then it switched again like I’m so depressed then it switched again I became super mad on small things then It switched again to being hyper, I just really don’t know I’m so confused I’m scared to talk about this to the people who are close to me because they would think I’m psychotic���� please I want to understand. And there this feeling that I’m scared being abandoned so I push them immediately and When I am mad I feel so super mad and I will tell what I want to tell even if I hurt them then I feel ashamed I feel so guilty like I don’t really want to say that but I already did.

  • “How strange and foolish is man. He loses his health in gaining wealth. Then, to regain his health he wastes his wealth. He ruins his present while worrying about his future, but weeps in the future by recalling his past. He lives as though death shall never come to him, but dies in a way as if he was never born”
    Imam Ali (ra)

    If You guys are interested to know the true Meaning of Life, watch this very interesting short video, it’ll surely make you think…don’t miss it, it’s just a few minutes video but very Powerful!

  • Not every person with BPD has suicidal/self harm behaviour to ‘get back at someone’, that’s usually not the case. Please don’t paint us like we are self-centred manipulators who hurt ourselves just to hurt others. We don’t want to do this.

  • i’m in a really difficult situation, because despite my extensive research on the illness and my almost indefinence of having it, i’m too young to be professionally diagnosed. this makes it really difficult for me because although i try so hard to explain why my behavior is so dramatic and unnecessary to my loved ones, due to my understanding of the illness and how much i resonate with it, they still don’t understand, or they invalidate me because they don’t want me to self-diagnose if it isn’t what’s happening with my brain.
    my relationship is beginning to fall and it’s terrifying because i’m absolutely terrified of him leaving or our relationship working out, and i can’t control my behaviors or the way i perceive things, yet i’m expected and told to, essentially, get over it. to not allow my emotions to overtake me. it’s just a very difficult situation because i’m trapped and often feel weak, hopeless, and overwhelmed. to the point where the way i’m feeling and the intensity of which i’m feeling it is unfathomable. i think about suicide often (especially during ‘episode’-related arguments), i’ve attempted several times in the past, as well as have self-harmed (my most popular method being cutting). i’m mostly triggered within my relationships with my family members and my boyfriend. in these moments, i feel the rage or hurt build up in my chest until i can’t handle or control it anymore, but i understand my behavior is unnecessary and hurtful in these moments, so i try my best to filter my thoughts and what i outwardly express but it’s not very successful 97% of the time.
    more of my recent episodes have happened typically when i feel hurt by the inconsideracy my boyfriend has towards my mental illness and the way i deal with situations (although holding such high expectations isn’t fair on him because he isn’t well-equipped for this mental illness at all) so i’ll completely shut him out, pulling away from him or directing my body away from his. i have a hard time making eye contact with him during these moments, and he ALWAYS makes it a point to express how much my silence in these moments bothers him. i think he just has a hard time understanding that the way i perceive the world and situations and his intentions towards me aren’t voluntary and i can’t help it regardless of how self-aware and hateful i am towards myself.

    but yes, basically i’m just very confused and i try every single day to understand why my brain processes things the way it does and why my moods and behaviors can be so drastic and unfathomable.

  • I live with someone whom I have diagnosed with BPD. They fit all the criteria they are intelligent engaging magnetic and often raging and hostile and isolating themselves. I appreciate and and realize that you do understand BPD and what I’m living with, but I haven’t seen much or any information about what a person like myself can or should be doing or how we might better relate two people with BPD. My friend refuses all medication and certainly would never agree to counseling and doesn’t believe that Psychiatry or psychology has anything to offer. So, my attempts at telling them that they aren’t well and they need help I have gone nowhere. I don’t do that anymore. So if you could I would love to see some tactics or ways that I could disarm the rage the paranoia the obsessiveness that often overcomes my friend.

  • what you do and offer the world is amazing!!! thank you �� Please talk about Schizotypal Personality Disorder (STPD)!! there isn’t a lot of information on the subject:/

  • Seeking help and actively using all resources to help with this disorder should be encouraged. This is a disorder that could probably be treated with CBT or whatever else a professional (not me) might recommend. The suffering sounds absolutely horrible we need more resources. And for the people who are in love or associated with those people and terrified they will commit suicide. So, so, so many of these symptoms are extremely toxic and sound painful for those around people with BPD as well.

  • I had a date planned tonight with someone who actually works in mental health and is very familiar with BPD. This was like a blessing; imagine choirs of angels singing in my head. I got ready for 4 hours, waiting for him to get off of work (normally at 5). By 7:30, I melted into feeling unloved, unworthy of someone else’s time, foolish for getting myself gussied up, and completely inconsolable by two friends I had reached out to during my episode. Their responses of “tomorrow will be better” only anger me more. I don’t have good days anymore. I just don’t see the point of trying to be hopeful because when I do, I get smacked in the face by my abandonment issues. This is a really bad episode for me, as I am struggling with suicidal thoughts. I feel fortunate to have a friend on the way to take me out to get me out of my blacked out apartment living room, but I’m feeling the embarrassment and shame creeping in. At almost 29, I don’t know how I am supposed to go through the rest of my life like this.

  • Yes! I use the term episode as well. I consider an episode to be a time when I’ve snowballed a bunch of feelings from essentially nothing and nowhere and I’m now having a massive melt down because I’m hurting and confused and feel so lost and alone and start heading down that deep depression path to feeling like a burden and like I’m crazy. I call it the perfect storm.

  • I have BPD, and I think what people refer to as “episodes” are times when attempts to cope with the intense emotions fail. From my experience, the symptoms are more or less consistent. I have good days and bad days, as anyone does. However, on my bad days, it is more difficult to cope with what I am feeling. This may lead to an overreaction, which can be informally referred to as an “episode.” Most of the time I struggle internally. On the outside I act “normally” to most situations, and I doubt anyone would be aware of my diagnosis. A lot of times I watch others’ reactions to situations, and then watch how people view said reaction. If it is considered normal, I keep it in mind for when I may be in a similar scenario. I try to not allow my reactions exceed what is considered normal. On the inside I feel things much stronger. It’s taken years to control my reactions to emotions. I feel like the international turmoil has changed very little, but how I react has changed a lot.

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  • never know
    how i’m gonna feel. and when i feel something it’s so extreme and then when that feeling is over i feel empty and like i have no feelings at all. and just blank.

  • honestly human life is such a mess, the more i discover about the human condition the more i come to the conclusion that we don’t have control about anything. Certain behaviours just take control over you and drive you on autopilot and all you can do is watch and suffer silently. Most of it is rooted in childhood or you are born with a different brain and maybe become sociopathic or psychopathic. What the heck are we? Can’t really find “free will” here at all. Does god create us this way for his entertainment to spice things up? i dont think so… im just tired of this life….