Are Women Naturally Fitter Than Men


Should Women Lift Like Men?

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Women are naturally fitter than men, reveals study

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Women Are Naturally Fitter Than Men Study Says

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Women Are Tougher Than Men

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Feminist Science: “Women are Better than Men!”

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FACT: Men Are Better Than Women (at Some Things)

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Women Are Naturally Fitter Than Men, According To Study By Applied Physiology | TIME

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Women consistently processed oxygen about 30 percent faster than men, according to researchers at the University of Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. “The findings are contrary to the popular assumption. Women are naturally fitter than men in at least one way, according to a small new study: women may have better oxygen uptake than men. They may use oxygen more efficiently. A new study shows that when women exercise, their body processes oxygen a lot faster than men’s. This indicates superior aerobic fitness, explain the researchers.

In other words, women may be. Listen up meatheads: Scientists say women are naturally fitter than men. More and more women are involved in fitness these days.

Maybe that’s because we’re being subjected to new beauty. Women may be naturally fitter than men, study finds Think men are naturally better athletes than women? University of Waterloo researchers want you to think again. A new study has found that during. Women are naturally more fit than men, study shows Date: December 4, 2017 Source: University of Waterloo Summar.

Women Are Naturally More Fit Than Men, Says Study It’s now been established by science that women are more athletic than men! Women can process oxygen more quickly than men when they start to exercise, according to a study by the University of Waterloo. Women are naturally more fit than men • Bioscholar News Contradicting the assumption that men are more athletic than women, a study has recently found. A New Study Suggests Women Are “Naturally More Fit” Than Men. hope that it helps inform future studies — especially since it’s long been assumed that men are generally fitter than women.

Broadly speaking, biology and physiology both suggest that men have a natural advantage over women when it comes to strength and fitness. New research, however, is.

List of related literature:

Even so, women and girls who perform strength exercises do develop strong muscles.

“Health Opportunities Through Physical Education” by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, Le Masurier, Guy, Corbin, David, Farrar, Terri
from Health Opportunities Through Physical Education
by Corbin, Charles B, McConnell, Karen, et. al.
Human Kinetics, 2014

We women have less muscle than men to begin with, and we also have lighter bones.

“Woman: An Intimate Geography” by Natalie Angier
from Woman: An Intimate Geography
by Natalie Angier
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1999

Women who work out, however, gain strength at the same rate as men.

“New Dimensions In Women's Health” by Linda Alexander, Judith LaRosa, Helaine Bader, Susan Garfield
from New Dimensions In Women’s Health
by Linda Alexander, Judith LaRosa, et. al.
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2009

Men, however, are capable of developing larger muscles and having greater overall strength because their testosterone levels are higher than those of women.

“Essential Concepts for Healthy Living” by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
from Essential Concepts for Healthy Living
by Sandra Alters, Wendy Schiff
Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2009

If women’s bodies weren’t made to get stronger, why would their muscles respond to stimulus in much the same way as men’s do?

“Strong Like Her: A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers, and Unstoppable Athletes” by Haley Shapley, Sophy Holland
from Strong Like Her: A Celebration of Rule Breakers, History Makers, and Unstoppable Athletes
by Haley Shapley, Sophy Holland
Gallery Books, 2020

But women have less upper body strength expressed relative to body weight or FFM than men, largely because more of women’s muscle mass is below the waist and women use their lower body muscles more than their upper body muscles.

“Physiology of Sport and Exercise” by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
from Physiology of Sport and Exercise
by W. Larry Kenney, Jack H. Wilmore, David L. Costill
Human Kinetics, Incorporated, 2019

Older men experience greater absolute declines in muscle strength than women; however, because men have greater total muscle mass than women, relative losses in strength are similar between males and females (Doherty, 2003).

“Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care” by Kristen L. Mauk
from Gerontological Nursing: Competencies for Care
by Kristen L. Mauk
Jones and Bartlett Publishers, 2010

This is partly because men have (on average) greater muscle bulk whereas women have greater bodily fat; and it is partly due to sex differences in fat distribution.

“Evaluation of Human Work, 3rd Edition” by John R. Wilson, NIGEL CORLETT
from Evaluation of Human Work, 3rd Edition
by John R. Wilson, NIGEL CORLETT
CRC Press, 2005

Males have the opportunity for more muscle than females, but male muscles are not stronger than female muscles.

