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Spray Sunscreen Dangers–Inhalation Risks. First let’s talk about the typical sunscreens on the market. When you spray sunscreens, besides the risk to your skin and overall health of what you are applying to your skin, there is the added risk of inhalation. You are at risk of inhaling any of the ingredients including: Chemical Sunscreens such a.

The culprit: the alcohol in spray sunscreen, which is flammable. Disregard the advice that it’s safe to be around a flame if your spray sunscreen is thoroughly rubbed in and dry. “Even if skin. How Sunscreens Escaped Safety Testing Many Americans dutifully rub or spray sunscreen on their skin to protect it from the sun’s baking rays. After decades of. EWG recommends avoiding all spray sunscreens.

Not only are they very difficult to apply effectiveness and evenly, but there’s some concern the ingredients could potentially cause irreversible lung damage. A. Sunscreen use is highly recommended to help prevent skin damage from sun exposure. Spray sunscreens are popular because they are easy to apply and help cover hard-to-reach areas like the back and shoulders. However, they do raise a few concerns.

One is the chance of inhaling some of the sunscreen ingredients or its propellant. Perhaps the most serious concern about spray sunscreen is its safety. Health officials are reasonably confident that most of the sunscreen chemicals approved for use in the US are safe to rub on. To be as safe as possible, the sunscreen should contain only non-nano mineral sunscreens. There are some independent agencies who have set up their own certification and testing processes to help.

Read: Tips to Stay Safe in the Sun: From Sunscreen to Sunglasses Watch: Videos about Sunscreen Learn: For example, spray sunscreens should never be applied directly to your face. Sunscreens in the U.S. aren’t always safe or effective. They can contain harmful chemicals or claim to have crazy-high misleading SPF ratings. Sign onto EWG’s petition today!All the safest sunscreens that are rated the safest (a 1 by the EWG) are lotions and the lotions are almost always a struggle to wipe in with kids involved.

So I set out to do some research on what’s safe for our kids but can also be sprayed on as they’re running away to play at the park or squirming like a worm at the pool.

List of related literature:

Aerosol spray‐based sunscreens are popular because of their ease of use, but should be used with caution in children as there is some evidence that inhalation of sunscreen products may pose a risk for pulmonary inflammation [92].

“Harper's Textbook of Pediatric Dermatology” by Peter H. Hoeger, Veronica Kinsler, Albert C. Yan, John Harper, Arnold P. Oranje, Christine Bodemer, Margarita Larralde, David Luk, Vibhu Mendiratta, Diana Purvis
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A common problem, however, is that they are not applied appropriately and the amount of product applied is far less than what is recommended by the FDA.81 Aerosol spray sunscreens should be evenly spread on the skin and rubbed onto the skin after application (not just sprayed on).

“Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation and Technology” by Gabriella Baki, Kenneth S. Alexander
from Introduction to Cosmetic Formulation and Technology
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Because these chemically inert sunscreens are not absorbed, they do not cause allergic contact dermatitis.

“Textbook of Therapeutics: Drug and Disease Management” by Richard A. Helms, David J. Quan
from Textbook of Therapeutics: Drug and Disease Management
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While sunscreens do indeed protect skin, we now know that those containing oxybenzone and other common related compounds are deadly for marine life, evenin small quantities.

“Slime: How Algae Created Us, Plague Us, and Just Might Save Us” by Ruth Kassinger
from Slime: How Algae Created Us, Plague Us, and Just Might Save Us
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Sunscreens can cause irritation and, rarely, contact allergic reactions.

“Goldman-Cecil Medicine E-Book” by Lee Goldman, Andrew I. Schafer
from Goldman-Cecil Medicine E-Book
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It is only recently that cosmetics chemists have started formulating sunscreens with ingredients that can protect equally from both UVB and UVA damage.

“The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Beauty” by Paula Begoun
from The Complete Beauty Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Beauty
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Other compounds that absorb at the required wavelengths can be used as sunscreens provided they also do not wash off easily in water, have no toxic or allergic effects, no unpleasant smell or taste, and do not decompose in the sun.

