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These baby vital signs monitors have not been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and there’s no evidence the devices prevent any potentially fatal problems in. Doctors: No to Wearable Smartphone Baby Monitors Sensors in infant clothing that track ‘vitals’ can cause unnecessary alarm, report says From the WebMD Archives.

And a recent study found the new wearable monitors are often inaccurate, sending panicked parents and their babies to the hospital for unnecessary procedures. The study suggests that the. In addition to security risks, experts worry about the accuracy of wearable baby monitors in particular.

Many parents love the concept of a device that monitors baby’s breathing and heart rate in hopes of preventing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), but in. Connected baby monitors that can track your little one’s vitals have been deemed not safe according to a review carried out by the Journal of. home / healthy kids center / healthy kids a-z list / no to wearable smartphone baby monitors article Pediatricians Say No to Wearable Smartphone Baby Monitors. Latest Healthy Kids News.

The AAP is also concerned that parents using the devices might not follow safe sleep guidelines that have been proven to prevent SIDS deaths, Moon said. A growing number of smart, wearable baby monitors want to assuage that anxiety. They use sensors placed on your baby’s body to monitor things like heart rate, respiration, sleeping position, blood. Pediatricians say no to wearable smartphone baby monitors. TUESDAY, Jan.

24, 2017 Parents should think twice before buying “smart” clothing with vital signs monitors to keep tabs on their baby. The Babysense 7 is a reliable monitor with few false alarms that operates on AA batteries to limit the use of potentially dangerous cords. Also, it continues to work reasonably well once your little one is mobile (up to one year old), unlike the wearable monitors that have an increase in false alarms as your baby begins to move. There aren’t just audio and video baby monitors anymore, but remarkable wearable baby monitors that have the ability to track movement, positioning, breathing, body temperature, and room temperature, all right on your smartphone no less.

So here are three new wearable baby monitors that intrigue us.

List of related literature:

The concern with infants and toddlers using these devices is that they provide no or very little sensory stimulation.

“Journey Across the Life Span: Human Development and Health Promotion” by Elaine U Polan, Daphne R Taylor
from Journey Across the Life Span: Human Development and Health Promotion
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Portable ultrasounds and heart rate monitors, and pulse oximeters are also available as attachments to smartphones.

“Plastic Surgery E-Book: Volume 1 Principles” by Geoffrey C Gurtner, Peter C. Neligan
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Some solutions have also been proposed for baby health monitoring, such as Mimo, the sensorized baby pajamas.1 Mimo uses sensors to tell how the baby is breathing as well as their body position, sleeping temperature, and activity level, and provides alerts to a smartphone.

“Smart Textiles: Fundamentals, Design, and Interaction” by Stefan Schneegass, Oliver Amft
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With a baby monitor, you can do these things and still obsess over your baby’s every breath and coo.

“The Girlfriends' Guide to Pregnancy” by Vicki Iovine
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Caregivers need detailed information regarding proper attachment of the electrodes to the infant’s chest with impedance monitors that detect chest movement.

“Maternal Child Nursing Care E-Book” by Shannon E. Perry, Marilyn J. Hockenberry, Kathryn Rhodes Alden, Deitra Leonard Lowdermilk, Mary Catherine Cashion, David Wilson
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Though internal monitoring gives a slightly more accurate record of the baby’s heart rate and your contractions than an external monitor, it’s only used when necessary (since its use comes with a slight risk of infection).

“What to Expect When You're Expecting 4th Edition” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
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This sensor is safe for an infant because it does not emit any harmful electromagnetic wave to the infant.

“Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Research Day 2019” by Mohd Fadzli Bin Abdollah
from Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Research Day 2019
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The monitor is usually attached to the baby with electrodes or is embedded in his cot, playpen or cradle mattress.

“What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]” by Heidi Murkoff, Sharon Mazel
from What To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]
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• If the infant is being discharged on an apnea or cardiorespiratory monitor, this equipment should be used during the trip home.

“Wong's Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: Second South Asian Edition” by A. Judie
from Wong’s Essentials of Pediatric Nursing: Second South Asian Edition
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Infants may be connected to apnea monitors and women at risk for premature labor may use fetal monitors at home for detecting the presence of contractions.

“Wellness Nursing Diagnosis for Health Promotion” by Karen M. Stolte
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  • Baby monitor the smart sock is very sympathetic to me, probably because I use a similar one for my child, only from Monbaby. Smart sensors are really very important in the life of our children.

  • One of the best baby monitor in the market that I recommend is the Vava 720P 5″ HD Display Video Baby Monitor. A Great HD Baby Monitor for Your Home!

    Check Our List and Review:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Cocoon Cam is shutting down at the end of May, so, time to select a different monitor. Our replacement pick: Lollipop Cam:

    Stay tuned (and subscribe) for our Best Baby Monitor of 2020 video, coming very soon!

  • I have an Owlet cam and my wife and I both hate it! Some days it works fine, other days it seems to never want to connect and it freezes all the time. It’s nothing but a pain in the neck, plus it’s not safe. The screen will freez and make it look like it’s sending a current image even when it’s not. Sometimes the lag is a second or two, but sometimes it’s 10 seconds or more. We had to send our first one back because it would power off all the time due to a a poor cable connection. Good on Owlet for replacing it, but at the end of the day the Owlet is unsafe.