“Playing With the Boys: Why Separate is Not Equal in Sports” by Associate Professor of Political Science Eileen McDonagh, Eileen McDonagh, Laura Pappano
from Playing With the Boys: Why Separate is Not Equal in Sports
by Associate Professor of Political Science Eileen McDonagh, Eileen McDonagh, Laura Pappano
Oxford University Press, USA, 2008

It appears that the aerobic power and muscular strength of women are naturally lower than those of men, due to differences in body size and composition, hormonal status, sociocultural influences, and dietary habits (Shephard 2000).

“Recovery for Performance in Sport” by Christophe Hausswirth, Iñigo Mujika, Institut national du sport et de l'éducation physique (France)
from Recovery for Performance in Sport
by Christophe Hausswirth, Iñigo Mujika, Institut national du sport et de l’éducation physique (France)
Human Kinetics, 2013

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  • Femininity / Sensibility

    Tension between sensuality

    It’s their special way of being

    Yet very powerful

    Their own expression

    Strong and intense

    Fiercely motivated, driven

    Independent competitor

    ” Women “

    La Grande Bellezza


  • First, check your privelege. Second, sometimes I am man, sometimes I am woman. Thirdly, why don’t we separate the difference and just see human, not colour or gender or sex???? Fourth your content is clearly supporting patriarchy, basically I’m offended and literally told PinkNews Huffington post to shut down your channel

  • You know this is just sad, i’m perfectly fine with women telling that they’re better at everything even though i have doubt about that but who cares. What i’m not fine with is the clear hatred that most of these women show towards men in general and it goes both ways you know? Back in the days men and women could go along so much better but these days it seems that men and women just hate each other because of al this WOKE bullshit. Just be yourself and don’t let anyone decide how you should feel towards the opposite sex but let your own expierences decide. I’m a man and i believe that women are the most precious creatures on the whole planet, there are many things they can do better than men for sure but let’s not focus on men vs women and just appreciate each other for our qualities, we need each other more than ever. ”It’s a man’s world but it would be nothing, NOT ONE LITTLE THING without a woman or a girl”. I’m all for girlpower and (oldschool)feminism but can we please stop this ”war” between men and women.

  • Things That I’ve noticed Guys around me being better at:

    Sports ( come on! I kinda can’t believe no one said this an average guy is physically stronger than an average girl )
    Diffusing uncomfortable situations ( Ugh! I loved these guys they deserve a medal honestly )
    I get mad easily and get at odds with my mom my dad usually keeps his cool and helps me calm down
    Letting Loose ( in school the boys used to do very well in fun stage events because they could let loose and enjoy themselves )
    ( I slightly envied them:P That’s one thing I could never do not that my girl friends couldn’t, I just knew many more guys who could )
    Amazing song suggestions ( some of my favourite songs were suggestions from my guy friends and my dad… and my little sister lol xD)

    Honestly I can’t imagine what my school life would have been like without these guys. So many fun memories.

    Moral of the story, appreciate the guys in your life too… that doesn’t make us less of an independent or strong person.
    Just like guys need us sometimes, we need them too, and it’s OK to need people irrespective of their gender.

    Ps:I was kinda disappointed when no one said anything in the video and no other comment seemed to either

    Thanks boys:D
    Ya’ll are cool

  • Why do they need a “study” to know men are physically stronger than women? That is kind of obvious… why would a woman want to be stronger than a man? Isn’t that strength part of the attractiveness of males?.. I just don’t understand these new feminism, and I thank God for it…I would become brainless if I did.

  • so it’s not sexism if u say woman are better at man in some stuff, but if u say opposite it’s…
    brainwashing is the best, at killing society.

  • 9:15 I have to agree with the female here. Nothing smells worse than fish, especially bbq’d fish in the scorching heat of Australia. If the neighbours are only cooking it once in a while, she needs to be reasonable. But I used to live with someone who cooked fish everyday and my apartment smelled like a sewer. It’s brutal. Your clothes will smell like crap too. The smell is on par with cigarettes.

  • Women create the breath of life which is something no man will ever be able to do. And with all the sperm banks women don’t even need men to have babies anymore.

  • This whole ad was nothing but BS nothing but a bunch of man-hating! Let me see this study was written by a woman of course it was! Stop self-aggrandizing yourself women we don’t want to stroke your ego

  • I know this is not politically correct (insert yawn here), but did you notice that the vegan virago was dressed in a leopard print top? Just sayin’.

  • It’s a question of appreciation. Everyone who count state Any thing the opposite gender is better at is an ego head that needs thorough education

    Especially the fat lady (no offense)☺

  • Man invented cars war ships boats trains,created,built,discovered is stronger faster better motor skills,brave relentless in pursuit of…….Excetera Excetera.