“Napoleon's Buttons” by Penny Le Couteur, Jay Burreson
from Napoleon’s Buttons
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With the recent FDA proposed regulations, using sunscreens liberally and reapplying frequently is advised since the efficacy of a sunscreen is affected by environmental factors including humidity and activity.

“Cosmeceuticals E-Book: Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series” by Zoe Diana Draelos, Jeffrey S. Dover, Murad Alam
from Cosmeceuticals E-Book: Procedures in Cosmetic Dermatology Series
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Physical sunscreens are inert, they do not break down over time, and they do not cause contact dermatitis or photodermatitis.

“Dermatology Secrets Plus E-Book” by James E. Fitzpatrick, Joseph G. Morelli
from Dermatology Secrets Plus E-Book
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In fact most people apply sunscreens much more thinly and they are washed, sweated or worn off so the protection will be significantly less.

“Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions Australian & New Zealand Edition eBook” by Peter Harris, Sue Nagy, Nicholas Vardaxis
from Mosby’s Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions Australian & New Zealand Edition eBook
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  • Skin cancer rates are not due to lack of sunscreen (in fact many cause it). They are due to oxidants and free radicals in your body and skin due to diet, and other lifestyle and epigenetic factors.

  • I understand that the chemical vs physical distinction has been used to advocate for BS claims of “natural is better,” but many chemical (organic) sunscreens in the US are actually not the best for sun protection. Many are not broad spectrum, cause damage to coral reefs, are not photostable (ie they break down when exposed to light), can cause skin sensitivity, and can possibly cause hormonal disruption. Many of these negatives are primarily due to the way organic sunscreens work by— by absorbed into the skin and converting uv light to heat through their chemical bonds. Inorganic sunscreens on the other hand reflect uv light while sitting on top of your skin, and (unless nanotized) cannot be absorbed into your skin

  • Love these videos! You take every factor into account. Would love to see a video related to carcinogens and what the media claims can cause cancer.

  • FYI chemical sunscreen is not suitable for people with skin of colour. It generates thermal energy on the skin that increases our risk of melasma. We have a higher risk of hyperpigmentation and melasma than white people and, as such, are advised to stick to physical sunscreen. If you could do a similar report on physical sunscreen, that would be amazing! Many thanks.

  • My son is allergic to chemical SPF (mostly all the benzone types). Do you know why he would be allergic? What mineral sunscreens would you recommend? I would prefer sheer or slightly tinted so it doesn’t leave that white residue.

  • Never been keen on a sunscreen spray (frankly don’t see the point tbh) but the roll-on ones look really convenient for re-applying when you’re out and about…which I’m terrible at. Yet to actually try one though.

  • I would love to see how different levels of sunscreen work with the camera.
    Also, would love to see the sunscreen spray and how well the coverage is with that.

  • But “organic” vs. “inorganic” isn’t good wording either, because most people don’t understand “organic” in the sense of “carbon-based chemistry”, but in the sense of “natural and without man-made chemicals”.

  • I haven’t seen your other videos, but do you address sunscreen vs Vitamin D (production & deficiencies), & how to balance the two needs/lines of thought?

  • Sprays are convenient to apply maybe twice for a day at the beach, but they don’t work for me for regular use. I applied a couple times a day a few days in a row and my skin got super dry (like to the point of an eczema-like rash) from all the alcohol in them

  • Hey guys I went to Walmart and needed some sunscreen because I bought one from aveno baby spf 55 and it breaks me out and I been using it for about 1 month.
    I then today picked up the clear face neutrogena and don’t know if its good I forgot to see if it was mineral and don’t if it is because it doesn’t say ��

  • chemical sunscreens are actually bad. the absorption of UV rays isn’t good for your skin. You need something reflective of UV rays

  • I can add a sunscreen tip! Especially for the face! Find a good quality sunscreen that you absolutely love the FEEL of and you will find yourself applying much more of it and much more often! Like, I tried to always apply enough sunscreen, but once I got a light layer applied, I just couldn’t bear to put any more on LOL! Same thing definitely goes for reapplication! Now, my personal current favorite is Australian gold SPF 50 face… I swear I feel like I am applying luxury cream and I find myself smoothing it on in the manner that you see fancy women in 1940s and 50s movies applying creams LOL!! Same thing with my body sunscreen… Now, I’ll be honest, I’m not 100% sure about the quality, LOL, but Hawaiian Tropic sheer touch with shimmer SPF 30 and Coppertone glow SPF 30 are my current favorites to slather all over my body for daily use and for special occasions or late afternoon/evening wear, I like art naturals summertime glow… It’s almost like an oil but somehow creamy and it leaves my skin just so… Sexy!