  • People say they’d only buy one if there was an existing condition that was dangerous… There is a zero percent chance a child will not catch a respiratory illness during their first year of life. HMPV and RSV progress rapidly into pneumonia or bronchiolitis. It makes no sense to limit prospective buyers to those with a congenital defect.

  • DXR-8 gets a 8/10 from me as a 4-year user. In a 5000+ sqft house, we get clear signal everywhere. The only reason we don’t get signal very well outside of the house is because our houses is stucco. I can barely get my fairly powerful wi-fi outside the house or cell service in it. The battery last thru the night if you leave the screen off. You’ll still get all the audio and LEDs that indicate noise level in the baby room. Plus you can rotate it remotely over a large area which is helpful when its used in a play room for a child that isnt in a crib. It too mounts the the wall easily. You simply put 1 screw in the the wall and slide the camera on it via the mounting slot on the bottom. The image it is as good as it needs to be for a screen the size that it is when the camera is fairly close to the crib. I will replace it with a Wi-Fi unit once I find one that the app works perfectly in the background of my phone. And by perfect I mean that I can hear it at all times regardless of what else I’m doing with my phone. If it can’t do that, is not very useful for me. It’s better to just carry separate monitor in that case.

  • I have never really entered a contest before just because what are the chances of winning probably 1 in a million but it’s worth the try! I hope I can win this awesome baby monitor just because I need it for babygirl… I’ve been referencing on finding the perfect monitor for me and my babygirl and that’s how I landed here with that said Good luck to all and thank you for the opportunity!!����������

  • Hi, I’ve purchased the cocoon 5 months back following your recommendation and we were generally happy with it, although there were connectivity issues occasionally and they discontinued the swaddle stories.
    Few weeks ago the app logged out and since then I can’t login to the app and accordingly can’t use the device. Same thing happened on my wife phone.
    I tried to reset the password and register the device again, nothing works.
    Customer service take days to get back via email, and not helpful. I left them voice messages, they just wouldn’t call back. Worst customer experience ever…
    So just FYI everyone, this product is NOT RELIABLE, and if you buy it, know you will not get any customer support if something is wrong.
    I’m now looking to buy a different baby monitor since I can’t use cocoon.

  • Help! We bought the Nanit Plus for our toddler’s room and it’s been awful. He has a teepee bed so Birdseye view does not work for us. And he has night blindness so his night light needs to be pretty bright. The Nanit makes an audible clicking noise multiple times (especially at naps) trying to get on Night and Day mode. We really want a WiFi monitor that we can mount across the room but can figure out what will actually work for us.

  • We’ve had tons of false readings on the gen two. I put it on well but it still falls off. Readings take forever. Need to charge every night, adding to one more thing that needs to be done daily. My Garmin watch charges once a week, and gets instant readings, and costs about the same. Need I say more? Don’t waste your money on this.

  • I have heard so many stories about this saving lives. It alarmed twice with my preemie daughter. Once she was propped up on a boppy on her tummy and fell asleep. I was sitting with her, looking at her. I am convinced her position was causing her to not get enough oxygen but from the outside she looked totally fine. The second time was 4am and woke us up screaming, we have no idea if it was a false alarm or not, I picked her up and she was breathing and had good color. Either way we just don’t know, and the sense of security and peace of mind it gave us was priceless. I will be using it again for my second child due soon.

  • Ehhhhh I’m not a fan of WiFi monitors. People can basically access a live stream to your kids room if you’re not well protected, which usually costs even more $

  • I know for a fact that once anyone goes to the hospital the first thing they do is check your vital signs. Despite what the monitors at home say hospitals will check vitals with every admission. Obviously they would find the correct vital sign readings… O2 sats and pulse and won’t send them off for x-rays or blood work if everything is normal upon admission. This is a home monitor to help parents have that peace of mind. I don’t see anything wrong with it at all.

  • I’ve had the owlet cam for the past six months and I’m kind of sad I hadn’t seen this video before making my purchase. Price range yes it wasn’t too different but I feel like you’d get more out of the nanit. There have been days where I forget to plug in my little one’s sock to charge and hand washing it happened often. The nanit eliminates those frustrations. I also enjoyed the information on the sleep analyzing! I don’t think I’ll change though.. I feel that money would definitely be spent on something more important considering my owlet works great and the picture quality isn’t too bad!

  • Hi. Thank you for all the reviews �� I look for mobile baby monitor. Something I can use at home but also in the car while I’m driving, or when I’m on holidays and have no wifi. Can I use my mobile internet? Did all the cameras need to be plugged in while they’re working? What kind of charging cables are used for them? Can I use usb charging battery or plugged it in the car???

  • I’m watching this in February 2020. I’m not sure if the Owlet sock has updated since this video was made, but you can dim the light on the base station. And blue means poor connection, not red. Red is just low oxygen or heart rate.