  • How come I can admit that there are some things that women seem to excel at better than me but feminists can’t admit that I excel at things they don’t

  • It’s not like this anymore in the gym I go to. I started the gym this year thinking I will find stereotypes but fuck no. Most women are lifting weights, and a lot of them are outlifting me as a beginner. Although a lot of them work legs a lot. Also the stereotype about squat rack being empty was the complete opposite at my gym. I am able to get a bench at my gym on Monday’s but have to weight at least 10 minutes for a squat rack for every day I decide I want to squat.

  • Hey picturefit, lately I’ve seen a lot of discussions about peanutbutter. Some say it’s good and other people say it’s really bad and that you can better take alternatives like almond butter or walnut butter. Can you maybe make a video analyzing peanutbutter and some alternatives. I really want to know in what way it affects my gains and health. Thanks!

  • Dick Masterson says men are better than women and all there are sexist comments under this video yet you only focus on women saying they are better than men?

  • Yea, i would like to see “women” build and develop empires and infrastructure. There is nothing worse than a feminists. I think women are for reproducing the human race and they are helpful for some things but they are not alpha’s and would be NOWHERE without men. Some men want to be women because they are afraid to do what it takes to be a man. This is partly whats wrong with this country. How would you women like to wear a burka everyday huh? SO be grateful and cool your jets know your place.

  • So I noticed none of the females and some of the wimpy men in this video couldn’t find anything positive to say about males in the video. I would have said “how about inventions”? Lets look at some of the inventions we saw in this video and see who invented them. I’m gonna start with architecture by and large male dominated, gonna say most buildings were built by men. Baseball Abner Doubleday, tires on cars Robert William Thomson, textiles/cloth for clothing that we all wear Richard Arkwright, modern concrete that we drive on Joseph Aspdin, the microphone David Edward Hughes, traffic lights Lester Wire, the cars we drive Carl Benz, the telephones we use Alexander Graham Bell, skyscrapers William LeBaron Jenny, the printing press for books Johan Gutenberg. The internet I’m on right now Robert Kahn and Vinton Cerf. So basically everything. So the next time a dumbass can’t find anything that men are good at look at my list.

  • Being nice is not always the solution to every problem, if the world always functioned so great many problems wouldn’t exist. By the lady doing the actions you suggested she could be perceived as a pushover and her kindness could be taken for weakness which is why a lot of times nice people end up eventually becoming more like the people they despise.

  • Did you say Millenial. So, you love advertising and generational labels! So, by saying right off the bat that you’re a Millenial your point of view is more valid? Don’t get me wrong I agree with your viewpoints. I just find it odd that you have to use an arbitrary generational identity.

  • imagine playing a online match and win. your team won and the noob starts claiming being so much better than the other team because you just won. meanwhile the good players carring the rest of the team are regreating to get an random into you team

  • Idk. Maybe a curtain women can do something better then another women. Same as men.
    One women can cook the other cant. One women can change a battery one women cant

  • However nice she would have asked me to not BBQ: My BBQ is sacrosanct. There is no way that I let my bitchy vegan neighbor control my life.
    And one woman’s weed is another man’s herb.
    But we could have talked about the basketball.

  • do you think if women become dominant and men become women’s property, the world will be better?
    this is very important, because now there is a propaganda of female superiority, everything goes to global matriarchy and the absolute domination of women

  • This makes me think of Jordan Peterson saying that men generally care more about things while women care more about people. I’ve always wondered why that is. Like I remember when I was a kid I would open up toys or anything electronic because I wanted to see what it looked like and how it worked whereas my sisters were never interested in anything like that.

  • I’m a girl not a woman but in my opinion I honestly think that it doesn’t matter who’s better like people should just care about who’s nice and who’s not.

  • 1. One major reason why women live longer than men is due to loosing blood every month loosing bad substance in blood producing new blood every month longer life (the effect of the period)
    2. Men dies earlier because men stress more to get enough money to attract women.
    No matter how equal we are becoming, women tends to only be attracted to men in equal or higher social status. A woman doctor can’t be with a man nurse, or a woman with law degree can’t be with a man who work as a bus driver, no matter how much the man really loves the law degree woman.
    There are very few exceptions.

