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Your Favorite Relaxation Habit Might Be Secretly Screwing With Your Meds. Yep, even OTC cold meds. are suffering from certain side effects related to your other drugs. Always tell your doctor about the supplements you’re taking, so he/she can take that into consideration when prescribing your medications. Take your list of supplements with you to your next doctor’s appointment, and discuss it with him/her.

And if in doubt, ask your pharmacist or a nutritionist about specific drug-nutrient interactions. If you feel better after taking a medication, say an antidepressant or arthritis medication, your symptoms can return when you stop taking the medication. In addition, some conditions, like hypertension and high cholesterol, have no real symptoms at all, lessening the chance you’ll stick with your meds.

Taking multiple drugs and/or supplements can increase your risk for side effects and adverse interactions, including cognitive impairment and delirium. Even herbal supplements from natural sources can have potent active ingredients and dangerous interactions with drugs, other supplements, and certain foods and beverages. Your pharmacist can also advise you whether any of the meds you are taking have potential for adverse interactions.

We recommend that you let him or her know about of all of the dietary supplements you’re taking. While supplements don’t require a prescription for purchase, they can adversely interact with prescription drugs. With this quantity of pills in your life, an.

“Some dietary supplements may increase the effect of your medication, and other dietary supplements may decrease it,” he says. Certain dietary supplements can change absorption, metabolism, or. The fix: To banish ulcers, see your doctor about the best remedy for you, which might involve an acid-blocking medication — aka an anti-acid — like Prilosec or Zantec, says Sachar. And stop. Intestinal Reaction to Iron Supplements.

Taking an iron supplement isn’t necessary for everyone. If your iron intake is low, if you have digestive issues that limit iron absorption or if you have iron-deficiency anemia, your doctor could suggest taking iron. While iron is crucial for carrying oxygen around to all the. From nausea to rashes to drowsiness, most medications can cause side effects. For some common prescriptions, that can mean screwing with your erection, your orgasm, and your sex drive..

Keep. For example, taking a combination of herbal supplements or using supplements together with prescribed medications could lead to harmful, even life-threatening results. It’s important to talk with your doctor before using herbal supplements.

List of related literature:

I only take a few medications, but the supplements I consume increase the number of pills I take to, well, excess.

“Embrace the Struggle: Living Life on Life's Terms” by Zig Ziglar, Julie Ziglar Norman
from Embrace the Struggle: Living Life on Life’s Terms
by Zig Ziglar, Julie Ziglar Norman
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I have included long lists of supplements and medicines in the therapeutic agents section so you can find ones that agree with you.

“Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment” by Andrew Hall Cutler
from Amalgam Illness: Diagnosis and Treatment
by Andrew Hall Cutler
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I take a peculiar mix of supplements every day.

“Genie in Your Genes” by Dawson Church
from Genie in Your Genes
by Dawson Church
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Synthetic supplements can upset balance in other ways.

“Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition” by Paul Pitchford
from Healing with Whole Foods: Asian Traditions and Modern Nutrition
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There are regulations limiting the claims allowed on supplement labels.

“Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition” by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
from Practical Applications in Sports Nutrition
by Heather Hedrick Fink, Lisa A. Burgoon, Alan E. Mikesky
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It is no longer legitimate during a patient encounter to make sweeping statements discouraging supplement use because, “We just don’t know enough about them.”

“Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book” by David Rakel, Robert E. Rakel
from Textbook of Family Medicine E-Book
by David Rakel, Robert E. Rakel
Elsevier Health Sciences, 2011

Labeling regulations on supplements help to interpret the information, but the pharmacist should not rely solely on the label in giving advice.

“Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy” by David B. Troy, Joseph Price Remington, Paul Beringer
from Remington: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy
by David B. Troy, Joseph Price Remington, Paul Beringer
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2006

I have been a guest in one allopathic physician’s home, where I saw bottles of vitamin supplements crowding a kitchen cupboard, yet this man does not recommend nutritional supplements to his patients.