  • I’m having such a hard time choosing a monitor! There are too many options! Crazy since we all grew up with crappy sound monitors and turned out (more or less) fine… I was leaning towards the new Cubo Plus with an Owlet for breathing reassurance, or would it be better to just have one device and go with Miku? Any thoughts?

  • thanks for sharing this info, I was about to purchase baby monitors, gonna dig more into the safety issues before make the decision.

  • As many parents we bought the Miku and installed it before the baby was born. The APP and the camera are EXTREMELY glitchy. Once you notice, it’s too late to return it. We are extremely angry at ourselves to have wasted this much money. We trusted the wrong reviews. Once you’re aware of the glitches you supplement the anxiety for the baby to the stress the MIku could stop working anytime, without notice, or that what is reporting is incorrect information.

    Major issues:

    1) Continuous issues with connectivity between APP and camera. It’s just doesn’t connect at all or loses connectivity while watching. Note that I’m extremely skilled at networks and our house has a brand new mesh network with total coverage. When you contact MIku support they initially always tell you it’s you network, and dig deeper only when, like in my case, you show reports of signal strengths.

    2) The APP reports false breathing very easily. Essentially, if you have a bathroom fan near your room, a AC, a fresh air, and intake, whatever can be mistaken by the Miku as a breathing human. They swear that when a baby is actually in the crib the Miku measures that but that is not entirely correct. Countless times we removed the baby and the Miku happily picked up another breathing from no idea where. This means that the Miku does NOT sound an alarm when it should. What’s the point of buying the breathing monitor?

    3) Contrary to alternative products on the market, this wifi camera will NOT connect with your APP is there’s no internet connection. Or, if it does, it never happened to us. This means that is you live in area where for any reason there’s an internet outage, you won’t know it stops monitoring (unless you read your phone notifications when you sleep and your phone is not on wifi). This is extremely frustrating and dangerous.

    Other issues:

    4) Several times the temperature displayed in my APP (Android) and my wife (Iphone) are different temperatures. Also, the temperature picks up as the camera is use as it generates heat. It’s a joke.

    5) I cannot prove this as I don’t have testing equipment, but if there’s an internet outage the MIku seem to spam the router at high rate, there appear to be something really wrong or unpolished with their wifi/network module.

    My recommendation: do NOT buy, save your money to buy a good alternative.

  • Thank you for the recommendations and which monitors not to buy! As soon as I watched this video I removed the Arlo Baby cam from our registry and added the Nanit Plus!

  • I was about to buy the Drx 8. I am so glad I watched this video. I am a first time mom on a tight budget so I do a lot of research before buying anything. Thanks for the advice.

  • Interesting review thanks mate. For a new g33k father to be i have no idea about the tech available to help with being a new parent but your video has given me some good starting points in my search. Shame the developers of owlet didn’t think of impact of the bright light at night; a simple small light would have been better compared to the one they have which i can only imagine will light up the whole room.

  • Hi I have a quick question about Arlo baby monitor. It seems that the app isn’t that dreadful to use. Could you be more specific? I went and saw your previous review, and the app interface isn’t that bad at all. Sorry about the late comment, I am considering buying a baby monitor for my new born son and I would appreciate your honest feedback. Btw, the way your constructed your review is fantastic. I would appreciate if you could also do more reviews on the mid price range products, such as the Panasonic and Kodak.

  • I agree with that RN as a fellow RN a heart rate of 60 and I would be calling a code and initiating PALS protocol. With that being said I will be purchasing this for my next baby. I cant tell you how many times I would wake up at night to check on her. She slept in her crib beside my bed for ten months. I did not sleep for more than 3 hours for ten whole months lol. I have no idea how I survived.

  • Im interested in the lollipop is the rage good as well? I have the hello baby and the range was good but monitor stopped working so I’m lookin to upgrade

  • Did your baby give consent for being watched? How paranoid to think he is incapable of breathing alone? �� That’s the kit for pure OCD parents having the silliest intrusive thoughts ��

  • Wish i would have seen this! I got the infant optics based on the reviews and quickly found out why it has good reviews. They offer a free gift if you leave a review when you receive the product. Obviously everyone just gives a good review to get a free gift which is another camera. I did like have two cameras but hate the product.

  • Awesome to see you cover so many. There options are only getting better. We ended up landing on the nanit plus and loving it so far!

  • Idk about this being a first time. Parent thing. We had another kindnof monitor that clipped onto my DD’s diaper and it kept slipping off, not to mention he sanitizer factor of being on a diaper.

    Im buying this for round two and feel pretty confident that it will, like the other one, continue to provide a sense of security around something tat would Otherwise be untracked.

  • I really doubt about how you could monitor the baby during night, are you open your APP all the night? Just don’t understand while you using your phone, how to monitor the baby

  • the husband and I have enjoyed watching your videos. We are wondering if you know if the Nanit or Miku monitor apps work on any phone (including Huawei phones)? Thanks so much… and looking forward to hearing from you! Have a great day with your adorable kids. Also… husband asks “has anyone told you you look a bit like Luke Wilson?”

  • Going to be a dad soon and finally came across your videos and I’ve been hooked ever since! Keep those videos comin! They’re super helpful!!