    3. The problem with us men is our sex drive that is in the way sometimes when becoming as focused as a woman can be.even if women has a sex drive too, due to woman no matter how she looks gets much more men after her, then a man gets, she can be more focused on a job than a man due to we men does not get as much interests from women, we are still “hunting” for being attracted by a co worker or girl/woman in class.
    I saw a very interesting video., one good looking man and one good looking woman, were walking in a campus, and the man asked random girls if they wanted to have sex with him, and after the good looking woman were asking random men if they wanted to have sex with her.
    Almost every girl said no to the man, but almost every man said yes to the woman.
    My conclusion about that is that women don’t HAVE TO “hunt” for attraction but we men do.
    So that is one big minus when it comes to focus on education and work, that also makes it easier for girls and women to become good in school and a job.
    I was once a Aerobics instructor, (I am strait), and I realized that girls and women are much more FOCUSED when it comes to training. And the harder I pushed them, the more popular I became, but men normally went to the gym back then and lifted weights. 10 reps and then sitting and resting/talking…

    4. Harder for men to look “good” then for girls/women.
    To build big muscular body really takes a lots of time and many do sport too hard to build this big body so many girls: women loves to see.
    But a girl… just need to stop eating and keep her body thin to “look good and healthy”.

    So life is not easy for us men. We need to run a successful business, be a millionaire, have a body like Tom Ellis in 4th season of “Lucifer”, at the same time be romantic, help out in the house, take care of babies, have a big house, a expensive car, a private jet, be a tiger in bed and to be a family man… all at the same time.
    (I don’t have any of it so I should maybe even kill myself…)

    So no wonder why men do so much crime to get that money……. girls and women makes men think they need for getting their attention.

    So how “equal” are we really?

    If girls and women stopped caring at all what car a man drives or how big house he has, and instead looked in to a mans heart, I think we could get somewhere.

    So it’s not that women are smarter or better than men, it’s more how much more focus a girl can have in almost anything she does, because she will anyway get the man she wants, or at least “almost” the man she wants.

  • Nobody is better than nobody only god is!!!! I hate the word gender we should all just be free to be who we are!!!! YOUR NOT A WOMEN JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE A VAGINA AND YOUR NOT A MAN JUST CUZ YOU HAVE A DICK!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ALL GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT!!!!!!!!!

  • Woman are much better in my opinion i mean even when they fight most of the time men says they bitch fighting but i swear sometimes they can be pure badass just search for girls fights on youtube in general woman get muscle mass on the legs much more easily than men

  • I’ve heard a lot of stories of women sparring with men and them getting obliterated.
    At the end no gender is better than the other

  • So I thought this whole thing was just about that feminist are just trying to be equal so why are they saying woman are stronger than men?

  • A girlfriend told me that men are more prone to dying of the covid 19 virus because they are weaklings! I didn’t want to start an argument so I just frown and diverted the comment. In reality, nobody knows the real reason, but I suspect it’s not overall superiority. The more plausible explanation is that women have a stronger immune system, possibly linked to the more intensely committed reproductive role in their body, more propensity to STD’s and the need for protection of another human being inside her during pregnancy and during child rearing, breastfeeding etc…however, that same stronger immune system is a double edged sword that comes with its drawbacks, such as the propensity to more things going wrong like autoimmune disorders, way more common in women (psoriasis, lupus, arthritis, maybe depression and anxiety assuming they have an autoimmune disease component!)!So in average, both genders come with different advantages which carry their own burdens and risks, complementing each other, but in no ways makes any gender superior overall!

  • I’ve looked at some comments and Jesus. 50 year old men acting like fucking children because they feel offended. Yes, this video is wrong but what the fuck. Calling all females weak and demons because of it just goes to show how childish some of you can be.

  • I’m happy this video showed everyone what us gals can really do. I lift heavy and LOVE it! It’s so motivating quickly seeing differences in your strength in every day life, and that feeling when you improve your PR is fantastic. Lifting shouldn’t be male dominated

  • All gender must be respected I am a boy and I am offended by this vid and the comments saying that girls are better than men
    We take our lives to the army and our country let’s see if girls do that
    Will they win or will the lose

  • The only thing women have over men is sex. If 9 outta 10 men weren’t chasing after women, we would probably be living on other planets by now.

  • “How can people think that one sex is better than the other”

    The 90% of the comment section: MEN ARE BETTER
    The 10% of the comment section: WOMEN ARE BETTER

  • ‘There are bigger issues to focus on than nit-picking..’ couldn’t agree more. I was hired as digital marketing manager for an insurance company run by a woman and damn, instead of letting me focus on implementing the strategies and actually doing my job, she threw some personal shit on me all the time such as designing birthday gift cards for her family and sit in totally irrelevant to my field meetings. Lesson learned. Self-employed since and thriving!