“Lupus: Alternative Therapies That Work” by Sharon Moore
from Lupus: Alternative Therapies That Work
by Sharon Moore
Inner Traditions/Bear, 2000

Yet, many supplements aggravate existing medical conditions and are toxic when taken in combination with other supplements or pharmaceutical products.

“Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate Crime” by Lawrence M. Salinger
from Encyclopedia of White-Collar & Corporate Crime
by Lawrence M. Salinger
SAGE Publications, 2005

In fact, some supplements turned out to actually contain pharmaceutical medications.

“108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential” by Mimi Guarneri, M.D.
from 108 Pearls to Awaken Your Healing Potential
by Mimi Guarneri, M.D.
Hay House, 2017

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  • Aubrey Marcus: “double-blind controlled trials.” Where were they published?
    What used to be fraud is now called “holistic medicine” or “alternative medicine.”
    It’s not a lie if you believe it. George Costanza

  • Psychologist so desparate to try and get their point across despite the psychiatrist being the medically trained doctor in mental illness there, not the psychologist.

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  • Eat your vegetables and drink green smoothie. Work out. You will get all the vitamins your body needs. Avoid all these crazy supplements!

  • What is the best product or brand to get more intense erections with healthy ways? I read lots of superb reviews on the internet about how exactly Penlargerem System can assist you get more intense erections by using natural ways. Has any one tried using this popular male enhancement?

  • Dissapointing to see your telling people to avoid vegan/ vegetarian diet. People who are vegan won’t add meat as it is an ethical stance. Beans and legumes are a large part of the diet. B12 is routinely given to the animals feed so may as well take b12 supplement rather than have it filtered through the animal.
    Other than this criticism, I really appreciate your videos. Very educational. Thankyou

  • So, pretty much Provigil/Modafinil and either microdosing or just vape pens full of THC crystals = Planning, Decision Making + Attention, Increased senses. That’s been the cocktail in Cali tech companies for a minute now.

    If you also buy in to the Jungian Socionics and know you’re a seeker & finder with weak Te, external thinking or Ni, internal organization (hey ISFPs!)… this is like your actual Limitless without the superpowers. You might still become gripped by your demons, doubt your savior functions and spin out like anyone else but Executive Management is basically what an adventuring seeker lacks if they’re always following their whim. You find great things but what do you do with them? How do they relate to the tribe?

    Snort that provigil boiii

  • Is it possible to survive serotonin syndrome without going to the ER? Note: I’m not asking if it’s a good idea, just if it’s possible; I think it’s very obviously not a good idea to try and “ride it out” at home, so to speak. I ask this because I suspect I may have survived serotonin syndrome back when I was abusing cough syrup while also taking fluoxetine. I know that dextromethorphan is a disociative anesthetic, so perhaps the muscle rigidity I experience while tweaked out of my mind was just a consequence of my dissociation from the rest of my body. I do also recall tachycardia, or at least I felt like it was. Maybe it was again, just a disociative hallucination. I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking. Any MDs in this section wanna answer my stupid question? Thanks.

  • I was watching some of Richard barker’s videos and i began to wonder whether hypnosis could subconsciously store data in the brain and increase memory.

  • Sr. Domenick Sportelli has NO CLUE what can and cannot cause Serotonin Syndrome. THE DOCTORS ought to be embarrassed by the driveling Sportelli did here, but they’re too goddamn stupid to know better. AND NOTICE, when he spouts some falsehood re Serotonin Toxicity, the low-IQ but high-telegenic DOCTORS nod their heads in confidence as though they already knew it. This would be hilarious but for one soul-sinking fact the ill-informed fever about serotonin syndrome prevents MANY psychiatrists from prescribing powerful MAOI anti-depressants. Well, why worry, it’s only people’s lives in the balance.