  • Thank you for the useful information! But I don’t know if I can sacrifice visuals over security since wifi monitors pose a hacking risk. Ahhh, it’s hard to be a parent.

  • We’re expecting our first child, and just found your channel! It’s been SO extremely helpful in wading though the tech/baby waters. Really appreciate your time and effort towards helping us new parents!

  • Thanks for the review. It’s really helpful. Our question is: How many phones/devices can you use for their (for all cameras) app simultaneously? Also, we love your sense of humor:)

  • @fathercraft would you recommend the nest cam with the Google nest hub as a baby monitor. I know you said is not worth it cause of the lack of background sound. But if I place a hub in my night stand and leave it playing the camera feed when the baby is sleeping. Would that work? I would like to know your thoughts.

  • Just saw where your doing another giveaway so I will post the same question I posted on your website.

    I own an angelcare AC315 monitor. It has a breathing and movement pad that goes under the crib mattress and connects to a line attaching to the camera. The problem I have is that the line is too short and I can’t get the camera far enough away from the crib in order to see my baby. The zoom feature on the camera doesn’t allow me to zoom out enough either so I end up just seeing a zoomed part of the crib which ends up being useless because my baby doesn’t stay in the same spot all the time. It has a pan feature but the zoom and short line are so terrible that it doesn’t matter. I also can’t raise the camera up enough to see down into the crib because the wall mount doesn’t stick out far enough from the wall and is virtually flush so ultimately the bottom of the camera ends up hitting the wall before i can tilt it enough to see inside of the crib. Only option I have found is to drop the camera down to crib level, but then I have to look through the bars of the crib obstructing my view. Irritating since it isn’t a cheap monitor. Stupid monitor has been in a box for about a year since it is almost useless.

  • It’s a great product I’d still recommend but I’ve had to replace mine twice in 6 months because of sensor issues. The 4 day business day wait for a new sensor sucks and I hope they fix this issue soon. The only good thing is the customer service is great and they fully cover their warranty. They told me the main cause of sensor issues is normal wear and tear and people forcing the charger into the sock which isn’t easy to do gently because it doesn’t quite match up easily like my cell phone does and there isn’t a way to do it gently, but I’m trying my best

    I got one false scary high heart rate alarm when I changed sock sizes and had to go back to the smaller size even though it was too small because he was between sizes. Would be nice for more sock sizes for babies that are stuck in between.

    Either way I’d still highly recommend this product and love the peace of mind it gives me. Just hope the sensor lasts for baby number 2 and doesn’t die again after my warranty is up…

  • Very helpful. I’ve been doing so much research but haven’t taken the plunge on video monitors. Don’t want to spend the cash and be disappointed. I almost bought the nest cam until I found your channel! Close call.

  • I was really tired of false alarms and desided to change a baby monitor. We bought the Monbaby monitor and its really worth the money. Owlet`s sock was ucomfortable for my baby and the Monbaby is designed like a smart button which snaps to baby`s clothes. It`s app works great and I really love that monitor.

  • The bright light on the owlet monitor can actually be dimmed. Read the instructions that come with the device. All you have to do is push down and hold the base station until it dims. Super easy.

  • Soooo…I didn’t read thru all 700 or so previous comments/questions/answers so at the risk of repeating a question that’s already been answered…does the Nanit Plus have the ability to monitor baby’s vitals without that blanket/wrap thingie…or must you use in conjunction with said “blanket/wrap thingie” to achieve vitals?

  • Hate the Arlo. Loved it at first, but after couple months grew to hate it. Constantly disconnects from the app, multiple times a day. Not reliable

  • I think you are missing the point when glorifying wifi+app monitors over radio ones. There are other things important at monitors than having a crystal clear picture and 4K or so video stream. First thing is security where IP based services are far more vulnerable than local FHSS radio. The second one are health concerns for infants referred to RF emissions when there is a constant transmittion of signal from devices put close to their bodies like wifi cameras or digital sock you are promoting whereas there are single-purpose monitor devices like Philips Avent SCD630 which are able limit almost whole communication until they detect noise. I did not find anything like that in any IP based products.

  • just a heads up I got an email yesterday from cocoon cam support giving me notice that the app will no longer be supported after May 31st. we bought this monitor a couple weeks ago due to your review but now that things are changed I will be trying to return the device as the camera is useless without the app, which to be fair was not the best app in the world to begin with. might update this video so people don’t buy the cam and run into this same issue. Thanks for the info in your video it was very helpful in deciding which monitor to purchase even though we got unlucky with cocoon cam.

  • I have the infant optics and am SO ready to be done with it! Thanks for the time to research. I’m thinking of getting the nanit plus. Do you know if I can have two different cameras in two different rooms connected to the one app?

  • I purchased an Owlet in February 2020 for my preemie baby. Worked really well the first month. However one night, and of course it happens at night when customer service isn’t available, but it dropped connection to our wi fi. We did all the recommended troubleshooting tips, unfortunately nothing helped. It kept saying “searching for base station” or “wi fi not connected.” Like this video says, the Owlet will still work at the base station, but it will be unusable with the app through your phone. Which is one of the main parts about it that I liked. My issue, along with many other similar issues can be read on the Owlet App for iPhones. Many complaints are about the same problem. Customer service for Owlet will say it’s a problem with the app, and they’re working on it. Well it’s been a problem for the last two years at least for some customers. I’m not a person to post reviews on social media, but I just feel for the money people will spend on this product to be fully aware, that it’s not always reliable.