  • This is a nice change of pace opposed to most of the stuff I’ve been seeing lately. Thank you for the actual feminism instead of the “feminism” (trying to make them better than men)

  • Nope we are better then women u guys can’t lift up heavy things like we can yall cant handle big things and men more often go outside then men do so yeah men are way better girls ah suck

  • The AGE OLD question, “Who`s stronger, a man or a woman?” Really? REALLY? Has anyone, in the recorded history, asked this question seriously?

  • If women are stronger than men then why are the physical requirements for women in law enforcement and the military so much lower than mens?

  • Can u make a video of a woman breast when exercising and especially losing weight…. Like does chest workout will increase breast size?

  • Yes men are stronger than women,but when it comes to doing stuff that does not have to do with gender their all equal and they both do it better ��

  • Can you please make a video about what workout plan should we follow and what exercises should we do to gain muscle. I found everything on your channel except that.

  • I do everything! Girls definitely don’t need to shy away from weights!! Lift heavy look healthy! Do Hiit burn fat get healthier ����

  • Just wanna comment on the heart debacle, do they know about the properties of elasticity?

    A well made and well kept short-bow will last a lifetime and many generations after. But even a well made sword will need reforging eventually

  • One reason i love watching these red pill and MGTOW videos, in encourage me to use my common sense and reasoning. None of the arguments supporting why women are better dont make sense. People use fancy language to sound smart but when you break down their words, they dont make any sense. I know some women get mad when we say womeb are more emotional, but stuff like these asinine research makes that statement true

  • I don’t believe this video I have seen many woman doing cardio and I have compete with few good shaped woman and I have always win I run faster for longer so this video doesn’t make sense in my opinion

  • Thank goodness women still have longer life expectancy than men. I would hate to sift through the outrage were that one not true…

  • You’re logic in the vegan tearing down the metal fence and rebuilding a brick one is laughable. I don’t support the crazy vegan but I am a stone Mason. You have no idea how expensive it is to hire someone to demo the old fence, dig footings, pour concrete, and then building the wall out of block and then vaneer it with brick because no one makes walls out of just brick anymore. There is no way in hell I would foot the bill to find peace from my neighbors kids. You’re so sweaty for bashing girls that you make yourself look like a little moronic

  • Hi Kids, today we’ll learn about some logical fallacies, Yayy!!
    Straw-man fallacy: It’s when you take an extreme, uncharacteristically weak or fragile sample from your opponents argument, and portray the entire argument as if it’s weak, feeble or extreme. “Women are week because, well… just take a look at this crazy vegan b*tch!”

    Steele-man fallacy: “When you take an extreme, uncharacteristically strong or stubborn sample from your own argument and portray the entire group as if it is as strong, tough or extreme. “All men are strong because NAVY SEALS!”

    But under the hood, no, this crazy easily irritable vegan doesn’t represent female toughness, and 99.99999% of men wouldn’t last ten minutes in SEAL training. So both these arguments are unsound.

    Plus I hadn’t even talked about the False equivalence fallacy as in “comparing apples to oranges”. Men are different than women so why are we measuring toughness by comparing them as if they are one and the same?

  • This social stigma against women looking muscular has always baffled me. It’s ridiculous! Muscular women look so awesome! And I don’t mean ‘toned’ like some kind of a halfway measure that then is allowed to count as just as impressive, as if someone’s patting us on our pretty little heads and giving us a badge for trying. I mean properly muscular. That’s the look I want!

    Then again, I am gargantuan so in a way, easy for me to say since I stick out like a sore thumb no matter what I do. So I have no social comfort zone to get trapped in to begin with.

  • Disgusted at the reporter (at 7:47) who fails to hold back a smile while she smugly states, “And I have more bad news for guys, they’re also losing out in another way, when it comes to preventing skin cancer. Statistics show that men over 50 are twice as likely as women to die from melanoma.” Does that make you feel better about yourself b**ch? Does men dying from skin cancer make you feel more validated that your gender is “better” somehow? She says it like, “we got you there too guys, HA!” I have a friend who died from skin cancer. She is vile. Reverse this and picture a male reporter smiling while smugly discussing statistics regarding women and high death rates from breast cancer.