    Anyway, the point being, find a decent sunscreen with a decent SPF in a form and texture that you love and you eventually WILL find yourself slathering in it!! ����

  • Physics girl, don’t spray sunscreen on your watch! There are chemicals in a lot of sunscreens that will damage the plastics. FYI BTW, can you do a video on other bandwidths, say IR?

  • Worst sunburn of my life, was when I used a spay SPF and missed a spot about the size of a bay’s fist on my décolletage and went to a beach in southern Florida, in Springtime. I did NOT reapply. I remember being at the airport heading home and slowly seeping blood in that one spot through my brand new blouse.
    It was horrible and I can’t believe there’s no scar from it.
    I was never so careless again.

  • Looks like I’m 2 years late, but couldn’t you have further tested if the sunscreen was working by taking a box with 5 solid sides and a glass one, placing the UV camera inside and then covering the glass with each sunscreen? If the sunscreen really does block the UV, wouldn’t the inside of the box would look dark on the UV camera?

  • Dr Drey, Pre-Covid whenever i used to go to the beach I would just dread it when I would see somebody whip out a can of spray SPF, because you always get a good wiff, lung full, mouth full of it. And you don’t even need to be very close to them to experience the toxic fallout.

  • Are there any sprays suitable for the face without avobenzone/butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane? It discolours everything from hair to clothes orange!

  • Sorry not the topic of the video… I have a question Dr dray. Can I use my Cerave am 30 spf with colorscience mineral face shield on it for re applying throughout the day?

  • After the UV filter becomes famous in phones:
    2040 guys: ooh this girl looks cute…
    * opens the filter*
    Never mind

  • There is a worldwide deficiency in Vitamin D3 sunscreen is part of the problem. Skin cancer is another smokescreen along sunscreen to make sure we are in a poor position to avoid any virus or bacterial attack that might be coming, there are positive moves to keep us in low levels and the immune system disabled. UVB is vital to all health and is ignored.

  • Chemical sunscreens also absorb INTO the skin hence their concerns. Physical sunscreens (non-nano) sit on top of the skin’s uppermost layer.

  • Thanks for making this!! I was using my kids 50 spf spray sunscreen the other day and I noticed it was all going in the air too. And on my lashes lol it was stressful ��this is very helpful ����❤️

  • Dr. Dray,
    I know you’ve done several videos on your opinion on makeup. I am wondering if you’d be willing to do a video on the best ways to clean your makeup applicators (or not). How often to get new brushes /sponges (or maybe not to use then at all). The best ways to store makeup if you are going to have a select few makeup products. Do you have varying opinions on just how bad concealer is for your skin vs lipstick or eyeliner/eyeshadow and blush/bronzer? For example, would you say just wearing mascara that is within it’s expiration date is less irritating for the skin than concealer? Lastly, I’d love to hear more from you on hair growth in general. I’m curious if you have any tips of growing longer lashes and keeping eyelash hair healthy. How do false eyelashes affect us? And, I’m curious if you could explain exactly why tension is bad for the hair follicle (ie. tight braids which can be prevalent in a lot of African American protective hairstyling).

  • Banana boat also has a simply protect sensitive spray with zinc oxide and no alcohol or fragrance! Have you seen this one Dr Dray??

  • Just use vitamin D supplements to increase your D level to the top range and you will not get sun burns unless you dont bake yourself for hours.

  • SPF only indicates UVB protection efficacy. Internationally speaking there is no unified UVA indicator that agreed on globally. Some countries uses the PA++ rating, some other regions use things like PPD etc.