  • Would love to have the chance to win the nanit for our first son being born in February 2020. Thanks for the great video and contest. This video help provide me with comfort with my decision to switch away from the owlet system and look forward to hopefully using a nanit plus

  • Anyone know about the Owlet CAM connectivity? We used the Owlet Smart Sock 2 with our first son and had so many issues with viewing his stats on our phone and had to just rely on the base station to alert us if there was an issue. So I’m wondering if the same is true for the camera.

  • I love this! Quick, easy and straight to the point. I have been contemplating the owlet for so long but don’t like that it’s not portable. Learned that today, thanks!

  • Great video, thanks so much for the tips! As a first time mom + living in Brazil and having little or no good options here and having to import ($$$), it’s been very tough to decide on which baby monitor. I do have a question though, do these best models have VOX? Or can we only hear what’s happening with our baby when the app is on? In your opnion, if you may, how important and essential is VOX models?

  • Any idea on the model refresh schedule for Nanite? I’m wondering if I wait a bit if a new model will launch. Thanks for the review!

  • I recently lost my son to SIDS in April. He was put down for a nap. Another thing that they say is to keep your child in your room until they are 1.

  • We almost made the mistake of buying the DXR-8, but your video saved us. We are hopeful for the long shot of winning a Nanit in your contest! Thanks for the help!

  • I’m going back and forth between the Miku and Nanit Plus. I like the fact that the Miku doesn’t require a subscription but it’s a shame that its app doesn’t have the zoom feature yet apparently. However, I don’t like that the Nanit requires the band for breathing monitoring. Did you find the band to be troublesome to put on and take off your baby in the middle of the night, i.e. feeding or diaper changes? Thank you for the reviews.

  • Looking at non-wifi monitor with 2 cameras that can be viewed at the same time so I can see both babies in different rooms. Does either eufy or summer infant pixel have this capability? Prefer non-wifi due to spotty internet service.
    New subscriber and I appreciate all your helpful videos. Thank you!

  • Love your channel man! Keep up the great work. My first daughter was born 3 weeks ago and I really enjoy learning from your content. Would love to win the Nanit Plus Monitoring System. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Which monitors require an additional subscription service? My understanding is the Miku doesnt require a subscription, I’m curious what other monitors may require outside of the initial purchase fee.

  • I couldn’t get it to fit my baby’s foot. I tried all the tips and tricks and her foot was just too narrow. Got a snuza instead.:-/ I still have the owlet cam though.

  • What is a good monitor that has a physical screen monitor and an app? I would like to find a monitor that I can use to see my baby when I am not home and that also wouldn’t require a babysitter to download an app…

  • This was helpful as I was about to purchase the owlet. I didn’t know about the Nanit and now I will be looking into it. Thank you for the information!

  • The cocoon cam should be on the “popular but avoid” list. If you ever get it connected to WiFi and get the app to open, the app crashes constantly, there’s a latency of about 5 seconds, the picture often (and I mean OFTEN) freezes, the sleep summary is inaccurate (says my baby is awake when she’s asleep and vice versa; says she’s crying when she’s not even in her room and there is no sound in her room either), and after a while, there’s a terrible screeching sound that is constant when the app is open in the background both on iPhone and Pixel devices). Read the reviews on the app itself in the Google play store. Lots of other people having the same terrible experience. I’m buying the Nanit with my HSA to replace the cocoon cam.

  • These are the types of products that profit on peoples anxieties. Yes you can always find testimony that this has helped people. The internet has caused people to just live constantly in fear.

    SIDs is a.09% occurance roughly, and a lot of those causes are preventable. Stop being paranoid. Your baby will be fine

  • The owlet is a MUST for us!!! We got it about a week after my son was born. Before I gave birth, I was going back and forth on whether or not it was really necessary. I decided it wasn’t until I had him. He had some complications with his breathing that first night, so my husband ended up sleeping in shifts. Our pediatrician strongly suggested we get it since we were so worried!

    I would also like to add that you DO NOT need WiFi with this. However, in order to actually use the app and see the babies vitals, it will need to be connected to WiFi. But we just go solely on the base station right now, and it’s been great!

  • I have loved our infant optics, it has been 3 years now and it never failed us. It has been through multiple drops and it is still going strong. It may not have a good resolution but it is a good baby monitor.
    Anyways, I love this content. Watching this coz it just goes to my recommended videos and it intrigues me. Lol!

  • Just an add on for the owlet: it also trends your babies sleeping patterns and movement. Not as comprehensive as the Nanit, but it works pretty good and is a nice insight.

  • question I have the Arlo security system and haven’t had any issues. do you think I’d be fine getting Arlo baby or recommend going with the lollipop ��

  • Nanit is a fancy device but in my view totally unnecessary. Even more so, I believe you better go with a non-wifi based device. It gives less fancy stuff (you barely need) and is much more reliable… I tried nanit and Infant Optics DXR-8 (which does not need wifi) and I was much happier with the latter.