  • If there so dominant.. then why aren’t they taking over large international corporation. Why are the most prestigious and powerful leaders almost all male or literally all male. Why isn’t the military female dominated? That should be all the proof you need, you can literally see it for yourself. This bullshit article is written to pander woman’s feelings. It pisses me off that they can’t think off logic and just emotion.

  • The comparison where they showed them lifting had me dead. Are they braindead to compare a guy lifting more than a girl and say they are just as strong!?

  • You know that a lot of the “women” are transgendered men?! I can name quite a few in politics.

    The biggest complainers were elementary school teachers I have known.

    Also if that is CrossFit the bat could only be 15 # if aluminum

  • Wow what a lie. We had a shut down at my work place and the manager who was a women was paralyze of fear. Me and another guy ran all over the place to make sure nobody was stealing then after the chaos took credit when she had done nothing. They are better than man?

  • So you mean women is have more stamina than man in natural and can be stronger than man if they doing heavy lift because of they get stronger faster than man plus fast recovery time?

  • “Smarter than man” really thay can’t choose a good Man who is responsible, now they choose bad boys, being single mothers and once they hit the wall they regret rejecting the good man.

  • If woman are so strong/smart atc… Why you using all man inventions? Cars/planes/phone/internet/tv/roads/buildings/medicine and we can keep going. So now there is challenge for you ladies don’t use Man inventions for 7 days, and if you can do it we can talk.

  • The only problem I have is that they can hit us but we can’t hit them, yea we may be stronger but when they are coming at us with a damn knife What I can’t defend myself, that makes no sense and people say get them off of you instead of hitting them but when they are just hitting us ain’t no way we can pull them off of us without them crying,BUT NOT ALL WOMEN ARE LIKE THIS so don’t yell at me Bc I’m not judging all women like they judge all of us and also when they call false rape 100% that man’s life is gonna me messed up just Bc that women hates men let’s all be equal but some women think they should be above men like wtf why can’t we be equal and a women killed a man and the judge said it was self defense when the bullet was in the back��‍♂️ but I know damn well if that was a man he would be in jail for life

  • That “You need a laugh” video wasn’t as bad as you made it to be. That “My Husband:” list was when she was a small child and she showed the more up to date one with only like 4 points on it and it wasn’t even that bad. The whole time she was talking about how it’s kinda hard to be single and how she doesn’t know why and I don’t know why either, she seems like she has a boyfriend at least. The only part that I didn’t like was when she was talking about reading women’s and men’s magazines and the men’s one was talking about how to dump your girlfriend and stuff like that which I think is unreasonable and doubt that it’s on there but it’s possible that it’s the magazine’s author’s fault for including that

  • I want you to make a video about what should we do on rest days. Should we do some cardio to recover faster? Or is that just a myth?

  • I bet women were in charge of this study… be honest how dumb this is. Lets try this…Why dont all of us men take a break for a 2-4 weeks and see where it gets you!

  • How about this. We are all humans and both genders have pros and cons. Women are more emotional than men. Men are typically stronger than women. It’s life, that’s how the different genders were made to be so get over it.

  • “if I could go through life without ever interacting with men…that would be paradise”

    ROFL…there was a woman who thought similarly and she started a company (IIRC it was an advertising company…but I could be wrong) that ONLY employed women…ALL women…actually I just searched for the story and it was a TV company…

  • we invent more,we are more stronger,we build more,we do tougher jobs.and yet these females are claiming they are more stronger than us.they only claim,they only make the stupid laws more suitable for them and thats all

  • I’ve been thinking for a while what I would answer and I still have no idea. Maybe men are better at making the sexy 90s trailer voice? Women are better at looking cute in shirts without trousers? No idea

  • Why aren’t there many women commenting this vid? But when the vid would be about that men are better, all the angry women would come and scream in the comments.

  • There are more men at the extremes top and bottom in every metric with a large population distribution. Feminists like to focus on the men at the top and ignore the men at the bottom of society.

  • hey i observed a mistake in your video, you said ‘see, your internal organs are TRASH compared to a womans’ and that its highly offensive to men, you forgot the most important rule, FACTS DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS, so, uhm, better point that out

  • Idea for a new video:
    Health benefits of honey and is eating a teaspoon of it good before a workout?

    I like how well argumented and scientific based your videos are.
    Keep up the good work!:)

  • “Women have significantly less muscle than men… Men have the ability of gaining more absolute muscle since they had more muscle to begin with”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that’s reason why dude. Very skinny dudes can naturally get bulky through training whilst it is near impossible for women to naturally get bulky, purely due to their lack of testosterone. So it’s to do with testosterone, not initial absolute muscle (even though those two are linked).