  • I’m heterozygous for dhfr, mthd1, and MTHFR C677T. Since these are all enzymes that convert folic acid into the active form of folate, doesn’t this mean that I have a significantly reduced ability to complete this process? I am helped immensly by the bioactive form of folate, so I’m trying to figure out why, as someone who is only heterozygous for MTHFR C677T would benefit so much. Is there a funnel down process in methylation where if you are heterozygous at the dhfr stage, your ability to convert folic acid is limited at each stage due to enzymes working at half their abilty?

  • Hi I’ve been loving your videos. Can you please do a video on B12 supplements for helping depression. I’ve tried to look online but dosing information is very hard to find. Thank you for the videos!

  • I’ve been on modafinil for 8 years and it’s fantastic! It only has one negative side effect for me, it gives you a sour stomach. It’s not nausea, when I first read the possible side effects I wondered what that meant, and if you take this drug, you’ll know right away. What’s interesting about modafinil is that it’s not like a stimulant, it’s not energy in a pill… In fact I can take 4-5 pills of it and go to sleep….BUT if you get up and give even a tiny effort, modafinil will amplify it over and over, then things become clearer thoughts come faster, connections are easy and memory recall is enhanced. I refer to it as an enhancer and amplifier because that’s what it does for me. You can’t overdose on this drug, they’ve tested it up to many thousands of milligrams and other than an extended period of maximum alertness, and possibly over extending your body and mind it doesn’t do anything they’ve been able to find at extreme doses. With that said, the recommended 100mg pill once a day, had no effect on me. I need at least 300mg, and realistically 500mg for an excellent outcome. That will be different for everyone I’m sure. I was prescribed this drug because my other medications were causing me to sleep 18 hours a day, which is the same as having no life at all. Modafinil instantly fixed that problem, and also improved my cognitive abilities tremendously. This medication also goes by Alertec, that’s how it was first prescribed to me. I recommend it 150%, it saved my quality of life and unlike most medications it delivers as promised and the side effect of a sour stomach is annoying at best, and the only side effect I’ve been able to discern after 8 years of use. I couldn’t imagine how much energy and how enhanced my mental capacity would be if I were taking this while otherwise healthy….it would certainly be an unfair advantage in an academic environment.

  • “Because it’s all natural doesnt mean its safe”… pfft no the dr would rather you spend money on big pharm so he gets his kick back

  • I feel into this. And not one doctor ever looked at the meds as being the problem. Doctors do not even look at your Med list why do we even bother writing them down. I was given tramadol with lexapro. At the time the tramadol was not considered an addictive drug. I tried to get help so many doctors all they did was throw more drugs at me. Now I am fighting for my life. I have akathisia and have been housebound for 19 months now. The doctor told me to just sop the meds. Well….. I have no idea how I am still alive. Do not trust anyone. Anyone…. with your health. Always learn and research. My life has been literally destroyed. And I have no one… no one who understands what I am dealing with. It’s so painful and terrifying…. I may die and not one of my family members will ever understand what the hell happened to me. No doctor will step up. There is no help no help…. I was loved had a beautiful life not perfect. But this has absolutely destroyed me. Please be carful.

  • He legit said, “I wish we could stop these dangerous dietary supplements from entering the market” Please wake the hell up, America.

  • Did he really say “who am I to tell you not to take it?” Umm, your a doctor. I believe you have all the necessary credentials to tell someone what’s safe and what’s not.

  • So I’m taking adhd medicine, and, instead of helping me not getting distracted from doing my homework, it just helps me to focus my distractedness into one thing rather than doing 19483010284 things at once. Instead of folding my clothes, organizing my desk, checking Snapchat, eating, and pacing back and forth several times within an hour I actually distracted myself from my world history reading by deciding to learn to speak Japanese. I don’t know that much but I can read hiragana, most katakana, and I know a handful of kanji. I know some phrases and basic sentence structure. 日本語がはなせます。But I don’t remember what was supposed to be in that reading assignment. Hmm.