  • What ever happened to the Nanit giveaway? I didnt see any July newsletter despite continuously following the site and checking emails.

  • Would love to see the new Lumi by Pampers monitor added! Trying to find someone on YouTube showing the comparison between the Nanit and the Lumi!

  • How long can the Nanit wearable accurately monitor your baby? As well as the Owlet? It wasn’t mentioned in the video… I know the owlet camera is mediocre… However which wearable technology is longer lasting?

  • how reliable is the Nanit app any issues? and can you connect multiple cameras to the same app/account to easily switch from room to room?

  • We actually bought the Cubo. I would suggest redoing this video because these baby monitors are the WORST. They are so expensive for something that doesn’t work properly. I would suggest checking out the Amazon reviews. The ai doesn’t work it either gives so many false positives that you end up turning the notifications off just to get some sleep or it doesn’t detect that your baby is actually face down. It always has trouble connecting to WiFi and has constant app errors. It also stops working randomly in the middle of the night and takes forever to login in to the app again or just doesn’t. It was such a headache and we had to report so many issues. They even sent us a replacement, which did the EXACT same thing so we asked for a refund and were denied and offered another replacement. We have ZERO trust on this baby monitor and it has been frustrating and disappointing. BUY ANY OTHER BABY MONITOR!!

  • thanks for reviewing these monitors! do you know if there are any baby monitors that allow for both Wi-fi monitoring as well as seperate device monitoring, like both features in 1 unit?

  • I’m expecting twins, should I get a monitor for each baby or just one for the whole nursery? We plan for them to share a crib for the first few months so I’m not sure its necessary to have the bird’s eye view for two cribs. Suggestions?

  • OR maybe I’ll win one!!! I just entered all 3 ways, so hoping that 6-entry option wins me a Nanit! Thanks for expanding the giveaways!

    Also curious your thoughts on the Motorola Halo+. Same price as Nanit, equally as mobile and a WiFi camera with an additional parent unit (for when the grandma comes to babysit and you don’t want her spying on baby 24/7 and talking to her through the monitor after she leaves bc she now has your WiFi monitor password speaking from experience).

  • Can the Nannit plus have two cameras viewed in one app? I have two babies rooms that i need to monitor at the same time, but don’t want multiple parent units or apps that I have to toggle back and forth with.

  • Just found the channel, love it. Question, do you find that ultimately the novelty of the ‘advanced features’ wears off and is therefore an unnecessary expense in the long term? or are you still actively monitoring the breathing, vital tracking after a few months? Thanks!

  • Hi hi! Thanks for sharing! By the way; have you thought about ” Vidadsmedia Help Baby Sleep ” (do a google search)? My best friend who is a stay at home mom had some dealings with them and was impressed by their amazing system and how fast the baby fell into deep sleep! 

  • I’ve heard the nanit has a paywall. to me, that puts it behind the miku. What do you think? or was I misinformed about the paywall =|

  • Hi! Have you done a review/test of best baby monitors with backup battery? For camping, power outage, etc? Is that what the non-wifi ones would be used for? Thanks!

  • I’m curious how babies survived prior to these overly expensive devices came around. I’ve worked in the medical field for over 25 years, have a 23 year old and expecting another in April. If your baby had complications, I totally agree with something this like this, however if your baby is perfectly healthy, don’t stress yourself out more than you need to.

  • No price is too high to pay to save your child’s life, but for the technology itself, this product is so extremely overpriced its ridiculous. $79 is a more realistic price. $99 would be pushing it. Either way, priced right, it would sell like hotcakes.

  • I’m just concerned about the fact that my child would be constantly wired up. I want to keep his room free of wifi devices. That’s what’s stopping me from running out and grabbing this product

  • Considering most of these baby monitors are kind of pricey. Witch one would you say is more durable considering that I want to sell it after a cpl of years?

  • Thanks for all your honest thoughts about these baby monitors! We are in search of a video monitor because our audio monitor broke and believe it’s time for an upgrade considering our daughter just started climbing out of her crib! Ah!

  • I bought one for a grandson born 5 months ago. It’s worth every penny. I wish these were available when I was a young father…the peace of mind is beyond price.

  • Call me a snob but $250 is actually quite a LOW price if you budget properly. The device itself is simple, and as many parents have said, it’s given them a peace of mind when monitoring baby.

  • Looking between lollipop and Nanit. Do you have a service app to subscribe to like the lollipop? I am a grandmother. Tech challenged

  • From what I’ve seen, the only way to get actual numerical data from the sensor right in front of you is to send it through the Owlet server via internet connection and then back to an app on your phone.  They could have just put the numbers on the base station, but it would be more difficult to collect data from you that way.
    At 5:47, why was the Owlet reading “at the same time” in a different location in the dark?  Does this have anything to do with having to connect to the internet to send data to their servers before you can see if your child is okay?