  • Let’s make one thing clear, women can’t build much muscle because they lack sufficient testosterone levels your goal as a female should be to get toned,you’ll never get bulky so don’t worry

  • Did you ever saw that a woman with the same weight ourperformed a man in an exercise? I mean same body weight and the same weight they had to lift. Did you ever saw a test or did you see it in the gym or elsewhere?

  • ok i need some help
    I usually do lots of swimming, like 8 hours a week but the club is closing for the summer holiday and i really want to stay in shape over the summer and keep working out, but i have no clue what to do. ive just been doing my weights and crunches and stuff and apparently thats ok, but i feel like as soon as i go back to training im not gonna last at all.
    Id really apreciate any recommendations or help or advice.
    oh and im a 15 year old male.

  • Women have RELATIVELY stronger lower bodies, better recovery times, and endurance compared to men.

    Key word, relative. It doesn’t mean they’re better in any of those aspects, they’re relatively better. Kind of like how an ant is relatively one of the strongest creatures in the world.

  • Tbh idk why u guys r fighting over this topic men and women will always have their differences, like it would be likely that men will always be better at football (American football) and women will probably be better at something (idk what I’m a boy). I think we should just share power and keep doing what we’re doing. I’m also not implying women CANT play football and that men CANT do a sport assumed to be for women (again, I’m a boy, idk what women are better at in general)

  • If I had a dollar for every time a girl said “I don’t lift weights because I don’t want to become bulky” >.< I strength train frequently and I wish I would accidentally become jacked like they fear they will.

  • I don’t believe this.
    If women’s muscle growth rate is same as men, then how come steroid works?
    the main function of steroid is to give you higher testosterone so that you can grow muscle faster right?
    besides, according to the video, women have same muscle growth rate as men, and have higher endurance so they can do more reps, that leads to higher training volume, which means with many years of training, I should find that many women have more muscle then men with many years of training as well, but we all know the truth is not like this.

  • i think we do have to train differently than men, because we have different fitness goals than men. a guys favorite exercises are curls and bench press, because they want a wider chest and bigger biceps. that’s obviously not what most women want, so our exercise routines shouldn’t be exactly the same. there’s definitely two extremes of female weight lifting that need to be avoided for the best results. don’t do all cardio, but also don’t do nothing but bro exercises. its pretty easy to just customize your routine as you go to suit your needs. you aren’t going to become a muscle girl over night just because you did dumbbell bench press, and you’ll never look like a female bodybuilder unless you take HGH or steroids.
    as a general statement, i think female weight lifters like to focus on lower body where as male weight lifters like to focus on their upper body. both sexes work their entire body, but the main focus is definitely in the opposite areas.

  • Bro why they makin women look better than men from PEOPLE DYING from a dangerous cancer. Its cancer who cares if men suffer more from cancer we should be worried about helping the people suffering

  • I don’t understand the generalization here. Women are complainers and nitpickers because you found a few clips of women complaining and nitpicking? As if I couldn’t do the same thing with men. And I think this is your gripe, that you believe that women will generalize about men. But what on earth do you think you are helping by doing the same exact thing?

  • One time i met a feminist that believed in equality but still thought that woman are better, that’s like being a gae supporter but when u met a gae person u tell him “y r u gae”

  • Hi! Could you make a video about long fasts (Water fasting, Dry fasting) and the effects on the body(Also if it heals loose skin)? Sorry for my bad english, and keep up the good work =)

  • On a pound for pound basis, a woman has the strongest deadlift. Stefi Cohen can deadlift over 4x her body weight, 520 at 120 lb body weight.

  • you didnt said that women can bulk up like man because their hormones doesnt lett them!they have lower tetosterone and more strogen so cant go super low in fat easily and cant easily have broguys body!good video keep up doing this

  • I just have a question. If women have better endurance how come men have better time in for example marathons and etc where endurance is the main factor??

  • Do you not know that Wonder Woman is fake and number two men have to go into the war and see each other die as woman don’t really go into Warren rad to see one in the war when there would be most likely Medix you all women should be happy that we are sacrificing our allies protect our state

  • I cant believe the stupidity a person is willing to go through to validate his/her delusions.
    Look at the power lifting and olympic lifting records of the world, and see how many held by women?
    Try sending all female troops to fight in Syria, and see which side wins. SIMPLE!!!

  • Very informative! I always assumed everyone recovered fairly quickly after a workout, so it’s interesting to see that a quicker recovery leans more towards the female sex. This really motivated me to do more reps the next time I workout.