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  • I get this supplement called Neural Renew from Amazon. Its a really solid stack and its only like $5 for a month. Dont ask me how its so cheap but I love it

  • hmmm.. though my major concern is that a lot of doctors actually do not get enough training on “nutrition” in medical school. A lot of doctors report to know very little about nutrition and only receive about 19.5 hours of training on this matter in med school. Yes, they may be very knowledgeable about medicine, but it’s not the same when it comes to “nutrition”. So the only way you can really trust your healthcare provider on the brands of vitamins you take is if they take time out to continue learning about nutrition and the manufacturing standards associated with it.

  • chemotherapy doesn’t work eat healthy vegetables and none processed foods and exercise and take cbds better than chemotherapy. I strict diet can reverse cancer.

  • THIS IS AN INTERESTING SEGMENT…. you can’t even get water to mold…. so i dont believe this…. read ‘behold a pale horse’ by william cooper deep the fda agent says they want toline their pockets with money… wow thats calling the skillet black… or however that saying goes…. as in America its all about money becuase we can heal our own bodies with diet and mental excercises… and plain water!!

  • Watch out America! This is the FDA trying to get a foothold in a free market environment to CONTROL WHAT YOU TAKE. There are other, LESS INVASIVE, ways to govern dietary supplements.

  • Why is this guy such a downer when it come to anything about brain / intelligence enhancement of any kind, said the same thing about tdcs and binaural beats, why can’t u at least show some good results these are all very wide fields that can have both good and bad results, stop wasting people’s time & just tell good, bad & ugly and y instead of always saying there is not enough research it’s science there is never enough research

  • Nootropics work by feeding your brain brain health so it’s not anything dangerous now if you’re talking about adderal that’s a different story that’s synthetic I had to take that stuff because of ADD it’s not something I recommend but nootropics is completely safe

  • Piracetam is common prescription in Russia, make it illegal like Meldonium and you can blame more Russian sportsmen as ‘cheaters’. Especially in boxing as it’s used to heal head trauma.

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  • 4:45 The most important information, and the advertiser owned producers turn your eyes/focus away to the bottom. Happens all the time by TV and YouTube. Y.T. does this as soon as the important parts of info on a clip is made right before, middle, or after a compelling statement. The solution? Pay them $10 a month (red tube) Good grief. Got me coming and going.

  • What is the best way to get permanent enlargement by using healthy ways? I read lots of great opinions on the net about how exactly Penlargerem System will help you increase your size when erections with natural ways. Has anybody tried using this popular natural male enhancement?

  • I’m sorry but the people at the FDA are NOT hero’s.. This particular guy and the subjects he is talking about might be something they do that is good by making sure products have what they say they have but they ALLOW SO MANY pharmaceuticals that KILL people everywhere everyday..Their top officials are paid off by Big Pharma to look the other way and go on to have VERY high paying jobs at these mega corporations.. But they 100% stop and block very high grade supplements and nutraceuticals that absolutely help people get better.. Many in the FDA should be in JAIL.. Doctors and Big Pharma are actually in the top 3 causes of peoples death in America.. If you know ANYTHING about the human body and how it works you KNOW that pure high grade NUTRITION is your best chance to live a disease free, healthy life… AND if you do get really sick Pharmaceuticals will NOT heal you of anything but if you cut out all the bad chemical laden processed food, drink pure clean alkaline water and get on a strict healthy diet of natural fruits and veggies free of pesticides, NO sugar and take high grade supplements like Carnavora, 90 4 Life by Dr. Joel Wallach, take Nascent Iodine, Ukon by Kangen etc etc. you WILL get better in time..It happens everywhere all the time to SMART people dedicated to get better and most times going AGAINST what their doctors tell them or at least adding these supplements when told not to.. Doctors are trained by Universities and Universities are funded and trained by Big Pharma… Doctors are trained to believe Pharmaceuticals are god while ignoring what The Creator God who actually made the human body gave us to be healthy which is GLORIOUS NUTRITION…

  • Centrum: owned by Bayer. Natures Bounty: Owned by pharma. The shittiest supplements in the market, the ones you find at Walmart and mainstream groceries, are usually owned by pharmaceutical companies. You can find this easily. I know because I used to take some of them, and they were noticeably…shitty and ineffective. Pharmaceutical companies come out with crappy supplements because they don’t want them to work they want to make quality supplements look bad. Look for yourself. Research who owns the company.