  • Hey, love the channel. Have you by any chance heard of or reviewed the sense-u sensor w/camera? Seems to have a lot of good features for its price but there’s no reviews i can find outside of amazon…. Thanks

  • The owlet Saved my baby’s life!! This older ER doctor said it was a near miss SIDS. I don’t let my little one sleep without the owlet on. You just have to put it on correctly or else the false alarm will ring. Also their customer service is top notch.

  • We used the Owlet for my grandson. It was absolutely worth the money!!! We never had any alarms go off, other than a couple of ”sock displacement“ alerts, because Grandma was just learning how to use it, but just having peace of mind, and being able to know he is sleeping with good sats (by viewing the readings on your phone) is worth it. It even tells you if he/she is wiggling. Added bonus: I live 4 hours away, so I was able to check the app around his bedtime, and know he was safe and snug in his little bed. Our family gives the Owlet a big thumbs up!��

  • Thanks for the review! I purchased it today and I guess I’m going to have to hook it up tomorrow. Can you tell me, I usually put my phone on night time mode (iPhone) so would I get the alert if the red light and alarm go off? Also, I purchased the camera part too.

  • Best baby monitor!!! Check out this IG �� Keep your babies safe ��������������������

  • Unfortunately, I don’t use video baby, but I bought a baby monitor from MonBaby when I was still pregnant. I really liked the ease of handling, besides, it was at a good price. When the baby fell asleep, I started housework and was always calm for my daughter. I went out and weed grass in the garden, and cooked food in the kitchen, and cleaned the whole house, and at the same time, I knew that the baby monitor always looked after my baby.

  • I got this for my newborn and I do enjoy takes a little anxiety away just getting to monitor her heart rate and oxygen level, however mines has went off twice not sure if her levels get low or a false alarm bc when I close the app and re open it it says it’s back to normal. I would say best to get this on a deal bc it is pricey. I got lucky enough to get the bundle at more than half off!

  • Horrible company! Cheap product. I am speaking specifically of the sock 2, I see now they have a sock 3 that addresses some of my concerns. Their web site has outdated information regarding the devices ability to capture historical data; with sock 1 and sock 2 early on you needed a subscription service for the historical data, they changed this and left the verbiage confusing. I discovered our device wasn’t capturing any historical data. It took 3 support calls to finally get to someone willing to honor the warranty and only then after I basically threatened to sue them. The support staff walked me through the same complex sequence of button presses to reset device, the app is nice for the sock. The problem is the app should be able to fully reset the base station and it can’t… After I liked some negative comments I made the company has seemingly halted my warranty exchange… As for the sensor, we’ve had four false alarms plus one time when our baby was NOT breathing and the alarm never sounded. The device is garbage. The company in my view point unethical, disorganized (website support articles outdated) and overall just a mess. Not to mention they operate like a tech company and not a medical supply company; by that I mean they release a new version of the product every few years. You’re basically buying a set of problems and helping them do R&D as they take the “build the jet plane in the air” approach with a product parents depend on for your babies life. Despicable is the appropriate word…. FYI also if you try to leave a review on Amazon, Amazon informs you they suspect suspicious activity and require verified purchases only (i.e. company paying for positive reviews) with the Owlet products. Stay far, far away.

  • I love your reviews they are really helpful. Can you do a review on the Vava baby monitor? I’ve been looking into it as a non-WiFi monitor.

  • I often meet this sock, I heard that it is quite in demand among mothers, but unfortunately I did not use it. Who can say something about this baby monitor?

  • I love the tech in the Miku, but everything that I’m reading basically says the app and UI is trash, making the Nanit look like a better option. Seems like you’ve spoken with the people over at Miku. What’s your feeling about them actually improving their software or not?

  • OMG you’ll have to call the Nuclear Safety Agency and evacuate your town. Your baby monitor is nuclear powered and has an apparent emissions leak

  • I don’t want my baby to have all those devices around her to be honest. To me I don’t think it’s worth it. I never had any of devices around my son eather. Its not even medical approved…
    If your baby has some kind of health issue than may be a good thing to buy it but if your baby is completely healthy why you even bother buying this sock??
    Baby doesn’t need to be around all those devices and too much radiation going on… Camera,owlet sock,this and that. Too much!!:/

  • The Owlet saved my grandsons life. After the alarm going off saying his heart rate was 260 bpm. my daughters pediatrician said throw it away it’s not true the baby heart rate could get that high. Well after trying her friends owlet who is a nurse, the alarm went off again. My grandson was rushed to a children hospital and in ICU with a heart problem called SVT supraventricular tachycardia. He thank God is on mess that will control it but he has to see a cardiologist regularly to adjust his men’s. He wears the owlet every night. The pediatrician is no longer my grandsons doctor.