  • I really liked the video! I really enjoy knowing the facts to random things. I feel like people tend to stray away from facts because of their own insecurity or opinions. Which I can understand in itself (believe me lol). For the second video I’ve randomly come across on this channel I’ve enjoyed the content

  • ok time for all professional fighting to become Unisex to back these claims. Time for all female infantry platoons to ship out overseas and formulate their own battle strategies unassisted by men. I’m ready to be shown up by women!

  • If feminism is about equality why is their always something coming out trying to prove that women are better as opposed to trying to promote men or women as equals? Women are the counter parts of men and vice versa. Why try so desperately hard to set us apart, instead of trying to promote some kind of unity and understanding?

  • I’m not sure if this is what you mean or not but Imagine…

    A woman who is 150 pounds and 6ft with height along with 15% body fat could lift 30lbs for 14 reps until failure,
    A man who is 150 pounds and 6ft with height along with 15% body fat could lift like 40lbs but only for 10 reps.

  • I am 19years old, and i dont work out, but im in decent shape…my sister is 27, nd doesnt work out either…but it seems like im always the one to open the pickled beetroot jar…thts wen i came to the understand tht men are built physically stronger than women and that its our duty to protect them…just the other night, my sister and i heard some noises outside our home and i was the one who instinctively grabbed a metal bar and went to investigate while she stayed indoors…nd u can blaim it on social constructs all you want, i didnt tell my sister to stay behind because society is oppressing her; I just did what felt right…by the way, it was jst a stray dog messing around in our yard��

  • Careful Picture Fit you don’t want to trigger those ignorant people… Feminists and equal right doers. Fact is, men and woman are different, deal with it.

  • In XC and Track females gets easier times to get a medal and be varsity,I was in JV and ran with my sisters group that was in varsity for easy days.more medals than me but slower

  • Men are far more creative than women. Men discovered quantum mechanics, the vaccinations for plague, measles, and smallpox, men discovered interchangeable parts, the internal combustion engine, the diesel engine, algebra, trigonometry, calculus, every advance in mathematics, Greek tragedy, the Russian novel, penicillen, polio, every advance in the field of medicine, morphine, the theory of relativity, television, the telephone, radar, the silicon microchip, canned food, x-ray technology, and I could go on. What have women ever discovered?

  • “The age old question, who is stronger, men or women”? Ah the age old question, whats stronger, a truck or a fly, a reasercher found that a fly has way more muscle mass than a truck, so trucks are loosing out, what a shame.

  • My female coworkers bitch about air conditioning all the time. They can adjust and put more clothes on. I can’t take my clothes off…

  • The question is being asked in “New York City”!!!. an environment catered to woman’s skill sets. Ask that question in a smaller city, a farm, or better, tell them to look around. Every build that stands was from the sweat and hands of men. History should tell them this.

  • We have micheal Jordan the best basketball player we have Albert Einstein the smartest man we have Kevin hart the funniest comedian cmon smartin up

  • In the 80’s there was a scientific study that said the reason men cheat more was that since they died younger there genes made the men want to spread it’s seeded as much as he could. The women found this offensive and turned the heat on the scientist so they had to bring it down. The women want to run the world no matter what. It’s got to be their way. There are differences in the genders but women want to be superior. I say F that.

  • have you not noticed through the course of millions of years that men have been better than women and I’ve been sent to a battle and drafted because they were better than you because you’re a little sneaky s***

  • Hey, i have a question i’m struggling to find an answer to, hope you can help me.. So here’s the thing: when you say i need a protein intake of 0.8/1g per pound of body weight, does that take into account the bioavailability of a given protein source? Because if it does’nt, and i eat 10g of a protein source that has, let’s say, 60% bioavailability, i don’t have to count for 10 but for 6 as long as my total daily protein intake (which is 0.8/1g per pound of bw) is concerned. There would be a huge difference..

  • This just shows how fucked up the western world is. Everybody knows men are better at everything, i mean seriously there is not a single thing that women can beat men at. Not one! This is ok we are different. The leftist agenda about equality is simply wrong. People are afraid to speak the truth.. Sad.

  • video idea! What are the general recommendations for exercising after giving blood? What happens to our bodies and how long does it actually take for us to recover? what can we do to better prepare ourselves and how should we adjust our exercise regimen in order to facilitate giving blood? and please express the importance of giving blood and why it needs to be done and if you are healthy you should seriously consider doing so.