  • I had this. I was ill for over a month on and off. I kept getting hot then shivering and felt like I had flu, with the worst headache I’ve ever had. I was admitted to hospital with suspected tuberculosis, then they though I had a dvt that had gone into my lungs and finally I was tested for a bacterial infection around my heart. I kept asking if it was anything to do with the fact, I had been on mirtazapine for years and the doctor had recently decided to start me on a second anti depressant called trazadone. I kept getting told these 2 can be used safely together, even though I was already on the highest possible dose of mirtazapine and they were introducing a high dose of trazadone on top. My g.p after 5 appointments said I was probably correct and told me to immediately stop the trazadone. 3 days later, I started feeling OK again and have had no problems since, except reoccurring migranes, but it could have been much worse. Got another problem now though. Had a sore throat on the left side where one of the tonsils are, a temperature and flu like symptoms. Had this fir 8 weeks now, but apparently its just heartburn lol. Can’t even change doctors, as in Scotland just now, no surgeries are taking on patients and if I left my surgery, the closest surgery with slots left is 50 miles away and I don’t drive.

  • Lying sacks of SHIT…. The FDA are absolutely criminal. Nothing more, nothing less…….. Health has NOTHING to do with their business anymore. Period.

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  • Has anyone used the Penlargerem System to get permanent enlargement with healthy ways? Just do a search engine search. On there you will discover that an awesome tips about how exactly you can get permanent enlargement with healthy ways. Why don’t you give it a chance? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • The 79 thumbs up only reflect the gullibility of YouTubers, and that this Sportelli imbecile is board-certified only reflects the pharmacological ignorance of the psychiatric profession as a whole.

  • If you suddenly quit or taper of an ssri or snri and have headaches and shallow breathing, is that seotonin syndrome? For 6 months I quit effexor xr noticing cognitive decline. I had horrible withdrawal symptoms. Never felt recovered and now I have headaches panic attacks and anxiety and shallow breathing all day thinking I am going to go into a seizure. Shallow breathing won’t stop. I have had muscle spasms all over and throwing up and my Akathisia came back. He prescribed me klonopin for now and it has only took away the muscle spasms and vomitting. I tapered off Effexor xr. God help me.

  • The old smartdrugs still outperform all this labmade both resultswise and regarding to risks. Try taking high doses of Bacopa, Lions Mane, Rhodiola, and Lemon Balm for about a half year. This will improve your cognition way better than any synthetic smartdrug.

  • bigpharma moncille dont talk whole true i got serotonin syndrom and eated it too many yrs and didnt mixed with other medic and quited anti depp 5 yrs ago and still got serontin syndrom got little at 75 mg and much worse at 150 mg

  • I will give up everything just to be smart or to at least get good grades in school, ill sell everything I have ever own, even my bed, idc if I die in the process ��������

  • Can anyone help me out with a nootropic stack, I am a college student who is trying to achieve motivation focus and mental clarity ohh and if there’s something for parcrastintion

  • I slowly came off Zoloft over 3 months was doing well and then developed painful arthritis symptoms and my thyroid began mucking up so now I’m back on it and all is settling.
    On this ssri for 20 odd years.��

  • Thank you very much for this video, one of the useful on the internet. The only thing I did not understand is whay or how the hidroxicobalamin can help improve Methylation?

  • I saw a video talking about “cerebrolysin.” Have you talked about it? If not, would you? I’d rather learn from relatively unbiased sources like scishow rather than from random dudes on the internet.

  • Natural herbal extracts def help with better focus, mental clarity, and memory, just like caffeine helps us with energy. Be smart with consumption amounts and you can see some great results.