  • Is this only for newborns because my son is 21 months old and he has an extra beat in his heart and i was told because he snores he can stop breathing while he sleepa

  • My husband find out Other products better this not only let you know baby heartbeat also let you know baby is move or alarm you baby is out the Crip is freaking cool don’t know how is call we plan buy it is very expensive but keep you mind relax because first time mom worry like me and care my baby pretty much, also recommend it a tracking items I use for my dog work I buy other one to use for my baby as well…

  • YALL! Do NOT use Owlet camera! I’ve gone through three of them so far in four months. The audio constantly goes in and out, app crashes, audio randomly turns off and on. It’s not reliable in any way! I regret buying it

  • Thank you so much, I love your channel and this video was so helpful, I was going to buy the owlet since I’m due in January with my first one so all these options are really overwhelming but after this video I’m definitely going to look into the Nannit or the Miku… I do have a question for the Nannit do we have to have the baby wear the strap for it to function to it’s full potential? Or is it still monitor breathing and movement if they are not wearing it?

  • Worth every penny, the peace of mind is gives us is priceless. By far the best baby purchase we’ve made. I think insurance companies should cover these so every baby can have it.

  • The nanit was not for us. You can’t use the camera unless it has an active internet connection during setup. Going on vacation? Get ready to connect your nanit to your hotspot or hotel wifi. You can not just connect to the camera via Bluetooth alone. The “local” view is limited to Bluetooth distances. 2nd strike is that it does not support viewing two video feeds at once. You have to manually switch between them. Have two young babies? Well your gonna have to manually switch or get a second viewing device.

  • I stumbled on your page while looking for baby monitors and I love you videos! But I was wondering if you had a suggestion on the best twin baby monitor? I am trying to get away with only one monitor that I can wall mount and see both cribs (they are arranged close enough in an “L” I believe) from a birds eye view! Thank you!!

  • I am a NICU RT and I can tell you the reason that the levels are set the way they are is because it is normal for newborns to fluctuate during the day, babies do this all the time and most kids are on monitor so you would never know, yes in oxygen saturation of 80 is very low but the reason it said there is so that you know when the baby is at that level something is actually wrong, if it was set any higher than that it would be going off all the time because babies drop down all the time when they cough when they have reflux when they bear down, what matters is that they come back up on their own. The owl that will monitor you if it gets to a dangerous level that gives you plenty of time to perform this lifesaving measures. And yes a heart rate of 70 is very low for an infant however they have moments again where their heart rate will fluctuate to 90s and you don’t want them set there because then you would be alarming all the time, it is very normal for newborns and babies to fluctuate heart rate and oxygen levels that I’ll let is set to let you know when there’s an actual problem that’s the reason that the parameters are set where they are. I can tell you from working in the nicu, when babies have a vagal response due to acid reflex or cough their heart rates can drop pretty low and we’re not doing CPR because they come back up on their own. The owlet will let you know if they have gotten to a level that you need to be concerned about, and prevent you from running in there for normal newborn fluctuations

  • Watching this has me thinking about the little mermaid where the seagull was listening to prince Eric’s feet after Ariel saved him ��‍♀️Lol

  • The bs that doctors say only trust us and being proactive even if there are false alarms is a bad idea. I rather have more doctor Bills then find my sick son in his crib

  • Awesome video! Thanks for going through all the reviewing and testing for us to make great purchasing decisions. I’ve searched all over Google for a simple list, and your videos by far have provided the best information. Also, GREAT looking merch!: )

  • i like you video, i also made a video and i put a link in the description for your video. I hope you do not mind i do not have a baby monitor.

  • I was almost s victim of sids when I was a baby. My mom put me in my swing under the tree in the front yard while she was doing some yard work and my head tilted funny because I fell asleep so she rolled up some small blankets up to help support my head better. She contued her work and when she checked on me my face was slightly in the blanket and when she pulled the blanket I gasped for air. Scary right!

  • Good information; thanks! After watching multiple videos promoting six different monitors I had narrowed it down to 2 but I still needed more information. Your analysis made some excellent points, especially the part about receiving all the suggestions about getting baby to sleep all night as early as possible! That’s gotta be a winner. So tossing out what was said by and Popular Mechanics,we’ve decided the Nanit is for us. TEAMMOMA[email protected] HOTMAIL.COM

  • Another Great Baby Monitor; The Wyze camera. I personally have used this camera for my children, as well as my infant. I was around 4 or 5 around the house, the work great and allow to keep an eye on them while My wife and I are at work! I highly recommend this as a baby camera or even a camera just to keep an eye on your house. It is also much more affordable than regular baby cameras, which is a great benefit if you are a new parent or just on a budget. You can keep an eye on your kids from almost any corner of the world!

  • If you have a brands to avoid list, smack the Kodak cherish on it, it was the biggest waste of money ever. I loved the fact it had both wifi connectivity and a parent unit, it was amazing for the first 6 months. But after 12 months the parent unit is currently held together with tape, it drops out of range regularly, the app unreliable and the background noise just awful.

    We have eufy security cameras and would love to integrate a baby monitor into it but the lack of a motion sensor really kills it for me:(
    Would including motion detection be a matter of a software update or will we have to hope that they release another cam?

  • He makes a good point about personality of the parent. Sometimes the anxiety isn’t going to be solved by being given more numbers to obsess over.

  • I like your meter, scary red lights and lots of noise! What more do you need to scare people into wearing tin foil hats?

    So far, there is no proven link to RF radiation on a household level and ill health.

    Many forget that the POWER of a transmitter is where things get dangerous, and household items are very low power.