  • How do I get in touch with you!? I’ll take you out to a nice dinner and walk you to the door and won’t try getting fresh!!

    But serious question: different wavelengths in the visible spectrum appear as different colors to us… is there an analog to this characteristic in the UV region? Like if we could interpret light in the UV regime would it just be a gradient or could we discern different “colors”?

  • Mathematics is a little bit different than physics. When you see a pond and put a stone it just sinks. But the waves generated on the top is the displaced volume of the stone. That is what is created by matter in space. A displacement chain reaction. Ice is produced by water by taking a form of crystal shape in displacement. A crystal shape in mathematics is what is called a sequence. Numbers are representation of the forms of the sequence. Some are floating like sun moon and stars. When you and two square equation it is surfaces added. When you add two inverse square it is gain in time. UV protection is delay time.

  • people that claim “chemicals are bad because they didnt came from the earth” are the same people who claim weed is good for you, because it’s grown in soil. to that i can only say, i have a fresh batch of organically harvested death caps. eat up.

  • I really wish my parents would use sunscreen. They saw one article about how using sunscreen can give you a higher risk of cancer and since then they only use it when it’s like 30°C or more and they fear being sun burned. My mom just says that she has darker pigment so she doesn’t need the higher spf. She still looks very young for her age so I think that’s why she doesn’t make the connection. The same can’t be said about my dad. He has lighter pigment and his skin looks awful. He insists that every skin product that exists does not work and that they everyone is in it for the money. He grew up in the southern parts of Sweden and his family were farmers. All of them have the same skin problems. No one has been diagnosed with skin cancer yet so I guess that is why he has not made the connection.

  • Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Body Mist leaves absolutely no cast. I spray it into my hands generously then rub it into my face and neck. Never irritates my skin, although I believe it may have irritated my eyelid once so maybe steer clear of putting it on eyelids. Skin has never broken out from it, and it absorbs into the skin quickly. Doesn’t leave you looking greasy; cannot recommend it enough.

  • would love to have a video about the following topics: AI as an aid in med vs replacing certain jobs like radiologist? supplements: so many new companies that ask you questions and then send daily supplements for you based on your needsjust a scam? efficient napping. your take on genetic testing like 23 and me

  • I’m from Hawaii, and you’d be surprised at the amount of sunscreen in the water. Summertime in Waikiki if you watch the water at sunset it literally looks like an oil spill. There’s probably gallons and gallons of sunscreen dumped into the ocean daily. Its pretty bad. I’m glad they’ve banned some sunscreens with more bans coming. The tourists come and abuse the land, and don’t think anything of it.

  • Haha! We are all about SCIENCE but we are going to lead our argument with CONFLICT OF INTEREST…so out with it, who is funding you?

  • All my elderly reletives are farmers or where construction workers who spent all their lives in the sun and none of them got skin cancer. Then there is a 23 year old neighbour who got diagnosed with skin cancer. How does “science” explain this???

  • I prefer sprays and before I found your channel, that’s all I would use. I made the switch bc I notice you’ve NEVER recommended a spray b4����

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  • I’m a lotion SPF fan, however the neutrogena ultra sheer SPF50+ spray is a holy grail when I’m on the boat and my hands are too dirty to rub my body with lotions for reapplication. Would be interested to know a little bit more about the ingredients in this product as I’ve never really thought about the possibly harmful ingredients

  • I haven’t seen anyone else say they use the neutrogena spray spf. I kinda like it. It’s shiny at first but then turns matt after a few min. I think it’s body spray but it’s never broke me out and it’s 100spf

  • Could I suggest a topic area/s? Inflammation. Specifically, after a very bad sunburn in my youth, my GP who specialises in mole mapping can see the subdermal inflammation 20yrs later in the places that were affected. I also have posttraumatic arthritis. Long term inflammation is considered bad, but how bad? Treatable? Diagnosable? Does it have implications chemically that go on the affect other systems or mental states? Or is it under a threshold of bother when compared to other ailments?

  • This is quite simple really. People in africa/ india etc… have never used sunscreen the skin cancer rates in india account for 1% of all cancers.