  • You guys ever noticed how they always have attractive doctors coming to consult. This psychiatrist is one of many attractive guests they brought on the show. Very weird

  • The first experiment was a placebo controlled experiment. Thats why they gave the others the pills that did nothing. I’m only here to learn though just found out about nootropics today

  • Piracetam works. I tried it for a month. Phenyl piracetam (phenotropil) works even better.
    In Russia, where it is used to treat different disasters, there were some studies on these drugs. It worked.

  • could you guys possibly do a follow up on the use of microdosing psychdelics like nootropics? i have experimented with lsd and psilocybin and have found them to be extremely beneficial in the subpar doses needed for the microdose effect. and its cool cause you can stem out from the glutamate material with things like memantine being an nmda receptor antagonist.

  • Meanwhile, more Americans die from Rx drugs IN THEIR PRESCRIBED DOSAGES than virtually any other cause. WAKE UP PEOPLE. The FDA is NOT there to protect the American public they exist to protect their big pharma masters. Pop quiz: Where do most FDA people go when leaving the gov’t? Big Pharma. And vice versa. They’re ALL in bed together..

  • Always research your proposed supplements online. Look for unbiased websites that give info about what you are wanting to take. Not all vitamins are equal, not all supplements are equal! Don’t get burned! Read, read, read, before you buy!

  • Excellent overview. And few nootropic insiders address the glutamate receptor opportunities and issues (most are focused on acetylcholine, dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin). and a handful of other seasoned firms have addressed that balance. Exceptional video overview.

  • nootropics help alot.

    anyways nor epinephrine is more about memory pleasure and learning attention span. the STRESS responce is more about epinephrine.

  • “Scientists aren’t sure…” except the scientists that use smart pills those ARE sure.

    Also, piracetam is the worst example try any other racetam instead.

  • Download my free MTHFR symptoms and treatment guide. Have you tested your MTHFR genetic SNPs? What did you find? Did it help your health?

  • Jesus Hank, learn to pronounce the names of the terms right Hahaha

    The correct way is for example: “pee-racetam” not “py-racetam” and its ‘noohtropics” not “no-uh-tropics”

    It’s one of my pet peeves, but at least decent information was given throughout.

  • ugh, why even do this video. Seems like it was scripted by some drug prevention clinic.
    There are thousands of users of Nootropics world wide. Clinical studies are usually done to research the effect of a drug for an illness and done on sick people. No scientist is ever going to do a clinical study on healthy individuals, its just ethically impossible to do it. No one would fund it and no university would ever consider doing it. So the argument of “there is not enough scientific evidence” there for a definitive answer to the question if it is helpful is void.
    The study of 8 people is just not a study. Its 8 people Hank!
    And, there are alot of Nootropics, The racitams and Modafinil are just two of a huge rainbow of Nootropics.

    So. Step up yo game Hank!

  • As someone who is pretty well versed and interested in nootropics and the science behind them, you guys did a great job covering them!

  • Cocaine can make you feel and believe that you are the smartest person that has ever trod upon planet Earth for a few minutes, then there is a rebound and you feel very dull so you take some more and repeat the cycle, etc.

  • Hello there, have you considered Penlargerem System yet? Simply do a google search. On there you’ll discover an awesome suggestions about how exactly you can get permanent enlargement with healthy ways. Why don’t you give it a shot? perhaps it can work for you too.

  • I bought some smart pills at the local farmers’ market.

    The guy gave me a free sample. “These taste like rabbit turds!” I told him.

    “See? You’re getting smarter already!”

    “OK. I’ll take twenty bottles.”

  • One of the most informative videos I’ve seen on how to compensate for MTHFR mutations in a LONG time. Great information, particularly about how to start taking supplements, the order in which you should begin your regimen, what type of negative side effects you can expect to see, and what you should do if you experience them. Bookmarking and sharing!

  • Most notropics don’t last long enough to make you smarter. The brain simply doesn’t work like that. If you increase activity of a certain NT unnaturally, the body will simply decrease the natural activity of that NT.

  • I have taken Imitrex and Adderall XR and occasionally Percocet. I just started Effexor XR yesterday and I took imitrex today for a migraine and nothing bad happened. I could quit the Adderall XR better than I could quit the imitrex, but I really am depressed to the point where I am willing to take Effexor XR and my doctor said it may also help with my migraine and fibromyalgia. At least I am aware of what to watch out for.

  • Is Penlargerem System helpful to get permanent enlargement with healthy ways? I’ve learn many good things about this popular male enhancement.

  • This doctor is actually wrong. Serotonin syndrome is rare, and the only class of drugs that will trigger severe, potentially fatal SS when combined with SSRIs are drugs that inhibit monoamine oxidase A, which includes reversible and selective inhibitors like moclobemide, and irreversible, non-selective inhibitors like phenelzine and tranylcypromine. No other class of drugs will trigger SS when combined with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors. You need to both inhibit the catabolism of serotonin by inhibiting MAO-A and at the same inhibit the reuptake of serotonin to the pre-synaptic neuron to cause SS.

    Me: PhD organic chemist, amateur pharmacologist

  • Guys my friend is taking serotonin and I’m really scared for him he seems to act like 6 year old sometimes when taking the medication and the rest of the time he’s like a zombie I hate seeing my friend like this, I know there’s not much I can physically do with being intusive but I just want to be educated at least

  • The FDA doesn’t want to regulate drugs because they are concerned about the long term effects. But why don’t they consider that Adderall is potentially neurotoxic at therapeutic doses and SSRIs don’t work due to the serotonin theory being false or complex. The FDAs excuse for not prescribing Modafinil to ADHD patients is that they don’t want kids to use it due to lack of research. Yeah sure it can be used off label, but good luck finding an insurance company whom actually will cover it.

  • I certainly think that we have to be careful with non FDA regulated supplements, but just because the FDA has cleared it, doesn’t mean it is good for us. SO many prescription drugs are harmful and dangerous. And yes, doctors prescribe them every day. The pharmaceutical industry is in bed with our medical establishment. We should be careful with FDA approved drugs as well as Non FDA approved supplements.

  • I’ve had serotonin syndrome since 2016 with high fevers and twitching/ tremors and gone to the ER and they only give me hot water and send me home.

  • To many doctors are shills for big Pharma. No problem with the thousands of drugs ok’d by the FDA with life threatening and horrendous side effects we see in TV commercials every five minutes. But mention anything that isn’t administered by a witch doctor in a white coat and safety becomes the big concern. People today are not as ignorant as the “Doctors” believe. Many supplement manufacturers give detailed and science backed footnotes on their products. Traditional medicine today is clearly about money not care. How more obvious can it become that Big Pharma companies are putting out deadly products with dancing models and flowery songs. Humanity has survived on nature not chemicals. We should continue to do so.

  • This video is full of horse manure. It’s so bad I’ll just have to reference one of the top few most highly-cited pharmacologists in the world regarding Serotonin Syndrome: PK Gillman at

  • It’s pretty much demonstrated that amphetamine increases your IQ by several points in the hours after dosage, however… it collapses it by many times that amount once the effect is gone. Stimulants may still save your life in extreme situations like at the mountain but otherwise they have too many negative effects to be worth it.

  • I mean SSRIs have actually shown to increase BDNF, which actually maybe the reason why they work. This is also another reason why it takes about 6 to 8 weeks for antidepressants to work. Lack of serotonin is a part of depression; however, it has been shown that BDNF is lower in individuals with depression. Simply put; your brain is not able to learn new behaviour because there is a lack of neurogenesis caused by a lack of BDNF. This is seen in the hippocampus of people diagnosed with depression.

  • Hunter Serotonin Toxicity Criteria: Decision Rules
    In the presence of a serotonergic agent:
    1. IF (spontaneous clonus = yes) THEN serotonin toxicity = YES
    2. ELSE IF (inducible clonus = yes) AND [(agitation = yes) OR (diaphoresis = yes)]
    THEN serotonin toxicity = YES
    3. ELSE IF (ocular clonus = yes) AND [(agitation = yes) OR (diaphoresis = yes)] THEN
    serotonin toxicity = YES
    4. ELSE IF (tremor = yes) AND (hyperreflexia = yes) THEN serotonin toxicity = YES
    5. ELSE IF (hypertonic = yes) AND (temperature > 38C) AND [(ocular clonus = yes)
    OR (inducible clonus = yes)] then serotonin toxicity = YES
    6. ELSE serotonin toxicity = NO

  • Thank you for this video! I have compound heterozygous MTHFR polymorphisms (C677T and A1298C). I bought a supplement called ‘B-Healthy’ because it has methylated folate and methylated B12 but felt worse on it! Now I know why and what to try! I have weakened COMT, compound heterozygous (V158M and H62H). I’m so excited to try hydroxy B12 as I’ve felt so lost since trying methylated B12 and folate and feeling worse.

    I have one question, is there a reason why someone could take magnesium and feel manic instead of relaxed? I have Hashimoto’s so I’m wondering if maybe it helped my thyroid too much…

  • I thought most drugs being pushed at the doctor’s office haven’t been tested in the long-term. The long-term test comes from patients using the drug for years.

  • Is Penlargerem System effective to get permanent enlargement with natural ways? We have read a lot of good things about this popular natural male enhancement.

  • The only thing that has ever made me feel “sharper” is a thermogenic fat burn drink mix from an overpriced supplement boutique. Even then I think I was just tweaking from the 340MG OF ANHYDROUS CAFFEINE

  • Facebook question is ignorant. Implies that Serotonin Syndrome is the same as a “panicked state”. This is wrong in several ways. The doctors on this ostensibly “informational” show let this go uncorrected and the general sense the viewer gets is: Anti-depressant + panic could equal Serotonin Syndrome. The clip begins wrongly and ends even more wrongly.

  • Many doctors don’t know about interactions with antidepressants. If you have any questions, I found my Pharmacist to be very helpful too. They know A LOT about which drugs you can mix with others.

  • EVERYONE > If you’re on an antidepressant stay away from Herbs, Advil PM, Tylonal PM, Aleve PM. They will mess you up. They block the antidepressants from working, and it hits you pretty hard. You will need to see your doctor to up your dosage. Before you take any other meds or even vitamins Go To and you can do a check on drug interactions. It’s a very helpful website. Many pain killers will interact too.

  • i take 3 medications that effect serotinin daily and 2 others that i know effect it as needed. basically dont worry much about this problem untill it happens to you, just make sure you keep an updated medication list in your phone or wallet.

  • My husband was a lot older than me and when he was in his 80s I researched piracetam. We could get it without prescription here in the U.S. My husband was a very successful businessman, had no dementia, etc., but his thinking had slowed down. Piracetam seemed to quicken his thinking and increase his energy. (I originally read about the drug in an article about Piracetam making old rats young in the laboratory.)

    I had originally researched the drug because I have chronic migraine. Since Piracetam seems to expand blood vessels in the brain, I had fears but I was desperate for some relief from headaches. As might have been expected, one small dose of Piracetam led to a three WEEK, day and night migraine.

    My husband took Piracetam for a number of years, with positive results, until another medical condition made it less safe. That last medical condition led to death in his 90s.

  • This isn’t new. This happened to me back in 2010 I was put on medication and it was like an overdose I had bad headaches and throwing up.

  • In my ignorance, I took a high dosage of citlaopram because i missed a few days of it, as well as 5HTP. I felt extremely strange. Always consult a doctor before mixing pyschoactive drugs and be responsible! (unlike myself!)

  • How much of prescription drugs are the same. Is every drug scanned to be real. How many seniors or vets or disabled are that false pills. Where is our guarantee?